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Bangkok Companies has a comprehensive directory of Thailand companies, Thailand Manufacturers, exporters, importers, distributors and foreign owned companies in Bangkok and Thailand.


The Thai companies listed below are listed in our database. The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database contains contact information for over 100,000 businesses in Thailand. To contact these companies by email, post or fax and thousands of other companies in Thailand you will need to purchase our database  email for details.

We are also a full service product sourcing company. If you are looking to source products in Thailand then send us the full specifications and we will source for you.

An A-Z listing of Featured Thailand Company Profiles

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Phuket Company Directory
Phrae Yontrakan (1991) Company Thailand ,
Phranakorn Design & Constuction Company Thailand
Phranakorn Motor Industry Company Thailand
Phrao District Police
Phrapadaeng Concrete Company Thailand
Phrapradaeng Concrete Company Thailand
Phrapradaeng Honda Cars Company Thailand
Phrapradaeng Steel Sales Company Thailand
Phrapradang Honda Cars Company Thailand
Phraram 2 Civil Engineering Company Thailand
Phraram 3 Honda Cars Company Thailand
Phraram2 Civil Engineering Company Thailand
Phratamakhun Osod (Mae La Mol),
Phrom Chai Garment Company Thailand
Phrom Chana Panitch Ltd.P.,
Phrom Matr Yanyont
Phromburi Drinking Water Company Thailand
Phromchak Air Conditioning Company Thailand
Phromnares Company Thailand
Phrompetch Ltd.P.,
Phromsan Food Industry Factory Thailand
Phromson Chiangrai Food Industry Company Thailand
Phromthep Cape Restaurant
Phromthep Cape Travel & Tour
Phromthep Restaurant
Phrueksa Real Estate Company Thailand
Phruksa Candle Company Thailand
Pht Asia Ltd.,
Phu Chaisai Resort & Spa
Phu Inn Hotel
Phu Karnchang Shop
Phu Luang Driving Range Bangkok
Phu Pha Nam Resort Company Thailand
Phu Phana Group Company Thailand
Phu Ping Palace
Phu Ping Palace Police Station
Phuan Ruamtang Rodfai Thai Magazine
Phuan Thai Rayong Construction Company Thailand
Phuan Zak Reed Company Thailand  ( Friend Launder )
Phucome Inn Hotel Bangkok
Phueng Shop Bangkok
Phuet Thai Fruits Company Thailand
Phuket A&P Trading Company Thailand
Phuket A.C.K. Company Thailand
Phuket Abalone Farm & Restaurant
Phuket Abolone Farm Company Thailand
Phuket Acadia Hotel
Phuket Adventist Hospital (Mission),
Phuket Air Catering Company Thailand
Phuket Airlines Company Thailand
Phuket Airport Limousine & Business Co-Operative
Phuket Airport Limousine And Business Co-Operative Ltd.,
Phuket Alloy Company Thailand
Phuket Anun Tanawat Company Thailand
Phuket A-Rai Company Thailand
Phuket Arcadia Hotel & Resort
Phuket Arcadia Hotel & Resort (Sales Office),
Phuket Art Advertising
Phuket Artist
Phuket Asin-Auto Service
Phuket Auto Carcare
Phuket Auto Service
Phuket Bar
Phuket Bar & J.J. Bar
Phuket Batik
Phuket Batique
Phuket Bedding
Phuket Beverly Hills
Phuket Billiard And Pool
Phuket Bird's Nest Company Thailand
Phuket Blue Moon Properties & Real Estate)
Phuket Boonyanich Drive
Phuket Butterfly Garden And Marine Life Company Thailand
Phuket Cabana Hotel
Phuket Cabana Resort
Phuket Cannacia Company Thailand  (Andaman Cannacia Resort)
Phuket Car Rent
Phuket Cement Company Thailand
Phuket Center Clean
Phuket Center Tour Company Thailand
Phuket Century Country Club Company Thailand
Phuket Chackrawarn Company Thailand
Phuket Chamber Of Commerce
Phuket Charoen Construction
Phuket Charters
Phuket Chicken Meat
Phuket City Hotel
Phuket City Tour
Phuket Cliffshanger
