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Coolman Corporation Co.,Ltd. - Filter Driers, Discharge Mufflers, Liquid Chillers, Refrigerant Gas Cylinders, Suction Line Accumulators, Refrigeration Equipment, Refrigeration Compressors, Refrigerant Condensing Units

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Coolman Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Kitiya Human Resources
99 Moo 3,
Bangbuathong, Ban Bua Thong,
NonthaBuri 11110
Tel : 02 922-6250
Fax :02 922-6240
E-mail :
Website :
Categories: Air Conditioners, Electrical & Electronics, Refrigeration
Company Profile: Filter Driers, Discharge Mufflers, Liquid Chillers, Suction Line Accumulators, Cold Refrigerants, Mechanical Restoration and Retrofit, Refrigeration Equipment, Refrigeration Compressors, Refrigerant Condensing Units


The company was established on October 12nd,1990 with a 50 million Baht investment. The area is about 5000 sqm. (the deed no. 21974) We are a manufacturer of refrigerant spare parts, importers and exporters for the factory systems and a consultant of the cooling system which is under the brand "Coolman", " S.T.L.", " Ubishi", "Winter" The copy right and the productions are bought from the Chaturong Cooling Limited Partnership which meets the standard from America.

Our products are: Liquid Chillers, Water Cooled Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Suction Line Accumlators, Oil Separators, Filter Driers, Ball Check Valves with Copper Body, Refrigerant Gas, Refrigerant Gas Cylinders, Mineral Refrigeration Oil, Aerosol Products, Recovery Units, Vacuum Pumps. Consultant for Refrigeration Systems

  We have contacts with companies to import and export goods such as Refrigerant Gas for the cooling system that is normally called "Freon". It is imported from the United States. Some equipment is imported from around the world for example: USA, China, Singapore, Taiwan etc.  For the exports section, the company produces the readymade product both in our brand name and DEM system. Asian countries, Australia, Middle East countries and Europe are our main market. Since the beginning up to the present, our clients can rely on our products. There are more than 30 main companies in Thailand and 5 international companies.

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