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Thailand is a plastic bag society. Everything has to be put in a bag. I buy a pack of chewing gum a can of beer or a coke from 7/11 I have to stop the cashier from pulling out a plastic bag and a straw. Drinking beer through a straw - only girls do that and not Yorkshire lasses for sure. I get thirsty, I stop at a local shop and buy a bottle of ice cold coke. I have learnt not to turn my back or the coke goes into a plastic bag with ice and yes you guessed a straw.

There is. a. growing phenomenon in Bangkok - The plastic bag housewife,  a slightly derogative term to describe Thai working women who buy food and meals from street vendors to feed their families when they get home. Now whether this is because they have little time to cook as they have been at work all day or they want to put their feet up and watch their favorite soap on TV is not clear.

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Bangkok Companies has experience in the sourcing of many bag and luggage products such as: Plastic Shopping Bags, Food Bags, Zip Lock Bags, Saa Paper Gift Bags, Bags on a Roll, Golf Bags, Motorcycle Saddle Bags, Leather PDA Covers, Boxing Bags, Diving Bags, Rice Bags, Coconut Handbags, Fashion Bags, Mobile Phone Bags, Handicraft Bamboo Bags, Luggage, Suitcases, Leather Pilot Bag, Crocodile Leather Holdall, Crocodile Leather Briefcases, Aluminium Camera Bags

Bangkok Companies is a product sourcing company. If you would like us to source bags of any kind for you then please email with your requests.



Plastic Shopping Bags Food Bags Zip Lock Bags
Saa Paper Gift Bags Bags on a Roll Golf Bags
Motorcycle Saddle Bags Leather PDA Covers Boxing Bags
Diving Bags Rice Bags Coconut Handbag
Fashion Bags Mobile Bags Handicraft Bamboo Bags
Wheeled Luggage Antique Suitcases Leather Pilot Bag
Crocodile Leather Holdall Crocodile Leather Briefcases Aluminium Camera Bag
Featured Thailand Bags Companies
A Part of Nature Ltd.,Part   Thailand Giftware Manufacturer, Thai Handicrafts, Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Ladies Handbags, Necklaces
O.C.I. Leather Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Exotic leathers in Distinctive Leather accessory Designs, Leather Hand Bags, Leather Travel Bags, Leather Jewelry Pouches, Leather Belts, Leather Wallets
ZIP PAC CO., LTD Thailand Thai Manufacturer of PE garbage bags, T-shirt shopping bags, and zip-lock bags, HDPE, LDPE, L-LDPE Printed Bags tamper evident specimen bags or antistatic re-closeable bags

Following you will find a list of bags products from  companies involved in the bags business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a bags company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Bags Manufacturer
Bags On Roll
Beach Bags
Beaded Bags
Beauty Case
Beauty Cases
Bicycle Bag
Biohazard Specimen Bags
Blanket & Quilt Bags
Body Bags
Bottom Sealing Bag
Camera Bags
Carrier Bags
Casual Bags
Cell Phone Leather Case
Chemotherapy Bag
Children Bag
Climbing Bag
Computer Carry Cases
Computer Cases
Cooler Bag
Crochet Bag
Custom Plastic Bag
Designer Bags
Diving Bags
Document Bag
Document Bags
Dust Cover Bags
Eco-Friendly Bags
Extruded Netting Bags
Eyeglass Cases
Fashion Bags
Fashion Handbag
Fishing Bags
Food Packaging Bags
Fruit Mesh Bag
Garbage Bags
Gents Hand Bags
Gift Bags
Golf Bags
Hamburger Bags
Handbags & Purses
Handlebar Bag
Hdpe Bags
Hydration Bag
Industrial Bags
Knackpack Bags
Ladies Bags
Lady Fashion Handbag
Laminated Bags
Laptop Cases
Ldpe Bags
Ldpe Resealable Bags
Leather Bag
Leather Cas
Lldpe Bags
Manufacture Paper Bags
Medical Specimen Transport Bags
Military Bags
Mountaineering Bags
Neoprence Easy Bag
Neoprene Bag
Neoprene Bottle Bag
Neoprene Glasses Bag
Non-Woven Cloth Shopping Bag
Notebook Bags
Notebook Cases
Nylon Bags
Onion Bags
Opp Composite Bags
Opp Resealable Bags
P.E. Bags
P.V.C Bags
Packaging Materials
Paper Bags
Paper Carrier Bag
Pda Accessories
Pda Covers
Pens & Pencils Cases
Phone Bags
Photographic Bags
Plastic Bags For Fruit
Plastic Ldpe Bags
Plastic Packing Materials
Poly Reclosable
Poly-Mesh Bags
Polypropylene Bags
Pp Packing Bags
Pp Woven Bag
Product Bag
Professional Golf Bags
Promotional Bag
Pvc Bags With Hanger
Pvc Hand Bags
Pvc Packing Pouch
Pvc Zip-Lock Bags
Rashcel Mesh Bags
Rear Pannier Bag
Reclosable Bags
Reclosable Dispensing Bags
Recycled Bags
Recycling Bags
Resealable Bags
Retort Pouch
Retractable Strap Bag
Saddle Bags
Sandwich Bags
School Bags
Shopping Bags
Side Sealing Bags
Sleeping Bags
Slider Bag
Specimen Bag
Sport Bag
Sports Bags
Sports-Kit Bags
Stand Up Pouch
Static Shielding Bags
Toiletry Bags
Tool Bags
Tote Bag
Trash Bags
Travel Bag
Trolley Bag
Trolley Case
Trolley School Bag
T-Shirt Bags
Vacuum Packaging
Video Bags
Vinyl Bags
Waist Bag
Waist Bags
Wheeled Luggage
Wholesale Gift Bag
Wholesale Gift Bags
Woven Bags
Ziplock Bags
Zip-Lock Polybags


If you are looking to source or sell bags products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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