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Green Furniture Co.,Ltd. - Synthetic Timber Garden Furniture, Plastic Garden Accessories, Gazebo, Playground Equipment, Plastic Lumber

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Green Furniture is the leading company who manufactures and distribute the best knock down Synthetic Timber Garden Furniture, Garden Accessories, Gazebo and Playground Equipment in Thailand. We are the company who manufactures the Garden Furniture, Garden Accessories and Gazebo that are made from the synthetic timber or it is called in the scientific name, HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene).

In fact this high technology of material is applied from the plastic lumber which is popular in the western country. However the plastic lumber made abroad had not been perfect due to some defects that the producer could not solve particularly the air bubbles in the production process. Therefore, we have developed the quality of the plastic lumber to be higher. Finally we found out the best way to produce the best quality furniture without air bubble. We patented the formula which is able to claim to be the first one in the world who have achieved to develop the qualification of the plastic lumber.

Products: Synthetic Timber Garden Furniture, Plastic Garden Accessories, Gazebo, Playground Equipment, Plastic Lumber

Categories: Furniture, Plastic Furniture, Plastics, Garden Accessories

Songpol Chanprasart
Green Furniture Co.,Ltd.
25th Floor M Thai Tower, All Seasons Place 87
Wireless Raod,
Bangkok 10330
Tel. +6626279421
Fax: +6627114470

Factory Address
145/11-12 Moo 3,
Rajpattana Rd.
Telephone: 02 918-2732
Fax: 02 918-2726
email address:
Moonshine Gazebo Grand Thai Gazebo Hexagonal Gazebo
Gazebo compound with middle table. Enjoy and relaxing under the Moonshine.
Asian style Gazebo designed for middle size or large garden. It can support 8-10 persons for party or playing games Grand Gazebo looks high class and has air ventilation, including a small weather vane
Patio Set Waterfall Bench Set Reclining Chairs
Tea set is appropriate for all kinds of garden and patio locations Bench set including the waterfall at the back for more moist air in your garden. 2 Armchairs with foot rest and one middle table for poolside or patio
Plastic Garden Set Dining Set  
Master Living Set consist of 5 pieces, One Three seater Bench, Two Arm Chairs, One Middle Table and One Side Table. 5 piece dining set consist of table and 4 chairs  
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