Phuket Computer Services Company Thailand
Phuket Country Club
Phuket Country Club Company Thailand
Phuket Cowboy Shop
Phuket Curtain
Phuket Dance Entertainment
Phuket Digital Photo Lab
Phuket Ink Supply
Phuket Directory Company Thailand ,
Phuket Distilled Water Battery
Phuket Erawan Guest House
Phuket Experience Tour Company Thailand
Phuket Express
Phuket F & B
Phuket Fantasea Company Thailand
Phuket Fish Meal Industrial Company Thailand
Phuket Fishing Shop
Phuket Food And Sausage
Phuket Forest Hill
Phuket Garden Hotel
Phuket Garden World Group
Phuket Golden Land Ltd.,
Phuket Golf Service Company Thailand
Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa
Phuket Grand Tropicana Hotel
Phuket Great Tour Company Thailand
Phuket Groundwater Drilling Service Company Thailand
Phuket Hardware & Lighting
Phuket Health Care Company Thailand
Phuket Hill International Company Thailand
Phuket Holiday Travel & Tour
Phuket Home Comfort
Phuket Home Services Company Thailand
Phuket Hospital Plc.,
Phuket Huan Thai Travel
Phuket Immigration Office
Phuket Immobiliere Agency
Phuket Information
Phuket Information Express
Phuket Ink Supply Company Thailand
Phuket Inter Chemical Company Thailand
Phuket International Collections
Phuket International Diving Center
Phuket International Hospital
Phuket International Lapidary
Phuket International Law Office
Phuket International Real Estate Information
Phuket International School (Pis),
Phuket Internet Company Thailand
Phuket Ireland Plc.,
Phuket Island Hopper
Phuket Island Pavilion
Phuket Island Property Services Ltd. (Baan Chai Nam)
Phuket Island Resort
Phuket Island T. Service
Phuket Island View
Phuket Jatujak Market
Phuket Jet Tour Company Thailand
Phuket Jomthong Vasaduphun
Phuket K Land And House Company Thailand
Phuket K&K Department Store
Phuket Kaimuk Gold Center 1,
Phuket Kasa Viva Company Thailand
Phuket Kata Resort
Phuket Klang Sofa Company Thailand
Phuket Kun-Eng Ltd.P.,
Phuket Laguna Riding Club
Phuket Land Search
Phuket Lands
Phuket Lanna Company Thailand
Phuket Laundry Company Thailand
Phuket Leam Thong Transport
Phuket Little Thai Company Thailand
Phuket Lordok Shop
Phuket Mana Tour
Phuket Merlin Hotel
Phuket Merryking's
Phuket Music School
Phuket Muslim Fresh Chicken
Phuket Naithon Resort
Phuket Nature Place
Phuket Numsang Company Thailand
Phuket O A System Company Thailand
Phuket Oasis Guest House
Phuket Ocean Resort
Phuket One Realestate
Phuket Optical
Phuket Orchid Farm
Phuket Orchid Garden & Thai Village
Phuket Orchid Resort
Phuket Palace Hotel
Phuket Palace Resort
Phuket Panwa Canoe
Phuket Paradise Homes
Phuket Paradise Properties
Phuket Paradise Trip
Phuket Paraservice Company Thailand
Phuket Pargal
Phuket Pathong Service Company Thailand
Phuket Pearl Company Thailand
Phuket Pearl Industry Company Thailand
Phuket Pearl Ltd.P.,
Phuket Peenang Mattress Company Thailand
Phuket Pharmacy
Phuket Pong Viwath
Phuket Pool Tables
Phuket Pools
Phuket Post
Phuket Pratoo Automatic Services
Phuket Printing
Phuket Products Company Thailand
Phuket Properties Ltd
Phuket Property Consultants Company Thailand
Phuket Property Sales
Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office
Phuket Pure Water
Phuket R.O.Water System Company Thailand
Phuket Raampong Company Thailand
Phuket Race
Phuket Real Estate Directory
Phuket Real Estate Partners
Phuket Realty Company Thailand
Phuket Reminder Shop
Phuket Rent-A-Phone
Phuket Resotel
Phuket Roneau
Phuket Ruam Chang Tukteng
Phuket Ruam Toon Company Thailand
Phuket Rukcharoen Farm Ltd.P.,
Phuket Property Consultants House Sales & Condo Rentals


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