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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (C)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
C & A Product co.,ltd.
C & P Consumer Industry Co.,Ltd.
C & W Interfoods Co.,Ltd.
C .S. C. Power Co.,Ltd.
C Brand Co.,Ltd.
C Farm Co.,Ltd.
C H Star Co.,Ltd.
C K & SON Group Co.,Ltd
C K Shoes (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C M Advertising (Sing Sing) Co.,Ltd.
C M Consumer Product Co.,Ltd.
C M Gummy Co.,Ltd.
C M Square Intertrade ,Ltd.
C Mol Co.,Ltd.
C N International (Group) Co.,Ltd
C P W DrinkWater Shop
C R C Sport Co.,Ltd
C S Master Co.,Ltd
C S Sport Co.,Ltd.
C&C Corporation Co..Ltd
C. M. M. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
C.A.Beauty Co.,Ltd.
C.A.R.E. Co.,Ltd.
C.D. Four Co.Ltd.
C.D.Four Entertainment Co.,Ltd
C.F. Trading Co.,Ltd.
C.F.R. International Co.,Ltd
C.H.C.Group Co.,Ltd.
C.I.C Co.,Ltd.
C.I.T. Co.,Ltd.
C.Image Digital Co.,Ltd.
C.J.General Supply Ltd.,Part.
C.K. Trading (1994) Co.,Ltd.
C.K.Phatanakit Co.,Ltd
C.M. Inter Pack Ltd.,Part.
C.M.T. Body Firm Co,.LTD.
C.M.T. Intergroup Ltd.,Part.
C.N.N. Engineering ,Ltd.
C.Nature Group
C.O.B. Creative Product Co.,Ltd.
C.P. Consumer Products Co.,Ltd.
C.P. Interfood (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C.P. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
C.P. Merchandising Co., Ltd.
C.P. Packaging Industry Co.,Ltd.
C.P. Seven Eleven Public Co.,Ltd.
C.P.K. Plantation Co.,Ltd.
C.P.Retailing And Marketing Co.,Ltd.
C.R.A.Sports Co.,Ltd.
C.R.C. International Co.,Ltd.
C.R.T.Industries Co.,Ltd
C.S Interfood Co.,Ltd
C.S.A Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
C.S.B.Drug Factory Co.,Ltd.
C.S.C Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C.S.C.Marketing Co.,Ltd.
C.S.International Electronics Co.,Ltd
C.S.P. Plastic Co.,Ltd.
C.S.T Sucess Co.,Ltd
C.S.Union Group Co.,Ltd.
C.T.R. Multitrade Co.,Ltd.
C.T.R. Prosperity Ltd.,Part
C.T.T.N Group Co.,Ltd.
C.V.Natural Stone Co.,Ltd
C.V.S. Syndicate Co.,Ltd.
C.Wanich Trading Co.,Ltd.
C.Y.Boss Food Co.,Ltd.
Caboro Co.,Ltd.
Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Caesar Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Cal Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Calbee Tanawat Co.,Ltd.
Caldbeck Macgregor (Thailand) co.,ltd.
Caltex Oil (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Calthai Footwear Co,.Ltd.
Camarcio Co.,Ltd.
Cambert 1993 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Camel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Camel Cofee (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Camel Industries Co.,Ltd
Canadain Foods Ltd.,Part.
Canny Pacific Corperation Co.,Ltd
Canton Medicare Co.,Ltd.
Cao Industrail (Thailand) Ltd.
Cap Advance Co.,.Ltd
Capital Rice Co.,Ltd.
Capital Trading CT Co.,Ltd.
Captain Foods Co.,Ltd.
Captain Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Car Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Carabao Tawandang Co.,Ltd
Carcenternetwork Co.Ltd.
Care For Life Co.,Ltd
Care For You Co.,Ltd.
Care Siam (PTY) Co.,Ltd
Carlack (Thai-German) Co.,Ltd.
Carpenter Thai Co.,Ltd
Carpets International thailand Public Co.,Ltd.
Carric (Thailand) Ltd.,Part
Carrier ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Carrington Co.,Ltd.
Carrot Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
Cartoon Inter Co.,Ltd.
Cartoon Media Co.,Ltd.
Cartoon Shop
Casia Marketing Co.,Ltd
Casini Group Co.,Ltd
Casper (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Castal Frech Co.,Ltd.
CAT Company Limited
Cathalist Alliance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Catrolic Lumnumbangkam Group
Cavine herb vo.,ltd.
C-Concept Co.,Ltd
Ceasar Marketing Shop
CEM Shop Co.,Ltd.
Cementhai Distribution Co.,Ltd.
Cen Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd.
Cencar Co.,Ltd.
Center Discovery Co.,Ltd.
Central Dijital Co.,Ltd
Central Flora Co.,LTD
Central Flora Co.,Ltd.
