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Thailand Herbal Products
are becoming more popular. Thailand Herbal Manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential of their traditional herbal remedies, herbal drugs and herbal medicines on the international market.

People all over the world are becoming more health-conscious. Besides taking regular exercises they are paying more attention to what they eat in order to maintain a healthy body. Herbal products, in the form of food supplements and health drinks, have gained increasing popularity among consumers of all ages. Likewise, traditional herbal remedy is now looked upon by more and more people as the alternative to modern drugs. Indeed, many herbal medicine, have been found to cause less side effects.

Due to the increasing interest in herbs and the availability of a wide variety of herbal plants in Thailand, the market prospects for herbal products, both domestic and export, look bright. At the same time, however, competition in the global trade of herbs is expected to intensify too.


If Thailand's herbal industry wants to register a steady growth, the standardization of production and good market management are two key factors which need to be implemented.

Domestic herbal market According to the latest figures, the market value of herbal products in Thailand totals about Baht30,000 million a year. The market has been growing by at least 20 per cent annually. Herbal medicines in particular are becoming more popular because the modern drugs which are chemical-based synthetics tend to produce side effects. Nonetheless Thai physicians in general have not yet been confident enough about the effectiveness of Thai herbs. As a result, herbs in general have not been prescribed to patients for the treatment of illnesses.

In the U.S., medical authorities have accepted herbal remedy as an alternative to modern drugs. In Australia, medical authorities there are considering offering herbs to all hospitals so that patients can choose for themselves. In Thailand, if medical researchers can speed up their studies of local herbs and offer solid evidence as to the effectiveness of herbal ingredients in medicine for the treatment of illnesses, herbal remedy as the alternative to prescription drugs is likely to gain wider acceptance.

Today, it has already been shown that 15 groups of symptoms of illnesses can be treated with the use of herbs in place of prescription drugs imported from abroad. Herbs are not only found to be as equally effective as modern drugs but also generally much less expensive. These include herbal medicine for the relief of pain, fever and allergies as well as for treatment of infection, diabetes, high cholesterol and even cancer. Some studies have indicated that over 70 per cent of all illnesses can be treated successfully with herbal medicine. Such common symptoms as headache, stomach-ache, joint pain, cramp and colds can be relieved by using herbal remedy.

If herbs gain wider acceptance as alternative medicine in Thailand, billions of baht spent each year on imported drugs can be saved. To help promote the local herbal market, the government can employ a number of measures. One is the introduction of herbal remedy in hospitals. Another is to include certain types of herbs to the list of basic drugs, so that people can have a choice. Detailed information about herbal remedy can also be made available to the public. The export promotion of herbal products can help spur the growth of the local herbal industry. At the same time the government should help protect Thailand's herbal products. Medical researchers from foreign countries have already succeeded in patenting a number of herbs found in Thailand. If this is allowed to continue, it can work against Thailand in the global market for herbal products.

Herbal cosmetics The market for herbal cosmetics has seen a steady growth. Herbal cosmetics are increasingly popular among teenagers and working women. Total value of the domestic market amounts to about Baht 2 billion. The rate of growth has been about 30 per cent a year. Regarding export, significant outlets for Thai herbal cosmetics are mostly in Asia -- Japan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and countries in the Middle East. In addition, the U.S. and China are two new markets with strong potential. Overall herbal exports In recent years, export of Thailand's herbal products has been averaging between Baht 100-200million a year while export of herbal extracts about Baht 300-400 million a year. Compared to the domestic herbal market, the export market is still small. For the year 2003, export of herbal products is forecasted to increase by 10 per cent. However, export of herbal extracts is expected to decline, also by 10 per cent, because more Thai producers have realized that herbal products command higher prices on the world market than herbal extracts. Major export outlets for Thai herbs are Japan and the U.S.

