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Thailand Electrical Instruments Companies, Thai Electrical Instruments Manufacturers


Thailand Electrical Instruments Companies
, Thai Electrical Instruments Manufacturers produce many types of electrical equipment, machinery, electrical instruments and electrical components.

Much of this production is used to service the domestic market however many companies from abroad now source their electrical instruments and equipment here in Thailand.

Because this category encompasses such a wide range of electrical goods we have allocated separate pages for each category. Please take a look at these pages. They will give you an idea of the type of products available from Thailand electrical manufacturers.

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Featured Thailand Electrical Instruments Manufacturers

Q. T. C. Transformer Co., Ltd
Q. T. C. Was established in July 1996 by the group of a very professional engineers who have the long experience in this field for more than 30 years. Our main strategy is to give more benefit and more added value to the clients. Q. T. C. It seems to be the only one Thailand manufacturer, uses the latest transformer's technology, latest machines and other modernized facilities to manufacture transformers. The transformers manufactured by Q. T. C. Is second to none in term of quality and reliability.
With electric low-frequency heating, the first and only one in Thailand, is used in QTC. The uniform, modern, and economical processes by injection of low frequency heating current, desired to transformer winding then vacuum and oil filling. The computerize controller ensure the highest quality insulation system in QTC transformer for longer life.
QTC is a leader in the manufacturing of Hermetically Sealed Type Transformers fully filled with oil. This particular design defends against the build up of humidity and gas inside transformer tank. However, silica gel and oil checks are unnecessary for many years to come. Our purpose is to minimize maintenance expense for our customers.
QTC Transformer are designed, mass -produced and tested by an engineers team who have a wide range of experience in developing and manufacturing transformers. QTC transformer can guarantee its operational safety, reliability and maintenance free.
Computers are used to calculate all transformer data as well as to prevent the electrical and thermal stress that may arise during operation.
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the latest technology in transformer manufacturer in the name " QTC TRANSFORMER Co.,LTD " which have been assessed and registered as meeting the requirement of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and CESI ( Certificate Short Circuit Test ) from Italy. Our strengths lie in the ability to complete high specification design, high quality of production process with computerize control and delivery on time.
Products: Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Construction Machinery, Voltage Regulators, Stabilizers

Salom Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Salom Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Is a world-class supplier of switching power supplies, adaptors, and transformers. For more than 30 years, Salom has provided excellent OEM manufacture services to many elite companies around the word. Salom has obtained both ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 quality certificates.
With over three decades of experience in manufacturing AC/DC adaptors, AC/AC converters, and power transformers. Additionally we also manufacture battery chargers for mobile phones and other appliances. All products feature not only compact in size, but also high quality to meet the needs of wide range of applications and the requirements of various international safety agencies. We provide AC/DC adaptors for digital Europe cordless telephones, games consoles, modems video equipments, voice control devices, and etc. The rating power for adaptor is from 0.2 watt to 30 watt.
We also manufacture transforms in the power rating of between 0.2 watt and 400 watt. We offer cost effective switching power transformer using a high magnetic flux density ferrite core. These switching power transformers feature high reliability incorporating high winding technology.
Products: Switching power supplies, adapters, transformers, battery chargers

Thai Bumroong Electric Co., Ltd.
Leading successful importer & wholesaler in the field of all electrical products and components more than 30 years in Thailand market with our good service and reasonable prices.
Products: Electrical Components, T & B Consumer Unit, T & B Control Switches

W. I. P. Electric Co., Ltd
W. I. P. Electric Co., Ltd. Has been manufacturing high quality electric equipment since our inception in 1992. Ours is a specialist company which focuses on a niche market. Our success through your complete satisfaction. A Basket of Factors: - Price - Experience - Quality Dependability - Research & Development - Savings and Safety
Products: Protector Relay, Timer, Meter, Electronic Instrument, Timers

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