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Thailand Chemical Companies, Thai Chemical Manufacturers



Thailand Chemical manufacturers supply Thai industry and Thai factories with a wide range of chemicals and chemical products for many different applications from pharmaceuticals to the food industry. From car care to skin care. These chemicals and chemical based products are often available for export also.


Here are just of the few industries, products and the industrial processes here in Thailand that are heavily dependant on home produced and imported chemicals: abs processing, acid acceptor in pe, acid acceptor in polystyrene, acid acceptor in pp, additive in grease, aerosol shave creams, agriculture, alkyd resin manufacturing, anti blocking agent, anti settling agent, anti caking agent, anti curl agent,

  • anti dusting agent in talcum powder, anti foam agent, anti settling agent, anticorrosive agent, asbestos, abs processing, acid acceptor in pe, acid acceptor in polystyrene, acid acceptor in pp, additive in grease, aerosol shave creams, agriculture, alkyd resin manufacturing, anti blocking agent, anti settling agent, anti caking agent, anti curl agent, anti dusting agent in talcum powder, anti foam agent, anti settling agent, anticorrosive agent, asbestos

  • basic oil preparations, basis oil, binder, binder for facial make up, body powder, body wash,
    boundary lubricants in liquid form

  • calcium carbonate coating, candles, candles hardening agent, carbon papers manufacturing, carbon steel, carrier oil for aroma, cleaning compounds, cleansing lotions, coating, coating industry, cologne, commercial cleaning, construction chemicals, cosmetic, cosmetic soap, cosmetics, cosmetic creams, cutting compound paste, cutting oils

  • defoamers for paper pulp mills, derivatives, dispersing agent, dispersion of dyes and pigments, dry fruit coating, dry lubricant

  • e.p. additives, electroplating, embalming of histological specimens, embalming of medical specimens, emollient, emulsifiers, emulsifiers, emulsifying agent, external lubricant for pvc, enamels, ethylene bistearamide manufacturing, external lubricant for pvc

  • face powder, fertilizer, fiber, fiber delustering agent, flatting agent, flotation aid in paper manufacturing, fluidization of lecithin, flux for soldering, foam bath, foam booster, foam stabilizer, foaming agent, food industries

  • gelling agents, gels, glues, grease, grinding agents

  • hair colorants, hair conditioner, hair oil, hand creams, hand lotions, hand wash, hardener, heat stabilizer, hot bath applications, house hold applications, house hold creams

  • industrial cleaning, industrial lubricants, industrial rubbers, inks, intermediate in resin manufacturing, internal lubricant for pvc

  • lacquers, latex stabilizer, liquid cleansers, liquid detergents, liquid dispensers, liquid soap, lotions, low foam applications, lubricant in calendaring and extruding processes of plastics, lubricant in tire manufacturing, lubricants, lubricating oil

  • manufacturing of metallic stearates and stabilizers, manufacturing of pvc bottles, manufacturing of pvc films, manufacturing of pvc foils, manufacturing of solid boundary lubricants for yarn processing in textile industry, matting agent, metal anticorrosive agent, metal polishes, metal working chemicals, metal working coolants, mould release agent in rubber industry

  • nail polish, non aerosol shaving creams, non ionic surfactant

  • oil field chemicals, oil field corrosion inhibitors, oil well treatment, ointments, opacifying agent, opacifier, ore processing, oxidation catalyst

  • paints manufacturing, paper manufacturing, paper softener, pearling agent, perfume carrier, pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceuticals, pigment dispersant, pigments, plastic processing, plasticizer for pvc, plasticizer for sponges, plasticizer for synthetic leather, plastics, polymerization of butadiene, polishing, polystyrene, public toilets, pvc bottles, pvc industries, pvc pipes

  • releasing agent in bakery, releasing agent in confectionery, resins, retarder for settling, rigid pvc, roll-ons, rubber, rubber parts, rubber tires, rust preventor

  • secondary plasticizer, shampoo, shower bath, shower cream, skin creams, slolubilising agent, soaps, softener in rubbers, solubiliser, stabilizer, stabilizer, stabilizing agent, stabilizer in rubbers, stabilizing agent, sugar industry, suntan lotion, super fattening agent, suspending agent, suspensions, synthetic ester lubricant, synthetic wax

  • textile auxiliary chemicals, textile cleaning agent, textile industry, textile leveling agent, textile lubricating agent, textile scouring agent, thickening agent, toilet soap, tire mounting agent

  • vulcanization activator in rubbers, vanishing creams, varnish manufacturing, vulcanization activator in rubbers, water proofing agent, water proofing cements, wax formulations, wetting agent

  • paints, ink, resin and concrete industries, Baking, Beer & Fruit Juices, Blenders, Condiments, Confectionery, Dairy, Fats & Oils, Fruits & Vegetables, Jams & Jelly, Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Noodles, Seasoning, Snackfood, Sugar & Starch industry, Agricultural Chemicals, Household, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning, Textile Formulation, Emulsion Polymerisation, and Paper Industries, personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, Compounders, Masterbatchers, Polyolefines, PVC, and Packaging industries, Belting, Compounders, Foam, Gloves, Profiles, Seals, Footwear and Tyres.

Some chemicals are imported so there is still scope for foreign chemical manufacturers to export their products directly to Thai manufacturers or to use agents and trading companies as local distributors. Many of these raw and processed chemicals and the products they are used in are available for export. Thailand is also a major importer of chemical products. If you want to import into Thailand we can help you find the right trading company or distributor to meet your needs.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For your chemicals needs please email with your requests.


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  • Thailand Chemical Associations
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A contact directory of some chemical related companies and Thailand chemicals manufacturers can be found here: Thailand Chemicals Companies

Featured Thailand Chemical Companies

A.F. GOODRICH CHEMICALS CO,  LTD. Thailand Thailand Chemical Manufacturer of Blowing Agent for Rubber, PVC and EVA
A.O. Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of PVC Plasticizers - Dop (Dioctyl Phthalate) and Dinp (Di-Isononyl Phthalate)
Ars Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Household chemicals, Insecticides, Mosquito Repellent Coil, Air Freshener, Gel, Spray Mouthwash
Gredmann (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand A Taiwanese Manufacturer of Chemical Products, Electronics, Metals, Electro-Ceramic Materials, Ferrite & Magnet Materials, Flame Retardants, Surface Treatment, Rubber & Paint Materials and Food Additives
HMC Polymers Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Polypropylene Plastic Resins, Polymers, Polypropylene Resins, Film Grade Resins and Fiber Resins
OMG (THAILAND) CO., LTD Thailand Manufacturer of PVC stabilizers and additives, Metal carboxylates, such as cobalt, calcium, zirconium, manganese, barium, and zinc
Q-BEST ENTERPRISE CO. LTD Thailand A Taiwanese company trading in Chemicals for polymer manufacturing industry. Power liquid type stabilizer for PVC, Additives for Polymer production
Q-FAC CO.,LTD Thailand A Thai manufacturer of agricultural chemical products, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and liquid fertilizers
Thai Caprolactam Public Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Distributor of Caprolactam and Ammonium Sulphate and Nylon raw materials.

Following you will find lists of chemical products and companies involved in the chemical business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a chemical company or simply supply a list of these chemical companies then please email

