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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (P)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
P & B Food Co.,Ltd.
P & E Development Co.,Ltd.
P & J Foods and Supply Co.,Ltd.
P & P Food Supply Co.,Ltd
P & P Shop Ltd., Part.
P & U Brothers Co.,Ltd.
P and P Umbrella Co.,Ltd
P and T Siam Co.,Ltd.
P C I C Co.,Ltd.
P F (Thailand) CO,Ltd.
P F C Food Products Limited
P Four Hid Xenon Co.,Ltd.
P G Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
P Hot Marketing Co.,Ltd.
P Inter Marketing Manufacturing Co.Ltd
P K N Intergroup Co.,Ltd.
P K Reccord
P O Computer Part.,Ltd
P P and S
P Pra Teep Thong
P T B International Co.,Ltd.
P V Petchvimol Limited Part
P W Trading
P. Bangkokmeet Ball (1997) Co.,Ltd.
P. Great Marketing Co.,Ltd
P. Narong & P.N.I Co.,Ltd.
P. Petcharat 2000
P. Sale Co.,Ltd.
P.A.Plus Co.,Ltd.
P.A.S Export & Solo Co.,Ltd.
P.B.O For Quality of Life Co.,Ltd.
P.E. and Peetech Co.,Ltd.
P.F. Food and Beverage Ltd.,Part.
P.G.M. Record Co.,Ltd.
P.Greenherb (2001) Co.,Ltd.
P.J. Bed Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Food Marketing Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Phatrakij Ltd.,Part.
P.K.Garment Co.,Ltd.
P.K.Subpaisarn Co.,Ltd.
P.K.Thongphanchang Ltd.,Part.
P.L.Junfeng Tissue Paper Holding Co.,Ltd
P.M. Food Co.,Ltd.
P.M.F. Stor Supply Co.,Ltd
P.N.D. Trading Co.,Ltd
P.N.L. Co.,Ltd.
P.Nongluck Industry Co.,Ltd
P.P Foods Supply Co.,Ltd.
P.P Sport Groud Ltd. Part.
P.P. Bakery
P.P. Center Supermart Ltd.,Part.
P.P. Packaging Co.,Ltd.
P.P.D. Sale Co.,Ltd.
P.P.P Printing Partnership
P.Power Product Co.,Ltd.
P.Prime Co.,Ltd
P.R Foodland Co.,Ltd
P.R. Inter Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
P.R.D.International Co.,Ltd
P.S. Bedding Co.,Ltd
P.S. Industrial & Chemical Co.,Ltd.
P.S.B. Co.,Ltd.
P.S.C Food Industries Co.,Ltd.
P.S.CH. Partner Product Co.,Ltd.
P.S.D. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
P.S.Food Product Co.,Ltd.
P.S.G. Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.S.I Plastic Co.,Ltd.
P.S.N. Intergarment Co.Ltd.
P.S.P. specialties Co.,Ltd.
P.S.U.D. Supply Ltd.,Part.
P.T. Cold Storage Co.,Ltd
P.T.Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd.
P.T.M. Foods Co.,Ltd
P.T.T. Progress Co.,Ltd.
P.T.Toys Co.,Ltd.
P.V. Com And Part International Co.,Ltd.
P.V.S.Pornsawanpromotion Co.,Ltd.
P.W. Food Co.,Ltd.
P.W.S. CollectionCo.,Ltd
P.Y. Kitsiri Co.,Ltd.
P.Y.Food Co.,Ltd
P.Y.S. Thai Foods Ltd.,Part.
P2V Group Co.,Ltd.
Pachaarporn Public Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Flormill Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Furniture Industry Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Green Tea Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Island Film Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Marketing and Entertainment Group Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Prarubsatnum Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Rim Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Rim Rich Group Co.,Ltd
Pacific Telecommunication and Phon Co.,Ltd
Pacifica Elements Co.,Ltd.
Pac-Inter-Multitrade Co., Ltd.
