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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (T)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
T & A Evergreens Technology Co.,Ltd.
T & T Furniture Co.,Ltd.
T and p Marketing Shop
T and V Sport Supply Co.,Ltd
T M Food Co.,Ltd.
T Spa
T Supreme Co.,Ltd.
T Y M Work Co.,Ltd.
T&C International Products Co.,Ltd.
T&G Ltd, partnership
T&P Industrail (Bangkok) 1996 Co., Ltd.
T. Cosmo International Co.,Ltd
T. Ruamkit Group Co.,Ltd.
T. Thai (93) Co.,Lt.d.
T. Thai Snack Foods Co.,Ltd.
T. Wattanakij Supply Co.,Ltd.
T.A.C.Beverage Co.,Ltd.
T.A.T. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.B. Chemical Syterm (1999) Co.,Ltd.
T.Bann Vela Co., Ltd.
T.C Pharma-Chem Co.,Ltd
T.C. Petfeed Enterprise
T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co.,Ltd.
T.C. Radio and Communication Co.,Ltd.
T.C. Union Foods Co.,Ltd.
T.C.A. Group Ltd.,Part.
T.C.C. Cosmo Co.,Ltd.
T.C.I. Foods Co., Ltd
T.D. Dairy Foods Co.,Ltd.
T.D. Supply (1994) Co,.Ltd.
T.G. Agritrade Co.,LTD.
T.H.L. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
T.I.D. International Co.,Ltd.
T.J. Marketing Ltd.,Part.
T.J.C. Chemical Co.,Ltd.
T.K.and Tripple Co.,Ltd.
T.K.S. Technology Public Co.,Ltd.
T.LAO Co.,Ltd.
T.Luck Foods Co.,Ltd.
T.M. Cosmetic Ltd.,Part
T.M.T. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
T.M.V. Standard Co.,Ltd.
T.Man Farma.Co.,Ltd
T.N. Soft Care Products Co.,Ltd.
T.N. Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.
T.N.C. Product Group Co., Ltd.
T.N.S. Trading Cosmetics
T.O. Chemicals (1979) Co.,Ltd.
T.O.B. International Co.,Ltd.
T.P.Drug Laborarcries (1969) Co.,Ltd
T.P.Food Canning Ltd., Part
T.P.I. Polene Public Co.,Ltd.
T.P.Sweet Marketing Co.,Ltd.
T.P.T.Interproduct Co.,Ltd.
T.R.Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
T.R.Product & Marfeting Co.Ltd.
T.R.Y Ware Co.,Ltd.
T.Restaurant Co.,Ltd
T.S. & S. Communication Co.,Ltd
T.S. Industry Co.,Ltd
T.S. Patex Co.,Ltd.
T.S.D. International Herbal Co.,Ltd
T.S.E. Technology Co.,Ltd.
T.S.Food Co.,Ltd.
T.S.P. Petroleum Co.,Ltd.
T.Sangkaborikarn Store
T.Style Product Shop
T.T.Interrubber Co.,Ltd
T.T.S. Plastic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.T.S.Inter-Trade Co., Ltd
T.T.T Entertainment
T.U.C. Garment Co.,Ltd.
T.V. Food Co.,Ltd.
T.V.Farm Co.,Ltd.
T.Wansen Limited Partnership
T@P Food And Drinking Product Co.,Ltd.
T2 Tnternational Co.,Ltd.
TA Supply
Ta Ting Fong Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ta Yah Co.,Ltd.
Tabiss Group Co.,Ltd.
Tachi Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Tactio Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Tadfa Promotion Ltd.,Part.
Tae Nguan Seng Heng Ltd.,Part.
Tae Nguen Tai
Tae Tasty Co.,Ltd.
Taesanghang Chiness Disert Shop
Taevasithipikanest Co.,Ltd.
Taewa Media Co.,Ltd.
Tai - Ping Tibee Industry Co.,Ltd
Tai Fong International Co.,Ltd.
Tai Lea Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing CO.,Ltd.
Tai sin Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Taifah Usa-Kane Co.,Ltd
Taisun Foods Co.,Ltd.
Taja Group International Co.,Ltd
Taka (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Takeda (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takee Yan Wor Yun (1999) Co.,Ltd.