absorbers: activated carbon
absorbers: chemical plant
acetic acid
acid (hydrochloric)
acid corrosion inhibitors for chemical cleaning
acid corrosion inhibitors for steel products
acid dyestuff
acid phosphoric ester
acrylic resins
acs reagent, electronic
activated carbon
active zinc oxide
additives for coating and inks
adhesive for stone
adhesives & sealants
adhesives chemicals
adhesives industry chemicals
adipic acid
aerosol insecticide
agricultural chemicals
agro chemical
agro chemicals
agrochemicals & pesticides
air conditioner cleaner
air fresheners
air refresher product
alcohol alkoxylate
alcohol ethoxylate
aldehyde & ketone
alkanolamine salt
alkyd resins
alkyl polyalkylene glycol
alkyl polyglucoside
alkyl polypropylene glycol
alkylcarboxylic acids
alkylnaphthalenesulphonic acid
alkylphenol ether sulfate
alkylphenol ether sulphate
alkylphenol ethoxylate
allyl alcohol ethoxylate
alumina gel
alumina: activated
aluminium fluoride
aluminium oxide
aluminium sillicate
aluminium stearate
aluminium sulphate
aluminum anodizing chemicals
amendments: soil
amine alkoxylate
amino acid
amino molding compound
ammonium bicarbonate disodium 5
ammonium sulphate
animal fat
animal fatty acid
anionic polymer
anionic surfactant combination based on a fatty alcohol ethoxylate
anti free radical
anti-rust/anti-corrosion coating
aqueous cleaning fluids
aromatherapy fragrances
aromatic chemicals
artificial sweeteners
as resin
automotive refinishes
auxiliary chemicals for tire and rubber industries
barium stearate
barium sulphate
basic dyestuff
battery chemicals
benzene & ramification
bio pesticides
biocides and additives
biodegradable drilling fluid
biological chemicals
biological products for farming
bio-technology products
bisphenol a
bituminous roofing
bituminous waterproofing
black oxides
blended ball clay
blending polymer & chemicals
bonding agents
boron carbide
boron nitride
bromide and lab chemicals
bromined cobalt manganese acetate
butyl stearate
c4 derivatives
cable removal chemicals
calcium carbonate
calcium hypochlorite
calcium lactate
calcium masterbatches
calcium nitrate
calcium peroxide
calcium stearate
calcium stearate-light
can coating
can sealing compound
caprylic / capric acid blend
car care & treatment products
car care product
carbon black
carbon dioxide
carbon disulfide
carbon graphite
carbon products
carbonylic ester
carpet care & cleaning agents
casein: granular or powder
castor oil ethoxylate
cationic polymer
caustic soda
caustic soda alternatives
ceramics chemicals
ceramics industry chemicals
charcoal: activated
charcoal: artificial or chemical
charcoal: bone
charcoal: case hardening
charcoal: filtering
charcoal: lump, powdered, pulverized, granulated
chelating agent
chemical additive
chemical additives, auxiliary
chemical company
chemical compound products
chemical compounds
chemical consulting
chemical database
chemical distributor
chemical elements
chemical etching
chemical extinguisher
chemical facial peel
chemical fiber 3
chemical filter
chemical formula
chemical industry
chemical machinery
chemical manufacturing
chemical plant
chemical products
chemical products for polymer manufacturing industry
chemical products for the textile industry
chemical products for wood preservation
chemical projects
chemical pump
chemical raw materials
chemical reagent
chemical resistant brick
chemical sampling and analysis
chemical supplier
chemical supplies
chemical tanks
chemical testing solutions
chemical toilet
chemical trading
chemical treatment
chemical treatment for stone
chemical waste
chemical weapons
chemical-bond fabric
chemicals agents
chemicals analytical reference materials
chemicals for automobile
chemicals for cleaning
chemicals for cleaning product
chemicals for cleaning steel sheets
chemicals for concrete
chemicals for the adhesives industry
chemicals for the ceramics industry
chemicals for the cosmetics industry
chemicals for the electroplating industry.
chemicals for the food industry
chemicals for the glass industry
chemicals for the healthcare industry
chemicals for the paper industry
chemicals for the plastics industry
chemicals for the polymer industry
chemicals for the sanitaryware industry
chemicals product for water treatment systems
chemicals small quantities
chemicals standards
chemicals stocks
chemicals supplier for industrial and environment
chemicals using in electronics industry
chlorinated paraffin
chlorinated solvents
chlorine: liquid
chromic colours
chromium applications to waste control
chromium sulphate
clay: insecticide
cleaning chemicals
cleaning compounds
cleaning products
cleaning, environmentally preferred
cleaning, green
coated calcium carbonate
coating and leather industries
coating materials
coatings & finishes
cobalt acetate
cobalt glucoheptonate.
cobalt sulphate
cockroach repellent
coco amine
coconut diethanolamide
color dispersed
color for cosmetics
color for drugs
color for food
color plastic masterbatches
colors & pigments
colour and metallic pigments
coloured resin compounds
composition: tripoli
composition: vienna lime
computer cleaner
concrete & epoxy coatings
concrete construction, surface & integral
concrete repairs & masonry treatment products
conditioners: chemical & fertilizer
conditioning agents
construction chemicals
construction industry chemicals
contact cleaner
controlled release
cooling tower water treatment
copper lysine
copper sulphate
cosmetic ingredients
cosmetic raw materials
cosmetics chemicals
cosmetics industry chemicals
crop protection
crude oil
curing agents
curing for powder coating
de-scaling accelerators with corrosion inhibition function
detergent chemicals
dibasic lead stearate
didymium oxide
dinitroso petamethylene tetram
dipstick test
dishwashing detergents
disinfectant cleaner
disinfectants: non-toxic
disodium phosphate
disodium salt
dispersants: oil spill
disperse dyes
distilled coconut fatty acid
distilled mixed fatty acid
distilled monoglyceride
distilled palm fatty acid
distilled rice bran fatty acid
distilled soyabean fatty acid
dog shampoo
dry cleaning
dry colorant
dry ice
dust treating
dust: diamond
dust: iron
dust: marble
dusters: insecticide
dyes & pigments
ehtylene bis stearamide
electroplating chemicals
elementary substance
engineering chemicals
environment chemical
environmental chemicals
enzyme cleaner, odor control
enzyme formulations
enzymetic peroxide killer
eo- po- block polymer
eo-po block copolymer
epoxidised oil
epoxy encapsulation material
epoxy floor coating
epoxy resins
equipment chemical
erosion and corrosion protection
essential oils
esterified polyether
esters: sucrose
etching agents
ethylene diamine
ethylene glycol distearate
ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
exporting raw chemicals
exporting raw materials
extreme hard tallow
failure analysis
fatty acid
fatty acid condensation product
fatty alcohol
fatty alcohol alkoxylate
fatty alcohol ether sulfate
fatty alcohol ethoxylate
feed additives for black tiger shrimps
ferrous sulphate
fine chemicals
finished chemical
fire & flame resistant & retardant
flaky metal oxide fine powders
flavor enhancers
flavour and fragrance
floor maintenance
floor sealer
floor stripper/cleaner
fluorescent pigments
fodder, feed additives
food additives
food chemicals
food industry chemicals
formic acid
fragrance (liquid)
fragrances and flavours
fragrant starch spray
fuel oil
fumed silica
furnace carbon black
galvanizing chemicals
gas chemical
gaseous oxygen
gel ink
general chemicals
glass chemicals
glass cleaner product
glass industry chemicals
glucono deltalactone
glutamic acid
glycerol mono oleate
glycerol mono stearate-self emulsifying type
glycerol monostearate-non self emulsifying type
granular activated carbon
grouting compounds
guerbet alcohol
guerbet alcohol alkoxylate
gum rosin
gypsum plaster powder
healthcare chemicals
healthcare industry chemicals
hexahydrotriazine derivative
high polymers
high purity
high tenacity polyester
high-purity liquid argon
hiv antibody tests
hot melt adhesive
hot tub chemicals
household cleaning agents
household cleaning chemicals
household insecticide
household shining & waxing agents
hydro cholric acid
hydrocarbon resin
hydrochloric acid
hydrofluoric acid
hydrogen peroxide
hydrogynated palm oil
hyper heat resistant inorganic adhesives and paints
hyper heat resistant paints
ice & snow melting
industrial & technical
industrial chemical products
industrial chemicals
industrial lubricants
industrial paint
industrial salt
industrial, biobased
industry chemical
inkjet ink
inorganic acid
inorganic chemical materials
inorganic chemicals
inorganic flocculants
inorganic salt
insect repellent
insecticide aerosol product
insecticide powder product
insulation materials
irradiation cross-linked polypropylene foam
iso-butyl acetate
lab supplies
lacquer and thinner
laundry soaps & detergents
lauric aicd
lead stearate
leather protecting
leather tanners
linseed oils
liquid aluminium sulfate
liquid argon
liquid chemicals
liquid chlorine
liquid cleanser
liquid dishwashing
liquid ferric chloride
liquid nitrogen
liquid oxygen
liquid soap
liquid soaps
long-chain fatty alcohols
luminescent, phosphorescent
magnesium stearate
magnesium stearate, lead stearate
magnesium sulphate
maleic acid copolyme
maleic acid-acrylic acid copolymer,
maleic acid-olefin copolymer
maltitol syrup
manganese methionine
manufacture of glutamic acid
manufacture of pesticides
manufacturing chemicals
manufacturing modified starch
manufacturing of ethyl alcohol
medium chain triglycerides
melamine compound
metal carboxylates
metal cleaning
metal, non-toxic
metallurgy, mining
methylpolyethylene glycol
military specification
mixture of dicarboxylic acids
modified anionic polyamine
modified polyacrylate
modified polyacrylic acid
modified polycarboxylate
modified polyglycol ether
moisture absorbing
monosodium glutamate msg
monosodium glutamate.
monosodium phosphate
mosquito coils
mosquito repellent
mud, drilling
municipal water
myristic acid
naphthaline sulphonic acid condensation
natural caffeine
natural food colours
natural gas
nature-identical deodorant substances
niobium compounds
nitrilotriacetic acid
nitro cellulose
nonionic copolymer
nonionic surfactant combination based on an alkylphenol ethoxylate
nonionic surfactants
npk fertilizer
nylon chip
nylon filament yarn
odor control
odor neutralizing
oil field
oleic acid
oleic acid amine
oleic acid diethanolamide .
oleic acid ethoxylate
oleo derivative product
oleyl amine
optical whitener
organic acid
organic chemical materials
organic chemicals industry
organic fertilizer
organic intermediate
organic pigments
organic salt
organic trace mineral complexes
oxalic acid
oxo alcohol
oxo alcohol ethoxylate
paint & coating manufacturers
paint biocide and additives
paint chemicals
paint resin
paint thinners
paints and coatings
palm fat
palmitic acid
parifin (chlorinated)
pe wax
peg 400 monostearate
pentasodium salt of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid
peracetic acid
performance chemicals
perfume materials
petrochemical plants
petroleum & products
petroleum treating
pharmaceutical chemicals
phenol sulphonic acid condensation
phosphate chemical manufacturer
phosphate salts
phosphonic acid
phosphorescent pigments
phosphoric ester
phosphoric monoester
photo chemicals
photoinitiater and amine
phthalic anhydride
pigment for ceramic industry
pigmentation products
pineapple enzyme
plant extracts
plant growth regulator
plant liquid micronutrients
plastic compounds manufacturer
plastic machinery
plastic mfg.
plastic resins hdpe
plastics & products
plastics chemicals
plastics industry chemicals
plating chemicals
po-eo block copolymer
poly aluminum chloride
polyacrylic acid
polyacrylic acid, sodium salt
poly-aluminium chloride
polycrystalline silicone
polyethylene glycol
polyisobutene derivative
polymer chemicals
polymer industry chemicals
polymer products
polypropylene compounds
polypropylene glycol
polypropylene plastic resins
polyvinyl acetate
pool chemicals
potassium bromide
potassium linoleate
potassium oleate
potassium palmitate
potassium permanganate
potassium stearate
powder and liquid detergents
powder cleaners
powder coating for industry product
powder: barium ferrite
powdered activated carbon
precious metal
precipitated silica
printed circuit board pcb
printing oil
private label
process chemicals
processing aids
product chemical
propargylalcohol alkoxylate
pulp & paper
pulp chemicals
pvc stabilizers
rapidly solidified powders
rare earth
rat glue-trap
raw chemicals
reactive dyes
refined glycerine
releasing agent
removers & solvents
research chemicals
rubber & products
rubber chemicals
rubber makers
rust removing & preventing
sand control
sanitaryware chemicals
sanitaryware industry chemicals
sewage treatment
sewer treatment
silicone emulsion
silicone-related specialty chemicals
single metal soap
soap base
soap fatty acid
soap makers
soda ash
soda: caustic
sodium acid pyrophosphate
sodium alginat
sodium benzoate
sodium bicarbonate
sodium bisulphite
sodium erythorbate
sodium feldspar
sodium hexametaphosphate
sodium hydrosulfide
sodium hypochlorite
sodium metabisulphite
sodium myristate
sodium oleate
sodium salt
sodium stearate
sodium sulphate
sodium sulphite
sodium triployphosphates,
solder paste
solid aluminium sulfate
solvent dyestuff
sorbitan mono oleate
sorbitan monostearate
sorbitol compound
sorbitol syrup
spa chemicals
speciality phosphates
specially formulated distilled coco.
specially formulated distilled tallow
specialty chemicals
specialty gases
stearic acid
stearine wax
sulfuric acid
swimming pool
swimming pool chemicals
synthetic food colours
synthetic resin
synthetic rubber
table salt
tall oil fatty acid substitute
tallow amine
tallow fatty acid
tantalum compounds
tantalum metal powder
teflon coating
television tube
termite killers
tetramethylolacetylene diurea
tetrasodium pyrophosphate
tetrasodium salt
textile auxiliaries
textile chemicals
textile dyes
textile printing inks
textile resin
thaiamine (melamine)
thiadiazine derivative
titanium dioxide
triammonium salt
tribasic lead sulphate
triethylene glycol
trisodium phosphate
trisodium salt
trisodium salt of hydroxyethylethylene- diaminetriacetic acid
trisodium salt of methylglycinediacetic acid
truck washing
ultrasonic chemicals
ultrasonic cleaning chemicals
uncoated calcium carbonate
unsaturated polyester resins
urea stearate
vapor control inhibitors
varnish thinner
vinylimidazol copolymer
waste absorbents
waste treatment
wastewater treatment
water treatment
water treatment chemicals
water treatment, swimming pool
waterproofing & corrosion
wax dispersion
whiting calcium carbonate
wholesale chemicals
x-ray processing
zinc chemicals
zinc methionine
zinc oxide
zinc stearate
zinc stearate-light
zinc sterate
zinc sulphate
zirconium silicate

