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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (K)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
K Gloden Group Co.,Ltd
K . Chemical Co.,Ltd
K and B Food Limited Partnership
K B S Lab & Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
K B Union Enterprise Ltd.,Part.
K C Speed Trading
K Computer Shop
K J C Interfood Co.,Ltd
K M Aluminium Ltd.,Part.
K M& A A Co., Ltd.
K Master Co.,Ltd.
K S Marketing
K T MSG Co.,Ltd.
K T Toys (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
K T Wafer Co.,Ltd.
K U F Thailand
K&A Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
K&N Foods Co.,Ltd.
K. Family Co.,Ltd.
K. Johnny Ltd., Part.
K. Rearnchai
K. Trakul Karnsura Ltd.,Part.
K. Visute Ice Ltd.,Part.
K.B. Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
K.B.M. Inter Co.,Ltd.
K.C. Food and Beverage Co.,Ltd
K.C. Supply
K.Charoen toys Co.,Ltd.
K.F. International Co.Ltd
K.F. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
K.G. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
K.H. Traditional Medicine
K.H.I. Industry Co.,Ltd.
K.K. Bakery
K.K. Grift Industry Ltd.,Part.
K.L. Fruity
K.L. Cold Storage Co.,Ltd
K.M. Mansion and Plublic Works Co.,Ltd.
K.M.Interlab co.,ltd.
K.P. Bakery Shop
K.P. Plastic
K.P. Supply Co.,Ltd.
K.P.N. Food Limited Partner
K.P.Perfect Ltd.,Part.
K.P.Top(1993) Ltd., Part
K.Pan Procuction Food Co.,Ltd.
K.S. Ice 2539 Co.,Ltd.
K.S.C. Wood Work Industry Co.,Ltd
K.S.S. Inter Fruits Co.,Ltd.
K.S.United Coperation Co.,Ltd
K.Santhai Food Co.,Ltd.
K.T Food Supply Co.,Ltd
K.T. Kitchan Ware Co.,Ltd.
K.T.L.Marketing Co.,Ltd.
K.T.S. Marketing General Supply Co.,Ltd.
K.T.S. Splendid Bags Co.,Ltd.
K.T.Y. Food International Co.,Ltd.
K.V.N. Import Export (1991) Co.,Ltd.
K.W.Chemi Co.,Ltd.
K.Y. Intertrade Ltd
K.Z.Y. International Co.,LTd.
KA Power Co.,Ltd.
Kabinburi Panasia Footwear Co.,Ltd
Kacha Handicrafts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Kadumthomg Begery Co.,Ltd.
Kaew Chock Chai Furniture Co.,Ltd.
Kagaya Co.,Ltd.
Kaing Hued
Kaithong Co.,Ltd.
Kalahari Dry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kalasin Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Kamizama (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kamolpat Beverages
Kamolthipplastic Part.,Ltd
Kampan Lanna Partner Ltd.
Kamphaeng-Saen Co.,Ltd
Kan Research and Development Co.,Ltd.
Kan Wei Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kanchana Fresh Pork Co.,Ltd.
Kanebo Cosmetic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kang Juang Trading
Kang Yong electric co.,ltd.
Kanjana-Apa Co., Ltd
Kankee Namtao Thong Co.,Ltd
Kankwan Co.,Ltd.
Kanlaya Saisawatwaned
Kanokwan Thai Trading Co.,Ltd.
Kanolrat Fresh Foods Limited Partnership
Kanom Lanthong
Kanom Set-Thi (kanjana Bekery House) Co.,Ltd.
Kanom TeaHuaYu
Kanombanarjarn Ordinary Parinership
Kantip Co.,Ltd
Kaochong Industry (197) Co.,Ltd.
Kaopakanun Co.,Ltd.
Kaotan Thaweephan
Kaoyor Product Co.,Ltd
Karat forset Co.,Ltd.
Kardeenarn International Co.,Ltd.
Karn Sarpoo
Karnchanasingkorn Co.,Ltd.
Karnoora Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Karticnee PTY (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kasa Telcom Co., Ltd
Kasem Magic Club
Kasemchai Farm Group Co., Ltd.