Takra-Y Co.,Ltd
Talung Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Tam Mangkornthong Ruamjai Agricultural Houswife Club
Tambonbaansing Housewife Group
Tamchai Co.,Ltd.
Tamnan Prai Co.,Ltd.
Tamrebthai Food Industry Co.,Ltd
Tan Co.,Ltd.
Tananuwat Supermarket Ltd.,Part.
Tanarat Products Co.,Ltd.
Tanasub Electric
Tanawat Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Tanchanok Wasusirikul
Tanes Group Co.,Ltd.
Tang Charoen Ice Co.,Ltd
Tang Heab Seng factory co.,ltd.
Tang Kow Hah Co.,Ltd.
Tang Sang Hah Co.,Ltd.
Tang Ying Wattana Co.,Ltd.
Tang-Hua Seng Departmentstore Co.,Ltd.
Tangmo Panich Shop
Tanin Nawakij Co.,Ltd.
Tann koon Anun Co.,Ltd.
Tantasathien Co., Ltd.
Tantawan Laophadungvet
Tanthong Water
Tanti Collection Co.,Ltd.
Tanyapol (1989) Co.,Ltd.
Tanyaruengchai Ricemill Ltd.,Part
Tapana Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tape Burapa (1991) Co.,Ltd.
Tapes & Insulated Products Co.,Ltd.
Tapisoot Kaleang Pork Ball Co.,Ltd.
Tappratanporn Phamacy Co.,Ltd.
Tara Premium Co.,Ltd.
Taraprasert Co.,Ltd.
Tararoma Group
Taratip Dontree
Tar-Chuang Hause Wife Group
Tarket Group 1995 Co.,Ltd.
Tarua Marine Products Ltd.,Part.
Tas Potential Part.,Ltd.
Tasty Confectionery Ltd.,Part.
Tasty Products Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Tatachat International Co.,Ltd.
Tato Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Tatum Partnership
Taveephol Product Co.,Ltd.
Taveepol Samroiyod
Tavon Electric Co.,Ltd.
Tawan bott & can co.,ltd.
Tawan Produce Co.,Ltd.
Tayang Group Co.,Ltd.
TC Advance Industry And Supply Co.,Ltd.
TC Water Group Co.,Ltd.
TD Inter-Supplies Co., Ltd.
Tea Thai Suwirun Ltd.,Part.
Tea Time Today Co.,Ltd.
Team Five Ltd.,Part
Team Leader Parnal Ship
Teana (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Teanfong Bakery
Technic Aquarium Part
Techno Clean International Co.,Ltd.
Techno Green (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Technogreen Biocare Co., LTD
Technokore-lab (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Technology and Nature Co.,Ltd.
Technology Food Product CO.,Ltd.
Technopia (Thailand) Ltd.
Techwood Sales and Service Co.,Ltd.
Teera Marketing Shop
Teerachaipaisan Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Teeya Phaiboon Co.,Ltd.
Tego Dental & Chemical Co., Ltd.
Tek Seng rice mill co.,ltd.
Tel Products Co.,Ltd
Telecom Journal Co.,Ltd
Ten O five Part.,Ltd
Teng Nueng Co.,Ltd.
Teo Tak Seng Fish-Sauce Factory Co.,Ltd.
Teparos Rongrueng Co.,Ltd.
Tepphanom Rung Panich Part.,Ltd
Teppitak Seafood Co.,Ltd
Terachai Garment Co.,Ltd.
Terb Xoomsai 2002 Co.,Ltd.
Terinex Siam Co., Ltd.
Terminal Lugs Co.,Ltd.
Terppranit Co.,Ltd
Terrco Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tevaphan (tan See Sang) Co.,Ltd.
T-Evergreen International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Texco Metal Industry Co.,Ltd
Textral Textiles Co.,Ltd.
TH- Asian International Co.,Ltd.
Th. Thanawat Rungraung
Thaewa Media Production Co.,Ltd
Thai - Orchid Euro Ltd.,Part.
Thai A.D. Foods Co.,Ltd.
Thai Abalone Co.,Ltd.
Thai Adhesive Tapes Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Advance Food (1991) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Advance Food (2001) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Advance Food Co.,Ltd.
Thai Agri Foods Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Amorn Food Product co.,ltd.
