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Thailand Packaging Companies, Thai Packaging Manufacturers


Thailand packaging manufacturers
produce...well... everything needed to package and wrap up the myriad of products that are churned out from Thai factories every day. Thailand is a great place to source all packaging materials such as: Jewelry Packaging, Plastic Tubs, Flower Packaging, Software Packaging, Candy Wrappers, Glass jars, Adhesive Tapes, Packaging Machinery, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Metal Cans, Aluminum Foil, Rice Packaging, Glass Bottles, Cosmetic Packaging, Plastic Bottles, Cardboard Packaging, Perfume Bottles, Plastic coated packaging

Three years ago I did an in-depth market research study on one sector of the packaging industry in Thailand. Some interesting facts emerged some good some not so good. The good things were that I found the plastic bag and plastic film packaging materials quite easily. Getting through to the right person to answer my questions in the company was not so easy.

The buyer in The States was a large supermarket chain who required a regular supply of plastic shopping bags and shrink wrap film. Many of the companies questioned could not handle the capacity. OK they suggested that if they got the contract then they would invest in new machinery, but really how long would that take? Another surprising thing was that some of the companies would not or could not talk to me.

This just goes to show that even if you are a big buyer there are many pitfalls in the procurement process. I am lucky I can speak Thai and can usually get through to the right people. These people usually the marketing executives or the Managing Director can communicate in English.

Whilst doing this survey many new companies and data about these companies and their packaging products were entered into our database. Although I was paid only a small amount by the American company to conduct this market research survey there have been many spin offs. Three packaging companies and three packaging machine companies have become my clients for training and many more have become clients in our export business.

Here is a useful report about the state of the Packaging Industry in Thailand from the Thai Packaging Association - Thai Packaging Report 2007

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For your packaging needs please email with your requests.

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Jewelry Packaging Plastic Tubs Foam Packaging
. .
Software Packaging Cardboard Packaging Glass jars
Adhesive Tapes Packaging Machinery Pharmaceutical Packaging
Metal Cans Aluminum Foil Rice Packaging
Glass Bottles Cosmetic Packaging Plastic Bottles
Flower Packaging Perfume Bottles Plastic coated packaging
Candy Wrappers Fancy Boxes Chocolate Boxes
Featured Thailand Packaging Companies
A & P Poly Pack Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Packaging, Manufacturer of Blow Molding , Injection Molding , Extruding Thermoforming , Foam Cup , Expanding PE-PS, PE-Foam net , Rigid Sheet , Toy , Spare Part, PP-PS Cup , PE Bubble Paper , Product Design and Mould Maker
A.T.E. Maskati Co,  Ltd Thailand Thailand trading company specializing in the export of packaging materials and packaging equipment. They also supply other general products like ready made garments, textiles and health food products such as fresh ginger and tamarind.
Bangkok Advance Trading Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand Trading Company supplying: PVC tape, Electrical Insulated Tape, Packing Tape, Industrial Glue and Adhesives.
C & H Paper Box (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand manufacturer of Paper Packaging, Paper Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Packaging
E.P.E. Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand A Japanese Company providing the following: Packaging Design, Packaging Manufacturing, Polyurethane foam (Sponge), Polyethylene, Polypropylene foam packaging, Bubble-bags, Air-bags, PP Corrugated Box, Hard Disk Drive Trays.
Eastern Polypack Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Plastic Packaging Manufacturer of Drinking Cups, Tray Sets, Disposable Polystyrene Plates, Ice Cream Containers, Yoghurt Pots and Lunch Boxes.
Future Pack Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Blister packaging, Clamshell Packaging, Plastic Vacuum Forming Tray, Folding Boxes, Plastic Packaging, Thermoforming Products, Electronics Trays and Chip Carrier Tapes.
Foamex Asia Co, Ltd Thailand International Manufacturer of Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Medical Supplies, Face Masks, Beard Masks, Implantable medical devices, Bedding Foam, Automotive Trim Foam, Furniture Foam, Mop Head Refills and Swabs.
Grace Greeting Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Printed Greeting Cards, Hand-made Cards, Wedding Cards, Wedding Invitations, Gift Boxes, Gift Bags and Gift Wrappings
K & K Quality Product Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Resins (Epoxy Resins) Rigid Plastic Packaging, Vacuum Plastic Packaging
L-Box Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer and Assembly of Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Accessory Cases and Jewelry Display Cases, Acrylic Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes, Flocked Jewelry Boxes, Plastic Jewelry Boxes, Paper Jewelry Boxes, Cardboard Jewelry Boxes
P & R Plaspack Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Household Products, Plastic Household Utensils, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Packaging
Thai Cardboard Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Cardboard Packaging, Cardboard Boxes.
Thai Carton Industry Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Corrugated Boxes, Cardboard Boxes and Cardboard Packaging
Thai Carton (Rangsit) Service Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of cardboard boxes and cardboard cartons for the packaging of products for export
Thai Cast Film Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Plastic Film and Plastic Packaging Materials
ZIP PAC CO., LTD Thailand Thai Manufacturer of PE garbage bags, T-shirt shopping bags, and zip-lock bags, HDPE, LDPE, L-LDPE Printed Bags tamper evident specimen bags or antistatic re-closeable bags
Featured Company
Biopack Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Biopack Intertrade is a manufacturer and exporter of biodegradable packaging or “Environmentally Friendly Packaging”. With new technology applied to our manufacturing process, we are capable of producing
products in flexible forms, available in various shapes and sizes, as well as cater to customized designs
that meet customers' specifications. Our products are composed of tapioca starch, which is completely
biodegradable, hence does not harm the environment. Thailand is one of the world's biggest producers of
tapioca so this is the cheapest source of the finest starch.
Contact: Mr. Wisit Tosakulwong

Cisbay Co., Ltd.
Cisbay is a producer of environmental-friendly food packaging made from biodegradable polymers such as starch, protein, and cellulose. The company also produces dried durian, dried longan, and textured
vegetable protein. The product line is appropriate for food that is hot or cold as well as wet or dry. Cisbay
received the “High Potential in EU Market” award, which it received in Brussels.
Contact: Ms. Hansa Panya

Excel Packaging Co., Ltd.
Creative Packaging Add Value to Your Products Ask “Excel Packaging”
With more than 20 years of experiences in this business, we are proud with our products' quality,
creativities, and cost effective to best serve our customers. If you are considering changing the packaging from paper box to a unique plastic container and closure, Excel Packaging offers cost effective plastic packaging solutions to pharmaceutical, Electronic ESD packaging, cosmetic packaging, Healthcare packaging, Food packing, and industrial manufacturers.For services, we will help you develop a creative, cost effective solution that will best fit your needs and budget with our In-house Design and Engineering, High Volume, In-line Equipment, Machines for Specialty Heavy Gauge or Large Parts, Clean Room Facilities and also the manufacturing with high-tech processing machinery. Excel Packaging is fully-integrated custom provider of light-gauge plastic thermoforming products & services.
Contact: Mr. Pranom Tantikarn

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Following you will find lists of packaging products and companies involved in the packaging business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a packaging company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

