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Thailand Health Food Companies, Thai Health Food Manufacturers


Thailand health food manufacturers
produce some excellent healthy products for the home market as well as for export. Thailand is a great place to source these natural health food products: Nutritional Supplements, Health Beverages, Aphrodisiacs, Vegetarian Foods, Organically Grown Food, Health food Snacks.

To say that the Thailand Health Food business is 'Healthy' is an understatement. The recent food show in Bangkok that I attended had many new booths devoted solely to health food, food supplements and health food preparations. Even the traditional food products had turned 'Green'

One booth caught my eye - Nutritious Gummy Candy was the theme. I had to check this one out. Sure enough the candy manufacturer was extolling the virtues of their new lines that contained natural fruit juices crammed with every vitamin under the sun. Now I had to sample these products didn't I. And yes they were very tasty however tamarind flavour gummy candy was not my first choice.


Another product was an 'eye opener' rather than an 'eye catcher' Vitcroco - an aphrodisiac nutritional supplement extracted from locally reared crocodiles. Here is the manufacturers blurb - take it at your own risk:

"Enhancing vitality, immunity, sexuality with vitcroco An superb food supplement extacted from embryo crocodiles' spiral bones. Applying nano technology in extraction& production, it is rich in food essencences to help the young to grow up healthily sexuality with Immune system. A perfect food supplement for all concerned. Classified as food having special purpose according to fda approval no.10-1-37123-1-1-000+ Brand name: Vitcroco."  - Interested? then contact Mr Suchart Supanirun at Friendly Energy Co Ltd.

Vitcroco processes: Vitamin b6 and vitamin b12 enhance immunity and Keeping sexual organs in good shape Calcium and magnesium are to the prevent the occurrences of osteoporosis and diabetes Iron is to better blood circulation and increment Protein to better performances of various organs Omega 3 to reduce the risks of Alzheimer's (brain malfunctioning that causes inability to speak clearly and memory loss)

The Thai people are naturally healthy eaters, or used to be. The blossoming of the international fast food restaurants is putting great strains on the Thai diet and the Thai's waistlines. Rice as a staple food with lots of fresh vegetables and little meat has got to be good for the digestion. No wonder Thai restaurants are so popular around the world.

On closer inspection however some serious shortcomings arise. Sugar and monosodium glutamate are added to almost all food preparations and the lack of effective governmental control of food additives gives cause for serious concern. Furthermore recently I have seen more and more Thais who have fallen prey to multi level marketing practices and are consuming more and more nutritional supplements and potions that have a dubious affect on their health. The only noticeable result is that they are spending millions of Baht across the population and thousands of Baht per year as a family unit on health food products that provide the basic vitamins that they would get better, and cheaper, from following a natural Thai diet.

Many of these health food products and nutritional supplements are available for export, subject to receiving country approval of course. If you are sourcing health food products or just plain simple health Thai food Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your health food needs please email with your requests..

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Vitamin Supplements Aphrodisiacs Spirulina GD-1
Thai Tea with Ginseng Bird's Nest Drinks Coffee with Ginseng
  Herbal Roast Peanuts Fruit Tea
Black Sesame Spread Royal Jelly Rice Bran Oil
Veggie Hot Dogs Vegetarian Shrimp Natural Honey
Featured Thailand Health Food Companies
APZ Corporation Limited Thailand Thailand Health Food Manufacturer, Herbs & Tom Yum Spices, Herbs & Holy Basil, Herbs & Seafood, Herbs & Mixed, Vegetables, Beetroot, Coconut & Pandan Leaf, Fragrant Thai Wild Rice, Italian Tomato, Roasted Garlic, Hungarian Paprika, French Pilaf, Tom Kha Spice
A-1 Produce Co.,Ltd   Thailand exporters of: Sweet Tamarind, Sweet And Sour Tamarind, Pickled Galanga, Pickled Sadao, Pickled Rhizome, Pickled Lotus Rootlets, Pickled Chilli , Pickled Mango, Pickled Lotus Stalk, Pickled Ginger, Pickled Garlic, Rice Paper, Bamboo Basket For Sticky Rice Cooking, Dried Bananas
Bangkok Aloe Ltd., Part Thailand Thailand Health Food manufacturer main products are Aloe Vera Crush, Aloe Vera Dice, Aloe Vera Cube in water, Aloe Vera Cube in syrup, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera Dirink with white grape, Aloe Vera Dirink with fruit flavour, Aloe Vera Jelly, Aloe Vera Jam. We export to the international market such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan
C&C INTERFOOD ,LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of Breadsticks, Snack Foods and Health Foods
F-Plus Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Exporter of Spices, Concentrated Noodle Soup, Seasoning Soup Powder, Seasoning Cube, Lime Juice
G. Premjee Co Ltd  Thailand A Major Thai Trading company of products such as Soft Gelatin Capsules, Health Food Supplements, Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Jewellery, Hospital Goods, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Coffee, Beans, Seeds, Canned Fish, Canned Fruits-Pineapple, Minerals, Rubber and Fertilizers.
M & Co (Direct) Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Natural Fruit Tamarind Candies, Tamarind Fruit Candy, Natural Healthy Tamarind Candy Products
RPC International Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Health & Beauty Products such as Natural Scar Gel, Slimming Products, Biotin, Ginkgo Bioba, Lecithin, Garcinia, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Facial Sun Protection and Mild Cleansing Gel
S & Sons Trading Co., Ltd Thailand Thai Health Food Manufacturer of SCOTCH Essence of Chicken, SCOTCH Birdís Nest Beverage with Rock Sugar, with Korean Ginseng
U&V Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Israeli importer of gourmet food products such as Figs, Dried Fruits, Pretzels, Goose Liver, Salad Dressings and supplier to Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets in Bangkok
Featured Company
Srisupphaluck Orchid Co., Ltd.
The company specializes in the manufacture of cashews and cashew related products. Our highlight product is cashew juice which is the attempt of our thorough research in processing cashew fruit into juice. Srisupphaluck is committed to providing the best value to customers and develops new products to suit tastes and preferences in international markets. We are now expanding our market to USA. The company operates under HALAL quality standards.
Contact: Ms. Supphaluck Suhirunyawanich

