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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (A)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
A & G (Advance and Growth) Co.,Ltd
A & N Foods Co.,Ltd.
A & P Serritos Co.,Ltd
A & T Tradbiz Partnership Limited
A .A. Footwear Co.,Ltd.
A and U Trading Ltd.,Part.
A B D Khan Co.,Ltd.
A II T Cosmetic Limited Partnership
A II Z Kids (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A K C Co.,Ltd.
A One Marketing Co.,Ltd.
A P Global Co.,Ltd
A P Oversea Trading Co.,Ltd.
A Plus Supply Co.,Ltd
A W S Supply Ltd.,Part.
A&L Planning Development Ltd.,Part.
A&P Siam Neo Group Co.,Ltd.
A. Charoenchai (2001) Co.,Ltd.
A.B.A.(Thailand) Ltd.,Part.
A.C. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
A.C. Records Co.,Ltd.
A.D.S. Fisheries Limited Partnership
A.M.C.I. Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
A.N.B. Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
A.P. Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd.
A.P.N. Supply Group Co.,Ltd.
A.R.M.Flora Pro Co., Ltd.
A.S.A. (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
A.S.P. Permkij Ltd.,Part.
A.T. Chemical Co.,Ltd.
A.T.C.Product and Supply Ltd.,Part.
A.T.P. Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
A.Thanachod Ltd.,Part.
A.V.Glory Co.,Ltd.
A-1 Product Co.,Ltd.
A4S Marketing Co.,Ltd.
AA Paper & Stationery Co.,Ltd.
Aaiichi Farmasutical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Aalvee Trading International(Thailand)Ltd.,Part.
A-B bekery
AB Food & Beverage (Thailand) co.,ltd.
Abajour Co.,Ltd.
ABank Ltd.
Abbott Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
Abca Pharma Lab (Thailand)
ABICO Dairy Farm Co.,Ltd.
Abitare Company Limited
Abric Eastern International Co.,Ltd.
Absolute Import Co.,Ltd
AC Neilsen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
AC-CAS Group Co,Ltd
Accord prevail Electric 1999 Co., Ltd.
Accusoft Co.,Ltd.
Acentium Co.,Ltd.
Acer Computer Co.,Ltd.
Acer Sports Co.,Ltd.
ACF.Food Product LTD., Partnership
Achiraya Natural Product Co.,Ltd.
ACK Hydro Farm Co.,Ltd
Acme Trading International Co.,Ltd.
Acmee Sport Co.,Ltd.
Action Eyeware Co.,Ltd
Active Film Co.,Ltd.
Active Nation Co.,Ltd.
Actma Production (2003) Co.,ltd.
Acushnet Golf (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
Adda (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Adidas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Adinop Co., Ltd.
Advance Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.
Advance Education Media Co.,Ltd
Advance Greentech Co.,Ltd.
Advance Info Service PLC.
Advance Meat Fabrication Co.,Ltd.
Advance Meat Product Co.,Ltd.
Advance Natural Care Co.,Ltd.
Advance Paper Co.,Ltd.
Advance Product Marketing Limited Partnership
Advance Rice Tradding Co.,Ld.
Advance Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.
Advanced Datanetwork Communication Co.,Ltd.
Advanced Tech Product
Advanced Telephone and Telecommunication Co.,Ltd.
Advanced Vetraceutical Co.,Ltd.
Advances Image Card Co.,Ltd
Advanec Paint & Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Advaned Spirulina Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Adventure Thai
AEC Asia Co.,Ltd.
Aek Dumrong Machin Tools Co.,Ltd.
Aek Tara Co.,Ltd.
Aekasahakit Industris Co.,Ltd.
Aeon Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Aeroflex International Co.,Ltd.
Aerosol Product (Malaysia-Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Aesthetic Partner Co.,Ltd.
Aesthetic Puls Co.,Ltd.
Affinity International Business Group Co.,Ltd.
Agri Processing Industry Co.,Ltd.
Agricultural and Technology Loi-ed College
Agriculture of Operative Kasetvisai
Agro and Agro Service Co.,Ltd.
Agro-on (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Agru (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Ahna Siam Co.,Ltd.
Aim home Co.,Ltd
AIM Star Network CO.,Ltd.
Aimsomboon Partnership
Aimthai Inter Trade (2001) Co.,Ltd.
Aitthipong Simapathompong
Ajethai CO.,Ltd
Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Akapol Bvery Co.,Ltd
Akara Sarp-sin Co.,Ltd.
Ake Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Akira Fresh Co.,Ltd.
AKKA Co.,Ltd.
Akrungaroon Industry Co.,Ltd
Aksarapipat Co.,Ltd.