Pae Canoe Camp Co.,Ltd.
Paepuviya Co.,Ltd.
Paibulsuk Co.Ltd.
Pailin Laser Mettle Co.,Ltd.
Pailing water friut Co., Ltd.
Paint Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Paiphannarat Marketting
Pairat Industry Co.,Ltd.
Pairy Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Paisan Limited Partnership
Paitoon Saplee Co.,Ltd.
Paitroon ice-Paetory Co., Ltd
Pakfood Public Co.,Ltd.
Pakkaphon Wattanakit Industry Co.,Ltd.
Paknakorn Fish Sauce Factory
Paksi Co.,Ltd.
Pakvan Publishing Ltd.,Part.
Palama-Lapa Co.,Ltd.
Palan Peanut Porduct
Palida Co.,Ltd.
Palittapan Kanom Tra Rakangthong Co.,Ltd.
Palm Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Palmax Co.,Ltd.
Palmy Essen International Co.,Ltd.
Pam Interline
Pamola Co., Lrd.
Pampet Ltd., Part.
Pan Asia (1981) Co.,Ltd.
Pan Interfoodes Co.,Ltd
Pan Paper (1992) Co.,Ltd.
Pan Science Co.,Ltd.
Pan Siam Express Ltd.,Part.
Pan siam food product co.,ltd.
Pan Siam Publising Co.Ltd
Pana Garment Co., Ltd
Panacea Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
Panasonic A.P. Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Panasonic AVC Network (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Panasonic Battery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Siew Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Panaspotry Co.,Ltd.
Panax Ginseng Marketing Co.,Ltd
Pang Brother Co.,Ltd.
Panich Pradoke vermicelli
Panida Puktongchai
Pannaray Ltd.,Part.
Panomix Nutrisolutions Co.,Ltd.
Panorama Worldwide Co.,Ltd
Pansia Engineering Co.,Ltd,
Panta Siam Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Pantainorasingh Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Pantura Co.,Ltd
Panu Production Co.,Ltd.
Panuda Thaisily Food Co.,Ltd
Papa Childrenware Ltd.,Part
Paper Work Asia Co.,Ltd.
PARA Research Co.,Ltd
Parachute Design Co.,Ltd.
Paragon Import Export Co., Ltd
Paramita (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pargolf Sportinghouse Co.,Ltd.
Parinya Fermented Pork
Parmalat (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Part One Co.,Ltd.
Particle Planner Co.,Ltd.
Party Import Ltd.,Part
Pashree shop
Pass Education Co.,Ltd.
Pass Meridian Co.,Ltd.
Pass Meridian Co.,Ltd.
Pastina Co.,Ltd.
Patanakit prasong Ltd.,Part.
Patavee Water Ltd.,Part.
Pataya Food Industries Co.,Ltd.
Patchanee Co.,Ltd.
Patcharee Charoennan
Paterlab Ltd.,Part.
Pathawin Co.,Ltd
Pathom Asoke Community
Pathomthip Co.,Ltd.
Patinter Cleaning Co.,Ltd.
Patjitra Chotbunyong
Patra Ceramic Public Co.,Ltd.
Pattana Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Pattana Sura Thai Ltd.Part.
Pattara Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.
Pattarabandit Co.,Ltd.
Pattarasin Co.,Ltd.
Pattaya Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Pattaya Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Pattern Pet Co.,Ltd
Patum Rice mill an Granary PLC.
Patum Vegetble Oil Co.,Ltd.
Paul Food Industres Co.,Ltd.
Paveemon Co.,Ltd.
Paxanic Tazoka (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Paya & Herb
Payment Solution Co.,Ltd
Pazana Cosmetic and Personal Care Co.,Ltd.
PC Brain Limted Part.
PC Network Partnership
PC Zone Co.,Ltd
PCC Interlab Co.,Ltd.