absorbent:paper, special-purpose
absorbers (also see concentrates):ultraviolet (uv)
absorbing:polymers, thermoplastic, other
accordion-fold:labels, by function or material/construction type
acetal copolymer:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
acetal:polymers, other
acetal:sheet, plastic, other
acrylic, folding and velvet
acrylic, modified:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
acrylic:films, general, plastic
acrylic:films, thermoforming
acrylic:polymers, thermoplastic, other
acrylic:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
acrylonitrile (an) (methyl methacrylate/mma) copolymer:films, general,
acrylonitrile (an) copolymer, biaxially-oriented:films, general, plastic
acrylonitrile (an) copolymer:films, skin
acrylonitrile (an):bottles
acrylonitrile (an):polymers, thermoplastic, other
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abs):bottles
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abs):films, general, plastic
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abs):films, thermoforming
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abs):polymers, thermoplastic, other
acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abs):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
actuators:aerosol components
adhesive (also see adhesives):coatings
adhesive packaging
adhesive tape
adhesive, coextrusible:polymers, special-purpose
adhesive, phenolic:polymers, special-purpose
adhesive:labels, by application type
adhesive:polymers, special-purpose
aerosol components
aerosol containers
aerosol propellants
aerosol valves
aerosols (bottles or cans)
air cell, anti-static:cushioning
air cell, closed, recycled:cushioning
air cell, closed:cushioning
air cell, fire-retardant:cushioning
air cell, open:cushioning
air cell, polyethylene (pe)/nylon (polyamide):cushioning
air-cell (also see cushioning):sheet, plastic, other
air-cell, adhesive-coated:sheet, plastic, other
air-cell:bags, by material
alloys, plastic
aluminium caps
aluminium collapsible tubes
aluminum cans
aluminum cover
aluminum, anodized:labels, by function or material/construction type
aluminum, coated:foils
aluminum, embossed:foils
aluminum, laminated:foils
aluminum, microwavable:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
aluminum, piston:aerosols (bottles or cans)
aluminum, retortable:containers, specialty
aluminum, vial, identify/instruct:closures, caps
aluminum, vial:closures, caps
aluminum/film, laminated, anti-static:foils
aluminum/polyethylene (pe)/paper, heat-seal-coated, peelable:foils
aluminum:aerosols (bottles or cans)
aluminum:closures, lids
aluminum:stock materials, container or lid
aluminum:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
animal hair, bonded:cushioning
anti-corrosion:containers, specialty
anti-corrosive:paper, special-purpose
anti-counterfeit/theft:labels, by function or material/construction type
anti-slip:films, special-purpose
antistatic bag
anti-static foam:bags, by type
anti-static nylon (polyamide):bags, by type
anti-static nylon (polyamide):films, special-purpose
anti-static polyethylene (pe):bags, by type
anti-static polyethylene (pe):films, special-purpose
anti-static polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), extrusion:plastic compounds
anti-static polyethylene, high-molecular-weight, high-density
anti-static polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):plastic compounds
anti-static polypropylene (pp) copolymer, extrusion:plastic compounds
anti-static polystyrene (ps), clear:plastic compounds
antistatic recloseable bags
anti-static shipping, foam-lined:bags, by type
anti-static thermoplastic, other:plastic compounds
anti-static, air-cell:pouches
anti-static, fiberboard, solid:cartons, folding
anti-static, foam:pouches
anti-static:containers, specialty
anti-static:films, stretch/pre-stretch
anti-tarnish:board, special-purpose
anti-tarnish:paper, special-purpose
apothecary, plastic:jars
aseptic (also see rollstock):cartons, specialty
aseptic materials
autoclavable:bags, by type
backings:liners, closure
bag (artificial leather/cloth)
bag (plastic)
bag for packing
bag, metallized, embossed, prism-:paper, general-purpose
bag, metallized:paper, general-purpose
bag:paper, general-purpose
bag-in box
bag-in-fiber, aseptic:drums
bags and bag parts
bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk
bags, by material
bags, by type
bags, heavy-duty plastic
bags, multiwall
bakery:bags, by type
baler:bags, by type
bands, rubber
bands/caps/seals):closures, specialty
bar code, custom:labels, by function or material/construction type
barrier (also see lidding or nylon/polyamide):films, special-purpose
barrier, nitrile-based:polymers, rubber (synthetic)
barrier, polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):containers, specialty
barrier:sheet, plastic, other
barrier-pouch:aerosols (bottles or cans)
base cups, pet:bottles, specialty
base cups, polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):bottles, specialty
bases, shipping
beer, metal/plastic:barrels
beer, metal:barrels
beverage & confectionery packaging materials
beverage carriers
b-fiute box
bi-axially oriented polypropylene
bin, corrugated fiberboard, static-shielding, conductive:boxes
bin, foam, structural, polyethylene (pe), static-dissipative:boxes
bin, foam, structural, polyethylene (pe), static-shielding, conductive:boxes
biodegradable additive:concentrates
blanks, flat, gable-top, threaded reclosable spout:cartons, folding
blanks, flat, gable-top:cartons, folding
blanks, flat:cartons, folding
blanks, roll-fed:cartons, folding
blends, plastic
blister card, water-base:coatings
blister packaging
blister/thermoform backings
board, corrugated
board, general-purpose
board, special-purpose
boards, printed:blister/thermoform backings
boards:blister/thermoform backings
bopp film
bottle, glass or plastic:aerosol valves
bottle:plastic compounds
bottles, specialty
bottling and packaging industry
bottom gussetted bag
bottom-opening:cartons, folding
bottoms, plastic laminated:aerosol components
bows:decorating materials/decorations
box - white ash wood for jewelry
box (rigid paper) coverings
box, hinged-lid/hang-tab:blisters
box, hinged-lid:blisters
boxboard:board, general-purpose
boxes (corrugated)
break-away, metal:closures, specialty
break-away, plastic:closures, specialty
breather:bags, by type
brush, pull/push:closures, applicating
brush:closures, applicating
buckles:strapping and components
bulk (also see bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk; boxes, bulk; bulk
bulk blow, molded bottle-in-cage:bottles, specialty
bulk blow, molded bottle-in-corrugated:bottles, specialty
bulk containers
bulk liners
bulk pakcaging
bulk, plastic:liners, container
bulk:desiccants/dehydrating agents
bundling, stretch:films, special-purpose
bundling:films, special-purpose
burlap:bags, by material
butadiene-styrene:polymers, rubber (synthetic)
butadiene-styrene:polymers, thermoplastic, other
butadiene-styrene:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
butane:aerosol propellants
butcher bags
butt-cut:labels, by function or material/construction type
can ends
candy twist:wraps
cap seals
ps-foam sheet
food box
food tray
ps foam
heavy duty corrugated boxes
wooden containers
paper & wooden pallets
jars injection molded
flexible plastic packaging
shrink labels
pvc films
ckd packing
corrugated boards
paper boards
corrugated boxes
carton inner boxes
gift boxes
blister card
carton box
blow-mold bottles
closures & cups injection
paper carton box
carton boxes
paper tubes
cans and drums
steel strappin
plastic packaging
tube & lib
aluminium tubes
cans and bottles
folding boxes
paper bags
display boxes
metal cans
metal drums
foils and metalized films
nylon films
plastic films
paper cartons
capital :10 mb.
air-bubble film
plastic bags
(hd, l
capital :3 mb.
loose fill materials
foam-in-place packaging system
shrink films
food films
epe foam
pp corrugated sheet
pet bottles
printed card board paper box
corrugated paper
drinking straws
aluminium bottle
aluminium overseal
kraft papers
corrugated papers
tray foam
expandable polystyrene
cushion, container for air cargo
paper cores
molded pulp products
paper board
blanding steel
blanding clip
bags on the roll
blow-molded bottles
rigid plastic packaging
ldpe & hdpe blow-molded bottle
shopping bags
wraping paper
ute bags & jute yarn
can coating
ldpe & lldpe films
pp films
pet films
plastic sheets
packaging: folding carton
main machine :
printing machine
paper for corrugated boxes
aerosol cans
cardboard boxes for jewelry
cardboard boxes for writing instruments
cd case
dvd case
cd/dvd cases
closure, bottle
packaging systems
color paper boxes
hanging tags
container cabinets
shrink bags
employee :400
capped, strapped, drain fitment:containers, specialty
caps:aerosol components
capsule/pill/tablet:dispensing containers, non-aerosol
carbon black:concentrates
carbon dioxide (co2):aerosol propellants
carbon dioxide (co2):gases, food-grade, compressed
carbon dioxide:aerosol valves
carbonated/soft drinks
carbon-dioxide (co2), packets:absorbents
carbon-dioxide (co2), strip packages:absorbents
carded, hang/stand:blisters
cards, blister
cards, die-cut:board, general-purpose
cards, printed/die-cut/coated:blister/thermoform backings
cards:blister/thermoform backings
cargo containers
carton, aseptic:rollstock
cartonboard:board, general-purpose
cartons, corrugated
cartons, folding
cartons, molded pulp:cartons/flats, egg
cartons, plastic
cartons, plastic, opaque:cartons/flats, egg
cartons, plastic, transparent:cartons/flats, egg
cartons, solid-fiberboard
cartons, specialty
cartons/flats, egg
cartridge:closures, caps
cartridges (for ink see inks, cartridges)
case pack
catalytic, water-base:coatings
cellophane, nitrocellulose-coated:films, general, cellulosic
cellophane, paper-backed:tapes
cellophane, plastic-coated, other:films, general, cellulosic
cellophane:bags, by material
cellophane:films, general, cellulosic
cellophane:films, metallized
cellophane:films, window-box
cellulose acetate butyrate:films, general, cellulosic
cellulose acetate butyrate:films, thermoforming
cellulose acetate butyrate:polymers, cellulosic
cellulose acetate butyrate:sheet, plastic, cellulosic
cellulose acetate propionate:polymers, cellulosic
cellulose acetate:films, general, cellulosic
cellulose acetate:films, metallized
cellulose acetate:films, window-box
cellulose acetate:labels, by function or material/construction type
cellulose acetate:polymers, cellulosic
cellulose acetate:sheet, plastic, cellulosic
cellulose acetate:tapes
cellulose propionate:films, general, cellulosic
cellulose propionate:films, thermoforming
cellulose propionate:polymers, cellulosic
cellulose propionate:sheet, plastic, cellulosic
cellulose tape
cellulose triacetate:films, general, cellulosic
cellulose triacetate:polymers, cellulosic
cellulose triacetate:sheet, plastic, cellulosic
cellulose, transparent:adhesives
cellulose:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
cellulose:films, general, cellulosic
cellulosic, other:bags, by material
child-resistant devices:aerosol components
child-resistant dropper:closures, specialty
child-resistant:closures, specialty
chipboard:board, general-purpose
chlorotrifluoroethylene (ctfe):films, fluoroplastic
cigar humidore
cigarette overwrapping
clamshell packaging
clamshell, foam:boxes
clamshell, plastic, other:boxes
cleaner, hot-melt/ink/polymer:solvents
cling film
clip, metal:closures, bag/pouch
clip, plastic:closures, bag/pouch
clip, plastic:labels, by application type
clip:closures, specialty
closures, applicating
closures, bag/pouch
closures, caps
closures, dispensing
closures, lids
closures, lids)
closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
closures, specialty
coated, clay:board, general-purpose
coated, clay:paper, coated/laminated
coated, glazed:board, general-purpose
coated, heat-seal:board, general-purpose
coated, hot-melt:paper, coated/laminated
coated, lacquer/varnish:paper, coated/laminated
coated, metallized, embossed, prism-:paper, coated/laminated
coated, metallized, holographic:paper, coated/laminated
coated, metallized, pressure-sensitive:paper, coated/laminated
coated, metallized, vacuum:paper, coated/laminated
coated, metallized:paper, coated/laminated
