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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (R)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
R & D Computer System Co.,Ltd.
R & D Foods Product Co.,Ltd.
R A C Global International Co.,Ltd.
R And B Supply Co.,Ltd.
R And W Creation
R P C International Co.,Ltd.
R.C.S. Co.,Ltd.
R.J. London Chemicals Industries Co.,Ltd.
R.O.Genesis Co.,Ltd.
R.O.O. Water Co.,Ltd.
R.P. and Son Ltd.,Part.
R.S. Co.,Ltd.
R.S.Hometex Co.,Ltd.
R.S.O.Products Co.,Ltd.
R.S.P. Canning Ltd.,Part.
R.X. Co.,Ltd.
Rabbit Tea (Ong Lee Chun) Co.,Ltd.
Rabex Export Co.,Ltd.
Racer Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Racha Herb Co.,Ltd.
Racharint Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Rachayok Co.,Ltd.
Rachbmongkol Rice Co.,Ltd.
Rachun Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Radar Industry (2000) Co.,Ltd.
Radchaburi Water Drinking
Radon Co.,Ltd.
Rai Kumpanthong Ltd.,Part.
Rai Subsomboon Ltd.,Part.
Raimai Farmer Group
Rainai (Thailaand) Co.,Ltd
Rainbow Stationery Co.,Ltd.
Raitan Rock Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Raiwin Rice Product (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Raja Uchino Co.,Ltd.
Rakmai Co.,Ltd
Rakphathai Co.,Ltd.
Ramakhao 39 Group
Raming Tea Co.,Ltd
Ramintra Industry Co.,Ltd.
Ran Bankhankun Co.,Ltd.
Ranbaxy Unichem Co.,Ltd
Rangsit Footwear Co.,Ltd
Ranong Hospital Development Foundation
Ranong Interyrade Co.,Ltd.
Ranoo Fancy Co.,Ltd
Ranuka Product Co.,Ltd.
Ratanamind Co.,Ltd
Ratchaborikanukroh Scholl
Ratchadakorn Co.,Ltd.
Ratchatani Asok
Rathana (Dee) Limited Partnership
Ratree Deeprom
Ratree Water
Rattanachai Powerclean Limited Partner
Rattanakorn Ice Co.,Ltd.
Rattanapornchai Co., Ltd
Rattanawong Ltd., Part
Rattaphume Santayanonta
Rawichai Wattana Co.,Ltd.
Rawin International Cosmetic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Rayal Food Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rayal Home Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Rayong fish Sauce Industry Co., Ltd.
RCT Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Reams And Rolls Co.,Ltd.,
Rean Pleuk Mai Co.,Ltd
Rean Thong Wittiy Co.,Ltd.
Reangwa standard industry co.,ltd.
Reantongphalidtapanarhan Co.,Ltd.
Rearnthai Arhanthai Co.,Ltd.
Reckitt Benckiser (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Recycle Concept Co.,Ltd.
Red Bow Trading
Red Earht Thai co.,ltd.
Red Mark Intertrade Ltd.,Part.
Reeno Thai Co.,Ltd.
Rein & Fresh Co.,Ltd.
Relux Industrial Ltd., Part.
Rely (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Remy Marketing Ltd.,Part.
Reno (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Reod Weel Resusess Co.,Ltd
Rera Gift & Decor Co.,Ltd
Rerai Records Co.,Ltd.
Reuntongkarnman co.,ltd.
Revive International Co.,Ltd
Re-X product co.,ltd.
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Co.,Ltd.
Rian Thong Tool Co.,Ltd.
Rice Dream Co.,Ltd.
Rice Pakpanang Interrade
Rice Product Center Tumbol Dongbung
Rice World Co.,Ltd.
Riceland Foods Co.,Ltd.
Ricevermicelli factory co.,ltd.
Rich and Fine Co.,Ltd.
Rich Pharma International Co.,Ltd
Rich Sport Co.,Ltd.
Rich. Cosmetic International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Richie & Rich Asian Drink Co.,Ltd.
Richie Confectionery Co.,Ltd
Richwell Product Asiatic Co.,Ltd.
Richy & Sons Co.,Ltd.
Right Elements International Co.,Ltd
Rim Talay-Bangkok co.,ltd.
