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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (B)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
B & G Home Co.,Ltd.
B A S Herbal Trading Limited Partnership
B and B Strawpack Co.,Ltd.
B Band Maker Co.,Ltd.
B First Inter Group Co.,Ltd.
B Square (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
B. K. P. Supply Co., Ltd
B. Life Co.,Ltd.
B.B. designer brand Co.,Ltd.
B.B. Development Co.,Ltd.
B.B. Merchants
B.B.Cosmo Co.,Ltd.
B.B.I Co.,Ltd.
B.Botano (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
B.C. Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
B.C. Trading Ltd.,Part.
B.C. Writing Ltd.,Part.
B.C.P.S. Products Limited Partnership
B.C.T Distibutor Part., Ltd
B.D. Straw Co.,Ltd
B.Grimm Trading Corporation Co., Ltd.
B.H.B. Food (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
B.J.C.Supply Co.,Ltd
B.J.S.T. Trading Ltd.
B.JDistri Butor Co., Ltd
B.K. Latex Product Co.,Ltd.
B.K. Stationery Centre Ltd.,Part.
B.K.P.International Co.,Ltd.
B.K.Y. Co.,Ltd.
B.L.Access Ltd. Partnership
B.L.Hua Co.,Ltd.
B.M. Promotion
B.M.Pharmacy Ltd.,Part.
B.N.Brother Partnership Limited
B.N.H. Canning Co.,Ltd.
B.O.Products Co.,Ltd.
B.R. Deodorant
B.R.S. Food Ltd. Part.
B.S.K. Deo Co.,Ltd.
B.S.P. Favorgift Co.,Ltd.
B.T. Spacechip Co.,Ltd.
B.T.O. International Ltd.,Part.
B.V.L. Trading Co.,Ltd
Baan Arita
Baan Kanom Nom Noey
Baan Keskaew Co.,Ltd.
Baan Khun Panchan
Baan Mae Yark Agricultural Group
Baan Nakham Group
Baan Neanpayom
Baan Nong Prae
Baan Nuey Hom
Baan Patung Group
Baan Piyawan Group
Baan Pla Anon Co.,Ltd.
Baan Pook-Pom Shop
Baan Sri Trang
Baan Suan Preserved Fruit Group
Baan Suan Wang Born
Baan Yai Khun Sa-ngad
Baanmai Idea Design
Baannongdang Agricultur Group
Baannonghin Group
Baanoom Co.,Ltd.
Baanrak Samoonprai - Benjamas Herbs Farm
Baansampan Group
Babu Bekery Partnership Limited
Baby Garden Co.,Ltd.
Baby Story Co.,Ltd
Back Golden Hair Limited Partnership
Bai Toey Co.,Ltd.
Baibua Co.,Ltd.
Baicha Samsiew Co.,Ltd.
Bai-on Fresh Food Co.,Ltd
Baipo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Baivan Ltd.,Part.
BAker Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Balance Adventures Co.,Ltd.
Balance Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
Balarma enterprises (Thai) Co.,ltd.
Balloon Art Co.,Ltd.
Balloon Confectionery Co.,Ltd.
Balloon Products Co.,Ltd.
Balls Rus Co.,Ltd.
Balm Nai Serm
Bamco Co.,Ltd.
Ban Koa Loy Herb
Ban Meji
Ban Nhongtoom Processed Agricultural product group
Ban Nong Prea Preserve Herbs Group
Ban Pa Phai Agricutural Housewife group
Ban Sun ton Bong Group
Ban Tanatsutaros Ltd.,Part.
Ban Thanyathip
Banana Triple (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Banaplus Partnership Limited
Banbung Dairy Cooperative Ltd.
Banchong Mitr Co.,Ltd.
Banda housewife agricultural group
Bandokkaew Partnership Limited
Banff Coporation Co.,Ltd.
Bang Cla Sun Factory
Bang Lamung Orinking Co.,Ltd
Bangboon Trading Ltd.,Part
Bangchak Green Net Co.,Ltd.
