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Bangkok real estate is a great investment - that is the message being dished out by who? - the Bangkok real estate agencies of course!

Glossy Thailand property magazines are once again extolling the virtues of virtual properties and virtual housing developments that have yet to materialize. A buy now reap the benefits later message is being pushed to any property investor within earshot.

But is this wise? Is investing in property and property developments in Bangkok and in Thailand really a sound investment or the sound of the salesman?

Well I am considering making an investment. My advice to any potential buyer used to be buy? - what are you crazy - why buy a house or buy a condo unit when firstly it sees cheaper to rent a condo and invest your money in out of Thailand projects or other financial investment schemes.

I followed my own advice six years ago and rented a condominium at the end of the then newly completed Bangkok sky train route. What did I get? - well I got a real bargain. 120 square meters on the 9th floor. A view of the Chaophraya river. Well not really just a view of the tops of the cranes in the container depot at Klong Toey. I could take the lift up to the 17th floor and get a great view though. Two bedrooms, one I converted into an office. A super large living area with sliding glass doors either side of the building so I could see the cranes on one side and the expressway toll booths on the other, A small balcony to the rear and out front a balcony/patio almost as big as the condo itself. Man did we have some great parties and barbecues there. There was a small pool and sauna on the fifth floor. Midnight skinny dipping was in order as the whole place was 80% empty.

17 stories 120+ units of almost empty space. Many many people had invested in the condo project only to see there investments crumble in the financial crash of the late nineties. So there I was happy as Larry paying 7,000 Baht a month for a multi million Baht condo. I stayed two years, won't go back - the Thai Chinese owners refused to return my deposit. I lost a few hundred dollars much less than the thousands of dollars that the condominium owners had lost in such a short time.

So where am I now. Well I look over my left shoulder out the window and I can see the condo I lived in before. Now I rent a one bedroom one bathroom condo just down the road. I pay double the price I did before and oh no skinny dipping. The whole place is full to capacity. Right by the sky train and the local Tesco Lotus superstore. This is the place to be, no more mind numbing traffic jams.

Stay here another two or three years or move on. Or is it really the right time to buy and spend my hard earned cash on a piece of Bangkok property. I pick up the glossy property brochures. Open the first page, hey a nice condo by the beach in Pattaya only 1.5 Million Baht - tempting. Well at least a good excuse to get away for the weekend and explore the property investment opportunities by the beach.

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Featured Thailand Real Estate Companies
B.C.P. Housing Co.,Ltd. Thailand A Bangkok real estate broker whose expertise in house re-selling section, Real Estate, Apartments & Condominiums
B.J.J. Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Real Estate Agencies and Real Estate Consultants. Publishers of Real Estate Information Magazines. Property Management Consultants
L.P.N. Development Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Property Developer of Condominiums, Apartments, Real Estate, Property Development Services: Brokerage Management, Building Management Services, Engineering Service, Construction & Engineering Management Services.
N.A.I. Andrew Park Thailand Foreign Company in Thailand Providing Corporate Services, Office Brokerage, Industrial Brokerage, Retail Brokerage, Commercial & Residential Tenant Representation, Property Valuation, Consulting Services, Lodge & Hospitality, Residential Property Management, Relocation & Residential Services, Property
U & Me Real Estate Co.,Ltd Thailand Foreign Owned independent property agents who specialize in Apartments and Condominium Rentals.
U.M.E. Enterprises Ltd,. Executive Homes Thailand A Bangkok Real Estate company who offer the following services Rental Property Location Services, Property Management, Property Sales, Relocation Services, Residential rentals and sales, Commercial Office Locations, Retail rental property location and Industrial property locations.

Underneath is a list of some of the real estate and property development companies that can be found in Bangkok. If you would like Bangkok Companies to help you investigate property and real estate investments in Thailand please contact

Serviced Apartments, Rented Condos, Houses, Townhouses For Sale Or For Rent, Buying Condominiums In Thailand, Property Investments And Property Opportunities, Residential Property, Commercial Property, Serviced Offices, Beach Villas, Factory Premises, Industrial Land, Residential Land, Realtors, Real Estate Agents And Real Estate Agencies.

