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Thailand Property Management Companies, Thai Property Management Businesses


Thailand Property Management Companies
are powerful entities. Usually run by the original property developers they control whether you have a marvelous stay in Bangkok or a miserable existence at the hands of a building management company that couldn't care a toss.

I have experienced both types of property management. The first condo I stayed in was run by the Thai Chinese family who built it. 17 stories, two thirds empty. 3 lifts only one ever worked and if you came home when this was being serviced then depending on where you lived there was a very long and tiring walk home.

Oh I forgot to mention as with many Thai Chinese owners they wormed their way out of paying  back a sizeable deposit - shame on you Phumsit Tower!!!

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Featured Thailand Property Management Companies
L.P.N. Development Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Property Developer of Condominiums, Apartments, Real Estate, Property Development Services: Brokerage Management, Building Management Services, Engineering Service, Construction & Engineering Management Services.
U.M.E. Enterprises Ltd,. Executive Homes Thailand A Bangkok Real Estate company who offer the following services Rental Property Location Services, Property Management, Property Sales, Relocation Services, Residential rentals and sales, Commercial Office Locations, Retail rental property location and Industrial property locations.

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