Kaset Fuengfu
Kaset Phol Sugar Co.,Ltd.
Kaset Rungraung Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Kasetr Peampoon B K K Ltd.,Part.
Kasorntip Herbal Oil
Kasstext Intertrade Co.,Ltd
Katevanich co.,Ltd.
Kati Pubishing
Katiaka Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Kawasho Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
KCM Promotion Part.,Ltd
Keeno Internationnal Co.,Ltd.
Kelbrig Co.,Ltd
Kellogg (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kemic Co.,Ltd.
Kendo Electric Co., Ltd.
Kerr Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Kerratiles Co.,Ltd.
Kerry Ingredients (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kesarin Arunroong
Kevlar Co.,Ltd.
Key International Food Co.,Ltd
Khajornjit Herble Group
Khamvilai Food Part.,Ltd
Khanom Tra Plathong Shop
khantaros International Co.,Ltd.
Khanumpie BannSanthirat
Khao Thalu Agriculture Working Group
Khaokho Talaypu Co.,Ltd.
Khao-La-Or Laboratories Ltd., Part.
Khi Dha Intertrade Co.,Ltd
Khon Kaen Brewery Co.,Ltd
Khon Kaen Dairies Co.,Ltd.
Khon Kaen Fishing Net Fatorty Co., Ltd
Khon Kaen Sugar Ind. Co.,Ltd.
Khong Guan Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Khongchai Music Co.,Ltd.
Khonguan Biscuit Factory (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Khonkaen J R Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Khorat Charoenpol Ltd
Khoyai Winery Co.,Ltd
Khumkokoh Housewife Group
Khumthong Industry & Printing Co.,Ltd.
Khun Han Rattanachai Ltd.,Part.
Khun Mon Farm Kratoom Community
Khun Ya Shop
Khunmaeju Co.,Ltd
Khunmay Vanhangjarakae
Khunnumtha Processing Co.,Ltd.
Khunsumreuy chilli sauce shop
Kiang Hua Co.,Ltd.
Kiat Thavee Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Kiati Suranont Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Kiatiporn Pitaksub Co.,Ltd.
Kiatpapha Co.,Ltd.
Kiatpibul Co.,Ltd
Kibun (Thaialnd) Co.,Ltd.
Kids and Toys Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kids Square Co.,Ltd.
Kids& Teens Co.,Ltd
Kiew Bakery
Kiew Pia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
KIJ Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Kim Lee Luck Co.,Ltd.
Kimac Co.,Ltd
Kimbaly -Clark Thailand Co.,Ltd
Kimbery-cark manufacturing(Thailand) co.,ltd.
Kimchua Trading Ltd.,Part.
Kin Huat International Ltd.,Part.
King Bangkok Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
King Coffee Co.,Ltd.
King da Thai Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
King Health Care
King Orange
King Product Control Co.,Ltd.
Kingfisher 108 Trading Co.,Ltd.
Kingfisher Holdings ,Ltd.
Kings Smile Ltd.,Part.
Kingswater Group Lmt.,Part.
Kinnaree 2003 Ltd.,Part
K-Interfood Co.,Ltd
Kinzi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kinzi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kisco (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Kitbanlue Multi-Food Co.,Ltd.
Kitchen Class (1993) Co.,Ltd.
Kitchen Define Co.,Ltd
Kitchoke Cosmetic 2001 Co.,Ltd.
Kitdee Tradding Co.,Ltd.
Kitjaroen T.P. Group Co.,Ltd
Kito (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kitpansean (Klouangnoon) Co.,Ltd.
Kitsamutpongchai Marketting and Product Piece Ltd.,Part.
Kitti Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Kitticharoenchai Stationary Co.,Ltd.
Kittidhana Assoc. Co.,Ltd
Kittipong Mokmoongmuang
Kittiruk International Co.,Ltd.
Kittiwat Feed Specialist Co.,Ltd.
Kittiwatana Rice Mill Co.,Ltd
Kiwi and Kom-Kom Products Co.,Ltd.
Kleen & Green Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Klongluang Agricutural Co-Operation Ltd
Klongton Samakkee Wifehouse Group
Klum Prea Roop Pollamai Krob Ltd.,Part.