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012 Enterprise,
304 Industrial (Park) Co,Ltd.
3d Housing Co,Ltd
9-Nine Service,
A.D.B. & Partners,
A.E.H. Co.,Ltd.
Aa Property Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Accom Asia,
Acute Innovation Co.,Ltd.
Agency For Real Estate Affairs,
All Seasons Property Co.,Ltd.
Amarin Plaza Public Company Limited,
Amata Corporation Public Company Limited,
American Appraisal (Thailand) Ltd,
Andrew Park Property Agents,
Anglo Asia Property (Thailand) Ltd,
Archa Shop Sales Co,Ltd.
Aree Wattana Co.,Ltd.
Asian Property Development Public Company
Asset Auction Center Co,Ltd.
B. Grimm & Co. P.O.P.,
B. Grimm International Service Co.,Ltd.
B.C.P. Housing Co,Ltd.
B.I.T. Land Co,Ltd.
B.J.J. Co,Ltd
B.M. Land & House Co,Ltd.
Baker & Mckenzie,
Bangchan Industrial Estate,
Bangkadi Industrial Park Co. Ltd.,
Bangkok Companies,
Bangkok Hi-Class Co,Ltd
Bangkok Homes,
Bangkok House Realty,
Bangkok Land Public Company Limited,
Bangkok Property Appraisal Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Terminal Co,Ltd.
Bangna Central Property Co,Ltd.
Bangna Garden Property Co,Ltd.
Bangpa-In Land Development Co,Ltd.
Bangpakong Industrial Park 2 Public Co,Ltd.
Bangplee Industrial Estate,
Banpukarsiye Co,Ltd.
Bell Survey Ltd.,
Betagro Agro-Group Public Co,Ltd.
Big Development Co,Ltd
Boss Consultants,
Bovis (Thailand) Ltd,
Bright City Tower,
Brooke International,
C.B. Richard Ellis Co,Ltd.
C.S.C. House Holding Development Co,Ltd.
C.S.L. Energy Advisory Group,
C.T. Land Co,Ltd. & Times Square
C.T.R. Consulting Trading And Real Estate Co Ltd,
Central Group Of Companies,
Central Pattana Public Company Limited,
Central Realty Service Co,Ltd. (Central Plaza De
Ch. Karnchang Public Company Limited,
Chaisupong Co.,Ltd.
Challenge Group,
Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited,
Chartered Property Consultants Co,Ltd.
Chartered Square Tower,
Chesterton Thai Property Consultants Ltd,
Chin House (Siam Estate Co,Ltd.)
Chonburi Industrial Estate,
City Property Services,
Coconut Land & House Co.,Ltd.
Colliers Jardine,
Commercial Projects Management,
Compound Clay Co,Ltd.
Compupower Co,Ltd.
Consulting Trading Realestate,
Cp Land Co Ltd,
Cushman & Wakefield,
Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Dej-Udom & Associates Ltd,
Delemar Co Ltd Real Estate Development,
Domnern Somgiat & Boonma,
Dusit Thani Public Company Limited,
Dusit Thani,The
E.R.A. Thailand Co,Ltd.
E.R.M. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Star Real Estate Public Co,Ltd.
Eastern Star Real Estate Public Co. Ltd.,
Eurasia Group Of Companies,
F.P.D. Savills,
Fair Way Estate Co Ltd,
Farstreet Pte.,
Federal Supply And Service Co.,Ltd.
Finest Home Co,Ltd.
First Pacific Davies,
Five Stars Property Public Company Limited,
Forbest Properties Co,Ltd.
Forum Land Development,
French Garden Home Co.,Ltd.
G. Premjee Co Ltd,
Gateway City The Superior Industrial City,
Gaysorn Group,
Gemopolis Industrial Estate,
Global Estate Co,Ltd.
Golden Land Property Development Public Co.,Ltd.
Golden Place Co.,Ltd.
Golden-Land Property Development Plc,
Goldhill Resources Development Corp.,Ltd.
Great Lake Property Co,Ltd.
Green Asset Co.,Ltd.
Green Valley Group Of Companies,
Greenvalley Properties Co.,Ltd.
H.T.R. Co.,Ltd.
Hammars Co Ltd,
Harrison (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hemaraj Land And Development Plc,
High Business Co.,Ltd.
Hi-Tech Industrial Estate,
Home Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Home Place Group Co,Ltd.
Home Standard Development Co.,Ltd
Homedd Dot Com,
Homemarket Realestate Broker Co.,Ltd.
House Agency Ishii,
Housing Business Association,
Housing Service Co.,Ltd.
Hutchinson & Co (Asia Pacific) Limited,
I.E. Estate Services Co.,Ltd.
I.G.S. Public Co,Ltd.
I.N. Precision Co,Ltd.
I.S.M. Wire Mesh Co,Ltd.
Imperial Emporium Ltd,Part.
Independence Legal Profession Co.,Ltd.
Index International Group Co,Ltd
Indra Industrial Park Co,Ltd.
Industrial Estate Authority Of Thailand,
Insignia Brooke (Thailand) Ltd.,
Inter Realty Management Co.,Ltd.
Interactive Information Systems Co.,Lid.
International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd,
Italian-Thai Development Public Co,Ltd.
J.T.C. International (Thailand) Representative Off,
J.T.N. Development Co.,Ltd.
Jardine Matheson (Thailand) Ltd.,
Jinhui Developments Co.,Ltd.
Jones Lang Lasalle,
Juldis Development,
K.P.N. Tower Co,Ltd.
Kabinburi Industrial Zone Limited,
Kamsup Land And House Co.,Ltd.
Kaoyoi Development Co,Ltd.
Kasemkij Co,Ltd
Keppel Thai Properties Public Company Limited,
Kingdom Property,
Knight Frank Chartered (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Koll Thailand Ltd,
Kongtana Co,Ltd.
Kree Thai Development Co.,Ltd. (Riverfront Residen
Krisda Mahanakorn Public Company Limited,
Kropt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kudu Co. Ltd.,
L.P. Land And Housing Development,
L.P.N. Development Public Company Limited,
Laemthong Corporation Ltd.,
Lake Rajada Office Complex,
Lalil Land & House,
Lalin Property Public Company Limited,
Lam Sam Estate Co,Ltd.
Land And Houses Public Company Limited,
Landy Home (Thailand) Company Limited,
Lanta Land Development Co.,Ltd. Layana Resort
Legal Advisory Council Limited (Lacl),
Lend Lease Projects (Thailand) Ltd,
Link Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Living Land Development Co,Ltd.
Living Standard Group,
M. Thai Estate Co,Ltd.
M.B.K. Properties & Development Public Co.,Ltd.
M.D.X. Public Company Limited,
M.K. Real Estate Development Plc.