coated, pet (polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate):board,
coated, plastic, other:board, general-purpose
coated, plastic:paper, coated/laminated
coated, pressure-sensitive:board, general-purpose
coated, pressure-sensitive:paper, coated/laminated
coated, wax:paper, coated/laminated
coated:closures, lids
coating:polymers, special-purpose
coextruded multilayer, hot-fill:bottles
coextruded, aseptic:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
coextruded, aseptic:stock materials, container or lid
coextruded, high-barrier:bottles
coextruded/laminated:sheet, plastic, other
coextruded/sterilized, aseptic:sheet, plastic, other
coextruded:films, thermoforming
coextruded:films, window-box
coextruded:liners, closure
coextruded:sheet, plastic, other
coextruded:stock materials, container or lid
cohesive-adhesive, single-face:board, corrugated
cohesive-adhesive, wax-impregnated:wraps
cohesive-adhesive:bags, by type
cohesive-adhesive:films, special-purpose
cohesive-adhesive:paper, special-purpose
collapsible, paper:tubes
collapsible, polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):bottles, specialty
collapsible, squeeze, laminate:tubes
collapsible, squeeze, metal:tubes
collapsible, vented, plastic, other:canisters
collapsible/expandable, polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):bottles, specialty
collapsible/expandable, polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):canisters
collapsible/expandable, polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):drums
collapsible/expandable, polypropylene (pp):bottles, specialty
collapsible/expandable, polypropylene (pp):canisters
collapsible/expandable, polypropylene (pp):drums
colloidal dispersions, carbon black
color matching
color separations
colorants (including pigments)
colored pigments, inorganic:colorants (including pigments)
colored pigments, organic:colorants (including pigments)
combination materials:pallets/bins/boxes
combined:board, general-purpose
combustible-explosion suppressive:containers, specialty
compact disc (cd), paperboard:cartons, specialty
compacts, hinged
composite cans
composite, coated:cans
composite:can ends
composite:cartridges (for ink see inks, cartridges)
composite:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
composite:sheet, plastic, other
composite:stock materials, container or lid
composite:tubs (including bowls)
compounds:liners, closure
concentrates, color:colorants (including pigments)
containerboard (also see board, corrugated; linerboard):board, general-
containers):containers, specialty
containers, specialty
continuous thread (ct), metal:closures, caps
continuous thread (ct), plastic:closures, caps
continuous, heat-indicating:inks, ink-jet
continuous, invisible:inks, ink-jet
continuous, opaque, white:inks, ink-jet
continuous, opaque, yellow:inks, ink-jet
continuous, retort:inks, ink-jet
continuous, solvent-base, methyl/ethyl/ketone (mek)-free:inks, ink-jet
continuous, solvent-base:inks, ink-jet
continuous, water-base:inks, ink-jet
converting machines
copolymer:films, general, plastic
copolymer:sheet, plastic, other
cord:strapping and components
core plugs
corner pads, molded pulp:cushioning
corner pieces, board:cushioning
corner pieces, molded polystyrene (ps):cushioning
corner posts, interior, pressure-sensitive:cartons, corrugated
corner posts, multi-ply kraft, recycled:cushioning
corporate identity
corrosion-inhibiting:bags, by type
corrosion-inhibiting:board, special-purpose
corrosion-inhibiting:paper, special-purpose
corrugated board:skids
corrugated carton
corrugated cartons
corrugated cartons/boxes
corrugated fiberboard, static-shielding, conductive:board, special-purpose
corrugated paper box
corrugated, die-cut:board, special-purpose
corrugated, display, multicolor:board, special-purpose
corrugated, double-face:cushioning
corrugated, e-flute:cartons, folding
corrugated, fire/flame-retardant:cartons, folding
corrugated, fire/flame-retardant:cases
corrugated, multicolor:boxes
corrugated, offset-labeled:cases
corrugated, other:cartons, folding
corrugated, single-face:cushioning
corrugated, triple-face:cushioning
corrugated, with offset, laminated liners:cases
corrugated, with pre-printed liners:cases
corrugated/plastic, nestable:pallets/bins/boxes
corrugated:sheet, plastic, other
corrugated:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
corrugating material or medium:board, special-purpose
cosmetic packaging
cosmetic packaging containers & components
cosmetic tube
cotton:bags, by material
coupons, product
cover:paper, special-purpose
cpp film
crepe:paper, special-purpose
crimp crowns
crown cap
crown, metal:closures, caps
crown, plastic:closures, caps
crystal, lead:bottles
cup:board, general-purpose
cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
curing compounds:ultraviolet (uv)
cushioning polyurethane (pu) membranes in rigid polystyrene
custom molding
custom:closures, specialty
customized crating
cutlery boxes
cutter, snap-off blade:cartons, folding
cylindrical and square boxes
damage-indicator, pressure-sensitive:labels, by function or
dauber:closures, applicating
decorating materials/decorations
decorative transfers:flocking
demetallized-in-register:films, metallized
desiccant:closures, specialty
desiccants, canisters:desiccants/dehydrating agents
desiccants, packets:desiccants/dehydrating agents
desiccants, strip-package:desiccants/dehydrating agents
desiccants/dehydrating agents
development of packaging
die-cut:labels, by function or material/construction type
dip tubes:aerosol components
disc:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
dispenser adapter (for gable-top cartons):pumps (for containers only; also
dispensing (product):foams
dispensing containers, non-aerosol
dispensing, serrated-edge:cartons, folding
display & presentation gift boxes/cases/pouches
display box
display, corrugated:cartons, folding
display, merchandise
display, plastic:containers, specialty
display:cartons, folding
dome, plastic:closures, lids
dome:closures, caps
double-face:board, corrugated
double-wall:board, corrugated
draw, plastic:bags, by type
drinking cup
drop-on-demand (dod), non-porous surface, solvent-base:inks, ink-jet
drop-on-demand (dod), porous surface, solvent-base:inks, ink-jet
drop-on-demand (dod), porous surface, water-base:inks, ink-jet
drop-on-demand (dod), solvent-base:inks, ink-jet
drop-on-demand (dod), ultraviolet (uv)-curable:inks, ink-jet
drop-on-demand (dod), water-base:inks, ink-jet
dropper bulbs:closures, dispensing
dropper:closures, dispensing
drums, barrels & aerosol cans
dry-cell batteries
dry-printing:foils, printing/stamping
dry-waxed:paper, general-purpose
dual-layer promotional, repositionable components:labels, by function or
dual-layer promotional:labels, by function or material/construction type
dunnage, including inflatable:bags, by type
duplex, or double-wall:bags, by type
dyes:colorants (including pigments)
easy opened ends
easy-open, steel:can ends
easy-open:can ends
edge protectors
e-fiute box
elastomer, polyurethane (pu):films, general, plastic
elastomer, polyurethane (pu):sheet, plastic, other
elastomer, thermoplastic (tpe):films, general, plastic
elastomer, thermoplastic (tpe):polymers, thermoplastic, other
elastomer, thermoplastic (tpe):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
electronics packaging materials
electroplating materials:decorating materials/decorations
embossed, prism-:paper, special-purpose
embossed:paper, special-purpose
employees : 15
encapsulated pigments:colorants (including pigments)
end-opening:cartons, folding
epoxy:polymers, other
epp foam packaging
etc. check groups to locate desired products.
ethyl cellulose:films, general, cellulosic
ethyl cellulose:polymers, cellulosic
ethylene butene:films, general, plastic
ethylene propylene:polymers, polyolefin
ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene (ectfe):films, fluoroplastic
ethylene-ethyl acrylate (eea):polymers, polyolefin
ethylene-ethyl-acrylate (eea):films, general, plastic
ethylene-methyl acrylate (ema) copolymer:polymers, polyolefin
ethylene-methyl-acrylate (ema):films, general, plastic
ethylene-octene copolymer, ultra-low-density (uldeo):polymers, polyolefin
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva) copolymer:films, general, plastic
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva), cross-linked:foams
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva):films, general, plastic
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva):films, shrink
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva):films, skin
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva):films, stretch/pre-stretch
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva):foams
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva):polymers, polyolefin
ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
ethylene-vinyl alcohol (evoh) copolymer, barrier:bottles
ethylene-vinyl alcohol (evoh) copolymer:polymers, polyolefin
ethylene-vinyl alcohol (evoh), multilayer, barrier, retortable:tubs (including
ethylene-vinyl alcohol (evoh):polymers, polyolefin
excelsior, wood, bulk or pads:cushioning
excelsior, wood, colored:decorating materials/decorations
expansion, opaque or transparent:bags, by type
extensible:paper, special-purpose
extruded sheet:components/shapes
extrusion blow-molded:components/shapes
extrusion:plastic compounds
extrusion-laminated:films, laminated
face:liners, closure
fanfold:labels, by function or material/construction type
fiber:strapping and components
fiberboard, knocked-down (kd):crates
fiberboard, pre-formed:board, general-purpose
fiberboard, solid, anti-static:partitions/dividers
fiberboard, solid, composite:board, general-purpose
fiberboard, solid, vapor-corrosion-inhibiting (vci):partitions/dividers
fiberboard, solid:board, general-purpose
fiberboard, solid:stock materials, container or lid
fiberboard/solid fiberboard:cases
fiberglass, coated:films, special-purpose
fiber-reinforced:label materials, paper
fibreboard products
film and sheets
film, polyester, metallized/polyvinyl chloride (pvc):label materials, pressure
film, roll:label materials, pressure-sensitive
film, static-shielding conductive:liners, container
film, tamper-resistant:labels, by function or material/construction type
film:label materials, pressure-sensitive
film:labels, by function or material/construction type
film:liners, container
film-laminated:cartons, folding
films, coated
films, coextruded
films, fluoroplastic
films, general, cellulosic
films, general, plastic
films, laminated
films, metallized
films, printed
films, shrink
films, skin
films, special-purpose
films, stretch/pre-stretch
films, thermoforming
films, water-soluble
films, window-box
fire/flame retardant:foams
fire/flame retardants
fire/flame-retardant:cartons, corrugated
fire/flame-retardant:paper, special-purpose
fitments, aseptic (form/fill/seal):pouches
fitments:bottles, specialty
five-panel or five-sided:cartons, folding
flammable products, metal:cans
flats, molded pulp:cartons/flats, egg
flexible container big bag
flexible containers
flexible packaging
flexible packing material
flexible plastics, rubber:mold materials
flexible plastics, vinyl:mold materials
flexographic process:films, printed
flexographic:films, printed
flip top cans
flip-top:closures, dispensing
flowers:decorating materials/decorations
fluorescent pigments:colorants (including pigments)
fluorescent:labels, by function or material/construction type
fluorinated ethylene propylene (fep):films, fluoroplastic
fluorinated ethylene propylene (fep):polymers, fluoroplastic
fluorinated ethylene propylene (fep)-fluoroplastic:bottles
fluorocarbon, low-pressure:aerosol propellants
fluoroplastic, chlorotrifluoroethylene (ctfe):sheet, plastic, other
fluoroplastic, fluorinated ethylene propylene (fep):sheet, plastic, other
fluoroplastic, polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf):sheet, plastic, other
fluoroplastic, trifluoroethylene:sheet, plastic, other
foam (for foods and viscous products):aerosol valves
foam, corrosion-inhibiting:pouches
foam, cushioned:bags, by material
foam, expandable:envelopes
foam, hinged-lid:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
foam, polystyrene (ps), heat-sealable:films, special-purpose
foam, syntactic:mold materials
foam:bags, by material