Thai Organic Agri Co., Ltd.
Thai Organic produces organic certified agricultural products including fresh, dehydrated and preserved organic foods, food ingredients, condiments, herbal extracts, essential oils, and organic tea and coffee. The company meets both Thai and Japanese organic standards and is a certified producer of hygienic products. The company maintains a production capacity of 4,000 tons per year.
Contact: Mr. Sermpong Taptipakorn

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Following you will find lists of health food products and companies involved in the health food business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a health food company or simply supply a database of these health food companies then please email

agricultural health food
agriculture products from thailand
aloe vara product
aloe vera (gel, dice)
aloe vera cube
aloe vera dice
aloe vera digestive
aloe vera drink with white grape flavor
aloe vera gel
aloe vera gel saps
aloe vera jelly beverage
aloe vera jelly lump
aloe vera juice
aloe vera juice baitoey flavour
aloe vera juice in can
aloe vera juices & pulp
aloe vera liquid
aloe vera mixed drink
aloe vera products
aloe vera tea
aloe vera tea with fruit juice
aloe vera topical
aloe vera with honey
aloeswood oil
aloevera food
aloevera juice with honey
animal health products
anti-aging nutritional drink
aroma herbal tea
aroma tonic powder
baby corn
banana chip
banana powder
banana taste thai macaroon
banana tong maun
bangkok health food
bangkok health food company
bangkok health food manufacturer
bee products
beijing grass tea
bio-young amino acid complex
bird nest from thailand
bird's nest beverage
black jelly grass
black sesame
black sesame powder
black tea
black tea dust
blue-green microalqae
brown rice
brown rice cereal
brown sugar
bulk health food
canned congee
canned crocodile meat with chinese herbs
capsule tuna oil
cat health food
ceamy peanut butter with honey
chinese herbs
chinese medicines
chinese soy meat roll
chocolate glazed peanuts
chrysanthemum drink with lingzhi mushroom
concentrated bird's nest
condensed chrysanthemum syrup
corn milk
crispy rice with cocktail peanuts
crocodile soup in chinese herbs
dehydrated fruit
dehydrated fruits
diet food
diet food health product
diet health food
dietary supplement product
dietary supplements
dog health food
energy drink
essence of tuna
feed additives and premixes
feed supplement
fitne plus
food drinks
food for health
food health product wholesale
food health vitamin
forest flower honey
forest honey
frankfurter soy sausage
fresh fruits
fruit sugar
fruit-based thai herbal meatloaf
garlic pickle in raw honey
g-cafe with ginseng
g-cafe with lingzhi mushroom
gingen instant ginger
ginkgo biloba food supplement
ginseng oolong tea
green curry powder
green leaves
green leaves mulberry green tea
green oolong tea
green pea snacks
green tea
green tea beverage
green tea mixed with jasmine flowers
green tea powder
ground nuts
hana mulberry green tea
hana tea
health diet food
health diet food wholesale manufacturer
health food
health food & beverage
health food honey
health food powder manufacturer
health food product
health food snacks
health food supplement
health food supply
health food vitamin
health food wholesale
health food wholesaler
herb cookies
herbal aroma tea
herbal drink
herbal food supplement
herbal juice for health
herbal medicine
herbal nutrition supplements for weight control
herbal roasted anchovy with peanuts
herbal roasted cashew nuts
herbal roasted crispy anchovy with peanuts
herbal roasted peanuts
herbal supplement
herbal supplements
herbal tea
herbal teas
herbal thai meatloaf
homeopathic health food
honey of bua luang brand
honey tea
honey with herbs
hongteh birds net beverage
immitation beefburger
immitation chicken
immitation crab
immitation duck
immitation fish
immitation hamburger
immitation lamb
immitation lobster
immitation pork
immitation prawn
immitation sausage
immitation shrimp
immitation sirloin steak
immitation steak
immitation veal
imperial bird nest
instant cereal beverage cocoa flavour
