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Thailand Agricultural Products Companies, Thai Agricultural Products Manufacturers


Thailand Agricultural Products
: Thai Hom Mali Rice (Jasmine Rice), fruits, tapioca, meat, fish, poultry, palm oil etc all available for export.

There is always a debate as to what constitutes an agricultural product. So anything that once grew in a field, was harvested, then processed must be an agricultural product. Trees once grew in the forest or on a plantation so my computer desk by all rights should be an agricultural product. The underwear I am wearing made from 100% get the idea?

For now I am going to classify into three sections: Food for humans, Food for Animals and anything else that cannot be eaten.

Food for humans

Rice and especially Thai Jasmine Ricehas got to be Thailand's number one export and so merits it's own section. Food also has it's own section  
Thailand Food Companies, Thai Food Manufacturers  The agricultural products in this section (not in the food section) must include some of the raw food products that are later processed into food products. Tea, coffee, sugar and various fruits like pineapple and more recently oranges are raw agricultural commodities that are produced here in Thailand. Yes they can be used in their unprocessed state or developed into food products. Some of this raw product is exported but most is used for the domestic food industry.

Food for Animals
Livestock feed is often just a by product of the leftovers from the food refining process. However some crops are grown almost exclusively for animal consumption. Tapioca and Maize are two major agricultural products here in Thailand and much is exported.

  • Fruit, Canned Fruit, Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, Frozen Fruit
  • Dairy Products
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Beans & Legumes
  • Processed Foods
  • Maize & Corn Products
  • Wood & Timber

If you are looking for a reliable exporter of agricultural products or food products of any kind, fresh, frozen or canned then please send me an email - with your requests.



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Featured Thailand Agricultural Products Companies
Bangkok Agro-Industrial Products Public Co., Ltd Thailand A leading Thailand animal feed production and distribution company specializing in Agricultural Products, Duck, Chicken, Swine, Crocodile Farming
CKS Saha Industry Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Tapioca Chips, Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Pellets and Animal Feedstuffs.
K. Chemical Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Seeds Company producing Sweet Corn Seeds, Maize Seeds, Water Convolvulus Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Papaya Seeds, Chili Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds
Thai Capital Crops Co.,Ltd. Thailand A member of The Thai Rice Exporters Association. They export many varieties of rice worldwide and have recently secured contracts in the Middle East

Here you will find lists of agricultural products and companies involved in the agricultural products business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an agricultural products company or simply supply a database of these agricultural products companies then please email

Agricultural Produce
Agricultural Product
Agricultural Products
Animal Feed
Aquatic Feed
Aquatic Plant
Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate
Baby Corn
Bamboo Mat Sheet
Bamboo Shoot
Basmati Rice
Bean Thread (Vermicelli)
Bee Products
Betel Leaf
Betel Nut
Bio-Feed For Cattle
Bird Seeds
Black Bean
Black Matpe Beans
Bran Oil
Breeder And Fattening Swine
Brown Cane Sugar
Cane Molasses
Canned Baby Corn
Canned Baby Fresh Fruits
Canned Bamboo Shoots
Canned Coconut Milk
Canned Fruit Juices
Canned Fruits
Canned Mackerel
Canned Pineapple
Canned Sardines
Canned Seafoods
Canned Sweet Corn
Canned Sweet Corn Kernel
Canned Tuna
Canned Vegetables
Cashew Nuts
Castor Meal
Castor Oil
Chilled Frozen Fruits
Chilled Frozen Vegetables
Coconut Cream
Coconut Fibre
Coconut Shell
Concentrated Latex
Cooking Oil
Corn Milk
Corn Seed
Cotton Waste
Crude Palm Kernel Oil
Crude Palm Oil
Cut Flower
Dehydrated Fruits
Dehydrated Pineapple
Dehydrated Products
Dehydrated Vegetables
Distilled Vinegar
Dried Anchovy Fish
Dried Bean Curd
Dried Fruit
Dried Fruits
Dried Pineapple
Dried Seafood
Dried Taro Stem
Dried Taro Stems
Edible Palm Oil
Egg Noodle
Essential Oil Of Herb
Essential Oil Of Spice Herb
Evaporated Milk
Export Molasses
Farm Products
Feed For Animal
Feed For Aquatic Animal
Feed For Cattle
Feed For Chickens
Feed For Ducks
Feed For Pigs
Feed Supplement
Fish & Shrimp Feed
Fish Sauce
Flax Seeds
Flue-Cured Tobaccos
Food Ingredients From Palms
Food Wheat
