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Thailand Industrial Machinery & Equipment Companies, Thai Industrial Machinery & Equipment Companies Manufacturers


Industrial Machinery & Equipment
- Companies List

It is safe to say that Industry in Thailand right now is dependant on imported foreign machinery and equipment. Yes there are many companies who manufacturer this industrial equipment for domestic use and for export but the majority of machines are still imported


I have done business recently with several companies who import equipment from abroad. For example packaging machinery imported from Germany and Italy, coffee machines and specialist electrical and electronic equipment for environmental monitoring.


The new airport is set to open soon (hopefully). There has been a very publicized scandal involving the import of baggage x-ray equipment imported at (so it is said) highly inflated prices. It is not for me to repeat these acquisitions, suffice to show the extent and importance of the importation of industrial machinery and various technical equipment to Thailand's industrial and commercial sector.


There are of course many manufacturers of industrial equipment who are taking care of certain niche markets. One such factory I visited has a fine range of commercial laundry equipment. There products are packed ready for shipping. The labels I noticed were Dubai, Bahrain and various other customers mainly hotels and commercial laundries in Australia and Europe.



If you are looking to form a business partnership with one of these specialist importers and distributors of industrial equipment then please send me an email.


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Following you will find lists of industrial machinery & equipment and companies involved in the equipment supplies business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a list of industrial machinery companies then please email

Machinery & Equipment Companies Machinery & Equipment Products

3114 engineering co,LTD.
a & a control co,LTD.
a & r electric and machinery ltd,PART.
a & s thai works co,LTD.
a.c. equipment ltd.,Part.
a.c.e. equipment,
a.c.s. intertrade co,LTD.
a.i. technology co,LTD.
a.i.m. siam co,LTD.
a.k. pack and machinery co,LTD.
a.l.k. precision work co,LTD.
a.p.p. marketing co.,LTD.
a.p.s. industries co.,LTD.
a.r. equipment ltd,PART.
a.s.b. pte (thailand) co.,LTD
a.s.c. compressors & parts (thailand) co.,Ltd.
a.s.t intertech co.,Ltd.
a.t.e. maskati co,Ltd
aatpr industry co.,Ltd.
abb stal refrigeration ltd.,
abes group pte ltd.,
access industrial technology,
accurate technologies co.,Ltd.
acme co,Ltd.
acmetec (thailand) co.,Ltd.
adam engineering & packing machine co,LTD.
adamas (thailand) co.,LTD.
advance abrasive co.,Ltd.
advance group system (thailand) co.,LTD.
advance quality equipment service co,LTD.
advance thermo technology co,Ltd.
advanced mechanics co,LTD.
advanced thai,Ltd.
aedamrong machinery co,LTD.
aero fluid co,Ltd.
aerosia interpac co,LTD.
a-foss (thailand) ltd.,
agilent technologies (thailand) ltd.,
ah chew electric ltd,PART.
aida stamping technology (thailand) co,LTD.
aim siam co,Ltd.
air control & technology co ltd,
aire royale industries co.,Ltd.
ak-amporn co.,LTD.
akekasit lift & crane co,Ltd.
akkaraprasit engineering co.,Ltd.
alexon co,Ltd.
alfa laval (thailand) ltd.,
alla co,LTD.
allied metals,
allied-tek engineering co,Ltd.
alphani international,
alps tool (thailand) co.,LTD.
alstom t & d ltd.,
altech asia pacific co.,Ltd.
altech equipment co,Ltd.
alton international (thailand) co,Ltd.
amada (thailand) co,LTD.
amarin technology co,LTD.
american machinery & equipment co,LTD.
american piercing systems of asia co.,LTD.
american trading co thailand ltd,
americana export import co.,LTD
amko tech co,LTD.
antifire co,LTD.
anusorn construction materials co.,Ltd.
applied commercial ltd.,
applied machinery co,Ltd.
aqua nishihara corp ltd,
aqua-air technology co,LTD.
arcd gamkc co.,LTD
architectural products co,Ltd.
argo welltech co,LTD.
ariya equipment co.,Ltd.
arrk coporation (thailand) ltd.,
artith machinery co,Ltd.
arun machinery co,Ltd.
asada machinery co,LTD.
asai machine part. co,LTD.
asai thai co,LTD.
asia industry co.,LTD.
asia kendy co ltd,
asia machine ltd,PART.
asia machinery and engineering co.,LTD.
asia meister co,LTD.
asia oxygen & machinery co,LTD.
asia shinwa engineering co,ltd.
asiaco material handling (thailand) co.,LTD.
asian chemicals & engineering co,LTD.
asian iron & steel products,
atco international co,LTD.
atech products co.,LTD
auto cs engineering co,LTD.
auto line pneumatics co,LTD.
autoflexible advanced engineering co.,Ltd.
automation & measurement technology co,Ltd.
averon equipment co,Ltd.
aviatec ltd,
avico co,Ltd.
avitex co,Ltd.
ayutthaya equipment co,LTD.
ayutthaya metal co,LTD.
b & b solimec co,LTD.
b. grimm energy technology ltd.,
b. grimm power engineering co.,Ltd.
b.b.a. machinery co,LTD.
b.c.i. co.,LTD
b.k.j. engineering co,LTD.
b.k.k. machinery co,LTD.
b.p. generator co,LTD.
b.p. power engineering co,LTD.
b.r. machinery ltd,PART.
b.s. press co.,LTD.
b.t. equipment co,LTD.
b.t.t. (thailand) co,LTD.
bakelite shoji (thailand) co,LTD.
baker oil tools division,
baltur burners (thailand) co,LTD.
bangkok assay office co,LTD.
bangkok automatch co,LTD.
bangkok companies,
bangkok crane service co,Ltd.
bangkok forklift center co,LTD.
bangkok industrial boilers co,LTD.
bangkok komatsu co,LTD
bangkok komatsu industries co,LTD.
bangkok premier tools co.,Ltd.
bangkok watertech co.,LTD.
bangna equipment co,Ltd.
bangna steel works ltd,Part.
banpu public co,Ltd.
banyong engineering ltd,PART.
banzai (thailand) co,LTD.
barnsburry equipment (thailand) co,LTD.
beauty life (thailand) co,LTD.
beem (thailand) co,LTD.
beko technologies s.e. asia (thailand) ltd.,
bellagio co.,Ltd
bently nevada (thailand) ltd.,
bernuly supply (1994) co,LTD.
best concrete co.,LTD.
