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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (N)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
N & O Group Co.,Ltd.
N & R Fruits Co.,Ltd
N & S Supply
N and T Food Shop
N G E Intertrade Ltd.,Part.
N P B Intergroup
N P Biotec Co.,Ltd.
N S Wet Supply Co.,Ltd
N&P Holding Co.,Ltd.
N. Bamrungsilp Ltd.,Part.
N.C. Panitch
N.D.Masterfama (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
N.G. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
N.I.V. Kitchen Utensils Co.,Ltd.
N.K. Ferniclass Co.,Ltd
N.K. Meat and Products Co.,Ltd.
N.K.Industrial Co., Ltd.
N.P.S. Promotion Co.,Ltd.
N.S.F. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.T. Plastic Ltd.,Part.
N.T.Standard Co.,Ltd.
N.V.K.Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Na Ga Sa Ki Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Naborn Agiculture
Nacre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Naeslund International Co.,Ltd.
Nahm Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd
Nai Pol
Naipan Shop
Naka Marketing Ltd.,Part.
Nakara TMP Ltd.,Part.
Nakorn international co.,ltd.
Nakorn Phanom Rice Co.,Ltd.
Nakorn Thai Edible Oil Co.,Ltd.
Nakornchaisri Industry Co.,Ltd.
Nakornratchasrima Sirichockchai Co.,Ltd
Nakornsawan Rice Trade Co.,Ltd.
Nakornvithee (1988) co.,ltd.
Nam Donmuang Health Foods Co.,Ltd
Nam Khow Tao Mart Ltd.,Part.
Nam Mae Sunee Shop
Nam Ngai Hong Ltd.,Part.
Nam Sing Marine Products Co.,Ltd.
Nam Vasana Ltd.,Part.
Namchow (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Namdee Wattana Chemical Co.,Ltd
Namheng International Trading Co.,Ltd.
NamMan Keaw Panya
Nampecth Cosmetic Co.,Ltd
Namplakedsiam (Tosaehuan)
Namprik Maelek (Subin) Manufacture
Namtalsod Thai Co.,Ltd.
Namtandkowd Thai
Nan Mee industry Co.,Ltd.
Nan Yang Faric Co.,Ltd
Nana Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Nanapon Food Product Co.,Ltd
Nancy Chandler Graphics Co.,Ltd.
Nangrong Group
Nanobiz Co.,Ltd.
NanoMed Co.,Ltd.
NanoMed Co.,Ltd.
Nanotech R&D Co.,Ltd.
Nanta Food Co.,Ltd.
Nanwanich Intercorp Limited Partnership
Nanyang Garment Co.,Ltd.
Nanyang Marketing Co.,Ltd.
NAP Marketing Group
Napa Co.,Ltd.
Napaporn Seesai Shop
Napas LD 2000 Co.,Ltd.
Napawat Product
Narada International Co.,Ltd.
Narai Inter Food Co.,Ltd.
Narai Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Narak - Tiara Co.,Ltd.
Narasap Rungrueng Ltd.,Part.
Nareedang Surathai PL.
Naresuan Univesity
Narina Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Narongchai Import Export Ltd. Part.
Narudol bakery Group
Nasa Corperation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nasasinee Pullsuk
Nat Jinda Foods Limited Partnership
Natchapol Inter Trade Co.,Ltd.
Natchasapak Ltd.,Part.
Natchawat Filter Ltd.,Part.
Natech Co.,Ltd.
Nateechai Co.,Ltd.
Nathawan Panich
Nathongspilulinagroup Co.,Ltd.
Nation Broadcasting Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Nation Produce (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Natruja Co.,Ltd.
Natsac Co.,Ltd.
Natsuda Anginan
Natthawarunthip Part.,Ltd
Natthawut Brand
Nattida Aroiyangthai
Natto Trading Co.,Ltd.
Natural Concept Co.,Ltd
Natural Electric Import and Export Co.,Ltd.
Natural Food Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Natural Fruit Co.,Ltd.
Natural Green Product Co.,Ltd
Natural Health Food Co.,Ltd.
Natural Homemade Co.,Ltd.
Natural Industry
Natural Loft
Natural Snack Co.,Ltd.
Nature Best Food Co.,Ltd.
Nature Care Herb Co.,Ltd.
Nature De Zircon Co.,Ltd.
Nature Essential Products Co.,Ltd.
Nature Farm
Nature Friend Co.,Ltd.
Nature Pure Group Co.,Ltd.
Nature Slime Co.,Ltd
Nature Spice Co.,Ltd.
Nature Touch Aromatherapy Co.,Ltd.
Natureceutic Co.,Ltd
Naturemild (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Naul Anong Herb Co.,Ltd.
Navapon Industry Co.,Ltd.
Navapong Industry Co.,Ltd.
NBB Nunt Co.,Ltd.
NBD Healthcare Co.,Ltd
NC True Co.,Ltd.
NE Health Foods Co.,Ltd.
Neastern Industry Co.,Ltd.
Nectar Industry Co.,Ltd
Nekta (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Neo Creative Ordinary Partnership
Neo Spirits & Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Neo Suki
Neopharm Co.,Ltd
Neoplast Co.,Ltd.
NEP Realty and Industry Public Company Limited
Neptune Electric Co.,Ltd.
Neptune food & beverage co.,ltd.
Nesco Direct Co.,Ltd.
Nestle Asean (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Network 21 co.,ltd.