Competition As the interest in herbal products has risen steadily worldwide, competition in the world herbal trade is certain to intensify, especially when all the large drug companies are starting to manufacture pharmaceutical products from natural ingredients. Thailand's main competitors are China and India. Due to its sheer size, China already has over 1,000 plants producing herbal products. China has also been striving to get all these plants up to the GMP standard because all imports into most Western countries now must achieve that standard. India has been cooperating with foreign research institutes, especially those in Germany, to improve the production standard of herbal products.

As for Thailand, its herbal products in general can compete in the global marketplace. The advantage Thailand enjoys is the wide availability of herbs as raw materials for making herbal products. On the other hand, the Thai herbal industry is still largely undeveloped. Although many studies of herbs have been done by Thai researchers, emphasis is largely on the ingredients of herbs. Little, if any, of the marketing side of herbs has been looked into. Nevertheless, Thai herbs are becoming better known abroad, thanks to the various trade exhibitions sponsored by the government in recent years.

What should Thailand do to develop its herbal industry? The growing popularity of herbs at home and abroad offers Thailand a good opportunity to develop its herbal industry. We have the advantage of having widely available herbal plants as raw materials. But for Thailand to remain competitive in the world herbal trade, the following factors need to be considered. Research and development. Since export outlets around the world are placing an emphasis on higher standard of quality of herbal products, Thailand should do more on research and development, especially on quality of production and market demand for various types of herbs. We should set a target for our herbal products to achieve the GMP or the HACCP standard. Good management. Herbal remedy is gaining wider acceptance because medicine made from herbs have been found to cause less side effects than prescription drugs.

To expand the market for herbs, good management is necessary from the cultivation of herbal plants and the harvesting of herbs to the correct and hygienic way to store herbs to make them germ-free. Up-to-date information. Changes occur continuously in today's global marketplace. Thailand's herbal industry must adapt itself to changes by being well-informed. Any information that is important to us must be incorporated into our business strategy, so that we can keep up with the competition. In time of economic uncertainties, we have been stressing the importance of self-reliance and the value of traditional knowledge. If Thai entrepreneurs can combine these two factors with production quality and good management, Thailand will find itself among the forefront in the world herbal market.

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Featured Thai Herbal Products Companies
A and W Herbal Heat Bag Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Herbal Heat Bags, Spa, Massage Products. Produces different kinds of herbal heat bag products i.e. gloves, waist bags, knee bags, slippers, arm bags, shoulder bags and free style. Benefit: Reduces muscle stress and inflammation. Reduces joint stiffness, increases blood circulation. Refresh your day with aroma therapy herbal bags
Earth Factory Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Spa Products such as Natural Herbal Soaps, Blended essential oils, Massage Oils, Bath Crystals, Bath Oils, Body Scrubs, Foot Spa, Hair Spa, Body Butter and Body Lotions.
I Plus Q Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Spa Products Manufacturer of Skin Rituals, Essential Oil, 100% Pure Base Oil, Carrier Oil, Blend Essential Oil, 100% Essential Oil Blended, Body Massage Oil, Herbal Body Scrub, Body Cream Scrub, Fine Scrub, Body Cream Scrub, Extra Scrub, Body Wrap, Body Mask, Bath Therapy, Floral Water ( Hydrosol Plus), Personal Care Products, Hotel Amenity Products, Hand Care & Foot Care, Pillow Mist, Aroma Beads, Spa Accessories, Spa Product Packaging
Featured Company
Avivah Herb Tech Co., Ltd.
We are new company, founded by medical doctor. We produce various kinds of herbal medicine such as product for acne, women’s health, sexual function enhancer. - We also concentrate on products for conditions that are problem of western medicine such as allergy, gout, hypertension, AIDS, cancer etc.
- Our products have developed from potential herbs of traditional Thai and Chinese medicine and have been used successfully in clinical practice for years. Our products have been formulated by principle of Shen Nong Materia Medica, well-known legends of Chinese Herbal Medicine, to improve function of internal organs by Qi system as in the theory of oriental medicine. We have cooperated with many institutes to ensure safety and quality of our products such as National Center for Genetic - Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), Medicinal Plants Research Institute etc.
We follow strict quality control guidelines in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We begin to export across Asia, Middle East and United States. We are looking for partner to cooperate in R&D and marketing to expand our market in EU.
Contact : Dr.Wit Sombatworapat

