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Thailand Environment Companies, Thai Environment Businesses

Thailand environmental companies are being kept busy. They fulfill many roles as consultants or engineers conducting studies environmental assessment studies and carrying out vital environmental engineering projects.


Companies especially major international and foreign owned concerns are becoming much more socially and environmentally aware and are striving to make sure they reach the right international standards when it comes to pollution and waste control.


To cater to foreign and domestic demand for 'Green' products Thai companies are taking up the challenge by producing environmentally friendly products for their foreign clients. Biodegradable washing up liquid - no need just throw away the dishes after use and don't worry they are made of biodegradable plastic. I was talking to a garment manufacturer. They came up with the idea of a biodegradable plastic raincoat. Great idea but it had to be scrapped when they found after four or five drenchings in Thailand's monsoon downpours the coats started to biodegrade rather prematurely - ah well back to the drawing board.



Another section to the environmental business in Thailand is the area of environmental equipment & instrumentation. From what I gather a lot of the equipment is imported from Europe and then installed and operated by specialist staff. More and more however the machines are being copied and sold under Thai brand names or internationally know names with a 'Made in Thailand' Sticker.


Thailand is a good source of this equipment and machinery used in the control of environmental problems be they in the home, the office or the workplace. Air cleaners and purifiers, water treatment plants, bio-degradable plastics - you want it we got it. Contact me and we can source your environmental equipment and instruments from top Thai manufacturers.


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Also featured in this section are articles related to the Environment in Thailand. If you have experience (or experiences) in this area then please send your story or article to  


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Featured Thailand Environmental Companies
A.W.T. International (Thailand) Limited  Thailand Water and waste water asset management, flow gauging, Environmental management services, environmental monitoring, Trade waste management, waste tracking systems, maintenance management, non-revenue water reduction
N & DD International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand French Company in Thailand supplying Oceanography Equipment, Cartography Equipment, Meteorology Equipment, Oceanography Instruments, Cartography Instruments, Meteorology Instruments

Following you will find lists of the Environmental companies and Organizations in Thailand. If  you want Bangkok Companies to help source products from the companies  or simply to supply a contact list of these Businesses then please email