Central Food Retail Co., Ltd.
Central Garment Factory Co.,Ltd.
Central Industrail Supply Co.,Ltd.
Central Kitchen Co.,Ltd.
Central Meat & Foods Co.,Ltd.
Central Premier Group Co.,Ltd.
Central Retail Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Central Sport (Navanakorn) Co.,Ltd.
Central Trading Co.,Ltd.
Centrel Food Co.Ltd.
Centrix Co.,Ltd.
Centrue Siam Winery Ltd.Part
Century Industries Co.,Ltd
Cera C-Cure Co.,Ltd.
Cera Decor Ltd.,Part.
Cera Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Ceramic International Co.,Ltd
Ceramics Living Co.,Ltd
Cereal Tech Co.,Ltd
Cereals World Co.,Ltd.
Cerebos (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Certify Co.,Ltd.
Ceta Supply Co.,Ltd.
Cetrade Co.,Ltd.
Cetrer Clean Company Co.,Ltd.
Ch. Supachot Co.,Ltd.
Ch. Wattana Wood Co.,Ltd.
Cha Lom Co.,Ltd
Chaba Publishing Work Co.,Ltd.
Chadathong Trading (2003) Co.,Ltd.
Chai Annat Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Chai Digital Cinema Co.,Ltd.
Chai Phuk Wattana Ltd.,Part.
Chai Sang (1989) Co.,Ltd.
Chai Udom Rice Mill Factory Co.,Ltd.
Chaiburi Agriculture Cooperative
Chaichana Marketing Ltd.Part.
Chaicharoen Multi Trading Co.,Ltd.
Chaijinda Seafood Co.,Ltd
Chaikit Kati Sod Co., Ltd.
Chaimongkol Refined Sugar Co.,Ltd.
Chaimongkol Rungreung Agri-cultural Co.,Ltd.
Chain (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chainarongrit Ltd.,Part.
Chainavee Coldstorage Co.,Ltd.
Chaingmai Paragroup Ltd.,Part
Chaipakdee Industry Co.,Ltd.
Chaipattanasin Factory
Chaiprapa Co.,Ltd.
Chairat Plastic Co.,Ltd
Chaisanglohapan Co.,Ltd
Chaisa-Nguan Keha Center Co.,Ltd.
Chaisatit Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
Chaiseri Co.,Ltd
Chaisin Mankong (1995) Co.,Ltd.
Chaitawat (2001) Limited Partnership
Chaitip Co.,Ltd.
Chaiwattana Tannerry Group Co.,Ltd.(Public)
Chaiyaboon Brothers Co.,Ltd
Chaiyo Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Chaiyo Products and Sales
Chalawan Co.,Ltd
Chalee Ceramics Factory
Chaloey Rainton
Chalom Co.,Ltd
Chalom Co.,Ltd
Chalom Co.,Ltd
Cha-Lom Co.,Ltd
Chalong Co.,Ltd.
Chalong Farm
Cham Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Chamnan International Group Co.,Ltd.
Champ Ace Co.,Ltd.
Champ Inter Product Co.,Ltd.
Champ Square Co.,Ltd.
Champaca Co.,Ltd.
Champion International Trader Co.,Ltd.
Champion Toy Co.,Ltd.
Champthai Inter Berverage Co.,Ltd.
Chanchai 279
Chang Erawan (1959) Co.,Ltd.
Chang Wang Herb
Changhai Sport Ltd.,Part.
Changrai Coffee Company
Changtoon Group
Chanicha Co.,Ltd.
Chankit Trading Limited Partnership
Chanrati Thai Herb Co.,Ltd.
Chansawang Co.,Ltd
Chantaburi Distribution Ltd.,Part.
Chantaburi Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
Chantaburi Fruit Product Co.,Ltd.
Chantaburi Seafoods Co.,Ltd.
Chantapat Part., Ltd
Chantong Food Co.,Ltd.
Chanunporn Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Chao Fa Soyabean
Chao Khun Agro Products Co.,Ltd.
Chao Thai Pukhao
Chaocuay Donmuang
Chaogaey Ago Shop
Chaonatajong Agriculture Group
Chao-Sua 1999 Co.,Ltd.
Chaphaya Abhphubejht Hospital Foundation
Chapinporn Supply Co.,Ltd.
Charassaeng Limited Partnership
Chareon Osod Co.,Ltd.
Chareonchai Industry Ltd.,Part.
Charisma Associate Co.Ltd.
Charles Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.
Charles Martin Co.,Ltd.
Charn Paiboon Trading (1972) Co.,Ltd.
Charnthavad Ltd.,Part.
Charoen Chai Rajchadamri Co.,Ltd.
Charoen Dee Marketing Co.,Ltd
Charoen Foods Trading Ltd.,Part.
Charoen Paisarn
Charoen Pokkapan (North-East) Public Company Limited.