best mac products co,LTD.
best quality products co,Ltd.
beumer maschinenfabrik gmbh + co. kg,
big crane co,LTD.
bio solutions co.,Ltd.
blastech (thailand) co ltd,
blastwell (thailand) co,LTD.
blue star motor co.,Ltd.
boonchai enterprise co,LTD.
boonchant supply co.,Ltd.
boonsooy machinery co,Ltd.
boonwattana power machinery co,Ltd.
boonyium & associates co,LTD.
borneo technical ltd.,
bottcher (thailand) gmbh,
bra asia co,LTD.
brentwood asia ltd.,
brilliant adventure ltd.,
brother auto parts & engineering co,LTD.
brother international co,LTD.
bruno pump industry (thai) co.,LTD.
b-tac industrial automation co.,Ltd.
c. melchers & co. (thailand) ltd,
c. parts industry co,LTD.
c. thai hajime co,LTD.
c.b. food-tech co,LTD.
c.f.l. asia regional office groupe fives-lille,
c.f.t. engineering co.,LTD.
c.h. radiators co,LTD.
c.i. group public company limited,
c.k. machine tool ltd,PART.
c.k.d. sales thai corporation ltd.,
c.m. intersupply ltd.,PART
c.m.p. products co,LTD.
c.n. supply & service ltd.,PART.
c.n. technology co,LTD.
c.n.g. machinery ltd,PART.
c.p.-heil co,LTD.
c.p.t. (thailand) co,Ltd
c.s. group co,LTD.
c.s. motor (1987) co,LTD.
c.s.e. manufactory co.,Ltd.
c.v.p. (thailand) co,LTD.
c.w. equipment co,Ltd.
canadoil asia ltd,
cannew international trading co,LTD.
canton engineering co,LTD.
cataler (thailand) co,LTD.
caterpillar (thailand) ltd.,
central ceramics international ltd,
central metals (thailand) ltd.,
central trading export co.,Ltd.
certified carpet & cleaning co.,Ltd.
chachi co,Ltd.
chaichanakol ltd,PART.
chainant equipment co,Ltd.
chaiyo products and sales co.,LTD
chakawalphan co,LTD.
chakkol bangwah forklift co,LTD.
chaktong sewing machine co.,LTD.
champion machine tools (thailand) co,LTD.
champion tools & supplies co,LTD.
champthai company limited,
chan charoen machinery ltd,PART.
chan sin thavee co,LTD.
chanchai engineering & equipment co,LTD.
charant equipment co,LTD.
charatchai machinery ltd.,PART.
chareonphol engineering co.,LTD.
charn silpa machinery co,LTD.
charnchai engineering & equipment co,LTD.
charncharoen machinery ltd,PART.
charoen muang machinery co,LTD.
charoen pokphand engineering co,LTD.
charoen sawat stretced yarn co.,LTD.
charoenphol engineering co.,LTD.
chatchomchuan co,LTD.
chateau technical corp,LTD.
chavanan corporation ltd.,
chaw lert engineering ltd,PART
cheetah engineering systems co.,Ltd
chen fong machinery (thailand) co.,Ltd.
cheng fu machinery & industry co.,Ltd.
chew kieng seng machinery co,LTD.
chief siam co ltd,
chin fong machinery (thailand) co.,Ltd.
chin lee co.,LTD.
chinda co,LTD.
chiron werke asia pacific pty.,LTD.
chiyoda kohan (thailand) co,Ltd.
chok ponchai machine co.,Ltd.
chokphaiboon machinery co,LTD.
chokponchai machine co.,Ltd
chongthai rungruang ltd,PART.
chronos richardson (thailand) ltd.,
chuchit machinery co,LTD.
city lion steam co,LTD.
city steel co.,LTD.
clean air product co,LTD.
Clean Energy Systems Co.,Ltd
clean room equipment co,LTD.
cobol tech co ltd,
coleeceam engineering,
collection schulte (thailand) co.,Ltd.
color associates co.,LTD.
commuwell enterprise (thailand) co,LTD.
computer support system co,LTD.
control techniques (thailand) co,LTD.
convenience food system (thai) ltd.,
conversi c & co.,Ltd.
cool sorption (thailand) ltd.,
corvet asia (thailand) co,Ltd.
cosa liebermann (thailand) co,LTD.
cosco machinery service co,LTD.
cosmo one co,Ltd.
cosmo truck and equipment company limited,
cranes koochuen factory,
creation center co,Ltd.
creation machinery international co. ltd.,
croline trading co.,Ltd.
d.m.c. machinery co,LTD.
dada create ( thailand ) co.,LTD.
dai master machine co,Ltd.
daido sittipol co,LTD
daifuku (thailand) ltd.,
daihen (thailand) co,LTD.
daiichi jitsugyo (thailand) co ltd,
dai-ichi waste treatment (thailand) co,LTD.
daika (thai) incorporation limited.,
daikoh (thailand) co.,Ltd.
dainippon ink & chemicals (thailand) co,LTD.
dalmec (thailand) co,LTD
damrong equipment co,Ltd.
damrong machine tool co,LTD.
damrong pure sciences ltd.,Part.
danieli & c. officine meccaniche s.p.a,
danrong machinetool co,LTD.
dan-thai equipment company limited,
dao song seang lohaphant co,LTD.
daodoen industry factory ltd.,Part.
darling mattress co,LTD.
dawa machinery co,LTD.
de sta co (asia) co,LTD.
deethavorn international ltd.,PART
delmax machinery co,LTD.
delokthai machinery co,Ltd.
denso tool & die (thailand) co ltd,
dilok and sons co,LTD.
dimaster machine co,LTD.
disa (thailand) co. ltd.,
dominion chemmet co.,LTD.
domnick hunter - rl (thailand) co,LTD.
dove equipment & machinery co,Ltd.
dover elevators asia pacific co,LTD.
dubuit far east co,LTD.
duscol co,LTD.
dynamic machinery co,Ltd.
dynaox (thailand) ltd.,
e. hing printing press co,LTD
e.a.q. marketing co,.LTD.
e.k. paisarn machinery ltd,PART.
e.k. siam machinery ltd.,Part.
e.p. & s co.,Ltd.
e.p.m.c. co.,Ltd.
e.t.s. l. bernard sa,
e.t.s.t. co ltd,
ebro valves (thailand) co,Ltd.
ekdamrong machinery co,LTD.
elco (thailand) ltd.,
elsag bailey (thailand) limited,
emerson electric (thailand) co,LTD.
