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Thailand Gold Jewelry Companies, Thai Gold Jewelry Manufacturers

. Gold the precious of all metals. Thais love gold and gold jewelry. Thai gold is pure 24k gold and is used not just for adornment but as a bank. They buy gold jewelry whenever they get chance and stash it away hoping, and it usually does, the price goes up. If they are short of cash they trundle off to the gold shop and put it in hock until payday.

In Thailand Thai Baht gold chains, Baht gold necklaces and Baht gold jewelry has been produced for hundreds of years by Thailand's skilled Thai Baht gold craftsmen, who have an excellent reputation for creating beautiful designs

In Thailand there were few banks in the countryside and provinces in the early days and Thai Baht gold jewelry was commonly used as an alternative currency that could be easily kept, used in trade and commerce and easily converted back into any currency at anytime. Thailand gold jewelry "Baht Gold" has always been a convenient / smart way to invest in a gold object of beauty that can wear and display.

The most popular items Thailand Gold Jewelry Thailand produces and sells in Thailand are Thai Baht Gold Chains & Thai Baht Gold Necklaces in weight sizes ranging from 1 Baht to 20 Baht. The second most popular Thailand gold jewelry product is Thailand Gold Bracelets in Baht weight sizes of 1 Baht to 10 Baht in weight size, followed by Thai Baht Gold Rings, Thai Baht Gold Pendants, Thailand Baht Gold Crucifix or Thailand Baht Gold Crosses. Thailand Gold Jewelry Thailand can also make specialty gold jewelry items that are custom made to order by our own skilled gold craftsmen in Thailand.

Bangkok is the jewelry capital of South East Asia. Millions of dollars of gold and gold jewelry are traded and exported every day.

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Featured Thai Gold Jewelry Manufacturers
C.N.Thai & Sons Thailand Thai Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Gemstones, precious stones, corundum, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, ruby, white gold jewelry, 18k and 22k and two tone gold jewellery
D.R.A Gad Inc Thailand Thai Manufacturer of fine jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewellery, Gemstones, Rings, Ear Rings, Bracelets, Brooches, Pendants, precious, semi-precious stones
R. F. Import Export Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of yellow gold &  white gold jewelry in ordinary and invisible settings with diamond, precious, semi-precious gemstones and cultured pearl as well as a major importer exporter of fine jewellery worldwide

Following you will find lists of gold jewelry products from companies involved in the gold jewelry business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a gold jewelry company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

