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Thailand Company Profiles - U1 - UHM Co.,Ltd. - Uni-Charm (Thailand ) Co., Ltd.

Profiles of Companies in Thailand include: UHM Co.,Ltd., U.M.E. Enterprises Ltd,. (Executive Homes), U.R.C. (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Uni- Aire Co., Ltd., Uni-Charm (Thailand ) Co., Ltd.

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Cambodia Company Profiles  

U& A Home Decoration Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of home textiles and furnishings such as: Kitchen Textiles, Bedding, Satin Pleat Bedspreads, Wave Bedspreads, Kids Bedspreads, Furnishings, Aprons, Chair Pads, Amenity Sets, Indoor Chair Pads, Garden Chair Pads, Curtains, Bathrobes, Canvas Cushions covers, Oven mitts, Woven Fabrics, Embroidery, Towels, Quilted bedspreads, Placemats, Cloths Table Runners
U & F Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand distributor of Printing Equipment, Printing Supplies
U & I Cooperation Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Radio Program Producer, Thai Radio Programs, Radio Shows
U & Me Real Estate Co.,Ltd Thailand Foreign Owned independent property agents who specialize in Apartments and Condominium Rentals.
U & T Motor Works Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai distributor of Forklifts, Forklift Parts and Material Handling Equipment
U&V Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Israeli importer of gourmet food products such as Figs, Dried Fruits, Pretzels, Goose Liver, Salad Dressings and supplier to Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets in Bangkok
U Day Co.,Ltd. Thailand A Thai Trading Company specializing in Leather Products
U. Gen Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai supplier of Car Equipment, Automotive Accessories, Automotive Parts & Services, Generators & Alternators
U.M.E. Enterprises Ltd,. Executive Homes Thailand A Bangkok Real Estate company who offer the following services Rental Property Location Services, Property Management, Property Sales, Relocation Services, Residential rentals and sales, Commercial Office Locations, Retail rental property location and Industrial property locations.
UHM Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai manufacturer of PBP Polybutylene pipe, PBP Polypropylene pipes, PBP HDPE pipe, Neodrain pipe, Geomembrane, Geotextile, Gabion & Mattress, Bronze fittings, Repair Clamp, Filter Nozzle, Single Meter, Multi Jet type meter, Magnetic drive type meter, Engineering Products; Water Supply pump, Waste Water pump, Fire Pump
U-Thong Elastic Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thailand manufacturer in the knitted elastic industry supplying quality Jacquard Woven Elastics, Laces & Tassel Cords Elastic Tapes and Elastic Screening.
Uni-Aire Co., Ltd Thailand A major Thailand manufacturer of Domestic Air Conditioners, Commercial Air Conditioners, Industrial Air Conditioners and Air Conditioning Components.
Uni-Charm (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand A Japanese Manufacturer of Sanitary Napkins, Pads, Panty Liners, Baby Diapers, childcare products, feminine care and adult incontinence care
URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Thai manufacturer of Snack foods, candies, candy, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, Tivoli, Lousanne, X.O., Dynamite, Roller Coaster, Gourmet Popcorn
Latest Companies

