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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (S)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
S & J Internation Enterprice Public Co.,Ltd.
S & M Bakery Co.,Ltd
S & P Syndicate Public Co.,Ltd.
S & S Development Ltd.,Part.
S and T Group Sticker Co.,Ltd.
S B P Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
S C Family Limited Partnership
S D P Trading Co.,Ltd
S G S International Co.,Ltd.
S M E Food Products Ltd.,Part.
S M Rice Co.,Ltd
S N T Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S P Accutrade Co.,Ltd.
S P D Srisuk Co.,Ltd
S P Greenearth Co.,Ltd.
S P Premia Groud Ltd. Part.
S Plus C Trading Co.,Ltd.
S S P Food Product
S&C Snack LTD.
S&P Syndicate Public Co.,Ltd.
S. Chamnanmor
S. Kijwattana Food Co.,Ltd.
S. Lovely Co.,Ltd.
S. P. Enterprise International
S. Rattanaporn
S. Sookcharoen Co.,Ltd
S. THAIHUAD (2002) Co.,Ltd.
S. Thaisaree Industry Co.,Ltd.
S. Veerapong Stationary
S. Y. B. Group Co.,Ltd.
S. Yutitam Marketing Ltd.,Part.
S.B. Chemical
S.B. Food Co.,Ltd.
S.Burapatip Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Artistry Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Johnson & Son Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Shokuhin Co.,Ltd.
S.C.2001 Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S.C.C.Prosen Seafood Co.,Ltd
S.C.H. Industry Co.,Ltd.
S.C.S. Footware Co.,Ltd.
S.C.Softcare Co.,Ltd.
S.C.Stationery Industry Co.,Ltd
S.Charoen Bhaesaj Trading Co.,Ltd.
S.Charoen Rice Co.,Ltd.
S.D.Standard Co.,Ltd.
S.I.P. Siaminterpacific Co.,Ltd.
S.J.Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Adhesive Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Foods [Thailand] Public CO.LTD.
S.K. Garment (1995) Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Garment (1995) Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Green Agro Product Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Topfood Co.,Ltd.
S.K.A. Sports Co.,Ltd.
S.K.garment co.,ltd.
S.K.M. Foods Co.,Ltd.
S.K.V. Commercial Co.,Ltd
S.Khonkaen industries co.,ltd.(Plc)
S.L.T. Promotion Ltd.,Part
S.Lohapattana Group (200)
S.M. Fhamaceutical Co.,Ltd
S.M. Food Product Ltd.,Part.
S.M. Group Garment
S.M.Communication Co.,Ltd
S.M.P. Wireplast Co.,Ltd.
S.M.P.2004 Srisaket Partnership
S.N. Art Promotion Co.,Ltd.
S.N. Sunon Trading Co.,Ltd
S.N.Art Promrtion Co.,Ltd.
S.N.B. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S.N.C.Interfood Co.,Ltd
S.O.M. Supply Co.,Ltd.
S.O.R.(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
S.P. Electric Import Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Herbal
S.P. I. Herb Co.,Ltd
S.P. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Integrate Distribution Co.,Ltd
S.P. Interfoods Ltd., Part.
S.P. Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Product And Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Ronan Food Supply Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Sumphan Drinking Water
S.P. Trading 1993 Co.,Ltd.
S.P.A. Drinking Water Co.,Ltd.
S.P.C. Cosmetic
S.P.Createer Co.,Ltd
S.P.Fastfoods Co.,Ltd.
S.P.K. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S.P.L. Glass (1995) Co.,Ltd.
S.P.S Cooperate.Ltd
S.P.Super Wax Co.,Ltd
S.P.V.M. Foods Products Co.,Ltd.
S.P.Y. Aluminiam
S.Pinklaotelecomelectric Co.,Ltd
S.R. Production Co.,Ltd.
S.R. Toy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.R.D.Internationaal Co.,Ltd.
S.R.M. Marketing Ltd.,part.
S.S,Manufacturing co.,ltd.
S.S. Music Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
S.S.Karnsura Co.,Ltd.
S.S.M.K. Ltd.,Part.
S.Sudarat Ltd.,Part.
S.Suporn Shop
S.T. Union Food co.,ltd.
S.T.Amplex Co.,Ltd.
S.T.Bekery co.,ltd.
S.T.Home Fashion Co.,Ltd.
S.T.R. (1990) Co.,Ltd.
S.T.R. Panich
S.Tawanork Trading Limited Partnership
S.Thip Drinking Water
S.Two T. Two Co.,Ltd.
S.Udomphol shop
S.United Co.,Ltd.