Rimping food product co.,ltd.
Rinchokechai co.,ltd.
Rino Golf Co.,Ltd.
Rinse Tech Co.,Ltd
Ris Product
Ritta Marketing Co.,Ltd.
River Commerce Industry Co.,Ltd.
Riverkaer Internatinal Co.,Ltd.
Riverpro Plup & Paper Co.,Ltd.
Riverpro Professional Co.,Ltd.
RL Food & Craft Co.,Ltd.
RLP International Co.,Ltd.
RM Feinstrumpffa Brik Part, Ltd.
RM Music Shop
RMC Global Group Co.,Ltd.
Road Accident Victims Protection Co.,Ltd
Robin Extend Co.,Ltd.
Roche Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Rocket Thai Co.,Ltd
Rocky Trading Group Co.,Ltd.
Rodimex Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Rohto-Mentholatum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rojanasrttapong Co.,Ltd.
Romar Co.,Ltd.
Rome Bakery
Rompo Stationery & Supply Co.,Ltd.
Rongkatao Patcharapuenpol
Rongnamkang Lamlookka
Rongseefaiyonghongjaob Ltd.,Part.
Room Mix Co.,Ltd
Roomz's ry
Roong Chareun Fishsauce
Roongroj Arporn Co.,Ltd.
Rose Foods
Rose Greeting Co.,Ltd.
Rose Muttana Co.,Ltd.
Rose Video Co.,Ltd.
Rosso Co.,Ltd.
Rota Records-Tape co.,ltd.
Royal Art Polycharmy Co.,Ltd.
Royal Asia-Brige and Trie Co.,Ltd
Royal Atlantic Co.,Ltd
Royal Can Industries Co.,Ltd.
Royal Canning Co.,Ltd.
Royal Chitralada Projects
Royal Coffee Co.,Ltd.
Royal Drugs Ltd.,Part.
Royal Food Factory
Royal Foods Co.,Ltd.
Royal Fresh Co.,Ltd.
Royal Heritage Co.,Ltd
Royal industries(Thailand) co.,ltd.
Royal Interstandard Co.,Ltd.
Royal King Child Products Co.,Ltd.
Royal Kingdom Industry Co.,Ltd.
Royal Leather Products Co.,Ltd.
Royal Orchid Trad General Partnership
Royal Pacific Industries Co.,Ltd.
Royal Plus Co., Ltd
Royal Porcelain Public Co.,Ltd.
Royal Project Foundation
Royal Siam Legend Ltd.,Part.
Royal Taste Co.,Ltd.
Royal Tex Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Royal Time Citi Co.,Ltd.
Royal-D (Thailand) Ltd., Part.
Rozsiam Co.,Ltd.
RPS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
RRR Co.,Ltd.
RS Center Ltd.,Part.
RS Marketing Co.,Ltd.
RT beauty care co.,ltd.
Ruam Charoen Pokapant Co.,Ltd.
Ruam Duay Chuay Kan Co.,Operative Ltd.
Ruamchai Products Co.,Ltd.
Ruamjai Water Drinking Group
Ruammitr Farm Ltd.,Part.
Ruangthai Rice Mill Co.,Ltd
Ruanpikul (2000) Co.,Ltd.
Rubia Industries Ltd.
Ruen Kanoon
Ruen Rak Sa-Mun-Prai Co.,Ltd.
Ruenbundit Co.,Ltd
Ruengsuriyakit Treading
Ruggle gift Co.,Ltd.
Rung Arun Oversea Co.,Ltd.
Rung Arun Paper Co.,Ltd.
Rung Pattana Import-Export Co.,Ltd
Rung-Arun Cake
Rungarun Toothpaste Co.,Ltd.
Rungcharoon & Sons Co.,Ltd.
Rungrassamee Charoenkit Ltd.,Part.
Rungreungnatee Ltd.,Part.
Rungroeng & Supplies co.,ltd.
Rungrot Produce Chairece Herbal Co.,Ltd.
Rungruang O-sot Partnership Limited
Rungruangkasem Co.,Ltd.
Rungsawan Co.,Ltd.
Rungthip Pongsupakit
Rung-Udomchai Ltd.Part.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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