Thai Appreciation Part.,Ltd
Thai Argi-Business Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asia Biscuit Co.,Ltd
Thai Asia Drinking Water Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co.,Ltd
Thai Atlasglobal Food Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bae International Co.,Ltd
Thai Ball Pen Industry Co.,Ltd
Thai Bang Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bedding Co.,Ltd.
Thai Better foods Co., Ltd
Thai Bio Con Co.,Ltd.
Thai Biz Interproduct Co.,Ltd
Thai Blam LTD.,PART.
Thai Centri ( 1995 ) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ceramic Industry Co.,Ltd
Thai Ceramic Roof Tile Co., Ltd
Thai Cheng Electric Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chinese Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chong Dee Herbal
Thai City Electric Co.,Ltd.
Thai Civilize Plus Co.,Ltd.
Thai Classic Products Ltd.,Part.
Thai Classic Rubber Part.,Ltd
Thai Clean
Thai clothes group
Thai Confection Industry Co.,Ltd
Thai Continenjal Mattress Co.,Ltd.
Thai Crop Station Co,,.Ltd
Thai Dam Rong Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Database & Information Co.,Ltd.
Thai Do No Gen - Gen Co.,Ltd
Thai Duangthip C.,Ltd.
Thai Eastern Industey Co.,Ltd.
Thai Edible Oil Co.,Ltd.
Thai Electric Fan Co.,Ltd.
Thai Electrictty International Co.,Ltd.
Thai Elfe' Co.,Ltd.
Thai Energy Conservation Co.,Ltd
Thai Entertainment News Co.,Ltd.
Thai Esan Import Export Co.,Ltd
Thai Excel Foods Co.,td.
Thai Fasion Center Co.,Ltd
Thai Fermentation Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fha Canning Food Factory Ltd.,Part.
Thai Fish Sauce Factory (Squid Band) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Flour Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Flour Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Flower Cookies Co.,Ltd
Thai Foam Co.,Ltd.
Thai Food Industry Ltd.,Part.
Thai Food Ltd.,Part.
Thai Food Staff Co.,Ltd
Thai Foods International Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fresh Food Co.,Ltd
Thai Fruit Sauce Co.,Ltd
Thai Glico Co.,Ltd.
Thai Golden Grain Co.,Ltd.
Thai Greentech Product Co.,Ltd
Thai Grocer Interbest (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gunze Co.,Ltd
Thai Ha Public Company Limited
Thai Habel Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Herb Today Co.,Ltd.
Thai Herbal Development Center
Thai Hitachi Enamelwire Co., Ltd.
Thai Hong Seng Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hua (2511) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Huang Hale Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hygienic Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ice Co.,Ltd.
Thai Insan Tech Co.,Ltd.
Thai Insect Co.,Ltd.
Thai Inter Ceramic Ltd.,Prat.
Thai Itokin Co.,Ltd.
Thai J Tip Foods Co.,Ltd.
Thai J. Press Co.,Ltd.
Thai Jaroen Construction
Thai Jia Yun Juice Co.,Ltd.
Thai Juice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai K K Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Knitting wool weave Co., Ltd
Thai Knowladge Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lay Aus Central Export And Import Limited Partnership
Thai Lemonlight Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Liwayway Food Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lodtip Co.,Ltd
Thai Lotte Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lumpu Co.,Ltd.
Thai M. Food Produsts Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mahachai Seafood Product Co.,Ltd.
Thai Major food Product Co.,Ltd.
Thai Market Agriculture Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mass Com Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mee Co.,Ltd.
Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Thai Merry Co.,Ltd
Thai Mitsuwa Public Company Limited
Thai Mobile Joint Venture
Thai Modren Foods Co.,Ltd
Thai Monster Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nakorn Paint-Chemical Ltd.
Thai Nakorn Pattana Co.,Ltd
Thai Namtip Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nato Packing Tape Ltd.Part.
Thai Neem Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai O Charos Co.,Ltd.
Thai Orchids
Thai Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
Thai Otto Plast Co.,Ltd.
Thai Outdoor Sport Co.,Ltd.
Thai P.D.Chemical Co.Ltd.
Thai Pattana Frozen Co.,Ltd.
Thai Peacon Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Thai Peroxide Co,.Ltd.
Thai Petroleum & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pineapple Canning Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Plastic Handicraft Co.,Ltd
Thai Poly Acrilic Co.,Ltd.
Thai Polyethylene (1993) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Polypropylene (1994) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Polypropylene Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prasit Muanchon Plas Co.,Ltd.
