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Thai Architectural Designers, in my opinion, have never been very adventurous when it comes to churning out the normal type of housing for the general public, Special projects always warrant special designs but one does not get to view these very often except in designer magazines and coffee table books.

Suburbia in Thailand looks pretty much like suburbia of many other countries with concrete and brick houses designed methinks by the property developers rather than architects. I was privileged a few months ago to work inside a property development company in Bangkok. The conference room was adorned with some great plans and ideas. Futuristic looking homes, office blocks, spas and hotels. However alas these just seemed to be dreams - for show in the board room.

I have been asked to find some specialist architectural designers for private housing projects, resorts and also a boutique condominium in Phnom, Penh, Cambodia. I am still looking. I found a handful but these designers were tied to their companies working for a pittance and sadly not wanting to risk their salaried position to do a spot of moonlighting.


I came across this excellent article while doing some research on 'environmentally friendly' houses in Thailand. Could this be the future. I sincerely hope not.

Bio-Solar House in Thailand
It's an environmental dream: a self-reliant house that produces its own electricity, water, and cooking gas. Solar energy powers the air-conditioning, lights, and household appliances. Rain, dew, and condensation from the cooling system produce enough water for a family of four. Recycled water irrigates the garden, and surplus electricity is sold to the power company or used to drive an electric car 30 miles (50 kilometers) a day.

In Thailand, this dream has become a reality. A research team from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok has built the country's first "bio-solar" house. Yet at first sight, the house hardly stands out among the other homes in a gated residential community.
by Jan Krikke

 businesses is being prepared for publication on this website. Meanwhile if you require any information on this sector Please email if you are planning a new house or resort. I may have found a great architect or designer by now

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