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Thailand Bar Code Equipment Companies, Thai Barcode Equipment Manufacturers


Thailand is a massive user of barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries all use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, however the majority of items are now produced in Thailand and available for domestic use as well as for export.

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database

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The EAN•UCC standards facilitate national and international communication between all trading partners participating in any supply chain, including raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, hospitals and final clients or consumers.

Many businesses are expanding their distribution channels towards markets and clients, which may not be traditional for them, in other sectors of industry. A business that chooses an industry-specific standard will face the potentially high costs of maintaining two systems if it wants to sell its products or services or simply communicate outside its "closed-world".

Many operations which are essential for the efficiency of trade and the optimization of the supply chain depend on the accuracy of identification of the products exchanged, services rendered, and/or locations involved.

The EAN•UCC system is a set of standards enabling the efficient management of global, multi-industry supply chains by uniquely identifying products, shipping units, assets locations and services. It facilitates electronic commerce processes including full tracking and traceability.

The identification numbers can be represented in bar code symbols to enable electronic reading at point of sale, at receiving in warehouses, or at any other point where it is required in business processes. The system is designed to overcome the limitations of using company, organization or sector specific coding systems, and to make trading much more efficient and more responsive to customers.

These identifying numbers are also used in electronic data interchange - EDI - messages to improve the speed and accuracy of communication. This manual only provides information about the numbering system, bar codes, and scanning. For information about EDI, please refer to the EANCOM? manual.

As well as providing unique identifying numbers, the system also provides for additional information such as best before dates, serial numbers, and batch numbers to be shown in a bar coded form.

Following the principles and design of the EAN•UCC system means that users can design applications to process EAN•UCC data automatically. The system logic guarantees that data captured from bar codes produces unambiguous electronic messages and processing of them can be fully pre-programmed.

The system is designed to be usable in any industry, trade or public sectors, and any changes to the system are introduced so that they do not disrupt current users.

The application of the different EAN•UCC standards can result in significant improvements in logistic operations, reduction of paperwork costs, shorter order and delivery lead times, increased accuracy and better management of the whole supply chain. Enormous costs savings are realised daily by user companies who have adopted the EAN•UCC system, because they apply the same solution for communicating with all their trading partners, while remaining entirely free to run internal applications at their own discretion 

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your bar code supplies needs please email with your requests



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Blank Barcode Labels CCD Scanner Barcode Ribbon Wax
Barcode Engine Barcode Printer Barcode Scanner Battery Packs

Featured Barcode Equipment Companies in Thailand

F.C. Solution Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of electronic devices Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Proximity Time Recorder Machine, Access control, Efficiency machine, Barcode Stocking Checking Machine, Barcode Equipment, Retail Shop customer counter machines
N.E.C. Infrontia Thai Ltd Thailand POS Systems, Barcode Readers, Portable Barcode Terminals, Handheld Barcode Readers, Machine Mount Scanners, Telecommunication Equipment, IP telephony systems

Chawla Identics Co.,Ltd
We produce and sell various kind of label and sell labeling machine, barcode system. Beside we also sell paper and synthetic material imported from Taiwan, Japan and Germany also we supply textile for fashion industry as well

Compete Technology Co. Ltd.
Cards printers, barcode readers, magnetic readers, smart cards, access control, contact and contact less cards.

Grand Label Limited
Grand label ltd. Has been a leading manufacturer of labels, hangtags, patches, barcode and packaging to the apparel industry and related trades since 1985. We grow with the increasing demand of our customer's for many years. We are known for our highly quality products, competitive price and guaranteed on-time delivery. We commit ourselves to explore and adapt to modernized fashion technology as customer's satisfaction is our top priority.
Products: Woven Label, Print Label, Woven Patches, Heat Transfer, Rubber Label, Paper Hangtag, Packaging, and Barcode

Gunner Barcode And Printing
Gunner barcode are manufacturer of jewelkara the quality of jewelry label and jewelry tag. We also produce barcode label and general label for overall industries Worldwide. Furthermore, we are distributor of tsc barcode printer, argox barcode printer, cipher lab barcode scanner and data terminal. Our precious soft inventory control and pos software deserve all worldwide users in jewelry, gems, and precious stone business. Send us an enquiry now, to ease your labeling and bar coding system with our jewelry label, jewelry tag and jewelry software.

Precision Print Co. Ltd.
A Bar Code Master Film leading manufacturer, offering of all code versions e.g. UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code 39, Code 128,...etc., offering international quality standard and 100% accuracy.