enco engineering co,Ltd.
encryption solutions ltd.,
endress & hauser (thailand) ltd.,
energy technology co,LTD.
enigma process technologies co.,Ltd.
envious delta system co,LTD.
equipment industry international co,LTD.
esab (thailand) ltd,
esab products (thailand),
esco thai co.,Ltd.
escort trade center,
eton systems asia co.,LTD.
eufintrade thailand co ltd,
eurica technology & supply co,LTD.
euro-asia glass machine works co,LTD
europ continents thailand co,Ltd.
europac co,LTD.
euro-thai engineering co.,Ltd.
ever great machinery (thailand) co.,Ltd.
expert cleaning service ltd.,Part.
f.a.g. (thailand),
f.m.c. (thailand) ltd,
f.s.k. ( thailand ) co.,LTD.
fagor home appliances (thailand) co.,Ltd.
fairness clean protection,
fame tech co,Ltd.
fan intenational co,LTD.
fanuc thai limited,
favelle favco cranes (thailand) co.,Ltd.
fedek machine (thailand) co,LTD.
federal machinery tool ltd.,Part.
fenatex international co.,LTD.
ferrostaal (thailand) co,Ltd.
festo ltd.,
fiber tech international (thailand) co,Ltd
fiedler international gmbh,
fill- a - pack co.,LTD
fil-one co ltd,
finest home co,LTD.
fiotec (thailand) co,Ltd.
firm equipment co,LTD.
first eastern supply co,Ltd.
first fame-hitech co ltd,
flender singapore pte. ltd. representative office,
flowserve-siam co,LTD.
fluid mechanic supply co,LTD.
focus-tech co.,Ltd.
food equipment co,LTD.
forbest co,LTD.
forklift part center co,LTD.
formosa dragon co.,LTD.
frank pack co,LTD
freser makasan international co.,LTD.
f-tec engineering (thailand),
fuhgwo machinery hardware co.,Ltd.
furniline co.,LTD.
fusion code co.,LTD.
futo machinery co,LTD.
g & r finishing equipment co,LTD.
g.e.a. (sea) pte ltd.,
g.e.a. westfalia separator (thailand) limited,
g.f. manufacturing co.,LTD.
g.g. engineering company limited,
g.k.-kyowa (thailand) co,Ltd.
g.m.d. (thailand) co,LTD.
g.p. system (thailand) co,Ltd.
gas controls co,LTD.
gem city engineering co,Ltd.
gen fa electric machinery foundry co.,Ltd.
general crane and hoist co,Ltd.
general electric international operations company,
general supplies ltd. part.,
german engineering & machinery co,Ltd.
german-thai gear co,Ltd.
gerson & sons ltd,
giant construction co.,Ltd.
giant general packaging co,LTD.
gift export co.,LTD.
global en tech co.,LTD.
global tec associates,Inc
gold smith machine & tool ltd.,
golden dragon engineering co,LTD
goshu kohsan co,LTD.
gravure art centre ltd,PART.
great earth international co.,Ltd.
green industry services co,LTD.
groflax (thailand) co.,Ltd.
growell manufacturing co.,LTD.
h. praphan machinery ltd,PART.
hah seng trading ltd,PART.
halo tech co,Ltd.
hamanaka (thailand) co.,LTD.
hamon thermal engineers & contractors sa,
handling way service co.,Ltd.
hansa international co,LTD.
hanwa thailand co.,LTD.
harin panitch co,Ltd.
heatec co. ltd.,
heil asia limited,
henger m.f.r. co.,LTD.
henry butcher & co. (thailand) ltd.,
henry walker wastewater treatment (thailand)
hepta engineering co,LTD.
high tech moulds co.,LTD.
hirakawa guidom (thailand) co,Ltd.
hirose (thailand) co,Ltd.
hitachi asia (thailand) co ltd,
hitachi construction machinery co.,LTD.
hitech cnc machinery co.,
hitech control co,LTD.
hi-tech purity ltd.,
hoei electronics (thailand) co,LTD.
hok tai machinery ltd,PART.
hong yao thai co.,LTD.
hoon and sons engineering co,LTD.
horn well ultrasonic (thailand) co.,LTD.
horng chii machine industry (thailand) co.,Ltd.
houng ming intertex co.,Ltd.
hsing cheng machinery (thailand) co.,LTD.
hydraulic tractor ltd,P.
hydro system (thailand) co,LTD.
hy-matic co.,Ltd.
i. mechanics co,Ltd
i.b.v. (thailand) co,Ltd.
i.c. tools co.,LTD.
i.d.i. engineering co ltd,
i.s.i co.,Ltd.
i.s.m. wire mesh co,Ltd.
i.t.c (1993) co,LTD.
i.t.o. (thailand) co,LTD.
i.x.l. panel systems co,Ltd.
ikari trading (thailand) co ltd,
image precision co,Ltd.
imaje siam co.,Ltd.
imsiam trading co.,LTD.
inabata thai co,LTD.
incamtec co.,LTD.
incon industry consult co,Ltd.
independent power engineering co.,Ltd.
innosep co.,Ltd
inoac tokai (thailand) co.,Ltd
instrument control co,LTD.
integ co,LTD.
intentia thailand,
inter kappa corporation ltd.,
intergrafica print & pack (thailand) co ltd,
international heavy equipment co,LTD.
international lapidaries co,Ltd.
international machinery supply co,Ltd.
international material handling co,.Ltd.
international operations co.,LTD.
interpart and machinery co,LTD.
interparts & machinery co.,LTD.
intertech sales and service co.,LTD.
intertool technologies co,LTD.
ishikawajima-harima heavy industry co,LTD.
isotron (thailand) ltd.,
italthai industrial co,LTD.
itsariya machine co,LTD.
iwaki (thailand) co ltd,
iwashita instruments (thailand) co.,LTD
iyares equipment co,LTD.
j. tech international co.,LTD
j. thavorn machinery co,LTD.
j.b. brothers co,LTD.
j.b. materials handling group co.,LTD.
j.c. machinery and civil work co,Ltd.
j.c.s. technic line co ltd,
j.f.k. machinery co,LTD.
j.o. lohakit ltd,PART.
j.s.s.r. machinery co,TLD.
j.s.v. technical co,Ltd.
j.s.w. plastics machinery (thailand) co.,LTD
jakpetch machinery esarn co.,LTD.
jeng jih machinery co,LTD.
jindacharoen trading co,LTD.
jirattanachai ltd.,Part.
jit-ar-pa co.,Ltd.