Aksorn Charoen Tat Act. Co.,Ltd.
Alamy Product Co.,Ltd
Alan Delon International Co.,Ltd.
Albatross Co.,Ltd.
Alcidini Winery Co.,Ltd.
Alcott & Co Co.,Ltd.,
Alfredo Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Aline-F Co.,Ltd.
All 4 Baby Co.,Ltd.
All Bamboo Co.,Ltd.
All Information Technologies Co.,Ltd
All Mixed Industrial Co.,Ltd.
All Season Oversea Co.,Ltd.
Allance International Co.,Ltd.
Alloy Industry Co.,Ltd.
Allvet Co.,Ltd.
ALoe ver Suphanburi Ltd.
Alpinefoods Co.,Ltd
A-ma Shoes Co.,Ltd.
Amarin Asia Trading Co.,Ltd
Amarin Rice Co.,Ltd.
Amazing Grace Health Product Ltd.,Part.
Amazming Grace Co., Ltd.
Ambros Wine Co.,Ltd.
American Food Co.,Ltd.
American Greenlife Co.,Ltd.
American Standard (Thailand) co.,ltd.
Amigo Studio Co.,Ltd.
Amit Drinking Water Co.,Ltd
AMN Intertrading Co.,Ltd.
Amnuey Charoen Thai Fruits Co.,Ltd.
Amor Sports (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Amorn Electronic Autopart Center Co.,Ltd.
Amorn studio and Product House Co.,Ltd.
Amornchai Co.,Ltd.
Amornchan Natural Products Co.,Ltd.
Amornvilas Co.,Ltd
Ampa Wongsamuth
Ampelite Fiberglass (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Amphan Printing Media
Ampol Food Pros
Amporn design International Co.,Ltd.
Amporn Marketing
Amsam Phama International Co.,Ltd.
Amvon Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Anak Farm Francolinus
Anchan Cheusong
Andaman Fish Co.,Ltd.
Andaman Sea Food Co.,Ltd.
Andaman Surimi Industries Co.,Ltd.
Andaspa Co.,Ltd.
Anekwattana Shop
Anet Co.,Ltd.
Angel Star Feaver Gift Co.,Ltd
Angel Trading Interantional Co.,Ltd.
Angela Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
Angelina K.
Anggurat Trading Co.,Ltd
Angkana Sabnathavee
Angkarak Wine Thai Co.,Ltd
Anglo Music Co.,Ltd.
Anglo Swiss Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Anglo-Siam Seafoods Co.,ltd.
Angvian Industry Co.,Ltd.
Anila Gem International Co.,Ltd
Animal Supplements (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Animate Project Ltd.,Part.
AnNah BizLinks Co.,Ltd.
Annim Picture Co.,Ltd
Anoma Thai Herb And Healthy
Anotai Gongvatana
Anpak Co.,Ltd.
ANT.Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Antalis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Antex Thai Chemie Co.,Ltd.
Anthem Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Antia Group Co.Ltd
Anuchai Srijaroonputong
Ao Nang Holiday Service Co.,Ltd.
Aoh Sun No Co.,Ltd.
Aoogbab Thai herb Ltd.Partnership
Aounghaosun Ltd.,Part.
Aowthai Cartoon
Apa Anti Pollution Associated Co.,Ltd.
Apa Co.,Ltd
Apex Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Apex foods co.,ltd.
Apex Products Co.,Ltd.
Apexoil Co.,Ltd
Apichai Automatic Electric Ltd.,Part.
Apisith Interplast Co.,Ltd.
Apiwat Theerasakulwongchai
Aplex Toys Co.,Ltd.
APN Marketing
Apollo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Apornphan Co.,Ltd.
Apple Leaf Co.,Ltd
Aprak Entertrainment Co.,Ltd
Apro Technology (Bangkok) Co.Ltd.
APS Intermusic Co., Ltd
Apura Fresh Foods Co.,Ltd
APZ Corporation Limited
Aqua Food Co.,Ltd
Aqua Genic Co.,Ltd.
Aqua Heart Ltd.,Part.
Aqua Mega (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Aqua Nishihara Co.,Ltd.
Aqua Vitae
Aqua Vutae Co.,Ltd.
Aquafeed Business Co.,Ltd.
Aqualab Co.,Ltd.
Aquarium Rocks Co.,Ltd.
AquaTech International Co.,Ltd.
Ar Au 3 Korean Grilled Meat
Arabian Export Import (Thailad) Co.,Ltd.
Arachnes Co.,ltd.
Arawan Design Partner Limited
Architecture Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Arcis Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Areena Gallory Co.,Ltd.
Arhit Pugkaswat
Armin Systems Co.,Ltd.
