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Thailand Company Profiles - Y1 -  Y.C.H. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Profiles of Companies in Thailand include: Y.C.H. (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Yazaki Electric Wire Co Ltd, Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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Cambodia Company Profiles  

YCH (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Provider of Integrated logistics services such as warehousing and inventory management, transportation and distribution management, and freight management services.
Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Japanese Company offering Building Automation hardware and software, Process Control Systems, Field Instruments and Control Valves
Yazaki Electric Wire Co Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Building Wires and Cables, Electric Power Cables and Control system Cables, High and Medium Voltage Cables, Bare Conductors and Special Cables
Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand Parent Thai company of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, A&W, Food Franchises
Latest Companies

Y.H.I. Temasek (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y & N Accounting  Y & N Prolab  Y. Aviation Co.,Ltd  Y. Contact Co.,Ltd  Y-Door (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y Local Holding Co.,Ltd  Y-Pac Group Co.,Ltd  Y. Shiina (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y 2 K Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd  Y.A.S. Gold Electroplating Co.,Ltd  Y.C. Products Co.,Ltd  Y.C.H. Yong Chiang Huad Co.,Ltd  Y.G. Mercant Co.,Ltd  Y.H.I. Temasek (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y.H.M.. Group Co.,Ltd  Y.H.S. International Co.,Ltd  Y.J. Chem Co.,Ltd  Y.K. Engineering & Trading Co.,Ltd  Y.K.K. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y.K.S. Limited Partnership  Y.L.J. International Co.,Ltd  Y.M. Trading Co.,Ltd  Y.M.C. Assembly Co.,Ltd  Y.M.C. Engineering Co.,Ltd  Y.M.C.A. Association of Bangkok  Y.M.D. Co.,Ltd  Y.M.F. International Co.,Ltd  Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y.N.A. International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y.Yong Hah Heng Limited Partnership  Y2k Travel Service Co.,Ltd  Ya Thai Chemical Co.,Ltd  Yachiyoda Alloy Wheel Co.,Ltd  Yadfon Association  Yahata Fastener Thai Co.,Ltd  Y.N.A. Service & Supply Co.,Ltd  Y.N.C. Trading Co.,Ltd  Y.N.S. Marketing Co.,Ltd  Y.P. Consultants Co.,Ltd  Y.P.A. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Y.P.N. Co.,Ltd  Y.P.O. International Co.,Ltd  Y.R.C. Textile Co.,Ltd  Y.S. Industry Co.,Ltd  Y.S. Land Co.,Ltd  Y.S. Precision Co.,Ltd  Y.S. Pund Co.,Ltd  Y.S. (Young Sung) Travel Co.,Ltd  Y.S.A. Design  Y.S.C. Chemical Co.,Ltd  Y.S.L. Intertrade Co.,Ltd  Y.S.N. Fiber Co.,Ltd  Y.S.R. Garment Co.,Ltd  Y.S.S. Co.,Ltd  Y.S.T. Automation Co.,Ltd  Y.T.S. Travel Service Co.,Ltd  Y.V.N. Tools Equipment Co.,Ltd  Y.V.W. Rubber Co.,Ltd  Y.W.C. Beauty Care Co.,Ltd Yaimai creative Group  Yak Yim Co.,Ltd  Yaki Yaki  Yakult (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yali Co.,Ltd  Yalowcare Co.,Ltd  Yamabishi Electric Co.,Ltd  Yamada Somboon Co.,Ltd  Yamaguchi Bank Co.,Ltd  Yamaha Art China (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamaha Engines Co.,Ltd  Yamahatsu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamaken Apparel Co.,Ltd  Yamamori Trading Co.,Ltd  Yamamoto Foundry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamamura Construction Co.,Ltd  Yamanouchi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamao-Esulon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamasei Thai Co.,Ltd  Yamashin Thai Co.,Ltd  Yamashita Mold ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd  Yamatai Co.,Ltd  Yamatane Corporation Thailand Office (Air Dispatch)  Yamato (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamato Creation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamato Esulon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamato International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yahoo Thailand    Yamato Scientific Co.,Ltd  Yamato Unyu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamazaki-Ike (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamazen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yamthai The Exporter  Yan Hee General Hospital Co.,Ltd  Yan Wal Yun Co.,Ltd  Yang Ching Enterprise Co.,Ltd  Yang Kaunwa Co.,Ltd  Yang Shing Machinery Works (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yang Teng Su Co.,Ltd  Yang Thai Pak Tai Co.,Ltd  Yang Yuen Industry Co.,Ltd  Yangkuang Travel & Trading Co.,Ltd  Yangming Marine Transport Corporation  Yanis Design  Yanmar S.P. Co.,Ltd  Yannawa Cold Storage Co.,Ltd  Yannawa Furniture  Yano Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yanyong Hat Co.,Ltd  Yanyont Nakorn Sawan (Thanchit) Co.,Ltd  Yaoban Santor Co.,Ltd  Yaowarak Hospital  Yarnapund Co.,Ltd  Yasith Design  Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co.,Ltd  Yasuda International Service Co.,Ltd  Yasuda Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd  Yatex Co.,Ltd  Yatrabaipo Co.,Ltd  Yawalagi Thai Silk Yawalagi Co.,Ltd  Yawaraj Travel Service  Yawata (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Year Appraisal Co.,Ltd  Years Bright Industrial Co.,Ltd  Yeenin Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd  Yeh Jyei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yeing Vorakit Co.,Ltd  Yellow Ribbon Hills  Yellow Stone Fashion Co.,Ltd  Yelowcare Co.,Ltd  Yelowtech International Co.,Ltd  Yemenia Airways Bangkok  Yen A-Kat  Yen Jyei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yen Set Center Co.,Ltd  Yen Tung Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yeneral Data Co.,Ltd  Yenprang Trading Co.,Ltd  Yensub Industry 1993 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yenwa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yeo Heng Co.,Ltd  Yeow Thye Nguan Co.,Ltd  Yes Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yeuantong Weave Co.,Ltd  Yeun Yong Tannery Co.,Ltd  Yi Cheng .Co.,Ltd  Yi Jia International Co.,Ltd  Yibinchoice & Yas Co.,Ltd  Yichon Co.,Ltd  Yichong Co.,Ltd  Yiee Nien Gems ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd  Yiewheng Co.,Ltd  Yii Chih Industrial Co.,Ltd  Yimnex Import Export Co.,Ltd  Yindee (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd  Ying Chamreon Co.,Ltd  Ying Charoan  Ying Charoen Communication  Ying Chareon Wiuwat Lohakij Co.,Ltd  Ying Charoen Numchok Knitting Co.,Ltd  Ying Charoen Paint Industry Co.,Ltd  Ying Charoen Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd  Ying Fung Trading Co.,Ltd  Ying Thai  Ying Yong Plastics Glas Co.,Ltd  Yingcharoen Paint Industry Co.,Ltd  Yingdee Intertrade Co.,Ltd  Yingjaruan      Yingsak Food Network Co.,Ltd  Yip in Tsoi Co.,Ltd  Yipintsoi & Jacks Co.,Ltd  Yipseng Co.,Ltd  YJ Chem Co.,Ltd  Yo Kee Thong Poon Co.,Ltd  Yo Management Co.,Ltd  Yo-Zuri (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yoadjarust Intertrade Co.,Ltd  Yoarreum Yoarhaeng Tour Co.,Ltd  Yod Fah Co.,Ltd  Yod Inter Co.,Ltd  Yod Nam Co.,Ltd  Yoda herbs Thailand Co.,Ltd  Yodfa Enterprise Co.,Ltd  Yoga For Health Bangkok  Yogi Restaurant Bangkok  Yohan Department Store Co.,Ltd  Yok Yor Marina Restaurant Bangkok  Yoki Furniture Co.,Ltd  Yokkaichi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yokogawa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yokohama System Mover (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yokokawa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yokoo Thai Co.,Ltd  Yomrach Refrigeration (1997) Co.,Ltd  Yoneden (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yong Antique Shop Bangkok  Yong Awi Sue Yia Import Export Co.,Ltd  Yong Boonheng Co.,Ltd  Yong Chiang Lee Co.,Ltd  Yong Chiang Long Sawmill Co.,Ltd  Yong Choo Wathana Co.,Ltd  Yong Deng Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yong Fa Industrial Corp. Co.,Ltd  Yong Fa Thai Trading Co.,Ltd  Yong Ha Co.,Ltd  Yong Ha Heng Co.,Ltd  Yong Hah Lee Import-Export (1974) Co.,Ltd  Yong Hah Seng Furniture & Construction Limited Part  Yong Heng Huad Co.,Ltd  Yong Heng Lee Shop  Yong Heng Tannery Co.,Ltd  Yong Hong Machinery Co.,Ltd  Yong Huad Kasob Co.,Ltd  Yong Lee Huat Shop  Yong Lee Plastic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd  Yong Long Enterprise Co.,Ltd  Yong Long Siam Co.,Ltd  Yong Lung Enterprise Co.,Ltd  Yong Man Co.,Ltd Yong Ngiab Shop Yong Ngiap (Thummasak) Shop  Yong Pipat Co.,Ltd  