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Thailand Scientific Instruments Companies, Thai Scientific Instruments Manufacturers


Thailand Scientific Instruments Companies
generally come in two guises, manufacturers of scientific  instruments and related scientific equipment and importers of scientific equipment.

Much of the high tech specialized scientific equipment is still imported from abroad. The States, Europe, Japan and Taiwan being the main sources.

Of course some of these American, European, Japanese and Taiwanese companies have manufacturing facilities here in Thailand where these scientific instruments are produced. It is not unusual for a Thai company to import some expensive piece of scientific or testing equipment only to find that it was manufactured just down the road.

If you are looking to track down a particular scientific instrument or piece of technical equipment then Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your scientific instruments needs please email with your requests.

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Featured Thailand Scientific Instruments Companies
Bangkok Advance Technology Co., Ltd Thailand Thai supplier of Medical Equipment, Scientific Equipment, Laboratory Glassware, Autopipetts, Autoclaves, Centrifuges, Ductless fume hoods, Gas generator, Freezers Oven, Incubators, Sample preparation, Mini Gel Electrophoresis - Mupid, Ultra Sonic Baths, PCR Water Stills, Shakers, Microplate reader and washer, Water baths, Thermomixers, Laboratory Plastic, Centrifuge Tubes, Micro Centrifuge Tubes with Screw Cap, Culture Tubes, Elisa Plates & Assay Plates, Laboratory Glassware, Erlenmyer Flanks, Beakers, Tubes, Bottles, Magnetie Stirrer, Hotplate Stirrer
J. Summit Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Supplier of Oxygen Therapy Units, Medical Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Cylinders, Flowmeters, Flowmeter Inspires, Humidifiers, Greases Oxygen-safes, E.C.G. Creams, Ultrasound Gels, Cathartic Lab Machines, Medical Gas Equipments, Quick Connect Outlets, Ceiling Outlet and Hoses, Scarvenging Outlets, Medical Vacuum Systems, Outlet Adapter Connectors, Check Valve Adapters, 3-Piece Ball Valves, Manometers, Pipeline Gauges, Air Compressors, Air Compressors, Suction Units, Suction Controllers, Suction Trolley with Jars, Electric Suction Units, Anesthesia, Anesthesia Machines, Haloscale Respirometers, Mask for Animals, Patient Blankets
L.M.S. Instruments Co., Ltd. Thailand A Thai Distributor of: Scientific Instruments, Nanotechnology, Material Testing Instruments, Polymer Testing, Surface Science, Analytical Instruments, Particle Sizer, Universal Material Testing Machine, Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machine, Hardness Tester, Endurance Tester, and Rheology Testing Equipment
M. Control Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Supplier of Optical Instruments Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Microscopes, Scientific Microscopes
N & DD International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand French Company in Thailand supplying Oceanography Equipment, Cartography Equipment, Meteorology Equipment, Oceanography Instruments, Cartography Instruments, Meteorology Instruments

Cell Bio Science Co Ltd
We are newly established company and have an experienced manpower whose specialist in the laboratory, education, aquaculture and water analysis instruments. Presently, we are representing or promoting these brands in Thailand.
In this Millennium, the technologies and information we have developed so far are finding their ways into various field of application as new demand arises out of the current needs of the age. While our core businesses are still firmly rooted in laboratory, scientific and environmental testing. Cell Bio Science Co Ltd. Is extending its arms to cover a broader fields of operations in order to meet the ever-diversifying needs of the customers. Kindly send us full catalogues/leaflets, price-list, discount, terms of payment, expected delivery date and other relevant information sales forecast, product's warranty, product and technical training).
Products: Laboratory Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Water Analysis Instruments and Educational Instruments, Pumps & Vacuum Equipment, Aquaculture Equipment & Supplies

Industrial X Supply Co., Ltd
Industrial x supply Co., Ltd was established in 2005 for instruments and automation part. We're importer and exporter about our production to supply in market. Our office located in Bangkok Thailand.
Products: Signal conditioner, digital indicator, sensor

