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HMC Polymers Co.,Ltd. - Polypropylene Plastic Resins, Polymers, Polypropylene Resins, Film Grade Resins, Fiber Resins

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HMC Polymers is a manufacturer of Polypropylene Plastic Resins, Polymers, Polypropylene Resins, Film Grade Resins and Fiber Resins for the plastics industry in Thailand.

HMC Polymers was established in 1983 as a joint venture between Bangkok Bank, Metro Co, Hua Kee Co and the forerunner of Basell Polyolefins. Basell was formed in October 2000 through a merger of the plastic businesses of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies and BASF. Basell is the world's largest manufacturer of polypropylene resin and a recognized world leader in polyolefins research and development.
HMC Polymers was one of the first investors in Thailand's massive Map Ta Phut refinery and petrochemical complex. HMC Polymers commenced operations with its first production line in 1989. During 1996, the company commenced operations of its second production line which takes total production capacity of polypropylene resin to a level where HMC is one of the largest single-site polypropylene companies. In addition to its own polypropylene operations, HMC Polymers is a substantial equity investor and participant in the National Petrochemical Co, in Thailand's newest olefin cracker, Rayong Olefins Co, which start up in 1999, and in MBJ Advanced Polymers Co, a company specializing in customized polypropylene compounded products designed for the automotive and appliance markets.
Company Ownership Major shareholders: Basell Polyolefins, Bangkok Bank Public Ltd, Hua Kee Group and International Finance Corp.

HMC offers fabricators, converters and end users significant opportunities to reduce cost, produce higher value products and open new markets as a result of its wide range of new technology products. The total polypropylene resin capacity of over 450,000 tons per year from the current production lines provides resins for virtually every application of our daily lives: automobiles, electrical appliances, housewares, furniture, toys, packaging for household cleaning supplies, food and pharmaceuticals. Polypropylene has a wide temperature range and is suitable from freezer to microwave use. Other uses of our resins include textiles, chemical process equipment and industrial components. In many areas, polypropylene resins are replacing traditional materials such as paper and steel, as well as PE, PVC, PS and other plastics for better performance and/or lower cost.

The HMC specialty film grade resins, used in high quality, flexible packaging applications, has earned an excellent reputation in this region for its exceptional high speed processability. HMC has an entire family of these high quality resins for both the biaxially-oriented and cast film industries. Specialty fiber resins include spunbond non-woven products such as the one way moisture barrier in baby disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products. HMC has developed special, high melt flow resins for thin wall injection applications which require less material and therefore are environmentally friendly. One of the applications of this product is the recyclable drink cups that are found in convenience stores.

Products: Polypropylene Plastic Resins, Polymers; Polypropylene Resins, Film Grade Resins, Fiber Resins

Categories: American Chamber of Commerce, Chemicals, Plastics, Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Farlang, Industrial Supplies

Contact: Mr Pakorn Sukhum -  Marketing Manager

HMC Polymers Co.,Ltd.
Sathorn City Tower Building, 20th Floor
1 75 South Sathorn Rd
Thungmahamak, Sathorn
Telephone: 02 679-6388-9
Fax: 02 679-6380
email address:

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