S.V.Inter Group Co.,Ltd.
S.W.C. Brother
S.W.Foodtch Co., Ltd.
S2G Co.,Ltd.
SA.Thailand Nutrition Group
Saard Doctor Lab co.,ltd.
Sabaijaidee (1985) Co.,Ltd.
Sabtaveechai Ching mai Limited Partnership
Sadteesow Ltd.,Part.
Saeng Charoen Patana Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Saeng Roong Books Factory Co.,Ltd.
Saeng Somboon
Saeng Ta-Won
Saengthai Fishsauce Factory Ltd.,Part.
Saenlankrankaset Co.,Ltd
Saha Burapa Group Ltd., Part.
Saha Charoen Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Saha Farms Co.,Ltd.
Sahachai Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Sahachol Food Supply Co.,Ltd
Sahajariya Group Co.,Ltd.
Sahakarn Osod (1996) Co.,Ltd.
Sahakitpurewater (SC water) Group
Sahakungheng Tep- CD
Sahalerd Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Sahamangmee Seafood Nutrition Co.,Ltd.
Sahaming Chaisiri Ltd.,Part
Sahamitr Food Product Ltd.,Part.
Sahapan Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sahapathanapibul Public Co.,Ltd.
Sahaphuechpol Thatum Co.,Part.
Sahaprachinburi Foods Industry Co.,Ltd.
Saharaung Co.,Ltd.
Sahasamakkee Yinhuo
Sahasilp Hitech Co.,Ltd.
Sahasilp International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sahataveekit Commercial Ltd.,Part.
Sahataveesin Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Sahatawee Wattana Interrice Co.,Ltd.
Sahathai Pathanaphant
Sahathaipaisarn Co.,Ltd.
Sahathaiprecision Metalpart Co.,Ltd.
Sahatip Waree Ltd.,Part.
Saha-Union Public Company Limited
Sahaworakit co.,ltd.
Sai Bua Group
Sai Khong Co.,Ltd.
Sai-Am International Co.,Ltd
Saijo Denki International Co.,Ltd.
Saiko-Noni Ltd.,Part.
Saim Pure Collagen Part.., Ltd
Saino Pacific Co.,Ltd.
Saint Gobain Weber Co.,Ltd.
Saint Louis (Thailand) Ltd.,Part.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Saisunee Polpurm
Saitarn Commercial Ltd.,Part.
Sak Thongpoon Co.,Ltd.
Sakol Antenna Co.,Ltd
Sakol Intertrde (1991) Co.,Ltd.
Sakol Lert Ruammitr Business Co.,Ltd.
Sakon Global Corporration Co.,Ltd
Sakornwattana Thang Chue Hah Co.,Ltd.
Sakul Chai Premuim & Pack Co.,Ltd.
Sakura Products (ThailandX Co.,Ltd.
Salid Thai Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Salisa Intertrade Co,.Ltd
Sam Click Co.,Ltd.
Sama International Co., Ltd
Saman Thong Ltd.,Part.
Samaphan Traing Co.,Ltd.
Samart Prosen Food Co.,Ltd
Samdee Quality Products Co.,Ltd.
Samita Co.,Ltd.
Sammit Industry Ltd.,Part.
Sammook Foods Co.,Ltd.
Sampaothong Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Samphran Engineer & Product Co.,Ltd.
Sampran Food Co.,Ltd.
Samranruangsawad Ltd.,Part.
Samrit Munkong Ltd.,Part.
SamThai (Wipa) Nakornratchaima
Samui Foods Co.,Ltd.
Samunpai Kawpertsapan
Samunpraitaipreuksa Group
Samunpraithai Roytreemungkorn
Samupai Limited Partnership
Samutpai Supapat
Samutvanich Industry Co.,Ltd.
Samya Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
San Migel Beer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanchai Distillerry Co.,Ltd
Sandee rice co.,ltd.
Sand-M Internationnal Co.,Ltd
Sandstone International Co.,Ltd
Sanee Water
Sanesao Samiinprai Co.,Ltd
Sanfrance (Thailand) Limited Partnership
Sang Piroj Lighting Center Co.,Ltd.
Sang Thong Fruit Factory
Sang Udom Lighting tndustry Co., Ltd
Sang -U-Tai Trading Co.Ltd
Sangchai Bhasuj (Trakeemleng) Co.,Ltd.
Sangkhom Sukkapab Co.,Ltd.
Sangravee Entertrinment Co.,Ltd
Sangrungruang Sale and Service Co.,Ltd.
Sangsom Co.,Ltd.