U Freight (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U. Gen Co.,Ltd  U Got Mails  U-Group Co.,Ltd  U. Lek Trading Co.,Ltd  U-Ma Antiques  U Mix Shop  U. Muk Crane  U-nic Prised Co.,Ltd  U-Sabtek Co.,Ltd  U-Sam Metal Co.,Ltd  U-Sereechai Co.,Ltd  U-Service Co.,Ltd  U-Shin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U. Sia Quality Co.,Ltd  U-Sports Intertrade Co.,Ltd  U Star (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U. Supply & Communication Co.,Ltd  U Thong 3  U- Thong Inn Hotel  U. F. O. Marketing Co.,Ltd  U P Gems Co.,Ltd  U. P. L. Group Co.,Ltd    U. Thai Kij Polybag Co.,Ltd  U. Thaiseng (1981) Co.,Ltd  U. Thaweekij Polypacking Co.,Ltd  U. Thong Antiques  U. Udomyont Import Export Co.,Ltd  U. Yong Co.,Ltd  U.A. Import-Export Co.,Ltd  U.A. Thai Industry Co.,Ltd  U.A. Travel & Tour Co.,Ltd  U.A.C.Co.,Ltd  U.A.C. Accounting Consultant Co.,Ltd  U.A.N. Recruitment Co.,Ltd  U.A.R. Decorate Co.,Ltd  U.B. Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd  U.B.E. Nylon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.B.F. Co.,Ltd  U.B.S. Warburg Securities Co.,Ltd  U.B.T. Co.,Ltd  U.C. & T Steel  U.C. International Gems Co.,Ltd  U.C.B. Pharma Thailand Co.,Ltd  U.C.C. Ueshima Coffee (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.C.K. Co.,Ltd  U.C.L.A Co.,Ltd  U.C.M. Oil-Tex Threading Co.,Ltd  U.C.S. Trading Co.,Ltd  U.D. Aluminum  U.D. International Co.,Ltd  U.D. Silkscreen Co.,Ltd  U.D. Starpac Co.,Ltd    U.D. Travel International Tour Co.,Ltd  U.D.I (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.D.P. Chemical Co.,Ltd  U.E. International Co.,Ltd  U.E.E. Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd  U.F.E (Union des Francais de l'Etranger)  U.F.J. Bank Limited  U.F.M. Food Centre Co., Ltd  U.F.O. Company Limited  U.I. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.I. Engineering Co., Ltd  U.I. Tour Center  U.I.C. Co.,Ltd  U.I.P. Co., Ltd  U.I.T Union Indra Tour And Transport  U.K. Craft Co., Ltd  U.K. Designs Co., Ltd  U.K.Feedmill Co.,Ltd  U.K. International Co., Ltd  U.K. Motor Co., Ltd  U.K. Pipe Co., Ltd  U.K. Valuations and Agency Co.,Ltd  U.K.J. Furnaces & Heat-Treatment Co.,Ltd  U.K.K. Garment Co., Ltd  U.K.M. Int'l Enterprise Co.,Ltd. (Yogen Fruz)  U.L. Plastic Industry Co., Ltd  U.M. Tridaughter Sweet Co.,Ltd  U.M.C. Die Casting Co.,Ltd    U.M.C. Metals Co.,Ltd  U.M.I. - Laufen Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd  U.M.S.A. Co.,Ltd  U.N. Electric Co.,Ltd  U.N. Wood Co.,Ltd  U.N.D.A. Record Co.,Ltd  U.N.O. Garment Co.,Ltd  U.O.B. Radanasin Bank  U.O.B. Securities (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.P. Inter Products 20 Co.,Ltd  U.P. Marketing General Supply Co.,Ltd  U.P. Services Co.,Ltd  U.P. Waste Watertech Co.,Ltd  U.P.A. Enterprise Co.,Ltd  U.P.C. Concentrate Industries Co.,Ltd  U.P.C.United product Co.,Ltd  U.P.E. Engineering Co.,Ltd  U.P.H. Incense (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.P.K. Transport Co.,Ltd  U.P.N. Enterprise Co.,Ltd  U.P.N. Industrial Tech Co.,Ltd  U.P.S. Industry Co.,Ltd  U.P.S. Parcel Delivery Service Co.,Ltd  U.P.V. Import Export Co.,Ltd  U.R. Intertrade Co.,Ltd  U.R.C. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.R.S. Co.,Ltd  U.S. Brothers Co.,Ltd  U.S Business Co.,Ltd  U.S. Enterprise Co.,Ltd    U.S. Film Co.,Ltd  U.S. Marketing Co.,Ltd  U.S. Pest Control Co.,Ltd  U.S. Plaster Co.,Ltd  U.S. Polytrade Co.,Ltd  U.S. Power Distribution Co.,Ltd  U.S. Summit Corporation  U.S.C. Technology Co.,Ltd  U.S.E. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.S.E. Flo-Line Co.,Ltd  U.S.E. International Co.,Ltd  U.S.M. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  U.S.O. Co.,Ltd  U.T. Engineering Co.,Ltd  U.T. International Co.,Ltd  U.T. Machinery Co.,Ltd  U.T. Stainless Co.,Ltd  U.T.A. Trading Co.,Ltd  U.T.A. Transport Co.,Ltd  U.T.N. Chemicals Co.,Ltd  U.T.S. Travel Service Co.,Ltd  U.T.T. Engineering Co.,Ltd  U.V. Advertising Co.,Ltd  U.V.P. Dairy Co.,Ltd  U.W. Supply Co.,Ltd  U.W.D. Marketing Co.,Ltd  Ua Withya Equipment Co., Ltd  Uaichai Khamai Co.,Ltd  Uapaiboon Tannery Co.,Ltd  Uawithya Industry Co.,Ltd  UB-Haworth (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Ubau Co.,Ltd  Ube (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Ubis (1983) Co.,Ltd  Ubol Sahatham Transport (1993) Co.,Ltd  Ubon Lodge  Ubonsri Promotion Co.,Ltd  Ubonsurachai Travel Center Co.,Ltd  Ucall Co.,Ltd  Udom Cold Storage Industry Co.,Ltd  Udom Curtain  Udom Decom Center Co.,Ltd  Udom Furniture Co.,Ltd  Udom Metal Trading (1975) Co.,Ltd  Udom Orchid Co.,Ltd  Udom Panich Corporation Co.,Ltd  Udom Phan Marketing Co.,Ltd  Udom Pipatmongkol (Upm) Co.,Ltd  Udom Star Co.,Ltd  Udom - Suk Plastic Co.,Ltd  Udom Suksa Printer  Udomchai Shop  Udomchaipipat Co.,Ltd  Udomkit Fitting Valve Co.,Ltd  Udomkit Rungroet  Udomkitti Co.,Ltd  Udommitr  Udommitryont  Udomnij Co.,Ltd  Udompanich Industrial Co.,Ltd  Udomphon (Phihalab) Co.,Ltd  Udomrat 87 Co.,Ltd  Udomrat Coach Tour Co.,Ltd  Udomsak Kok Heng Transport Co.,Ltd  Udomseen Candle Factory Thailand  Udomsin Leather Co.,Ltd  Udomsin Steel Co.,Ltd  Udomsuk Rice Co.,Ltd  Udomsuksa Co.,Ltd  Udomsup Camping & Military Equipment  Udomyong Import Export Co.,Ltd  Udon Auto Paint Co.,Ltd  Udon Garment Factory Co.,Ltd  Ue Choon Lee Co.,Ltd  Ue Niyom Lohakarn Co.,Ltd  Ueang Fa Mui Co.,Ltd  Ueki Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Ueng Teng Hong Shop  Ueno (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Uey Po Kee Tea Store Co.,Ltd  Uficon Co.,Ltd  Uhde (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Ui Hua Shop  Uip Co.,Ltd  Ukk Garment Manufacturer  Ukkarit Rungrueng (2000) Co.,Ltd  Ukua Thai Co.,Ltd  Ulbrika Everest (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Uli Touristic Co.,Ltd  Ulltra Engineering Co.,Ltd  Ultima Co.,Ltd  Ultima Polymers Co.,Ltd  Ultima T&T Co.,Ltd  Ultimate Accessories (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Ultimate Art Bangkok  Ultimate Beverage Product Co.,Ltd  Ultimate Idea Co.,Ltd  Ultimate Products Co.,Ltd  Ultimate Solutions Co.,Ltd  Ultimax Co.,Ltd  Ultra-Arty Co.,Ltd  Ultra Clean Service Co.,Ltd  Ultra Technology Co.,Ltd  Ultra Travel Co.,Ltd  Ultracore Co.,Ltd  Umaco Thai Co.,Ltd  Umax Solutions Co.,Ltd  Umb Iterface Co.,Ltd  Umeda Co.,Ltd  Umego Co.,Ltd  Umemura Corp (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Umetoku Thailand Co.,Ltd  Umi-Laufen Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd  Un Un International Co.,Ltd  Unac Engineering Co.,Ltd  Unamac Co.,Ltd  Unations Co.,Ltd  Unching Industry Co.,Ltd  Uncle Fierd Co.,Ltd  Uncle Ho Vietnamese Restaurant Bangkok  Uncle Tom House Co.,Ltd  Underground Engineering Services Co.,Ltd  Underground Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Unengco Co.,Ltd  Unesear Center Co.,Ltd  Ung Nguan Seng Hong Co.,Ltd  Ung Tia Hung Sae Ung Office  Uni Brother Co.,Ltd Uni-Air Corporation Co.,Ltd Uni- Aire Co.,Ltd Uni-Charm (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd Uni-Drive Co.,Ltd Uni-Flex Hq Co.,Ltd Uni G Co.,Ltd Uni-Green Foodservice Co.,Ltd Uni Ink Co.,Ltd Uni-Inter Transport Co.,Ltd Uni King Co.,Ltd Uni Lever Thai Holdings