Forage Seeds
Fresh Baby Corn
Fresh Fruit Lychee
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Mangosteen
Fresh Onion
Fresh Orchid Cut Flower
Fresh Passion Fruit
Frozen Meat
Frozen Seafood
Frozen Seafoods
Frozen Shrimp
Frozen Shrimps And Prawns
Full Fat Soya Flour
Gd-1 Spirulina
Glass Noodle
Glucose Syrup
Glutinious Rice Flour
Glutinous Rice
Glutinous Rice Flour
Golden Mushroom
Green Coffee Beans
Green Mung Bean
Green Mung Beans
Ground Coffee
Health Food
Herbal Tea
High Fructose Syrup
Instant Boiled Rice
Instant Full-Cream Milk Powder
Japonica Rice
Jasmine Rice
Juice Concentrate
Jusmine Rice
Kapok Fibre
Linseed Seeds
Long Grain Rice
Maize For Cattle Feed
Maize Produce
Mango Slice
Modified Bean Starch
Modified Starch
Mung Bean Powder
Mung Bean Starch
Mung Bean Vermicelli
Mung Dale
Natural Rubber
Natural Rubber And Latex
Non-Fat & Whole Milk
Oil Seeds
Orange Farm
Organic Fruit & Vegetable
Organic Rice
Oriental Foodstuffs
Palm Cooking Oil
Palm Kernel
Palm Oil
Palm Shell Coal
Parboiled Rice
Pasteurized Milk
Pearl Barley
Pet Food
Pickled Chilli
Pickled Fruits
Pickled Galanga
Pickled Garlic
Pickled Ginger
Pickled Lotus Rootlets
Pickled Lotus Stalk
Pickled Mango
Pickled Rhizome
Pickled Sadao
Pig Husbandry
Pineapple Paper
Poultry Products
Preserved Fruits
Processed Rice
Raw Milk
Raw Sugar
Ready To Eat Japanese White Rice
Ready To Eat Thai Brown Rice
Ready To Eat Thai Glutinous Rice
Ready To Eat Thai Jasmine Rice
Ready To Eat Thai White Rice,
Red Bamboo Beans
Red Bean
Red Kidney Bean
Red Un-Refined Rice
Refinded Palm Oil
Refined Coconut Oil
Refined Palm Oil
Refined Palmolein
Refined Rice Bran Oil
Refined Suga
Refinery Palm Oil
Rice Crackers
Rice Export
Rice Exporting Company
Rice Exportor
Rice Flour
Rice Manufacturer
Rice Paper
Rice Product
Rice Starch
Rice Stick
Rubber Products
Rubber Sheet
Sago Seed
Sago Seeds
Salted Jelly Fish
Seasame Seaweed
Seeds And Beans
Sesame Seeds
Short Grain Rice
Shrimp Feed
Shrimp Frozen
Small Maize
Smoke Rubber Sheet Product
Sorghum Seed
Sour Tamarind
Sows & Boars
Soy Bean Oil
Soy Milk
Soy Protein
Soy Sauce
Soya Bean Fatty Amide
Soybean Oil
Sprouting Seeds
Sterilized Milk
Sugar White
Sunflower Meal
Sunflower Seed
Sunflower Seeds
Sweet Tamarind
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Tapioca Chip
Tapioca Chips
Tapioca Flour
Tapioca Flour Products
Tapioca Hard Pellet
Tapioca Modified Starch
Tapioca Pearl
Tapioca Starch
Textured Soy Protein
Thai Agricultural Products
Thai Black Glutinous Rice
Thai Brown Rice
Thai Burley Tobaccos
Thai Castor Oil
Thai Hom Mali Rice
Thai Jasmine Rice
Thai Oriental Tobaccos
Thai Parboiled Rice
Thai Red Rice
Thai White Broken Rice
Thai White Fragrant Rice
Thai White Glutinous
Thai White Rice
Tropical Fish
Uht Milk
Vegetable Oil
Vegetable Oil Manufacturers
Vegetable Seeds
Vegetables Juice
Vegetarian Food
Wheat Gluten
White Broken Rice
White Rice
Wood-Based Carbons
Yellow Maize
Young Rice Milk
Young Stem Of Corn

3f Exotic Company Limited.
4 Care Co., Ltd
A. R. Intermarketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.I.P. Co.,Ltd.
A.P.Z. Corporation Limited
A.S.A. Bangkok Limited
A-1 Produce Co.,Ltd
Abico Holdings Public Company Limited
Ack Hydro Farm Co., Ltd.
Active Agri Co.,Ltd.
Actiwiz Co., Ltd
Adams Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Adams International Co, Ltd.
Aden International Co.,Ltd.
Adinop Co, Ltd.
Advance Alcore Co, Ltd.
Advance Rice Trading Co.,Ltd. (Art)
Afrothong Rice And Commodities Co.,Ltd.
Agri Development Co., Ltd.
Agri Source Co, Ltd.
Agricultural Cooperative Federation Of Thailand
Agriculture Products Industries Co, Ltd.
Agrisource Co Ltd
Agro Lines Co, Ltd.
Agro Mats Co, Ltd.
Ai Trading (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ake Rice Mill Co., Ltd.
Akesahakij Industry Co, Ltd.
Albatross Co, Ltd.
Amarin Asia Trading Co.,Ltd.
American Food Co, Ltd.
Ameritech Rice Co, Ltd.
Ami Thai Co., Ltd.
Anand Vishal International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ang Long Co.,Ltd.
Anggian Industry Co Ltd
Anong World Wild Trading Co.,Ltd.
Apinan Rice Trading Co, Ltd.
Aqua Premier Co.
Arcis Intertrade Co.Ltd.
Arpa Agricultural Co.,Ltd.
Asavadacha Co.,Ltd.
Asia & Pacific Quality Trade Co, Ltd.
Asia & Pacific Seed Association, The
Asia Coconut Fibre (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Asia Golden Rice Co, Ltd.
Asia Inter Rice Co.,Ltd.
Asia Modified Starch Co., Ltd.
Asia Pellets Co, Ltd.
Asia Rice Mill Industry Co, Ltd.
Asia Tech Group Public Co, Ltd.
Asia Tropic Zone Co Ltd
Asia Tropical Trading Co.,Ltd.
Asia-Dragon Development Co.,Ltd.
Asiamatch Co., Ltd.
Asian Palmoil Co, Ltd.
Asian Peninsula Corporation Limited
Asian Star Trading Co, Ltd.
Asian Vacuum Coating Co, Ltd.
Asoke International Trading Co, Ltd.
Atsource (Thailand) Co Ltd
Attempt Intertrade Lp
Aurora Export & Import Co.,Ltd.