3m thailand limited
3tm plastics co ltd
3w center
a. yang thai manufacturing 1992 co, ltd
a.b.g. chemtech co.,ltd.
a.c. inter chemical co, ltd.
a.f. goodrich chemicals co, ltd.
a.o. chemicals co, ltd.
a.p. chemical (1993) co., ltd.
a.r.s. chemical (thailand) co, ltd.
a.t. chemical co.,ltd.
a.t.e. maskati co, ltd
a.t.p. chemicals co.,ltd.
a.t.s. chemical co., ltd.
act (thailand) co, ltd.
actochem (thai) industries co., ltd.
adinop co, ltd.
advance paint & chemical (thailand) public co ltd
advance polymers & chemicals co, ltd.
advance product marketing ltd., part.
advance reengineering technology co.,ltd
advanced chemical engineering co.,ltd.
aero fluid co, ltd.
aesthetic plus co., ltd.
ag-gro (thailand) co, ltd.
agro chemical industry co., ltd.
aida pacific co., ltd.
air chemicals co, ltd.
ak thai chemi co, ltd.
akzo nobel coatings thailand
aldan co ltd
alfa chemical and technology co., ltd.
algebra corporation co., ltd.
aliage chemicosmic ltd., part.
all mixed industrial co., ltd.
allied chemicals international co, ltd
alon siam co, ltd.
alpha thai minerals co, ltd.
alphani international
amaco petroleum co, ltd.
amalta chemical co, ltd.
amardass champi l.p.
american petrochemical (thailand) co., ltd
american trading co thailand ltd
ampelite manufacturing co., ltd.
ampolene (thailand) co., ltd.
anand vishal international (thailand) co.,ltd.
anti-fire co., ltd.
anti-fire industry co., ltd.
apex petrochemical co.,ltd.
apollo (thailand) co, ltd.
applied chemical industries co., ltd.
appliedchem (thailand) co, ltd.
aqua cheme co, ltd.
aqua cooler international co., ltd.
arakawa chemical (thailand) ltd.
armstrong rubber & chemical products co, ltd.
aromatics (thailand) public co. ltd,
art chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
asada chemical co., ltd.
asahi omni (thailand) co ltd
asceram ac ltd., part.
asia badger inc
asia chemical co.,ltd.
asia chemical fertilizer industrial co., ltd.
asia drug & chemical, ltd.part.
asia dyestuff industries,ltd.
asia fluoropolymer co., ltd.
asia pacific chemicals co., ltd.
asia pacific potash corporation limited
asia paiboon wong co., ltd.
asia paint and chemicals co., ltd.
asia plastics industry (1983) co., ltd.
asia polymer industrial co., ltd.
asia shellac ltd., part.
asia solvent co., ltd.
asian chemfin co., ltd.
asian chemicals & engineering co, ltd.
asian group of companies
asian insulators public company limited
asian mineral resources co, ltd.
asta intergroup ltd., part.
astraco asia trading (thailand) co, ltd.
atofina (s.e.a.) pte, ltd.
atotech (thailand) co ltd
audace industries co., ltd.
aventis cropscience (thailand) co., ltd.
b & k chemical trading co, ltd.
b.p. chemicals co., ltd.
b.p.t. industries public co., ltd.
b.s. international co., ltd.
b.s. rung siam ltd, part.
b.t.b. industry (thailand) co., ltd.
b.u. chemical industry co., ltd.
baivan ltd., part.
balarama s enterprises (thailand) co, ltd
bamco (thailand) co, ltd.
bang bon industry co., ltd
bang trading 1992 co, ltd.
bang wua fiberglass co, ltd.
bangkok cao co., ltd.
bangkok care clean (thailand) co., ltd.
bangkok chemart ltd. part.
bangkok chemical industrial co., ltd.
bangkok cogeneration
bangkok companies
bangkok drug co, ltd.
bangkok dynamics co., ltd.
bangkok industrial gas co ltd.
bangkok nanyang chemical co, ltd.
bangkok photo supplies co., ltd.
bangkok plastic chemical lp
bangkok polyethylene public co, ltd.
bangkok precise products co., ltd.
bangkok pvc group co, ltd.
bangkok sarn co., ltd.
bangkok synthetics co, ltd.
bangkok thai electronic chemical
bangkok tokyo polymer co., ltd.
bangkok vetlab (b-lab) co.,ltd.
bangna kasob co., ltd
bangpoo chemicals co., ltd.
bara chemical co, ltd.
bara windsor co, ltd.
barbe (thailand) ltd.
basf (thai) ltd.
bath star marketing co., ltd
bayer laboratories co, ltd.
bayer thai co, ltd.
beautippack co, ltd
beauty thai rubber chemical co, ltd.
becthai bangkok equipment & chemical co., ltd.
before, lp
behn meyer & co (thailand) ltd.
benjachemi supply ltd.,part.
berli jucker public company limited
berlin pharmaceutical industry co, ltd.
bertram chemical (1982) co, ltd.
best international group of company
best precision ltd.
best product export co., ltd.
bestic thai industry co, ltd.
bestrade ltd.
bettastyle co, ltd.
betz dearborn thailand co ltd
bever medical industry co, ltd.
bhasicharern cord industry co., ltd.
bimol international co, ltd.
biocura production co.,ltd.
bio-rad laboratories ltd.
bioseed genetics ltd.
blucher co, ltd.
blue & white 1989 ltd, part.
boehm thai co, ltd.
bond chemicals co. ltd.
bondtech chemicals co., ltd.
boonthawee chemephan co., ltd
boonya industrial & products co., ltd.
boonyachode trading co., ltd.
bornnet corperation co, ltd
bosny group co., ltd
bottcher (thailand) gmbh
bredero price pipecoaters (thailand) limited
brighten polytrading co, ltd.
burapa cheep co, ltd.
burapathep limited partnership
burapha plastic industrial co., ltd.
buscons international company limited
business plus solutions co.,ltd
c. gigantic carbon co, ltd.
c. melchers & co. (thailand) ltd.
c. thai chemicals co, ltd.
c.b. chemical industrial co., ltd.
c.b.c. (thailand) co., ltd.
c.h.p. group co., ltd
c.i.c. co., ltd.
c.k. witco (thailand) co, ltd.
c.k.d. chemical co., ltd.
c.k.l. electronics co., ltd.
c.n.c. international co ltd
c.n.s.l. (thailand) co., ltd.
c.n.t. chemical & transport service co., ltd.
c.r.s. chemical co, ltd.
c.t. international chemicals co., ltd
c.t. petrochemical co, ltd.
c.t.c. supply co., ltd.
c.t.c.i. (thailand) co, ltd.
cabin paint industrial ltd., part.
calcium products co, ltd.
caldic (thailand) ltd
callot chemical ltd, part.
canadoil asia ltd
can-asia products co., ltd.
candidthai co., ltd.
cap and cro thai co., ltd.
carbokarn co, ltd.
carbon kings co, ltd.
carco chemical co., ltd.
car-lack (thai-german) co, ltd.
carnaud metal box (thailand) public co, ltd
carpoint thailand
cathay chemical l.p.
cbc (thailand) co.,ltd.
cementhai chemicals co, ltd.
centasia co, ltd.
central ceramics (thailand) co ltd
central ceramics international ltd
central ink & chemicals limited partnership
central plastic co.,ltd
central worldwide co., ltd.
century eletronics and systems co, ltd.
century plastic co., ltd.
cera c-cure co, ltd.
ch. chaiwattana plastic ltd., part.
ch. industry co., ltd.
chai burapa co., ltd.
chai mongkol industry co., ltd.
chai plaspack co., ltd.
chai wattana plastic co, ltd
chai yong rubber industry ltd., part
chaichanakol ltd, part.
chaimongkol plastic factory co., ltd.
chaimongkol rubber tile ltd,part
chaipinyo co, ltd.
chaisiri nylon canvas factory co, ltd.
chaiyaphan international trading co, ltd.
chalerm sak trading r.o.p.
challenge medical products co.,ltd
chan chareon foam co, ltd.
chan musical co, ltd.
chanlert co ltd
chareankan ltd., part.
chareon taworn plastic co., ltd
chareon wattana fibre & chemical co., ltd
chareonsilp plastic printing
charoen pokphand petrochemical co., ltd.
charoen sethakij trading co, ltd.
charoen wattanan engineering (1992) co, ltd.
charoenkij industrial plastic co., ltd.
charoenpong plastic ltd., part.
charoensuk fire brick co., ltd.
charoenwattana fibre & chemical co., ltd.
charpa techcenter co, ltd.
chartermate (thailand) ltd.
chavanaphat co, ltd.
cheil chehical (thailand) co., ltd.
chem systems east asia co, ltd.
chemasia co, ltd.
chemax & phypers co.,ltd
chemex co, ltd.
chemex industry co., ltd.
chemical bank
chemical business association
chemical dynamics co ltd (cdc)
chemical enterprise co., ltd.
chemical house & lab instrument co, ltd.
chemical house thailand
chemical specialties corporation ltd.
chemical system co., ltd.
chemical-lab department store ltd, p.
chemicals business co, ltd.
chemicaltech (thailand) co, ltd.
chemico supply co, ltd.
chemie-lab (bangkok) co, ltd.
chemist co, ltd.
chemistry service co, ltd.
chemitreat (thailand) co, ltd.
chem-lube international co, ltd.
chemmart enterprise (thailand) co, ltd.
chemmatch co, ltd.
chemmex industry co, ltd.
chemmin corporation limited
chemoscience (thailand) co.,ltd.
chemtec industrial products col, ltd.
chem-tech industrial products co, ltd.
chemtrans asiatic ltd
chen tse enterprise ( thailand ) co, ltd.
chena supply limited partnership
chennart ebteroruse (thailand) co., ltd
cherachai international co., ltd.
chiao fu enterprise co, ltd.
chief long resin chemicals (thailand) co., ltd.
chili chemical (thailand) co., ltd
chin huat plastic co., ltd.
chinnavorn plast co., ltd.
chithai industrial co, ltd
chokchaiseri plastic ltd., part.
chonburi paper co., ltd.
chongthai rungruang ltd, part.
chotiphata plastic industry co, ltd
chotkij industrial lp
chuchob enterprises ltd, part.
chula industries co, ltd.
chung cheng plastic (thailand) co, ltd.
chung seng huat co., ltd.
chusang plastic factory
ciba specialty chemicals (thailand) ltd
ciba-geigy (thailand) ltd.
cigfil thailand co., ltd.
cine color lab co., ltd.
cinnamon co ltd
citimat co ltd
citric acid industry co., ltd.
city foam co, ltd.
civica industries co, ltd.
civilzed lawana co, ltd.
cjao wattana plastic co., ltd
clariant chemicals ltd.
clays & minerals (thailand) ltd.
clean enterprise limited partnership
cleanosol traffic (thailand) co ltd
clough (thailand) co ltd
cocksec chemical industry co, ltd.
cofco chemical co, ltd.
coffey (thailand) ltd.
cognis thai ltd.
coin chemical (thailand) co, ltd.
collodin chemie (thai) co ltd
colossal international co, ltd.