Thai Preeda Industry Co.Ltd
Thai President Foods Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Privilege Health Care Co.,Ltd
Thai Products Co.,Ltd
Thai Products Distributor Co.,Ltd.
Thai Q.P. Co.,Ltd.
Thai Quality Farm Co.,Ltd
Thai Quality Grain Co.,Ltd.
Thai Refined Salt Co.,Ltd.
Thai Relaxing Herb
Thai Royal Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
Thai Rui Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Thai Rung Roj Production Co.,Ltd.
Thai Rung Rueng Chilly Sauce Co.,Ltd.
Thai Samai Ice&Water Ltd.,Part.
Thai Samsung electonies Co.,Ltd.
Thai Scabble Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seree
Thai Sewing Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shinsei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Siang lee limited Partnership
Thai Siladon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Silicon Adnesire Chemical Co., Ltd
Thai Silk Product Co.,Ltd.
Thai Silp Southeast Asia Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Thai Silp South-east Asia Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Thai Smart Card Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sock Co.,Ltd
Thai Solfware Enterrise Co.,Ltd
Thai Somboon Ice Factory Co.,Ltd.
Thai Soojung Glass Co.,Ltd.
Thai Soon Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Soonthorn International Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Southeastioning Factory Ltd.,Part.
Thai Speclaity Coffee Co.,Ltd
Thai Spinning Co.,Ltd
Thai Spinning Group Co.,Ltd.
Thai Spinning Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Spirit Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sports Co.,Ltd.
Thai Spring Fish Co,Ltd
Thai Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Standard Merchandise Co.,Ltd
Thai Stanley Electric Public Co.,Ltd
Thai Sugar Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Taiyo Co., Ltd
Thai Takead Lace Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tanya Trading
Thai Tassana
Thai Tazaki Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thai Techniques Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tele Picture 2003 Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tip Thong
Thai Tokai Carbon Product Co.,Ltd
Thai Tokuden Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Co., Ltd
Thai Toshiba Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tovel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tsunoda Co.,Ltd
Thai Union Frozen Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Union Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Union Seafood Co.,Ltd.
Thai United Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vegetable Oil Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vermicelli Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai victor food co.,ltd
Thai Vodka Limited Partnership
Thai Wacoal Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited.
Thai Wacole Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wagoal PCL.
Thai Wah Food Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wall Tile Ltd., Part.
Thai Watana Panich Press Co.,Ltd
Thai watana rice products co.,ltd.
Thai wei-chuan co.,ltd.
Thai Welltex Interproducts Co.,Ltd.
Thai Welly B Products Ltd.,Part.
Thai Wisdom Kanchanaburi Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamazaki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yoo Ltd.,(Part)
Thai Yuh Healty Food Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yunhe Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Thaicable Intertec Co., Ltd.
Thaicarbontechnology Ltd.,Part.
Thaichim Co.,Ltd
Thai-Chiness Business and Service Co.,Ltd.
Thaichogo Markerting Store
Thaifast Eletric Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Thaifoods Product International Co.,Ltd
Thaifujiya Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Meat Procuct co.,ltd.
Thaiha Public Co.,ltd.
Thaii Prawn Culture Center Co.,Ltd.
Thaiinterplasticfome Ltd,Part
Thaijapan Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Tobacco Monopoly
Thailandkanchang Limmited Partnership
Thaimart Store Co.,Ltd
Thaimedia Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Mego co.,Ltd.
Thaimeng Agriculture Co.,Ltd.
Thai-milk industries co.,ltd.
Thainiyom Natural Stone Co.,Ltd.
Thaipharmed 1942 Co.,Ltd.
Thaipolypopilene (1994) Co.,Ltd.
Thaisausage Marketing Co.,Ltd.,
Thaiseang Inter Food Co.,Ltd.
Thaisinn Sunflower Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Sino Food Co.,Ltd.
Thaisisi Incense Co.,Ltd.
Thaispingday Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Tai International Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thaitan foods international co.,ltd.
Thaithepparot Food Product Public Co.,Ltd.
Thaitip Rayong Co.,Ltd
Thaittami Products Co.,Ltd
Thaivanich Telecom and Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Thaiwasu Co.,Ltd.
Thaiwearing Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thaiyo Infinity Co.,Ltd
Thames International Co.,Ltd.
Thammamongkol Co.,Ltd.