Co.,Ltd Uni Precision Co.,Ltd Uni-President (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Uni Royal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Uni Royal Pack Co.,Ltd Uni-Sole Co.,Ltd Uni Son Co.,Ltd. Uni Star Express Co.,Ltd Uni-Tai (Thai) International Co.,Ltd Uni Thai Co.,Ltd Uni Thai Ship Yard Thailand Uni-Tob Trading (1988) Co.,Ltd Uni-Top International Co.,Ltd Uni-Well (Asia) Co.,Ltd Unibest Co.,Ltd Uniblock Refrigeration Co.,Ltd Unibrand (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unic Healthcare Co.,Ltd Unican Industry Co.,Ltd Unichamp Co.,Ltd Unico Consumer Products Co.,Ltd Unico Golf Course Bangkok Unicom Rubber Co.,Ltd Unicom Technology Co.,Ltd Unicomm Engineering Co.,Ltd Unicon Concrete Products Co.,Ltd Unicon Consumer Co.,Ltd Unicon Services Co.,Ltd Unicoop (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unicord Plc Unicorn Container Lines Co.,Ltd Unicorn Valley Co.,Ltd Unicraft Co.,Ltd Unifab Equipment Co.,Ltd Unifact Co.,Ltd Unifine Co.,Ltd Unigrain Co.,Ltd Unigraphics Solutions (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unikap Co.,Ltd Unilab Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd Unilamp Co.,Ltd Uniland Housing Co.,Ltd Unilever Thai Holdings Co.,Ltd Unimach Inter Co.,Ltd Unimag (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unimax Metal Work & Supply Co.,Ltd Unimaxnet Co.,Ltd Unimit Engineering Co.,Ltd Union Agriculture Co.,Ltd Union Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd Union Alloy Co.,Ltd Union Art Industry Co.,Ltd Union Artificial Flower Co.,Ltd Union Asia Finance Public Co.,Ltd Union Asia Steel Co.,Ltd Union Associates (Thai) Co.,Ltd Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Union Bank Of Bangkok Co.,Ltd Union Bank of California Union Belt Industries Co.,Ltd Union Biochem Industries Co.,Ltd Union Blueprint Co.,Ltd Union Brother Group Co.,Ltd Union Button Corp.,Co.,Ltd Union Carbide Thailand Co.,Ltd Union Carton Industry Co.,Ltd Union Chai Rubber Co.,Ltd Union Charoen Furniture Industy Co.,Ltd Union Coating Co.,Ltd Union Commercial Development Co.,Ltd Union Compugraphic Co.,Ltd Union Concrete Co.,Ltd Union Conmat Co.,Ltd Union Consultant Audit Office Co.,Ltd Union Continental Co.,Ltd Union Creation Co.,Ltd Union Cycle Industries Co.,Ltd Union Drug Laboratories Co.,Ltd Union Fiber Glass Co.,Ltd Union Footwear Public Co.,Ltd Union Footwear Public Co.,Ltd Union Forest Co.,Ltd Union Freight Forwarder Co.,Ltd Union Friend Garment Co.,Ltd Union Frost Co.,Ltd Union & Honshu International Co.,Ltd Union Frozen Product Co.,Ltd Union Galvanizer Co.,Ltd Union Garment Co.,Ltd Union Hardware Internationnal Co.,Ltd Union Inda Co.,Ltd Union Industries Corp., Co.,Ltd Union Insurance Co.,Ltd Union Inta Co.,Ltd Union Itoh Moulds Co.,Ltd Union Law & Business Co.,Ltd Union Lights Co.,Ltd Union Look Co.,Ltd Union Mascont Corp. Co.,Ltd Union Medical Co.,Ltd Union Metal Co.,Ltd Union Metal Work Corporation Co.,Ltd Union Micronclean Co.,Ltd Union Mosaic Industry Public Co.,Ltd Union Nakarin Co.,Ltd Union Nifco Co.,Ltd Union Of Unicor Group Union Pan Exhibitions Co.,Ltd Union Paper Cartons Co.,Ltd Union Paper And Packing Co.,Ltd Union Parquet Co.,Ltd Union Pattanakij Co.,Ltd Union Pioneer Public Co.,Ltd Union Plastic Co.,Ltd Union Polimer Co.,Ltd Union Polyester Flower Co.,Ltd Union Polymer Co.,Ltd Union Power Gems Group Union Powerjet Co.,Ltd Union Precision Engineering Co.,Ltd Union Prestige Agro Co.,Ltd Union Prestige Foods Co.,Ltd Union Production Co.,Ltd Union Progress Co.,Ltd Union Prospers