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acacia concinna
acanthus ebracteatus vahl
acne clearing
acne soap
acorus calamus
adenochlaena sameness
aegle marmelos
albizia myriophylla benth
allium sativum linn
aloe vera
aloe vera with honey
aloevera extract
aloevera moisturising gel
alovera noni juice
andrographis paniculata
andrographis paniculata capsule
andrographis paniculata extract
angel grass
anti-alzheimer herbs
antibacterial herbs
anti-cancer herbs
anti-cellulite herbs
anti-flatulent herbs
antifungal herbs
anti-hiv herbs
anti-malarial herbs
antiviral herbs
arcangelisia flava capsule
aromatherapy herbs
aromatherapy body wrap
aromatic incense
aromatic shampoo
arthrospira platensis
asafoetida gum
asafoetida tincture
asiatic pennywort
bael fruit
bael fruit tea (aegle marmelus)
balsam apple tablet
beauty care products
beijing grass
beijing grass tea
bella hergal capsule
bergamot shampoo & conditioner
bitter cucumber
bitter cucumber capsule
bitter cucumber tea
bitter melon
black pepper capsule
black tea
blue-green algae
body lotion
body scrub
body steam powder
boesenbergia rotunda
boesenbergis rotunda capsule
breast care - enlargement & firmness
breast enalrgement cream
breast enlargement & enhancement
breast enlargement raw herbal extract-pueraria mirifica root
breast firmness
breast serum
butea nano male gel
butea superba
butea superba capsule
butea superba extract
butea superba herb
carthamus tinctorius
carthamus tinctorius linn
cassia siamea capsule
cassia siamea tea
cat whiskers
cat's whisker capsule
cat's whisker tea
centella asiatica
centella asiatica capsule
centella asiatica tea
chinese green tea
chinese herbs
chinese medicines
chinese tea
chrysantemum tea
cinnamon capsule
cissus quadrangularis
cissus quadrangularis capsule
clove capsule
compound pueraria mirifica capsule
compound senna-garcinia cambogia capsule
consists of 17 ki
cornex anti-wrinkle
cornex gel for man
cornex herbs
creyat root
crocodile soup with chinese herbs
cryptolepis buchanani capsule
cryptolepis buchanani tea
cucumber herbal lip gloss
cucumber shower gel
cucumber soap
curcuma longa linn
curcuma longa soap
curcuma xanthorizza extract
curcuma xanthorrhiza capsule
cymbopogon citratus stapf
dancing plant herbal tea
deep cleansing facial mask
derris scandens benth
derris scandens capsule
derris scandens extract
derris scandens tea
dietary supplement
dietary supplements
dok kham foi
dried herb
eastern echinacea
eclipta alba
emblic myrobalan tea
erecting gel
eurycoma longifolia
exfoliating soap
facial herbal whitening cream
fa-thalai-jone extract capsule
floral body wrap
flowers and infusions
food colorings from herbs
garcina capsule
garcinia cambogia
garcinia extract
garlic (allicin) extract
garlic capsule
garlic extract powder capsule
garlic extract tablet
ginger capsule
ginger tea
ginkgo biloba & chrysanthemum tea
ginkgo biloba & ginseng capsule
ginkgo biloba capsule
ginkgo biloba tea
ginseng tea
glycerin soap
gree chiretta
green tea
green tea extract-piper nigrum capsule
green tea extract-piper nigrum linn capsule
green tea herbal lip gloss
gynostemma pentaphyllum
gynostemma pentaphyllum capsule
gynostemma pentaphyllum tea
habu herbal soap
habu milk loton
hair care
hana mulberry green tea
handmade herbal soap from thailand
health and beauty products
health food
healthy herbs
heart tonic
herb (aloe vera)
herb bags
herb cookies
herb cosmetics
herb massage oil
herb soap
herbal aroma tea
herbal balm
herbal bar soap
herbal bath salt
herbal body rub & scrub
herbal capsules
herbal compress
herbal compresses
herbal cosmetic
herbal cosmetic cream
herbal cosmetics
herbal cream
herbal drink 15 ton/yr.
herbal drinks
herbal drug for hiv
herbal gardens
herbal grinding
herbal hair oil
herbal hair tonic
herbal handmade soaps
herbal incense candle
herbal insecticide