instant cereal beverage vanilla flavour
instant cereal beverage with black sesame
instant chili paste
instant chrysanthemum tea with honey
instant ginger with honey
instant powdered milk tablet
instant sesame cereal
instant soybean cereal
instant sweetened mulberry green tea
japanese green tea
jasmine green tea
jasmine tea
jelly grass powder
korean ginseng
lina green
longan flower honey
longan honey
lotus seed
lychee flower honey
lychee honey
lyophilized royal jelly
lyo-rogel (royal jelly tablets)
mango puree
mangosteen peel
marbled sleepy gody fish
milk tea
mission milk powder
mulbeery green tea bag
mulberry green tea
mulberry leaf
mung bean
natural fresh royal jelly
natural ginger candy
natural green tea
natural health food
natural health products
natural honey
natural honey from the north of thailand
natural honeycomb
natural wheat germ 100%
naturally manufactured
noni juice
nourishing food
nutritional drinks
nutritional supplements
nutrublend instant cereal drink
oolong tea
oolong twelve scent tea
organic balsamic vinegar
organic black sesame butter
organic black sesame paste
organic cereal
organic extra virgin olive oil
organic health food
organic health food manufacturer
organic honey
organic sesame
organic sesame paste
organic sunflower seed oil
organic white sesame butter
organic white sesame paste
organic-grown cereals
organic-grown pearl barley
organic-grown sesame
pak waan
passion fruit powder
peanut butter
peanut butter unsweetened creamy
peanut butter unsweetened extra crunch
peanut butter with honey
peartlbarley soup with mulberry
pet health food
phad-thai powder
plum honey sauce
protein and food supplements
pure honey
pure honey from chiang mai
pure natural health food
pure natural honey
ranong mulberry green tea
ranong tea
raw organic apple cider vinegar
raw organic forest honey
raw organic honey
red tea
red un-refined rice
rice bran oil
rice congee with seaweed
rice health food
roasted black sesame
roasted coconut chips
royal jelly
royal jelly and propolis
royal jelly capsule
royal propolis (propolis tablets)
royal propolis tablet
royal yelly
scotch birdís nest beverage with korean ginseng
scotch bird's nest beverage
seed kernels
sesame and cereal beverage
sesame salad dressing
sesame soup
sesame with seaweed
shark cool bite enegy drink
she-cow milk tablet (milk tablets)
she-pollen (pollen tablets)
sour-tamarinds powder
soy bacon
soy meatloaf with chilli
soy protein
soya bean ready to eat products
spirulina capsules
spirulina gd-1
spirulina health food
spirulina powder
spirulina products
spirulina tablet bulk
sterilized liquid black coffee
sun flower honey
supplementary foods
tamarind juice
tamarind sauce
tei kuan-im tea
tevee capsule
tevee tea for slim
thai chilli sauce
thai coffee with ginseng
thai coffee with lingzhi mushroom
thai congee
thai fast fruit
thai health food
thai health food company
thai health food manufacturer
thai herbal food products
thai herbal medicine
thai herbs and spices
thai noni jice
thai tea
thailand health food
thailand health food company
thailand health food manufacturer
thea kuan imm tea
tom-yum powder
tonic food drink
tree nuts
tropical dehydrated fruit
tuna oil capsules
unprocessed plant products
vegetarian beefburger
vegetarian chicken
vegetarian codfish
vegetarian crab
vegetarian drumstick
vegetarian duck
vegetarian duck meat
vegetarian fish
vegetarian food
vegetarian hamburger
vegetarian herbal drumstick
vegetarian hot dog
vegetarian lamb
vegetarian lobster
vegetarian pork
vegetarian prawn
vegetarian salt fish
vegetarian sausage
vegetarian shredded pork
vegetarian shrimp
vegetarian sirloin steak
vegetarian spicy fried chicken
vegetarian steak
vegetarian veal
veggie beefburger
veggie chicken
veggie crab
veggie duck
veggie fish
veggie food
veggie hamburger
veggie lamb
veggie lobster
veggie pork
veggie prawn
veggie sausage
veggie shrimp
veggie sirloin steak
veggie steak
veggie veal
vegie fried rice
vinaigrette salad dressing
vitamin e-oil
vitamins and supplements
white sesame
wholesale health food
wholesaler health food
wirun green tea
wirun green tea.
young coconut
young cucumer
young pepper

