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Thailand Property Companies
hit a bad patch in the 1990's. The previous property boom which saw dozens of new skyscrapers, office blocks, condominiums and apartment blocks dotting the Bangkok skyline collapsed. Dozens of property companies, property developers went bust.

Thailand construction companies and Thai construction contractors not only found themselves with few projects but also found themselves without work when banks foreclosed when many current construction projects were suddenly halted.

Years later the scars still remain. Half finished Office blocks and condo projects can be seen everywhere. Experts say that there is a shelf life to these part finished buildings. Not sure how many years this is but most are now past there 'sell by date' and await demolition. Only problem is the property companies who built them have gone out of business so who is going to pay for this?

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Featured Thailand Property Companies
B.C.P. Housing Co.,Ltd. Thailand A Bangkok real estate broker whose expertise in house re-selling section, Real Estate, Apartments & Condominiums
L.P.N. Development Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Property Developer of Condominiums, Apartments, Real Estate, Property Development Services: Brokerage Management, Building Management Services, Engineering Service, Construction & Engineering Management Services.
N.A.I. Andrew Park Thailand Foreign Company in Thailand Providing Corporate Services, Office Brokerage, Industrial Brokerage, Retail Brokerage, Commercial & Residential Tenant Representation, Property Valuation, Consulting Services, Lodge & Hospitality, Residential Property Management, Relocation & Residential Services, Property
U.M.E. Enterprises Ltd,. Executive Homes Thailand A Bangkok Real Estate company who offer the following services Rental Property Location Services, Bangkok Property Management, Property Sales, Bangkok Relocation Services, Residential rentals and sales, Bangkok Commercial Office Locations, Retail rental property location and Industrial property locations.

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