Knack S.Chareonkij Co.,Ltd.
Knowledge Power Co.,Ltd.
Koam Tien Thai Ltd.,Part.
Kobe-ya Shokuhin Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Kodak (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Koerner Agro Export Center Co.,Ltd
Kohler(Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
kohler(thailand)Public Co.,Ltd.
Kohsan Electric(Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Kokliang Ltd.,Part.
Kokubo rock ice (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Komsan Boontaveekrit
Kong Chai Candle Production Co.,Ltd.
Kong&Kaem Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Konghomosad Traphamhomku Laboratory
Kongkatananun Co.,Ltd.
Kongkidakorn Food Co.,Ltd.
Kongpob Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
Kongsiri Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Kongthailighting Co.,Ltd
Konica Minolta Photo Immaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Koola Holding Co.,Ltd
Kor. Sawanyakron
Korach Industry Co.,Ltd.
Korat Chinkij Co.,Ltd.
Korat Foods and Spice Co.,Ltd
Korat Foods Products Co.,Ltd.
Korchsan Drinking
Korita Insulation (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Kornkit Paper Group Co.,Ltd.
Kornthai Co.,Ltd.
Kornua Mushroom Agriculture Group
Kosai Export(Thailand) Co.Ltd
Kosol-Ampa Co.,Ltd.
Koungtee Ltd.,Part.
Kovic Kate International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kovvit Vighitthaarurk Co., Ltd.
Kowa System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
KPP.Food Store
Krabi Fa Sai Limited Partnership
Kraft Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Krangdong Village Group
Krasang Agriculture Cooporative
Kratai Noi Chom Jun Part.,Ltd.
Kreaikrulthi Ltd.,Part.
Kreetha Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Kresspharma Co.,ltd.
Kreung Prung Rod Group
Kriang Pat Co.,Ltd.
Kriangkrai Fruit Factory Ltd.,Part
Kriangkrai Ltd.Part.
Krieng Prapa Co.,Ltd.
Kriengchai Trading
Kriengthai Wattana Co.,Ltd.
Kritsada Food Co.,Ltd
Kritsana Joss Sticks Group
Krittiya Royal Co.,Ltd.
Kroekchai Sukanjanajtee
Kross-konnect Co.,Ltd.
Kru Chai Coconut jelly
Kruathai Chilli Sauce Group
Kruew Sukkapap Co.,Ltd.
Krung sai ayuddaya inter food industry Ltd.,Part.
Krungdeb Pharmacy Limited Partnership
Krungsiambeverage Co.,Ltd.
Krungthai Audio Co.,Ltd.
Krungthep Numthip Co.,Ltd.
Krungthep Vidhya (1988) Co.,Ltd.
Krungthon Sport International Co.,Ltd.
Ktiiy Kit Co.,Ltd.
Kuang Pai San Food Products Bublic Co.,Ltd.
Kuapong Pranvihok
Kufong Co.,Ltd.
Kui Food Product Co.,Ltd.
Kui Yu Ltd.Part
Kuiburi Fruit Canning Co., Ltd
Kul Media Co.,Ltd.
Kulrung Bakery
Kulyakorn Foods & Beverage
Kume Pattana Trading Co.,Ltd.
Kumkowmaw Co.,Ltd.
Kumphawapi Sugar Co.,Ltd.
Kumpol Butsayaratsamee
Kumpon Export Co.,Ltd.
Kunakij Furniture Industry Co.,Ltd.
Kunatum Marketing Ltd.,Part.
Kupengkee Ltd.,Part.
Kupengseng Rice-Mill Part.,Ltd
Kuron Corporation Co,Ltd
Kurusapa Business Organization
Kwan Khaow Ltd.,Part.
Kwang Hua Industries Ltd. Partnership
Kwangthong sauce
Kwanmuang Kan Yota Ltd.,Part.
Kwanthong Trading Co.,Ltd.
Kwoehailhee fish sauce factory
Kwong Meng Co.,Ltd.
Kyra Mode Co.,Ltd.
Kyra Mode Co.Ltd.
Kyusen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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