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Thailand Company Profiles - X1 -  X-PER INNOVATIA CO.,LTD. - Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd.

Profiles of Companies in Thailand include: X-PER INNOVATIA CO.,LTD., Xaloy Asia (Thailand)

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X-PER INNOVATIA CO.,LTD Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Commercial Air Curtains, Industrial Air Curtains and X-Per Air Curtains
Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Fasteners, Plastification Systems, Melt processing equipment, Bimetallic barrels, High-performance screws, Non-return valves, screw tips, barrel end caps, nozzles, Liquid additive system, Melt pumps, Screen Changers, Shut-off Nozzles, Chillers, Cleaning Ovens, Pelletizers and  Temperature controllers
Latest Companies
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