comform co, ltd.
comment group co., ltd.
complex chemical cooperation ltd.
conimex co, ltd.
connell bros co (thailand) ltd
conplast plastic co., ltd.
construction chemicals thai co, ltd.
continental rubbers technic co., ltd.
cormix international ltd.
corro-coat nof (thailand) ltd.
cosan (thailand) co, ltd.
cosmo one co, ltd.
cosmos chemical co., ltd.
cover asia co., ltd.
cowin industry co, ltd.
creation center co, ltd.
creative plastic co, ltd.
cris go (thailand) co, ltd.
crompton specialties ltd
crown coating co., ltd.
cryovac (thailand) co, ltd
culture chem products & engineering
d & g chemical and trading co.,ltd.
d- thai chemicals co., ltd.
d.b. chemical industrial co, ltd.
d.c.p. (thailand) co., ltd
d.s. rubber & latex co., ltd.
d.t. son chemical ltd, part.
d.t.c. industries public co, ltd.
daesung engineering (thai) co ltd
daido manufacturing (thailand) co.,ltd.
daidong electronics (thailand) co, ltd.
daiichi jitsugyo (thailand) co ltd
daiji enterprise co, ltd.
daily clean co., ltd.
dainippon ink & chemicals (thailand) co, ltd.
dakyung chemical industry co., ltd.
danudej trading co., ltd.
dap u.v.
daramic (thailand) ltd.
data paint & chemical co, ltd.
daytex enterprire co ltd
dd nature craft co.,ltd.
de ster-thai airline products co, ltd.
deathalm trading co., ltd.
decon fiber glass industry lp.
dee thai chemical industry co, ltd.
deemark industry co, ltd.
deethavorn international ltd., part
degussa (thailand) ltd.
delta chemicals co., ltd.
delta resources (asia) co ltd.
delta thai plastic co., ltd.
dialog systems (thailand) ltd.
diamond inter chem co., ltd.
dic nippon ink & chemicals (thailand) co, ltd.
dido plastech co., ltd.
diethelm & co ltd
diforce chemie co., ltd.
digital press co., ltd.
distar electric corporation public co, ltd.
diversey thailand ltd.
doi kham food products co, ltd.
doikham food products co.,ltd.
dominion toy co, ltd.
dominion trade supply co ltd
dong yang magnet wire (thailand) co, ltd.
dongsung nsc ltd.
double nine co., ltd.
dow chemical thailand co. ltd.
dow chemical thailand ltd
dow corning (thailand) ltd
dow corning (thailand) ltd.
dr. boo co, ltd.
dream inter pack co., ltd.
drogoco (thailand) ltd.
drycolor pacific co, ltd.
du pont(thailand) ltd
dupont (thailand) co, ltd.
dupont (thailand) ltd
dura chem co., ltd.
dura crete co, ltd.
duraflor co, ltd.
durapak co, ltd
dusit chemicals co., ltd.
dyna fluid co ltd (dfc)
dynamic chemicals co., ltd.
dynamic engineering system co, ltd.
dynamic polytech co, ltd.
dynamic promotion co, ltd
dynavest (thailand) co, ltd.
dynea (thailand) co., ltd.
dyno enterprises ltd.
dyno nobel (thailand) ltd.
dyno-tti chemicals co., ltd.
e m c-imex international co., ltd.
e.c. chemical technologies (thailand) co, ltd.
e.t.s.t. co ltd
eagle chemical industry co., ltd.
eak chareon international enterprise co, ltd.
eak service supply co., ltd.
eason paint products co, ltd.
east asiatic (thailand) public company limited, th
eastern chemical co, ltd
eastern foam products co., ltd.
eastern packaging co, ltd.
eastern premier co, ltd.
eastern pu form industrial co. ltd.
eastern shade (thailand) co., ltd.
eastern tech packaging co., ltd.
eiamaroonkij plas-pack ltd., part.
eka chemicals (thailand) ltd
ekarat chemicals co, ltd.
elastofill (thailand) co ltd
elastomix (thailand) co., ltd.
electro chemical technology co, ltd.
emco (thailand) co.
emco ltd (thailand) ltd.
emstrade co, ltd.
encore thai originals ltd.
energyskills (thailand) ltd.
eng fung chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
engelhard chemcat (thailand) co, ltd.
engineer plastic products co., ltd.
enigma process technologies co., ltd.
envious delta system co, ltd.
era creation co.,ltd
era creation co.,ltd.
erawan chemical co., ltd.
eternal chemical industry co., ltd.
eternal petrochemical co, ltd.
eternal resin co ltd
ever lasting pack co., ltd.
everbright packaging co., ltd.
evergreen chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
everlasting (thailand) co., ltd.
ex seng huad industry ltd., part
executive trading limited
exglo chemical co.,ltd.
expa interbusiness co., ltd.
extreme packaging co., ltd.
exxon chemical thailand ltd.
eyu yong hong co., ltd.
f & c plastic co., ltd
f.d.k. tatung (thailand) co, ltd.
f.e. zuellig (bangkok) ltd. - industrial division.
f.m.c. (thailand) ltd
f.m.t (thailand) co., ltd
fah thai chemical ltd, p.
fair textile (thailand) ltd.
fakwantip co., ltd.
famdel co, ltd.
family glove co., ltd.
family thai interplastic (2000) co., ltd.
fashion avenue co., ltd.
fashion chemical industry (thailand) co., ltd.
faster enterprise co, ltd.
fasti (asia) co, ltd.
ferko industrial co, ltd.
ferro cerdec (thailand) co., ltd.
fiber chemical co., ltd.
fiber tech co, ltd.
fine chemical co, ltd.
finesse flowers manufacturer ltd, part
fiotec (thailand) co, ltd.
fire world import export co, ltd.
firm products co, ltd.
first feel international co ltd
first magic ltd., part.
first pack co., ltd
first plastic co., ltd.
fixwell co, ltd.
floor industry co., ltd.
flussig chem co., ltd.
foamex asia co, ltd.
fomo thai corp. co., ltd.
fon industry co., ltd.
fontip plastic co., ltd.
food pack co, ltd.
formosa organic chemical industry co., ltd.
formplas industries (thailand) co., ltd'
forward wood industry co., ltd.
foseco (thailand) ltd.
fosroc (thailand) ltd.
foster wheeler international corporation
four major plastic co., ltd.
friendly bags co, ltd.
friendship works co, ltd.
f-tec engineering (thailand)
fuji ace co., ltd.
fuji chemi co., ltd.
fuji poly (thailand) co, ltd.
fukui kasei (thailand) co., ltd.
funny publishing ltd., part
furtherance intertrade (1963) co, ltd
future pack co, ltd.
future plast (94) co., ltd
g & u (thailand) co, ltd.
g.k. finechem co, ltd.
g.m. enterprise co., ltd.
g.s. ceramics
g.s.e. lining technology company limited
gallot chemical ltd.
gem city engineering co, ltd.
general care products co.,ltd.
general chemical industries ltd., part.
general environmental conservation public company
gk protecno co., ltd.
global chemical co, ltd.
global trading co., ltd.
glory development ltd., part.
golden first lines co., ltd.
golden products group industry co., ltd.
golden rose co, ltd.
golden top international co.,ltd.
good hope chemical ltd. part.
goshu chemical co., ltd.
goshu kaset co., ltd.
goshu kohsan co ltd
goshu kohsan co, ltd.
government pharmaceutical organization (gpo), the
gowell co., ltd.
grace & glamour (thailand) co, ltd.
grand chemical ltd, part.
grand pacific chemical (thailand) co ltd
grand rubber co., ltd.
grand siam composites co, ltd.
granular growth co.,ltd.
great impex co., ltd.
great wall industrial co., ltd
greater vet co., ltd.
gredmann (thailand) co, ltd
groupmech corporation co, ltd.
gwang heng huad plastic
h.c. starck (thailand) co, ltd.
h.m.c. polymers co. ltd.
h.t.p. press co., ltd.
haco group (1991) co., ltd
hah shung heng rubber co, ltd
hakuto (thai) ltd
hamaka (thailand) co, ltd.
han phoenix enterprise co., ltd.
hanano (thailand) co, ltd.
hanky panky toys thailand co ltd
hansechemie (thailand) co.,ltd
hanson chemical co, ltd.
hantex public company limited
hanwha chemical (thailand) co ltd
harmony tec co., ltd.
harn engineering co, ltd.
health care & beauty co., ltd.
helm mahaboon limited
henkel thai ltd.
hepta engineering co, ltd.
herbal one co, ltd.
hercules chemicals (thailand) co, ltd.
hexacalcination co., ltd.
hi chem co ltd
hichem dyestuffs co ltd
hi-clean co., ltd.
high grade plastic co., ltd.
high land industry co., ltd.
hi-plas industry co., ltd.
hiraiseimitsu (thailand) co, ltd.
hitachi chemical automotive product thailand co lt
hitachi chemical housing products (thailand) co, l
hitech group chemical supply co., ltd.
hi-tech industrial estate
hi-tech label co, ltd.
hitexin co ltd
hk godo international co., ltd.
hoechst chemical industries ltd.
hoechst schering agrevo (thailand) ltd.
hoei electronics (thailand) co, ltd.
hollow fibre (thailand) co, ltd.
home ware industry co, ltd.
hong kong industries co., ltd.
hong mao biochemicals co., ltd.
hotel supplies center co., ltd.
ho-thai plastic co., ltd.
house of decoration co., ltd.
hoyo (thailand) co., ltd.
hsin mei kuang (bangkok) co., ltd.
hua fong rubber (thailand) co., ltd.
hua hong seng co., ltd.
hui kwang (thailand) co., ltd.
huntsman ici (thailand) ltd
hwatai industry co, ltd.
hydro plast co , ltd.
hymix company limited.
hymold (thailand) ltd
i.c.i. asiatic chemical co, ltd.
i.c.p. chemicals co, ltd.
i.c.p. co ltd
i.p. manufacturing ltd.
i.s.p. (thailand) co ltd
i.w.a. packing industry co., ltd.
ici 1996 (thailand) ltd.
ici thailand ltd
id products lp
idea square laboratories co., ltd.
ikari trading (thailand) co ltd
imco pack corporation ltd.
imerys honaik (thailand) co., ltd.
immuno chemical lab co, ltd.
imperial industrial chemicals co, ltd.
imperial thai toy co, ltd.
inabata thai co, ltd.
indo poly (thailand) ltd.
indo-rama group
industrial chemicals department
industrial chemicals promotion co ltd
industrial enterprises co, ltd.
industrial krungthai co., ltd.
industry umauoychai co, ltd.
ineos asiatic chemical co., ltd.
innosep co.,ltd
insulpack industries (bangkok) co., ltd.
insultec (thailand) co, ltd.
inta enterprise lp
integrated power group co, ltd.
inter kappa corporation ltd.
inter medical group of companies
inter powder metal co., ltd.
intergoods company ltd
inter-hides & leather co., ltd.
internation chemical & engineering co., ltd. (ice-