 Thailand Environmental Companies & Organizations  Thailand Environmental issues, products & Services 
a.b.s. services inc,
a.e.a. technology (thailand) ltd,
a.e.p. international co.,Ltd.
a.k. environmental alliance co.,LTD.
a.p.z. corporation limited,
a.t.c supply (1993) co,Ltd
a.v.n. motor (1993) co.,Ltd.
a.w.t. international (thailand) limited,
abb limited,
advance agro public co,Ltd.
advanced technology applications,
aggie consult co,Ltd.
air & waste technology co,Ltd.
air control & technology co ltd,
american appliance & engineering co,Ltd.
aqua nishihara corp ltd,
asia europe environmental technology center (aeetc)
asia pacific technotrade (thailand) co.,Ltd.
asian chemicals & engineering co,LTD.
aspects (thailand) co,Ltd.
association for life and environment,
association of 3 co.,LTD.
association of earth island institute,
australia centre (thailand) ltd.,
aztec international co,Ltd
b.j.i. water co,LTD.
b.j.t. water co,Ltd.
b.k.-trading (t) co,LTD.
b.n.f. corporation co.,Ltd.
b.t.g.-golder co,Ltd.
b.y.l. environmental services co,Ltd.
baker & mckenzie,
bangkok advanced technology co,ltd.
bangkok capital alliance co,Ltd.
bangkok companies,
bangkok consult group,
bangkok inter products co.,Ltd.
bangkok pathology-laboratory co,Ltd
bangkok polyester public company limited,
belt collins thailand ltd.,
bhatara progress co.,Ltd
bird conservation society of thailand,
bisman international co,Ltd.
blue bird freight company ltd,
bureau veritas (thailand) ltd.,
business interface technology co,Ltd.
business international dataconsult,
c.n.e. industry group co ltd,
c.p. retail and marketing co,Ltd.
canadian universities consortium,
capital rice co,LTD.
ch2m hill (thailand) ltd,
chachoengsoa environmental development foundation,
chaimongkol refined sugar co ltd,
chaiyaphum plant products co,LTD.
charpa techcenter co,Ltd.
chemax & phypers co.,Ltd
chemical dynamics co ltd (cdc),
chen tse enterprise ( thailand ) co,LTD.
chiyoda kohan (thailand) co,Ltd.
christiani & nielsen (thailand) co,Ltd.
civil design group co.,Ltd.
clean technology co,LTD.
coffey (thailand) ltd.,
complement co.,LTD.
computer expert service co.,Ltd.
concept international design ltd.,
connell wagner pty ltd,
consultants of technology co,LTD.
cool sorption (thailand) ltd.,
coolman corporation ltd.,
corporate performance advisors limited,
cosmo one co,Ltd.
cpcs upham corporation,
creation center co,Ltd.
crecer corporation ltd.,
crystaline co,LTD.
cyber merchants exchange (thailand) co,Ltd.
d.c. asia co.,Ltd.
dai-ichi waste treatment (thailand) co,LTD.
delta resources (asia) co ltd.,
department of mineral fuels,
dessau soprin international,
diamond venture co,Ltd.
din.p environment in focus,
doi tung development project,
dorsch consult (thailand) co,Ltd.
draeger safety (thailand) ltd.,
dulwich international college,
duscol co,LTD.
dust control co,LTD.
dutch waste solution thailand,
dyna fluid co ltd (dfc),
dynamic engineering system co,LTD.
e.m.c. public co,Ltd.
e.r.m. (thailand) co.,LTD.
e.r.m.-siam co,Ltd.
e.s. group,
east coast design co,LTD.
eastern polypack co.,Ltd.
ebara (thailand) ltd,
ec-asean cogen programme,
ecosystem engineering consultant co,LTD.
edison mission energy thailand,
electromac engineering co.,Ltd.
elite asset management,
elyo-h facilities management ltd.,
enco engimeering co,Ltd.
energy & environment synergy consultants ltd,
energy conservation center of thailand,The
enspire building brand environments,
entech associate co,LTD.
envire system co,LTD.
environment & laboratory co,LTD.
environment law center -thailand foundation,
environment technology & information consultants,
environmental care center co,LTD.
environmental engineering co.,Ltd.
environmental engineering consultants co,Ltd.
environmental engineers association of thailand,
environmental services (thailand) co.,
environmental systems (thailand) co ltd,
envirtech consultant co,Ltd.
erm-siam co ltd,
e-square environment & engineering co,Ltd.
excellent energy international co.,Ltd
exim agency and trading co.,LTD.
extreme systems co,LTD.
fairness clean protection,
fameline product co,LTD.
federal supply and service co.,LTD.
fichtner thailand (fichtner gmbh & co kg),
finesse soil testing co,Ltd.
fiotec (thailand) co,Ltd.
flanders international technical agency,
flowco integrated drilling and environmental servi,
foundation for anti pollution and environmental pr,
foundation for environmental preservation,
foundation for the protection of environment and t,
friends of the asian elephant,
fujikasui (thailand) co,LTD.
g.b.o. asia co,Ltd.
g.b.o. environmental services co,LTD.
g.i.s. data co,Ltd.
g.k.-kyowa (thailand) co,Ltd.
g.m.t. corporation limited (gmt),
general environmental conservation public company,
global environmental technology co.,Ltd. ( GETCO
golden plan co,LTD.
good vision co,LTD.
graphics-related company,
greatwall (1988) co.,Ltd
green city foundation,The
green shell co.,Ltd.
green world foundation,
greenpeace southeast asia organization,
h.l.b. (thailand) ltd.,
halcrow group ltd,
halla climate control (thailand) co.,LTD
heatec co. ltd.,
hepta engineering co,LTD.
hiclear envirotech co,LTD.
hitachi zosen corp,
hi-tech industrial estate,
hitech industrial service and supply co.,LTD.
house of decoration co.,Ltd.
huawei technologies co,Ltd.
human and natural resources development institute,
hydro systems co,Ltd.
hydrographic & geo physics siam co,Ltd.
i.a.q. technologies (thailand) co.,Ltd.
i.q.a. northwest labs co.,Ltd.
innovation network corporation ltd.,
innovative instrument co,Ltd.
international environmental management co,Ltd.
intertek testing services (thailand) ltd.,
invigor incorporation limited,
iota (thailand) limited,
it consulting - investment & technology transfer c,
iucn ? the world conservation union,
j.f.e. engineering (thailand) co.,LTD
j.m. food industry co,LTD.
j.s. techology consultant co.,Ltd
jitramas trading co,LTD.
k. engineering consultants co,Ltd.
k.s.b. pumps co,Ltd.

