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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (E)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
E and C Internetwork Co.,Ltd
E B H Products Co.,Ltd.
E F Co., Ltd
E.F.A. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
E.L.F. Co.,Ltd.
E.T.C. Eaib Tong Chan Co.,Ltd.
E.V.S. Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Eagle Sky Co.,Ltd
Eak Chareon International Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Eak Samunprai Co., Ltd.
Eakkachai Salee Suphan Co.,Ltd.
Eamtip Rice
Earn Education Co.,Ltd
Earth D I Y Packs Ltd.,Part.
East Asia Entity And Development Co.,Ltd.
East Wind Global Co.,Ltd.
Eastcoast Design Co.,Ltd.
Easter Co.,Ltd
Eastern Ageetech Co.,Ltd
Eastern China Ware Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Delight Foods Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Goods Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Herbs Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Pioneer Sales and Service Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Polymer Industry Co.,Ltd
Eastern Polypack co., Ltd.
Eastern Premier Co.,Ltd.
Easternfood Co.,Ltd.
Eastworld Industry Co.,Ltd
Easy Art Co.,Ltd.
Easy Golf Co.,Ltd.
Easy use Interproduct Co.,Ltd.
Easy Voice Studio Shop
Eau-Changseng Co.,Ltd
Ecan RMS Co.,Ltd.
Eco-Fresh Co.,Ltd.
Ecolab Co.,Ltd.
Ecolux International Co., Ltd
Econet Corperation Co.,Ltd.
Econo Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Eddu Plush Co.,Ltd.
Edin International Co.,Ltd.
Edit Lines Co.,Ltd.
Effel Export (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Efficient Supply Co.,Ltd.
Eiamkit Trading Co.,Ltd.
Eight Nature co.,Ltd.
Ek Nawa Co.,Ltd.
Ek thong bangkok Ltd.,part.
Ek Yuen Yong Co.,Ltd.
Ekachai Paper Co.,Ltd
Ekasilp Industry Ltd.,Part
Ek-Chai Distribution System Co.,Ltd.
El Charro Mex-Thai Co.Ltd.
Eland Corporation Co.,Ltd
Eland International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Elba Eletric Intenational Co., Ltd.
Electrics Supply Co.,Ltd.
Electrolux Thailand Co.Ltd
Electronic Arts World LLC.
Electronic Payment Network (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Elephant bakery co.,ltd.
Eleven Tiger Ltd.,Part.
Eli Lilly Asia Inc. (Thailand Branch) Co.,Ltd.
Elim Food Co.,Ltd.
EM Kyusei Co.,Ltd.
Eminence Ltd.,Part.
Emmeral Distributeter Part.,Ltd.
Emperich Co.,Ltd.
Emu Energy Ltd.,Part.
Enbrurg food thai co.,ltd.
Energizer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Engecon Intertrade (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd
England International
English Online Co.,Ltd
Engthai Packaging Ltd.,Part.
Entire Hygiene Co.,Ltd.
EPS IT Plus Co.,Ltd.
Equitus Co.,Ltd
Era Creation Co.,Ltd
Era Latex Product Ltd.,Part
Erawan Bee Farm
Erawan Foods Co.,Ltd.
Erawan Marketing Co.,Ltd.
E-Record Co.,Ltd
E-San Express Co.,Ltd.
Esdesign (Far East) Co.,Ltd
Esko Enterprice Co.,Ltd
Esmido Fashions co.,ltd.
Esso (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Esteema Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Estern Pork Co.,Ltd
ete Societe Anonyme
Ethernal Life Co.,Ltd
Eureka Entrtainment Co.,Ltd.
Euro Thai Sausage Ltd.,Part.
Euro Universal Co.,Ltd.
European bakery co.,ltd.
European Food Public Co.,Ltd.
European Snack Food Co., Ltd
Eve Home Center Co.,Ltd.
Ever Thai Agri-Products Co., Ltd
Ever Top International Co.,Ltd.
Everglory (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Everglory Corporation Ltd.
Evergreen Valve Co.,Ltd.
Evershine Ltd. Partnership
Excel Distribution (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Excel Fruits Co.,Ltd
Excel Rice & Products Co.,Ltd.
Excel Rice Products Co.,Ltd.
Exglo Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Exotic Farm Produce (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Exotic Food Co.,Ltd.
Extra Beverage Industry Co.,Ltd.
Extra Dimension Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Extra Pharmaceutical co.,ltd.
Extra Sound (2004) Co.,Ltd.
Extreme Systems Co.,Ltd.
E-Yuen Umbella Industrial Part.,Ltd

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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