interplast & print co., ltd.
interplast moulder co, ltd.
intertek testing services (thailand) ltd.
intertool technologies co, ltd.
intraporn pack co., ltd.
isotech and chemical co, ltd.
iwaki (thailand) co ltd
iwashita instruments (thailand) co., ltd
iwatani international corporation (thailand) ltd.
j & m decoration asia pacific co., ltd.
j. art ltd., part.
j. dcor enterprises and manufacturing co., ltd.
j. wac intertrade and service limited partnership
j.a.s.chemical co.,ltd
j.c.j. international co, ltd.
j.f.e. ferrite (thailand) co., ltd.
j.g.c. corporation
j.r. carton
j.r.l. industry ltd., part.
j.s. technical services co, ltd.
j.s.b.y fiberglass products co, ltd.
j.v. oil & gas asia services ( ogas )
ja tu choke plastic co., ltd.
jalppa corp co ltd
jax paints (thailand) co., ltd
jebsen & jessen marketing (t) ltd.
jet industries (thailand) co, ltd.
jet- thai plastic industries co, ltd.
jiathai chemical industrial co., ltd.
jirakorn co, ltd
jiramai co, ltd
jirint chemical & jarint supply co, ltd.
jiu tong biological product (thailand) co, ltd.
jotun powder coating co., ltd.
k & j enterprise co, ltd
k & k quality product co, ltd
k & k united co.,ltd.
k. b. s. lab & chemicals co.,ltd.
k. chemical co.,ltd
k. kajohnrat ltd, part.
k.c. salt international co, ltd.
k.d.t trading co., ltd.
k.i. enterprise co., ltd.
k.k. marketing co, ltd.
k.m. foam co., ltd.
k.m. packaging co, ltd
k.m.c. kitachai machine co., ltd.
k.p. printing co., ltd.
k.p.n. technotools co., ltd.
k.p.p. plastic ltd., part.
k.s. machukij co, ltd.
k.t. manufacturing co, ltd.
k.t.l. kohbunshi (thialand) ltd.
k.u. nomura thai limited
k.w. chemi co., ltd.
k.w.s. packaging products co., ltd.
kaew fah industry ltd, part
kaewfa industrial lp.
kai heng
kana thai industrial co., ltd.
kang thai hong plastic ltd., part.
kanom sakol co, ltd.
kansai resin (thailand) co, ltd.
kao industrial (thailand) co., ltd.
karat mastier pack co., ltd.
karat sanitaryware public co, ltd.
karnjanaburi rubber co., ltd.
kaset anawatch
kathaphand industrial ltd., part
katoen natie sembcorp (thailand) ltd.
kawasumi laboratories (thailand) co., ltd.
kemothai co, ltd.
kemwater (thailand) limited
ken max (thailand) co., ltd.
kerr mcgee (thailand) ltd
key chemical and engineering co ltd
kiangthai plastech co., ltd.
kiat siampiwat lp.
kiatpapha co, ltd.
kij charoen oxygen (1994) co., ltd.
kij rung ruang plastic factory
kijthavorn plastic co., ltd.
kimpai lamitube co, ltd.
kings brite co, ltd.
kishimoto sangyo (thailand) ltd.
kitsamrith petroleum co., ltd
kittiwatana hose industry co, ltd.
kitwattana puppet co., ltd.
kiwi fire protection co, ltd.
kiwi thailand
kleen & green chemical co.,ltd.
kobe mig wire (thailand) co ltd
kobhunshi (thailand) co., ltd.
kokusai keiso (thailand) co, ltd.
kong chemifa thai co., ltd.
kongo chemifa thai co., ltd.
konica (thailand) co ltd
konica photochem (thailand) co. ltd
koola international co., ltd.
korn screen and printing ltd.
kosmik polymer co., ltd.
koventure co., ltd.
kovit printing
kriangpat co, ltd.
krieng thavorn containers co., ltd
krungtep union manufacturing co ltd
krungthep plastic factory ltd., part.
kubota corporation
kumi (thailand) co., ltd.
kunimitsu carbon (thailand) co, ltd.
kurita-gk chemical co, ltd
kuriyama - ohji (thailand) ltd.
kwang heng seng limited part.
kyoden products (thailand) co., ltd.
kyowa industry co., ltd.
l. film co, ltd.
l.c.t. chemical & machinery co, ltd.
l.e.e. chemical products co.,ltd
l.n.r. associates co., ltd.
l.p. plast co.,ltd.
l.s. plastic co., ltd.
l.t. (liang tai) plastic
l.t.c. international co., ltd.
labscan asia co.,ltd
ladda co, ltd.
laemthong product plastic ltd., part.
lakavisuth ltd part
lamda research co., ltd.
lanchana co., ltd.
lao liang hua (1991) co, ltd
lao peng kee co, ltd.
laperth (thailand) ltd
laporte (thailand)
l'aquatech co, ltd.
laser commercial co., ltd.
lavinyl (thailand) co, ltd.
lead concentrates (thailand) co, ltd.
leamthong plastic-poly industry co., ltd.
lee & fung co ltd
leelight and technocom co., ltd
lenso asia public co, ltd.
lenso terminal co, ltd.
lenso vinyl co, ltd.
lerttanapat co., ltd.
liack seng trading co, ltd.
liang chi industry (thailand) co, ltd.
likan co ltd
lime quality co ltd
linde ag process engineering and contracting divis
lion containers co, ltd.
lion corporation (thailand) co, ltd.
loa ching tong oxygen & acetylene co., ltd.
lor chingtong oxygen & acetylene co, ltd.
lotus construction chemical co., ltd.
louis adhesive tapes co, ltd.
louis t. leonowens (thailand) ltd.
lucky plastics & chemicals co. ltd.
lupin chemicals (thailand) ltd.
luxchem international co, ltd.
m & h manufacturing co. ltd.
m. kasei co., ltd
m. thai industrial co., ltd.
m.b.j. advanced polymers co, ltd.
m.c. industrial chemical co, ltd.
m.c. plastics co, ltd
m.c. siam logistics co, ltd
m.c.i. mould co, ltd.
m.c.j. and son co., ltd sinthai balloons factory
m.c.k. industries co., ltd.
m.c.-towa international sweeteners co., ltd.
m.e. nikkiso co., ltd.
m.r.c. resins (thailand) co., ltd.
m.t.e. ltd.
m.v.s. trading ltd, part.
machanic chemical co, ltd.
macrophar co.,ltd.
mae klong chemical co, ltd.
maeklong chemical co, ltd.
magnum accessories co, ltd.
magotteaux co., ltd.
mahachai bura chemical co., ltd.
mahatanee production co., ltd.
mahawatt enterprise corporation limited
maitree industry co, ltd.
mala chemical industries co., ltd.
mallavee lp
manacleanse co., ltd.
manee mongkol import export co, ltd
mantsuna (thailand) co., ltd.
marble care co, ltd.
marino international co, ltd.
mary commercial supply co, ltd.
mascot agridustrial co., ltd.
mass product co, ltd.
master form industry co., ltd
master petrochemical (thailand) co, ltd.
matangi dyestuff industries ltd.
matcom co., ltd.
matsushita electric works (ayuthaya) ltd.
matsushita technolgy (thailand) co., ltd.
maxim chemical co, ltd.
maxking import & export co, ltd
maxway co, ltd.
mc agro-chemicals co., ltd.
mechema chemicais co, ltd.
medicos co., ltd
mee pattana import-export co., ltd.
mega bangkok co., ltd.
megachenm (thailand) co, ltd.
megas sticker & print co., ltd.
melchers eastern seaboard
meng seng plastic co ltd
merck co, ltd.
merck ltd
merck ltd.
mercury petrol (1995) co., ltd.
mes mitr project services co, ltd.
metoxide thailand ltd.
metro co ltd
metro fiber co, ltd.
micro pack & print co, ltd.
micro pack ltd.part.
microtek products co, ltd.
midstar magnetic co, ltd.
million manufacturing co., ltd.
million polyseal industry co, ltd
min an latex industrial co., ltd.
mine chem co., ltd.
mineral & chemical (thailand)
ming dih chemical co., ltd. (thailand)
miracell co., ltd.
mishinuo mold and die technology co, ltd.
mit mongkol industry co ltd
mitarun industries co., ltd.
mitmongkol industry co., ltd.
mitsubishi chemical engineering corp
mitsui & co (thailand) ltd
mitsui toatsu chemicals inc
mitsuwa toys (thailand) co, ltd.
mizuno plastic co., ltd.
mizuya industrial co, ltd.**
modern chemical and electroplast technic co, ltd.
modern chemical co.,ltd.
modern dyestuffs & pigments co, ltd.
modic co, ltd.
modular compound co, ltd.
mongkol pisarn plastic industry co., ltd
monsanto thailand limited
mor mee industry co., ltd.
moresco (thailand) co, ltd.
morland metallurgical co ltd
moteco co, ltd.
motorsport co., ltd.
mould and die manufacturing co, ltd.
mui kwang chemical supplies co, ltd.
mullis capital corporation (thailand) co., ltd.
multiple asset co., ltd.
muramoto electron (thailand) public co, ltd.
mykie co., ltd.
n & e (thailand) co., ltd.
n.c.h. (thailand) co., ltd.
n.c.r.-trb industry co., ltd.
n.c.s. (thailand) co., ltd.
n.e.p. realty and industry public company limited
n.i.m. co ltd
n.j. industry co., ltd.
n.m.t. limited
n.n. plastic group ltd., part.
n.p.v. co., ltd.
n.r. rama co., ltd.
n.s.l. industry co., ltd.
n.y.k. transport service (thailand) co., ltd.
nagase thailand co., ltd.
nalco chemical (thailand) co ltd
nam ngai hong ltd., part.
namdee wattana chemical co.,ltd
namrung industry co. ltd
namsiang group of companies
namthip chemical cleaning co., ltd.
namthip-a grade chemical and equipment co., ltd.
nana international co., ltd.
nantinee thai silk ltd.,part
nap stoller co.,ltd.
narachemi industry co., ltd.
naraipak co.,ltd.
nasa lab co., ltd.
national adhesives co., ltd.
national petrochemical plc.
national starch & chemical (thailand) ltd
nationwide co.,ltd.
naumthep chemical cleaning co., ltd.
nawaplastic industries (saraburi) co., ltd.
nawarat patanakarn public co.,ltd.
nelson industry co., ltd
neon infotech south east asia co., ltd
new design fiber co.,ltd.
new modern super pack co., ltd.
new moon industrial co ltd
new world chemical ltd.
new york chemical reg. ord. part.
ngern ma business co.,ltd.
nic powder coatings co., ltd.
nicher trading co.,ltd.
nichias rungruang co., ltd.
nichimen (thailand) co ltd
nics chem co., ltd.
nihonrika thailand co., ltd.
niji (thailand) co ltd
nikschem co., ltd.
nippo mechatronics parts (thailand) co., ltd.
nippo sangyo (thailand) co., ltd.
nippon chemical co., ltd.
nippon pack (thailand) public co.,ltd
nippon pigment bangkok co., ltd.
nissei active co.,ltd.
nissei precision (thailand) co., ltd.
nissei trading (thailand) co.,ltd.
nissen chemitec (thailand) co., ltd.
nissin brake (thailand) co.,ltd.
nissin electric (thailand) co., ltd.
nissin shokaki chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
nitco siam co ltd
nitro chemical industry ltd.
nitto denko (thailand) co.,ltd.