Insurance Co.,Ltd Union Property Co.,Ltd Union Qudos Co.,Ltd Union Rubber Gloves Co.,Ltd Union Rubber Products Corp., Co.,Ltd Union Sales Co.,Ltd Union Sang Thong Parts Co.,Ltd Union Sense Technology Co.,Ltd Union Shellac Co.,Ltd Union Shoes Co.,Ltd Uni Sin Thai Tour & Travel Service Co.,Ltd Uni-Technology Edu&Man CTR Co.,Ltd Unic Concrete Co.,Ltd Unic Tech Engineer Co.,Ltd Unicom Engineering Co.,Ltd Unico's International Travel Services Rop Union TSL Co.,Ltd Union De Transport Airlines Union Infartech Co.,Ltd Union Siam Jewelry Co.,Ltd Union Sime Darby (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Union Spinning Mills Co.,Ltd Union Stainless (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Union Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd Union Star Plastic Co.,Ltd Union Star Seibo Co.,Ltd Union Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd Union Technology Products Co.,Ltd Union Textile Industries Public Corp., Co.,Ltd Union Textile Merchants Association  Union Thai Industry Co.,Ltd Union Thai-Nichiban Co.,Ltd Union Thai Soap Industries Co.,Ltd Union Thai Tour & Bus Co.,Ltd Union Thread Industries Co.,Ltd Union Tomita (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Union Tooling System Co.,Ltd Union Tower Bangkok Union Toy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Union Toys (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Union Trading Enterprise Co.,Ltd Union Trading & Industires Co.,Ltd Union Trafo Co.,Ltd Union Trans Trading Co.,Ltd Union Transaction Co.,Ltd Union-Transport (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Union Tyre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Union Victors Co.,Ltd Union Vision Co.,Ltd Union Yei Jer Industrial Co.,Ltd Unionnakarin Co.,Ltd Uniontex Knitting Co.,Ltd Unipart Co.,Ltd Uniplast Industry Co.,Ltd Uniplastics (Thai) Co.,Ltd Unipro Marketing Co.,Ltd Uniqema Thailand Unique Arts Thailand
Unique Building Concepts Co.,Ltd Unique Caliber Consultants Co.,Ltd Unique Complement Co.,Ltd Unique Consulting Group UniQue Depot & Transport Co.,Ltd. (Bangna)  Unique Design Co.,Ltd Unique Design International Co.,Ltd Unique Earthenware Co.,Ltd Unique Engineering and Constructon Co.,Ltd. Unique Enterprises Co.,Ltd Unique Fashion Co.,Ltd Unique Garment Import-Export Co.,Ltd Unique Gas And Petrochemicals Public Co.,Ltd Unique Goodwill Co., Ltd Unique Health Care Co.,Ltd Unique Interior Co.,Ltd Unique International Forwarding Co.,Ltd Unique Marine Co.,Ltd Unique, Memec (Asia Pacific) Co.,Ltd Unique Mining Services Public Co.,Ltd Unique Motors Co.,Ltd Unique Ohm (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unique Oversea Supply Co.,Ltd Unique Pack Co.,Ltd Unique Pathfinder Co.,Ltd. Unique Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd Unique Sea Products Co.,Ltd Unique Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unique Transport Agency Co.,Ltd Unique Travel Center Co.,Ltd Unique Travel Services Co.,Ltd. Unique Wear Co.,Ltd Unisales Co.,Ltd Uniseas Shipping Co.,Ltd Uniseeds Co.,Ltd Unisia Jecs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unisinthai Tours And Travel Service Co.,Ltd Unison Laboratories Co.,Ltd Unison Trading Co.,Ltd Unison Travel Co.,Ltd Unisound Electronic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Unisys Thailand Co.,Ltd Unita Co.,Ltd Unitahi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd Unitec I.T. Co.,Ltd Unitech Co.,Ltd Unitech Associates Co.,Ltd Unitech Bored Piles & Enterprise Co.,Ltd Unitech