Sangsomboon Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Sangsuk Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Sangtawan Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Sangthai Siam Marketing Co., LTD
Sangthaitrapra Co.,Ltd.
Sangthawan Pharma
Sa-nguan Trading
Sangwan Import Export Co.,Ld
Sanita International Co.,Ltd.
Sanofi-Sintalabo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sansai Celadon Co.,Ltd
Santa Barbara International Co.,Ltd.
Santa Factory Co., Ltd
Santafood Co.,Ltd
Santiporn Group Co.,Ltd.
Santo Neno Co.,Ltd.
Sanuntakan Co.,Ltd
Sanwa Inter Food Co.,Ltd.
Sanya Kwawkruer Herb
Sanyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sapori Italiani Co.,Ltd.
Sappnunsuk Co.,Ltd
Sara Lee (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sara Lee Coffee&tree (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sara V. Group Co.,Ltd
Saraburi Pattanapan Co.,Ltd.
Saraburi Sugar Co.,Ltd.
Saraburirat Co.,Ltd.
Sarach Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Sarai Talaekrop Kunfilm Co.,Ltd.
Sarakam Kaset Co.,Ltd.
Saranpat Ltd.,Part.
Saranuvattivon Sae-Tung
Sarinsiam Co.,Ltd
Sarm Pla Panich
Sarolux (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Saruta Yomjinda
Satang Dang Co.,Ltd.
Satean Stanlessstill Co.,Ltd
Sateanstandlessstell (public) Co.,Ltd
Sathean Industries co.,ltd.
Satho Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sathporn Marketing Co.,Ltd
Satien Stainless Steel Public Co.,Ltd.
Satin Textile Co.,Ltd.
Satitthep Part Ltd
Sato Khunhan Part.,Ltd
Satree Don Kai Dee Group
Sauc Allpurpost Co.,Ltd.
Sauce S.Chantra Co.,Ltd.
Sauce ViChitrungruang Factory
Save Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Save Life R.O. Tech (1999) Co.,Ltd.
Sawadi Production Co.,Ltd
Sayan Honey Farm Co.,Ltd.
Sayit Communication Limited Partnership
SB Subply Co.,Ltd.
SBK Winery Part.,Ltd
SC World Environment Co.,Ltd.
Scala Silkscreen Co.,Ltd.
Scan Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Scanner Electric International Co.,Ltd.
Scented Siam Co.,Ltd
Scents & Spa Products Co.,Ltd.
Schavakon Co.,Ltd
Schemax Co.,Ltd.
Schering (Bangkok) Ltd.
Schering-Plough Co.,Ltd.
Schneider (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Scholar Video Co.,Ltd.
Sci View Co.,Ltd.
Scoop Marketing co.,Ltd.
Scot Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sea Horse Public Co.,Ltd.
Sea Royal Cold Storage Interfood Co.,Ltd.
Sea Wealth Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
Seaborne Industries Limited
Seacoll Constuction
Seafresh Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
Seamsuk Public Co.,Ltd.
Seang Chai Water Ltd.,Part.
Sebring Co.,Ltd.
See Fah Food Co.,Ltd.
See Thong Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Seethai Plants Coporation Co.,Ltd.
Seethong 555 Co.,Ltd.
Seientific Care Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Seiga Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Seimtha Factory
Seksan Food Co.,Ltd.
Selcon Intercorp Co.,Ltd.
Select Best Life Co.,Ltd.
Select Fashion Co.,Ltd.
Selection Co.,Ltd.
Selic Chemecal Co.,Ltd.
Semico Trade
Sendai Trading Co.,Ltd.
Seness Co.,Ltd.
Seng Thai Company Ltd.,Part
Sengheng Noodle Factory Co.,Ltd
Senghi Industry
Senghuad Ltd.,Part.
Senior Tumbon Watplang Group
Seniorsoft Boardgame Animation Co.,Ltd.
Senox (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sensara Cosmetic (Thailand) Limited
Sense Center Co.,Ltd
Sermboon Natural Herbal (2000) Co.,Ltd.
Sermchai T and S Ltd.,Part
Sermmitr Roongreong Co.,Ltd.
Sermocha Co.,Ltd.
Sethachon Co.,Ltd.
Setong Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Setrak Sakol LTD. Co.,Ltd.
Seven Five Co.,Ltd.
Sexy Backups Limited Partnership
SFW Co.,Ltd
Shaha-Udon Fish Sauce Factory
Sha-ho Co.,Ltd.
Shaldan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
SHC International Co.,Ltd.
