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Banyong Engineering Co.,Ltd. - Packaging Machinery, Vacuum Sealers, Hot Stamp Printers, Horizontal Sealing Machines 

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Banyong Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Banyong Praditthanasarn
94 Moo 4, Bangchan Industrial Estate, Sukapibal 2 Rd.
Kannayao, Bueng Kum,
Bangkok 10230
Tel : 02 517-9215-8
Fax :02 517-8766
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Packaging Machinery Packaging Equipment Engineering, Industrial Machinery and Equipment
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Horizontal sealing machine
Suitaable for dry product such as rice, snack, dry fruit, etc. It can seal any kind of bags or pouches.

Vertical Sealing Machine
Suitable to dry, liquid, and powdery product such as rice, ice, frozen food fruit juice, cooking oil, sugar, powder

Vacuum Sealer
For vaccum and sealing various kind of packages/pouch to preserve the food, prevent the oxidation for keeping it longer.

Hot Stamp Printer
For stamping date (pro., exp.) On plastic, foil, paper, sticker, etc. Clear imprint can with stand heat and scratching.

Pedal Sealer (For Dry)
This foot-operated sealer can seal any kind o plastic bags/ pouches, and suitable for dry and powdery product.

Pedal Sealer (For Liquid)
This foot-operated sealer can seal any kind of plastic bags/pouches. Itís suitable for liquid product such as fruit juice, etc.

Hand-Operated Sealer
Itís suitable for small packages such as snack, etc. Easy to operate, light weight, and easy to carry.

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