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited
Charoen Surashae Ltd.,Part.
Charoenchailohakij Ltd.,Part.
Charoenphanintergroup Co.,Ltd.
Charoenprokapun Co.,Ltd.
Charoensin Food Co.,Ltd
Charoenthai Stationery Ltd.,Part.
Chart Tha Na Co.,Ltd.
Charter Distribution Co.,Ltd.
Charuen Saejung
Chase Co.,Ltd.
Chat inter enterprise co.,ltd.
Chatchai Karnkar Shop
Chatchai Panich
Chatchai Recipe Co.,Ltd.
Chatchai Stationary Co.,Ltd.
Chatchalermphan Ltd.,Part.
Chatchawal Orchid Co.,Ltd
Chatchawan Import Export and Pakaging Ltd.,Part.
Chattaweekij Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Chattip Metal Part.,Ltd.
Chavakorn International Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Chaw Amorn Chareon (Bangkok)
Chaweng R.O.
Chayathip Cereal Products Olinary Partnership
Chaydan Samukkee Nahaeo Agricultural Cooperative LTD.
Chayutiphoom (2548) Co.,Ltd.
Checkpoint Auto Center Co.,Ltd
Cheer Trading Co.,Ltd.
Cheeton Food Co.,Ltd.
Chef Choice Food Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Chemax & Fhypers Co.,Ltd.
Chemtronics Tech Co.,Ltd.
Chen Fa nternational Co.,Ltd.
Chenice Marketing Co.,Ltd
Cherdchai Wood Master Co.,Ltd
Cherry Blossom Co.,Ltd
Cherry industries co.,ltd.
Chettawat Tool Co.Ltd.
Chewhuad co.,ltd.
Chewy Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Chia Meng Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Chia Tai Co., Ltd
Chia Thai Rice Co.,Ltd
Chiameng Co.,Ltd.
Chiang Rai inery Co.,Ltd.
Chiangkum Raummit Limited Partnership
Chiangmai Agri Products Ltd.,Part.
Chiangmai Healthy Product Co.,Ltd.
Chiangmai MT Foods Co,.,Ltd
Chiangmai Namporn Ltd.,Part.
Chiangmai Polestar (1992) Co., Ltd
Chiangmai Riverping Paradise Co.,Ltd.
Chiangmai Tanakul co.,ltd.
Chiangmai Thanathon Farm Co.,Ltd.
Chiangmai Vanussanunt Co.,Ltd.
Chiangrai Agricultural Co-operative Federation Limited
Chiangrai College of Agriculture and Technology
Chiangsan Agricuture Cooperation
Chiantavee Co., Ltd.
Chiap Feng Fishery Co.,Ltd.
Chic Pavilion Co.,Ltd.
Children's Home Ltd.,Part.
Chili Sauce Mae See Ltd. Part.
Chill Lang Teerasuwan Co.,Ltd
Chin Chan Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Chin Foods Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Chin Holding Co.,Ltd.
Chin Huay Co.,Ltd.
China Imex Co.,Ltd.
China Inter Product Limited Partnership
Chinawat Coffee
Chinchima Co.,Ltd.
Chinese Herb (Thailand) Ltd.,Part.
Ching Mai Fresh Co.,Ltd.
Chinsab Ltd.,Part.
Chinta Trading (1971) Factory Co.,Ltd.
Chinteik Hygiene Products Co.,Ltd.
Chinyos Co.,Ltd.
Chirasin Thai Trading Co.,Ltd.
Chitdhana Co.,Ltd.
Chitip Suwannet
Chiva-Som International Health Resorts Co.,Ltd.
Cho Sirichaiyong Ltd.,Part.
Choa-lay Ltd.,Part.
Chock Amnuan Rice Trade
Chock Chai Trading Import Export Ltd.,Part
Chock Chumroen Tea Co.,Ltd
Choek-Udomsup Sarasuri Ltd.Plc.
Choewpraya Industry Co.,Ltd.
Chokchai Nakornluang Co.,Ltd.
Choke Mahachai Beverrage Co.,Ltd
Chokepisan International Co.,Ltd.
Choklapboonchai Co., Ltd
Chokmaha-rnun Co.,Ltd.
Chokneramit Bakery Ltd.,Part.
Chokpetchsamut Co.,Ltd.
Chollapak Drinking Group
Chollasit Frozen Food Co.,Ltd
Chomthana Co.,Ltd
Chon Prapa Group Co.,Ltd.
Chonburi Hospital Foundation
Chonburi Wisitchai Trading Co.,Ltd
ChonburiChangtong Co.,Ltd.
Chong Hiran Co.,Ltd.
Chongwentang Medical Co.,Ltd.
Choon Kwang Co.,Ltd.
Chor Numthong co.,ltd.
Chotigo co.,ltd.