Mahachai Land Development Co,Ltd.
Management Asia,
Mansions In The Park,
Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate,
Martello Holdings (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd.,
Metta Real Estate,
Michael Group Real Estate Co,Ltd.
Miss Jo,
Miss Sukarn,
Modern Home Development Public Company Limited,
Multi Asset,
Mulvana De Angeli & Associates,
My Home Information Center (Thailand) Co Ltd,
N.A.I. Andrew Park,
N.C. (Thailand) Co. Ltd,
N.C. Housing Co.,Ltd.
Na Varang Development Co.,Ltd.
Narai Property Co.,Ltd.
National Housing Authority (Nha),
Nattanit Services,
Natural Park Public Company Limited.,
Navaporn Realty,
New City (Bkk) Co.,Ltd.
Nexus Property Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Nichada Thani Group Of Companies,
Nirun Property Co.,Ltd.
Niyomphanich Real Estate Co. Ltd.,
Noble Development Public Company Limited,
Noble Holding Co.,Ltd.
Noppong & Prasart Law Office Ltd.,
North Park Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Northeastern Industrial Complex,
Northern Thai Realty,
O.G.C. Garden Tower Co.,Ltd.
O.G.C. Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Oscar Estate Management Co.,Ltd.
P.R.A. Metropolitan Co.,Ltd.
P.R.C. Raine & Horne,
P.S. Real Service Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Assets Public Company Limited,
Pacific Legal Group Ltd.,
Pacvest Property Services,
Padaeng Properties Co.,Ltd.
Pansiam Land Development Co.,Ltd.
Panya Properties,
Park Amusement Co.,Ltd.
Pasupat Realty Company Limited,
Patum Design & Develop Co.,Ltd.
Phatra Real Estate Public Co.,Ltd. (Belle Villa Re
Phuket Seaside Corporate,
Pinthong Industrial Estate Co.,Ltd.
Plan Estate Co.,Ltd
Planning And Land Development Co.,Ltd.
Platinum Assets Development Co.,Ltd.
Plus Property Partners Co.,Ltd.
Preecha Group Public Company Limited,
Premier Enterprise Public Company Limited,
Premier Homes Real Estate Co.,Ltd
Premium Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Preuksa Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Pro Asset Quality Co.,Ltd.
Process Architect & Planner Co. Ltd,
Professional Land & Factory Co.,Ltd..
Professionals Asia Network Co. Ltd,
Property Market,
Property Perfect Public Company Limited,
Prospec Appraisal Company Limited,
Pyramid Development International Corp.,Ltd.
Quality House Co.,Ltd.
Quality Houses Public Company Limited,
Quality Team Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Qualityhouses Public Co Ltd,
R.D.D. Holdings Co. Ltd.,
R.S. Promotion Public Company Limited,
Raimon Land Public Company Limited,
Rajanakarn Ltd.Part,
Rangsit Plaza Co.,Ltd.
Rangsiya International,
Rasa Holding Co.,Ltd.
Rattana Real Estate Public Company Limited,
Rayong Industrial Land Co.,Ltd.
Rayong Industrial Park,
Rayong Real Estate And Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Real Estate Association,
Real Estate Broker Association,
Real Estate Developnent Public Co.,Ltd.
Real Estate Planning Consultants Co.,Ltd
Real Estate Pros,
Red & White Limited.,
Relocations Asia Pacific Ltd.,
Richard Ellis Co.,Ltd.