jomthai asahi co,LTD.
jomthai machinery co,Ltd.
jong charoen forklift co,LTD.
jumroon machinery co,LTD.
k & p f.a. center co,LTD.
k & z corporation co.,LTD.
k. machine co,LTD.
k. supply ltd.,Part.
k. thai consultant and machinery,
k.c.i engineering co,Ltd.
k.h.t. central supply co,LTD.
k.l.s. supply & service co,LTD.
k.m. 18 engineering co,LTD.
k.m. boiler industrial co.,LTD.
k.m.c.c. co,LTD.
k.n.t. machinery co.,Ltd.
k.p.p. technology co.,Ltd.
k.p.t. corporation (thailand),
k.p.t. machinery (1993) co,LTD.
k.s. mould parts co,LTD.
k.s.b. pumps co,Ltd.
k.s.p. equipment co,LTD.
k.s.t. central supply co.,Ltd.
k.v.n. import export (1991) co,LTD.
k+z corporation ltd.,
kamol engineering co.,LTD
kamp engineering group co.,LTD.
kanagata (thailand) co.,LTD.
kang song lee engineering factory ltd.,PART
kang yong electric public co,LTD.
kang yong watana co,Ltd.
kanit engineering corp,Ltd.
kanto hara co.,LTD.
kao hong industrial co.,Ltd.
kao shong industrial co,Ltd.
karat machinery co,Ltd.
kaset pattana industry,
kawasaki heavy industries,LTD.
kawasho corporation bangkok,
kawata (thailand) co.,LTD
kayama engineering co,LTD.
kentford machinery co,Ltd.
kian gwan commercial co,Ltd.
kianguan filter ltd.,PART.
kij watana associated co.,LTD.
kijcharoen maerang co.,LTD
kijja consulting engineer ltd.,PART.
kim heng huao karnchang,
kimball electronics (thailand) ltd.,
kinetic engineering co.,LTD.
king kelly international trading co.,Ltd.
king-win international trade co.,Ltd.
kinsho-mataichi (thailand) ltd.,
kishimoto sangyo (thailand) ltd.,
kit chareon machine tool co.,LTD.
kit co ltd,
kitipong manufacturing co.,LTD
kleencare hygiene (thailand) co.,LTD.
klongmai engineering co.,LTD.
kodak (thailand) limited.,
koki products co,LTD.
kone cranes services co,Ltd.
kongsak x- ray medical industry co.,LTD.
krasstec co,LTD.
kritchai machinery co,LTD.
krones (thailand) co,LTD.
krung thai equipment co ltd,
krungthai equipment co,Ltd.
kubota corporation,
kulthorn engineering lp,
kun sun machinery co.,Ltd.
kuramo (thailand) co,Ltd.
kurita-gk chemical co,Ltd
kwang long machinery co,LTD.
kyocera asia pacific pte. ltd.,
l.c.t. chemical & machinery co,LTD.
l.g. mitr electronics co,Ltd.
l.g.v. engineering co.,LTD.
l.k. boiler industry co,LTD.
l.m.s. power drive system co.,LTD.
l.p. lerdphan co,LTD.
l.s.k. machinery ltd,P.
l.v. technology public co.,Ltd.
labtech engineering co.,LTD.
laemthong syndicate co.,LTD.
laoha cannery co ltd,
laouvisavakit and supply co.,LTD.
laundry tech & consultant co,LTD.
lavita coffee company co.,Ltd.
lee cheng machinery co,LTD.
lee machinery (thailand) co,LTD.
lee sae import (1975) ltd.,
liebherr (thailand) co ltd,
lin industry co,LTD.
linn asia co.,Ltd.
locharoen equipment ltd,P.
loha karnchang fire extinguisher factory,
loxley union co.,LTD.
lucky flame co.,Ltd.
luthi machinery co.,LTD.
m & d advance technology co,LTD.
m & p (engineering) limited,
m.d. chareonphol electric hoist co,LTD.
m.d. synergy co,LTD.
m.e.c. crane coporaton limited,
m.h. technology co,LTD.
m.h.e.-dematic (t) ltd.,
m.h.i.-pornchai machinery co,LTD.
m.h.s. co,LTD.
m.k.s. machinery co,LTD.
m.m.c. carbide (thailand) co ltd,
m.m.c. tools (thailand) co.,LTD.
m.s.t. spring (thailand) corp. ltd,
m.t.k. siam co.,Ltd.
m.t.s. crane co,LTD.
m.t.t.s. corporation co,LTD.
m.t.u. asia (thailand) ltd.,
maccall system co,LTD.
machconfill international co,LTD.
Machine & Automotive Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
Machine Design Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Machine Tech Co.,Ltd.
Machine Tools Ltd. Part
Machine-Agricultural Co.,Ltd.
Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Machinery Emporium (1995) Co.,Ltd.
Machinery Products Co.,Ltd.
Machinery World Trade Co.,Ltd.
magna international co,LTD.
mahachak technology co.,LTD.
mahamek engineering ltd. part.,
mahaphant entech co.,Ltd. (MEC)
main industry co,LTD.
maki-sutee engineering (thailand),
man takraf foerdertechnik gmbh representative office,
manas automation co.,LTD.
manlco (thailand) co.,Ltd.
manufacturing machinery and equipment for the food,
March Automation Co.,Ltd.
march cool industry co,Ltd.
marske machine (thailand) co ltd,
marubeni texmatex co ltd,
maruyasu ae systems engineering (thai) co.,LTD
masiri equipment co,LTD.
Material Automation & Robotics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Materials Handling Specialist Co.,Ltd.
Materials Management & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Materials Packaging Co.,Ltd.
matsui (asia) co,LTD.
max value technology co,Ltd.
mazuma (thailand) co.,LTD.
mcquay (thailand) co,LTD.
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical & Food Process Engineer Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical Engineering Work Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical Solution Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical Spare Parts Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical-Electrical Engineering Co.,Ltd.
medica ltd,
meiki (thailand) co,Ltd.
melchers eastern seaboard,
menam mechanika co.,LTD.
menam stainless wire co,LTD.
metal work pneumatic (thailand) co,LTD.
metro cranes co,LTD.
metro machinery co ltd,
metro tractor co.,Ltd.
metrotech equipment co,LTD.
micap machineries (1986) ltd.,
micron max co.,LTD.
midland corporation co,LTD.
mid-west dental group co.,Ltd.
mikuni (thailand) co.,Ltd.
millennium sewing machine co.,LTD.
min sen & co,Ltd.
min sen machinery co,Ltd.
mini lift co,LTD.
minsen machinery co,LTD.