Aurora Rice Co.,Ltd.
B.B. Group Travel Co, Ltd.
B.B. Star Co, Ltd.
B.D. Agriculture (Thailand) Ltd.
B.J.C. Trading Co.,Ltd.
B.K.K. Agrorice Co.,Ltd.
B.P. Asia Co.,Ltd.
B.P. Feedmill Co, Ltd.
Baitoey Co., Ltd
Bamboo Charcoal Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Bancafe (Thailand) Ltd.
Bangkok Agro-Industrial Products Public Co., Ltd
Bangkok Aquaculture Farm Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Chili Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Feedmill Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Flour Mill Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Flowers Centre Co, Ltd..
Bangkok Heritage 2000 Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Inter Food Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Juice
Bangkok Livestock Processing Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Premier Foods Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Procom Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Produce Merchandising Public Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Rice Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Rice Product Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Seeds Industry Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Sinaklon Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Starch Industrial Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Syndicate Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Trading And Export
Bangkok Vetlab (B-Lab) Co.,Ltd.
Bangsue Chiameng Rice Mill Co Ltd
Banpong Sugar Co, Ltd.
Banpong Tapioca Flour Ind. Co, Ltd.
Basf (Thai) Ltd.
Berli Jucker Foods Limited
Besharoe Trading
Best Import Export Co, Ltd
Betagro Agro-Group Public Co, Ltd.
Better Grain Co, Ltd.
Better Pharma Co, Ltd
Better Rice Co., Ltd.
Bever Medical Industry Co, Ltd.
Big Benz Corporation Co, Ltd.
Biofeed (Thailand) Co Ltd
Biomac Foods Co, Ltd.
Bioseed Genetics Ltd.
Biotech Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Birdie Trading Co, Ltd.
Blue Jay Co., Ltd.
Boonsong Siam Land Co., Ltd.
Botanical Gardens Bangkok Ltd, Part.
Bright Time Intertrade Ltd, Part.
Brighton Co, Ltd.
Brown Rice For Health
Buriram Nursery Co., Ltd.
Business For Agriculture Co., Ltd.
C.H. Bamboo Co., Ltd.
C.H. Star Co Ltd
C.H.C.L. Holding Co.,Ltd.
C.K.S. Saha Industry Co., Ltd
C.P. Food Products Co., Ltd.(Thai Restaurant)
C.P. Group Co, Ltd.
C.P. Intertrade Co, Ltd.
C.P. Merchandising Co., Ltd.
C.P. Retail And Marketing Co, Ltd.
Cal Industry And Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Cal Intertrade Co, Ltd
Candidthai Co., Ltd.
Capital Cereals Co.,Ltd.
Capital Rice Co, Ltd.
Capital Silo & Drying Ca, Ltd.
Capital Silo Co, Ltd.
Cargill Seeds Co, Ltd.
Cargill Siam Limited
Casava Industrial Co., Ltd
Cassava Industrial Co., Ltd.
Centaco G.P. Farm Co, Ltd.
Central Grain Co., Ltd.
Central Rice Co., Ltd.
Centroleum Co.,Ltd.
Century Industries Co.,Ltd.
Chada-In-Gasser Co, Ltd.
Chai Prasit Products Co, Ltd.
Chaicharoen Exproduce Co., Ltd.
Chaimongkol Refined Sugar Co Ltd
Chaitip Co, Ltd.
Chaiviroj Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Chaiyaphum Plant Products Co, Ltd.
Chaiyaporn International Co., Ltd.
Chaiyaporn Rice Co, Ltd.
Chaiyong (1970) Co, Ltd.
Chalyaporn Latex Co., Ltd.
Chankij Tanning Industry Co, Ltd.
Chao Khun Agro Products: Co Ltd
Charcoal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chareon Chaiswad (1988) Co., Ltd.
Chareon Thai Co, Ltd.
Charoen Phant Fruits Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Charoen Phon Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Engineering Co, Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Northeastern Public Co., Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Seeds Co, Ltd.
Charoen Rice Trading
Charoen Watana Co, Ltd.
Charpa Techcenter Co, Ltd.
Chartway International Co., Ltd.
Chatchawal Orchid Co, Ltd.
Chayathip Cereal Products
Cheer (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chia Meng Co, Ltd.
Chia Tai Seeds Co, Ltd.
Chiangmai Livestock Breeding And Research Centre
Chiem Patana Knitting Co, Ltd.
Chin Joo Heng Co, Ltd.
Chip Heng Seng Ltd, Part.
Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory Co, Ltd.
Chokchai Dairy Farm Co, Ltd.
Chokchai Group Companies
Chon Duo Yuan Interrice (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chonburi Muangthong Co.,Ltd
Choom Sin International Co., Ltd.
Chor Numthong Co.,Ltd.
Chumphon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Co, Ltd.
Chumsangthai Goldrice Co., Ltd.
City Food Co Ltd
Clioart Flower Co., Ltd.
Codel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cremer Asia Trade Co., Ltd.
Cropland Co., Ltd.
D.M.L. Intertrade Co., Ltd.
D.R.A. Gad Incorporate Limited
Daeng Fashion Accessories Co.,Ltd.
Daonapa Services Company Limited
Dazzili Co.,Ltd
Deacons Graham & James
Dee Jay Farm Co, Ltd.
Department Of Agriculture (Doa),
Department Of Agriculture Extension
Dhanasana International Services
Dhep-Anun-Kamol Co, Ltd.
Diamon Lounge
Doi Kham Food Products Co, Ltd.
Doikham Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Dollasu Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Dragon Thai Lumber Co, Ltd.
Duck Breeders Association For Trading And Export
Dusit Produce Co, Ltd.