Information Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd United Advance Commercial Co.,Ltd United Aerospace (Thailand) Co.,Ltd United Aerospace Industries Co.,Ltd United Airlines Bangkok  United Airlines, Inc United Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd United Aluminum Co.,Ltd United Amigo's United Analyst and Engineering Consultant Co.,Ltd United Apparel Co.,Ltd United Artists Central Rama 3 United Artists Emporium United Asia Elastic Co.,Ltd United Asian Knitting Co.,Ltd United Bags Co.,Ltd United Broadband Technology Co.,Ltd United Broadcasting Corp. Public Co.,Ltd United Brother Garment Co.,Ltd United Business Consultant Co.,Ltd United Cancer Coporation Center United Carbon Products Co.,Ltd United Centre Building Food Court United Coatings Co.,Ltd United Coil Center Co.,Ltd United Cold Storage Co.,Ltd United Colour Stone Co.,Ltd United Communication Industry Public Co.,Ltd United Communications United Conbild Co.,Ltd. United Construction Material Co.,Ltd United Constructor Co.,Ltd United Container Co.,Ltd United Cotton Waste Co.,Ltd United Crafts Co.,Ltd United Dairy Foods Co.,Ltd. United Development Press United Dairy Farm Co.,Ltd United Digital Corporation Co.,Ltd United Distribution Business Co.,Ltd United Drug (1996) Co.,Ltd United Engineering & Dockyard Co.,Ltd United Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd United Erawan Co.,Ltd United Excel Chemical Co.,Ltd United Expo Co.,Ltd United Fabric Co.,Ltd United Factory Co.,Ltd United Farmer & Industry Co.,Ltd United Fashion Outlet Co.,Ltd United Fat And Oil Co.,Ltd United Feed Mill Co.,Ltd United First Co.,Ltd United Fishing Net Industry Co.,Ltd United Flour Mill Co.,Ltd United Foods Public Co.,Ltd United Foods Public Co.,Ltd United Footware Industry Co.,Ltd United Glass Co.,Ltd United Glass Industries Co.,Ltd United Global Agencies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd United Grain Industry Co.,Ltd United Industrial Gas Co.,Ltd United Information Highway Co.,Ltd United Inspection Services Co.,Ltd United Instrument Co.,Ltd United Integration Co.,Ltd United Inter Wire Co.,Ltd United Intercable Factory Co.,Ltd United Kyoei Foods Co.,Ltd United Leather Product Co.,Ltd United Machinery Co.,Ltd United Malayan Banking Corporation United Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd United Mercantile Co.,Ltd United Merchandising (Thailand) Co.,Ltd United Metal Co.,Ltd United Motor Work (Siam) Public Co.,Ltd United Mould Co.,Ltd United Nations Children Fund (Unicef) United Nations Development Fund for Women (Unifem) United Nations Development Programme (Undp) United Nations Economic and Social Commission United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Unhcr) United Nations International Drug Control Program United Nations World Food Program United Overseas Bank United Pacific Textile Co.,Ltd United Pacific Trading Co.,Ltd United Palm Oil Industry Public Co.,Ltd United Paper Co.,Ltd United Parcel Service United Pest Control Co.,Ltd United Petroleum Co.,Ltd United Piles Concrete Co.,Ltd United Plastic Packaging Co.,Ltd United Poly Product Co.,Ltd United Power Engineering Co.,Ltd United Precision Engineering Co.,Ltd United Production Pressco. Co.,Ltd United Progress (Thailand) Co.,Ltd United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd United Resort Service Co.,Ltd United Rice Mill Co.,Ltd United Sea Co.,Ltd United Securities Public Co.,Ltd United Siam Industry Co.,Ltd United Siam Muslim Co.,Ltd United Siam Overseas Co.,Ltd United Sierra Industry Co.,Ltd United Silica (Siam) Co.,Ltd