Kinetics Corporation
Kinetics corporation ltd. Was founded in may 1986 by Mr. Somchai Uapipatanakul- the company's current managing director - with a vision of notional development founded on modern technology, in to with the times. Four principal business avenues were identified, namely:
1. Environmental pollution monitoring and analysis
2. Engineering and technology educational products
3. Industrial measurement and calibration instruments products
4. Research development and a manufacturing
The company prospered steadily over the years, and currently has a workforce of 60 staff, comprising of engineers, scientists, accountants and other valuable human resource functions.
Products: Heat transfer, thermodynamic, reaction

LECO Instruments (Thailand) Ltd.
Our product cover these Metallographic Sample/ Coal and Petrochemical Analyzer / C,H,N,S & O Analyzers / Optical Emission Spectrometer / GC and LC Mass Spectrometer / Mercury Analyzer
Products: Protein Analyzer, Oxygen Analyzer, Carbon Analyzer

Maa Geotechnics Co., Ltd.
We are instrumentation company, we supply and install special equipment. We are looking for suppliers in China with high quality products. We also manufacture special type of equipment for laboratory testing
Products: Steel Pipes, laboratory testing Apparatus, Medical Testing Apparatus

Nanomachinery Co.,Ltd.
Nanomachinery Co. Ltd. Was started in early 2005. The company vision is to be the instrument solution for general users. The website of nano-machinery was set in order to be convenient for the customer can do the shopping online and can get all product data before purchasing. The products consist of a lot of instrument and equipment such as temperature sensor, weigh scale, humidity meter, thermometer, anemometer, infrared thermometer, RPM meter, data logger, vernier, digital thickness gauge, ultrasonic thickness gauge, sound meter, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, body fat monitor, light meter, lux meter, toothbrush, nebulizer, pedometer, nerve stimulate, multimeter, insulation tester, laser distance meter, clamp meter, gas leak detector, air flow meter, metal detector, hardness meter, manometer, coating thickness gauge, automotive multimeter, etc. We arrange the delivery method by EMS and UPS for supporting the customer around the world. Also our web was certified by SSL security that can be accepted to general buyers.
Products: Instrument and equipment, maintenance instrument, process instrument, measurement instrument, safety instrument, health instrument, labeling equipment.

We are a commerce website. We sale many types of product in Thailand and world wide such as Science Instrument, Test Equipment and more. Moreover, we develop our product in brand "Chemistronics". The main product is magnetic stirrer with real time display speed (RPM)
Products: Science Instrument, Electronics Equipment

Qualify Group
Qaulify Group is Thai Trading and manufacturing company, in the medical, diagnostic, scientific instruments and supplies products. We established more than 10 years with proven record of success in this field. We can serve your need in the area of Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Hematology, Plastic supplies and other scientific equipment and diagnostic products with our service team.
Products: Diagnostic products, Medical supplies, Plastic for laboratory used, Reagent and instrument, Chemical Machinery, Chemical Reagent, Lab Supplies, Medical Equipment

Worldwide Trade Thai Co.,Ltd.
Briefly, we wish to introduce ourselves as worldwide trade Thai co ltd. Based in Bangkok, Thailand established in 1999 with present workforce of 19 personnel and presently marketing the following brands on "exclusive basis" in Thailand.
Daihan scientific - autoclaves, digital hotplate stirrers, overhead stirrers
Daiminski - grain moisture meters
Eutech instruments - ph, conductivity, tds meters
Digilab - 3 in 1 meters (salinity/specify gravity/temp)
Its - test strips
Lms - pipettes, hotplate stirrers
Misco - refractometers
Standard - infrared thermometers, environment meters
Tenmars - lux & sound level meters
Motic - microscopes
All the products that we represent are ce compliance along with iso9001:2000 standards. Most of the brands or products that we represents are being distributed through our dealers' network in Thailand covering most of the applications in education, textile, food, chemical, water treatment, r & d, pharmaceutical, life science, environment, laboratory, scientific and others. As their major player, we are providing them the service in terms of credit facility, control pricing, after sales service, stock availability, conduct dealer's training, advertisement and exhibition. We believe in a business partnership with our valued customer networks. While its core business is still firmly rooted in laboratory, scientific and environmental testing - worldwide trade Thai co ltd. Is extending its arms to cover broader fields of applications in order to meet the ever-diversifying needs of this millennium.
Products: Laboratory, water analysis, Lab Supplies, Measurement & Meter, Medical Equipment