nodern accessories ltd.
nomura trading (thailand) co ltd
nop chai plastic co., ltd.
norca co., ltd.
northeastern printing & packaging co., ltd.
norton (thailand) co., ltd.
novartis (thailand) limited.
novartis (thailand) ltd.
novartis nutrition (thailand) ltd
novochem co., ltd.
nual thong chemical ltd., part.
numkai chemical co., ltd.
numyang trading co., ltd.
o& c plastic co., ltd.
o.g.c. trading co., ltd.
o.k.k. (thailand) co., ltd.
o.m.g. (thailand) co., ltd.
o.m.g. metals (thailand) ltd.
o.t. chemical & plating jigs ltd., part.
obetech pacific (thailand) co.,ltd.
occidental chemical thailand ltd
odd & even co., ltd.
okitsumo international (asia) co., ltd
oleochem (thailand) ltd .
oleofine organics (thailand) co., ltd.
oleorine organics (thailand) co.,ltd
olic (thailand) limited.
olic (thailand) ltd.
on star industrial co.,ltd.
onpa international public company limited
opanayikul co., ltd.
optech co., ltd.
oriental ace fiber co., ltd.
oriental ceratech co., ltd.
oriental interpoly co., ltd
oriental siam (1978) co., ltd.
oriental silica ltd.
orient-surat rubber latex co., ltd
ouiheng import co., ltd.
overseas technology co.,ltd.
ow hieb seng chieng ngow kim ltd., part.
oxo chemie (thailand) co ltd
p & r plaspack co., ltd.
p & s barite mining co., ltd.
p. charoen industrial product ltd., part
p. chemitech co., ltd.
p. hiab nguan co., ltd.
p. narong & p n i co., ltd.
p. pataravijai co., ltd.
p.a. plastic factory
p.b. hitech corporation co., ltd.
p.c.k. pigment co., ltd.
p.d. modernplas co.
p.e. container supply co., ltd.
p.e.t. (thailand) co., ltd.
p.h. chemical ltd.
p.h. hardware product co., ltd.
p.i.c. international, inc.
p.k. chem corp., ltd.
p.k.s chemicals co., ltd.
p.l.o. container co., ltd.
p.m. chemical and service co., ltd
p.n.g. group co., ltd
p.p. cartin co.,ltd.
p.p. packaging co., ltd.
p.q. chemicals (thailand) ltd.
p.r. chemicals ltd., part.
p.r. corporation
p.s. bromide co., ltd.
p.s. industrial & chemical co.,ltd.
p.s.p. specialties co ltd
p.s.v. chemical co., ltd.
p.t.s. ratana co., ltd.
p.t.t. petrochemical co.,ltd
p.t.t. public company limited
p.t.y. enterprise co., ltd.
p.u. foam insulation & trading co., ltd.
p.y.m. plastic
pacific & orient co ltd
pacific color co., ltd
pacific healthcare (thailand) co. ltd.,
pacific precision plastic co., ltd.
pacific rubber co., ltd.
pacific synergy co., ltd.
pack air co., ltd.
pack plus product co., ltd.
packpals co., ltd.
packserv co., ltd.
paco chemical industry co., ltd.
paiboon enterprise co ltd
pakda international co., ltd.
palco interpoly co., ltd.
palitsilp co., ltd.
pan mechanic engineering co., ltd.
pan world pumps (thailand) co.,ltd.
panatwat chemical co., ltd.
panjawatana plastic co., ltd
panu plastic ltd., part.
para chemical co ltd
parker engineering (thailand) co ltd
pasteur merieux connaught (thailand) ltd.
pata chemicals machinery co.,ltd.
pathanakit printing & dyeing co.,ltd.
pathumthani rubber co., ltd.
pato chemical industry public company limited
pattana rubber co., ltd.
pattanakit spare parts industry co., ltd
pazax service & technology co., ltd.
peerapat industrial chemical co., ltd.
penang thai rattan limited partnership
pensiri plastic co., ltd.
perfect top international co., ltd.
peroxythai co ltd
perpac thailand co.,ltd
pestaway co. ltd.
pet products co ltd
petch thai chemical (thai heng lee lee ) co., ltd.
petform (thailand) ltd.
petpak co.,ltd
petroleum petrochemi co., ltd.
phaisan plastic co., ltd.
phanphong brothers co., ltd.
phansiri co., ltd.
pharmacare limited
pharmacia & upjohn co., ltk.
pharmasant laboratories co., ltd.
phattanaphan chemitech co., ltd.
phenol co., ltd.
phisit intergroup co., ltd.
phitak sakorn plastic limited partnership.
phitphisarn co., ltd
pholdhanya co.,ltd
photo imex co.,ltd.
picnic gas and chemicals public company limited
pimai salt co.,ltd.
pioneer industrial corporation ltd.
pioneer marketing co., ltd.
pioneer packaging supply co., ltd.
pioneer zippack co., ltd.
pipatkorn co.,ltd
pisanu engineering co., ltd.
plaschem (thailand) co., ltd.
plasess (thailand) co., ltd.
plastech siam co. ltd.
plastic container co., ltd.
plastic house co., ltd.
plastic tip co.,ltd
plastiment precision co., ltd.
plastimer co., ltd. (trading)
plie-pha co ltd
poly hitechs co., ltd.
poly moulder co., ltd.
poly olastic co.,ltd.
poly world co., ltd.
polygon chemical & adhesive co., ltd.
polymer engineering and trading co.,ltd
polymer industrial co ltd
polymer innovation co., ltd.
polymer manufacture co., ltd.
polytechnology co., ltd.
polywood (thailand) co., ltd.
pond's chemical thailand r.o.p.
pongpara polymer co., ltd.
pongpattana equipment co., ltd
pongstorn chemical industries co., ltd.
pontex (thailand) co., ltd.
popular products co., ltd.
poranunt co.,ltd.
porn vilai international group trading co., ltd.
pornpat chemicals co., ltd.
portland co., ltd.
powerchem ltd., p.
prakarn packing industry co., ltd.
prasit industrial co., ltd.
prat industrial co., ltd.
precisco pro packaging co.,ltd
precision interplas co., ltd.
premier lubricant co.,ltd
premier plastic and design ltd., part.
premier products co., ltd.
president chemical co ltd
president toy co., ltd.
pretrane chemicals co., ltd.
priew co., ltd.
prime chemicals co.,ltd
pring master co.,ltd
prior chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
prodigy co.,ltd.
producers and exporters of gypsum association
pro-makers international co.,ltd.
prominent fluid controls (thailand) co.,ltd.
prompt pac co.,ltd
prompt techinal services limited
prospack industry co., ltd.
proton intertrade co., ltd.
pro-way industry co.,ltd.
proway international co.,ltd.
pure chem co., ltd.
purmpulsuptawee (service) co., ltd.
pydolphos nathaphom co., ltd.
q.m. ishihara co., ltd.
q-best enterprise co. ltd
qi li industry co., ltd.
quality minerals co., ltd.
quartz chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
quick pack pacific co.,ltd
r.a.d. building chemicail co.,ltd.
r.c.s. co., ltd.
r.j. london chemicals industries co.,ltd.
r.k.y. rubber factory co., ltd
r.l.p. international co.,ltd.
r.m. chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
r.m. pack co., ltd.
r.m.a. trading co.,ltd.
r.p.t. asia ltd
r.s. chemical co., ltd.
r.s. film reproduction co., ltd.
rain mart co., ltd.
ramset (thailand) ltd.
ratanasuwan industrial ltd., part.
ratchada static co., ltd
rattanakosin plastic co., ltd.
rayong olefins co., ltd.
rayong petrochemicals corporation ltd.
rayong purifier co., ltd.
rayong tank terminal co., ltd.
reco-tech co., ltd.
recycle engineering co.,ltd.
red building chemical co., ltd.
reliance technochem co.,ltd.
reotex polymer co., ltd.
repax construction co.,ltd.
retech co.,ltd.
rhodia (thailand) limited
rhodia thai industries ltd.
rhone-poulenc agro (thailand) s.a. co., ltd.
rian thong plastics international co.,ltd.
rianthai interplas co., ltd
riean thong chemical
riengthai plastic manufacturing co., ltd.
rinchokechai co., ltd.
rock heat engineering (thailand) co., ltd.
rohm & haas chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
rojana kasikit fertilizer ltd.
romphotiyoke co., ltd.
romsai tire electrical ltd.part
roong sak intertrade co.,ltd.
rotem fertilizer ltd.
rothai co.,ltd.
roung - roj plastic ltd., part
royal ace co., ltd.
royal ceramic industry public co., ltd., the
royal craft ltd.
royal kingdom industry corp., ltd.
ruam zub chareon ( 1997 ) co., ltd.
ruamrung plastic ltd., part.
ruamtanakij industry (1990) co., ltd.
ruang sawat plastic and printing co., ltd.
ruang thong import export limited partnership
ruangsit co., ltd.
rung siam chem trading co., ltd.
rungroj moldplas co.,ltd.
rungthai chemical co.,ltd.
rungthavee plastic industry co., ltd.
s & d premier co., ltd.
s. kitcharoen plastic ltd., part
s. napa (thailand) co., ltd.
s. pongwat industry co., ltd.
s. prasopchoke 1991 co., ltd.
s. sampan panich plastics
s. union trading import-export co., ltd.
s. viwat press co., ltd.
s.a.p. paint and chemical co., ltd.
s.c.i.c. limited
s.c.t. co., ltd.
s.c.t. plastic
s.d.k. eiwa (thailand) co., ltd.
s.e. product ltd.,part.
s.e. technology co., ltd.
s.g.s. (thailand) limited
s.g.s. group of companies (thailand) ltd
s.k. global co., ltd.
s.k. plastic industry ltd. part
s.k.b. creative co., ltd.
s.m. chemical supplies co.,ltd.
s.m.b. co,ltd
s.m.c. polymers marketing co., ltd
s.m.e. chemical co., ltd.
s.p. petpack co., ltd.
s.p. plastic (2530) trading ltd.
s.p.k. chemical & service co;ltd
s.p.k. marketing co., ltd.
s.q.i. petrochem industries co., ltd.
s.r.t. plastic co., ltd.
s.s.d.c. (tigertex) co., ltd
s.t. technology supply co., ltd.
s.v.s. (1990) co., ltd
s.y.b. group co.,ltd.
sadtakij wattana karnyang co., ltd.
saeng roong mahachai plastic
saha burapa group limited partnership
saha charoen metal plastic product co.,ltd.
saha chemical engneering ltd., part.
saha karnchang co., ltd.
saha matee marketing co., ltd.
saha pracha panich rop.
saha sehwa co., ltd.
saha worakit co., ltd.
sahachit watana plastic industry co.,ltd.
sahakij comos ltd., part
saha-mit polifoam co., ltd.
sahapaisal industry co., ltd.
saha-roong upakorn ltd., part.
sahathanee co.,ltd.
sahawanish plastic and trading co.,ltd.
sahawattana plastic ltd., part
sak chaisidhi co., ltd.
salee industry co., ltd.
samarn charoen trading ltd., p.
sand and soil industry co., ltd.
sang rung mahachai plastic ltd., part.
sanitary engineering supply lp.
sankho kaihatsu co ltd
