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Thailand is one of the major destinations for medical tourism, If you are considering undergoing plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery in Thailand or any other type of medical procedure then Thailand has some first class international standard medical facilities. General hospitals and specialist clinics cater for every medical procedure from heart surgery to hair transplant. From plastic dentures to plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Thailand is the first choice for people who cannot get treatment at home for complex medical procedures like sex change surgery or cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation which is seen as a cosmetic surgical procedure that is non life threatening and so not covered by local health schemes.


You have arrived at this page because you want more information about medical facilities in Thailand and the medical services like plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, general surgery or dental surgery. Modern up to date Thai hospitals and Thai clinics now have websites which detail their services and medical facilities. There are also several medical tourism companies in Thailand who make a business from medical tourism in Thailand and usually have websites that list the range of medical holidays, medical vacations, medical procedures and the services that they offer such as booking hotels, arranging with the hospitals and clinics for the operations to be carried out.

Surgery in Thailand Blogs

For more detailed information and articles about cosmetic and plastic surgery please visit our Blog Thailand Cosmetic Surgery. Here you will find cosmetic and plastic surgery articles and lists of doctors, hospitals and clinics in Thailand. Read about others who have experienced cosmetic surgery in Thailand and feel free to post your comments and experiences. We are also developing Blogs aimed at concentrating resources, information and the experiences of people who have undergone surgical procedures in Thailand such as Thailand Sex Change Surgery which deals with sex re-assignment issues and has resources that cover the major clinics, hospitals and doctors who perform this type of surgery.

Bangkok Companies is not a medical tourism company.


We offer two special services to people thinking of coming to Thailand for an operation or medical procedure. We have over the years developed a special database of companies here in Thailand. This database includes all the major hospitals and clinics in Bangkok and in other areas like Phuket, Koh Samui and Chiangmai. We have also developed contacts with many of these facilities. Our sister company 'English at Work' provides training courses for these facilities. Also we provide home tutors for kids whose parents are usually 'well off' These include the children of doctors and surgeons and the managers who staff or even own these hospitals and clinics.


Find a Doctor

We can offer a special service for prospective patients. Being on the ground here in Bangkok and not being tied down to commission fees or other incentives offered by these institutions we can offer impartial advice and help you find the 'right' doctor, plastic surgeon, hospital or clinic. For marketing or research purposes we do have a list of Doctors in Thailand or Doctors in Bangkok which contains contact details, telephone numbers and many email addresses.


Bangkok Buddy

We have already offered this service to executives who come to Bangkok on business. Now we have a similar system where we can meet you and be 'here for you'. Whether you take up the services of a medical tourism company or go direct to the hospital or clinic we can be here for you. Hopefully everything turns out alright (usually the case) or maybe there are complications and you need a helping hand to make further arrangements such as contacting relatives or arranging further accommodation for them or yourself if you need an extended stay - we can help


Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic Phuket

Several kinds of surgery such as Forehead lift, Brow lift, Face lift (Rhytidectomy), Neck lift, Eyelids Surgery (Blepharoplasty), Nose Surgery, Nose Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Reduction Rhinoplasty, Ear Surgery (Otoplasty), Facial Implants, Facial Feminization Surgery, Chin or Cheek Augmentation, Lip Augmentation, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction (Female), Male Breast Reduction, Breast lift with augmentation (Augmentation mastopexy),
Body Contouring, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), Arm Lift (Brachioplasty), Hair Transplantation


