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Thailand architects
don't exactly jump out and grab your attention. Thailand and Bangkok in particular are not renowned for it's modern day architectural wonders. Visitors flock to see the Thai temples, not knowing that most of them owe more to the Khmer architects and artisans than their latter day Thai conquerors.


Bangkok architects plod on producing their stock in trade designs for more and more skyscrapers, office blocks and condominium units. Sometimes a new shopping mall, golf clubhouse or municipal structure comes their way.

The future however seems to be firmly rooted in a new phenomenon - middle class housing developments. The outskirts of Bangkok are mushrooming with new housing estates springing up alongside every arterial route. Such is the value of prime development land that the estates are being built in every ex-rice paddy and the roads and infrastructures added later.


Thai architects are however designing not only for the Thai scene but also in other countries around Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Laos, Singapore and further away in Europe and the States.



The practice of outsourcing tasks has spread now very firmly to the service sector. Many companies are owned by foreign architect companies or have senior architects and designers heading the creative teams. cheap but highly skilled technical Thai staff then do all the detailed drawing and planning work at a fraction of their western counterparts.


New technology in the form of video conferencing enable architects and designers in the far flung corners of the globe to meat in virtual space. High speed internet access enables large size architectural drawing files and documents to be delivered quickly and securely.


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Featured Thailand Architect Companies
K-Tech Construction & Engineering Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Building Construction Management Company supplying the following services: Contractors, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Dam & Irrigation Construction, Highways & Bridge, Municipal & Utility
K. Chan Architects Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Architects, Civil and Structural Engineers, Construction Management Consultants, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Project Feasibility Studies Consultants, Quantity Surveyor and Cost Estimators

Following is a list of some of the architectural services and architect companies that can be found in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to help you find the right architect for your project then please write to

3d modeling, architects, architectural design, architectural drawings, architectural outdoor lighting, architectural products, architectural studies, architectural woodwork, architectural works, architecture security, architecture, architectures, audio-visual, cad training & consultancy, civil engineering, civil works, commercial space, community works, computer graphics services, construction management, construction management projects, consultancy, acoustic production, consultants, consulting, engineering, contractors, cost consultants, cost control services, cost estimator, dam & irrigation construction, decoration, decoration for houses and shops, design, design architecture, design consultancy, design of buildings  structures, design theme parks, engineering designs, engineering services, engineers, environmental assessments, environmental studies, environmental works, feasibility studies, furniture design, highways & bridges, historical conservation, house, institution, interior design, interior design consultancy services, land use planning, landscape architect, lighting engineering design, lighting fixtures, marine engineering, office, planners, project and construction managers, project feasibility, project management, quantity surveyors, resort and hospitality design, retail shop, store evolution design, strategic planning, structural, structural design

17 consultant company ltd.,
2121 design and consult co.,Ltd.
2c+a and associates co.,Ltd.
3d architectural co.,Ltd.
3d interiors company ltd.,
3d planning co.,Ltd.
49 engineering consultants limited,
760i archtech & consultant co.,Ltd.
99 architect co.,Ltd
a. dusitnanond architect & associates co,Ltd.
a.a.e. & interior co.,Ltd.
a.e.c.m. : architectural engineering and construct,
a.e.p. international co.,Ltd.
a.i. design inc.,Ltd.
a.s. & a associate co.,Ltd.
a.v.l. consult and design co,Ltd.
a3d9 company limited,
acla co,LTD
alicia b. de guzman and associates co.,Ltd.
aline architects co.,Ltd.
ananchai architecture ltd.,Part.
angcle consult co.,Ltd.
ap' stract ltd.,
archinet co,ltd.
archiplan co.,Ltd.
architect akame co,Ltd.
architect east ltd.,Part.
architects & associates co,Ltd.
architects & designers international co.,Ltd.
architects 49 co,LTD.
architects asia ltd.,
architects one hundred and ten co,Ltd.
area co.,Ltd.
arka international co.,Ltd.
a-seven corporation co,Ltd.
association of siamese architects
august design consultant co.,Ltd.
axis architects co,Ltd.
axis landscape,
b & d research and design co.,Ltd.
b.a.e. co.,Ltd.
b.c. tool ltd.,Part.
b.m.a. city hall 2. department of public work,
bangkok collection & house co.,Ltd.
bangkok companies,
bann alangkarn co.,Ltd.
be compass,
belt collins thailand ltd.,
ben architects co.,Ltd.
benrich sales co.,Ltd.
bensley design studios,
bent severin associates co.,Ltd.
bhibhop architect co.,Ltd.
boonnak architect inter consultants co,Ltd.
buddy home co.,Ltd.
builder consultants co.,Ltd.
buildmat co.,Ltd.
callahan corogin studio ltd,
cape co,Ltd.
casa co.,Ltd.
center furniture & engineering ltd.,Part.
center of standard engineering co,Ltd.
charoen & associate,
chien thai (1992) co.,Ltd.
christensen architects co.,Ltd.
christiansen architect co,Ltd.
chuchawal-de weger internationaal ltd,
chulasai co.,Ltd.
citta home design ltd,P.
city neon displays & constructions (thailand),
city space design group,
civil design & arch co,LTD.
civil design group co.,Ltd.
colours' party co.,Ltd.
complement co.,LTD.
composition a co.,Ltd.
concept international design ltd.,
consultants of technology co,LTD.
contour co.,Ltd.
corbu design co.,Ltd.
cpcs upham corporation,
creative design limited partnership,
creative development co.,Ltd.
d.s.b. associates co,LTD.
dan wongprasat architects ltd.,Part.
davinci co.,Ltd.
dcad co.,Ltd.
dcon products public company limited.,
decor 107 co.,Ltd.
decorama co,Ltd.
deesawat industries co,LTD.
design case co.,Ltd.
design concept co.,Ltd.
design scale co.,Ltd.
design scape co.,Ltd.
design scene co.,Ltd.
design task interior co.,Ltd.
dome consultant co.,Ltd.
dormer co.,Ltd.
duangrit bunnag architect ltd.,Part.
du-for-green co.,Ltd.
dumrongruk karmai (1994) co.,Ltd.
e.h.l. design co.,Ltd.
e.r.m. (thailand) co.,LTD.
eastern material and concrete co.,Ltd.
ekthani concrete co,Ltd.
enspire building brand environments,
erix design concepts co.,Ltd.
fame dessin societe anonyme,
first built co.,Ltd.
first floor architects co.,Ltd.
form tech co.,LTD
frame architect co.,Ltd.
gable architect co.,Ltd.
gateway architects co.,Ltd.
geminai & associate co.,Ltd.

