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Tall construction cranes spring up like monstrous daffodils. That was the scene in Bangkok ten years ago in the midst of the 'Building Boom'  Those cranes soon stopped when the financial crash of the late 90's hit Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. Some construction projects died, some survived. It was really down to who was footing the bill. Private funding dried up and even corporations and companies were severely feeling the pinch.


Over the last few years many people have commented on the large number of unfinished construction projects. The constructors cranes have been removed but the unfinished skyscrapers, office blocks and condominium complexes remain. What to do with them. Engineering experts say that after five years exposed to the elements the ironwork in these buildings corrode to dangerous levels. The only recourse is demolition. Then there is the problem - who is going to demolish these giant white elephants and who is going to pay for it?


The government in partnership with private and group sponsorship managed to keep some construction projects on track during this period and prestigious infrastructure projects like the Bangkok subway system and Bangkok SkyTrain system were completed (eventually) and in a limited format.


Looking out of the office window... well the construction cranes are back. New office blocks and condos. One thing I have noticed is that the constructions are smaller. Condo blocks of nine or ten stories rather than nineteen or twenty are the norm nowadays.


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