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Thailand a wonderful place to find exotic tropical fruits and fruit products of all types such as: Thailand Fruits, Pineapple, Lychee, Longan, Toddy Palm, Banana Chips, Frozen Kiwi Fruit, Tropical Fruits, Fruit Candy, Durian Chips, Fresh Coconut, Coconut Juice, Coconut Oil, Fruit Soda Drinks, Dried Fruits, Fruit Trees, Fruit Juices 

It is therefore maybe surprising that Thai people love fruit like apples and strawberries and grapes, more normally associated with cooler climates. In the past these fruits were considered exotic fruits in Thailand and fetched high prices in the exclusive stores that imported them.

Now these fruits can be found everywhere in stores, supermarkets, in the everyday Thai markets and even sold by street vendors. They still sell at premium prices as only the best fruit are on display (Thais are very choosy when it comes to quality fruit) The only real problem is the bland taste. They just don't taste like the real fruit back home.

I am not sure why - maybe the different soil and growing conditions here in Thailand. However it is the same with beer - my other staple diet. Beer here is cheap and plentiful but nowt like back in Yorkshire.

Pineapples - Unbelievably that is the reason I am in Thailand. Some people come to Thailand because of the hot climate. Some come because of the rich history and splendor of Thai culture. Some come because of the beautiful beaches and natural forests and some come for the beautiful Thai girls. I came because of pineapples.

I have always been overweight. Sometimes through a change in diet and increase in exercise I have been able to reach a more normal body shape. Back in the eighties after a recent divorce I started on a new 'fad diet' - the pineapple diet. I lost pounds very quickly - not so much in weight but in money. In the UK pineapples were so expensive.

Then one day whilst shopping at Asda a particular can of pineapples caught my eye. On the label of the can was a ripe plump pineapple being held by an exotic oriental lady. "Canned pineapple made in Thailand" the blurb announced. As I went through checkout a poster faced me accross the aisle. "Come to Thailand - The land of Smiles" I figured pineapples had to be cheaper in Thailand and forked out a few hundred pounds for my first trip to Thailand. The result - well I found plenty of cheap pineapples and also found my own beautiful Thai lady. The rest is history.

Here is a snippet of information I came across recently:

Thai papaya farmers tainted by GE
Although GE Papaya has not been commercialized in Thailand, mounting pressure is been applied to Thailand by the US agro-chemical companies and government, which are threatening current genetic engineering bans. Already, due to a Thai Government agency's role in the illegal distribution of GE-contaminated papaya seeds, contamination issues for conventional and organic growers is an ongoing problem.

And here is a report on the state of the food industry in Thailand:

BANGKOK, May 31 2006 Asia Pulse - Thai fruit exports are predicted to grow after the United States opened its market for six kinds of fruits from Thailand. Foreign Trade Department chief Rachane Pojanasunthorn said Thailand can now send mango, mangosteen, lychee, rambutan, longan and pineapple to the US on the condition that the fruits must be irradiated first.

Mr. Rachane said the country should be able to export no fewer than 100 tons of fruits to the US per week. Mr. Rachane said irradiation technology has already been prepared and exports should begin late this year.

Thailand now exports fresh, frozen and dried fruits worth about 10.2 billion baht (US$267 million) annually. Last years export volume was recorded at 624,470 tons.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your fruit requirements please email with your requests.