Thamrongchai International Foods Co.,Ltd.
Than Printing Co.,Ltd.
Thana Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Thana Olan Rangsit Co.,Ltd.
Thana Paper Co.,Ltd.
Thanachai Sales And Service Co.,Ltd.
Thanachai Shop
Thanakoon Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Thananan Rice (2003) Co.,Ltd.
Thanapakdi Co.,Ltd.
Thanapand Co.,Ltd.
Thanapermsub Co.,Ltd.
Thanaphan Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Thanapol marketing co.,ltd.
Thanapol Merchandise Ltd.,Part.
Thanaporn Paisarn Interprisies Co.,Ltd.
Thanasarn Inter Group Co.,Ltd.
Thanatarn Paper Co.,Ltd.
Thanawat Food Co.,Ltd.
Thank You Nature Co.,Ltd.
Thann-Oryza Co.,Ltd
Thantawan Industry Pcl.
Thanulux Public Co.,Ltd.
Thanulux Public Co.,Ltd.
Thanulux Public Company Limited
Thanya Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thanya Taweepol Co.,Ltd.
Thanyanakorn Rice-mill Ltd.,Part.
Thanyaporn Herb Co.,Ltd.
Thapsiam Co.,Ltd.
Tharntana Co.,Ltd.
That Union Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thaveechai Kitchenware Co.,Ltd.
Thaveevong Industry Co.,Ltd
Thaveevong Industry Hatyai Co.,Ltd.
Thavimol Group Co.,Ltd.
Thavorn Lampang Co.,Ltd
Thaway Inter-Trade Co.,Ltd.
Thaweepan Cookie
Thawung Cooperation
Thayang Agricultural Co-operative Ltd.
The Agricultural Co-Operative Federation of Thailand Ltd.,
The Bangchak Petroleum Public Co.,Ltd.
The Beyond Corporation Co.,Ltd.
The Book Factory Co.,Ltd
The Coffee Bean Roasting Co.,Ltd.
The Co-loperatives Federation of Phayao Ltd.
The Communications Authority of Thailand
The Connect Co.,Ltd.
The Cpac Roof Tile Co.,Ltd.
The Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (D.P.O)
The Fareast Syndicate Co..,Ltd.
The Government Lottery Office
The Government Pharmaceutical Organization
The Holistic Health Co.,Ltd.
The Holistic Health Co.,Ltd.
The Inter Corn (1983) Co.,Ltd.
The K.P.T. Prime Group Co.,Ltd.
The K.P.T. Prime Group Co.,Ltd.
The Lauris Co.,Ltd.
The Mall Qroup Co.,Ltd.
The Marketing Organization Farmers
The Medicpharma Co., Ltd
The Miracle of Herbs Co.,Ltd
The Mulberry Tree Co.,Ltd.
The One F and B Store
The Oriental Intercommercial Co.,Ltd.
The Oriental Textile Co.,Ltd.
The Otop Line Ltd.,Part
The Peace Canning (1958) Co.,Ltd.
The Petals and Herbs
The Pharmaceutical Hall Co.,Ltd.
The Pilot Pen Co. (T) Ltd.
The Pita House Co.,Ltd.
The Prachuab Fruit Canning Co.,Ltd.
The Public Dispensary Ltd.,Part.
The Redbull Liquor Trading (1988) Co.,Ltd.
The Samart Engineering Co.,Ltd.
The Seng Uthai Engineering Co.,Ltd.
The Shell Company Thailand Co.,Ltd.
The Siam Fibre-Cement Company Co.,Ltd
The Siam Fine Chemical Co,Ltd
The Siam Iron and Steel (2001) Co.,Ltd.
The Siam Refractory Industry Co.,Ltd.
The Thai Churos Ltd.
The Thai Silk Co.,Ltd. (Jim Thompson)
The Union Frozen Products Co.,Ltd.
The Union Mosaic Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
The Viset Niyom Manufactory R.O.P
Theeta Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Themis Co.,Ltd.
Thep Kuekul Business Ltd.,Part.
Thep Thai Nana Co.,Ltd
Theparunothai Co.,Ltd.
Thepkitti Co.,Ltd.
Thepnakhee Co.,Ltd.
Thepnakorn Co.,Ltd.
Theppadungporn Coconut Co.,Ltd.