Dynamic Seeds Co., Ltd.
E.A.C. Export Corporation (Thailand)Co, Ltd.
E.C.R. Thailand
E.F. Fem Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
E.G. Construction Co, Ltd
E.L.F. Co.,Ltd.
E.P. Genius Import Export Co Ltd
E.P.C. Rice Trading Co., Ltd.
E.Q. San (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Earth Born Co., Ltd.
East West Seed Co.Ltd.
Eastern Fruit Co,.Ltd.
Eastern Palm Oil Co, Ltd.
Eastern Starch (1987) Co, Ltd.
Eastern Thaipipe Co, Ltd.
Eastimpex (Thailand) Ltd.
East-West Seed Co Ltd
Economic And Social Commission For Asia And The Pa
Electricity And Industry Magazine
Eng Fung Enterprise Co Ltd
Enlighten Co, Ltd.
Erawan Foods Co, Ltd.
Erawan Marketing Co, Ltd.
Erawan Premier Co, Ltd.
Erawan Products Co, Ltd.
E-Web Solutions Ltd.
Excel Rice Products Co.,Ltd.
Excellent United International Co, Ltd.
Exim Agency And Trading Co., Ltd.
Exim Asia Co.,Ltd.
Expert Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
F & B International Marketing Co.,Ltd.
F & E Industry Co., Ltd.
Fameline Product Co, Ltd.
Far East Home Made Co., Ltd.
Far-Sight Sahakij Co, Ltd.
Fashionway Boutique, The
Feedstuff Users Promotion Association
Fhaet Thai Limited Partnership
Figure Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
First Bamboo Co, Ltd.
First Confectionery Co, Ltd
First World Import & Export Co, Ltd.
Fish Marketing Organization (Fmo)
Foodex Co, Ltd.
Fortune Holdings Co., Ltd.
Fortune Parts Industry Co Ltd
France Agro Technologies Co Ltd
Freeland Foods Corporation Ltd.
Freeplus Co, Ltd.
Fresh @Nswer
Fresh Answer Co.,Ltd.
Friendship Corn Starch Co., Ltd.
Fruitnet Co, Ltd
G. Premjee Co Ltd
G.E. Leather Goods Limited Partnership
G.G. Intertrade Lp.
G.H. Brothers Co, Ltd.
G.I.F. Engineering Co, Ltd.
G.R.G. Jewel Export Co., Ltd.
General Drugs House Co, Ltd.
General Express International Ltd., Part.
General Farming & Products Co., Ltd.
Genki Sushi
Get The Gift Co., Ltd.
Giordano (Thai) Co, Ltd.
Glasspack Co., Ltd.
Global Chemical Co, Ltd.
Global Grain Co.,Ltd.
Gloryland Rice Export Co.,Ltd.
Golden Age Trading Corporation Limited
Golden Grain Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Golden Resources Export (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Golden Time Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Goldenland Compost Co.,Ltd.
Golf Course Membership Center Co, Ltd.
Good Health (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Grand Asia Incorporation Ltd.
Grand Asia Rice Co.,Ltd
Grandlux Floral International Co Ltd
Great Ocean Rice Co., Ltd.
Greater Million Intertrade Ltd., Part
Green Net Cooperative
Grobest Corp. Ltd.
Guan Thai Heng Trading Co., Ltd.
H.B.P. Co Ltd
H.K.S. (1989) Co, Ltd.
H.T. Intertrade Ltd.
H.T. Technology Co., Ltd.
Hai Tien Lo Bangkok
Hana Creation
Hanami-Tohato Co Ltd
Heauta International Co., Ltd.
Hendrix Poultry Breeders Bv,
Henry Butcher & Co. (Thailand) Ltd.
Henry Gordon Ltd Part
Herbs & Organic Service Co-Op
Heritage Cashew & Food Co, Ltd.
Himali Cha Cha (Bangrak)
Hitachi Consumer Products Thailand Ltd.
Hmong Hilltribe Lodge Co, Ltd.
Home Place Group Co, Ltd.
Hong Heng Huat Product Co., Ltd
Hong Yiah Seng Co, Ltd.
House Of Decoration Co., Ltd.
Huay Chuan Co, Ltd.
I.S.P. (Thailand) Co Ltd
Impartial Intertrade
Ind.Desing Co, Ltd.
Indus Travel Co.,Ltd.
Infinite Electric Co., Ltd.
Infinite Electric Co.,Ltd.
In-Season Foods Co.,Ltd
Intelnovation Co., Ltd
Inteqc Feed Groups
Inter Corn (1983) Co.,Ltd.
International Foreign Trade Corp., Ltd.
International Iron Works Co.,Ltd.
International Rice & Products Co.,Ltd.
International Rubber Parts Co, Ltd.
International Scented Flowers Co, Ltd.
Inter-Region Foods Co, Ltd.
Inter-Trade Combine Co.,Ltd.
Isis Travel
J. Charoen Marketing Co., Ltd.
J.D. Food Products Co., Ltd.
J.F.C. Enterprise Co, Ltd.
J.H.C. Health Bamboo Co, Ltd.
J.M. Food Industry Co, Ltd.
J.P. Rice International (1998) Co.,Ltd.
J.S. United Co, Ltd.
J.S.P. Futures Co., L Td .
Jackie's International Trading Co, Ltd.
Jefferson International Mktg Co Ltd.
Jipzo Co., Ltd.
Jitramas Trading Co, Ltd.
Johnson Mushroom Garden Co.,Ltd.
Js Paddy
Jsmit Co., Ltd.
K.B. Tour
K.B.L. International Co., Ltd.
K.D.T. Agriculture Co, Ltd.