sanyo kasei (thailand) ltd.
saraya (thailand) co.,ltd.
sathien plastic & fiber co.,ltd.
sathitchai industrial limited partnership
sathorn chem co., ltd.
saturn chemical ltd., part.
sawarintr ltd., part.
schering-plough ltd
science chemical ltd., part.
seidai kasei (thailand) co., ltd.
seikenhei co ltd
seikenhei mark co., ltd.
sekisui chemical singapore (pte) ltd
selcon co.,ltd.
selic chemical co., ltd.
semperflex asia ltd.
semperform pacific corporation ltd.
senkei thai co ltd
sensient technologies (thailand) ltd.
sepa (thailand) ltd
sermswat plastic co., ltd.
service engineering co.,ltd.
seven suns international co ltd
sharp formulators co ltd
shell company in thailand limited
shell distributor company limited
shell pae house hold chemicals centre
sheng yi industrial co., ltd.
sherwood chemicals co.,ltd.
shikaishi (thailand) co., ltd.
shin heung co., ltd
shin max systems co., ltd.
shin-nippon (thailand) co., ltd.
shinwa kogyo (thailand) co., ltd
shiraishi (thailand) co., ltd.
shiraishi calcium kaisha ltd
showa kosan (thailand) co., ltd.
showdow rotapack (1991) co., ltd.
shruff international co., ltd.
siam algae co., ltd.
siam brothers corporation co., ltd.
siam chemical industry co., ltd.
siam chemical industry co.,ltd
siam chemical logistics co.,ltd.
siam chemical sosso co.,ltd
siam chemical trading co.,ltd.
siam chemicals public co., ltd.
siam eikou co., ltd
siam fiber plast co., ltd.
siam fine chemicals co., ltd., the
siam inabata co., ltd.
siam interplas co., ltd.
siam konjac co., ltd
siam limestone 35 co., ltd.
siam machinery co., ltd.
siam marubeni international co ltd
siam micro mould co., ltd.
siam mitsui pta co., ltd.
siam mould & part co., ltd.
siam occidental electrochemical co., ltd.
siam oil & fat co., ltd.
siam okamoto co., ltd.
siam phomprathan co., ltd
siam phosphate industry co., ltd.
siam plastic co., ltd.
siam pollutek co.,ltd.
siam poolsub inter-chemical co.,ltd.
siam pro trading co. ltd.
siam pvs chemicals co.,ltd
siam refractory industry co.
siam resin & chemical co., ltd.
siam rung roj chemical co., ltd.
siam seaport terminal & warehouses co.,ltd.
siam sitto co.,ltd.
siam stabilizers and chemicals co. ltd.
siam sticker trading co., ltd.
siam taiko marketing co. ltd.
siam technics ltd., part.
siam textile chemical co ltd
siam tire cord company limited
siam toutee co., ltd.
siamchai plastech co.,ltd
siament industry co., ltd
siamnet industry co., ltd
siampak industry co., ltd.
siampoolsub inter-chemical co.,ltd.
siamtex ninetynine co., ltd.
siengwerk ink (thailand) co., ltd
sigma paints (thailand) co., ltd.
sik (thailand) limited
sika (thailand) ltd
sika (thailand) ltd.
silathip saraburi co., ltd.
silverstone poly co., ltd.
sinco technology co., ltd.
sinthai chemicals & trading ltd., part.
sintorn trading & engineering (1994) co., ltd.
sip lohakij factory
sira poly industry co., ltd.
sirichai intertrade co.,ltd.
sirikomol enterprise co.,ltd.
sirikomol interplas co., ltd.
siriphan chemical co., ltd.
sitex industry corporation co., ltd.
sky world co., ltd.
skyline laboratory co., ltd
skytex co., ltd.
slot-nankai co., ltd.
soft pairer (thailand) co., ltd.
soft plan (thailand) co.,ltd
solids handling and process engineering
solpower (thailand) co., ltd.
solutia chemicals (thailand) ltd
solveig limited
somchai plastic ltd., part.
somnok chemical ltd., part.
somwung chemicals co., ltd.
song sawad (1998) co., ltd.
songkla petroleum and chemical 1997 co., ltd.
songserm chemistry industry co., ltd.
sonoco (thailand) limited
sook thai rubber industry co., ltd.
soon ei co., ltd.
soon hock co., ltd.
soon thorn plastic co., ltd
sorb engineering co., ltd.
sothorn plastic factory
south city group of companies
southern form product co., ltd.
spa industry co., ltd.
special coating (thailand) co., ltd.
specialty chemical products
specialty chemicals international co.,ltd
specseal company limited
sped chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
spenco co., ltd.
sri rung ruang plastic co., ltd.
sri wattana plastic ltd., part.
sriayudhya product co., ltd.
srijaroen latex co., ltd.
srisaeng-thai saraburi ltd., p.
srislip press co., ltd.
srisuwan conveyerbelt and rubber co., ltd.
srithepthai corporation co., ltd.
srithepthai plaschem ltd
srithong electrochemetal ltd.,part.
standard foam rubber factory limited partnership
standard manufacturing co., ltd.
standard repacker co., ltd.
star color co., ltd.
star universal co., ltd.
steady developmeny co.,ltd
strong crop co., ltd.
subsoonthorn industry co., ltd.
suchat karnyan factory
suimex plastic industries co., ltd.
suksawasdi chemicals co.,ltd.
sumikin bussan international (thailand)
sumimagne thai co.,ltd.
summer sun co.,ltd.
summit chemical co ltd
sun maritimeco,.ltd.
sun pack co., ltd.
sun science petrochemical co., ltd.
sun star chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
sunflag (thailand) ltd.
sunlight paint international co., ltd.
sunny printing and dyeing co.,ltd.
sunny world co., ltd.
sunolin corp.,ltd
sunstar chemical (thailand) co., ltd.
sunsui tech co., ltd
sunthorn thurakij
sup product co., ltd.
supact co., ltd.
supaporn plastic co., ltd.
super made products co., ltd.
super products co., ltd.
superior chemical industry (thailand) co., ltd.
supra corporation limited
surasana latex co., ltd.
surint omya chemicals (thailand) co., ltd.
sutee steelworks bangplee co., ltd.
synergy systems co., ltd.
t and t leader co., ltd.
t. charoen electric limited partnership
t. charoen industry co., ltd
t. krungthai industries co., ltd.
t. thai general (1975) co., ltd.
t. wijit plastic factory
t.c. motor industrial co.,ltd.
t.c. pharma-chem co.,ltd
t.c.p. co., ltd.
t.d.k. (thailand) co ltd
t.d.k. (thailand) co., ltd.
t.d.s. chemical co., ltd.
t.e.c. pack co., ltd.
t.e.o. union co., ltd
t.f. international co., ltd
t.g.i.s. industries co., ltd.
t.h. boyler co., ltd.
t.i.g. air chemical co., ltd.
t.j.c. chemical co., ltd.
t.k.c. color manufacturing co., ltd.
t.k.s. enterprises plc.
t.k.s. metal works ltd., part.
t.k.s. technology public co.,ltd.
t.k.t. plast pack co., ltd
t.k.t. plastic industrial co., ltd.
t.m. associated engineering equipment co., ltd.
t.m. syndicate co.,ltd.
t.n.h. import and export co., ltd
t.n.p. resins chemical co., ltd.
t.o. chemical co., ltd.
t.o. chemicals (1979) co.,ltd.
t.o.a.-uni chemical manufacturing co., ltd.
t.o.chemicals (1979) co.,ltd.
t.p.c. co., ltd.
t.p.c.paste resin co.,ltd.
t.p.i. group of companies
t.p.i. polyol co., ltd.
t.s. chemical co., ltd.
t.s. group
t.s. paper tube ltd., part.
t.s. trunking co., ltd.
t.s.k. engineering (thailand) co.,ltd.
t.t. interrubber co., ltd.
t.t.a. co.,ltd
t.t.c. industrial corporation ltd.
t.t.s. industrial corporation ltd.
t.t.s. plastic co., ltd.
t.w.i. co., ltd.
t.y.k. inter ocean markting co., ltd.
t@p food and drinking product co.,ltd.
ta yong resins chemical co., ltd
tact team enginering & chemical co., ltd.
tactic marketing co., ltd
taesam long co., ltd.
tai - earn plastics ltd., part.
tai a chemical co., ltd.
tai liang chemical
tai yu industrial co.,ltd.
taiei chemical products ltd.
taiheiyo international(thailand) co.,ltd.
tak mining co., ltd.
takashi plastic co., ltd.
takeda chemie thai co., ltd.
takei hi-tech co., ltd.
takei plastic (thailand) co., ltd.
tanachote interplas co., ltd.
tanaka (thailand) co ltd
tanarak co., ltd.
tandem chemical co., ltd.
tang chai huad 1988 co ltd
tang charoen industry co., ltd
tang ti hua heng co., ltd.
tanya industry co., ltd.
tarntana co., ltd.
tarpi co co., ltd.
tawankitcharoen co.,ltd
teah chan sheng industry co., ltd
team plast co.,ltd.
technic gravure co.,ltd
technic industry ltd., part.
techno green (thailand) co., ltd.
techno polymer (thailand) co ltd
technology media co., ltd.
teck heng lee plastic factory co., ltd
tee technology co., ltd.
teeramit industrial co., ltd.
tego dental & chemical co., ltd.
tepvijit industries co., ltd.
terolit olympus co., ltd.
tex chemical products l.p. (kwang teck)
texaco global products llc
texchem group of companies (thailand)
textile prestige public co., ltd.
tha thai co., ltd.
thai a chemical products co., ltd
thai abs co., ltd..
thai acids industrial co., ltd.
thai ambica chemicals co., ltd.
thai asako co ltd
thai auromex co., ltd.
thai baroda industries ltd.
thai branta mulia co., ltd.
thai bright enterprise co., ltd.
thai business leadership co., ltd
thai caprolactam public co.,ltd.
thai carbon black public company limited
thai carbon product co., ltd.
thai cast film co., ltd.
thai central chemical public co., ltd.
thai chan import-export (92) co., ltd.
thai chemical & engineering co.,ltd.
thai chemical co., ltd
thai chemical corp., ltd.
thai chemical marketing co., ltd.
thai chemical paper co., ltd.
thai chong chemical industrial co., ltd.
thai churos co., ltd.
thai citric acid co.,ltd.
thai decal co.,ltd.
thai elastic co., ltd.
thai fine chemicals co., ltd.
thai flexible pack co.,ltd
thai flower industry co., ltd.
thai foods international co., ltd.
thai fukuvi co., ltd.
thai general packing co., ltd.
thai german plastic co.,ltd.
thai gow gai group co., ltd.
thai herbicide co., ltd.
thai hong industrial co.
thai horng exterprise
thai houghton 1993 co.,ltd.
thai jendong plastic industry co., ltd.
thai kansai paint co., ltd.
thai kaseihin co ltd
thai kitahara ltd.
thai kiwa chemicals co., ltd.
thai kk industry co., ltd.
thai mfc co. ltd.
thai mitsui specialty chemicals co.,ltd.
thai mma co., ltd.