misumi (thailand) co. ltd.,
mitsiam machinery co ltd,
miyano machinary asia co,Ltd.
mochdara co,LTD.
mong seng lohakij ltd.,PART.
morio co.,LTD.
mui huat scale import ltd,PART.
muller martini (thailand) co,LTD.
multiple trade ltd,PART.
Mung Mun Co.,Ltd.
Mung Mun Engineering Co.,Ltd.
munters (thailand) co ltd,
murata (thailand) co ltd,
mutsui (asia) co.,LTD.
n. siri trading ltd.,PART.
n.a.s. enterprise co.,Ltd.
n.b.c. container depot co.,LTD.
n.c. equipment co.,Ltd.
n.e. karnchang co.,LTD
n.p. machinery co.,LTD.
n.p.v. equipment ltd.,PART.
n.r. industry co.,LTD.
n.s. plastic industry co.,Ltd.
nacam engineering co.,LTD.
nafuko co.,LTD.
nagasaki kiki (thailand) co.,Ltd.
naito (thailand) co.,Ltd.
nakornchai forklift parts & service co.,LTD.
nam sae motor ltd.,PART.
nam sang chakkol co.,LTD.
namchareon machinery co.,LTD.
namheng construction equipment co.,LTD.
namthip-a grade chemical and equipment co.,LTD.
nan dee-strapac co.,LTD.
narong machinery ltd.,PART.
nastec (thailand) co.,Ltd.
nationwide co.,LTD.
nava refrigerator and stainless ltd.,PART.
navasin machinery co.,LTD.
nawanatee co.,LTD.
nawaphat machinery co.,Ltd.
nawathai chewenk machine co.,LTD.
netzsch (thailand) limited,
neuman & esser south east asia ltd.,
neupeak (thailand) co.,LTD.
new kim heng huat machinery co.,LTD.
new ton food equipment co.,LTD.
newlong (thailand) co.,LTD.
newtech machinery co.,Ltd.
newton food equipment co.,LTD.
ng kim huat co.,LTD.
nguan chai lee,
nichetech (thailand) co.,Ltd.
nichiyu asia (thailand) co.,LTD.
niigata engineering ltd,
nilfisk-advance co.,Ltd.
nippon super precision co. ltd,
nissei plastic (thailand) co ltd,
nitco siam co ltd,
noi track service co.,Ltd.
novatech co.,LTD.
numac machinery (thailand) co.,LTD.
o.e. engineering co.,LTD.
o.e.i. parts co.,LTD.
o.h. group co.,LTD.
o.s.g. manufacturing (thailand) co.,LTD.
o.t.a. seimitsu kanagata (thailand) co.,LTD.
o.t.c. daihen asia co.,LTD.
ofmac (thailand) company ltd,
o-i pacific (machinery and distribution) ltd.,
oiltek & associates co.,LTD.
oiltools (thailand) ltd.,
okamoto (thai) co.,ltd.
okaya & co.,LTD
okuma & howa machinery co.,ltd.
one-in machinery co.,LTD.
onhon enterprise co.,Ltd.
organo (thailand) co.,LTD
oriental siam (1978) co.,LTD.
otec (thailand) co.,LTD.
overseas parts trade co.,LTD.
owen oil tools INC.
p & a technology co.,LTD.
p. inter equipment co.,Ltd.
p. kiatnarongchai engineering ltd.,PART.
p. phoonsin ltd.,PART.
p. prachume co.,LTD.
p.a. technology co.,LTD.
p.a.e. (thailand) co.,LTD.
p.a.s. equipment ltd.,Part.
p.b. pipe (thailand) co.,LTD.
p.c. takashima (thailand) co.,LTD.
p.f. inter tech co.,LTD.
p.j. asset co.,Ltd.
p.k tech-engineering part.,
p.k.n. products co.,LTD.
p.o.p. intertrade co.,ltd
p.p. a.j (1999) co.,Ltd.
p.p.g.t. precision group,
p.s. petrotech co.,LTD.
p.s. service hoist & crane co.,LTD.
p.s.e. machinery co.,LTD.
p.s.f. equipment (thailand) co ltd,
p.s.g.-wesco co.,LTD.
p.t. asia limited partnership,
p.t. components co. ltd,
p.v.k. precision tooling co.,LTD.
p.w.k. engineering & construction co.,LTD
pacific aquatech co.,LTD.
pacific intertech co.,LTD
pacific machine tool co.,LTD.
pacific mercury co.,LTD.
pacific mfg. co.,LTD.
pacific tools co.,LTD
pack technology co.,LTD.
packserv co.,Ltd.
paibul printing co.,LTD.
pairoj sewing machine co.,LTD.
paisal international switchgear co.,LTD.
paisal machinery ltd.,PART.
paisarn international switchgear co.,Ltd.
paisarn machinery ltd.,P.
pam machinery supplies co.,LTD.
pan mechanic engineering co.,Ltd.
pan world pumps (thailand) co.,LTD.
panapolytech co.,Ltd.
panasa co.,LTD.
pansiri co ltd,
pantawit co.,Ltd.
pantila co.,LTD.
panvatana co.,LTD.
paragon machinery co.,LTD.
parchakul machinery co.,LTD.
pascal intertech co.,LTD
patanasin machinery co.,LTD.
patkol (public) co.,LTD.
pattanasin machinery co.,LTD.
pattanayon chonburi co.,Ltd.
pattara machine tool co.,Ltd.
pawin engineering co.,LTD
peo group co.,LTD.
perfect c.p. trading ltd.,Ltd
perfect commercial ltd.,PART.
perfect engineering & consultant co.,Ltd.
pert conveyor co.,LTD.
pharmaceutical & medical supplies ltd. p.,
phenitex (thailand) co.,LTD.
phoenix siam co.,LTD.
pinsuwan co.,LTD.
pioneer lift & crane co.,LTD.
pipe supports asia ltd.,
pisanu engineering co.,Ltd.
Plasmac Co.,Ltd.
