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Thailand is a good place to source soft toys of all kinds. The materials used are plentiful and cheap and labour costs in the assembly of these toys is low too.

As well as several major soft toy manufacturers who export huge quantities of cuddly dogs and teddy bears all over the world there, are a myriad of smaller companies who produce excellent toy products.

Thais are daft about soft toys. Thai women never seam to grow out of the childhood urge to carry around a cuddy toy. And by that I mean toy and not 'toy boy' I saw a lady in an office in Bangkok last week with a panda as the wallpaper on her computer. Mind you it was difficult to see her computer under a mound of stuffed dogs, cats, rabbits and cuddly dinosaurs. This lady was at least sixty! I saw her later leaving the office with a Hello Kitty knapsack on her back.

We can help you source your soft toys, children's plush toys and all manner of plush toy animals, plush cartoon characters and every type of teddy bear big or small.


Or maybe you have your own custom soft toy design you would like manufactured. Just send me an email with your requirements

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Following you will find lists of soft toys products from companies involved in the soft toys business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a soft toys company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
animal baby plush toy
animal dragon plush stuffed toy
animal game stuffed toy
animal plush stuffed toy
animal soft toy
aquatic plush toy
baby doll soft toy
baby plush soft toy
baby plush toy
baby soft toy
baby stuffed toy
bagpuss soft toy
beanie baby plush toy
beanie baby stuffed animal toy
bear design plush toys
big teddy bear soft toy
breed dog stuffed animals
bullseye disney plush toy
bullseye stuffed horse
cabin critters
cat in the hat plush toy
cat stuffed toy
chicken soft toy
childs plush whimsical toy
christmas bear
christmas reindeer toys
classic aurora
cool soft toy
cuddle factory
dakin stuffed toy
dinosaur plush toy
disney baby stuffed toy
disney plush toy
dog latex soft toy
dog plush puppy toy
dog plush toy
dog stuffed toy
dog stuffed toy animal
douglas cuddle toy
dragon styles
educational soft toy
elmo stuffed toy
emu soft toy
farm animals
fiesta toy
fimble soft toy
frog soft toy
frog stuffed toy
fun plush toy
fuzzy town
garfield stuffed animals
giraffe stuffed animal
gizmo plush toy
gund soft baby toy
hand puppets
handmade polyester plush toys
huge teddy bear soft toy
incredible petables
jake soft toy
jellycat soft toy
kermit the frog plush toy
koala bear soft toy
miss piggy
monkey soft toy
mouse shaped toys
mouse soft toy
muppet characters
mythical stuffed animals
mythical stuffed toy
natural toy stuffed animal
nightmare before christmas plush toy
novelty stuffed and plush talking pigs
owl toy plush
pegasus plush toys
petting zoo toys
pig stuffed toys
piglet soft toy
pinocchio plush toy
plus dog toy
plush animal toy
plush baby toy
plush beanie bears
plush bear
plush camel toy
plush cartoon elephant
plush cat toy
plush dice toy
plush dog toy
plush dogs
plush ducks
plush hippo
plush leopard
plush lion
plush pet toy
plush pink elephant
plush promo toy bears
plush puppy dog toy
plush reindeer
plush sheep in sweaters
plush stuffed baby toy
plush stuffed toys
plush superman toy
plush tiger
plush tote
plush toy
plush toy cat
plush toy dogs
plush toy elephant
plush toy manufacturer
plush toy stuffed animal
plush toy wholesale
plush toys
plush valentine teddy bears in novelty design
pokemon plush toy
polyester fiber stuffed toys
posum stuffed toys
princess soft toy
rabbit soft toy
rooster stuffed toys
sea horse design
shark stuffed toys
sheep stuffed toys
shrek plush toy
sloth stuffed toys
snoopy soft toy
snow buddies
soft activity baby toy
soft baby plush toy
soft baby toy
soft bath toy
soft doll toy for baby
soft dream toy
soft giraffe baby toy
soft interactive baby toy
soft teddy toy
soft toy
soft toy animal
soft toy bangkok
soft toy bear craft
soft toy box
soft toy cat
soft toy craft
soft toy dog
soft toy factory
soft toy hippo
soft toy maker
soft toy making
soft toy manufacturer
soft toy online
soft toy owl
soft toy pattern
soft toy supplier
soft toy thailand
spotted dog with cotton stuffing
stuff toy bears
stuffed & plush toys
stuffed animal and toy
stuffed animal dogs
stuffed animal toy
stuffed animal toys
stuffed animals
stuffed balls
stuffed bear toys
stuffed cartoon characters
stuffed cat toy
stuffed coral plush frog
stuffed dog toy
stuffed fairy toy
stuffed fruit baby toy
stuffed ladybug toys
stuffed plush elephant
stuffed plush snowman
stuffed polar bear
stuffed poodle
stuffed rainbow bear toys
stuffed toy
stuffed toy animal
stuffed toy company
stuffed toy dog
stuffed toy horse
stuffed toy pattern
stuffed toy sloth bear
stuffed toy teddy bear
stuffed toy tiger
stuffed toy wholesale
sugarloaf plush toy
swing stuffed toy
teddy bear stuffed
tiger stuffed toy
toy plush
toy plush elephant
toy story plush doll
toy stuffed animal
toy stuffed animal dog
toy stuffed dog
unicorn toy
valentine stuffed plush toy
valentine stuffed toys
whimsical styles
wholesale plush toy
wholesale plush toy company
wholesale stuffed toy
wildheart ranch
wildlife plush toy
wolf stuffed toy
yak plush toy

If you are looking to source or sell soft toys products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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