Theppakdee Beekeeping Farm
Theppradij Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thepthunyatip Co.,Ltd.
Thepwan Marketing Limited Partnership
Thewasin Co.,Ltd.
Think Lab Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Think Thai Foods Co.,Ltd
Thinknet Co.,Ltd.
Thipkanya Part.Ltd.
Thiptipa Co.,Ltd
Thira Boripun Co.,Ltd.
Thirty-Two Bekery
Thistle Corp.,Ltd.
Thitinan B. Product Co.,Ltd.
Thitiwan Wongselertsiri
Tho Thanachon Co.,Ltd.
Thong Industry Group Co.,Ltd.
Thong pattana
Thong Phitaks Inter Co.,Ltd.
Thong Thai Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thonglor Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Thongmon Thaipattana
Thongrob food Co.,Ltd
Thongsangagroup Co.,Ltd
Thong-Siang Co.,Ltd
Thongsoo Store
Thongtara Water
Thongthai (Paint) Co.,Ltd.
Thoophom Amornmas
Thoophom Lanna Co.,Ltd
Thoup Thong Paisarn Co.,Ltd.
Three Bond Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Three bond VIV Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Three F Bank & Bun Co.,Ltd
Three Horses Tea Co.,Ltd
Three Top Chemical & Foods Coporation Co.,Ltd.
Threeday Natural Co.,Ltd.
Thum Boon Chai thavorn
Thummvit Candles Lights Ltd.,Part.
ThumpilaEntertenment Co.,Ltd.
Thung Kula Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Thungkula Co.,Ltd.
Thungkwang Agricutural Housewife Group
Tia Ngee Hiang (Chao Sua) Co.,LTd.
Tiam International (Thailand) Co.
TIC 2002 Engineering Industry Tecnology And Research Co., Ltd.
Tierra International Co.,Ltd
Tiffa EDI Service Co.,Ltd.
TIGA Co.,Ltd.
Tigamax Co.,Ltd.
Tiger Power 2000 Co.,Ltd.
Tiger Star Communication Co.,Ltd.
Tiger Wealth Co.,Ltd
T-Image Co.,Ltd.
Timbits Intertrade Ltd.,Part.
Timsang 2000 Co.,Ltd
Tinakorn Food Products Co.,Ltd.,
Ting Ching Le Ltd.,Part.
Ting Heng Food Product Co.,Ltd
Tip Skin and Woods Co.,Ltd
Tip Thainiyom
Tip Ubon International Co.,Ltd
Tipco F&B Co.,Ltd.
Tipco Foods (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Tipsomjat Shop
Tipvarinwattana Co.,Ltd.
Tipwanchai Seafoods Co.,Ltd.
Tirat Co.,Ltd
Tirawat Air Compressors Co.,Ltd
Tis Worldwide Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Tison Ice Product International Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Tita Products
Titan Com Co.,Ltd.
Titan Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
TM Cosme Science International Co.,Ltd.
TN. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
TOA Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd
TOA paint (Thailand) co.,ltd.
Today Inter Trad Co.,Ltd.
Toffy Pet Products Co.,Ltd
Tohkaiya Co., Ltd.
Tom Rub Thai Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Tom Tailor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tomato Music & Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Tomco Automatic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Tomika (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Toms Group International Co.,Ltd.
Ton Aong Record Co.,Ltd.
Ton Kittipong Karn Sura Co.,(Part).
Tong Ek Holding Co.,Ltd.
Tong Ek Ltd.,Part.
Tong Garden Co.,Ltd
Tong Ngoen Ma Co.,Ltd.
Tongehue Bueyai (1994) co.,ltd.
Tongyang Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ton-or 1999 Co., Ltd.
Tonsombat Co.,Ltd.
Tontumrub Shop
Too Micsic Part.,Ltd
Toolbox Media Co.,Ltd.
Toongprong Marb-aung Agriculturist Housewife Club
Top Chef Factory Co.,Ltd.
Top Five Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Top Five Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Top Five Idea Co.,Ltd.
Top Glove Medical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Top I Company Co.,Ltd.
Top Line Collection Co.,Ltd.
Top Phama Supply Co.,Ltd
Top Standard Industry Co.,Ltd.
Top Triple Nine Co.,Ltd.
Top Wholesome Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Topaz M.Trading Ltd.,Part.
Top-Form Co.,Ltd.