Surgical Procedures


Skin Treatments

  • Birthmarks
  • BOTOX Treatment in Thailand
  • Chemical Peel
  • CO2 Laser Treatment
  • Filler Injections
  • Non-ablative Laser Treatment
  • Pigment Specific Laser Treatment
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Scars
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Skin Treatment
  • Thermage
  • Unsightly Leg Veins
  • Unwanted Hair
  • Unwanted Tattoos
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Vascular Specific Laser Treatment
  • Wrinkles
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Recent Articles about Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand
Sex Change Surgery in Thailand - New Regulations November 2009
Sex Change Operations in Thailand are to face new rules and regulations in late 2009. The article below discusses regulations that will be faced by domestic Thai SRS patients. It is unclear yet probable that these rule changes will affect incoming patients from abroad looking for SRS operations carried out in Thailand by Thai surgeons skilled in Sex Change Surgery. Read More...
Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery in Thailand You Choose A New Nose Or A New Gender -  In Bangkok "everything goes" From the top of the head to the tip of the toes Bangkok Surgeons can make those subtle or not so subtle changes to your body that you always dreamed about but never
dreamed that you could afford.
Patients Beyond Borders - Introduction
There is no single type of health traveler. In researching and writing Patients Beyond Borders, Iíve talked with wealthy women from Beverly Hills who, despite their affluence, prefer the quality of treatment and attention they receive in Brazil or South Africa to medical care California-style. Iíve met a hard-working couple from Wisconsin who, facing the prospect of refinancing their home to get a $65,000 hip operation here in the US, headed to India instead. I interviewed a Vietnam vet who became weary of long waits and red tape. Repulsed by this countryís ever-deteriorating healthcare system, he said bon voyage and headed overseas for treatment. Read More...
Patients Beyond Borders - The book thatís changing the way Americans think about traveling abroad for healthcare
Patients Beyond Borders is the first comprehensive guide for Americans considering medical tourism. Less about travel and all about healthcare choices, this consumer guidebook provides practical answers for the increasing numbers of Americans facing long-term financial insecurity due to challenging medical conditions. Read More...
Patients Beyond Borders - Chapter Excerpts
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The Arguments for Medical Tourism and Dental Tourism
For a travel writer, there is no surer way to attract a barrage of hate mail than to suggest foreign travel for the purpose of obtaining medical or dental treatment. Immediately, dozens of U.S. doctors and dentists accuse you of putting people's lives at risk, since only U.S. doctors and dentists are able to safely treat us. And U.S. medical and dental treatments. Read More...
Medical Tourism Boosted by Long Wait Times in Canada
So far, the favourite medical destination for Canadians seems to be India, but Mr. Turner says some companies are promoting Cuba. Worldwide, Singapore and Thailand rank high. Read More...
Diethelm Travel and Bamrungrad International Hospital Promote Medical Tourism
Bumrungrad International hospital and Diethelm Travel Thailand (DTT) have signed a partnership agreement to develop and market new products and services to meet the needs of Thailandís booming medical tourism industry. Under the agreement, DTT will act as Bumrungrad Internationalís exclusive ground service agent, providing support services for inbound patients coming to Bangkok for treatment. DTT will also market Bumrungrad medical tourism packages to the travel and tour industry. Read More...
Medical Tourism: A Chance to Address Many Ills - Added March 2007
Some countries, such as the United Kingdom and Canada, which operate public health-care systems, are so overburdened that it can take a year or more to get needed medical treatment including surgery for hip replacements. In some cases, even surgery for heart conditions can take months to schedule. Consequently, people are opting to go abroad to places like India and Singapore to be treated immediately in private hospitals. Read More...
Soaring health-care costs in the rich world offer Asian firms an opportunity
Dissatisfaction with the rocketing price of care will only get worse as demanding and health-conscious ďbaby-boomersĒ hit retirement and start to suffer the costly ailments of old age. In countries like Britain and Canada, with supposedly universal coverage, state spending is not keeping up with growing demand, so patients face long and agonizing waits for operations. Read More...
Overseas Cosmetic Surgery Booms
A growing number of Korean women are flying to Southeast Asia to have breast augmentation surgery as operation costs are much less there than here. The takes about one and a half hours on average after a five-minute-long consultation and basic health tests like taking the weight and blood pressure of clients, according to a broker and local hospitals in Thailand. Read More...
A Sex Swap at 18 - Exclusive Britain's Youngest Ever Transsexual
In the next few months Lucy will undergo $10,000 sex reassignment surgery, possibly in Thailand, to remove her manhood.
Philippines Touts High-Quality But Cheap Medical Tourism
Following the successes of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India, the Philippines staged its first Philippine Medical Tourism Congress on Nov. 20-21 at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. Read More...
Trade Exhibition & Conference on Medical Tourism, Spa & Wellness
Proud Asia 2007, the First International Trade Exhibition & Conference on Medical Tourism, Spa & Wellness Industries which will be held on 27-30 September 2007 at Hall 9, Impact Convention Center, Muangthong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand. Read More...
South Korea taps into Asia's health tourism market
South Korean hospitals are especially advanced in services such as organ transplants, plastic surgery and stomach cancer surgery, Park said. "Many patients are coming from China and Japan to receive plastic surgery here" Read More...
Hospitals cooperate to lure foreign patients
According to the institute, costs of cancer operations in Korea are almost 100 million won cheaper compared to the United States. Lasik treatment and plastic surgery costs are below half the price of those in Japan and the United States. Read More...
Surgery in the sun lures patients to Thailand
Watching the "60 Minutes" television show in 2005, she learned about Bumrungrad, where most of the doctors are Western trained but the cost of treatment is about one eighth of that in the United States. It was a daunting but tempting prospect. Read More...