Yong Sales & Service Co.,Ltd  Yong Sanga Co.,Ltd  Yong Seng Jun Factory  Yong Seng Nguan (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd  Yong Seng Tai 1994 Co.,Ltd  Yong Service Air & Sound Co.,Ltd  Yong Siang Co.,Ltd  Yong Thai Co.,Ltd  Yong Thai Public Co.,Ltd  Yong Thai Rubber Industrial Co.,Ltd  Yong Thai Seng Timber Co.,Ltd Yong Wan Dee Weaving & Dyeing Factory Co.,Ltd  Yong Yong Co.,Ltd Yongchaisiri Co.,Ltd  Yongfa Industrial Co.,Ltd  Yongfa Industrial Corp.Co.,Ltd Yonghong Machinery Co.,Ltd  Yongheng Rubber Co.,Ltd  Yonghongseng Co.,Ltd  Yongkee Co.,Ltd  Yongkij Watsaduphan Co.,Ltd  Yongpeng Import Co.,Ltd Yongrungruean Co.,Ltd  Yongsawad Book Factory Co.,Ltd  Yongsawad Home Pro Co.,Ltd  Yongsenghong Industry Co.,Ltd  Yongsilp Fastem Co.,Ltd  Yongsilp Motorcushion Co.,Ltd  Yongsin Loha Co.,Ltd  Yongsuwan Transport Co.,Ltd Yongthana Foods Co.,Ltd  Yongwattana Leather Co.,Ltd  Yonkit Engineer Pattana Co.,Ltd  Yonlanan Construction 2002 .Co.,Ltd  Yonprathip Tractor Co.,Ltd  Yont Ruang Co.,Ltd  Yontchai Garage Co.,Ltd  Yontprasert Garage Co.,Ltd  Yontragum Panich Co.,Ltd  Yontrakarn Metal Work Co.,Ltd Yontrakhum Panich R.O.P.  Yontrakit Co.,Ltd.  Yontrakit Automobiles Co.,Ltd Yontrakit Group Co.,Ltd  Yontrakit Inter Sell Co.,Ltd Yontrakit Intersales Co.,Ltd Yontrakit Kia Motor Co.,Ltd Yontrakit Service Co.,Ltd Yontrakit Volkswagen Marketing Co.,Ltd Yontrung Co.,Ltd Yontthasee Spare Parts Co.,Ltd. Yoo Han Express Co.,Ltd Yoo Hong Seng Hong R.O.P Yoo Hui Construction Co.,Ltd Yoo Jeong Tour Co.,Ltd Yoo Lee Huat Steel Work Co.,Ltd Yoo Lim Co.,Ltd Yoon Lin Tannery Co.,Ltd Yoo Long Kim Kee Golf Store Co.,Ltd Yoo Soong Industry Co.,Ltd Yoo United Import Co.,Ltd Yoohong Import And Export Co.,Ltd Yoolim Fashion Co.,Ltd Yoon Siam Oversea Trading Co.,Ltd Yoonsila Metropolitan Co.,Ltd Yoosiam Inter Group Co.,Ltd York Air Conditioning And Refrigertion Inc York Inc Co.,Ltd York Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd YORK Refrigeration (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yorker Trading Co.,Ltd Yorozu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yoshino Import Export (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yoshino Moong Pattana (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yoshitake Works (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yota Co.,Ltd Yota Twozu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Yotaya Enterprise Co.,Ltd Yothaka International Co.,Ltd You Hardware Co.,Ltd Young Ace Tour Co.,Ltd Young Camping & Military Equipment Co.,Ltd Young Camping Shop Bangkok Young Euan Industry Co.,Ltd Young Exchange Service Co.,Ltd Young Inter Garments Co.,Ltd Young International Trading Co.,Ltd Young International Travel & Trading Co.,Ltd Young Man Co.,Ltd. Young Meedee Future Co.,Ltd Young Nguan Industries Limited Partnership Young Original Group Co.,Ltd Young Plush Toy Co.,Ltd Young Sin Co.,Ltd Young World Co.,Ltd Your Holidays Co.,Ltd Your House The Coffee Bakery Co.,Ltd Youzen Restaurant Yu Chang Enterprise Co.,Ltd Yu Fong International Co.,Ltd Yu Shan Enterprise Co.,Ltd Yuan Deng Industrial Co.,Ltd Yuan Ming Machinery Co.,Ltd Yuan Shan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yuan Thai Travel And Trading Co.,Ltd Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd Yuchai Engineering Co.,Ltd Yuen Yong Enterprises Co.,Ltd Yuenyong Co.,Ltd Yuenyong Tannery Co.,Ltd Yugoslav Airlines Bangkok Yuk Kee Weaving Factory Thailand Yuk Thai Sin Import Export Co.,Ltd Yuko Arise Shine Co.,Ltd Yukon Miracle Co.,Ltd Yukthaisin Import Export Co.,Ltd Yul's Antiques Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yumark Bangkok Co.,Ltd Yun Siam Overseas Trading Co.,Ltd Yunnan Airlines Bangkok Yunnan Food Stuff 2002 Co.,Ltd Yunnan Travel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yung Shing Plastic Co.,Ltd Yupin Furniture Co.,Ltd Yurasilp Karnchang Shop Yusen Air & Sea Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yusen Travel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Yuta International Trading Co.,Ltd Yuthanan Industry Co.,Ltd Yutharint Printing Co.,Ltd Yuthcharoen Karnchang Yuva Tex Limited Partnership Yuvasilp Film Co.,Ltd Yves Joaillier Co.,Ltd Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

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