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Thailand Fruits Lychee Longan
Toddy Palm Banana Chips Frozen Kiwi Fruit
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Fruit Soda Drinks Dried Fruits Fruit Trees
Featured Thailand Fruit Companies
A.B.C. PRODUCTS CO,  LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Canned Fruits Canned Seafood Canned Vegetables, Sardines, Mackerel, Pilchards, Tuna, Shrimps, Baby clams, Crab Meat
ASA Bangkok Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Exporter of Canned Food Products such as Canned Fruit, Coconut Products, Rambutan, Lychee, Longan, Fruit Juices, Pineapple, Seafood, Pet Food, and seafood products like Canned Sardine and Canned Tuna.
A-1 Produce Co.,Ltd   Thailand exporters of: Sweet Tamarind, Sweet And Sour Tamarind, Pickled Galanga, Pickled Sadao, Pickled Rhizome, Pickled Lotus Rootlets, Pickled Chilli , Pickled Mango, Pickled Lotus Stalk, Pickled Ginger, Pickled Garlic, Rice Paper, Bamboo Basket For Sticky Rice Cooking, Dried Bananas
C & A Products Co.,Ltd. Thailand Canned Coconut Milk Coconut Juice, Coconut Cream , Coconut Milk Powder, Canned Coconut Juice with pulp, Pineapple Slices, Pineapple Chunks, Pineapple Tidbit, Pineapple Pieces, Pineapple Dices, Crushed Pineapple, Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Aseptic Pineapple Crushed & Tidbits, Canned Tamarind Drink, Canned Soya Bean Drink, Canned Grass Jelly Drink, Canned Penny Wort Leaves Drink, Canned Mango Drink, Canned Sugar Cane Drink, Canned Mix fruit Drink, Canned Pina Colada Drink, Canned Lychee Drink, Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai White Rice, Glutinous Rice, Japanese Rice, Parboiled Rice, Brown Rice
First Canned Food (Thai) Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Canned Coconut Juice with Pulp, Canned Aloe Pulp With Honey In Syrup, Tamarind Juice, Aloe Vera, Caramel, Maple Syrup, Fructose, Frozen Vegetables, Fruit Juices, Vegetable Juices, Fruit Concentrates, Peanut Butter, Dried Fruits, Canned Fruits, Peas, Beans, and Lentils, Potatoes and Vegetables in Vinegar.
G.C.F. Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand exporter of Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Dried Foods, Dehydrated Foods, Pet Foods, Dried Fruits
K. Chemical Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Seeds Company producing Sweet Corn Seeds, Maize Seeds, Water Convolvulus Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Papaya Seeds, Chili Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds
M & Co (Direct) Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Natural Fruit Tamarind Candies, Tamarind Fruit Candy, Natural Healthy Tamarind Candy Products
O & P Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai exporters of foods and canned foods, canned pineapples, canned Thai seasonal fruits, fruit juices, canned young corn, canned sweet whole kernel corn, bean sprout, and mixed vegetables. For fish, we handle canned tuna, canned sardines and canned tuna pet foods
Thai Canned Foods Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturers & Exporters of Canned Sardines, Canned Mackerel, Canned Tuna & Canned Pineapple
U&V Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Israeli importer of gourmet food products such as Figs, Dried Fruits, Pretzels, Goose Liver, Salad Dressings and supplier to Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets in Bangkok
Featured Company
Princess Foods Co., Ltd.
Princess Foods is a producer of a wide variety of frozen tropical fruits, frozen fried vegetables, frozen grilled vegetables, frozen fritter and frozen tempura. Our main market are both local and overseas like USA. Our quality control system follows BRC concept which set clear measure, assess the operations, thus enable the control of quality and minimize possible risk. The company has product standard certifications from both the GMP and HACCP.
Contact: Ms. Niramol Pholpipattanapong

Siam Esteemed Product Co., Ltd.
Siam Esteemed is the marketing arm of the parent company, First Canned Foods. Our products are canned coconut juice with fruit pulp, canned aloe vera juice (can be with honey, lychee, grape syrup, canned aloe vera fruit (can be with honey, lyechee, grape syrup), canned pineapple juice with pineapple
crush, canned tamarind juice, canned hibiscus juice (nam-kra-jeab), canned nata de coco with pineapple juice, canned natural orange juice, mango juice, lychee juice, mixed fruit guava, etc, fruit flavor drink 170ml., coconut milk and coconut powder. Can size are 320ml, 330ml, 350ml, 520ml, A10 and Tin Plate 18 kgs. We are also producer of canned fruit juices, under Miramar and Berry brand. We are committed to creating new variety items for customers.
Siam Esteemed believes Natural Healthy is the premier for consumerís health, that is why we do not compromise in producing good quality products by not adding any chemical or preservative, and at the same time, products are kept fresh and ready to drink.
Our special technology are invested from Taiwan with highest quality and efficient technology to makes the products better for customer satisfaction. We are certified by ISO9001 (MASCI) & HACCP, Accredited by IAF&PAC MLA Group Member, JAS-ANZ ISO9002 Certificate number QMS 01086/337, HALAL Certificate issued by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, FCE 10861, SID No. 2004-04- 8/29. The company exports to customers in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and the Middle East. The company is ISO 9001 HALAL, and GMP certified.
Contact: Ms. Wilai Phanastit