Featured Thailand Hospitals and Clinics

Bangkok Adventist Hospital (Mission Hospital) Thailand A general Bangkok hospital providing a wide range of surgical and general medical services including: Acupuncture, Allergy, Asthma Service, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Emergency, Cancer Care, Cardiopulmonary, Cosmetic Surgery, Diabetes, Ear Nose & Throat, Family Practice, Gastrointestinal Care, Health Checkup (Wellness), Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Occupational Medicine, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Radiology, Imaging Service, Rehabilitation Services, Skin & Beauty, Special Procedures, Dental Services

Following you will find lists of medical services and surgical procedures available from hospitals and clinics involved in the medical business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a hospital or clinic or simply supply a list of these institutions then please email

Abdomen Liposuction
Abdominal Lipectomy
Abdominoplasty Surgery
Abnormal Cyst Surgery
Abnormal Leg Veins
Acne Scar Removal
Acute Hepatitis
Aesthetic Reconstruction
Aesthetic Surgery
Aneurysm Surgery
Aorta Surgery
Aquamid Treatment
Arm Lift
Arm Liposuction
Armpit Odor
Arms Or Calves (Liposuction)
Arrhythmia Surgery
Artecoll Restylane Botox
Arterial Surgery
Arthroscopic Surgery
Artificial Reproductive
Augmentation Mammaplasty
Augmentation Mammoplasty
Augmented Chin
Augmented Rhinoplasty
Bangkok Plastic Surgery
Birthmark Removal
Birthmarks Pigmented Lesions
Blemish Treatment
Blepharoplasty Surgery
Body Contouring
Body Re-Shaping
Botox Injections
Botox Injection For Wrinkle Correction
Breast Augmentation Surgery
Breast Cancer
Breast Enlargement Surgery
Breast Implants
Breast Lift
Breast Liposuction
Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reduction
Breast Surgery
Breast Surgery Reduction Mammoplasty
Breast Uplift Surgery
Brow Lift
Browlift Camouflage
Buttock Liposuction
Buttocks Lift
Bypass Surgery
Calf Implants
Calf Liposuction
Cancer Treatment
Cardiac Catheterisation
Cardiac Surgery
Cardioverter Defibrillator
Carotid Duplex Scan
Carotid Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Catheter Ablation
Cerebrovascular Diseases
Cesarean Section
Cheek Augmentation
Cheek Bone Implant
Cheek Bone Reduction
Cheek Dimple
Cheek Implants Surgery
Cheekbone Reduction
Chest Implants
Children Orthopaedic Surgery
Chin Advancement
Chin Augmentation
Chin Enlargement
Chin Implant
Chin Reduction
Chronic Colitis
Chronic Hepatitis
Circumferential Thighs & Buttocks
Cirrhosis Of Liver
Cleft Chin Correction
Collagen Injection
Colon Cut Vaginoplasty
Conductive Keratoplasty
Cornea Refractive Surgery
Coronary Angioplasty
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Correction Of Prominent Ear
Cosmetic Laser Surgery
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic Procedures
Cosmetic Surgery
Dark Armpit
Deep Pigmented Lesions
Dental Treatments
Dermadeep Injection
Dermalive Injection
Dermalive Treatment
Double Eyelid Fold
Double Eyelid Surgery
Dynamic Electrocardiography
Ear Surgery
Earlobe Reduction
Endocrine Disorder
Endoscopic Brow
Epilepsy Surgery
Executive Health Checkup
Exercise Stress Test
Eye Surgery
Eyebrow Lift
Eyelid Surgery
Face Lift Package
Face Lift Surgery
Facelift Procedures
Facial Bone Reconstruction
Facial Contouring
Facial Feminization Surgery
Facial Implants
Facial Plastic Surgery
Facial Wrinkle
Fat Injection
Fat Transplantation
Feminising Rhinoplasty
Ffs Grs Srs
Forehead Contouring
Forehead Lift
Forehead Reconstruction
Freckle Treatment
Fungal Infections
Gall Stone
Gamma Knife Surgery
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gender Change Surgery
Gender Reassignment Surgery