Bangchan Cycle Co.,Ltd
Bangkai Co.,Ltd
Bangkhuntae Group
Bangkok - Suwanaphum Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Agriculture Industry Products Co.,Ltd
Bangkok aloe Ltd.,(Part)
Bangkok Aq-Ro-Food Stuffs Commercial Ltd.,Part.
Bangkok Athletic Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Athletic Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Batik of Art Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Botanica Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok C.S.T.Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Cable Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Carbide Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Cassette Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Chili 2005 Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Christmas Decoration Export Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Crude Drugs Import-Export Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Crystal Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Dehyarated Maine Procuct Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Electric and Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Fastening Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Favor Ltd.,Part
Bangkok Flour Mill Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Food System Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Gateway Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok General Foods Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Incense Co.Ltd.
Bangkok Inter Food Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Juice
Bangkok Kasa Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Kids Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Knowhow Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Kohei Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Lamp Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Marketing
Bangkok Marketing & Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Meat Processing Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok New Siam Food Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Novel Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Paiboonpipe Co.,Ltd
Bangkok President Food Ltd.,Part.
Bangkok Private Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Products Co., Ltd
Bangkok Pure Water Supply (1969) Co.,Ltd.,
Bangkok PVC Ltd.,Part.
Bangkok Ranch Public Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Rice Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Rice Products Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Selection Foods Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Sinkasem Co.,td.
Bangkok Sope Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation
Bangkok System & Software Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok T.M. Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Telecommunication Group Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Thai Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Thai Rice Market Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Thai Trading
Bangkok Tools Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok trading cosmetic co.,ltd.
Bangkok Trading Import Export Co.,Ltd
Bangkok University
Bangkokbeer and Beverages Co.,Ltd
Bangkoklap&Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
Bangkokproduct Public Co.,Ltd.
Bangkoktip Osod
Banglamad Ruamjai Part.,Ltd.
Bangok Grand Innovation Group Co., Ltd
Bang-On Boonpanyathanachai
Bangpa-in Paper Mill Industry Co.,Ltd.
Bangpakong Woods Co.,Ltd
Bangplee cotton industries co.,ltd.
Bangtalad Drinking Water Co.,Ltd.
Ban-Hao Record Co.Ltd.
Banjamad Trading
Banjapreuk Trading Co., Ltd.
Bank Book
Banked Nua Housewife Group
Banlan Group
Banlue BookCo.,Ltd.
Banmai Business Industry Ltd.,Part.
Bann Daroon Co.,Ltd.
Bann Kanom Khaotan
Bann Kombrapajj Co.,Ltd.
Bann Lang Agricultural Housewife Group
Bann Mai Samakkee Group
Bann Pikul Aroma TherapyCo.,Ltd.
Bann Sumred Herbal Development Group
Bannonghin Group
Banpan Engineering And Holding Co.,Ltd.
Banplainum Women Developement Group
Banson Business Co.,Ltd.
Ban-Suan Industrial Part.,Ltd
Bansuanyangyuen Co.,Ltd.
Bantam Sport Ltd.,Part.
Bantonmai Co.,Ltd
Banwatcok Group
Banyaipattana Group
Bar Code System Ltd.,Part.
Bara Windsor Co.,Ltd.
Bara, Windsor Co.,Ltd.
Bara, WindsorCo.,Ltd
Barcode & ID Systems Co.,Ltd.
Barcodes International Co.,Ltd.
Barnraiprapapan Co.,Ltd.
Baskin-Robbins (Thailand) co.,ltd.
Bata Shoe of Thailand Public Company Limited
Bath Star Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Bathroom Design Co.,Ltd.
Batter Food Co.,Ltd.
Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd.
B-Best Inter Services Co.,Ltd.
Be the Chef Co.,Ltd.
Bean Sprout Co.,Ltd.
Bearing (thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bearron Gift Co.,Ltd
Bears KGM Co.,Ltd.
Beau Sommai Co.,Ltd
Beauty Etcetera Co,.Ltd
Beauty Lift Co.,Ltd.