Plastar Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Plastech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
plasticpanich co.,LTD.
platimaq technology co.,LTD
plic corp.,Ltd. (Rentaro)
plustech conveyor & engineering co.,LTD.
pneumax co ltd,
poanproome equipment co.,LTD.
poly air technology co.,Ltd.
poly technology co.,Ltd.
polytechnology co.,Ltd.
pongboon corporation,
porite industrial (thailand) co.,LTD
porn visawa tooling co.,LTD.
powauito (thailand) co.,LTD.
pracha machinery ltd.,PART.
prachongkit karnchang co.,Ltd.
pranee phan ltd.,
prasert gas lp,
prasert machinery co.,LTD.
prawit crane service co.,Ltd.
precious time trading co.,Ltd.
precise international corporation ltd.,
precise power product co.,LTD.
precision equipment co.,Ltd.
precision import exports & consultants co.,Ltd.
precision mechanical co.,LTD.
precision technology co.,Ltd.
precision tool product co.,LTD
prima part co.,Ltd.
pro industrial machinery co.,LTD.
progress hi-tech roller co.,LTD.
proindustrial machinery co.,LTD.
prominent fluid controls (thailand) co.,Ltd.
promjai engineering co.,Ltd.
promotion of appropriate technology co.,Ltd.
prontepphiphatpaisan co.,Ltd.
pumithai machinery & equipment co.,LTD.
pureesiam co.,Ltd
q.d.p. (thailand) co ltd,
q.e.s. (thailand) co.,Ltd.
q-fac co.,LTD.
quick pack pacific co.,LTD
r & s international engineering,
r. hank supply co.,LTD.
r.d.d. holdings co. ltd.,
r.n.t. asia limited,
rachadayont machinery ltd.,PART.
rank p.t. o'connor's co.,Ltd.
ratchada machinery ltd.,PART.
Rattanakosin Hydraulic Co.,Ltd
rayong forklifts co.,LTD.
Refrigo Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Refritech Co.,Ltd.
reliance tech-service co.,LTD.
renault transmission machine co.,LTD.
rieckermann (thailand) co ltd,
rieckermann thai engineering co ltd,
rihting industrial (thailand) co.,Ltd.
rintong karn chang,
Robotics Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Robotrics Co.,Ltd.
rock heat engineering (thailand) co.,LTD.
roediger (thailand) co.,Ltd.
rojanapat engineering co. ltd,
rojpaiboon equipment co.,LTD.
rolls-royce international ltd,
rong jiann international co.,LTD.
roong sak intertrade co.,LTD.
rotronic engineering co. ltd,
royal agriculture co ltd,
royal en-tech co.,LTD.
royal machinery co.,LTD.
ruamsaeng development industries ltd.,PART.
ruk rung reung machine tools co.. ltd.,
rung ruang industrial machinery co.,Ltd.
rungthai chemical co.,LTD.
ryokosha (thailand) co.,Ltd.
s. likij machine center co.,Ltd.
s. paisan steam boiler co.,LTD.
s. risco co.,LTD.
s. supachai machinery ltd.,PART.
s.c. bearing & machinery ltd.,PART.
s.c. rubber & machinery ltd.,PART.
s.c.g. (thailand) co.,LTD.
s.d.m. co.,LTD.
S.D.M. Jewelry Machine Co.,Ltd.
S.D.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
s.g. factory (thailand) co.,LTD.
s.i.g. combibloc ltd,
s.j. universal co.,LTD.
s.k. crane & service co.,LTD.
s.k.w. steels product co.,LTD.
s.m.c. corporation ltd.,
s.m.c. thailand ltd.,
s.m.-cyclo (thailand) co.,LTD.
s.m.t. asia co.,Ltd.
s.m.t. machinery co.,Ltd.
s.n. micro precision ltd.,PART.
s.p. development import export co.,LTD.
s.p. scale (thailand) co.,Ltd.
s.s. inter products co ltd,
s.s. machinery co.,Ltd.
s.s. nittoku co.,Ltd.
s.s.v. machinery ltd.,PART.
s.t.p. & i public co.,Ltd.
s.v. machinery ltd.,PART.
s.w.c. brothers co.,LTD
saeng chai equipment ltd.,P.
saeng thai machinery co.,LTD.
saengvith r.o.p.,
sahabangplagod industry co.,LTD.
sahamit machinery public company limited,
sahamitr pressure container public company limited,
sahapan machinery ltd.,PART.
sahaphaisarn watanakij equipment ltd.,P.
sahapie engineering co.,LTD.
sahasin equipment co.,Ltd.
sahasin machinery ltd.,PART.
sailor (thailand) co.,LTD.
sakaya automated co.,LTD.
sakol phan machinery co.,LTD.
sakolphan machinery co.,LTD.
samart machinery co.,LTD.
samruay engineering co.,LTD.
sang chai equipment (1984) ltd.,Part.
sangchai equipment (1984) ltd.,PART
sanho (thailand) co.,LTD.
sanko machinery (thailand) co.,LTD.
sanod co.,ltd.
sarakorn co.,Ltd.
satake (thailand) co.,Ltd.
satit engineering co.,Ltd.
saturnian machine ltd.,PART
save life ro tech (1999) co.,ltd
scales international and service co.,Ltd.
scan thai-crane 1993 (thailand) co.,LTD.
scandinavian woodworking machinery co.,Ltd.
schneider (thailand) limited,
science tech. co.,Ltd.
seco co.,Ltd.
service engineering co.,LTD.
servo Dynamics Thailand co.,LTD.
seven five distributor co.,Ltd.
sevenoaks co.,LTD.
sheng meei machine (thailand) co.,Ltd.
sheng yi industrial co.,Ltd.
shi plastics machinery (thailand) ltd,
shibata giken (thailand) ltd.,PART.
shimohira electric (thailand) co.,LTD.
shinko sangyo (thailand) co ltd,
shin-nippon (thailand) co.,Ltd.
shinwa tech thai co.,LTD
showdow rotapack (1991) co.,LTD.
siam a.p engineering co.,LTD
siam automation mould co.,LTD.
siam boldness co.,Ltd.
siam cast iron works co.,LTD.
siam chan co.,LTD.
siam conveyor co.,LTD.
siam crane co.,LTD.
siam create enterprises,
siam elmatech co.,LTD.
siam equipment & supply co.,LTD.
siam general engineering co.,LTD.
siam hydraulic co.,LTD.
siam industrial corporation co.,LTD.
siam industry and metal works co.,LTD
siam intermagnate co.,Ltd
siam ito engineering co.,LTD.
siam machinery and equipment co.,LTD.
siam machinery Plastic co.,Ltd.
siam nana machinery lp.,
siam part products co.,Ltd.
siam patkol company limited,
siam plastic machinery co.,LTD.
siam pulleys industry co.,LTD.
siam screws (1994) co.,LTD.
siam suriya co. ltd.,
siam thermo king co.,LTD.
siam token co.,Ltd.
siam tone co ltd,
siam water flame co.,Ltd.
siambrator co.,LTD.
siam-hitachi construction machinery co.,LTD.
siaminterfan industry co ltd,
siamnana machinery ltd.,P.
siampraso co.,Ltd.
simon - thai engineering co.,LTD.
simon pacific machinery ltd.,
sinco technology co.,LTD.
sing sanguan & sons co.,LTD.
sinheng sawankaloke co ltd,
siri metal work ltd.,P.
siriboonyakij co.,LTD.
sirivat machinery ltd.,PART.
siriwat machinery ltd.,PART.
siwali transformer co.,LTD.
s-kat industries co.,LTD.
skinji backing & packing machinery (thailand)
skowell (thailand) co.,LTD.
sodick (thailand) co.,LTD.