Richmond Asset Management Ltd.,
Riverfront Residence,
Rojana Industrial Park Public Co.,Ltd.
Royal House Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Asset Co.,Ltd.
S.I.L. Industrial Land Co.,Ltd.
Sabaai Concept Co.,Ltd.
Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited,
Sahaviriya City Public Co.,Ltd.
Sakol Sathapat Co.,Ltd.
Sammakorn Public Company Limited,
Samutsakorn Industrial Estate,
Sansiri Home Network Co. Ltd.,
Sansiri Property Plus Co. Ltd.,
Sansiri Public Company Limited,
Saraburi Industrial Park Co.,Ltd.
Sasirachada Company Limited,
Sathorn Nakorn Tower,
Sathorn Ria Co.,Ltd.
Scandinavian Village Co.,Ltd.
Seacon Development,
Seafco Co.,Ltd.
Seastar Properties Co Ltd,
Second Home Co.,Ltd.
Siam Aroon Development Co Ltd,
Siam Bangna Land Co.,Ltd.
Siam Cement Industrial Land Co.,Ltd.
Siam Future Development Public Company Limited,
Siam Kotobuki Co.,Ltd.
Siam Retail Development Co.,Ltd.
Simon Lim & Partners Company Limited,
Singha Land,
Siriniwattana Co.,Ltd.
South East Asia Media Co Ltd. Kamala Villas,
Sri Siam Properties Co.,Ltd.
Srivara Real Estate Group Public Company Limited,
St. Louise Development Co. Ltd.,
Strategic Property Co. Ltd.,
Suan Luang Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Suanluang Architecture Co.,Ltd.
Sumisho Development (Thailand) Co,
Sumitomo Thaniya Real Estate Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Sunbelt Asia Co. Ltd.,
Sunflower Group,
Suntowers Co.,Ltd.
Supalai Public Co.,Ltd.
Supreme Group,
Surawong Business Centre,
T.C.C. Commercial Property Management Co.,Ltd.
T.G. Land Co.,Ltd.
T.W. Group Import&Export Holding Co.,Ltd
Takenaka International Ltd,Thai
Talomsin Land Development Co.,Ltd.
Tanayong Public Company Limited,
Taywin Original Style Co.,Ltd.
Teo Hong Group Of Companies,
Teo Hong Silom Co Ltd,
Thai Factory Development Public Company Limited,
Thai Industrial Connection Co.,Ltd.
Thai Industrial Estate Corporation Ltd.,
Thai Morimoto Co Ltd,
Thai Nakano Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Road Co Ltd,
Thai Property Appraisal Vigers (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Real Estate Association,
Thai Semcon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shimizu Co.,Ltd.
Thai Takenaka International Ltd.
Thai Tower,
Thailand Industrial Real Estate Development
Thailand Property Centre,
Thamavit Consulting Office Co Ltd,
Thaniya Co.,Ltd.
Theparak Industrial Park,
Ticon Industrial Connection Public Company Ltd.,
Times Square,
Tisco Tower,
Tokyo Development Consultants (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Top Line Living Co.,Ltd
U & Me Real Estate Co. Ltd.,
U.K. Valuations And Agency Co.,Ltd.
U.M.E. Enterprises Ltd,. (Executive Homes)
Univest Property,
Vanich Lineal Co.,Ltd.
Vichuda Co. Ltd.,
Wangchula Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Wangthong Group Co.,Ltd.
Waterford Property,
World Land And House Co.,Ltd.
World Trade Center Bangkok,
Yamato Creation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

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