Sher-prai Co.,Ltd
Sherwood Chemicals Public Company Limited
Shin Shia Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Shin Showa Trading Co.,Ltd.
Shine Forth Co.,Ltd.
Shine Herb Group
Shineedotcom Co.,Ltd
Shinghatai Fish Sauce
Shinsiri Co,.Ltd
Shivimex Co.,Ltd
Shop Chanel
Showerking Manufactuacturing Co.,Ltd
Shrimp Express Co.,Ltd
Shu Hua Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
Si Paki Karnka Ltd.,Part.
Siaen Hau Tai Co.,Ltd.
Siam - Jusco Co.,Ltd.
Siam 108 Primr Mover Co.,Ltd
Siam Agro Industry Pineapple Others Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Algae Co.,Ltd.
Siam Aroma
Siam Arpar Foods Co.,Ltd
Siam ball sport factory Co.,Ltd.
Siam Best Ware Products and Sales Co.,Ltd
Siam Brand Aed Co.,Ltd.
Siam Business Export Co.,Ltd.
Siam Carpet Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Cast Nylon Co.,Ltd.
Siam Caster Wheel Co.,Ltd
Siam Cement Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Center Food & Drugs Co.,Ltd
Siam chamical supply
Siam Charcoal Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chemical Sosso Co.,Ltd
Siam China International Development Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chrismas Co.,Ltd.
Siam City Cement Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Columbus Co.,Ltd.
Siam Conglomerate Co.,Ltd.
Siam Cycle International Co.,Ltd
Siam Dee Sawat Co.,Ltd
Siam Distilled Water Co.,Ltd.
Siam Diving Enterprise-Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd.
Siam east Consummer Co.,Ltd.
Siam Electric Co.,Ltd.
Siam Engineering Sparepart Co.,Ltd.
Siam F B. Products Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fiber Gloss Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fitting co.,ltd.
Siam Flour Trading Co.,Ltd
Siam food co.,ltd.
Siam Food Products Public Co.Ltd.
Siam Foods and Beverages
Siam Foods Industries Co.,Ltd
Siam Fresh Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Siam Friest Rice Co.,Ltd
Siam Fruit & Herb Co.,Ltd
Siam Fruit and Snack Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fruit Caning (1988) Co.,Ltd
Siam Fruit Garden Co.,Ltd
Siam Furukawa Co.,Ltd
Siam Future Farm Co.,Ltd.
Siam Gift Center
Siam Gift Center Co.,Ltd.
Siam Global Business Co.,Ltd
Siam Grains Co.,Ltd.
Siam Green Herb Co.,Ltd.
Siam Green Product Internation Co.,Ltd
Siam GS Bettetry Co.,Ltd
Siam Hansa Co.,Ltd.
Siam Heritage (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Siam House & Home Co.,Ltd.
Siam Hydrofarm Co.,Ltd.
Siam Incense Co.,Ltd.
Siam Inchance Corperation Co.,Ltd.
Siam Industry Adhesive Tapes Co.,Ltd
Siam Industry Gypsum (Saraburi) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Infinish Co.,Ltd
Siam Inter Lock Tek Co.,Ltd.
Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd
Siam Iron Industry ,Ltd.
Siam K & K Foods
Siam Kirin Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kitchen
Siam Kraft Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Legal Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Legand Group Co.,td.
Siam M.C. Co.,Ltd
Siam Makro Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Maporn Co.,Ltd.
Siam Master Tools Co.,Ltd.
Siam Matee Co.,Ltd.
Siam Medicare Co.,Ltd.
Siam Melamine Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Meth Product Industry Co.,Ltd
Siam Mhorya Co.,Ltd.
Siam Millennium Co.,Ltd.
Siam Mulmerry Wine Ltd.,Part.
Siam N.C.P. Rice Co.,Ltd
Siam Nakorn Food Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nana Canning Co.,Ltd.
Siam Northern Fruits Co.,Ltd
Siam O.Thai Co.,Ltd
Siam ocean frozen foods Co.,Ltd.
Siam Original Food Co.,Ltd
Siam Ostrich Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ostrich Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Otop International Co.,Ltd.
Siam Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Siam Plasti O.A.Gaden Co., Ltd
Siam Plaswood Co.,Ltd.
Siam Preserved Foods Co.,Ltd.
Siam Press Management Co.,Ltd.
Siam Prosound Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Siam Pyramid Part.,Ltd
Siam Regal Co.,Ltd.
Siam Royal Orchid Co.,Ltd.
Siam Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Rubber Prapadang Co.,Ltd.
Siam Rung Ruang Food and Bakery Co.,ltd.
Siam Safety Premier Co.,Ltd.