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Following you will find lists of fruit products and companies involved in the fruit business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a fruit company or simply supply a database of these fruit companies then please email

100% Coconut Juice
Apple Juice
Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate
Banana Chips
Bottle Coconut Juice
Bottled Fruit
Can Juices
Canned Coconut Juice with pulp
canned coconut milk
Canned Fruit In Syrup
Canned Fruit Juices
Canned Fruits
Canned Grass Jelly Drink
Canned lychee
Canned Lychee Drink
Canned Lychee In Syrup
Canned Mango Drink
Canned Mixfruit Drink
Canned Penny Wort Leaves Drink
Canned Pina Colada Drink
canned pineapple
Canned Roasted Coconut Juice
Canned Soya Bean Drink
Canned Sugar Cane Drink
Canned Tamarind Drink
Canned tropical fruit in syrup
Carrageenan Jelly
Carrot with Mixed fruit Juice
Cashew Nuts
Chrysanthemum Drink
Coconut Cream Block
Coconut Juice
Coconut Milk Powder
Concentrated Flavoured Drink
Concetrated Drink
Crunchy durian
Dehydrate Fruit
Dehydrated Apple
Dehydrated Banana
Dehydrated Cantaloupe
Dehydrated durian
Dehydrated Fruits
Dehydrated Jackfruit
Dehydrated Kiwi
Dehydrated Papaya
Dehydrated Pear
Dehydrated Pineapple Core
Dehydrated Strawberry
Dehydrated Tropical Fruit
Distilled Lychee Liquor
Dried Banana
Dried durian
Dried guava
Dried Jackfruit
Dried Longan
Dried Longan With Seed
Dried Lychee
Dried mango
Dried Mangosteen
Dried papaya
Dried pineapple
Dried Rambutan
Dried starfruit
Dried Tamarind
Dried tomato
Dried Tropical Fruits
Dry Longan Juice
Dry Mangosteen
Durian chips
Fraganced Coconut
Freeze Dry Fruit
Freezed Dry Mango
Freezed Dry Rambutan
Fresh durian
Fresh fruit
Fresh Longan
Fresh Lychee
Frozen dessert
Frozen durian
Frozen Fruit
Frozen Longan
Frozen Lychee
Frozen Mangosteen Pulp
Fruit Chips
Fruit Cocktail in Syrup
Fruit Drink
Fruit Flavor Drink
Fruit Flavoured Drink
Fruit Ice
Fruit In Syrup
Fruit Jam
Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice Concentrates
Fruit Juice With Nata De Coco
fruit pulp
Fruit Snacks
Fruit Sparkling Wine
Grape Juice
Guava Juice
Instant fruit beverage
instant fruit drink
Instant Fruit Juice Powder
Instant Fruit Powder
Jack Fruits
Jelly Grass Drink
Lime Juice
Longan in Syrup
Longan Juice
Longan Wine
Lychee Juice
Lychee Wine
Mango in Syrup
Mango Juice
Mangosteen Juice
Mangosteen Wine
Natural Cool Drink
Natural papaya slice
Natural pineapple ring
Noni Juice
Orange Juice
Orange with sacs
Papaya chunk
Papaya spear
Passion Fruit Juice
Pickled Mango
Pineapple Chips
Pineapple Chunk In Light Syrup
Pineapple core
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Pieces In Light Syrup
Pineapple Ring
Pineapple Soft Candy
Pineapple tidbit
Pineapple Tidbits In Light Syrup
Pomegranate Juice
Pumpkin chips
Rambutan in Syrup
Rambutan Juice
Rambutan stuffed with Pineapple
Ready-to-Drink Fruit Juice
Sparkling Fruit Wine
Strawberry Juice
Sweet Tamarind
Tamarind Candy
Tamarind Juice
Tamarind Tea juice
Tamrind Chewing Gum
Thai Durian Chip
Thai Fruit Snack
Thai Fruit Wine
Thai Fruits
Toddy Palm in Syrup
Tropical Dehydrated Fruit
Tropical Fruit Cocktai
UHT Coconut Juice
UHT Coconut Milk
UHT Lychee Juice
UHT Mango Juice
UHT Mixfruit Juice
UHT Pina Colada
Vacuum Fried Fruit Chips


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