Genital Reassignment Surgery
Gut Obstruction
Gynecologic Cancer Treatment
Gynecologic Oncology
Gynecologic Reconstructive Surgery
Hair Lip Surgery
Hair Loss
Hair Removal
Hair Replacement
Hair Restoration
Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplants
Hand Surgery
Head & Neck Surgery
Heart Diseases
Heart Surgery
Heart Valve Surgery
Heller Myotomy
Hematological Disease
Herpes Simplex
Herpes Zoster
High Risk Pregnancy
Homeopathic Cancer Treatment
Hump Correction
Infectious Diseases
Infertility Clinic
Jaw Angle Reduction
Jaw Reduction
Knee And Shoulder Surgery
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Tattoo Removal
Lasik Eye Surgery
Lasik Refractive Surgery
Lazer Treatment
Lip Augmentation Surgery
Lip Enhancement
Lip Surgery
Liposuction Surgery
Lipo-Suction Surgery And Body Contouring
Lower Blepharoplasty
Male Breast Liposuction
Mandible (Jaw Surgery)
Mass Enucleation
Masseter Muscle Shaving
Maxillofacial Reconstruction
Mediastinal Tumor Removal
Medical Rejuvenation
Micro Surgery
Micrograft Implant
Mid Face Lift
Midface Lift
Minimally Invasive Neurosurgey
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Mitral Valve Repair
Mitral Valve Replacement
Mtf Male-To-Female
Navigator Assisted Surgery
Neck Lift
Neuromuscular Diseases
Neurovascular Ultrasound
Nipple Reduction
Non Surgical Treatments
Non-Surgical Facelift
Non-Surgical Treatment Of Hemorrhoids
Nose Enlargement
Nose Implants
Nose Reshaping
Nose Surgery
Open Nose Reshaping
Opthamoplastic Surgery
Orange Peel Skin
Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Pacemaker Implantation
Palate Repair
Parkinson And Movement Disorder
Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty
Peristalsis Abnormality
Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent Hair Removal
Pespiratory Tract Infection
Pimple Treatment
Plastic Surgeons
Plastic Surgery Thailand
Post Cancer Reconstruction
Posterior Repair
Prenatal Diagnosis
Primary Labiaplasty
Prosthetic Surgery
Protuding Ear
Pump Placement
Radiation Treatment
Receding Chin
Recostructive Surgery
Reduction Labioplasty
Refractive Surgery
Removing Moles
Reshape Jaw Line
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rhino Shaving Or Reconstruction
Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Surgery)
Scalp Reduction
Scar Revision
Scrotal Skin Graft Vaginoplasty
Secondary Colon-Segment Vaginoplasty
Sex Change Center
Sex Change Surgery (Srs)
Sex Reassignment Surgery
Sexual Surgery
Sigmoid Colon Cut Vaginoplasty
Silicone Implant
Skin Laxity
Skin Rejuvenation
Skull Base Surgery
Sliding Chin
Spider Veins
Spinal Surgery
Spine Surgery
Sports Medicine
Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Stretch Mark
Stubborn Acne
Superficial Pigmented Lesions
Surgery Eyelids
Surgery For Pelvic Tumor
Surgical Treatment Of Hemorrhoids
Tattoo Removal
Testis Removal
Thailand Cosmetic Surgery
Thailand Plastic Surgery
Thailand Surgery
Thigh Lift, Buttocks Lift
Thigh Liposuction
Thining Lip
Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery
Thyroid Cartilage Reduction
Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid Surgery
Trachea Shave Surgery
Transesophageal Echo
Treatment Of Hemorrhoids
Treatment Of Varicose Veins
Tummy Tuck
Tumor Surgery
Ulcerative Colitis
Under Chin (Liposuction)
Under Chin Liposuction
Unwanted Hair
Unwanted Tattoos
Upper And Lower Eyelid
Upper Blepharoplasty
Upper Lip Lift
Urinary Tract Infection
Vaginal Repair
Varicose Veins
Vascular Lesions
Vascular Surgery
Vein Therapy
Wrinkle Correction
Younger-Looking Skin

If you are looking to find a doctor, clinic or hospital in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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