herbal juice for health
herbal leaf shampoo
herbal leaf soap
herbal lip care
herbal massage
herbal massage oils
herbal medicine
herbal medicine 20 ton/yr.
herbal mosquito repellent
herbal mouthwash
herbal oil
herbal organic jasmine rice
herbal powder toothpaste
herbal shampoo
herbal shampoo balance conditioning
herbal shampoos
herbal slimming product
herbal soap
herbal soaps
herbal solution
herbal spa product manufacturer
herbal steam bath and body treatment center
herbal supplement
herbal tea
herbal tea bags
herbal teas
herbal thai meatloaf
herbal tonics
herbal toothpaste
herbal viagra
herbal wine
herbal winery
herbs & natural remedies
herbs and spices
hibiscus sabdariffa linn
hiv herbs
hiv natural therapy
home spa products
honey herbal bar
honey-white tea soap
japanese green tea
jewel vine
jiaogulan extract
kaempferia parviflora capsule
kaempferia parviflora tea
lagerstroemia speciosa banaba extract
lagerstroemia speciosa pers
lemon grass
lemon juice
lemongrass tea
licorice tea
lingzhi capsule
lingzhi extract capsules
lingzhi extract powder
lingzhi tea
lotus flower
luffa transparent glycerin herbal soap
mangosteen extract (xanthone)
mangosteen juice
mangosteen soap
mangosteena skin herbal soap
manufacturer of herbal products
medical supplies
medicinal plant
moisturizing products
momordica charantia
momordica charantia linn
morinda citrifolia linn
mormordica charanthia extract
morus alba linn
mulberry green tea
mulberry juice
mulberry root
murdannia lorifomis capsule
murdannia lorifomis tea
murdannia loriformis
natural essential oil
natural ginger candy
natural health products
natural herbal product
natural herbal soap
natural remedies
natural soap
natural spa products
nerve tonic
night cream with herbal extracts
noni soap
nut grass tea
nymphaea alba root powder
odor removal herbal pad
oolong tea
organic lemongrass leaves powder
organic lemongrass tree powder
oriental herbal
oriental herbal ingredients
oriental herbs
orthosiphon aristatus (cats' whisker) extract
passion fruit juice
petal soap
petch-sang-kart tablet
phyllanthus amarus
phyllanthus amarus capsule
phyllanthus amarus tea
pinu chu lata
pluak rak mon
pluchea indica
pluchea indica capsule
pluchea indica tea
pueraria mirifica
pueraria mirifica airy shaw
pueraria mirifica cpsule
pueraria mirifica cream
pueraria mirifica extract
pueraria mirifica herbal in powder extracted
pueraria mirifica powder extract
pueraria nano breast gel
pure herbs
queen's flower
randanus amaryllifolius tea
ranong mulberry green tea
rhinacanthus nasutus tea
rice bran scrub soap
ringworm bush tea (cassia alata)
rishi mushroom
rolla rao
rolla rao et kammathy
rosella extract
roselle tea
safflower & garcinia tea
safflower capsule
safflower tea
sapindus emarginatus
schefflera leucantha capsule
sea holly
sea holly capsule
sea holly tea
senna & garcinia tea
senna capsule
senna tablet
senna tea
sesamum indicum
sex stimulating product
sh instant
skin care
skin care products
skin scrubbing powder
slimming lotion
soapberry shampoo & conditioner
soapberry tree
spa products
spa soap
stevia tea
sweetheart tea
tal-val-paeng tablet
tamarind herbal lip gloss
tamarind shower gel
tamarind soap
tanaka herbal scrub soap
terminar oil
tevee tea
thai herbal ball
thai herbal chilli paste
thai herbal coffee
thai herbal heat pack
thai herbal medicine
thai herbal shampoo
thai herbal spa products
thai herbs
thai licorice
thai noni jice
thai noni juice
thai-chinese herbal liquid mixture for men
the creat
thunbergia laurifolia linn
thunbergia laurisolia capsule
thunbergia laurisolia tea
tinospora crisp
tinospora crispa capsule
tongkat ali extract
traditional drug
traditional herbal formulas
transparent herbal soap
tribulus extract
tropical herbal product
turmeric capsule
turmeric shower gel
turmeric tablet
whitening cream chinese herb,
whitening gel