Bebo food product Co.,Ltd.
BEC - Tero Entertainment Public Co.,Ltd
Bee King (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bee Products Industry Co.,Ltd
Beer Thai (1991) Public Co.,Ltd.
Beiersdorf (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bell And Bring Lyd.,Part.
Bell Foods Co.,Ltd.
Belle Interactive Co.,Ltd
Bells Ribbon Co.,Ltd.
Belta Computer Co.,Ltd.
Belucky Ltd.,Part.
Ben Carpet Co.,Ltd.
Benchamat Thachang
Beniarith Business Ltd.,Part.
Benjawan Andaman Food Staff Ltd.
Benjirathip Co.,Ltd.
Benly Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Benny Cosmetic Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Bensia Co.,Ltd.
Berger Paints (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Berli Jucker Foods Co.,Ltd.
Berli Yuker Public Co.,Ltd.
Berlin Pharmacuetical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Bernico Co.,Ltd
Berringger Ingarhar (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Bertram Chemical (1982) Co.,Ltd.
Best Boy Co.,Ltd.
Best Care International Thailand Co.,Ltd
Best Ever Product & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Best Food For Life Co.,Ltd
Best Gas 2
Best Glove Manufacturers Ltd.,Part
Best Herb
Best Project Trading Co., Ltd.
Best Saving Kamara
Besta International Co.,Ltd.
Betagro Agro Group Plc.
Betagro Foods Co.,Ltd
Bethel Intertrading Co.,Ltd
Better Baby Center Co.,Ltd.
Better Best Food Co.,Ltd.
Better Dreams Co.,Ltd.
Better Health Products Co.,Ltd.
Better Health Winery And Drink Co.,Ltd.
Better Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Betton Thai Co.,Ltd.
Beverages Group (2005) Co.,Ltd
Bewitch International Co.,Ltd.
Bhumiratana Co.,Ltd.
Big 3 Industry Co.,Ltd.
Big and Best Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Big Bac Business Ltd.Part
Big Boss Creations Co.,Ltd.
Big C Supercenter Public Co.,Ltd
Big Grand Group Co.,Ltd.
Big Trading Ltd. Part.
Big Warner Co.,Ltd
Bigbell Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bigkitchen Co.,Ltd.
Bigone Apparel Co.,Ltd.
Billean Far east Co.,Ltd.
Bingkengseng Limited Partnership
Binky Inc
Bio Cosmic (2003) Co.,Ltd.
Bio Fruity
Bio Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Bio Nutrilional Center Co.,Ltd.
Bio Panack Development (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Bio Pure Co., Ltd.
Bio Safer Co.,Ltd.
Bio-Bright Ltd.,Part.
Biocura Production Co.,Ltd.
Biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co.,Ltd.
Biola Cosmetic Product Co.,Ltd
Biolab Co.,Ltd.
Bio-Natural Beverage Co.,Ltd
Bionic Humus
Biopurity International Co.,Ltd.
Biowish International Co.,Ltd
Bio-Woman Co.,Ltd.
Bird and Bask Food Frozen Ltd.,Part.
Bird land Co.,Ltd.
Birdy Trading Co.,Ltd.
Bireleys California Orange(Thailand) co.,ltd.
Birkfaa Music Co.,Ltd.
Bismon Co.,Ltd.
Bissmy Shop
Bister Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Bitkid Supply Ltd.,Part.
Bitoung Co.,Ltd.
BJC Trading Co.,Ltd.
BKK Pioneer Co,.Ltd
Black Canyon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Black Cat Coffee (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Black Hourse Special (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Black Kitchen Part.,Ltd.
Black Lion (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Blackcat Industry Co.,Ltd.
Blancheur Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
BLiving International Co.,Ltd.
Blue Angels (Thailand)
Blue Bay Co.,Ltd.
Blue Conner International Co.,ltd.