Topic Gems (Thai) Co.,Ltd
Toppaint Perfect Co.,Ltd
Topper industrial co.,ltd.
Toppoint Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Tora Computer Co.,Ltd
Toshiba (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Consumer Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshino Supply Co.,Ltd.
Tospol Trading Ltd.,Part.
TOT Coorperation Public Company Limited.
Total Access Communication Public Co.,Ltd.
Total Food (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Total Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Total Quality Product Co.,Ltd.
Total Way Image Co.,Ltd.
Touch Of Class Co.,Ltd
Touch One Co.,Ltd.
Toumi Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Tourism Authority of Thailand
Toyo Stationery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toys Mart Co.,Ltd.
Toyworld Co.,Ltd.
TP & Sons Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
TR Tape & Sticker Co.,Ltd.
Tra Bitong Limited Part.
Tra Khunweng
Trad Fishsauce Pornpimol Co.,Ltd.
Tradenet Co.,Ltd.
Trading Park Co.,Ltd.
Trai-M International Co.,Ltd.
Tran Asia Tes Part.,Ltd
Trandar International Co.,Ltd.
Trandy Products Co.,Ltd.
Trang Seafood Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Transfarma Ltd.
Transfigure Fruit Jumbo Shop
Travel Mart Co.,Ltd.
Trax Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Treasure Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Treasure Gate International Co.,Ltd
Treasury Department
Tre-Atthaboon Industry Co,.Ltd.
Tree Best Co.,Ltd.
Tree Nate
Tree Progress Product Co,.Ltd
Treemit Che al Co.,Ltd.
Trend A International Co.,Ltd
Tri Amon Plus Co.,Ltd.
Tri Tech Industry Co.,Ltd.
Trillion Drink Co.,Ltd.
Trineety Internattional Co.,Ltd.
Trio Food Co.,Ltd.
Tripa Distribution Co.,Ltd
Triple P
Triple V Orange Co.,Ltd
Triple X Film Co.,Ltd
Triple-Two Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Tripple Pattanakemepan
Tristar Trading Co.,Ltd.
Triton Air Supply Co.,Ltd.
Tritrong Co.,Ltd.
Triumph Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tri-V International Co., LTD.
Tropical Canning (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd
Tropical Food Industries Co.,Ltd.
Tropical Hamony Co.,Ltd.
Tropical Herbal Product Co.,Ltd
Tropicoenterprise Ltd.,Part.
Trpple Three Tradding and Frozen Food Ltd.,Part.
Trudcheenosod Ltd.,Part
True Digital Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
True Distribution & Sales Co.,Ltd.
True International Co.,Ltd.
True Line Med Co.,Ltd
True Money Co.,Ltd.
TSD Marketing Co.,Ltd.
TSG (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
TT & T Public Co.,Ltd.
TTC Siam Drinking Water Co.,Ltd.
Tubsakae Rice Community Group
Tubtim Thai
Tueyhom Industrial Co.,Ltd
Tumbon Buengpra Herbal Group
Tumna Naimueng Agriculture Group
Tumwankul Co.,Ltd.
Tun Marketing & Trading Co.,Ltd
Tundra Co.,Ltd.
Tung Jed Fa
Tung Song Juaw Fish Sauce Factory
Tung Thong Food Product Co.,Ltd
Tung Yu Hung Co.,Ltd
Tunyamon (Shop)
TV Burapha Co.,Ltd.
TV Direct Co.,Ltd
TVB New's Thailand co.,Ltd
TVP Ric Co.,Ltd.
Twenty-First Consumers Co.,Ltd.
Twi Karnkaset Co.,Ltd.
Twin Lotus Co.,Ltd.
Twin Special Co.,Ltd.
Twin Tanai Co.,Ltd.
Twinducks 2002 Co.,Ltd
Twinplams Phuket Co.,Ltd
Twins Toys Co.,Ltd.
Two Brother Part Ltd.
Two Dimension Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Two Paris Ltd., Partnerships
Two Plus Three Entertain Co.,Ltd
Two Thousand Supply Co.,Ltd
Two Win Trading Co.,Ltd.
Twofour Printing Co.,Ltd.
Tycoon Music Co.,Ltd
Tykes Co.,Ltd.
Tyler and Matthewson Co.,Ltd.
Tyrolit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tyrolit Olympus Co.,Ltd.

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