14k diamond band
14k gold ball earrings
14k gold child pendant
14k gold design bracelet
14k gold diamond heart necklace
14k gold double heart pendant
14k gold snake chain
14k gold weave bracelet
14k solid gold teddy bear pendant, medium
14k two tone gold earrings
14k two tone mens wedding band
14k white gold baguette ring
14k white gold diamond belt bracelet.
14k white gold diamond initial pendant
14k white gold diamond triple heart earrings
14k white gold fresh water pearl drop earrings
14k white gold huggie earrings
14k white gold lariat necklace
14k white gold solitaire
14k yellow gold
14k yellow gold solitaire
14k yellow gold star of david pendant
14kt cushion cut blue topaz & diamond ring
18k gold diamond nose pin
18k gold men's wedding band
18k gold round diamond studs
18k gold watches
18k gold wedding band
18k two tone gold men's wedding band
18k white gold
18k white gold cathedral bridal set
18k white gold chain
18k white gold diamond band
18k white gold diamond bracelet
18k white gold diamond cluster ring
18k white gold diamond nose pin
18k white gold solitaire
18k white gold solitaire bridal set
18k white gold wedding band
18k yellow gold brooch
18k yellow gold solitaire
22k gold bangle
22k gold bracelet with watch
22k gold chain
22k gold fancy bracelet
3 stone filigree wedding ring
5 stone diamond wedding ring
amethyst and diamond pendant
amethyst and diamond ring
amethyst and pearl brooch
amethyst and pearl ring
amethyst engagement ring
amethyst rings
anchor chains
anklet 22k gold
antique & estate wedding rings
antique aquamarine engagement ring
antique bracelets
antique carved wedding ring
antique crosses
antique diamond cocktail ring
antique diamond engagement ring
antique diamond eternity band
antique diamond ring
antique diamond wedding ring
antique earrings
antique engagement rings
antique filigree bar pin
antique filigree engagement ring
antique necklaces
antique pearl and diamond bracelet
antique pearl engagement ring
antique pendants
antique pendants lockets
antique ring
antique ruby and diamond wedding ring
antique style bracelets
antique style crosses
antique style diamond earrings
antique style diamond eternity band
antique style earrings
antique style engagement rings
antique style filigree sapphire ring
antique style necklaces
antique style pendants & lockets
antique style wedding ring
antique style wedding rings
antique wedding ring
aquamarine and diamond dangle earrings
aquamarine and diamond earrings
aquamarine and diamond engagement ring
aquamarine and diamond necklace
aquamarine and diamond wedding ring
aquamarine antique engagement ring
aquamarine earrings
aquamarine engagement ring
aquamarine engagement rings
aquamarine filigree ring
aquamarine rings
aquamarine victorian style earrings
art deco dangle earrings
art deco diamond antique ring
art deco diamond cross
art deco diamond wedding ring
art deco filigree onyx ring
art deco sapphire engagement ring
art deco style cross
art deco wedding ring
art nouveau gold cufflinks
art nouveau style wedding ring
baby anklet
baby bracelet
baby earrings
baby gold chains
baby gold hoops
baby rings
baguette sapphire and diamond earrings
bangle bracelets
black pearl double-strand bracelet
bloodstone filigree ring
blue spinel ring
blue topaz and diamond gold pendant
blue topaz and diamond pendant
blue topaz and diamond white gold pendant
blue topaz engagement ring
blue topaz wedding ring
box chains
braided wedding bands
briolette beads yellow gold necklace
byzantine chains
cabachon sapphire engagement ring
cameo pendant with pearls and diamonds
carved wedding ring
celtic knot cufflinks
celtic love knot gold bracelet
celtic rings
celtic wedding bands
champagne diamond antique style ring
champagne diamond drop earrings
children's gold jewelry
child's bracelet
chinese jade ring
citrine and diamond engagement ring
citrine and diamond ring
citrine antique engagement ring
citrine engagement ring
classic gold bracelet
classic ruby and diamond wedding ring
classic sapphire engagement ring
coral and pearl ring
coral brooch
curb bracelets
curb chains
cz bracelets
cz rings
design bracelets
diamond 14k gold ring
ond 14k two tone gold ring
diamond 14k white gold engagement ring
diamond and gemstone rings
diamond engagement ring
diamond engagement rings
diamond eternity band
diamond eternity band diamond wedding ring
diamond eternity bands
diamond eternity wedding ring