K.H. Metal Products Co, Ltd.
K.P. Products Supply Limited Partnership
K.R.T. Agriculture Ltd., Part.
K.U. Nomura Thai Limited
Kaket Phol Sugar Co Ltd
Kalasin Flour Co., Ltd.
Kamar Silver Factory And Exporting Co.,Ltd.
Kamnuankarn Co., Ltd
Kamol Kij Co., Ltd.
Kamolkij Co.,Ltd.
Kampang Petch Sugar Co., Ltd.
Kang Song Lee Engineering Factory Ltd.,Part
Kang Yong Electric Public Co, Ltd.
Kanom Sakol Co, Ltd.
Karnchanaburi Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.
Kasemchai Farm Group
Kaset Pattana Industry
Kaset Phaisal Rice Co., Ltd.
Kaset Phol Sugar Co, Ltd.
Kasikij Singha Co.,Ltd.
Katevanich Industry Co Ltd
Kawai International Travel Thai Ltd.
Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Keen Publishing
Kelly Premiums Co., Ltd.
Ken Senn Co, Ltd.
Keng Seng Nakornluang
Kenmin Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kerry (Thailand) Co. Ltd
Khao Shong Industry 1979 Co, Ltd
Khaokor Agro-Industry Co Ltd.
Khon Kaen Sugar Industry Co Ltd
Khun Churn
Kiat Seng Co. Ltd
Kiatsin Metal Work Co., Ltd
Kijbanlue Multi-Food Co., Ltd.
Kijcharoen (Sikiew) Export Co, Ltd.
King Body Concept Co, Ltd.
King Milling Co Ltd
King Tong Trading Co., Ltd
Kit Porn Co.,Ltd.
Kitporn Co, Ltd.
Kitti Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Kittichai Golden Rice Co.,Ltd.
Kittiwatana Hose Industry Co, Ltd.
Kittiwatana Rice Mill Co., Ltd.
Klongluang Agricutural Co-Operation Ltd
Komkhai Intertrade
Korach Industry Co Ltd
Koson Trading Co., Ltd.
Krispy Snacks Co, Ltd.
Krohn & Co. Bangkok Ltd.
Kruathai International Co.,Ltd
Krung Thai Feedmill Plc.
Krungthai Farm Company Limited
Krungthai Feedmill Public Company Limited
Kultana Orchids Co, Ltd.
Kumphawapi Sugar Co Ltd, The
Kwong Sang Co.,Ltd.
L.C. Intertrade Co., Ltd.
L.G.V. Engineering Co., Ltd.
L.H. Rice International Co., Ltd.
L.P. Feeds Tech (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
L.T.C. Agriculture Co, Ltd
Ladda Co, Ltd.
Laemthong Corporation Ltd., Part.
Laemthong Farm Co., Ltd.
Laemthong Rice Co, Ltd.
Laj Enterprises Ltd., Part.
Lam Soon(Thailand)Public Co, Ltd.
Lampang Food Products Co, Ltd.
Lamsung (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Lanna Agro Industry Co.,Ltd.
Lanna Products Co., Ltd.
Lao Liang Hua (1991) Co, Ltd
Lardbualuang Pattana Company Limited
Latex Products Ltd.
Lawana Enterprise Ltd, Part.
Le Cafe Siam
Leamthong Agri Products Co, Ltd.
Lee Feed Mill Public Co, Ltd.
Lee Pattana Feed Mill Co., Ltd.
Lerner Group Ltd.Part.
Lhian Thai Rice Vermicelli Co, Ltd.
Liengtong Rice Vermicelli Co.,Ltd.
Lille Rice Co.,Ltd.
Lily Industry Co, Ltd.
Lion Seed Ltd, Part
Li-Thai Frozen Foods Co, Ltd.
Lo Chin Seng Co., Ltd.
Lovely Art Flowers Co,.Ltd.
Lujee International Co., Ltd.
Lyonnaise Des Eauk
M. Maker Industrial Co, Ltd.
M.I. Hightech Co., Ltd.
M.I. Jewelry Co. Ltd.,
M.K.S. Farm Co., Ltd.
M.T. Thanavat Co, Ltd.
Machconfill International Co, Ltd.
Mahaboon Corp., Ltd.
Mahachai Inter Trading Co., Ltd.
Mahachai Kraft Paper Co, Ltd.
Mahachai Seafood Co.Ltd
Manathanya Rice Mill Trading Co., Ltd.
Marco Polo Seed (Thailand) Limited
Maruay Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Marut And Khanom Siriphan Ltd., Part.
Matsushita Home Appliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Matt Productions Co., Ltd.
Mekong Agriculture Industry Co., Ltd.
Melamine Thai Co, Ltd.
Memon Export Import Ltd Part
Meng Tai Co., Ltd.
Metelco Co, Ltd
Michael Trade L.P.
Millennium Food Tech Co, Ltd
Minilac Co., Ltd.
Mitnumchai Marketing Co.,Ltd
Mitsiam International Ltd.
Mitsubishi Co (Thailand) Ltd
Mitsui & Co (Thailand) Ltd
Mittapharp Fragrant Rice Corp., Ltd.
Mittraphap Feed Mill Co, Ltd.
Mongkolnavin Law Office
Monsanto Thailand Limited
Monsato Seeds (Thailand) Ltd.
Monty & Totco Co, Ltd.
Morakot Industries Pcl
Mould Mate Co, Ltd.
M-Pathy Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Muang Thong Molas Co., Ltd.
Muangthai Garment Co., Ltd.
Mui Huad Seng (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.
Multi Food International Co, Ltd.
Multy Global Limited Partnership
Muragan Co.,Ltd.