foam:films, special-purpose
foam:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
foam:tubs (including bowls)
foaming:closures, dispensing
foam-in-place polyurethane (pu):foams
foam-in-place polyurethane, low-density (ldpu):foams
foam-laminated (also see board, special-purpose):board, general-purpose
foam-laminated, custom-colored:board, special-purpose
foam-laminated, flame-retardant:board, special-purpose
foam-laminated, moistureproof:board, special-foam-laminated, static-shielding:board, special-purpose
foam-laminated:cartons, folding
foam-lined:bags, by material
foil or lead:capsules
foil peel:can ends
foil, heat-seal:labels, by application type
foil, holographic:tapes
foil/film laminated:pouches
foil/paper laminated:pouches
foil/polyester:stock materials, container or lid
foil:bags, by material
foil:blister/thermoform backings
foil:closures, caps
foil:closures, lids
foil:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
foil:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
foil:labels, by function or material/construction type
foil:stock materials, container or lid
foil:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
foil:tubs (including bowls)
foil-laminated cartons, folding
foil-mounting paper, special-purpose
foils, printing/stamping
folding cartons
food cans
food packaging
food packaging & biodegradable disposable tableware
food, dry, plastic, nestable:bulk containers
food, other:casings
foodboard:board, general-purpose
fragrant nappy bags
friction:closures, capspurpose
f-style, metal:cans
f-style, plastic, non-glug:cans
f-style, plastic:cans
function or material/construction type
garbage bags
garment, plastic:bags, by type
gases, food-grade, compressed
gasket, valve:aerosol components
general cans
general, plastic
general-purpose:aerosol valves
gift box,
gift packaging accessories
gift/jewelry/novelty (also see wood):boxes
glass ampoules & vials
glass bottles
glass, amber, boston round or wide-mouth:bottles
glass, plastic-coated:aerosols (bottles or cans)
glass, plastic-coated:bottles
glass, plastic-coated:carboys
glass, plastic-coated:jars
glass, plastic-coated:jugs
glass, plastic-coated:vials
glass, plastic-wrapped:bottles
glass, tamper-evident:bottles
glass, tamper-evident:jars
glass:aerosols (bottles or cans)
glass:cartridges (for ink see inks, cartridges)
glass:tumblers (including mugs) (for separate lids, see closures/lids)
glassine:bags, by material
glassine:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
glassine:paper, general-purpose
glassware for containing pharmaceutical products
glue-pot, disposable:liners, container
granular, export:bulk containers
granular:bulk containers
graphic collateral
graphic design for packaging
graphic design,
grease/oil/water-resistant:paper, special-purpose
greaseproof:board, special-purpose
greaseproof:paper, general-purpose
greaseproofing chemicals
grocery, paper:bags, by type
grocery, plastic, recycled:bags, by type
grocery, plastic:bags, by type
gum, jelly:adhesives
gummed, fiberglass-reinforced:tapes
gusseted-bottom:bags, by type
handle or hole:bags, by type
handles (including bails)
handmade wooden jewelry box
hang tabs, pressure-sensitive:display, merchandise
hang, resealable:closures, bag/pouch
hangers:display, merchandise
hanging strap:tubes
hanging straps (also see handles, plastic):bottles, specialty
hang-up:closures, caps
hardware industry packaging & printing materials
hazardous chemicals, right-to-know:labels, by function or
hazardous-waste disposal:bags, by type
hdpe films
hdpe freezer bags
hdpe knot bags
hdpe produce rolls
hdpe side-seal bags
hdpe t-shirt bags
header label:closures, bag/pouch
header, grommeted:bags, by type
header:bags, by type
heads, barrel/drum/keg
heat-seal, other:labels, by application type
heat-seal, roll-fed:bags, by type
heat-seal:bags, by type
heat-seal:paper, special-purpose
hermetic-seal:cartons, folding
high density
high densitypolyethylene
high quality packaging
high-density polyethylene (hdpe), spun-bonded:tags
high-impact polystyrene (hips), polyvinylidene-chloride (pvdc)-coated:films,
high-impact polystyrene (hips):films, thermoforming
hinged-lid, foam:boxes
hinged-lid, plastic:canisters
hinged-lid:cartons, folding
holographic images
holographic, hot-stamped:labels, by function or material/construction type
holographic, pressure-sensitive:labels, by function or material/construction
hood:closures, caps
hook-and-loop:strapping and components
hot & cold packs/compresses
hot-fill, composite:cans
hot-fill:cartons, specialty
hot-melt, peelable:adhesives
hot-stamped:labels, by application type
hot-stamping:foils, printing/stamping
humidity, cards:indicators
humidity, plugs:indicators
ic packaging & assembly services
identification, radio-frequency (rf):labels, by function or
impregnated:paper, special-purpose
imprinted:labels, by function or material/construction type
industrial base :
industrial:aerosols (bottles or cans)
infrared (ir) (for plastics):inks
initiators:ultraviolet (uv)
injection blow-molded:components/shapes
ink:polymers, special-purpose
inks, ink-jet
in-mold, film:labels, by application type
in-mold, heat-seal:label materials, paper
in-mold, metallized, heat-seal:label materials, paper
in-mold, metallized:label materials, paper
in-mold, polypropylene (pp):label materials, film
inner carton
inner packing
inner seal, foil-laminated:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
inner seal, glassine:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
inner seal, tab-pull:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
inner seal:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
inner seals:liners, closure
innor box,
instant:coupons, product
insulated:bags, by type
interlocking:bottles, specialty
ionomer/nylon (polyamide):films, thermoforming
ionomer:films, general, plastic
ionomer:films, skin
ionomer:polymers, thermoplastic, other
ionomer:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
iridescent pigments:colorants (including pigments)
iridescent:films, special-purpose
isobutane:aerosol propellants
jacket, compact disc (cd)/record:boxes
jacket, plastic, static-shielding:containers, specialty
jewelry boxes
jumbo flexible container
kegs; pails; trays, shipping; tubes, shipping):containers, specialty
kraft (also see paper):bags, by material
kraft heavy duty bags
kraft paper,
kraft/polyethylene (pe):bags, by material
kraft:paper, general-purpose
kraftboard (also see paperboard):board, general-purpose
label (also see label materials, paper):paper, general-purpose
label materials, film
label materials, paper
label materials, pressure-sensitive
label, magnetic:tapes
label, pressure-sensitive:tapes
labels, by application type
labels, by function or material/construction type
laboratory specimen, polyethylene (pe), inside/outside pockets:bags, by
lacquer, metallizing:coatings
laminate tube
laminated tube
laminated, aseptic:board, special-purpose
laminated, film/foil:board, general-purpose
laminated, film:paper, coated/laminated
laminated, foam:paper, coated/laminated
laminated, foil, plastic-coated:paper, coated/laminated
laminated, foil:paper, coated/laminated
laminated, metallized polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate
laminated, pressure-sensitive stock:paper, coated/laminated
laminated, wax:paper, coated/laminated
laminated:board, general-purpose
laminated:cartons, folding
laminated:sheet, plastic, other
laminating:films, special-purpose
latex (synthetic):binders
latex, reinforced:paper, special-purpose
latex-saturated:label materials, paper
ldpe & hdpe blow-molded
leather, synthetic:labels, by function or material/construction type
lidding, anti-fog, gas-barrier:films, special-purpose
lidding, polyester, ovenable:films, special-purpose
lids, see closures, lids)
lined paper:envelopes
lined:cartons, folding
lined:closures, caps
liner, laminated:paper, special-purpose
linerboard (also see containerboard; board, corrugated):board, general-
linerboard, high performance:board, special-purpose
linerboard, preprinted/printed:board, general-purpose
linerboard, wet strength:board, special-purpose
linerboard/wood ply:board, special-purpose
linerless barrier, reclosable membrane:cartons, folding
linerless:closures, caps
liners, closure
liners, container
liquid colorants:colorants (including pigments)
liquid, aseptic, export:bulk containers
liquid, aseptic:bulk containers
liquid, bellows, plastic, disposable:dispensing containers, non-aerosol
liquid, export:bulk containers
liquid:bulk containers
liquid:non-offset materials
liquid-tight:board, special-purpose
lithium batteries/packs
lithographic (offset):films, printed
lithographic, recycled:label materials, paper
lithographic:labels, by function or material/construction type
lldpe pallet stretch film
l-ldpe printed bags
loose-fill, biodegradable:cushioning
loose-fill, plastic:cushioning
lubricating (also see lubricants):compounds
lug, vacuum, tamper-evident button top:closures, caps
lug:closures, caps
luminescent pigments:colorants (including pigments)
luster pigments:colorants (including pigments)
machine-finish:paper, special-purpose
machine-glazed:paper, special-purpose
mailer, cushioned:bags, by type
mailing, corrugated fiberboard, static-shielding, conductive:boxes
mailing:labels, by function or material/construction type
make-up, retractable:brushes
manufacturer of cans, tins, metal boxes
manufacturers gummed:tapes
masking, opaque:labels, by function or material/construction type
masking, protective:films, special-purpose
material/construction type
material/construction type):tags
materials handling, plywood:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
materials, other:flocking
measuring devices, for consumer use
medical/pharmaceutical packaging
melamine and urea molding component
melamine:polymers, thermoset
membrane:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
membrane-sealing, linerless:closures, lids
merchandise, plastic, recycled:bags, by type
merchandise, plastic:bags, by type
mesh:bags, by material
metal cans and closures
metal cans for food
metal, decorated or embossed:containers, specialty
metal, non-ferrous:mold materials
metal, other:closures, lids
metal:can ends
metal:core plugs
metal:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
metal:handles (including bails)
metal:printing-plate materials (for printing plates, machinery section)
metallic pigments:colorants (including pigments)
metallized materials
metallized polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate/pet)-film-
metallized, anti-static:films, laminated
metallized:board, general-purpose
metallized:films, laminated
metallized:labels, by function or material/construction type
metals, precious:decorating materials/decorations
metered:aerosol valves
metered:closures, dispensing
methyl cellulose:films, general, cellulosic
methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose:films, water-soluble
microwave, doneness:indicators
microwave, heat-susceptor, pressure-sensitive:labels, by function or
microwave, heat-susceptor:films, special-purpose
microwave:films, special-purpose
models, plastic/wood, design, prototypes:bottles, specialty
moisture-absorbent:liners, container
moistureproof:board, special-purpose
moisture-resistant:paper, special-purpose
mold materials
molded plastic
molded pulp:cushioning
molded pulp:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
molded-pulp packages
mold-inhibiting:paper, special-purpose
mold-resistant:board, special-purpose
mounting:printing-plate materials (for printing plates, machinery section)
multifold promotional:labels, by function or material/construction type
multilayer barrier, plastic:bottles
multilayer, anti-static:films, shrink
multilayer, coextruded:films, stretch/pre-stretch
multilayer:films, shrink
multipolymers, most copolymers, etc. check groups to locate desired
multiwall bags
nail polish bottles
nails, specialty:fasteners
neck collar:labels, by function or material/construction type
neoprene:bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk
netting, plastic
nitrile:polymers, rubber (synthetic)
nitrogen (n):aerosol propellants
nitrogen (n):gases, food-grade, compressed
nitrous oxide:aerosol propellants
non-offset materials
non-toxic (for foods, pharmaceuticals):inks
nonwoven, grease/oil-absorbent, microwave:fabrics
nonwoven:bags, by material
notebook computer battery packs
nylon (polyamide) copolymer:films, general, plastic
nylon (polyamide), barrier:bottles
nylon (polyamide), barrier:films, special-purpose
nylon (polyamide), biaxially-oriented:films, general, plastic
nylon (polyamide), biaxially-oriented:films, metallized
nylon (polyamide), fire-retardant, static-dissipative:films, special-purpose
nylon (polyamide), heat-stabilized:films, special-purpose
nylon (polyamide), monaxially-oriented:films, general, plastic
nylon (polyamide), polyvinylidene-chloride (pvdc)-coated:films, special-
nylon (polyamide):bottles
nylon (polyamide):films, general, plastic
nylon (polyamide):polymers, thermoplastic, other
nylon (polyamide):pouches