Siam Safty Technology Co.,Ltd
Siam Samunprai Ltd,. Part
Siam Sanitac (1995) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanitaryfitting ,Ltd.
Siam Sanitaryware Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Scenery Ltd.,Part
Siam Sindee Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sorbitol Co., Ltd.
Siam South Sea Bird's Nest Co.,Ltd.
Siam Southern Food Line Co.,Ltd
Siam Spirits and Wine Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sport World Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sprocket Industrial
Siam Stationery Industrial Co.,Ltd
Siam Stendrd Product Co.,Ltd
Siam Sunixtech Co.,Ltd
Siam T - Bros Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tamai Co.Ltd.
Siam Techno Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Thai Bruphin Shop
Siam Three Heng Co.,Ltd.
Siam Time TradingCo.,Ltd
Siam Tin Food Products Co.,Ltd
Siam Tropical Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tyre Industry Co.,Ltd
Siam U K F Co.,Ltd.
Siam Unicorn Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Siam Union Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
Siam Union Gold Trading Co.,Ltd.
Siam United Frame Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Unitedhi-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Siam Vaxy Standard Co.,Ltd.
Siam Viriyapun Co.,Ltd.
Siam Winery Co., Ltd.
Siam Wooden Product Co.,Ltd.
Siam Worakit Food Import Export
Siam Yamato Steel Co.,Ltd.
Siam Yoko Co.,Ltd.
Siamagraph Co.,Ltd.
Siamart Ceramic Co.,Ltd
Siamblubricant Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siamchai International Food Co.,Ltd.
Siamchepaxbrock Co.,Ltd.
Siamchotipan Co.,Ltd.
Siamese Dream Co.Ltd.
Siamese Merchandise Co.,Ltd.
Siamesetyre Co.,Ltd.
SiamInterfan Industry Co.,Ltd
Siamnavakam Co., Ltd
Siampoolsub Interchemical Co.,Ltd.
Siamrak Co.,Ltd.
Siamsafeway Trading Co.,Ltd.
Siamtech Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siamultra Intertread
Siamvithaya Product Co.,Ltd.
Sichol Flower & HandicraftsCo.,Ltd.
Siegwerk Ink (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sieng Thai Karnd Co.,Ltd.
Sika (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sikhiu Agricutural Co-Oporative Ltd.
Sikhiu Kor. Parnich Co.,Ltd.
Silalang Studio Limited Partnership
Silom Medical Co.,Ltd.
Silpakorn University
Silthai Electric Import Export Ltd.,Part.
Silver Bakery & Food Co.,Ltd.
Silver Green International Co.Ltd.
Silverlight Enterprise (1992)
Sima Herb Products Co.,LTD.
Simat Mobile Computer Co.,Ltd
Simathurakij Co.,Ltd.
Simple Mind Co.,Ltd.
Simsonnatural Style
Sin Kaset Farm
Sin Meng Co.,Ltd.
Sin Sa Nguan & Sun Co.,Ltd.
Sin Soon Huat R.O.P.
Sin Surang Karn Sura Co.,Ltd.
Sin Tham Trading Ltd.,Part.
Sin Udom Toys Co., Ltd.
Sinapis Co.,Ltd.
Sincere Intergroup Co.,Ltd.
Sinesri Marketing
Sing Hang Karn Lhor and Khueng Ltd.,Part
Sing Patthana Agricaltural Housewife Group
Sing Sae Tai Import Export Co.,lTd.
Singer Thailand Public co.,ltd.
SingThai Food Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Sinin rice Co.,Ltd.
Sinmax International Co.,Ltd.
Sinnamic Co.,Ltd.
Sino-Pacific Trading(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sinphatana Import & Export Ltd.,Part.
Sinsomboontrading Co.,Ltd.
Sinsuwansamut Ltd.Part.
Sinthavee Weaving Ltd.,Part
Sinwattana Trading Hadyai Co.,Ltd
Siparach Co.,Ltd.
Siri Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Siri Sirikarnjanawong
Siribuncha Co.,Ltd.
Sirichai Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Sirichai Stationery Co.,Ltd.
Siricharoen Electric Co.,Ltd.
Sirimanit Ltd.,Part.
Sirimit Co.Ltd.
Sirimongkol Co.,Ltd
Sirin Thai Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Sirintip Trading Ltd. Part.
Sirinya Ltd.,Part
Sirios Co.,Ltd.
Siripattana Rice Co., Ltd.
Siriphapan Co.,Ltd
Siriporn Mapromi
Sirirat Glass Co.,Ltd.