Blue Elephant Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Blue Food Product Co.,Ltd
Blue Guard (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Blue jay Co.,Ltd
Blue Moon Sports (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Blue ribbon marketing co.,ltd.
Blue Star Drinking Water
Blue Venture Co.,Ltd.
Blurita Co.,Ltd.
Bnakwin Co.,Ltd.
BNT Entertainment Public Co.,Ltd.
Body & Bath Spirit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Body Active Co.,Ltd.
Body Fashion (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Body Glove (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Body-Gold International Co.,Ltd.
Bodyshape International Co.,Ltd
Bomb Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Bona Food
Bonavita Co.,Ltd.
Bong Koj Co.,Ltd.
Bongco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bongkoch Marketing Ltd.,Part.
Bongkoch Publicing Co., Ltd.
Bonne Sante Societe Co.,Ltd
Bonny International Co.,Ltd
Boom Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Boom Enterprise Ltd part
Boon Chai Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Boon Niramit Co.,Ltd.
Boonbenjarin Co.,Ltd.
Boonchai Durian Products Co.,Ltd.
Boonchai Pattana Ltd.,Part.
Boonchai Rojjayaroon
Boonchusiripanyo Co.,Ltd.
Boonma Herb Co.,Ltd
Boonnapa 60-1 Co.,Ltd.
Boonnarong Industry Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Boonpithak Co.,Ltd
Boonprasert Confectionery Co.,Ltd.
Boonrawdbhewery Co.Ltd.
Boonsamphan Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Boonsawat Snack and Sweets Co.,Ltd.
Boonsiri International Co.,Ltd.
Boonsiri Limited Partnership
Boonsith Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Boonsong Herbal Products
Boonsong Siam Land Co.,Ltd
Boonsri Medicine
Boonthanapan Electric Co.,Ltd.
Boonwatanachok Co.,Ltd.
Boonyachode Trading Co.,Ltd.
Boots Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Borabue Agriculture Cooperative
Boriboon Water
Borisuthyodthip Co.,Ltd.
Borneo Technical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bornnet Corporation Co.,ltd.
Borntas ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Boss Access Co.,Ltd.
Boutique Newcity Co.,Ltd.
Box of Fun Co.,Ltd.
Boxing Sound Limited Partnership
Branebest Publishing
Brave Heaart International Co.,Ltd.
Bravo Food and Beverage Co.,Ltd
Bravo International Co.,Ltd.
Bright Billion Technology Co.,Ltd.
Bright Glow Cosmetic 2003 Co.,Ltd
Bright Sea Co.,Ltd
Bring Well Co.,Ltd.
Brisess Group Co.,Ltd
Brith Paints Limited
British Dispensary (L.P.) Co.,Ltd.
Broadcast Thai Televistion Co.,Ltd
Brodee Food Co.,Ltd.
Bronco Internation Co., Ltd
Bros International Co.,Ltd.
Brother Commercial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Brownie Point Ltd.,Part.
BRP Trading Co.,Ltd.
BS Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
BSE Global Trade Co., Ltd.
Bticino (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Bubpa Sauce
Buddy Bakery Co.,Ltd.
Buengyeetho Agricultural Housewife Group
Buk Seng Food(Thailand0 co.,ltd.
Bukalo Trading Co.,Ltd.
Bukalux Co.,Ltd.
Bundit Center Co.,Ltd
Bung Thong Lang Housewife Club
Bu-nga Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Bunjasri Herb Co.,Ltd
Bunthidputh -Tech Co.,Ltd
Bunthip Food Product
Buntuek Publishing
Buono (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Buranutin Ltd., Part.
Burapacheep Limited
Burapha Dispensary Co.,Ltd.
Buri Nam Polamai
Buriram Sahasin Thairice Co.,Ltd.
Burirum Sugar Co.,Ltd
Business & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Business (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Business Maketing
Business Partner Co.,Ltd.
Bussiness Man Co.,Ltd
Butterfly United Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
By Nature Shop
By Ytsara Co.,Ltd.
Byerstrove (Thailang) co.,ltd.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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