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Thailand Plastic Furniture Companies, Thai Plastic Furniture Manufacturers


Thailand Plastic Furniture Companies
, Thai Plastic Furniture Manufacturers make many different kinds of plastic furniture such as: poolside furniture, patio furniture, nursery furniture and general plastic furniture for the house, bedroom, dining room, living room and bathroom.

I myself am not a big fan of plastic furniture. On my balcony overlooking the sea I have a plastic patio set. Ideal for sitting out in the morning to get that injection of caffeine whilst contemplating the day ahead. Or sitting out in the early evening and enjoying the wonderful sunsets over Jomtien beach.

So why am I not a fan? well I am a big guy and many times I have sat down only to have some chair creak and then split. I felt guilty about this and every time vowed to myself to go on another diet. However a week or so ago a young Thai guy came to fix the aircondioner. A small waif of a man. Couldn't have been more than 50 kilo wet through. He pulled up one of the plastic patio chairs, stood on it to reach the air condition unit and.... and the chair shattered. It didn't creak. It didn't groan. It shattered into a million pieces. He made my day!

If you are looking for furniture products of any type we have a full section covering all furniture products here Thailand Furniture Companies, Thai Furniture Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your plastic furniture needs please email with your requests.

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Related Categories  

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Featured Thailand Plastic Furniture Companies
E.C. Plastics Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Artificial Leather, Vinyl Leather, Commercial Vehicle Seating, Passenger Car Seats, Sofas, Interior Decorations, Upholstery.
Green Furniture Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Synthetic Timber Garden Furniture, Plastic Lumber Furniture, Plastic Garden Accessories, Gazebo' and Playground Equipment

We would like to brief our company. Tre-atthaboon industry Co.,ltd. Is one of the largest plastic
injection manufacturer in thailand. We have expanded our market year by year to where we now have
customers in europe, usa, canada, new zealand and middle east.

With experience over 35 years and capacity of 129 injection machines, ranging from 75 ton to 3,150
ton, we produce wide variety of plastic products. These products are of good quality, are popular with
customers and sell well. Our total production averages 25 million usd year,60% for export and 40% for
domestic market.

The wide range of our products that we work with ensure you of getting the items that you are looking
for. Whether it is food container, household products, tableware, kitchenware, disposable cutlery,
plastic pallets and industrial containers, we can make sure that you get the quality you need at the
best possible price.
Our product can be classified as following:
A ) food container
B ) plastic container for multi-purpose such as:
- plastic container soft drink, drinking set, ice container, etc.
- plastic container for fishery industry
- plastic container for agricultural industry
- plastic container for general purposes
C ) household products: Shelves, basket, drinking set, ice container, etc.
D ) plastic pallets
E ) furniture: Table, chair, garden set
F ) spare parts of furniture, vehicle, etc.
G ) premium goods for sales promotion
H ) waste handling
I ) disposable cutlery set: Spoon, fork, knife.
Products: Plastic Furniture, Household Plastic, Disposable Cutlery, Pallet Plastic


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