United Silo and Services Co.,Ltd United Silo Service Co.,Ltd United Software Group Co.,Ltd United Southasia (1978) Co.,Ltd United Sport (Thailand) Co.,Ltd United Srichai Chemicals Co.,Ltd United Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd United Standard Terminal Public Co.,Ltd United Steel Work Co.,Ltd United Stone Co.,Ltd United Sugar Terminal Co.,Ltd United Supply And Transport Co.,Ltd United Tableware Co.,Ltd United Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd United Technology Development Co.,Ltd United Tee Koo Laa Co.,Ltd United Textile Mills Co.,Ltd United Thai Chemical Ind Co.,Ltd United Thai Distillers Co.,Ltd United Thai Kitchen Co.,Ltd United Thai Logistics Co.,Ltd United Thai Pro Co.,Ltd United Thai Rubber Co.,Ltd United Thai Shipping Corp.Co.,Ltd United Transport Systems Co.,Ltd United Transportation Co.,Ltd United Travel Service United Trinty Transport Co.,Ltd United Tungsten & Diamond Co.,Ltd United Union Parts Co.,Ltd United Wholesalers Group United Winery And Distillery Co.,Ltd United Wire Parts Co.,Ltd United World Chinese Commercial Bank United World Chinese Tour Co.,Ltd Unitex & Garment Co.,Ltd Unitex International Accessories Co.,Ltd Unithai Co.,Ltd Unithai Auto Parts Co.,Ltd Unithai Electronics Co.,Ltd Unithai Group Unithai Line Public Co.,Ltd Unithai Material Handling Co.,Ltd Unithai Metalproduct Co.,Ltd Unithai Oxide Co.,Ltd Unithai Shipyard and Engineering Co.,Ltd Unition Center (1996) Co.,Ltd Unitop Rubber Co.,Ltd Unitpack (1989) Co.,Ltd Unitrade Centre Co.,Ltd Unitrade Group Co.,Ltd Unitrans Logistics Co.,Ltd Unitri International Co.,Ltd Unitrio International Co.,Ltd Unity Agency Co.,Ltd Unity Commercial Co.,Ltd Unity Electric Marketing Co.,Ltd Unity Fabric House Co.,Ltd Unity Food Co.,Ltd Unity Gems & Jewelry Co.,Ltd Unity Industrial Co.,Ltd Unity Interbusiness Co.,Ltd Unity 2000 Tour Co.,Ltd Unity International Law Office Unity Mtts Co.,Ltd Unity Progress Co.,Ltd Unity Resource Co.,Ltd Unity Serve Co.,Ltd Unity Techno Products Co.,Ltd Unity Thai Products Co.,Ltd Univentures Public Co.,Ltd Univerbussan Industry Co.,Ltd Universal Advance Chemical Co.,Ltd Universal Appliances Co.,Ltd Universal Artificial Flower Co.,Ltd Universal Cable TV Network Co.,Ltd Universal Communication System Co.,Ltd Universal Compliance Registrars Co.,Ltd Universal Compression (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Universal Duct Co.,Ltd Universal Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd Universal Enterprises Co.,Ltd Universal Equipment Tractor Co.,Ltd Universal Film Co.,Ltd Universal Flavors & Colors (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Universal Food Public Co.,Ltd Universal Forms Industry Co.,Ltd Universal Franchise Co.,Ltd Universal General Equipment Co.,Ltd Universal Herb & Marketing Co.,Ltd Universal Industries Co.,Ltd Universal & Innovative Consulting Co.,Ltd Universal Insurance Co.,Ltd Universal International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Universal Latex Products Co.,Ltd Universal Marketing Enterprise Co.,Ltd Universal Metal Drum Co.,Ltd Universal Metropolis Co.,Ltd Universal Mining Co.,Ltd Universal Music Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd Universal Parawood Universal Pictures (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Universal Plastics Industries Co.,Ltd Universal Press Co.,Ltd Universal Products: (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Universal Progress Co.,Ltd Universal Quality Co.,Ltd Universal Rice Co.,Ltd Universal Shrimp Universal