geo-technology consultants co,LTD.
glory architect associated co.,LTD.


glory group co.,Ltd.
gote bangkok co.,Ltd.
green scale,
group three design co.,Ltd.
habita co.,Ltd.
harper & associates architects,
hassell ltd.,
hataic design co.,Ltd.
hjkbrand architect,
hodex co.,Ltd.
humanist co.,Ltd
hyder consulting (thailand) ltd.,
i.a. architects 49 ltd.,
i.a. plus co.,Ltd.
i.f.r. co. ltd.,
i.t. international co.,Ltd.
inarcon co.,Ltd.
index international group co,Ltd
infomax system solutions and services Ltd.
integrated engineering co.,Ltd.
inter aktive co.,Ltd.
inter bucons group co.,Ltd.
inter design co.,Ltd.
inter tekton co.,Ltd.
interior & associates co.,Ltd.
Interior Architects 49 Limited
interior architecture 103 co ltd,
interior maker co.,LTD.
international project administration co,Ltd.
j.d. design & construction,
j.p. architects co.,Ltd.
jarin rodprasert associates,
jaroen thientanukij architect co,Ltd.
jenjira architect co.,Ltd.
k. chan architects co.,Ltd
k. engineering consultants co,Ltd. architekten und planer co.,Ltd.
k.k. karb architect co.,Ltd.
k.t.g.y. inter-assocIates ltd.,
kanta co.,Ltd
kasemkij co,Ltd
kavinlandscape co.,Ltd.
keen design co.,Ltd.
kittawat co.,Ltd.
k-tech construction & engineering co,Ltd.
kustini co.,Ltd.
land & signage,
latelier company limited,
lotus design & development co ltd,
m.a.a. consultants co,Ltd.
maps design studio,
metric co,LTD.
moma collection co,Ltd
multitect consultants co.,Ltd
neovista international co.,LTD.
nond - trungjal architects & planner,
office of bangkok architects co.,Ltd.
ongsa architect co.,Ltd.
oriental studio co.,Ltd.
p.a. design ltd.,Part.
p49 design & associates co.,Ltd.
pac consultant co.,Ltd.
palmer & turner (thailand) ltd.,
panya consultant co.,LTD.
plan architect co.,Ltd.
plan associates co.,Ltd.
plan studio co.,Ltd.
poly enterprise co.,Ltd.
pro-architect co.,Ltd.
process architect & planner co. ltd,
progressive building management co.,Ltd.
project planning services co.,LTD.
projects asia limited,
quality team consultant co.,LTD.
quartect corp.,Ltd.
r.g.b. architects co ltd,
r.m.j.m. (thailand) ltd,
rafa design,
rajanakarn ltd.part,
real estate planning consultants co.,Ltd
robert g boughey and associates co ltd,
roge and associates co.,Ltd.
s.h. architects co.,Ltd.
s.j.a. 3d co.,Ltd.
sala architect co.,Ltd.
sara design,
sarin architect co.,Ltd.
scape architects,
serene architects co.,Ltd.
sirida CONSULTANTS co.,Ltd.
somchai surapat architect co.,Ltd.
stem co.,Ltd.
steven j. leach + associates ltd.,
stonehenge co.,LTD.
surapatana architects co.,Ltd.
tandem architects co.,LTD.
teac co.,Ltd.
tectonics architects co.,Ltd.
tera trading (thailand) co.,Ltd.
tesco limited,
thai ando construction co.,Ltd.
thai arusu,
thai dci company limited,
thai hazama corporation limited,
thai kajima co ltd,
thai konoike construction co.,ltd
thai obayashi corp ltd,
thai shimizu co.,Ltd.
thyssen krupp industries (thailand) ltd.,
tomaryk design (thailand) co.,Ltd.
u.k. designs co.,Ltd.
urban architects co.,LTD.
urbanique co.,Ltd.
vibul architect office,
vinapim engineering consultant co.,Ltd.
vinic co ltd,
wanglang co.,Ltd.
woods bagot thailand ltd,

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