PCT Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Peach Icream Shop
Peak Eagle-Vignobles Reunis Winery Co.,Ltd
Peam Co.,Ltd
Peanagon Industry Co.,Ltd.
Pearl Bedding Co.,Ltd
Pearlse (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pech Pornsawan Co.,Ltd.
Peerapat Industral Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Pen K. Intertrading Co., Ltd
Pena Hose Public Co.,Ltd.
Pencom Co.,Ltd
Pendura Life Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Penpark Herbs Co,.Ltd.
Penpasin Co.,Ltd.
Penrung Bath Fittings Co.,Ltd.
Pension World Co.,Ltd.
Pentapal Trading Co.,Ltd
People ELE. Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Peoplemedia Co.,Ltd.
Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co.,Ltd.
Perfect Companion Co.,Ltd.
Perfect Health Care Co.,Ltd.
Perfect Health Solution Co.,Ltd.
Perfect Natural Food Powder And Favor 2002 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Perfect Vision Multimedia Co.,Ltd.
Perfectbox Co.,Ltd
PerfectFood Co.,Ltd.
Perfumery Co.,Ltd.
Perkchieng (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Perla Trading Co.,Ltd.
Perm Poon Patana Industry Co.,Ltd.
Perma-Flex Co.,Ltd.
Pernod Ricard (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pernod Ricard (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Perrie Vittel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pet Alliance Co.,Ltd.
Pet and Buddy Co.,Ltd
Pet Genius Co.,Ltd
Pet Specialist Co.,Ltd.
Pet Supply Co., Ltd.
Pet Way Product Shop
Pet World Center Co.,Ltd.
Petch Chumporn Fish Sauce Factory Ltd.,Part.
Petchaburi Noodles Factory Ordinary Part.
Petchburi Inter Foods Co.,Ltd.
Petchpinkeaw Co.,Ltd.
Petchsiam Deluxe Ware Co.,Ltd.
Petchsiam Sound and Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Petchtaksin fish sauce factory ltd.,part.
Petech International Co.,Ltd.
Peter And Jeannie Co.,Ltd.
Petphotha (2002) Co.,Ltd.
Petro Drinking Water Co.,Ltd.
Petroleum Authority of Thailand
Petter Way (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Peuchkaukull Part.,Ltd
Peung Raksa
Pfost GmbH Co.,Ltd.
Phacharaphannamtip Limited Partnership
Phahom Mai Thai
Phailin Book Net Co.,Ltd.
Phalung Thai Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Phama cosmet Public Co.,Ltd
Phanwamas Herb Co.,Ltd.
Phaphat Co.,Ltd.
Pharmacare Co.,Ltd.
PharmaHof Co.,Ltd.
Pharmasant Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
Phatra Udom Phan Co.,Ltd.
Phattana Seafoods Co.,LTd.
Phatthanarat Co.,Ltd.
Phatying Warindhorn Co.,Ltd
Phayayen Winery Ltd.Partnership
Phenthorn Ltd.,Part.
Pheonix Gold Consortium Co.,Ltd.
Phiboonchaimaepranom Thai Chilipaste Co.,Ltd.
Phichit Silver Gold 1991 Limited Partnership
Philips Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Philipson Tagwood (Thai) Co.,Ltd
Philus Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Phiromphak Food CO.,Ltd
Phisith Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Phitphisarn Co.,Ltd
Pho Karuna Co.,Ltd.
Phoenix foods limited partnership
Phoenix Telemarketing Co.,Ltd.
Pholdhanya Co.,Ltd
Pholnimit Co., Ltd.
Pholthapthai Trading Ltd.
Phomachat Products Part.,Ltd.
Phomjaithai Shop
Phondhanya Co.,Ltd
Phong Pun Commercial Ltd.,Part.
Phongchitt Co.,Ltd.
Phonglap Co.,Ltd.
Phongsatorn Chiemwichit
Phoomboon Natural Health Products Co.,Ltd.
Phoomfresh Shop
Phorn Shop
Phornthip Sports Wear Co.,Ltd.