N.E.C. Tokin (Thailand) Co Ltd
N.I.C. Starch Products Co., Ltd
N.P. Siam&Co
N.Y.K. Transport Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nakorn Thai Edible Oil Co.,Ltd.
Nakornsri Export Co.,Ltd.
Namsiang Group Of Companies
Nan Global Jewelry
Nan Mee Co.,Ltd.
Nana Marketing Co., Ltd.
Nanapan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Nat Autotech Co.,Ltd
Nathon International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
National Fertilizer Public Co.,Ltd.
Nature Best Food Co., Ltd.
Neo-Mark Corporation Ltd
Netsolutions Asia Limited
Network Development Co.,Ltd
New Krung Thai Sugar Factory Co Ltd
New Kwang Soonlee Sugar Factory Co., Ltd.
New World Development & Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Newport Advance Corp Ltd
Nimbus Trading Ltd., Part.
Nine Green Intertrade Co.Ltd.
Nisshin-Stc Flour Milling
Nisshin-Stc Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
Nittaya Thai Curry Prodcts Co.,Ltd
Nongkhai Tanasin Co.,Ltd.
Noodle Ratchada Co.,Ltd.
Northern Thai Realty
Nova Sound
Nova Teknika Co Ltd
Nullah International Limited
Nutraco (Thailang) Co., Ltd.
Ocean King International Co., Ltd.
Office Of Agricultural Extension Chiangmai
Ofmac (Thailand) Company Ltd
Oleen Co., Ltd.
One Asian Network Co Ltd
One Holding Public Company Limited.(Filatex)
Oriental Jasmine Rice Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Jute Mill Co., Ltd.
Oriental Rice Queen Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Rubber Product
Oryza Co.,Ltd.
Oscar Intertrade Co Ltd
Ow Hieb Seng Chieng Ngow Kim Ltd., Part.
P & E Development Co., Ltd.
P & I D Co., Ltd.
P & S Siam Food
P. Charoenphan Feedmill Co., Ltd.
P. Green Herb Co., Ltd.
P. Holding Company
P.B. Fishery Products Company Limited
P.F.N. International Co.,Ltd
P.H.L. Agricom Co.,Ltd.
P.I.S. Commercial Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Import Export & Air Cargo Co, Ltd.
P.N. Marine Foods Products: Co Ltd
P.P.L. Prime Inter Co., Ltd.
P.V.D. International Co., Ltd.
Pacific & Orient Co Ltd
Pacific Flourmill Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Sugar Corporation Co., Ltd.
Pacific Wood Co.,Ltd.
Paiboon Saplee Co., Ltd.
Palmy Essen Internaional Co., Ltd.
Pan Asian Export Corporation
Pan Surat Co., Ltd.
Paradisa Designs
Paraworld Furniture Co., Ltd.
Particle Planner Co., Ltd.
Pathiu Plantation Co., Ltd.
Pat-Pro Overseas Company Limited
Pat's White Rose Co., Ltd.
Patum Rice Mill And Granary Public Company Limited
Patum Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd.
Pen Green Resources Co., Ltd.
Peony Fame Co., Ltd.
Pet Products Co Ltd
Peter Cremer Co., Ltd.
Phalang Thai Inter Rice Co.,Ltd.
Phalung Thai Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Phong Pailin Co; Ltd.
Phonglap Co.,Ltd.
Phornphan Phanich Co.,Ltd.
Pic Siam Co., Ltd.
Pioneer Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Pipattana (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Piriya Thai Food Co., Ltd.
Pokphand Animal Feed Co., Ltd. (C.P. Group)
Polyon Barkai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Pongchai Group Co., Ltd.
Pornchai Industry Cholburi Lp
Post Forming Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Power Port Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Prachuap Sugar Factory Co., Ltd.
Prachuap Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.
Practical Rubber Co., Ltd.
Prasit Satationery & Printing Ltd., Part.
Premier Marketing Co., Ltd.
President Agri Trading Co., Ltd.
President Interfood Co., Ltd.
President Rice Products Public Co., Ltd.
Pro Agritrade (T) Co., Ltd.
Progress Co.,Ltd.
Pronec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Prospack Industry Co., Ltd.
Public Warehouse Organization Ministry Of Commerce
Q Bar
Quality Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Quality Smith Co.,Ltd.
Quick Rice And Foods Co.,Ltd.
R.S. Foods Tech [Thailand] Co., Ltd.
Rabbit Resort
Rachbmongkol Rice Co.,Ltd.
Rattanakosin Rice Co.,Ltd.
Ravipha Service Apartment, The
Red Pepper
Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd
Rice Bran-Soybeancpttpm Seeds Oil Extraction Plant
Rice Engineering Supply Co., Ltd.
Rice Exporters Association
Rice Mill
Riceland Foods Co., Ltd.
Riceland Foods Ltd.
Riceland International Co.,Ltd.
Ricevermicelli Factory Co.,Ltd.
Rin Thai Dessert
Rinnai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rotary Drilling Services Co Ltd
Rotem Fertilizer Ltd.
Rouse & Co. International (Thailand) Limited
Royal Crown Import Export Co., Ltd.
S. Charoen Rice Co.,Ltd
S. Kunjaetong Agriculture Industry-Farm Ltd.
S. Sermsrang Co.Ltd.
S.B. Thai Grain & Trade Co.,Ltd,
S.C. Artistry Co., Ltd.
S.D.A. Group Co., Ltd.
S.G. Asia Credit Public Co.,Ltd.
S.H. & Sons Co., Ltd.
S.K. Golden Rice Co.,Ltd.
S.M. Rice Co.,Ltd
S.M.T.C. Co., Ltd.