thai nakorn paint and chemical co., ltd.
thai nan pao resins chemical co., ltd.
thai nippon chemical industry co., ltd.
thai nisca co., ltd.
thai nitrate co., ltd.
thai nitrousoxide co., ltd.
thai occidental chemical ltd.
thai oleochemicals co., ltd.
thai organic chemicals co., ltd.
thai otsuka co., ltd.
thai overseas chemicals (intertrade) co., ltd.
thai overseas co.,ltd.
thai p.d. chemical co., ltd.
thai pakerizing co., ltd.
thai paraxylene co., ltd
thai parkerizing co., ltd.
thai pd chemicials co ltd
thai peroxide co., ltd.
thai petrochemical industry public company
thai pharmaceutical manufacturers association
thai plastic & chemical co.,ltd.
thai plastic (1961) co.,ltd.
thai plastic and chemicals public company limited
thai plastic and petrochemical business
thai polycarbonate co., ltd.
thai polyethylene (1993) co.,ltd.
thai polyphosphate & chemicals co., ltd.
thai polyplastech co.,ltd
thai polystyrene co., ltd.
thai rayon public company limited
thai s.s. refractory ltd., part.
thai saeng charoen polymers co., ltd.
thai sankyo co., ltd.
thai sekisui foam
thai shellacs and chemicals co., ltd.
thai shih hsing co., ltd.
thai shinih co., ltd.
thai silicate chemicals co ltd
thai silicon adnesire chemical co., ltd
thai silicon co., ltd.
thai silp dyeing factory
thai solder industry corp ltd
thai sulphites and chemicals co., ltd.
thai supreme agriculture co.,ltd.
thai tank terminal ltd.
thai technique plas-mach co., ltd.
thai techniques industry co., ltd.
thai thanee chemical co., ltd.
thai titanium industries ltd
thai to-a industries co., ltd.
thai tokai carbon product co., ltd.
thai toyofoam industry co., ltd.
thai uniriver co., ltd.
thai urethane foam co., ltd.
thai usui co., ltd.
thai viscount co., ltd.
thai wah lg chemical co ltd
thai washin co ltd
thai wee theparak industrial co., ltd
thai yamatech co., ltd.
thai yokohama kako co., ltd.
thaicharoen urethane ltd., part
thai-china flavours and fragrances industry co.,
thaifood and chemical co., ltd.
thailon six six co. ltd.
thai-mc co., ltd.
thai-meco co., ltd.
thai-nichi industries co., ltd.
thai-nichias engineering co., ltd.
thainum rubber & plastic ltd., part
thaiprasit muanchunplast co., ltd.
thaiprox ltd
thaisky engineering group (bangkok) co., ltd.
thammasorn engineering co., ltd.
thanachem (bangkok) co ltd.
thanakom injection co., ltd
thanaparn paper co., ltd.
thanapol plastics ltd., part.
thanapol vanish co., ltd.
thanbun chemical co., ltd.
thasco chemical co ltd.
thep mongkol plastic trading
thep siam co., ltd.
thep watana chemical co., ltd.
thepkitti co., ltd.
theppornchai co., ltd.
thepprathan plastic co., ltd.
th-fa tech co., ltd.
thi sin century marketing co., ltd.
th-martino intertrade ltd., part
thonburi supply co ltd.
thong heng (1992) co., ltd.
thong sin enterprise co., ltd.
thongthai pipe & chemical co., ltd
thongtoon plastic co., ltd.
three bond tec pte ltd
three bond viv (thailand) co., ltd.
three class (thailand) co., ltd.
th-triton intertrade ltd.
thunder electric industrial co.,ltd.
thyssen polymer (thailand) co., ltd.
tiara product (thailand) co., ltd.
timbo products (thai) co., ltd.
toa chemical industries co., ltd.
tobutsu (thailand) co.,ltd
toc (thailand) ltd
toho foam (thailand) co., ltd.
tokiwa a.p. (thailand) co., ltd.
tong roongroj industry co., ltd.
top chem co., ltd.
top flight co., ltd.
top group company
top pack co.,ltd
top paint perfect co., ltd.
top star trading ltd., part.
top trend manufacturing co.,ltd
topchem co ltd.
toray fibers (thailand) ltd.
toray international inc
toshiba chemical (thailand) ltd.
toshin chemitech (thailand) co., ltd.
tostem thai co.,ltd.
total lubricants (thailand) co., ltd.
totem industry co.,ltd.
toyo shikisai (thailand) co., ltd.
toyo thai corp ltd (ttcl)
toyota tsusho (thailand) c0., ltd.
tradicon supply and services
traxair (thailand) co., ltd.
treat chemical co., ltd.
treemit chemical co., ltd.
trio united traders ltd., part.
tri-tech industry co.,ltd.
triumph industries (thailand) co., ltd.
trongcharoen plastic industry co., ltd
troy siam co. ltd
troy siam co., ltd.
tulip chemplast co., ltd.
tuntex (thailand) public co., ltd.
tuntex petrochemical (thailand) public co.,ltd.
tuntex petrochemicals (thailand) plc
tustic limited partnership
u. thai kij polybag co.,ltd
u. thaweekij polypacking co., ltd.
u.b. chemical industries co., tld.
u.b.f. co., ltd.
u.d.i (thailand) co., ltd.
u.d.p. chemical co., ltd.
u.l. plastic industry co., ltd.
u.p.n. enterprise co.
u.s. plaster co., ltd.
u.s. polytrade co., ltd.
u.t.n. chemicals co., ltd.
ube (thailand) co., ltd.
ubis (1983) ltd.
udom pipatmongkol (upm) ltd., part.
ueno fine chemicals industry (thailand) ltd.
ultima ltd.
uni g co.,ltd.
uni ink co.
unicoop (thailand) co ltd
unify indus co., ltd.
unilever thai holdings co ltd
union agriculture co., ltd.
union associates (thai) co ltd
union biochem industries co., ltd.
union button corp., ltd. & venus button co., ltd
union carbide thailand co., ltd.
union carbide thailand ltd
union nifco co., ltd.
union plastic public company limited
union precision engineering co., ltd.
union spinning mills co., ltd.
union star plastic co., ltd.
union thai-nichiban co., ltd.
uniplast industry co., ltd.
uniqema thailand
unique gas and petrochemicals public co., ltd.
unique pack co., ltd.
uni-sole co.,ltd.
united coatings co., ltd.
united colors corporation ltd.
united excel chemical co ltd
united fishing net industry co., ltd.
united silica (siam) co., ltd.
united srichai chemicals co., ltd.
united tee koo laa ltd., part.
united thai chemical ind co.,ltd.
unithai oxide co., ltd.
unity commercial co., ltd.
unity interbusiness co., ltd.
unity mtts co., ltd.
unity techno products co., ltd.
unity thai products co., ltd.
univentures public co., ltd.
universal advance chemical co.,ltd
universal flavors & colors (thailand) ltd.
universal forms industry co., ltd.
universal metal drum co.,ltd.
universe ballon ltd. part
unque gas & petrochemicals public co,ltd
urai phanich co., ltd.
utica chemical co., ltd.
utids enterprise co ltd.
utopian co., ltd.
v. powdertech co.,ltd.
v.c. industry co., ltd.
v.i.v. interchem co., ltd.
v.p. - i.c. co., ltd.
v.p. hardware ltd part
v.p. hardware ltd., part.
v.p. plastic product (1993) co., ltd.
v.p. structural panels co., ltd.
v.s. treatment chemicals ltd.
vacharakarun co., ltd
valencia chemical co.,ltd.
vanachai group public co., ltd.
vandapac co., ltd.
vandashima (thailand) co., ltd.
vannaluck foam company limited
varnnakit co., ltd.
vatana phaisal engineering co., ltd.
vatchara packing products co., ltd.
veera plastic ltd., part
vicchi consolidated co ltd
vickem patana co., ltd.
victor packaging co., ltd.
victory industrial co., ltd.
vinythai public co., ltd.
vinythai public company limited
viriya khanyang ltd., part.
viriyakit plastic industry co., ltd.
viscount plastics (thailand) ltd
vision ware co., ltd.
visteon (thailand) limited
vitcorp chemical co., ltd.
w & s chemical co., ltd.
w. plastic 89
w.r. grace (thailand) limited.
wacharat supply co., ltd.
wandee panich industry co.,ltd
wang pack co., ltd.
wangpetch plastic co., ltd.
wannaprapai international co., ltd.
wansawad chemical co., ltd.
watana bhand packaging system co., ltd.
watanakit printing co., ltd.
watech co., ltd.
water group co., ltd.
wattana luckyware co., ltd.
wattanakit industry co., ltd.
wattyl dimet (siam) ltd
wattyl dimet (siam) ltd.
wealin thai trading co.,ltd.
wechem co.,ltd.
wei ming co., ltd.
well grow printing co., ltd.
well pack industry co., ltd.
wellgain precision products (thailand) co., ltd.
weltkraft engineering services co., ltd.
western plastic co.,ltd.
wetco international co., ltd.
wheaton co., ltd.
white group public co ltd
white henna ltd., part.
white house cleaning produsts co., ltd.
whitehouse cleaning products co.,ltd.
wichien dynamic industry co.,ltd.
win and will co., ltd.
windmill chemical co., ltd.
winimax industrial co., ltd.
winner's pack col., ltd.
wirecut machine center co., ltd.
wireform a.m. (thailand) ltd.
witco specialties (thailand) co ltd
witcorp chemicals ltd.
withit factory group co., ltd.
wong wai vit co., ltd..
wongkamol ltd., part.
wonsawat chemical co., ltd.
wood chemical l.p.
worakit-auto shrink pack co., ltd.
worakulchai package seal co., ltd.
world container lp.
world crop international co., ltd.
world flex co.,ltd.
world magnetics co., ltd.
world packaging industry co., ltd.
world pigment chemical co., ltd.
world plast limited.
world plastic printing co., ltd.
world polysac co., ltd.
world sibo-tech company limited
wuthisiri ltd., part.
y.j. chem co., ltd.
y.k.s. limited partnership
y.s.c. chemical co., ltd.
ya thai chemical co., ltd.
yamahatsu (thailand) co., ltd.
yamao-esulon (thailand) co., ltd.
yamato chemicals (thailand) co.,ltd.
yamato esulon (thailand) co.,ltd.
years bright industrial co., ltd.
yelowcare ltd.
yen jyei (thailand) co., ltd.
ying charoen paint industry co., ltd.
yingdee intertrade co., ltd.
yip in tsoi co., ltd.
yokoo thai co., ltd.
yong boonheng co., ltd.
yong lee plastic (thailand) co., ltd.
yong man co., ltd.
yong seng jun factory
yong thai public co., ltd.
yongfa industrial corp.,ltd.
young original group co., ltd.
yung shing plastic co., ltd.,
yuva tex limited partnership
z. korada (thailand) co., ltd.
zeneca agro asiatic ltd.
zeon chemicals (thailand) co., ltd.
zip pac co., ltd.

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