Siriruengampai Ltd.,Part.
Sirithon Trading (1994) Co.,Ltd.
Siritip Purifier Co., Ltd.
Siriwanich (S&W) Co.,Ltd.
Siriwat Foods
Siriwong Limited Part
Siriya Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.
Sissi International Co.,Ltd.
Sisterhood Co.,Ltd.
Sitebel Eltron Asia Co.,Ltd.
Sitisak Hussein
Sittinant Co.,Ltd.
Sitto Science Co.,Ltd.
Sivathep Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Sixsenses Living Co.,Ltd.
SK Intergroup 2005 Co.,Ltd.
SKG Electric Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
SKG International Co.,Ltd.
SKGF Trading (2002) Co.,Ltd.
Skin & Health Care Co.,Ltd.
Skin Care Formulation Co.,Ltd.
Skin Care Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Skinco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Skor Teknett Co.,Ltd.
Skulthai Co.,Ltd
Sky and Flower
Sky Heart Co.,Ltd.
Sky Music Co.,Ltd
Sky Rocket Co.,Ltd.
SKYE Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Skyline laboratory co.,ltd.
Skyline Specialty Co.,Ltd.
SL Home Products Co.,Ltd.
Slyvania (Thailand) Limited
Smart Commerce Co.,Ltd
Smart Electrical Supply Co.,Ltd.
Smart Gifts Limited Partnership
Smart Umbrella Co.,Ltd
Smile Bag Ltd.,Part.
Smile Corner Co.,Ltd.
Smile Fruits
Smile Heart Foods Co.,Ltd.
Smile Inter Rice Co.,Ltd.
Smile Phan Limited Partnership
Smilephan Part.,Co.
Smilepurity Shop
Smite and Beauty Care Part.,Ltd
Smith & Nephew Co.,Ltd.
Smith Ekdamrong Ltd..Part.
SmithKline Beecham (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
SMP Food Products Co.,Ltd
SMTC Co.,Ltd.
SN Elelectric GroupIndustrial Co.,Ltd
SNA Technology Co.,Ltd.
Snacks House Co.,Ltd.
Snacky Thai Co.,Ltd
Snow Lotus (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Snowhouse product factory
Sobhon global export Co.,Ltd.
Soda Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Soft Drinking Water Co.,Ltd.
Soft Linener Co.,Ltd
Softcare Consumer Co.,Ltd.
Soken Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sol Software Systems Ltd.
Sola Marketting Co.,Ltd.
Solex Metal Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Solocell Intertrader Co.,Ltd
Solomon Technology Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Som Intermarketing Co.,Ltd.
Sombat Supply
Somboon S.B.Co.,Ltd.
Sombun Pinthong
Somchitt Dispensary Co.,Ltd
Somjai Vedeo Production Co.,Ltd.
Somjai Water Ltd.,Part.
Somsa-ang Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Somsad Mr. Prasert
Somsak Discus Farm Part.,Ltd.
Somsirirot Partner Limited
Somsod Sintawe co., ltd.
Somvoranee Ltd.,Part.
Songkhla Golden Mermaid Ltd.,Part.
Songkhla Herbal Ltd.,Part.
Songkhla Industry
Songkla Canning Public Co.,Ltd.
Songporn Marketing Ltd.
Songsmith Co.,Ltd
Songtekbuay Limited Parnel Ship
Sony & BMG Music Entertainment (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sony Thai Co.,Ltd.
Soon Hua Seng Rice Co.,Ltd.
Soon Ie Co.,Ltd.
Soon Thai Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Soontra Foods Products
Sor Gold Test Food Import-Export Co.,Ltd
Sorawit Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sornimit Limited Partnership
Sota Biti Co.,Ltd.
Sothon Padriuve (Choonpeng) Part.Ltd.
South AgroProducts Co.,Ltd
South City Petrochem Co., Ltd
Southeast Pacific Trading Limited Partnership
Southeast Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Southern Art Co.,Ltd
Southern Rice Co.,Ltd.
Soya Foods
SP Bioactives Co.,Ltd.
SP Tantawan 2005 Co.,Ltd.
Spa Armity
Spa Entertainment Ltd.,Part.
Spa Siam (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Spa Telecom Co.,Ltd.
Spaina Holding Corp.,Ltd
Spark Global Co.,Ltd.
Specialty Chemicals International Co.,Ltd
Specialty Sports Co.,Ltd.
Sped Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
SPK Sure Master Co.,Ltd
SPK Thrive Sales&Service Co.,Ltd.
Splendid Surplus Co., Ltd.
S-Plus Inter Supply Co.,Ltd.