77 multitrade co.,LTD.
a and w herbal heat bag co.,LTD.
a.c.k. international co,Ltd.
a.p.z. corporation limited
abajour co.,Ltd.
ag-gro (thailand) co,LTD.
ake charoen phamarcutical
anoma thai herb and healthy
aramwech bhasaj co,LTD.
aroma house co.,LTD.
asia herb association bangkok co.,LTD.
asia pharmaceuticals,
aswin superman ltd,PART
a-time media co,LTD.
avivah herb tech co.,LTD.
bangkok companies
bangkok herb co,LTD.
bangkok soap co.,LTD
bhaet sa-ad laboratories co.,LTD.
bio natural beverage co.,LTD.
bio pure co,LTD.
boonsong herbal products
co., ltd.
borntras (thailand) ltd.
brightcess group co.,LTD.
c. nature group co,Ltd.
c.p. food products co.,Ltd. (ThaiThai Restaurant)
cal intertrade co,Ltd
chamamash co.,LTD.
charoen chai panich joss powder
co., ltd.
chuan thai enterprise co.,Ltd.
commercial excellence
co., ltd.
d.e.g.-german investment and development company
diethelm trading co,LTD.
domest company limited
eastern herb co,LTD.
ekal (thailand) ltd.
food sanitary promotion (thailand) co.,Ltd.
four minds co.,LTD.
friend of nature club
fruit and flower
g.h. supply co.,LTD.
general care products co.,LTD.
giffarine skyline laboratory & health care co.,LTD
golden herb body care co.,LTD.
good day service co.,LTD.
green and klean thai herbs
green chart natural herbs (thailand) co.,Ltd.
green country packing co.,LTD.
green gold co.,LTD.
green herbs
h.t. & t international distribution co.,Ltd.
halo craft co.,Ltd.
health herb products co,LTD.
helem thai co,Ltd.
herb and health natural product ltd.,PART.
herb tech shop
herbal and second carres club 2000
herbal friend
herbal one co,Ltd.
herbal products association
herbal queen co,LTD.
herbalife thailand limited
herbbal word international (thailand) co.,Ltd
herbert kannegeisser gmbh
herbert smith (thailand) limited
herbie's travel co.,LTD
herbline and coslab co.,LTD.
herbs & organic service co-op
hok lok shew enterprise co.,LTD.
holmather earth ltd.,Part.
hong pure co.,Ltd.
impression spice co.,LTD.
indodaman travel co.,Ltd.
innovate international co,LTD.
intel microelectronics (thailand) co,LTD.
interhomebase business
international herb & cosmetics
intranet (thailand) co,LTD.
j & k internatural co.,LTD.
j. sky herber cosmetics
jae nong modern agro co,Ltd.
jasmine herb international co.,LTD.
k.p.products supply ltd
kankee namtaothong co,LTD.
kiatthavee enterprise co,Ltd.
kijbanlue multi-food co.,LTD.
kokliang ltd.,Part.
lan thai business
lanna products co.,LTD.
leonova co.,LTD.
lubla samoonprai co,LTD.
m & co (direct) co,LTD.
m & n trading (2001) co.,LTD
madam marketting co,LTD.
manna and herbs co.,LTD.
mata hari restaurant
moh mee co,LTD.
montha herbal siam co.,Ltd.
monty & totco co,LTD.
m-pathy intertrade co.,LTD.
mulberry green tea ltd,PART.