Following you will find lists of scientific instruments products and companies involved in the scientific  instruments business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a scientific  instruments company or simply supply a database of these scientific  instruments companies then please email

Air Content Tester
Air Testing Instruments
Alcohol Analyzer
Alignment Scope
Alignment Telescopes
Amino Acid Analyzer
Analytical Instrumentation
Analytical Instruments
Analytical Measuring Instruments
Astm Thermometer
Atmospheric Sounding Systems
Atomic Absorption
Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
Automated Measuring Instruments
Automated Systems
Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester
Automatic Burst Tester
Automatic Distillation Analyzer
Automatic Ductility Tester
Automatic Tensiometer
Automatic Texture Analyzer
Battery Operated Portable Borescopes
Bench Scales
Beverage Testing Instruments
Bio Imagin
Biomedical Instruments
Biomedical Microscopes
Blood Analysis Equipment
Board Scoring Tester
Box Compression Tester
Breath Analyzers
Brix Analyzer
Calibrating Devices
Calibration Instruments
Capillary Viscometer
Catalyst Characterization Systems
Centripeel Centrifuge
Chemical Scientific Lab Equipment
Chromatographic Products
Clinica Microscopes
Cold Flow Properties Analyzer
Concrete Compression Testing Equipment
Confocal Microscopes
Contact Tachometer
Corrosion Hydrogen Detectors
Cosmetic Testing Instrumentation
Cosmetic Testing Instruments
Counting Scales
Crack Detector For Metal Ingots
Cryogenic Level Instrumentation
Custom Precision Mechanical Instruments
Data Logger
Data Systems
Density Floats
Dew Point Hygrometers
Diagnostic Instruments
Digital Humidity Meter
Digital Light Meter
Digital Meters
Digital Microscopes
Digital Moisture Meter
Digital Moisture Tester
Digital Readout Systems
Digital Relative Humidity Tester
Digital Sound Level Meter
Digital Tear Tester
Digital Thermometer With Built-In Printer
Dissolution Testing
Distributor Of Scientific Lab Equipment
Edge Crack Detector
Educational Microscopes
Electro-Analytical Instruments
Electrochemistry Meters
Electrodynamic Vibration Testing Equipment
Electromechanical Instruments
Electron Microscopy
Electronic Level Gauging Systems
Electronic Measurement
Electronic Scientific Instruments
Ellipsometers For Thin Film Thickness Measurement
Engineering & Surveying Instrument
Environmental Equipment
Environmental Recording Instruments
Environmental Supplies
Environmental Testing Instrumentation
Environmental Testing Instruments
Fat Content Analyzer
Fiber Optic Systems
Fiber Quality Analyzer
Flash Point Tester
Flexible Borescopes
Flexible Fiber Optic Borescopes
Floor Scales
Fluorescence Detectors
Fluorescence Spectrophotometers
Flux Density Controllers
Foaming Tester
Food Testing Instrumentation
Food Testing Instruments
Force Gages
Force Measurement Equipment
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers
Fuel Gas Calorimeters
Gas Analyzers
Gas Chromatography
Geiger Counter
General Laboratory Instrumentation
General Laboratory Instruments
Geological Instruments
Geophysical Instrumentation
Gloss Meter
Gum Content Tester
Hand-Held Data Loggers
Hardness Tester
Haze Meter
High Precision Devices
Horizontal Tensile Analyzer
Hydraulic Materials Testing Controls
Immersion Pyrometer
Impedance Measuring Systems
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers
Industrial Scales
Infrared Moisture Analyzers
Infrared Thermometers
Inspection Microscopes
Inverted Microscopes