S.N.B. Agriproducts Ltd
S.N.B. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Accutrade Co.,Ltd
S.P.K Marketing Co., Ltd.
S.P.R. Food Industry Co., Ltd
S.P.R. Rice Intertrad Co.,Ltd.
S.T. Control Co, Ltd
S.T.C. Feed Co., Ltd.
S.T.C. Group
S.V.B. Steel Product
S.W.T. Enterprice
S.Y. Fruitnet Co., Ltd.
Sachaphrom Co.,Ltd.
Sahatawee Wattana Interrice Co.,Ltd.
Sallmanns (Far East) Co., Ltd.
Samakki Kijthanya Rice Milling Co., Ltd.
Samui Accom Company
Sandee Rice (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sang Ah (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Sang Thai Bang Pakong Co., Ltd.
Satake (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Second Home Co., Ltd.
Seed Association Of Thailand
Seng Heng Huat Seed Co., Ltd.
Seng Thong Rice (1968) Co., Ltd.
Serm Win Co.,Ltd.
Sethi Rice Co.,Ltd.
Seven-V, Food Island (Fashion Island Mall)
Shellhut Co.,Ltd.
Shioma Products
Siam Agro-Industry Pineapple And Others Plc.
Siam Allied Fiber Co., Ltd.
Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd.
Siam E-Commerce
Siam Fancy Fish Ltd., Part.
Siam First Rice Co.,Ltd
Siam Flour Trading Co.,Ltd
Siam Friest Rice Co.,Ltd
Siam Fruit Export Co., Ltd.
Siam General Grain Ltd.
Siam Grains Co., Ltd.
Siam Inter Grains Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ka Kao Co., Ltd.
Siam Kingdom Marble Furniture Co., Ltd.
Siam Lucky Co Ltd
Siam Modified Starch Co., Ltd.
Siam N.C.P. Rice Co.,Ltd
Siam Protein Co., Ltd.
Siam Qualified Produces Ltd., Part.
Siam Rice Co., Ltd.
Siam Rice Trading Co., Ltd.
Siam Sab Industry Co., Ltd
Siam Sitto Co.,Ltd.
Siam Starch (1966) Co., Ltd.
Siam Tableware Co., Ltd.
Siam T-Bros Co.,Ltd.
Siam Thanya Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Siam Unitools Co., Ltd.
Siam Yoko Co., Ltd.
Siamkubota Industry Co., Ltd., The
Siampraso Co., Ltd.
Siata Co., Ltd.
Silver Ice Limited
Simap Co., Ltd.
Singapore Chicken Rice
Sinheng Sawankaloke Co Ltd
Sinhua Knitting Factory Ltd., Part
Sinin Rice Co.,Ltd.
Sino-Thai Starch Co Ltd
Sinudom Bae Sae Ltd.,Part.
Sinudom Surin (1990) Co., Ltd.
Sirichai Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Sirinumma Co.,Ltd.
Sitthinan Co., Ltd.
Sixinlin Asia Co Ltd
Sk Gloden Rice
Skytex Co., Ltd.
Small World Toys City Co., Ltd
Smile Inter Rice Co.,Ltd.
Societe Generale (Bibf)
Soemsuk Public Co.,Ltd.
Somphol Bedding And Mattress Industry Co Ltd.
Somsak Discus Farm Part.,Ltd.
Songklod Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Soon Hua Seng Industry Co., Ltd.
Soon Hua Seng Rice Co., Ltd.
Soybean Meal Traders And Importers Association
Speedway Transport Co., Ltd.
Sri Rueng Thai Co., Ltd.
Sri Trang Agro - Industry Public Co., Ltd.
Srisaket Agro Development Co.,Ltd.
Srithai Rice L.P.
Sriwattana Intertrade.Co.,Ltd.
Sui Heng Lee Co., Ltd.
Sukantha Scorched Rice Shop
Summit Consulated Co.,Ltd.
Summit Footwear & Seats
Sun Agri - Products Co., Ltd
Sun Foods Co., Ltd.
Sun Shine International Co., Ltd.
Sunny Fashions
Sunrise Farm Co.,Ltd.
Super J. International Co., Ltd.
Supermax Merchadising Co.,Ltd.
Suphan Rice Co., Ltd.
Supmaruai Co., Ltd.
Suranaree Solo Co., Ltd.
Surin Tip Co., Ltd.
Surinthip Co.,Ltd.
Suriya Produce Co., Ltd.
Suriya Quilting Co.,Ltd.
Suwannaphum Agro Consultants Co Ltd
Syngenta Seeds Limited
T. I. D. International Co., Ltd.
T.C.I. Foods Co.,Ltd.
T.D. Inter-Supplies Co., Ltd.
T.H. Pellet Co., Ltd
T.N.R. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
T.P.K. Starch Co., Ltd.
Tai Lea Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Tai Lee Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Tai Long Ltd., Partnership
Takul Lek Tapioca Flour Factory Co., Ltd
Taniyama Siam Co.,Ltd
Tanyapan International Trading Co., Ltd.
Tapioca Association
Tapioca Development Corp Ltd
Tee Suda Internarional Ltd.
Teevathorn Co.,Ltd
Tek Seng Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Tep Phanich Co.,Ltd.
Tera Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Textile Prestige Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Agrico Co., Ltd.
Thai Agricultural Rice Co.,Ltd.
Thai Agriculture Association
Thai Agro (2001) Co.
Thai Asako Co Ltd
Thai Bae International Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bones Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Capital Crops Co.,Ltd.
Thai Castor Oil Industries Co., Ltd
Thai City Electric Co., Ltd.
