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Should I buy a house in Pattaya? Will a detached beach villa in Jomtien be a good investment for the future? Can a foreigner own land in Thailand? Can I trust Pattaya Real Estate agents to give me impartial advice? Can pigs fly?


I can't answer these questions. I am not a realtor in Thailand. I am not an expert in giving financial or property investment advice. I do know that pigs can fly - I went to a Pink Floyd concert at Main Road in Manchester many years ago. Man that was an enormous pig flying over the stadium and yes I did smoke but I promise I didn't inhale.


What I hope to do is help you to make your decision by giving you access to information about the property market in Pattaya. Hard facts - good bad and just plain ugly about existing housing projects, ongoing projects and future planned housing developments in Pattaya and the surrounding area. Also access to thoughts, experiences and opinions from property owners, real estate agents and experts in the property scene in Pattaya and in Thailand as a whole.


Pattaya Beach and especially Jomtien Beach is THE place to buy or rent a property, villa or house. Pattaya has so many things to offer not only a vibrant nightlife and exotic entertainment but a whole host of sporting and recreational activities.


I know a lot about condos in Pattaya, I live in one. However my knowledge of the property market with regard to houses and villas was sketchy at best until I started researching for this site. What I found was so surprising. I was not surprised by the dross. The below average, even for Thai standards, construction and fitments on the vast majority of projects.


What I was pleasantly surprised about was the number of really high quality properties that are being built or have been built in the last let's call it "near past" I congratulate the companies involved. What I must point out is that the majority of these "high quality property projects in Pattaya are either foreign owned or have major influence from foreign directors and designers.


Pattaya Property -   Houses & VillasCondominiums


Why buy a house, villa or property in Pattaya or Jomtien Beach?

  • Because the scores, soon to be hundreds of Pattaya real estate agents are of course extolling the virtues of this most un-virtuous of locations.

  • Because I chose to live here. Some may say that this is because my judgment is flawed or that I have other un-virtuous motives.

So if you are thinking of following in my footsteps and investing a lot of time and hard earned money in a paradise beach property in Pattaya or Jomtien then you need to know the facts, the hard facts, the good, the bad and the just plain ugly.

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Featured Pattaya Houses and Housing Projects


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Articles about Pattaya, Houses, Villas & Housing Projects

If you have comments about Pattaya properties or property in Jomtien then please email

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 Jomtien Pattaya Thailand
. Close to the beach, four bedrooms, fully air conditioned, satellite TV, private swimming pool, free car rental

Pattaya Luxury Villa Rentals
Pattaya Property. Jomtien Property -Main Page

Pattaya & Jomtien Houses, Villas, Housing Projects

Condo Projects in Pattaya & Jomtien
Baan Chalita 2
Baan Dhewaran
Baan Fah Rimhad
Baan Nern Sai Huai Yai
Baan Suan Lalana
Baan Suan Suwattana
Ban Chalita Village
Ban Dhewaran
Ban Suan Lalana
Ban Suan Neramit
Ban Suan Suwattana Garden Home
Ban Suay Mai Ngam
Ban Sundeep Villa
Bang Saray House
Bang Saray Villa
Beverly Thai House
Butterfly Garden Villas
Casa Jomtien
Central Park 2
Central Park 4
Central Park 5
C'est Palai
Chalita Village
Changmai Sawadee
Chateau Dale
Chokchai Garden Home
Chomtalay Resort
Country Club Villa
Dhewee Park
Dolphin Place
Eakmongkol 1
Eakmongkol 4
Grand Lotus Place
Greenfield Villas
Greenfield Villas II
Hillside Village
Hinwong Nivate Village
Holiday Garden Resort Village
Horseshoe Point
Huay Yai
Island View Residence
Jombali Jomtien
Jomtien Condotel & Village
Jomtien Nivate
Jomtien Palace
Jomtien Park Villas
Jomtien Yacht Club
Jomtien Yacht Club 3
Kanta Garden
Labella Village
Lake Side View
Mabprachan Gardens
Mabprachan Lake
Mantara Tropical Living
Manurewa Residence
Maprachan Country Club
Maprachan Garden
Mike Orchid Villa
Mongkut Gardens
Nirvana Pool Villa
Nittwan Village
Ocean Lane Villas
Palm Spring Village
Paradise Hill 1
Paradise Hill 2
Paradise Villa
Paradise Villa 1
Paradise Villa 2
Park Avenue
Park Rung Ruang
Park View Village
Pattaya Hill 1
Pattaya Paradise
Pattaya Park Hill
Pattaya Rungreang
Pattaya Thani
Payoon Green Ville
Phenphak Village
Phoenix Golf Club
Pornthep Garden View
Pratamnak Place
Railway Villa
Railway Village
Raintree Villa
Rattanakorn 5
Rattanakorn City Home
Raviporn Village
Romance Grand Ville
Royal Heights
Royal Park
Royal Siam Country Club
Sabayjai Village
Santa Maria
Siam Country Club
Siam Exucutive Estates
Siam Lake View
Siam Red View Villas
Siam Royal View
Siam Thani Resort
Silk Road
SP Village 3
SP Village 5
Srisuk Villa
Sukjarern Nongplalai
Suksabai Villa
Suksabai Village
Suwattana Garden Home
Suwattana Gardens
Swiss Paradise
Swiss Sabai Resort
T.W.City Homes
Tanyawan City Home
Tharn Nam Sai
The Avenues
The Boltons
The Meadows
The Village
The Vineyard
View Point Village
View Talay Holiday Resort
View Talay Marina
View Talay Villas
Viewtalay Marina
Whispering Palms
Pattaya Property. Jomtien Property -Main Page
Pattaya & Jomtien Houses, Villas, Housing Projects

Condo Projects in Pattaya & Jomtien

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