PT Asia
PT Asia, Thailand : coding, marking, sealing, labeling and packaging. Hot Foil Printer Hot Ink Coder Thermal Coder Barcode Printer Carton Sealer Sealing Machine Imprinter/Table Top Imprinter

Following you will find lists of barcode equipment products available from companies involved in the barcode equipment business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
All-In-One Portable Payment System
Amusement Park Tickets
Anti-Theft Tag
Badge Reader
Bar Code Applicators
Bar Code Card Reader
Bar Code Carton Labelers
Bar Code Ccd Scanner
Bar Code Data Capture Systems
Bar Code Equipment Manufacturers
Bar Code Generator
Bar Code Labeling Applications
Bar Code Labels
Bar Code Laser Scanner
Bar Code Printers
Bar Code Verifiers
Bar Code Wand Scanner
Barcode Ccd Scanner
Barcode Decoders
Barcode Engine
Barcode Equipment For Engineers
Barcode Formats
Barcode Hand-Held Scanner
Barcode Identification Scanner
Barcode Label Printer
Barcode Label Printing
Barcode Label Scale
Barcode Labels
Barcode Numbering Machine
Barcode Palm Device
Barcode Printer Systems
Barcode Printing
Barcode Reader
Barcode Ribbon Wax
Barcode Ribbons
Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanning Hardware
Barcode Software
Barcode Stickers
Barcode Systems
Barcode Terminal Software
Barcode Thermal Ribbons
Barcode Tickets
Barcode Wand
Barcoding Equipment
Bioptic Scanner
Blank Barcode Labels
Blank Barcode Labels With Logo
Brochure Stickers
Calendar Card
Card Printer
Ccd Imager
Ccd Scanners
Check Reader
Checkout Scanner
Citizen Barcode Printer
Compact Barcode Ccd Camera
Compact Line Scanners
Conveyor Barcode Scanner
Cordless Scanners
Ct Windows Barcode Printer
Custom Labels
Data Collection Equipment
Data Collection Terminals
Data Management Software
Datalogic Barcode Scanners
Direct Thermal Printer
Eas Tag
Electronic Cash Register
Electronic Label
Embedded Barcode Scanner
Emulation Portable Terminals
Fast Drying Inks
Fixed Mount Scanners
Hand Held Ccd Scanner
Handheld Barcode Laser Gun
Handheld Barcode Reader
Hands Free Presentation Scanners
Handset Laser Barcode Scanner
Hands-Free Scanners
Hang Tags
Heavy Duty Industrial Barcode Label Printer
High Speed Barcode Printer
Hot Stamping Ribbon
Industrial Laser Scanner
Industrial Scanner
Inventory Software
Keyboard Wedge Bar Code Scanners
Label With Micro Circuit Layer
Labeling System
Labeling And Barcoding Supplies
Laser Barcode Reader
Laser Barcode Scanner
Laser Scanners
Laser Scanners For Pcs
Led Ccd Barcode Scanner
Library Barcode Wedge Scanner
Lottery Cards
Magentic Strip
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Devices
Magnetic Stripe Slot Readers
Membership Cards
Membership Vip Card
Metal Insert Security Seal
Metrologic Barcode Scanners
Miniature Barcode Readers
Mini-Size Portable Thermal Printer
Mobile Battery Label
Mobile Computers
Offset Printing
Omni-Directional Barcode Laser Scanner
Omni-Directional Scanners
Optical Character Recognition Devices
Palm Os Wlan Computer
Pen-Based System
Portable Barcode Scanner Battery Packs
Portable Data Collection Terminal
Prepaid Cards
Print Heads
Printed Labels
Pvc Barcode Card
Pvc Plastic Cards
Radio Frequency Devices
Real Time Data Collector
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Retail Cards
Retail Tickets
Rf Soft Tags
Scanner Battery Pack
Security Container Seals
Signature Panel
Single Line Barcode Scanner
Skandata Bar Code Starter Kits
Slot Card Scanners
Smart Cards
Soft Labels
Staff Id Cards
Stand-Alone Barcode Printer
Stratos Barcode Scanners
Student Cards
Symbol Bar Code Laser Scanner
Symbol Barcode Scanners
Tablet Pc
Tabletop Scanner
Tag And Label Printer
Tec Barcode Printer
Telephone Cards
Thermal Transfer Labels
Thermal Transfer Polyester Satin Label Tape
Thermal Transfer Printer
Thermal Transfer Ribbon
Touchscreen Mobile Computer
Upc Labels
Usb Barcode Reader
Wand Barcode Scanner
Wand Reader
Wand Scanners
Warehouse Management System
Wireless Lan Products
Wireless Networking Products
Wireless Scanner
Wireless-Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


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