SPM Food & Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Sport Diamond (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sport Light International Co.,Ltd
Sports Ace Co.,Ltd.
Sports Life Co.,Ltd.
Spotlight Advertising Co.,Ltd.
SPR Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
SPR Rice Intertred Co.,Ltd.
S-PRINT (2004) CO.,LTD.
SPV Travel and Services Co.,Ltd.
Square Commercial Co.,ltd.
Srainoi Agriculture Group
SRE 2000 Co.,Ltd.
Sri Chum Sang Housewife Group
Sri Mueng Shop
Sri Siam Mongkol (Udomsuk) Co.,Ltd.
Sri Thai Silp Industry Limited Partnership
Sribenjachote Union Group Co.,Ltd
Sricharoen Thai Trading Co.Ltd
Sricheingmai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Srichian Honey
Srichokchai Supermarket Ltd.,Part.
Srifa Bakery
Sri-Jarern Fishsauce Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Srikrung Lighting Co.,Ltd
Srikung Biscuit Co.,Ltd.
Srimalai Group
S-rin Co.,Ltd.
Srinanaporn Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Sripanyadop co.,ltd.
Sripongpisan Industial Panel Ship
Sripoom Marketing
Sriprasit Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Sriracha Farm (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Srisaket S.A. Trading Ltd.,Part.
Srisittirak Import Export Co.,Part.
Srisothorn Kankaset Co.,Ltd.
Srisunee Shop
Srisupabphong Co..Ltd.
Srithai Auto Seat Industry Co.,Ltd
Srithai Food & Beverage Public Co.,Ltd.
Srithai Food Product Co., Ltd
Srithai Foods Service Co.,Ltd
Srithai Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Srithai Supperwaer Public Co.Ltd.
Srivichai P.P. Limited Partnership
Srivichai Products Co.,Ltd.
Sriwiwat Import-Export Co.,Ltd.
Sroysuda Land Co.,Ltd.
SS Product and Service Co.,Ltd
SSL Healthcare (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
SSL Manufacturing (Thailand) co.,ltd.
SSP Food Product Ltd.,Part
SSS Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
ST Art Material Co.,Ltd.
ST Greand Corporation Co., Ltd
ST&C Co.,Ltd.
St. Mary Health & Beauty Co.,Ltd.
ST.Carlos Laboratories Co.,Ltd
Staedtler (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stamina Co.,Ltd.
Standard Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Standard Nursing Product Co.,Ltd.
Standard Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Standley work co.,ltd.
Star Apparel Co., Ltd.
Star Bridge Co.,Ltd.
Star Enterprise Co., Ltd
Star Fashion Co.,Ltd.
Star Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
Star Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd.
Star Is Born Co.,Ltd.
Star Rich Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Star Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.
Star Trendy Co.,Ltd
Starbang International Co.,Ltd
Starfish Co.,Ltd.
Starnac Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Starprint Co.,Ltd.
Starribbon Ltd.,Part
Starry Cord Co.,Ltd.
State Setterlight Co.,Ltd
Stategic Santanapirom
STC Group Co.,Ltd.
STCC (1993) Co.,Ltd.
Steak Nai Ton
Stefano International Co.,Ltd.
Stodio Bangkok Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Storm International Co.,Ltd.
STR Industrial Co,Ltd
Strong Promart Co.,Ltd.
Strong Waves Co.,Ltd.
Su Thai Sing Co.,Ltd.
Suan Dusit Rice Mill Co.,Ltd.
Su-anong Co.,Ltd.
Suanpueng Subply
Suanthai Co.,Ltd.
Sub Pornjaroensri
Subaki Food Service Ltd.,Part.
Subsiamnewfoods and product Co.,Ltd.
Substanless Ltd.,Part
Subtract (95) Ltd.,Part.
Subwasu Co.,Ltd
Success Marketing Ordinary Partnership.
Success Media Co.,Ltd.
Sucha Phong Group Co.,Ltd
Suchada Gift and Card
Suchin Somsod
Sudee ViwatsuKpisan
Sudtana (2534) Co.,Ltd.
Sugar Daisy Co.,Ltd.
Sugar fresh sterilize factory partner ship ltd.
Suimex Plastic Industry co.,ltd.
Sukamol Marepranee Sauces Ltd.,Part.
Sukantha Scorched Rice Shop
Sukhom Bhanich Co., Ltd.
Sukishi Intergroup Co.,Ltd
Sukkasamewatthana Co.,Ltd
Suksawadthamrong Ltd.
Suksawascharean Co.,Ltd
Sulisa Marketing Co., Ltd.