kao industrial (thailand) co.,Ltd.
kenan institute asia,
keppel thai properties public company limited,
king mongkut's institute of technology north,
king pac industrial co.,LTD
legal advisory council limited (lacl),
m & h manufacturing co. ltd.,
m & r service co,LTD.
m.b.j. advanced polymers co,Ltd.
m.p. particle board co.,LTD.
m.r.m. co,Ltd.
maccaferri (thailand) co,LTD.
macro consultants co,LTD.
metcalf & eddy inc,
metric co,LTD.
metrology society of thailand,
midas agronomics co,LTD.
miller freeman (thailand) co ltd,
mit mongkol industry co ltd,
mitr technical consultant company limited,
modern asia environmental,
moma collection co,Ltd
n & dd international (thailand) co.,LTD.
n.c.a. labs co ltd,
n.e.c. tokin (thailand) co ltd,
n.p. siam&co,
n.s. consultant co.,LTD.
naewna newspaper,
nan mee co.,LTD.
national petrochemical plc.,
national science and technology development agency,
nature trails co. ltd.,
nature traveller,
net plus software co.,LTD
netmarks (thailand) co.,Ltd.
ninety-nine r.o.text co.,LTD.
nippon koei co ltd,
nokia multimedia terminals,
nontaburi environmental conservation association,
oceanor ( thailand ) co.,Ltd.
oceanor (oceanographic national research council,
office of environmental policy and planning,
one with trading co.,Ltd.
organics ltd.,
organo (thailand) co.,LTD
p & a technology co.,LTD.
p.q. chemicals (thailand) ltd.,
p.s.n. intergroup co.,LTD.
p.t.t. exploration and production public co.,Ltd.
pacific consultants international,
padungsilpa civil work co.,LTD.
panya consultant co.,LTD.
parsons brinckerhoff,
parsons international limited,
pathum thani water co.,LTD.
pet products co ltd,
phakee engneering co.,LTD.
phathai science and technology co.,LTD. (PS TECH)
phornthip sports wear co.,LTD.
plan engineering co.,Ltd.
platani resort & spa,
pollution control department,
polytechnology co.,Ltd.
polytex industry co.,LTD
pongsit aquarium limited partnership,
pre-development consultant co.,LTD.
prem tinsulanonda international school,
premier environmental co ltd,
pro-en group of companies,
projects asia limited,
proud inter group co.,LTD.
quality coffee products ltd.,
radian sea ltd,
rak engineering co.,LTD.
rayong environmental and safety management associa,
rayong purifier co.,Ltd.
responsive marketing far east limited.,
reynolds & reynolds pty. ltd.,
rieckermann thai engineering co ltd,
roediger (thailand) co.,Ltd.
roge and associates co.,Ltd.
rural economics promotion and environment developm,
rw tuv (thailand) ltd,
s.g.s. group of companies (thailand) ltd,
s.n.b. marketing co.,LTD.
s.p.s. consulting service co.,Ltd.
sahaviriya steel industries public co.,LTD.
san.e.68 consulting engineers co.,LTD.
sarin architect co.,Ltd.
save life ro tech (1999) co.,ltd
scientific environmental group co.,Ltd.
scientific promotion co.,Ltd.
scientific research lp,
scott wilson kirkpatrick (thailand) ltd,
seatec international,Ltd.
seghers better technology group n.v.,
siam mirai environment co.,LTD.
siam nathan international co.,LTD.
siam pollutek co.,Ltd.
siam tech group co.,Ltd.
siam toyota munufacturing co ltd,
siam water flame co.,Ltd.
sino-thai construction services co.,LTD.
sino-thai engineering & construction public co ltd,
sino-thai resources development public co.,LTD.
sita-thai waste management services ltd,
site preparation management co.,Ltd.
sithiporn associates,
skytex co.,Ltd.
smile family (siam) co.,LTD.
society for conservation of national treasure and,
softlab co.,Ltd.
soil testing siam co.,LTD.
solartron co.,LTD.
sorel asia,
southtech engineering co.,Ltd.
spindler & associates,
suez lyonnaise des eaux,
sushi king (thailand) ltd.,
t.c.h. suminoe co.,LTD.
t.r.t.c. services co.,Ltd.
t.s.k. engineering (thailand) co.,LTD.
t.t.i.s. co.,LTD.
taiheiyo international(thailand) co.,LTD.
tanee plastic co.,LTD.
techmar co.,LTD.
technology environmental management co.,Ltd
tesco limited,
thai american environment protection
thai dci company limited,
thai engineering consultants co.,LTD.
thai environment and community development associa,
thai environmental consultants association,
thai environmental energy care,
thai environmental german services co.,Ltd.
thai environmental technic limited,
thai herbicide co.,Ltd.
thai jurong engineering limited,
thai meidensha co.,Ltd.
thai meters co ltd,
thai nippon road co ltd,
thai petroleum pipeline co.,LTD.
thai pollutech ltd.,PART.
thai semcon co.,Ltd.
thai shell exploration & production
thai tabuchi electric co.,LTD.
thai tri ox3,
thai yamaki co.,LTD.
thailand anthracite co;ltd,
thailand environment institute (tei),
thailand environmental institute,
thailand information center on environment foundat,
thailand institute of scientific and technological, co.,Ltd.
thasco chemical co ltd.,
think earth association,
tilleke & gibbins r.o.p,
tipco consultants co.,Ltd.
tontine environment engineering co.,Ltd.
tritech consultants co.,Ltd.
tsubakimoto kogyo co.,LTD.
tung bua co.,LTD.
u.b.t. co.,LTD.
u.e.e. technology (thailand) co.,LTD
u.p. waste watertech co.,LTD.
union & honshu international ltd.,
unitech co.,LTD.
united nations educational,Scientific and Cultura
united nations environment programme (unep),
unity industrial co.,LTD.
universal & innovative consulting co.,Ltd.
unocal thailand,Ltd.
v.r. rangsee industry co.,Ltd.
v.s.o. thailand,
vinapim engineering consultant co.,Ltd.
vivendi - regional office,
waste management siam ltd,
water & environment consultant corp.,Ltd.
water resource engineering co.,LTD.
wattyl dimet (siam) ltd,
wealth management system ltd.,
what co,.Ltd
wild watch (thailand) ltd.,
wirecut machine center co.,LTD.
worachak international co.,LTD.
world environment center foundation,
world lpg group co.,Ltd.
yumark bangkok co.,Ltd

Thailand Environmental issues, products & Services


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