diamond gold tennis bracelet
diamond heart gold pendant
diamond heart pendant
diamond hoop earrings
diamond horse shoe pendant
diamond initial pendants
diamond jewelry
diamond nose pins
diamond pendants
diamond rings
diamond slide heart pendant
diamond solitaire earrings
diamond solitaire rings
diamond stud earrings
diamond tennis bracelets
diamond wedding band with florentine finish
diamond wedding bands
diamond wedding bands in yellow gold
diamond wedding ring
diamond white gold engagement ring.
dinner ring
diopside and diamond white gold pendant
dome ring
double pearl engagement ring
dragonfly pin
ear chains
edwardian aquamarine engagement ring
edwardian diamond bar pin
edwardian diamond brooch
edwardian diamond wedding ring
edwardian engagement ring
edwardian pearl engagement ring
emerald and diamond antique wedding ring
emerald and diamond engagement ring
emerald and diamond ring
emerald and diamond wedding ring
emerald and diamond white gold pendant
emerald rings
enamel pearl and diamond gold ring
engagement ring with old mine cut diamonds
estate bracelets
estate engagement rings
estate wedding ring
eternity ring with diamonds
figaro bracelets
figaro chains
filigree and diamond wedding ring
filigree bar pin with pink tourmaline
filigree cross with rose cut diamonds
filigree diamond wedding ring
filigree engagement ring
filigree engagement rings
filigree moonstone ring
filigree pearl engagement ring
filigree rings
filigree sapphire and diamond wedding ring
filigree wedding rings
floral diamond wedding ring
floral wedding ring
floral wedding ring with diamonds
freshwater cultured pearl gold heart pendant
freshwater cultured pearl necklace
freshwater pearl gold necklace
garnet and pearl ring
garnet and pearls ring
garnet rings
garnet white gold cross pendant
gemstone engagement rings
gemstone ring
gemstone rings
gemstone wedding rings
gent's antique cufflinks
gent's gold link necklace
gent's ring aquamarine and diamond pendant
gold filigree jewelry
gold pearl jewelry
gold & sapphire cufflinks
gold & sapphire mens shirt collar pins
gold and diamond earrings
gold and diamond link bracelet
gold and diamond necklace
gold and ruby eternity band
gold and sterling silver diamond earrings
gold anklet
gold anklets
gold antique art deco diamond ring
gold art deco jewelry
gold art nouveau jewelry
gold bands
gold bangle
gold bangles
gold bezel set diamond bracelet
gold bracelet with watch
gold bracelets
gold bridal jewelry
gold bridal set
gold byzantine necklace
gold celtic bangle
gold chain
gold chains
gold crosses
gold crucifixes
gold cufflinks
gold cufflinks with genuine sapphire
gold diamond bracelet
gold diamond nose pin
gold double-curb men's two-tone bracelet
gold drop pendant
gold earrings
gold edwardian jewelry
gold engraved wedding ring
gold fancy bracelet
gold fancy cable chain necklace
gold flower dangle earrings
gold geometric earrings
gold hoops
gold huggies
gold jewelry
gold jumkie earrings
gold knot cufflinks
gold masonic rings
gold men's watch-band bracelet
gold necklace with beads
gold necklaces
gold opal earrings
gold oval link necklace
gold pearl pendant
gold pendants
gold police ring with simulated sapphire
gold retro jewelry
gold rings
gold solitaire cathedral setting
gold spiral link necklace
gold tikka
gold torque bangle
gold tri color finish chain
gold triple heart pendant
gold victorian jewelry
gold vintage style diamond necklace
gold waist chain 22k
gold waist chain for baby
gold watches
gold weave bracelet
gold wedding jewelry
gold willow bracelet
green amethyst and diamond yellow gold pendant
green jade and diamond 14k gold dangle earrings
heart pendants
hoop earrings
id bracelets
ladie's bracelets
ladies diamond rings
ladies gold bracelets
ladies tri color gold wedding band
ladies wedding band
laser cut bangles
man's tiger eye and diamond ring
man's wedding ring
mariner bracelets
mariner chains
mens 14k comfort fit wedding band
mens bracelets
men's bracelets
mens chains
mens cz rings
men's cz rings
mens diamond rings
men's diamond rings
mens gold chains
men's gold chains
mens gold flat figaro necklace
men's gold jewelry
mens gold jewelry:
mens gold rings
mens rings
men's rings
mens tri color gold wedding band
mobe pearl and diamond ring
mobe pearl antique ring
multi-gemstone 14k gold earrings
multigemstone briolette gold necklace
multi-gemstone briolette white gold drop necklace
narrow carved band
nose pins