nylon (polyamide):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
offset printed materials (gift/presentation boxes, bags, carriers, etc.)
oil:board, special-purpose
one-piece:liners, closure
opaque (also see polypropylene/pp):films, special-purpose
opaque black, flip closure:bags, by type
open-corner:bags, multiwall
open-mouth, pasted:bags, multiwall
open-mouth, sewn:bags, multiwall
open-mouth, zippered:bags, multiwall
open-mouth:bags, heavy-duty plastic
or cans)
or material/construction type
organic:liners, closure
other non-aerosol:dispensing containers, non-aerosol
other:bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk
other:blister/thermoform backings
other:board, corrugated
other:cartons, corrugated
other:coupons, product
other:desiccants/dehydrating agents
other:films, laminated
other:plastic compounds
other:slip sheets
ovenable (also see microwavable):trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
ovenable (dual), crystallized polyester (cpet):trays (for separate lids, see
ovenable (dual), paperboard:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
ovenable (dual), polyetherimide (pei)/polyphthalate carbonate
ovenable (dual), polymer composite:trays (for separate lids, see closures,
ovenable (dual), solid bleached sulfate (sbs), clay-coated:board, special-
ovenable (dual), solid bleached sulfate (sbs), pet-coated, tear-apart:trays
ovenable (dual), solid bleached sulfate (sbs), thermal venting lid:trays (for
ovenable, polypropylene (pp):trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
ovenable/freezable:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
ovenable:bags, by type
ovenable:board, special-purpose
ovenable:cartons, folding
ovenable:closures, lids
ovenable:films, special-purpose
overcap actuators:aerosol components
overcaps, reusable:closures, caps
oxidation-inhibiting:paper, special-purpose
oxygen (o), packets:absorbents
oxygen (o), strip packages:absorbents
oxygen (o):gases, food-grade, compressed
packaged combination meals
packaging and leather products
packaging bag
packaging business
packaging design
packaging design services
packaging machinery
packaging machinery & equipment
packaging machinery.
packaging machines
packaging materials
packaging papers
packaging plastic
packaging service
packaging solution
packaging tape dispensers
packaging tray
packing & sealing adhesive tapes
packing machine
pads, box, carton or case:cushioning
paint, metal:cans
paint, plastic:cans
paint:aerosol valves
pallet bins, plywood:pallets/bins/boxes
pallet bins:pallets/bins/boxes
pallet boxes:pallets/bins/boxes
pallet netting:wraps
pallet stretch wrapper
pallet:bands, rubber
palletize/unitize, non-mechanical
panel-less (retort):bottles, specialty
papeboard drums
paper (also see kraft):bags, by material
paper bag
paper cups
paper stickers
paper with polyethylene (pe) top:bags, by material
paper, bar-coding:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, coated and laminated:bags, by material
paper, coated/laminated
paper, coated:bags, by material
paper, coated:pouches
paper, composite:labels, by function or material/construction type
paper, cushioned:bags, by material
paper, electronic data processing (edp):label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, general-purpose
paper, heavy-duty/plastic:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
paper, high-gloss, roll:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, laser:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, lithographic, white, roll:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, metallized, roll:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, other:envelopes
paper, repositionable:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, special-purpose
paper, tab:closures, lids
paper, tabular, smudge-proof, roll:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, thermal:labels, by function or material/construction type
paper, thermal:tags
paper, thermal-transfer:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper, three-ply, flame-resistant:cushioning
paper, three-ply, grease/oil/water-resistant:cushioning
paper, three-ply, static-dissipating:cushioning
paper, three-ply, vapor-corrosion-inhibiting (vci):cushioning
paper, three-ply:wraps
paper, waxed:bags, by material
paper, wet-surface applicable:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper/film:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper/foil:labels, by function or material/construction type
paper/foil-laminated:bags, by material
paper/plastic laminated:pouches
paper/polypropylene (pp) film, laminated:labels, by function or
paper:closures, lids
paper:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
paper:label materials, pressure-sensitive
paper:labels, by function or material/construction type
paper:strapping and components
paper:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
paper:tubs (including bowls)
paperboard (also see kraftboard):board, general-purpose
paperboard, formed in-plant:cans
paperboard, hinged-tab-flap (for microwave-defrost liquids):cartons, folding
paperboard, lidded/ovenable (flats):trays (for separate lids, see closures,
paperboard, milk-type:cartons, folding
paperboard, plastic-coated:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
paperboard, plastic-coated:tubs (including bowls)
paperboard/foil/plastic, form/fill/seal in-plant:cans
paperboard:cartridges (for ink see inks, cartridges)
paperboard:closures, lids
paperboard:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
paperboard:stock materials, container or lid
paperboard:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
paperboard:tubs (including bowls)
parenteral:closures, specialty
pe garbage bags
pearlescent pigments:colorants (including pigments)
peelable:closures, lids
pen boxes
pencils boxes
pens, liquid or viscous:dispensing containers, non-aerosol
perfluoroalkoxy (pfa):films, fluoroplastic
perfluoroalkoxy (pfa):polymers, fluoroplastic
perfume bottles
perfume boxes
perfume packaging bottles & components
pet (polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate), monolayer, wide
pet (polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate), monolayer:jars
pet (polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate), multilayer:jars
pet (polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate):aerosols (bottles
pet (polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate):bottles
pet (polyester, thermoplastic/polyethylene terephthalate):cans
pet film product
pet, hot-fill:bottles
pet, multilayer:bottles
pet, polyvinylidene-chloride (pvdc)-coated:bottles
pet, recycled (rpet):bottles
pet-g (polyester, thermoplastic copolymer):bottles
pet-g (polyester, thermoplastic copolymer):jars
pharmaceutical packaging
phenolic:closures, caps
phenolic:polymers, thermoset
phenylene oxide, modified:polymers, other
phoenix caps
photodegradable additive:concentrates
photopolymer:printing-plate materials (for printing plates, machinery section)
pillow packs
pinch-bottom:bags, multiwall
pinch-top:bags, multiwall
plastic (for 2- and 3-liter beverage bottles):handles (including bails)
plastic bag
plastic band, 12-pack:multipacks
plastic bottles
plastic boxes for cookies
plastic clamshell:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic clip:multipacks
plastic compounds
plastic containers
plastic containers for cosmetics
plastic crates
plastic cups
plastic film for packaging
plastic films for packaging
plastic flexible packaging
plastic lids
plastic packaging products
plastic pails
plastic pouches
plastic printing
plastic sacks
plastic stickers
plastic tube with cap
plastic, barrier, coextruded:cans
plastic, barrier, injection blow-molded, retortable:cans
plastic, child-resistant:tubs (including bowls)
plastic, coextruded:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic, controlled atmosphere packaging (cap):trays (for separate lids, see
plastic, extended shelf life, microwavable:trays (for separate lids, see
plastic, flexible:pillow packs
plastic, formed in-plant:cans
plastic, hinged-lid:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic, hot-fill:pouches
plastic, insulated, microwavable, free-standing:pouches
plastic, laminated, free-standing:pouches
plastic, lined, drain:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic, multilayer:cans
plastic, multilayer:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic, other, flexible or squeeze:jars
plastic, other, flexible:bottles
plastic, other, handled:bottles
plastic, other, molded:closures, caps
plastic, other, ribbed:closures, caps
plastic, other, rigid, industrial:jars
plastic, other, rigid:jars
plastic, other, squeeze, coextruded high-barrier:bottles
plastic, other, squeeze:bottles
plastic, other, twin-chamber:bottles, specialty
plastic, other:aerosols (bottles or cans)
plastic, other:bags, by material
plastic, other:bands
plastic, other:barrels
plastic, other:boxes
plastic, other:cans
plastic, other:closures, lids
plastic, other:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
plastic, other:crates
plastic, other:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic, other:envelopes
plastic, other:gaskets
plastic, other:pallets/bins/boxes
plastic, other:pouches
plastic, other:printing-plate materials (for printing plates, machinery section)
plastic, other:skids
plastic, other:stock materials, container or lid
plastic, other:tags
plastic, other:tapes
plastic, other:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic, other:tubs (including bowls)
plastic, overpacked:drums
plastic, photodegradable and/or biodegradable:films, special-purpose
plastic, polyolefin
plastic, portion-dose-dispensing:bottles, specialty
plastic, pressure-sensitive, printed:tapes
plastic, reclosable:tubing
plastic, recycled:bags, by material
plastic, rigid:liners, container
plastic, semi-rigid:pillow packs
plastic, shrink:tubing
plastic, thermo, other
plastic, threaded-lid:pails
plastic, translucent, chemical-resistant:tubing
plastic/paperboard, hinged-lid:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
plastic:cartridges (for ink see inks, cartridges)
plastic:core plugs
plastic:handles (including bails)
plastic:strapping and components
plastic:tumblers (including mugs) (for separate lids, see closures/lids)
plastic-coated:cartons, folding
plastic-formed packaging products
plastics packaging for cosmetics
plug:closures, caps
plugs/seals (drums or pails)
pocket bag or specimen
poly propylene bags
polyallomer:films, general, plastic
polyarylate:polymers, thermoplastic, other
polyarylsulfone:polymers, thermoplastic, other
polybutadiene:polymers, rubber (synthetic)
polybutylene (pb):films, general, plastic
polybutylene (pb):polymers, polyolefin
polycarbonate (pc), autoclavable:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
polycarbonate (pc), non-flammable:films, special-purpose
polycarbonate (pc)/ethylene-vinyl alcohol (evoh)/polypropylene(pp:bottles
polycarbonate (pc):bottles
polycarbonate (pc):films, general, plastic
polycarbonate (pc):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polycarbonate (pc):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polychlorotrifluoroethylene (pctfe):polymers, fluoroplastic
polyester (also see pet or pet-g):bottles
polyester, adhesion-promoted:films, special-purpose
polyester, heat-sealable:films, special-purpose
polyester, holographic:films, special-purpose
polyester, metallized:bags, by material
polyester, microwave-receptor:films, metallized
polyester, oriented:films, general, plastic
polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate) (pet):films, general,
polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate), crystallized
polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate/pet), recycled
polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate/pet), ultraviolet (uv)-
polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate/pet):polymers,
polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate/pet):sheet, plastic,
polyester, thermoplastic (polyethylene terephthalate/pet):trays (for separate
polyester, thermoplastic copolymer (modified pet):polymers, thermoplastic,
polyester, thermoplastic copolymer (pet-g):films, general, plastic
polyester, thermoplastic copolymer (pet-g):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polyester, thermoplastic copolymer (pet-g):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polyester, thermoplastic copolymer (pet-g):trays (for separate lids, see
polyester/paper:labels, by function or material/construction type
polyester:films, general, plastic
polyester:films, metallized
polyester:films, shrink
polyester:films, thermoforming
polyester:films, window-box
polyester:labels, by function or material/construction type
polyester:polymers, thermoplastic, other
polyester:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polyethelene tank
polyetherimide (pei)/polycarbonate (pc)/polyetherimide (pei):sheet, plastic,
polyetherimide (pei)/polyphthalate carbonate (ppc)/polyetherimide:sheet,
polyetherimide (pei):films, general, plastic