Network Development Co.,Ltd
Neutip Ltd.,Part.
Nevelle (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
New Anglo Co.,Ltd.
New Arriva Co.,Ltd.
New Chaibadarn Agricultural Housewife Club
New Charoen Parmaceutiical Co.,Ltd
New Concept Product Co.,Ltd.
New Continent Co.,Ltd
New Enjoy Universal Co.,Ltd.
New Fancy Ltd.,Part.
New File Chemical Limited Partnership
New Kriang thawiwat Co.,Ltd.
New Look Product Co.,Ltd.
New Modern Century Ltd., Part
New Sangsuwan Co.,Ltd.
New Sponge Co.,Ltd.
New Star Genuine Part Co.,Ltd.
New Starlight Tech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
New Young Marketing Co., Ltd.
Newfly Brother
Newish Germs Co.,Ltd.
Newman Co.,Ltd.
News World Wu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
NEWZENO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Next Gen Mobile Co.,Ltd
Next Product Co.,Ltd.
Ngamdee Cotton Co.,Ltd
Ngow Taiseng Rice Mill
Ngoy Heang Heang Shop
Ngoy Meng Hua Ltd.,part.
Nguan Hong Thye Co., Ltd.
Ngug-chung Industry Foods Co.,Ltd.
Nham Sunisa Donmeung
Nian Samoonprai Thai Limited Partnership
Nic Star Co.,Ltd.
Nice apparelCo.,Ltd
Nice Bether Foods Co.,Ltd.
Nice Interfoods Co.,Ltd.
Nice Tools Ltd.,Part.
Nichanan Beauty
Nichea Co.,Ltd.
Nicon thai Sales &service Co., Ltd
Nid Bakery Shop
Nida Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Nida Thai Produce Co.,Ltd.
Niji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nimble Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Nine Pharmacists Co.,Ltd
Niners Co.,Ltd.
Ningamtac Water Drinking
Nipa Maneepat
Nipon Charoensab Farm Ltd.,Part.
Nippon Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Paint Co.,Ltd.
Nippong Food Products
Nirin Design Co.,Ltd.
Nisa Co.,Ltd.
Nisara Intarid
Nisshin-STC Flour Milling Co.,Ltd.
Nissin Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nitita Co.,Ltd.
Nititad Aoa Co.,Ltd.
Nittaya Thai Cerry Products Co., Ltd.
Nittitad Promotion Co.,Ltd
Niyom Ros
NK Apparel Co.,Ltd.
NNC.Products Co.,Ltd
Noble Carpet Co.Ltd.
Noble Ltd.,Part.
Noi Bakery
Nok Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Nokkeaw Kenkajohn
Nomjitt Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Nondavanuch Trading Co.,Ltd.
Nong Ben Factory
Nong Krating Reused Product Development Group
Nong Lai
Nong Pun Jun House Wife Group
Nong Taprachan
Nongbyarawae Jiaogulan Conservation Group
Nongjame Shop
Nongkhae Pattana Hydrofarm Co.,Ltd.
Nongmon SMJ Products Co., Ltd
Nongnuch International Co.,Ltd
Nongnumdaeng Housewife Group
Nongporn Food Industries Co.,Ltd.
Nongtengkawlna Housewife Group
Nonkaew Co.,Ltd.
Nonthaburi Products Foods Co.,Ltd.
Nontsiri Group Ltd.,Part.
Noodle jelly tharue factory co.,ltd.
Noodle King Co.,Ltd
Noodle Rian Thai
Noov t c Ltd.,Part.
Nopkate Intertrading Co.,Ltd.
Noppaklao Natural Life
Noppamas Incense Stick Ltd.,Part.
Noppharat Shop
Nopporn Silver Gold Co.,Ltd.
Nopthanasin Part Ltd
Norka Co.,Ltd.
North - East Thai Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Northeast Blind Associate
Nothing But Organics
Nova Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Nova Teknika Co.,Ltd.
Nova Water (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Novatis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Novatrenda Co.,Ltd
Novelex Co.,Ltd.
Novo Life
NP Beauty Products Ltd.,Part.
NPE Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nplex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
NR Instant Produce Co.,Ltd
Nrinsara Namchareun Part.,Ltd
NS Thai Rice Co.,Ltd.
NSK Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Nuan Chan Herbal
Nuboon Co.,Ltd.
NUI Thai Trading (Fresh Produce)
Num Pla Wan Developement Group
Num Prik Kulap Thip
Num Sae Lee Baverage
Numaoy Herb and Beauty (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Numbannoi Youth & Women Group
Numberone Thai Food
Numchevit Co.,Ltd.
Numjemukee Changmailand
Numkhao Thai Whisky Co.,Ltd.
Nummun Lhuang Masila Jumpadaeng Trad Komarapat Co.,Ltd.
Numplasangthai Factory (Old) Ltd.,Part.
Numthai Pattana Co.,Ltd.
Nunt Products Co.,Ltd.
Nuntarose Shop
Nunui Surathai
Nuse Co.,Ltd.
Nut Candy house Co.,Ltd
Nutri Create Public Co.,Ltd
Nutrify Co.,Ltd.
Nutrition House Co.,Ltd.
Nutrix Public Co.,Ltd.
Nutrltlon Avance Foods Co.,Ltd
Nuttaphan T.B.B. International Co., Ltd.
Nuttun Co
Nutube Evolution Cosmetic Co.,Ltd
Nuvite (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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