Phothong Product Ltd., Part
Photo Ent Co.,Ltd.
Phromburi Drinking Water
Phu Phana Group
Phuet thai Fruits Co.,Ltd
Phuket Abolone Farm Co.,Ltd
Phuket R.O.Water System Co., Ltd.
Phumidin Natural Praducts
Phumin Handy Carft Co.,Ltd
Phungnoi Bakery Co.,Ltd.
Piboon Products Co.,Ltd.
Pica Inter Co.,Ltd.
Picha Pharmacist
Pichai Fish Sauce Co.,Ltd
Pichai Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Pichitpan Rice Pearling (2002) Co.,Ltd.
Pick & P Trading Company Limited.
Picnic Plas Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Pie Energylite Co.,Ltd
Pie Freshie Foods & Beverage CO.,Ltd.
Piengjai Industry (1989) Co.,Ltd.
Piliyapol International
Pimai Salt Co.,Ltd.
Pimmalai Ltd. Partnership
Pimnatcha 2000
Pimolrat Rattanasriyakorn
Pimonporn Co., Ltd.
Pimpa Herbal Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
Pimrapee Co.,Ltd.
Pin International Co.,Ltd.
Pin Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Pin Kuan Industry Co.,Ltd.
Pin Sahavinichpoka Co.,Ltd.
Pina BEC-Tero Co.,Ltd.
Pinnacle Poise Co.,Ltd
Pinyo Parbnij Ltd.,Part.
Pinyopass Inter Trade Co.,Ltd
Pioneer Industrial Creative Co.,Ltd.
Pioneer Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Pipat Cycle Limited Partnership
Pipattana (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pis group co.,Ltd.
Pisitichai International Co.,Ltd.
Pitaksakorn Plastic Ltd.,Part.
Pitipong Ice Factory (Sahaphon Ice Factory) Ltd.,Part.
Pitisiri Limited Partner Ship
Pitronars Retel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pituk Yellow Oil
Pixi Box Co.,Ltd
Piya Silp
Piyachat Products Co.,Ltd.
Piyaphan Thai Herbal
Piyapoom Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Piyarat Nawachol Part.,Ltd
PJ. 37 Parawood Co.,Ltd.
Plabo Co.,Ltd.
Plan Creations Co.,Ltd.
Plan For Kids Co.,Ltd.
Plan Parithat Co.,Ltd
Planet T And S Co.,Ltd.
Planet T Distribution Co.,Ltd.
Plango Co.,Ltd.
Plant Media Co.,Ltd.
Plantation and Farm Design (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Plantinum Industry Co.,Ltd
Plasom Thapien raikang Community Group
Platinum Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Platinum Marketing and Distribution Co.,Ltd.
Playtown Co.,Ltd.
Plearn Pichaya Co.,Ltd
Pleunpis Marketing Ltd.,Part.
Plot and Plan Co.,Ltd.
Ploytalay Resort Co.,Ltd.
Plus Value Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
PMC (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
PMPaint Co.,Ltd
PN Interfood Group Co.,Ltd
PNW Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Po Dao Pharmacy
Po Lieang Chiang Mai Co.,Ltd.
Pointe Russe Co.,Ltd.
Pokarat Ltd.,Part.
Pokerm Product
Poli Pharm Co.,Ltd.
Polygram Motorbike Co.,Ltd.
Polypllant Co.,Ltd.
Polytex Industry Co.,Ltd
Polything World Wide Co.,Ltd
Pommes & Cerises Natural Products Ltd.,Part.
Ponder Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Pond's Chemical Thailand R.O.P.
Pong Marketing Import Export Limited Partnership
Pongpradit herb
Pongsawat Tradding (1999) Co.,Ltd.
Pongthaipoonsup Ltd.,Part.
Pongvit Panutayotin
Ponsuriya Rice Mill Co.,Ltd
Ponumpai Fruitythai Co.,Ltd
Pooka Industry Co.,ltd.