nanachart traders consolidation ltd,
nature focus co.,Ltd.
nature guard (thailand) co.,LTD.
neo suki thai restaurants co.,LTD.
nicher trading co.,LTD.
nimbus trading ltd.,Part.
nittaya thai curry prodcts co.,LTD
noodle ratchada co.,LTD.
nual anong co.,LTD.
nual anong herbal co.,LTD.
numaoy herb and beauty (thailand) co.,Ltd
orapatrara associate co.,LTD
orawan laser skin center
orchids house spa 26 co.,LTD
ouay un co.,LTD.
p. green herb co.,LTD.
p.s.n. intergroup co.,LTD.
p.s.t. international trading company limited
p.t. foodstuffs co.,LTD.
pasha biz co.,LTD.
pato chemical industry public company limited
pega nationherbs co.,Ltd.
people care asia corporation co.,LTD.
perfect health solution co.,LTD.
phongthep pattana co.,LTD
pisit thai massage shop & thai massage training school
platani resort & spa
pongpradit herb
pornnapa herbal house company
prima beauty co.,LTD.
ratoharus co.,LTD.
rhone-poulenc agro (thailand) s.a. co.,LTD.
ring co.,LTD.
royal lapidary (1985) co.,LTD.
royal orchid sheraton hotel & towers,BANGKOK
rungrot produce chairece herbal co.,Ltd.
rungsiam herbs co.,LTD.
s & d commercial co.,Ltd.
s. intertrade part co.,Ltd.
s.c.boomtrading ltd.,PART.
s.p.i. herb co.,Ltd products
sahapan group (thailand) co.,Ltd
sahaphaet holistic pain center
sakaya automated co.,LTD.
sand-m international co.,LTD.
sannyfield international (thailand) ltd.
shine herb group
siam beauty co.,LTD.
siam bio best international co.,Ltd.
siam dee sawat co.,Ltd
siam fb products co.,LTD.
siam fruit & herb co.,Ltd
siam green herb co.,Ltd.
siam herb export co.,LTD.
siam herb products co.,LTD.
siam multitrade co.,LTD.
siam yoko co.,LTD.
siamclove ltd. part.,
siribuncha co.,LTD.
skyline laboratory co.,LTD
skyline specialty co.,LTD.
soap gallery co.,LTD.
sorich enterprise co.,Ltd.
specialty natural products co.,Ltd.
sri chareon food co.,LTD.
st. carlos group of health services
st. herb cosmetics international co.,LTD.
standard repacker co.,LTD.
streamnet co.,LTD.
suankaewdee herbal co.,LTD.
tajai herb partership
thai chong dee herbal
thai herb today co.,Ltd.
thai herbal development center
thai herbal products co.,LTD.
thai smart intertrade co.,LTD.
thai sourcing
thai tycoon 2005 co.,Ltd.
thamawech thai traditional clinic
thanaphat intertrade,
thanyaporn herb co.,Ltd.
thanyapotn herbs co.,LTD.
to nature co.,LTD.
tropical herbal product co.,Ltd
twin lotus co ltd,
union biochem industries co.,LTD.
united progress (thailand) ltd.
universal herb & marketing co.,LTD.
variety of herbs co.,Ltd.
vior merger co.,Ltd.
wanalee co.,LTD.
wat po thai traditional medical school
world foods international co.,LTD.
xenion pharma co.,Ltd.
yeo heng co.,LTD.
yoda herbs thailand part.,Ltd
zeneca agro asiatic ltd.

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