polyetherimide (pei):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polyethylene (pe) copolymer, expandable/moldable:polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene (pe) sleeve for snap-opening sealed glass neck:ampules
polyethylene (pe), air-powered, liquids, reusable:aerosols (bottles or cans)
polyethylene (pe), coated:labels, by function or material/construction type
polyethylene (pe), corrosion-resistant:films, special-purpose
polyethylene (pe), cross-laminated:films, special-purpose
polyethylene (pe), cross-linked:foams
polyethylene (pe), die-cut or shaped:cushioning
polyethylene (pe), embossed:films, special-purpose
polyethylene (pe), expanded beads:foams
polyethylene (pe), heat-sealable:films, metallized
polyethylene (pe), laminate:foams
polyethylene (pe), permeable/porous:films, special-purpose
polyethylene (pe), plank:foams
polyethylene (pe), pressure-sensitive:films, special-purpose
polyethylene (pe), tri-extruded:envelopes
polyethylene (pe), woven:fabrics
polyethylene (pe)/ethylene acrylic acid (eaa):films, shrink
polyethylene (pe):bags, by material
polyethylene (pe):bottles
polyethylene (pe):films, metallized
polyethylene (pe):films, shrink
polyethylene (pe):films, skinpolyethylene (pe):foams
polyethylene (pe):pouches
polyethylene (pe):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polyethylene foam cushion
polyethylene foam sheet
polyethylene naphlalate (pen):films, general, plastic
polyethylene napthlalate (pen):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene oxide:films, general, plastic
polyethylene terephthalate (pet):bottles
polyethylene terephthalate glycol (petg):bottles
polyethylene, extra-high-molecular-weight (ehmwpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, high denisty:label materials, film
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), barrier:bottles
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), collapsible/expandable:jars
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), collapsible/expandable:jugs
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), collapsible/expandable:tubs (including
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), cross-laminated:bags, by material
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), narrow-neck:bottles, specialty
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), oriented:films, general, plastic
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), spun-bonded, heat-seal-
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), spun-bonded, heat-seal coated:sheet,
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), spun-bonded:closures, lids
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), spun-bonded:envelopes
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), spun-bonded:rollstock
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), spun-bonded:sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), thermoformed, microwavable:trays (for
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), thermoformed, microwavable:tubs
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe), view-stripe:bottles, specialty
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):bags, by material
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):bottles
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):films, general, plastic
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):jars
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, high-density (hdpe):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe), pre-colored:polymers,
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe):bags, by material
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe):board, special-purpose
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe):bottles
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe):pallets/bins/boxes
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe):skids
polyethylene, high-density, recycled (rhdpe):slip sheets
polyethylene, high-molecular-weight (hmwpe):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polyethylene, high-molecular-weight, high-density (hmwhdpe):bags, by
polyethylene, high-molecular-weight, high-density (hmwhdpe):films,
polyethylene, high-molecular-weight, high-density (hmwhdpe):polymers,
polyethylene, high-molecular-weight, high-density (hmwhdpe):sheet,
polyethylene, high-molecular-weight, low-density (hmwldpe):polymers,
polyethylene, intermediate-molecular-weight, high-density (imwhdpe):films,
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe), one-side cling:films, stretch/pre
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe), polyvinylidene-chloride:films,
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe), stretch, printed:label materials,
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe), stretch, printed:labels, by
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe), tri-extruded:films, general,
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe)/ethylene-vinyl acetate(eva):films,
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):bags, by material
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):bottles
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):films, general, plastic
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):films, stretch/pre-stretch
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):label materials, film
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, linear low-density (lldpe):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):bags, by material
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):bottles
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):films, general, plastic
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):films, shrink
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):films, skin
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):films, stretch/pre-stretch
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):foams
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, low-density (ldpe):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polyethylene, low-density, recycled (rldpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, low-molecular-weight (lmwpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, medium-density (mdpe):films, general, plastic
polyethylene, medium-density (mdpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, medium-density (mdpe):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polyethylene, medium-molecular-weight, high-density
polyethylene, ultra-high-molecular-weight (uhmwpe):polymers, polyolefin
polyethylene, ultra-high-molecular-weight (uhmwpe):sheet, plastic,
polyimide:films, general, plastic
polyimide:polymers, other
polyimide:sheet, plastic, other
polymers note: these plastics are arranged alphabetically in 9 major groups
polymers note: these plastics are arranged alphabetically in9 major groups
polymers, cellulosic
polymers, fluoroplastic
polymers, other
polymers, polyolefin
polymers, polyvinyl
polymers, rubber (synthetic)
polymers, special-purpose
polymers, thermoplastic, other
polymers, thermoset
polymethylmethacrylate (pmma), pressure-sensitive, weatherable:films,
polymethylmethacrylate (pmma):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polymethylpentene (pmp):bottles
polymethylpentene (pmp):jars
polymethylpentene (pmp):polymers, polyolefin
polyolefin clarifier:additives
polyphenylene sulfide (pps):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polyphenylsulfone:polymers, thermoplastic, other
polyphthalate carbonate (ppc):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polypropylene (pp), coated:films, general, plastic
polypropylene (pp), collapsible/expandable:jars
polypropylene (pp), collapsible/expandable:jugs
polypropylene (pp), collapsible/expandable:tubs (including bowls)
polypropylene (pp), expanded beads:foams
polypropylene (pp), microwavable:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
polypropylene (pp), microwavable:tubs (including bowls)
polypropylene (pp), perforated:films, special-purpose
polypropylene (pp), permeable/porous:films, special-purpose
polypropylene (pp), reinforced:foams
polypropylene (pp), retortable:cans
polypropylene (pp), static-shielding conductive:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polypropylene (pp), thermoformed:tubs (including bowls)
polypropylene (pp), white opaque:films, special-purpose
polypropylene (pp), woven:bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk
polypropylene (pp), woven:fabrics
polypropylene (pp)/ethylene-vinyl alcohol (evoh), high-heat barrier:bottles
polypropylene (pp):bags, by material
polypropylene (pp):board, corrugated
polypropylene (pp):bottles
polypropylene (pp):films, general, plastic
polypropylene (pp):films, metallized
polypropylene (pp):films, shrink
polypropylene (pp):films, thermoforming
polypropylene (pp):films, window-box
polypropylene (pp):foams
polypropylene (pp):jars
polypropylene (pp):label materials, film
polypropylene (pp):polymers, polyolefin
polypropylene (pp):pouches
polypropylene (pp):sheet, plastic, polyolefin
polypropylene foam cushion
polypropylene woven bags
polypropylene, oriented (opp), heat-sealable:films, special-purpose
polypropylene, oriented (opp), laminating:films, special-purpose
polypropylene, oriented (opp):bottles
polypropylene, oriented (opp):films, general, plastic
polypropylene, oriented (opp):films, metallized
polypropylene, recycled (rpp):polymers, polyolefin
polysacks/cloth sacks
polystrene, high-impact (hips), static-shielding conductive:sheet, plastic,
polystyrene (ps) board, block, log, slab:foams
polystyrene (ps) sheet:foams
polystyrene (ps), biaxially-oriented:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polystyrene (ps), heavy-gauge (for pressure-forming):films, special-purpose
polystyrene (ps), molded:cushioning
polystyrene (ps), thermoformed, microwavable:tubs (including bowls)
polystyrene (ps):bottles
polystyrene (ps):films, general, plastic
polystyrene (ps):films, shrink
polystyrene (ps):films, thermoforming
polystyrene (ps):films, window-box
polystyrene (ps):foams
polystyrene (ps):jars
polystyrene (ps):label materials, film
polystyrene (ps):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polystyrene (ps):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polystyrene, expandable (eps) beads:foams
polystyrene, high-impact (hips), fire/flame-retardant:polymers,
polystyrene, high-impact (hips), microwavable:trays (for separate lids, see
polystyrene, high-impact (hips):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polystyrene, high-impact (hips):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polystyrene, oriented (ops):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
polystyrene, recycled (rps):polymers, thermoplastic, other
polysulfone:polymers, thermoplastic, other
polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe):films, fluoroplastic
polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe):polymers, fluoroplastic
polythene bags
polythylene bags
polyurethane (pu), die-cut or shaped:cushioning
polyurethane (pu), fire-resistant:foams
polyurethane (pu), graft-polymer:foams
polyurethane (pu), isocyanate:polymers, other
polyurethane (pu), semi-flexible:foams
polyurethane (pu), sheet or slab, flexible:foams
polyurethane (pu), sheet or slab, rigid:foams
polyurethane (pu), vinyl-skin:foams
polyurethane (pu):adhesives
polyurethane (pu):films, general, plastic
polyurethane (pu):foams
polyurethane (pu):gaskets
polyurethane (pu):polymers, other
polyvent and polyguard plastic closures
polyvinyl acetate (pvac):films, general, plastic
polyvinyl acetate (pvac):polymers, polyvinyl
polyvinyl acetate (pvac)-base:adhesives
polyvinyl alcohol (pvoh):films, water-soluble
polyvinyl alcohol (pvoh):polymers, polyvinyl
polyvinyl alcohol (pvoh):sheet, plastic, other
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), etched:films, special-purpose
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), flexible:sheet, plastic, other
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), handled:bottles
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), molded flexible:sheet, plastic, other
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), polyvinylidene-chloride (pvdc)-coated,
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), polyvinylidene-chloride (pvdc)-coated:films,
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), rigid, static-conductive, two sides:sheet, plastic,
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), rigid:sheet, plastic, other
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), shrink, tamper-resistant:labels, by function or
polyvinyl chloride (pvc), thermoformable:sheet, plastic, other
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):bags, by material
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):bottles
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):capsules
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):cartons, folding
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):films, general, plastic
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):films, metallized
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):films, shrink
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):films, skin
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):films, stretch/pre-stretch
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):films, thermoforming
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):films, window-box
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):foams
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):jars
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):labels, by function or material/construction type
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):polymers, polyvinyl
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):pouches
polyvinyl chloride (pvc):tubs (including bowls)
polyvinyl chloride, recycled (rpvc):polymers, polyvinyl
polyvinyl chloride, recycled (rpvc):sheet, plastic, other
polyvinyl-chloride (pvc), pressure-sensitive:films, special-purpose
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc), flexible:sheet, plastic, other
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc), multilayer, barrier, retortable:cans
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc), multilayer, barrier, retortable:sheet, plastic,
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc), multilayer, barrier, retortable:trays (for
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc), multilayer, barrier, retortable:tubs (including
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc), rigid:sheet, plastic, other
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc):adhesives
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc):films, general, plastic
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc):films, shrink
polyvinylidene chloride (pvdc):polymers, polyvinyl
polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf):films, fluoroplastic
polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf):polymers, fluoroplastic
pop/close:closures, dispensing
portion packs
pouch (also see paper, special-purpose):paper, general-purpose
pouch, tamper-resistant:paper, special-purpose
pouches:desiccants/dehydrating agents
pourable, plastic (for paperboard cartons):closures, dispensing
powder:non-offset materials
pp woven bag
pp. ziplock bag
pre-formed, roll-fed:bags, by type
pre-formed:bags, by type
preforms (parisons), pet:bottles, specialty
pre-labeled:bottles, specialty
press machinery
pressure-sensitive, electronic data processing (edp):labels, by application
pressure-sensitive, film:labels, by application type
pressure-sensitive, foil:labels, by application type
pressure-sensitive, multi-ply:labels, by application type
pressure-sensitive, other:tapes
pressure-sensitive, paper/film, metallized:labels, by application type
pressure-sensitive, paper:labels, by application type
pressure-sensitive, peelable:labels, by application type
pressure-sensitive, roll-fed:labels, by application type
pressure-sensitive, silicone:adhesives
pressure-sensitive, ultraviolet (uv)-curable:adhesives
pressure-sensitive:labels, by application type
printing on package
printing-plate materials (for printing plates, machinery section)
product-use directions:inserts
