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Binary Neighborhood Co.,Ltd. - Web Designers, e-Commerce, Multimedia, Graphic Design

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Binary Neighborhood Co.,Ltd.
7/67-68 Chokchai 4 Rd,
Bangkok 10230
Tel : 02 935-7273-5
Fax :02 539-4345
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Web Designers, e-commerce, Multimedia, Graphic Design
Company Profile: Binhood Studio (Binary Neighborhood Co., Ltd.) is a privately held company dedicated to delivering completed frist-class e-solutions to its clients.

The main purpose of Binhood Studio is to provide an extensive range of services and solutions in the ground of internet information technology, digital media technology and traditional graphic design. The company specializes in visual communication design, website development, online application programming, multimedia presentation, and cartoon animation production.

We always bring clients a point of view about what's next. Then, we will help them to effectively get there. For us, the cutting edge technology is only part of the solution. We believe that technology alone will never give the greatest result. Therefore, we will not just providing you the technology but we help you manage the technology.

At Binhood Studio, we are dedicated to the success of your project. Our team of new generation professionals will provide integrated solutions to cater your corporate communication needs. We take account of your specific needs; generate a specific message in a specific medium; garner a specific response and finally provide you the expected result

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