Poomboon Natural Health Products
Poompoj Rattananurarak
Poon Boonsub Co.,Ltd.
Poonpolkasatelampang Partnet Ltd.
Poonsinsomboon Ltd.,Part
Poonsuchon Co.,Ltd.
Por.Phanakorn Entertainment co.,ltd.
Porcharoenfood (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pork Products Ltd.,Part.
Porn Sin Panich
Porn Thavee Casting Work Co.,Ltd.
Pornchai Hutavanitkul
Pornchai Industry Chonburi (2003) Co.,Ltd.
Pornchai Kidprasert
Pornchanok Food
Porncharoen Ice Ltd.,Part.
Porncharoenchai Business Ltd.,Part
Pornchita International Co., Ltd
Pornkamon Rice Flourmills Co., Ltd.
Pornmakawan Intertrade Ltd., Part
Pornnata Ltd., Part.
Pornprathan fish sauce factory
Pornpratuengsungtong Ltd. Part
Pornsetrmetha Co.,Ltd.
Pornsri Channoi
Pornsri Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Pornthep Pharmacy
Pornthipchaipattana Co.,Ltd.
Porntip Bumrungklang
Porntip Chuemseri
Porntip Luksomboon
Porntip Sea Store Co.,Ltd.
Potentice Co.,Ltd.
Pothong Marketing
Pots R Us Ltd.
Poung Chomphu Ltd.,Part.
Power Green Engineering Part.
Power Mart Co.,Ltd.
Power Melon Co.,Ltd.
Power Nutrition Co., Ltd.
Power Orihin And Travel Co.,Ltd.
Power Pack Express Co.,Ltd
Powerdry Co.,Ltd.
Powerful Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Powermatic Co.,Ltd.
Powerq and Saving Intania Co.,Ltd
PP Mohn Menere Co.,Ltd
PP World Media Co., Ltd.
Ppaltex Co.,Ltd
PPP Ltd.,Part
Prachin Winery Ltd.,Part.
Prachuab Fresh Water Limited Partnership
Prachumphan Drinking Water Ltd.,Part.
Praiboon Ltd.,Part
Prajak Sanguan Ltd.,Part.
Prajakchindapa Group
Prakob Beef Products Co.,Ltd.
Prameuk Charoenrat Factory Ltd. Part.
Pranali Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Pranburi Hotei Co.,Ltd.
Pranburi pineapple canning co.,ltd.
Pranda Jewelry Public Co.,Ltd
Pranee Phan Co.,Ltd.
Prapan Shop
Prapon Lochapun Ltd.,Part
Prarathai International
Prasadthong Osod Co.,Ltd.
Prasanmitre Publishing (psm) Ltd
Prasarn Sukyukol
Prasat Agriculture Cooperative Co.,Ltd
Prasert Chutimaporn
Prasert Panich
Prasit Buangam
Prasit stationary & printing
Prasitsak Pesach Shop
Prasitthichai Ubol Ricemill Ltd.,Part.
Prasong Pravasanung
Prateep Enterprise Ltd.,Part.
Praveen Puengpocharoenpan
Pravit Selamic Co.,Ltd.
Praweephop Products Co.,Ltd
Prayalue Thaiherb Limited Partners Ship
Precious Memory Co.,Ltd.
Precision Communication Co.,Ltd.
Precision Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Precisitionline Co.,Ltd
Precition Inter Food Co.,Ltd
Preedanon Co.,Ltd.
Prema Care International Co.,Ltd
Prema Hing Quelity Co.,Ltd.
Prema Interbis
Premae (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Premier Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Premier canning industry co.,ltd.
Premier Dairy Foods Co.,Ltd.
Premier Hue and Design Ltd.,Part.
Premier Lubricant Co.,Ltd.
Premier Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Premier Pet Co.,Ltd
Premier Pet Product Co.,Ltd.
Premium Co.,Ltd.