proofing, flexographic/gravure:paper, special-purpose
propane:aerosol propellants
protective emulsions or solvents:coatings
protective packaging & supplies
ps thermoformed containers
pull/push:closures, dispensing
pull-open:closures, dispensing
pump, finger:closures, dispensing
pumps (for containers only; also see closures, dispensing; for equipment
pumps, finger:aerosol components
pumps, see machinery section)
pumps:aerosol components
push-down:closures, dispensing
pvc box products
pvc cylinder pack
pvc food wrapping film
pvc stretch film
pvc thermoformed
pvc thermoformed containers
pvc thermoforming pack
racks:display, merchandise
radiant barrier aluminium tape
raw material :
rayon:strapping and components
reclosable bags
reclosable, other (also see zippered):pouches
reclosable:bags, multiwall
reclosable:closures, dispensing
reclose/reseal:labels, by function or material/construction type
recovery, hazardous materials:containers, specialty
recycled (other than rhdpe, rldpe, rpet, rpp, rps and
recycled, other:board, special-purpose
recycled:paper, special-purpose
reflective:labels, by function or material/construction type
refrigerant gel
regular slotted container (rsc):boxes
reinforced:paper, special-purpose
release (also see mold materials):agents
release agents:mold materials
release:films, special-purpose
release:paper, special-purpose
resealable:bags, by type
retortable:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
ribbon:closures, bag/pouch
ribbons:decorating materials/decorations
rigid box:inserts
rigid plastic packaging :
rigid plastics:mold materials
rigid, plastic:tubes
ring:closures, bag/pouch
rod-type:closures, applicating
roll bags
roll leaf
roll-fed:labels, by application type
roll-on balls
roll-on, metal:closures, caps
roll-on:closures, applicating
rotogravure:films, printed
rpvc):polymers, other
rubber, coated:stoppers
rubber, recycled:components/shapes
rubber, recycled:rollstock
rubber:label materials, pressure-sensitive
rubber:printing-plate materials (for printing plates, machinery section)
rubberized hair:cushioning
rubber-modified:films, general, plastic
saddle bag
saddle:bags, by type
sample (product):labels, by function or material/construction type
sealed lead-acid batteries/packs
seal-end:cartons, folding
sealing, magnetic:tapes
sealing, other:compounds
seals, tamper-evident/resistant
seals:strapping and components
see closures, dispensing; for equipment pumps, see machinery section)
self adhesive labels
self-adhesive tape
self-opening, automatic:bags, by type
semi-bulk (also see bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk):containers, specialty
semi-chemical medium:board, special-purpose
semi-rigid, plastic:tubes
separate lids, see closures, lids)
separators (also see partitions/dividers):cushioning
serrated edge, metal
set-up, metal-stay:boxes
set-up, static-shielding:boxes
severe environment:labels, by function or material/construction type
shake/sift:closures, dispensing
sheet, laminated:foams
sheet, plastic, cellulosic
sheet, plastic, other
sheet, plastic, polyolefin
sheet, plastic, thermo, other
sheet, rubber, recycled
sheet-fed:labels, by application type
shielding,conductive:containers, specialty
shipping (also see bags, bulk/intermediate/semi-bulk; bags, by type,
shipping (also see bags, multiwall):bags, by type
shipping containers
shipping, corrugated fiberboard, static-shielding, conductive:containers,
shipping, corrugated, coated:containers, specialty
shipping, corrugated, collapsible/reusable:containers, specialty
shipping, corrugated, waxed, telescoping, knocked-down (kd):containers,
shipping, corrugated, with plastic top and bottom pallets,
shipping, corrugated, with tear-tape conversion to display tray:containers,
shipping, fiberglass, reusable:tubes
shipping, foam:containers, specialty
shipping, foam:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
shipping, foam-insulated, expandable:containers, specialty
shipping, honeycomb-kraft, mirror/frame:containers, specialty
shipping, liquid, one-way, disposable, fiberboard, plastic-bag-lined,
shipping, materials handling, plastic, collapsible:containers, specialty
shipping, plastic-insulated, collapsible, reusable:containers, specialty
shipping, plywood:containers, specialty
shipping, plywood:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
shipping, static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp):tubes
shipping, tube/cap:containers, specialty
shipping, wood/fiberglass, custom foam inserts, reusable:containers,
shipping:labels, by function or material/construction type
shipping:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
shipping; bags, multiwall; barrels; cargo containers; cases; crates; drums;
shopping bag
shrink band:labels, by application type
shrink lables
shrink sleeve:labels, by application type
shrink, two-compartment:bands
shrink:bags, by material
shrink:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
silica gel tablets:desiccants/dehydrating agents
silicone:polymers, other
single or multicompartment:blisters
single-face:board, corrugated
single-use, metal, break-off tip:tubes
single-wall:board, corrugated
siphon:closures, dispensing
sizing, fluorochemical:coatings
skin boards/cards
skin, printed/coated:board, general-purpose
skin, printed:board, general-purpose
skin:board, general-purpose
sleeve:cartons, folding
sleeves, paperboard
slider zip bag
slip sheets
slip-on, plastic:labels, by application type
snap, plastic:closures, bag/pouch
snap, plastic:closures, lids
snap-on, metal/plastic:closures, caps
snap-on, tear tab:closures, caps
snap-on:closures, caps
snap-up/down:closures, dispensing
snip-top:closures, dispensing
soap-wrap:paper, special-purpose
solid bleached sulfate (sbs), clay-coated:board, general-purpose
solid bleached sulfate (sbs), plastic-coated:board, general-purpose
solid bleached sulfate (sbs):board, general-purpose
solid unbleached sulfate (sus), clay-coated:board, general-purpose
solid unbleached sulfate (sus):board, general-purpose
specialty, large:bands, rubber
specimen bags
sponge rubber:cushioning
sports/energy drinks
spout, reclosable:can ends
spout, steel:can ends
spout:closures, dispensing
spray coating, polyurethane (pu):decorating materials/decorations
spray pumps
spray, frosting:decorating materials/decorations
spray, masking:decorating materials/decorations
spray, mechanical, high- and low delivery:pumps (for containers only; also
spray/pump, air-powered:closures, dispensing
springs, valve/pump:aerosol components
square-bottom:bags, by type
squeeze, plastic, drop-dispensing:tubes
squeeze, plastic:tubes
squeeze/spray:closures, dispensing
squeeze/stream:closures, dispensing
stabilizers:ultraviolet (uv)
stainless steel:barrels
stainless steel:drums
standard bag
staples wire
static treatment, anti-
static-conductive, high-temperature, pressure-sensitive:labels, by function
static-conductive:bands, rubber
static-conductive:paper, special-purpose
static-dissipative polyethylene, low-density (ldpe), transparent:films,
static-dissipative polyethylene, low-density (ldpe), transparent:pouches
static-dissipative, water-base:coatings
static-dissipative:bags, by type
static-shielding conductive carbon-filled polyethylene (pe) copolymer,
static-shielding conductive polyethylene (pe), hinged-lid:boxes
static-shielding conductive polyethylene (pe):trays (for separate lids, see
static-shielding conductive polyethylene, high-density (hdpe),
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp), extrusion:plastic compounds
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp), hinged-lid:boxes
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp), lidded:blisters
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp), lidded:canisters
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp), opaque:bags, by type
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp):films, special-purpose
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp):trays (for separate lids, see
static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pvdc)-coated:films, special-
static-shielding conductive polystyrene (ps), extrusion:plastic compounds
static-shielding conductive polyurethane (pu), non-corrosive, roll or
static-shielding conductive three-ply carbon-filled plastic grid,
static-shielding conductive:foams
static-shielding metallic-coated polyester/polyethylene (pe) lamination,
static-shielding, other:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
static-shielding:cartons, folding
stays (or reinforcements)
steel & plastic strappings
steel sealers & strapping tensioners/tools
steel, aseptic:drums
steel, black-plate:stock materials, container or lid
steel, microwaveable:cans
steel, piston:aerosols (bottles or cans)
steel, seamless, tapered:cans
steel, shipping:pails
steel, stainless:cans
steel, stainless:kegs
steel, three-piece:cans
steel, tin plate 2pc./seamless:aerosols (bottles or cans)
steel, tin-coated:stock materials, container or lid
steel, tin-free:cans
steel, tin-free:stock materials, container or lid
steel, tin-plate:aerosols (bottles or cans)
steel, tin-plate:cans
steel, tin-plate:stock materials, container or lid
steel, two-piece:cans
steel, welded:cans
steel:stock materials, container or lid
steel:strapping and components
stencil, moistureproof:board, special-purpose
sterile:bags, by type
sterility-indicating:labels, by function or material/construction type
sterilized plastic, aseptic:bottles, specialty
stick, propel and/or repel:dispensing containers, non-aerosol
sticker product
stock materials, container or lid
storage, corrugated fiberboard, static-shielding, conductive:containers,
storage, foam, structural, polyethylene (pe), static-
storage, foam, structural, polyethylene (pe), static-dissipative:containers,
storage, plywood:containers, specialty
strapped:containers, specialty
strapping & packaging system
strapping and components
string-opening (for composites):closures, specialty
styrene acrylonitrile (san):films, general, plastic
styrene copolymer, moldable:polymers, thermoplastic, other
styrene, modified:sheet, plastic, thermo, other
styrene-acrylonitrile (san):bottles
styrene-acrylonitrile (san):polymers, thermoplastic, other
styrene-acrylonitrile (san):sheet, plastic, thermo, other
styrene-butadiene:polymers, thermoplastic, other
styrofoam for packaging and insulation
surgical:paper, special-purpose
surgical:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
syntactic block and castable:foams
synthetic woven:bags, by material
synthetic, other:fabrics
synthetic:label materials, paper
tab-pull:closures, specialty
tagboard:board, general-purpose
tamper evident bag
tamper-evident (also see closures, caps, closures; secondary
tamper-evident/resistant seal:closures, secondary bands/caps/seals
tamper-evident:cartons, folding
tamper-evident:liners, closure
tamper-resistant (also see closures, secondary
tamper-resistant/indicating, metal:tubes
tamper-resistant/indicating, plastic:tubes
tape, flexible:closures, bag/pouch
tape:handles (including bails)
tape-dispensing machine:brushes
tear, carton/case, cassette-fed:tapes
tear, pressure-sensitive, shrink:tapes
temperature, stick, pellet or liquid:indicators
temperature/pressure-sensitive (not adhesive):paper, special-purpose
temperature-indicating:labels, by function or material/construction type
tetrafluoroethylene (tfe):films, fluoroplastic
textile packaging & printing
textile packaging & printing supplies
textile packaging materials
textile, other:bags, by material
textile/fabric:labels, by function or material/construction type
thai plastic bags
thermal:label materials, paper
thermal-transfer:label materials, paper
thermal-transfer:labels, by application type
thermo, other
thermoformable:sheet, plastic, other
thermoplastic, other
thermoplastic:labels, by application type
thermosensitive:labels, by application type
thermoset, ultraviolet (uv)-curable:adhesives
threaded, lined:closures, caps
three-dimensional printing:decorating materials/decorations
three-flap:cartons, folding
throughput enhancer:concentrates
tie, self-locking plastic:closures, bag/pouch
tie, twist:closures, bag/pouch
tie-downs, cargo:ties
time/temperature (tti):indicators
time/temperature-indicating (also see labels, by function or
time/temperature-indicating (also see tags):labels, by function or
time/temperature-indicating, microwave:labels, by function or
tin cap (breakable)
tinplate packaging materials/components
tissue:paper, special-purpose
top-opening:cartons, folding
topstock, radiation-sterilized:closures, lids
tote, plywood:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
tote, static-shielding conductive polypropylene (pp):boxes
tote:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
totes, materials-handling
touch:closures, dispensing
transfer, decal:labels, by application type
transparent:bags, by type
trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
trifluoroethylene:films, fluoroplastic
trigger/foam:closures, dispensing
trigger/spray:closures, dispensing
triple-wall:board, corrugated
triplex, or three-wall:bags, by type
truck bedliner
t-shirt:bags, by type
tube, reclosable:closures, dispensing
tubs (including bowls)
tubular stock:bags, by type
tuck, reverse:cartons, folding
tuck, straight:cartons, folding
tumblers (including mugs) (for separate lids, see closures/lids)
twist:closures, dispensing
two piece aluminium can
two-flap:cartons, folding
two-part, perforated:labels, by function or material/construction type
ultraviolet (uv)
ultraviolet (uv) absorbers (also see ultraviolet/uv):concentrates
ultraviolet (uv) gloss:coatings
ultraviolet (uv):inks
ultraviolet (uv)-curable:coatings
ultraviolet (uv)-curable:inks
unit packaging
unit-packaging shells, plastic
urea formaldehyde (powder):adhesives
urea:polymers, thermoset
vacum metalized films
vacum mold machine
vacuum (also see lug, vacuum):closures, caps
vacuum (suction), rubber or vinyl:cups (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
vacuum bottle
vacuum-metallizing, aluminum:wire
valve, pasted, breathable:bags, multiwall
valve, pasted:bags, multiwall
valve, sewn:bags, multiwall
valve:bags, heavy-duty plastic
vapor-corrosion (vci):inhibitors
vapor-corrosion inhibiting (vci):paper, special-purpose
vapor-corrosion-inhibiting (vci), pad or roll:foams
vapor-corrosion-inhibiting (vci):films, special-purpose
vegetable parchment:paper, special-purpose
veneer, paper-overlaid (also see boxes; cases; crates):containers, specialty
veneer, paper-overlaid:boxes
veneer, paper-overlaid:cases
veneer, paper-overlaid:crates
veneer, paper-overlaid:liners, container
vented bag
vented plastic (for sterilizing):bags, by type
vented:closures, specialty
vented:liners, closure
vest carrier bags
vinyl packaging bag
viscous, finger pump/piston-propel:dispensing containers, non-aerosol
void filler, including honeycomb:cushioning
void filler, paper, three-ply:cushioning
void fillers
wadding, cellulose:cushioning
wadding, other:cushioning
watch boxes
watch collector's box
watch presentation boxes/cases
water-base, non-volatile organic compound (voc):coatings
water-base, non-volatile organic compounds (voc):inks
waterproof:paper, special-purpose
water-soluble:paper, special-purpose
wax:non-offset materials
wax-coated:cartons, folding
weather-resistant:labels, by function or material/construction type
webbing, cargo
wet-strength:paper, special-purpose
wet-waxed:paper, general-purpose
wicketed:bags, by type
window (also see cartons, folding):boxes
window:bags, by type
window:cartons, folding
wirebound containers
without distinction among alloys, blends, homopolymers, monomers,
without distinction among alloys, blends, homopolymers, most copolymers,
wood (small), including gift/novelty:boxes
wood, extruded:cores
wood, molded:core plugs
wood, molded:reels
wood, other, expendable:pallets/bins/boxes
wood, other:crates
wood, other:pallets/bins/boxes
wood, other:partitions/dividers
wood, other:reels
wood, other:skids
wood, other:trays (for separate lids, see closures, lids)
wood, slack:barrels
wood, tight:barrels
wood:core plugs
woven polypropylene bags
wraparound blank:board, corrugated
wraparound, foam:labels, by application type
wraparound:cartons, folding
wraparound:labels, by application type
zip bag
zip-lock bags
zip-lock(reclosable bag)
zipper, plastic, reclosable:closures, bag/pouch
zippered:bags, by type