Chotipongpanich Co.,Ltd.
Chotiwat Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Choui Fong Ltd.,Part.
Choyuyaki Group Co.,Ltd
Christos Co.,Ltd.
Chua Hah Seng Factory
Chua Hah Seng Fishsauce LP. (Razorclam Brand)
Chua Hah Seng Food Product Co.,Ltd.
Chuancheunpattana 1 Housewife Group
Chuansin Co.,Ltd.
Chuchai Biotech
Chuchchai Kansura Part Ltd.
Chuchob Enterprises Part., Ltd.
Chue Chin Hua Ltd.,Part.
Chul Cunwong Farm Co.,Ltd.
Chula Company
Chula Herb Ltd.,Part.
Chulasin Co.,Ltd
Chumchonkeereetong refinery group
Chumpae Muang Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Chumphae Wine Army Limited Partnership
Chumphon Bakery Co.,Ltd.
Chumpol Food Co.,Ltd
Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
ChumsangThai Goldrice Co.,Ltd.
Churapha Co.,Ltd.
Cigarette lighter of Thai Industries
Cin Agri Food Ltd.,Part.
Cindy Sungplus Ltd.,Part
Cine and Son Co.,Ltd
Cinkentech Co.Ltd.
Cirrus Co.,Ltd
Cita Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Cititex enterprises co.,ltd.
City Garment Co.,Ltd.
City Toy & Gift Co.,Ltd.
City Umbrella Co.,Ltd
Citymarts Intertrade Limited Partnership
Civilize Station Co.,Ltd.
CKD Polymer Co.,Ltd.
Classic Class Co.,Ltd.
Classic Model Co.,Ltd.
Classic Paper Co.,Ltd.
Classic Plast & Packaging Ltd.,Part.
Clean Collection Limited Partnership
Cleopretty (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Clever and Best Tradings Co.,Ltd.
Clima Co.,Ltd.
Clipsal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Club International Co.,Ltd.
CM World Kitchen Co.,Ltd.
CMC Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Coca Foods International Co.,Ltd.
Cocksec Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.,
Coconut House Co.,Ltd.
Cofe Co.,Ltd.
Cofeho (1999) Partnership Limited
Coffe 44
Coffee Beanery Co.,Ltd
Coffee Farmer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Coffee House Brand
Coffee Master Co.,Ltd.
Colgate-Palmolive (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Colleen pencils (Thailand) co.,Ltd.
Columbia Entermainment Co.,Ltd.
Comets Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Comforta Co.,Ltd
Community Enterprise Limited
Community Pharmacy Public Co.,Ltd.
Compute Tech Micro Co.,Ltd.
Computech Micro Software Co.,Ltd.
Comsaed patana Co.,Ltd.
Comte De sSibour Co., Ltd.
Comycin Trading Co., Ltd
Connell Bros. Co. (Thailand) Limited
Conoco ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd
Construction Accessories Co.,Ltd.
Contact Group Co.,Ltd
Continental Pacific (1979) Co.,Ltd.
Conwood Co.,Ltd.
Cookie And Cream Co.,Ltd.
Cool Clothes Tip
Cool Planet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cooperative Banhuahad group
Coover Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Cordial Creative Co., Ltd.
Coronado Capital Co.,Ltd
Corrolis Drinking water Co.,Ltd.
Cortina Siam Sports Co.,Ltdf
Cosmos Brevery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cosmostechno Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Cotton Dot Com Co.,Ltd.
Counter Service Co.,Ltd.
Covena International Co.,Ltd
Cox Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd.,Ltd.
CP - Meiji Co.,Ltd.
CPAC Asia Imaging Product Limited
CPF Food Products Co.,Ltd.
CPPC Public Company Limeted
CPSC Plastech Industry Co.,Ltd.
CP-Yonekyu Co.,Ltd.
Craft Art Co.,Ltd.
Craft The Best Co.,Ltd.
Crank Ordinary Partnership
CRC Creation Public Co.,Ltd.
Createmedia Studio Co.,Ltd.
Creative Traveler Card Limited Partnership
Creatus Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Credence Co.,Ltd.
Crisgo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cristina Sanitary (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cristy Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Croco International Co.,Ltd.
Cross Super Product And Packing Co.,Ltd.
Crown B International Co.,Ltd.
Crown C. Trading
Crown Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
Crown Master Co.,Ltd.
Crystal Food Co.,Ltd.
Crystal Frozen Food co.,ltd.
Crystalic Co.,Ltd.
CSPC Plastech Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Curry And Spices Co.,Ltd.
Curry Kingdom Co.,Ltd.
CVD International Co.,Ltd.
C-Wellness Co., Ltd.
CWY Bio Skin Care Co.,Ltd.
Cyberpax Co.,Ltd.
Cyberplanet Interactive Co.,Ltd.
Cycle Star Ltd, Part

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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