Sumeth Phanboran
Sumith Shop
Summit Foodwear Co., Ltd.
Sumo Premiums & Printing Co.,Ltd
Sumo Premiums & Printings Co.,Ltd
Sumol Trongsiri
Sumontien Somboon
Sumpoatong Food & Supply Ltd., Part
Sumreit Food
Sumritpansook Co.,Ltd.
Sumsiew Tealeaf Co.,Ltd.
Sun Agriproduct Co.,Ltd.
Sun Beach Limited Partnership
Sun Food Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sun Foods Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sun Hill International Co.,Ltd.
Sun Merry Co., Ltd
Sun Paratech Public Company Limited
Sun Sun Industrial (1997) Co.,Ltd.
Sun Superfood Ltd.,Part.
Sun Tech Group Public Co.,Ltd.
Sun Yuan Thung Pharrmacy co.,ltd.
Sunanunwannaratpanit Co.,Ltd
Suncolor Co.,Ltd
Suncroc (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sundry Shop
Sungai golok noodle factory ltd.,part.
Sunko Fastem (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sunlight Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Sunnic Treading Co.,Ltd
Sunnus Interbiz (2002) Co.,Ltd
Sunny Cleaning Ware Co., Ltd.
Sunny Disc Co.,Ltd.
Sunny Driniking Water Factory
Sunrich Thailand Co.,Ltd
Sunrise dairy co.,ltd.
Sunsai Footware Co.,Ltd.
Sunsauce Foods Industrial Co.,Ltd
Sunsern and Suns Co.,Ltd.
Sunshine International Co.,Ltd
Sunshine Orange Juice Co.,Ltd.
Sunshine Pet Products Ltd., Part.
Sunsmile Interproducts Co.,Ltd.
Sunstore Supplier Co.,Ltd.
Suntai Co.,Ltd.
Sunwater Partnership
Sunyang Food Co.,Ltd.
Supalai Green Food
Supanan Luxariyapong Co.,Ltd
Supaporn Trading
Supara Co.,Ltd.
Supasu Co.,Ltd.
Supatra Product Ltd.,Part
Super Fresh Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Super House Ware Limited Partnership
Super J. International Co.,Ltd.
Super Production Co.,Ltd
Super Sun (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Super T Food Co.,Ltd.
Super Top Food Co.,Ltd.
Superall Products International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Superb Media and Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Suphamas Srinilapat Co.,Ltd.
Suphan Foods Service Shop
Suphanburi Agricuture
Supinda Part.,Ltd.
Supinya Tungkaseranee
Suppawan P
Supreetip Food and Supply Co.,Ltd
Suprem Product Co.,Ltd.
Suprem Spice Co.,Ltd
Sura Maharasadon Co.,Ltd.
Suradthani Co-Operation Ltd
Surajai Foods Industry Co.,Ltd.
Suranaree Universrity Technology (Farm University)
Surapol Lungthep
Surapon seafoods co.,ltd.(Plc)
Surasiri Co.,Ltd.
Suratawanchai Co.,Ltd.
Suratip Bansoun
Suravit Marketing Ltd.,Part.
Sure Audio Co.,Ltd.
Sure Tax Co.,Ltd.
Surechemical Supply
Suree Interfood
Sureelak Sinsar Co.,Ltd
Surface Pro-Tech Co.,Ltd
Surin Bran Oil Co.,Ltd.
Surin Sahaphuetphol Rice Mill Ltd.,Part.
Surinam Food Co.,Ltd
Surinthip Co.,Ltd.
Suriya Quilting Co., Ltd
Sutatip Bakery
Sutecha Co.,Ltd.
Suthakan Trading Co.,Ltd.
Suvith Charoen Limited Partnership
Suwan Osoed
Suwan Premium Trading Co.,Ltd.
Suwanbut Co.,Ltd.
Suwannaphoom Food Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Suwannapoom Food Co.,Ltd
Suwannapoom Herb Co.,Ltd.
Suwannee J & A Export Co,.Ltd.
Suwanthada Holding Co.,Ltd.
SVM Industries Co.,Ltd.
Swang Silp Industrial Limited Partnership
Swarovski (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Swat Chaimonkol
Sweda Modern Products Limited Partnership
Sweet Radish Sha Da Vactory
SweetThai Confectionerry Co.,Ltd.
Sweety Teen Partnership Limited
Swensen's (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Syler Group Co.,Ltd
Syngenta Crop Protection Limited
Synthana Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
System building industry Co.,Ltd
Systemform Co.,Ltd

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