Thai Contractors News
Thai Craft And Decor Trading
Thai Dairy Industry Co., Ltd., The
Thai E Art Dot Com Co., Ltd.
Thai Edible Oil Co Ltd
Thai Europe Feed Co., Ltd.
Thai Export Centre Co.,Ltd.
Thai Farmers Heller Factoring Company Limited
Thai Feed Mill Association
Thai Feed Mills Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Fertilizer And Agricultural Marketing Associa
Thai First Grain Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fishmeal Producers Association, The
Thai Food Corp Ltd
Thai Food Processors Association
Thai Frozen Food Association
Thai Fruits And Vegetables Exporters Association
Thai German Processing Co., Ltd
Thai Golden Grain Co.,Ltd.
Thai Granlux International Rice Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ha Public Company Limited
Thai Herbicide Co., Ltd.
Thai Hissan Co., Ltd.
Thai Hua (2511) Co., Ltd.
Thai Inter Holding Co.,Ltd.
Thai Jute Association
Thai Ka-Sed Yearnyong Exim Co.,Ltd.
Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Co Ltd
Thai Maize And Produce Traders Association
Thai Maparn Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nichi Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai Overseas Fisheries Association, The
Thai Parboiling Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prasert International Trading Co Ltd
Thai Prasit Starch Co., Ltd.
Thai Preserved Food Factory Co., Ltd.
Thai Qp Co Ltd
Thai Rice Co., Ltd.
Thai Rice Mill Association
Thai Ruam Jai Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd.
Thai Rubber Association, The
Thai Rubber Band Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Seed & Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Thai Seree Fishery Co., Ltd.
Thai Spf Products Co., Ltd.
Thai Standard Rice Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sugar Manufacturing Association
Thai Sugar Terminal Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sugar Trading Corp., Ltd., The
Thai Tapioca Flour Industry Trade Association
Thai Tapioca Trade Association, The
Thai Thunya Rice (2000) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Top Trading 888 Co.,Ltd,
Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai Tv Global Network & Ibn
Thai Union Fishery Import & Export Co., Ltd
Thai United Plastic Industry Company Limited
Thai Wah Food Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Watana Rice Products Co.,Ltd.
Thaibeetter Foods Co.,Ltd.
Thaideals Dot Net Co., Ltd.
Thai-Denmark Swine Breeder Public Company Limited
Thai-German Development Foundation
Thaihua Chumphon Rubber Co., Ltd.
Thai-Inter Molasses Co., Ltd.
Thailand Sugar Corp., Ltd.
Thaiwell International Co Ltd
Thanananrice Co., Ltd.
Thanya Mitr Rice Co., Ltd.
Thanya Taweepol Co.,Ltd.
Thanyaluck International Co.,Ltd.
Thapsakae Coconut Industry (1986) Co., Ltd.
Tharachat Group
Thepthunyatip Co.,Ltd.
Thong Thai Rice Co., Ltd.
Thongthawat Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Thungkula Co.,Ltd.
Thye Joo Long Co., Ltd.
Tip Ubon International Co.,Ltd.
Tipco Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Tippany Service Co.,Ltd.
Toepfer International-Asia (Thailand) Ltd.
Tong Chan Rop
Tong Hua Rice Mills Co.,Ltd.
Top Organic Products And Supplies Co.,Ltd.
Top-Form Intertrade Co Ltd
Toumi Interade Co.,Ltd.
Trade Partners Limited
Trathong Product
U. Sia Quality Co., Ltd.
Udomsuk Rice Co., Ltd.
Unigrain Co.,Ltd.
Union Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Uniseeds Co., Ltd.
United Feed Mill Co., Ltd.
United Flour Mill Co Ltd
United Grain Industry Co., Ltd.
United Palm Oil Industry Public Company Limited
United Rice Mill Co., Ltd.
United Siam Muslim Limited Partnership
Unity Industrial Co., Ltd.
Universal Food Public Co., Ltd.
Universal Rice Co., Ltd.
Uthai Produce Co.,Ltd.
V. Thai Food Products Co., Ltd.
V.N.Center Trading Co.,Ltd.
Valqua Industries (Thailand) Ltd
Vanakij Timber Co., Ltd.
Vancom Co.,Ltd.
Vanda Siam Co., Ltd
Varavoot Industry Ltd.,Part.
Vegetarian Society Food Court
Vientiane Kitchen
Vilmorin Clause & Cie - Thailand Representative Of
Viriya Agro-Industry Co., Ltd.
Viriyaroj Co., Ltd.
Vivetch Rice Mill Development Co.,Ltd.
Vorachakyont Co.,Ltd.
Vudhichai Produce Co., Ltd.
W & P Export Co.,Ltd.
W.J.C. Co., Ltd.
W.K.M.International Co.,Ltd.
Wanalee Bizpro Co.,Ltd.
Wang Kanai Sugar Co Ltd
Wang Lee., Ltd.
Wang Palm Oil Co.,Ltd
Wangsapung Orange Farm
Whole Earth (Lang Suan)
Whole Earth, The
Wing On Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Wing On Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Wingon Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Winstore Co., Ltd.
Wiwechpattana Rice-Mill Co.,Ltd
Wiwit Import-Export Company Limited
Worakij Enterprise Co Ltd
Worasuthi Ptv.,Ltd.
World Grain Co., Ltd.
World People Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.
World Wide Rice Co.,Ltd.
Wyeth Ayerst (Thailand) Limited
Xongdur Thai Organic Food Co., Ltd
Xushi Bar (Ratchayothin)
Yan Wal Yun Co., Ltd.
Yong Thai Rubber Industrial Co Ltd
Yorker Trading Company Limited
Yunnan Travel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.


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