Premium Digital Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Prempree Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Premsuk Bestfoods Co.,Ltd.
Prena Fresh Food Co.,Ltd.
Preserve food-Santisuk Group
Preserved Food Specialty Co.,Ltd.
Preserved Tamarind Group
President Bakery Co.,Ltd.
President Grains Products Co.Ltd.
President Gren Product Co.,Ltd.
President Rice Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Presition (2000) Co.,Ltd.
Pretty Item Limited Partnership
Pricess-bra Co.,Ltd.
Prijonherb Group
Prima Artificial Flower (Thailand Ltd).,Part.
Prima Beauty Co.,Ltd.
Primafoods Supply Co.,Ltd.
Primary World Intertrade Ltd.,Part.
Primasoft co.,ltd.
Prime Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Prime Sport Co.,Ltd.
Primex Worldwide Co.,Ltd
Primus Plus Co.,Ltd
Princess Project Marketting Co.,Ltd.
Priss and Peach Co.,Ltd.
Prize o Wood Co.,Ltd.
PRN Supply Co.,Ltd.
Pro Care Co.,Ltd.
Pro Fitta Ordinary Part.
Pro Media Gift Co.,Ltd.
Pro One Petroleum and Asphlt Co.,Ltd
Pro wireless Co.,Ltd.
Processed Product of One Tumbol One Product Center (Nhong Chang Kuen)
Processing Meet Products Group
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pro-Dairy Co.,Ltd
Product Development Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Products Cann Co.,Ltd.
Produra Paint Co.,Ltd.
Profarma Co.,Ltd
Professional Cleaning Co.,Ltd.
Proficient Products Co.,Ltd.
Profive Group Co.,Ltd
Progress International Industry Co.,Ltd
Pro-in Trading Co.,Ltd.
Project D Co.,Ltd
Prolife International Co., Ltd.
Promart Merchandising Co.,Ltd.
Promediamart Co.,Ltd.
Promjak Music Co.,Ltd.
Promotional Partners Worldwide (thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Prompitak Nateetarntip Shop
Promplus Co.,Ltd.
Promthong shop
Pronpongkasem Co.,Ltd
Prosperity Co.,Ltd.
Proto Plast Co.,Ltd.
Pruexsatum(Limauyseng) LTD.
Pruksa Herb
PS Profood Co.,Ltd
PSC Commercial Co.,Ltd.
PSG Intertrade co.,ltd.
PSN Intergroup Co.,Ltd
PSV Sport Co.,Ltd.
Psyche Graces Product Co.,Ltd
PT Drinking Water Co., Ltd.
P-Tech Manuchem Co.,Ltd.
Public Warehouse Organization
Pubpra Tawanjang
Puebridge Advance Technology Ltd.,PART
Pukdeeruamjai Group
Pukradueng Agro Promotion (1991) Co.,Ltd.
Puksa sao Co., Ltd
Puksangthong Co.,Ltd
Pumaneerat Bhaesaj Ltd.,Part.
Pumipat Kanviriyakuu
Pumpkin Tape and Tools Ltd.,Part.
Pumpui Restaurant Co.,Ltd
Pumsin Physic Co.,Ltd.
Punya Israpiwat
Pu-pe Bakery
Puppa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pure Chem Co., Ltd
Pure Foods Co.,Ltd.
Pure Green Co.,Ltd.
Pure Health Co.,Ltd
Pure Life International Co.,Ltd
Pure Mountain Co.,Ltd.
Pure Music Co.,Ltd
Pure Pure Generation Co.,Ltd.
Puri Co.,Ltd.
Puri Spring Co.,Ltd.
Puritas Co.,Ltd.
Putchubun Dispensary
Putpetchsriosod Ltd.,Part
Putter Food And Products Part., Ltd
Putthamongkol Joss-sticks Shop
PX union daily plant co.,ltd.
PZ Cusson (Thailand) co.,ltd.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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