nugget bracelets
omega necklaces
onyx bracelets
onyx, pearl, and diamond engagement ring
opal and diamond engagement ring
opal engagement ring
open link chains
open woven wedding ring
pearl and diamond bracelet
pearl and diamond brooch
pearl and diamond dangle earrings
pearl and diamond drop earrings
pearl and diamond engagement ring
pearl and diamond necklace
pearl and diamond platinum dangle earrings
pearl and diamond ring
pearl and diamond wedding ring
pearl bracelet with sapphire clasp
pearl bracelets
pearl choker pearl and enamel bar pin
pearl dangle earrings
pearl earrings
pearl engagement ring
pearl engagement rings
pearl necklace with filigree clasp
pearl rings
peridot and diamond white gold pendant
peridot rings
personalized rings
personalized wedding rings
pink enamel heart charm bracelet
pink sapphire engagement ring
pink sapphire eternity wedding ring
pink sapphire wedding ring
pink tourmaline and diamond 14k white gold pendant
pins & brooches
platinum and diamond wedding set
platinum wedding bands
polished wedding ring
precious stone earrings
princess cut diamond gold earrings
princess cut diamond solitaire earrings
religious jewelry
religious pendants
retro aquamarine engagement ring
retro aquamarine ring
retro citrine engagement ring
retro diamond ring
rope chains
rose and yellow gold wedding ring
rose cut diamond engagement ring
rose cut diamond victorian ring
rose gold diamond pendant
rose gold diamond wedding ring
rose gold wedding bands
rose motif cufflinks
rose sapphire ring
ruby and diamond cluster ring
ruby and diamond dangle earrings
ruby and diamond engagement ring
ruby and diamond ring
ruby and diamond wedding ring
ruby and diamond white gold pendant
ruby diamond white gold pendant
ruby rings
sapphire 14k white gold hoop earrings
sapphire and diamond antique cross
sapphire and diamond antique style wedding ring
sapphire and diamond bracelet
sapphire and diamond engagement ring
sapphire and diamond filigree bracelet
sapphire and diamond filigree pin
sapphire and diamond pendant
sapphire and diamond ring
sapphire and pave diamond engagement ring
sapphire band
sapphire engagement ring
sapphire filigree wedding ring
sapphire platinum engagement ring
sapphire rings
semi precious necklace
small gold earrings
snake ring
solid gold baby shoe pendant
solitaire 14k white gold ring
stone earrings
stone pendants
stone rings
tahitian cultured pearl drop white gold earrings
tahitian cultured pearl white gold necklace
tanzanite and diamond pendant
tanzanite and diamond white gold pendant
tanzanite and diamond white gold ring
tanzanite rings
tanzanite white gold earrings
tanzanite white gold pendant
teddy bear pendant
tennis bracelets
three strand pearl and diamond bracelet
three tone gold heart earrings
tie pins & cufflinks
tiered diamond cluster ring
tiffany style wedding band
toe rings
topaz rings
tourmaline and diamond engagement ring
tourmaline engagement ring
tri color gold wedding band
tri-color wedding bands
two tone diamond engagement ring
two tone gold byzantine necklace
two tone gold comfort fit ladies wedding band
two tone gold diamedding ring
two tone gold twisted snake necklace
two tone heart dangle earrings
two tone wedding bands
two tone wedding ring with diamonds
two toned wedding ring
two-tone wave design gold bracelet
two-tone wedding bands
victorian aquamarine and diamond pendant
victorian scatter pin set
victorian style engagement ring
virgin mary pendant
wedding bands
wedding ring with baguette diamonds
wedding ring with marquise diamonds
wedding ring with scalloped edges
wedding rings
white and blue diamonds gold heart pendant
white gold
white gold tube earrings
white gold and rhodium necklace
white gold bracelet
white gold chain 17.0 inches
white gold diamond heart pendant
white gold drop pendant
white gold geometric heart pendant
white gold rings
white gold sapphire and diamond ring
white gold spiral earrings
white gold swirl tennis bracelet
white gold wedding band rings
white gold wedding bands
womens bracelets
women's diamond rings
women's rings
yellow diamond wedding ring
yellow gold
yellow gold bead rolo necklace
yellow gold dangle earrings
yellow gold emerald and diamond pendant
yellow gold hook earrings
yellow gold interlocking heart pendant
yellow gold necklace
yellow gold wedding bands
yellow sapphire wedding ring
zodiac sign pendants


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