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Pack Technology Co.,Ltd.
Package Business Service Co.,Ltd.
Package Display Co.,Ltd.
Packaging Innovation Co.,Ltd.
Packing Innovation Co.,Ltd.
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popular products co., ltd.
poranunt co.,ltd.
porn chai paper tube co.,ltd
pornprapa packaging industry co.,ltd
pornsri co ltd
power packing international co., ltd.
prakarn packing industry co., ltd.
precisco pro packaging co.,ltd
prepac thailand co., ltd.
primax general co., ltd.
prime box manufacturing ltd.
pring master co.,ltd
print & pack siam co.,ltd.
print international co., ltd., the
print master co.,ltd.
printing solution co.,ltd.
prome pattana packaging co., ltd.
prompt pac co.,ltd
prospack industry co., ltd.
quality cartons co., ltd.
quality packaging industry co.,ltd.
quick pack pacific co.,ltd
r.m. pack co., ltd.
r.s. cannery co., ltd.
rain mart co., ltd.
rayong paper industries co., ltd.
revi co., ltd.
rian thong plastics international co.,ltd.
rianthai interplas co., ltd
rich engineering co.,, ltd.
right man co., ltd.
rittal ltd.
romar industrial co.,ltd.
royal can industries co.,ltd
royal canning co., ltd.
royal cc printing (2001) co.,ltd.
royal foods co., ltd
royal plastpack co., ltd.
ruam patana packaging co.,ltd
rungroj carton co., ltd.
s & d industries co.,ltd
s. kitti 1991 co., ltd.
s. poly pack & print co., ltd.
s. rattana plastic co., ltd.
s. risco co.,ltd.
s. saha tara (thailand) co., ltd.
s. silp (2521) co., ltd.
s.b. thai jewelry boxes co., ltd.
s.d. plastic kranprim,
s.i.g. combibloc ltd
s.n.g.a. sin pattana lohakij co.,ltd
s.p. petpack co., ltd.
s.p. plastic industry co.,ltd.
s.t.c. foodpak co., ltd.
s.t.c. property management co., ltd.
s.v. machinery ltd.,part.
s.v. paper carton co.,ltd
saeng inter laminate co.,ltd
saeng ngarm factory
saha chok packaging co.,ltd
saha dharawat co., ltd.
sahachai kijkarnpim co.,ltd.
sahakij packaging co.,ltd.
sahamit metal pack co., ltd.
sakol phan machinery co., ltd.
sakolchai transpack l.p.
salakruthai intertrade ltd.
samroiyod corp., ltd.
sanit & sons co.,ltd
sanko machinery (thailand) co., ltd.
sankyu logistics & engineering services (thailand)
santi green pack co.,ltd.
santi packaging co., ltd.
sarnit packaging co.,ltd.
sarnti green pack co.,ltd.
sarnti packaging co.,ltd
sawarintr ltd., part.
sealed air (thailand) ltd.
seethong 555 co.,ltd
sermnimit plastic co., ltd.
servitech engineering co., ltd.
shinmax systems co., ltd.
shinpack (thailand) co., ltd.
shinwa (thailand) co., ltd.
shioma products co.,ltd.
showdow rotapack (1991) co., ltd.
siam carton industries
siam crate co., ltd.
siam first pack ltd., part.
siam flex pack co., ltd.
Siam Foam Pak Co.,Ltd.
siam food services co.,ltd.
siam glass industry co.,ltd
siam golden packing ltd., part.
siam kerosine can industry co., ltd.
siam kraft industry co., ltd.
siam neo label co.,ltd.
Siam Poly Bag Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polyethylene Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polypack Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polystyrene Co.,Ltd.
siam pradit industry co., ltd
siam printing and packaging co.,ltd.
siam sindee co.,ltd.
siam srithong co., ltd.
siam suphapun ltd., part
siam toppan packaging co., ltd.
siam zip 1992 co., ltd.
siegwerk ink (thailand) ltd.
siew lamination co., ltd.
simapac co., ltd.
sincere standard co.,ltd.
sinn siam transpack co., ltd.
sinsombat ltd., part.
sirichai polybag ltd part.
skinji backing & packing machinery (thailand) co.,
Soft Pack Co.,Ltd.
Soft Plan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
solveig limited
sombatchai industry plastic co., ltd.
sonoco (thailand) limited
soontorn film co., ltd.
South East Packaging Industry Co.,Ltd.
South East Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.
southeast asian packaging and canning co., ltd.
spec-crew siam co., ltd.
specialty tech corporation co., ltd.
square box co., ltd.
sri supkul plastic bag factory
sriboon printing industry (1988) co.,ltd.
srikamol plaspack co.,ltd.
srithai packaging co.,ltd.
standard can co., ltd.
starprint co., ltd.
subthaweechai plaspack co.,ltd.
sue trong packaging co., ltd.
sukhatasana co., ltd.
suraboon co., ltd.
suroj co., ltd.
swan industries (thailand) ltd.
t. paper industrial co.,ltd.
t.f. international co., ltd
t.f.m. packaging films co., ltd.
t.k.t. plast pack co., ltd
t.p. packaging lp.
t.r.c. polypack co.,ltd.
t.s.d. intertrade co ltd
t.s.h. products co., ltd.
t.s.t. plasspack co., ltd.
t.t.l. packaging (thailand) co.,ltd
tai - wan packaging co., ltd.
tanapol vanich co.,ltd.
tawana container co., ltd.
tawankitcharoen co.,ltd
taweepol packaging co., ltd.
tea tek hong plastic co., ltd.
tech chan sheng industry co.,ltd
Technic Foam Industry Co.,Ltd.
Technic Gravure Co.,Ltd
tenma paper mills (thailand) co., ltd.
terinex siam co., ltd.
tes comn international co.,ltd.
tetra pak manufacturing (thai) ltd
texchem-pack (thailand) co., ltd.
thai asia packaging & paper co.,ltd.
thai cardboard co., ltd.
thai carton (rangsit) service co., ltd.
thai carton industry co.,ltd
thai cast film co., ltd.
thai charoenshuk engineering co., ltd.
thai coating industrial public co., ltd.
thai containers chonburi (1995) co., ltd.
thai containers industry co.,ltd.
thai containers limited
thai containers v & s co., ltd
thai development paper co., ltd.
thai drum packaging co., ltd.
thai envelop mfg. co.,ltd
thai fah pisan plastic co., ltd.
thai fibre containers co.,ltd.
thai fibre drum industry co.,ltd
thai flexible pack co.,ltd
thai formosa plastic industry co., ltd.
thai fpc co., ltd.
thai general packing co., ltd.
thai griptech
Thai hoover industry co., ltd.
thai kamaya co ltd
thai kk industry co., ltd.
thai kobashi co ltd
thai kodama co., ltd.
thai kyoto packaging product co., ltd.
thai metal drum manufacturing public co., ltd.
thai modern packaging & insulation co.,ltd.
thai modern plastic industry public co., ltd.
thai nam polypack co., ltd.
thai o.p.p. public co., ltd.
thai offset co., ltd.
thai pack group co., ltd.
thai packaging & printing public co., ltd.
thai packaging industry public co., ltd.
thai pet industrial co.,ltd
thai plastic bags industries co., ltd.
thai plastic industries association
thai plastic packing co., ltd.
thai plastic products co., ltd.
thai poly products co., ltd.
thai poly seal material industries co., ltd.
thai polybag co., ltd.
thai polymer - line co., ltd.
thai polyplastech co.,ltd
thai pulp and paper industry association
thai pvc film co., ltd.
thai quality pack (1989) co.,ltd
thai rotary plastic co.,ltd.
thai rung ruang innovation co.,ltd
thai saeng charoen polymers co., ltd.
thai sek son co., ltd.
thai showa paxs co., ltd.
thai sonE dee co., ltd.,
thai textube & package co.,ltd
thai udom singchai ltd.,part.
thai union carton co.,ltd
thai viscount co., ltd.
thai vivat plastic factory
thai yong kiat industry co.,ltd.
thai-kamo co., ltd.
thaisrinonth co., ltd.
thamsatien co.,ltd.
thanangkoon press co.,ltd
thanaphan packaging co., ltd.
thanapol vanish co., ltd.
thano production co., ltd
the valspar (thailand) corporation ltd.
theparux industrial co., ltd
thepthunyatip co.,ltd.
thepvimol packaging co., ltd.
thevaraya co., ltd.
think big co., ltd.
thonburi lace co., ltd.
thonburi printing co., ltd.
tien heng co., ltd
tien-hann co., ltd.
tin can industry co., ltd
tinnabutr artful co., ltd.
toitsu package co.,ltd.
tomen (thailand) ltd.
tongfang container co., ltd.
top great enterprise co., ltd.
top pack co.,ltd
top trend manufacturing co.,ltd
tradicon supply and services co., ltd.
transpeed co ltd
treasure box co., ltd.
trisin industrial co.,ltd.
tri-wall (thailand) ltd.
u. thai kij polybag co.,ltd
u. thaweekij polypacking co., ltd.
u.d. starpac ltd., part.
unamac co.,ltd.
uni royal pack co., ltd.
unican industry co.,ltd.
union & honshu international ltd.
union carton industry co., ltd.
union inta co., ltd.
union paper and packing co., ltd.
union paper cartons co.,ltd.
union tsl limited
union zojirushi co., ltd.
unique pack co., ltd.
united bags co., ltd.
united container co., ltd
unitpack (1989) co.,ltd
unity thai products co., ltd.
universe pack co., ltd
v. c. logistics co.,ltd.
V. Pack & Move Co.,Ltd.
v.i.v. interchem co., ltd.
v.p. - i.c. co., ltd.
vacpac services (thailand) co., ltd.
Vanapac Co.,Ltd.
vandapac co., ltd.
varnnakit co., ltd.
vatchara packing products co., ltd.
vattanapan packaging system co., ltd.
veribest (thailand) co.,ltd.
victor packaging co., ltd.
viscount plastics (thailand) ltd
vispack co., ltd.
w haking industries (thailand) co.,ltd.
w.m.e. 1990 (thailand) co., ltd.
wan li packing enterprise co.,ltd.
wandee panich industry co.,ltd
wang group co., ltd.
waraporn platics ltd., part.
watana bhand packaging system co., ltd.
watson - ploy co.,ltd.
wattanakul oxygen co., ltd.
wattanapan packaging system co., ltd.
we work co.,ltd.
Well Pack Industry Co.,Ltd.
Well Plas Co.,Ltd.
winbest plastic industry (thailand) co., ltd.
winer paper co.,ltd
winner's pack col., ltd.
wongpin co.,ltd.
worakit-auto shrink pack co., ltd.
worakulchai package seal co., ltd.
word packaging industry co., ltd
world packaging industry co., ltd.
World Plastic Printing Co.,Ltd.
World Poly Craft Co.,Ltd.
World Polysac Co.,Ltd.
y.m. trading co., ltd.
yong lee plastic (thailand) co., ltd.
Zip Pac Co.,Ltd.
Ziplas International Co.,Ltd.
Ziplas International Company
Zip-Pac Co.,Ltd.
Zippack Co.,Ltd.

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