Snackfoods Co.,Ltd Universal Sporting Goods (Thai) Co.,Ltd Universal Steel Co.,Ltd Universal Steel Drum Co.,Ltd Universal Technology Advance Group Co.,Ltd Universal Trade Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Universal Transport International Universal Transportation Co.,Ltd Universal Travel Link & Service Co.,Ltd Universal Utilities Co.,Ltd Universal Video Cooperation Co.,Ltd Universal Water Creation Co.,Ltd Universal White Cement Co.,Ltd Universal Yachting Corporation Co.,Ltd Universal Zip Thai Co.,Ltd Universaltisits Gift Co.,Ltd Universe Ballon Co.,Ltd Universe Beauty Co.,Ltd Universe Equipment And Engineering Co.,Ltd Universe Inter Transport Co.,Ltd Universe Manufacturing (2000) Co.,Ltd Universe Pack Co.,Ltd Universel Music (Thailand) Co.,Ltd University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Univest Property Univox Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Uniwave Co.,Ltd Uniwell (Asia) Co.,Ltd Unix Global Logistics Co.,Ltd Unlimiled Design Co.,Ltd Unlimited Combine Co.,Ltd Unlimited Express (Thailand) Corp. Co.,Ltd Unnafakung Uno-One Co.,Ltd Unocal Thailand (Songkhla) Co.,Ltd Unocal Thailand Co.,Ltd Unothai Enterprise Co.,Ltd Unque Gas & Petrochemicals Public Co.,Ltd Unriver Promotion Co.,Ltd Up Date Up-Date Development Co.,Ltd Up Gems Co.,Ltd Up & Go Graphic Co.,Ltd Up & Go Presentation Co.,Ltd Up-Grade Advertising Co.,Ltd Upba Sales & Services Co.,Ltd Upham International Corporation Uplot Future Freight & Transport Co.,Ltd Upom Production (Udom Block) Co.,Ltd Upper Class Footwear Co.,Ltd Upper Crust Gourmet Pizza Upper Cut Co.,Ltd Upfront Solution System Co.,Ltd Ur Mena Co.,Ltd Uraca Far East Co.,Ltd Urai Phanich Co.,Ltd Urai Shop Co.,Ltd Uran Trading Co.,Ltd Uranus Termal Engineering and Service Co.,Ltd Urban Architects Co.,Ltd Urban Development Research Institute Urban Interior Co.,Ltd Urban Saft Thailand Urbanique Co.,Ltd Urc (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Ureca Intertrade Co.,Ltd Ureka Alliance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Urgent Callus Tana Press Urgo Health Care Products Co.,Ltd Url (Asia) Co.,Ltd Urmatt Co.,Ltd Urmet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Uro-Com Co.,Ltd Uropa Prema Co.,Ltd Urosia Holidays Co.,Ltd Ursa Major International Co.,Ltd Uruampai Co.,Ltd US Airways Bangkok Us Filter Co.,Ltd US Power Distribution Co.,Ltd Usa-Aba Co.,Ltd Usa and Ayutthaya Co.,Ltd Usa Economic Development Co.,Ltd Usa Thai Co.,Ltd Usaco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Usam Inter Group Co.,Ltd Usath Intertrade Use.Flo-Line Co.,Ltd Used Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Useful Food Co.,Ltd Usetco Co.,Ltd Usha Siam Steel Industries Co.,Ltd Usian World Info Trade Co.,Ltd Uspost (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Ustpa Usui International Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Utac Film & Productions Utage Utandon Utax F.M. Co.,Ltd Uthai Bangkok Rubber Co.,Ltd Uthai Development Co.,Ltd Uthai Jewelry Co.,Ltd Uthai Produce Co.,Ltd Uthaifarm Advertising Uthaiprasit Co.,Ltd Uthitasarn Packing Co.,Ltd UTi Worldwide Co.,Ltd Utica Chemical Co.,Ltd Utids Enterprise Co.,Ltd Utility Corporation Co.,Ltd Utility Desing Consultants Co.,Ltd Utility Electric Co.,Ltd Utility One Co.,Ltd Utillty Product Co.,Ltd Utility Telecom Co.,Ltd Utmost Enterprise Co.,Ltd Utoc (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Utopia Tours Utra Technology Co.,Ltd Uzbekistan Airways Bangkok

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