Sodick Engineering Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
solids handling and process engineering co.,LTD.
solimac co.,LTD.
somboon yont co.,LTD.
somchai industry co.,LTD.
somerville (siam) co.,LTD.
sornchai machinery co.,LTD.
spacco cooling tower industrial co.,LTD.
spar mechatronic co.,LTD.
speck pumpen co.,Ltd.
specseal company limited,
spenco co.,Ltd.
spirax sarco (thailand) ltd,
square cooling tower co.,LTD.
sri saeng thong trading ltd part,
sri siam lathes co.,LTD.
sripipat engieering co.,LTD.
srisuparuek industry co.,Ltd.
srisuwan conveyer belt and rubber co.,LTD.
Sritong Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Sritong Industrial Supply Ltd.,Part.
Standard Cutting Nice Co.,Ltd.
Standard Cutting Knives Ltd.
star seiki (thailand) co.,Ltd.
star-dynamic (thailand) co.,Ltd.
steamaster co.,LTD.
steel works products (1994) co.,LTD.
sterling fluid systems (thailand) ltd.,
stiebel eltron international representative office,
stit co.,LTD.
straits express (thailand) co.,Ltd.
strapack (thailand) corp.,LTD.
sugino machine (thailand) ltd.,
suksawat crane service ltd.,PART.
sun bird manufacturer thai group co.,Ltd.
sun hub enterprise co.,Ltd.
sun tractor co.,LTD.
sunway marketing (thailand) ltd,
supat karnchang co.,Ltd.
suphakornmankong equipment co.,LTD.
suphot international sales co.,LTD.
supreme machinery co.,LTD.
supreme machinery manufacturing co.,LTD.
suprkit products co.,LTD.
sure intertrade co.,LTD.
surebeam (thailand) ltd.,
sutech engineering co.,LTD.
sutee steelworks bangplee co.,LTD.
sutthiphong engineering co.,LTD.
suwatana ventures co.,Ltd.
swan pneumatic corporation ltd.,
swan siam corporation co.,LTD.
swift supply co.,LTD.
synergetech co ltd,
synergy electronics supply co.,Ltd.
synermac co ltd,
syntax general group co.,LTD.
system s&p (thailand) co ltd,
t & t machinery co.,LTD.
t. pairoj sewing MAchines co.,Ltd.
t. thai general (1975) co.,LTD.
t.a.m. machinery co.,Ltd.
T.C.J. Mechanics & Trading Co.,Ltd.
T.C.J. Motor Plc.
t.e.c. equipment ltd.,PART.
t.g.m. marketing co.,LTD.
t.i.g. trading ltd.,
t.k. machinery co.,Ltd.
t.k.s. inter group co.,Ltd.
t.k.s. metal works ltd.,PART.
t.k.s. tools & trading co ltd,
t.m. associated engineering equipment co.,LTD.
t.m.c. industrial co.,LTD.
t.o.a. power equipment co.,LTD.
t.p.g. motors and drives (thailand) co.,Ltd.
t.p.n. trading co.,Ltd.
t.s.k. engineering (thailand) co.,LTD.
t.s.p. metal works co.,LTD.
t.t.s. fluid parts co.,Ltd.
t.u. waste watertech co.,LTD
t.u.c. enterprise co.,LTD.
t.y. union fasteners co.,Ltd.
ta-chou industry co.,LTD.
taira engineering & consultant co.,Ltd.
takao (thailand) co.,Ltd.
tang huat machinery (thailand) co.,LTD.
tanit machinery co.,LTD.
tarndamrong intertrade co.,LTD.
tasins machinery co.,LTD.
tatsuno engineering & service co.,LTD
taweepun industry co.,LTD
team tec worldwide public company limited,
tech mar co.,LTD
tech nc co.,LTD.
techco electric and machinery (thai) co.,LTD.
technic machinery ltd.,PART.
technical precision machining co .,LTD
technicom engineering co.,LTD
tectrade co.,Ltd.
temcharoensuk steel couplings co.,LTD.
temp tech engineering co.,LTD.
tepani company limited,
teral thai co.,LTD
tetra pak manufacturing (thai) ltd,
thai advance enterprise co.,Ltd.
thai advanced enterprise co.,LTD.
thai agency engineering co.,LTD.
thai agricultrural machinery,
thai aichi denki co.,LTD.
thai asahi denki co ltd,
thai asako co ltd,
thai burner industrial supply l.p.,
thai carbide co.,LTD.
thai central mechanics co.,LTD.
thai cheer powder industry co.,LTD.
thai chin-chi co.,LTD.
thai chitkasem machinery co.,LTD.
thai compressor manufacturing co.,LTD.
thai cooling tower co.,LTD.
thai crane international co.,Ltd.
thai denki equipment co.,LTD.
thai diesel development co.,Ltd.
thai engine manufacturing public co.,Ltd.
thai engineering and industrial conveyor system
thai engineering products co ltd,
thai equipment & telecom ltd. part.,
thai german processing co.,Ltd
thai hokuto precision co.,LTD.
thai hydraulic machinery (1987) co.,LTD.
thai hydraulic services co.,LTD.
thai hydraulic tube co.,LTD.
thai international machinery l.p.,
thai isekyu co.,LTD.
thai isowall co.,LTD.
thai jointventure mali corp. co.,Ltd.
thai k boiler,
thai kawanishi ltd.,
thai kin son machinery co.,LTD.
thai kobelco construction machinery ltd.,
thai kolon co.,LTD.
thai kyoto packaging product co.,Ltd.
thai li ta trading co.,Ltd.
thai lian forklift co.,Ltd.
thai lift industries public co.,LTD.