Kheops Print Mottle Analyzer
Laboratory Pasteuriser
Laboratory Weighing Balances
Laser Alignment Tools
Laser Formation Sensor
Laser Level
Laser Pointers
Lie Detectors.
Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
Liquid Chromatography
Liquid Temperature Control Equipment
Lpg Density Meter
Magnetic Measuring Instrumentation
Manufacturer Of Optical Instruments
Manufacturer Of Scientific Instruments
Mass Spectrometry
Maual Viscometer
Medical Analyzation Equipment
Meteorological Instruments
Microbiological Testing Equipment
Micromechanical Testing Equipment
Microscopy Systems
Moisture Meter
Moisture Titrators
Moment Of Inertia Measuring Instrument
Nir Moisture Analyzer
Non-Contact Tachometer
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Nuclear Radiation Measuring Instruments
Oceanographic Instruments
Ophthalmic Diagnostic Instrument
Optical Emission Spectrometers
Optical Instruments
Optical Microscopes
Optical Pyrometers
Optical Rotation Measurement,
Optical Spectroscopy
Orp Instrumentation
Oven Logger
Oxygen Analyzers
Paint Cure Analysis
Paints & Coatings Testing Instrumentation
Paints & Coatings Testing Instruments
Paper And Packaging Instruments
Particle Counter
Pc Compatible Serially Interfaced Data Logger
Petroleum Molecular Weight
Pharmaceutical Scientific Lab Equipment
Pharmaceutical Testing Instrumentation
Pharmaceutical Testing Instruments
Physical Testing
Piezo Resistance
Plastic Testing Instrument
Polariscopes For Stress Analysis
Pollution Control & Testing Equipment
Portable Air Velocity Meters
Portable Color Spectrophotometer
Portable Colorimeter
Portable Densitometer
Portable Gas Detection Instruments
Portable Meters
Portable Refractometers
Precision Balances
Precision Instrumentation Systems
Pressure Homogeniser
Pressure Instruments
Pressure Transducers
Process & Control Instruments
Process Instrumentation
Process Refractometers
Protein Analysis
Protein Content Analyzer
Proximity Sensors
Radiation Measurement & Detection Equipment
Radioactivity Measuring Equipment
Raman Spectroscopy Products
Recording Instruments
Remote Reporting Instruments
Research Microscopes
Retention Tester
Rigid Borescopes
Rotary Viscometer
Saccharimeters For Sugar Analysis
Sample Preparation Instruments
Scanning Electron Microscopes
Schopper Riegler Freeness Tester
Scientific Apparatus
Scientific Digital Camera Systems
Scientific Equipment
Scientific Lab Equipment
Scientific Measurement Applications
Semi - Automatic Viscometer
Semi-Automatic Penetrometer
Semi-Rigid Borescopes
Shock Recorders
Soldering Process Controls
Specific Gravity Hydrometer
Spectroscopy Products
Stereo Microscopes
Superconducting Magnet Systems
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
Supercritical Fluid Extraction
Surface Measuring Instruments
Temperature Control Instruments
Temperature Instruments
Temperature Logger
Temperature Meter
Temperature Profilers
Test Equipment
Test Stands
Testing Instrumentation Petroleum Testing Instrumentation
Testing Instrumentspetroleum Testing Instruments
Testing Stations
Thermal Analysis Instruments.
Thin Layer Chromatography
Trough Process Logger
Ultraviolet-Visible-Infrared Radiometers
Uv Radiometers
Vibration Measurement
Video & Computerized Imaging Systems
Video Inspection Systems
Viscosity Analyzers
Vision Enhansing Instruments
Vision Instruments
Visualization Chambers
Weather Instruments
Weather Station
Whiteness Meter
Wind Speed & Direction Instruments
Wine & Beer Analyzer


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