Armin Systems Co.,Ltd.
Armstrong Industrial Thailang Co.,Ltd.
Arnachakthai Kitcmen Utensils Co.,Ltd.
Aroma House Co.,Ltd.
Aromavera Co.,Ltd.
Aromax Interplas Co.,Ltd
Aron Cosmo Co.,Ltd.
Aroonroj Yasothorn 2546
Aroonroj Yasothorn 2546 Limited Partnership
Aroontip Im-Export Ltd.,Part.
Arora Chemecal Co.,Ltd
Around the neck Co.,Ltd.
Arrow Bedding Co.,Ltd.
Art and Technology Co.,Ltd.
Art Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Art Emotion Co.,Ltd
Art Emotion Co.,Ltd
Art Media (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Art On Stitch Co.,Ltd.
Art Service Ltd.,Part.
Artchit International Petter & Spice Co.,Ltd.
Artee Music Co.,Ltd
Arthid Medical Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Artitayathorn Co.,Ltd.
Artlink Co.,Ltd.
Aruna Co.,Ltd.
Arunee Pasut
Asa Bangkok Co.,Ltd
Asain Penisula Corperation Co.,Ltd
Asan Service Co.,Ltd.
Asasa Co.,Ltd
Asawin Superman Ltd.,Part.
Asia Agriculture Products Co.,Ltd.
Asia Bio-Compisite Ltd.
Asia Compact Industry Co.,Ltd
Asia Destribution And Marketing Thailand Co.,Ltd
Asia Exotic Corporaton .,Ltd
Asia Golden Rice Co.,Ltd.
Asia Infonet Co.,Ltd.
Asia Inter Rice Co.,Ltd.
Asia Jumbo Industry co.,ltd.
Asia Lamp Industry Co., Ltd.
Asia Music International Co.,Ltd.
Asia Pacific Cosmetics Corporation .Ltd
Asia Pharmacy
Asia Studio
Asia Tradingt Post Co.,Ltd.
Asia Union Foods Co.,Ltd.
Asia Wireless Communication Co.,Ltd
Asia World Tradding 88 Ltd.,Part.
Asian Coding System Co.,Ltd.
Asian Food Line Production Co.,Ltd.
Asian Intertrade and Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Asian Ostrich Management Co.,Ltd.
Asian Phamaceutical Ltd.,Part
Asian Polytrade Co.,Ltd
Asian Seafood Cold Storage (Surattanee) Co.,Ltd.
Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co.,Ltd.
Asian Star Trading Co.,Ltd.
Asiana Dary Food and Fruits Co.,Ltd
Asiasoft Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Asiatic Agro Industry Co.,Ltd.
Asmeco (Thailand)
A-Smile kids Co.,Ltd
Asoke Enterprise Ltd.,Part.
AsPac Oil (Thailand) Limited
Aspac Oil (Thailand) Limited
Assa Abloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Assajan Production Co.,Ltd.
Asta Foam and Rubber Co., Ltd.
At Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
At First Co.,Ltd.
At Models Co.,Ltd.
Atami International Ltd.,Part.
Atapy Co.,Ltd.
Atech Industries Co.,Ltd
Athens Books (1997) Co.,Ltd.
Athimart Co.,Ltd.
Atico Promotion And Tours Co.,Ltd
Atidate Makpatdacha
Atiporn Tunmongkon
ATOM Stationery Co.,Ltd.
Atream Technology Co.,Ltd
Atsiamsight Co.,Ltd.
Attachit Co.,Ltd
Attantic Labonatories Conponation Co.,Ltd.
Attantic Labonatories Conponation Co.,Ltd.
Attawut Pratuangboriboon
Attention Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Attractsolution Co.,Ltd.
Auan Tai Heng Ltd.,Part.
Aube'pine Co.,Ltd.
Audibrick-Thai co.,ltd.
Augustino Co.,Ltd
Aumpashub Ltd., Part.
Aun aun Pharmaceutical Ltd.,Part
Aundu Toy Co.,Ltd.
Auraree Food Product Co.,Ltd.
Aurora Enterprises (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Aurora Pouch Products Industry Co.,Ltd.
Aurora S&K Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Auspicious Co.,Ltd.
Authentic Thai Spa Co.,Ltd
Authentic Thai Spa Co.,Ltd.
Auto One Co.,Ltd.
Autocare Clinic Co.,Ltd.
Automate Processing Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Autoquip Ltd.,Part.
Auypron International Co.,Ltd.
Aventis Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Avon Cosmetics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ayothaya Winery Ltd.,Part.
Ayuthaya Royal Foods Co.,Ltd.
Ayutthaya Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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