thai maximum electronic co .,LTD
thai maxwell electric co ltd,
thai meira co.,Ltd.
thai metal sheet product co.,LTD.
thai meters co ltd,
thai metro industry (1973) co.,Ltd.
thai nagoya machinery co.,LTD.
thai namba co.,LTD
thai oil tool machinery services co.,LTD. (TOMS)
thai p.s. machinery co.,LTD.
thai parts feeder co.,LTD.
thai pollutech ltd.,PART.
thai rolling machinery co.,LTD.
thai rung union car public co.,Ltd.
thai rung united engineering co.,Ltd.
thai sek son co.,LTD.
thai seng nguan machinery co.,LTD.
thai seng yont agricultural co.,LTD.
thai shin-i-industry co ltd,
thai sol-plus asia co.,LTD
thai tech die and part co.,LTD.
thai tohken thermo co ltd,
thai tungaloy cutting tool co.,Ltd.
thai ultimate espresso co.,Ltd.
thai union aqua products (thailand) co.,LTD.
thai vinyter co.,LTD.
thai wasino electric co.,LTD.
thai wassertechnik co.,LTD.
thai waterline systems co.,LTD.
thai yanagawa co.,LTD.
thai yoshitake co.,LTD.
thailand karnchang ltd.,PART.
thai-max machinery co.,Ltd.
thainox steel limited,
thaipicon international machinery co.,Ltd.
thairung engineering-machinery co.,LTD.
thai-sakai machinery co.,Ltd.
thaisin metal industries co.,LTD.
thaisky engineering group (bangkok) co.,Ltd.
thaitec rental company limited co.,LTD.
thai-u.s. machinery co.,LTD.
thammasorn engineering co.,LTD.
thani machinery co.,LTD.
thantawan industry public co.,LTD.
thanthiya technology co.,LTD.
Thavorn Tractor Engineering Co.,Ltd
Thavorn Tractor Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Thavorn Tractor Parts Engineering Co.,Ltd.
the prime team co. ltd.,
thevaraya co.,Ltd.
thien surat co.,LTD.
thong dee engineering co.,LTD.
thong thipsakul machinery co.,LTD.
thongchai machine ltd.,PART.
thongthai (1956) co ltd,
thongthipsakul machinery co.,LTD.
tien heng co.,Ltd
tien yuen machinery mfg. (thailand) co.,LTD.
timsaeng 2000 co.,LTD.
tip best co ltd,
tirawat air compressors limited,
titan crane co.,LTD
tokai intertec co.,Ltd.
tomco automatic machinery co.,LTD.
tomco machinery co.,LTD.
tong chang weight scale co.,LTD.
tong tai machinery co.,Ltd.
topaz and jade ltd.,Part
toyo tras (thailand) ltd,
toyota tsusho (thailand) c0.,LTD.
tradicon supply and services co.,LTD.
traiwut machinery ltd.,PART.
trane international co.,Ltd.
treesak automation co.,LTD.
triangle co.,Ltd.
tripatara equipment ltd.,PART.
triton air supply co.,LTD.
triumph engineering co.,LTD.
triumph special tools & steel co.,LTD.
trivut machinery ltd.,PART.
truck and crane co.,LTD.
true international co.,LTD.
tsubakimoto kogyo co.,LTD.
tuchenhagen (thailand) limited,
tung hsung machinery (thailand) co.,LTD.
u. muk crane co.,LTD.
u.c.m. oil-tex threading ltd.,
u.i. engineering co.,LTD.
u.k.j. furnaces & heat-treatment co.,LTD.
u.p. waste watertech co.,LTD.
u.t. machinery co.,LTD.
ua withya equipment co.,LTD.
ueno (thailand) co.,LTD
unamac co.,LTD.
uni c tech engineering co.,LTD.
uni royal pack co.,LTD.
uni-drive co.,Ltd
union tsl limited,
uni-tai (thai) international co.,Ltd.
united excel chemical co ltd,
united machinery co.,LTD.
universal equipment tractor co.,LTD.
universe equipment and engineering co ltd,
uniwave co.,LTD.
uraca far east ltd.,
usetco co.,Ltd
v.j.v. international limited partnership,
v.k. heavy equipment co.,Ltd.
v.l. strong man co.,LTD
v.p. hydraulic co.,LTD.
v.p.c. group co.,LTD.
v.s. coal dust industry co ltd,
v.s. elevators and engineering co.,LTD.
v.s.j. equipment co.,Ltd.
v.s.k. machinery co.,Ltd.
v.t.m. inttex ltd.,
valmet technology (thailand) co.,Ltd.
vanachai group public co.,LTD.
vantana co.,LTD.
varin food machinery co.,Ltd.
vertex engineering co.,LTD
vibro k.industry co.,LTD.
vicchi engineering co.,Ltd.
vichien machinery ltd.,PART
vienna far east (1987) co.,LTD.
virapat precision co.,LTD.
vitoon equipment co.,LTD.
voika co.,LTD.
vuteq thai co.,LTD.
w. dhavepatana co ltd,
wacker machinery (thailand) co ltd,
wam (thailand) co.,LTD.
wang daeng express ltd.,PART.
waree pitak co.,Ltd.
warodom international co.,LTD
water group co.,Ltd.
watford control (thailand) co.,Ltd.
wattana industrial co.,LTD.
wattana machinery import rop.,
weinmann & schneider co.,LTD.
well man co.,LTD.
wetco international co.,LTD.
winimax industrial co.,Ltd.
wit machinery co.,Ltd.
wongjin coway (thailand) co.,Ltd.
wood group heavy industrial turbines (thailand)
worakulchai package seal co.,LTD.
worawut machinery ltd.,PART.
world engineering supply limited partnership,
world equipment co.,LTD.
worldtech consumer products co.,LTD.
x & p import-export co.,LTD.
xaloy asia (thailand) ltd.,
xie yong chen industrial co.,Ltd.
y.m.p. (thailand) co.,LTD.
y.s. precision ltd.,PART.
yamatake (thailand) co.,Ltd.
yamazaki-ike (thailand) co.,LTD.
yang shing machinery works (thailand) co.,LTD.
yanmar s.p. co.,LTD.
yong awi sue yia import export co.,Ltd.
yong hong machinery ltd.,PART.
yontrakhum panich r.o.p.,
yu fong international co.,LTD.
yuan ming machinery co.,LTD
yuthanan industry co.,LTD.
zeltex co.,Ltd.
zepper scales (thailand) co.,Ltd.
zicom thai hydraulics co.,LTD.

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