achiraya natural product co.,Ltd.
advanced spirulina biotechnology co.,Ltd.
afflypharm co,LTD.
amway (thailand) ltd,
aramwech bhasaj co,LTD.
asia nexus co.,LTD.
asia organic co.,LTD.
balavi natural health center,
ban thanyathip,
bangkok companies,
bangkok herb co,LTD.
bangkok organic food products co.,LTD.
bee king (thailand) co,Ltd.
bee products industry co.,LTD
besharoe trading,
bio pure co,LTD.
biotik co,LTD.
bio-young (thailand) limited,
body health,
boonsong herbal products,
boots retail (thailand) ltd.,
bua hema ginseng leaf tea international
c. nature group co,Ltd.
cal intertrade co,Ltd
cambert (thailand) co,Ltd.
chanthong food co.,LTD.
chantong food co,LTD.
ck. five trading co.,LTD.
cls trading co.,LTD.
c-mix universal co.,Ltd.
cosmetic creation co ltd,
d.p.o. (thailand) ltd.,
dragon louis international co,LTD.
earth factory co.,LTD.
eastern herb co,LTD.
east-west health concepts,
f & b organics co.,LTD.
far east home made co.,LTD.
flower food ltd,PART.
friend of nature club,
general farming & products co.,LTD.
giffarine skyline laboratory & health care co.,LTD.
green and klean thai herbs,
green chart natural herbs (thailand) co.,Ltd.
green diamond co,LTD.
green earth biotechnology (thailand) co.,LTD.
green spot (thailand) co,LTD.
green tea ltd.,PART.
health care center chiangmai garden*,
health food & supplements association,
health food creation co.,Ltd.
health foods co.,Ltd.
health herb products co,LTD.
herb for 4 children ltd.,PART.
herbal friend,
herbal queen co,LTD.
herbalife thailand limited,
holistic health,
holmather earth ltd.,Part.
hung tawon,
i.s.o. solution co.,LTD.
intouchtanagorn ltd.,
khao-la-or laboratories ltd.,PART.
khun num tha processing co.,LTD*
kovic kate (thailand) co,LTD.
lever brothers,
lifestyles asia pacific (thailand) co. ltd,
madam marketting co,LTD.
manna and herbs co.,LTD.
medicap ltd.,
millet- herb shop,
mission health food co ltd,
mulberry green co,LTD
mulberry green tea ltd,PART.
n.e. health foods co.,Ltd.
n.p. health products,
nam donmuang health foods co.,Ltd
namsiang group of companies,
natural green product co.,Ltd
natural health foods ltd.,
natural health products,
nawapol industry co.,LTD.
nichea co.,LTD.
nutrition house co.,LTD.
nutritional products (thailand) ltd.,
o.p natural products co.,LTD
orawan laser skin center,
oriental aroma co.,LTD.
ouiheng import co.,Ltd.
p. green herb co.,LTD.
p.n.p. food for health co.,LTD.
panax ginseng marketing co.,Ltd
pega nationherbs co.,Ltd.
pornmakawan intertrade ltd.,PART.
prospack industry co.,LTD.
r.p.c. international co. ltd,
rungsiam herbs co.,LTD.
s.c.boomtrading ltd.,PART.
s.p.i. herb co.,Ltd
s.t.c. property management co.,LTD.
saat products co.,LTD.
sampran food co.,LTD
sarolux (thailand) co.,LTD.
sayan honey farm co ltd,
siam algae co.,LTD.
siam bio best international co.,Ltd.
siam f.b. products co.,LTD.
siamdrug & micromart,
sunrider thailand,
supha bee farm,
suprederm international co.. ltd.,
t.c. union foods co.,LTD.
t.p.a. bee keeping farm,
thai axicon co.,LTD.
thai edible oil co.,LTD.
thai herb today co.,Ltd.
thai herbal development center,
thai herbal products co.,LTD.
thai lanna apiculture co.,Ltd.
thai sakaya ltd.,PART.
thai traditional medicine manufacturers assocition,
thamawech thai traditional clinic,
thanyaporn herb co.,Ltd.
theppakdee bee-keeping farm,
tropical herbal product co.,Ltd
universal herb & marketing co.,LTD.
variety of herbs co.,Ltd.
wanalee co.,LTD.
worasuthi ptv.,Ltd.
xongdur thai organic food co.,LTD
yoda herbs thailand part.,Ltd
yota co.,LTD.

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