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Thailand Bar Code Companies, Thai Barcode Users (M)


There are thousands of companies in Thailand who use barcode equipment, barcode labels and general bar coding supplies. All these companies, Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and service industries, use bar codes in some way to control stock and inventory. Some of the equipment is imported, some made locally.

Do you need to contact these Thailand companies who use barcodes?

Bangkok Companies serves two functions with regard to bar coding equipment:

  • For companies looking to source barcode equipment and supplies from scanners and printers to stickers and labels, we can find the right barcode supplies manufacturer in Thailand to satisfy your needs.
  • We can help importers of bar code equipment find their target customers. The Ultimate Thailand Contact database contains 45,000 companies in Bangkok and across Thailand. We can supply contact information in electronic format to fuel your direct marketing campaigns.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Thailand companies who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase our database 

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Following you will find a list of companies who use barcode equipment in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
M & A Madison Supply Co.,Ltd.
M & Co (Direct) Co.,Ltd.
M & H Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
M & M Inter Trade Co.,Ltd
M & P World Associated Ltd.,Part.
M & R Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
M 16 Thai Beverage Limited Partnership
M And Co (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
M and P Enterprises Co.,Ltd
M B A Pro Partnership Ltd.
M C I International Co.,Ltd.
M K K (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd
M T Global Co.,Ltd
M&N Trading (2001) Co.,Ltd
M. and M. Food Products Co.,Ltd.
M. Merry Factory Thai Toys Co.,Ltd.
M. Pheeraphant Co.,Ltd.
M. Water Co.,Ltd.
M.A.H. Printing Co.,Ltd.
M.A.K. Export Co.,Ltd.
M.A.N. Group Co.,Ltd.
M.C. Control Matic Co.,Ltd.
M.D. Synergy Co.,Ltd.
M.D. Union Group
M.D.Tape Co.,Ltd.
M.E. Nikkiso Co.,Ltd
M.E.Spirit Co.,Ltd
M.G.B. World Food Co.,Ltd.
M.H.C Food Limited Part.
M.I.Engineering Co.,Ltd.
M.K. Unigroup corporation Co., Ltd.
M.K.Way (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
M.P.M. International Co.,Ltd.
M.P.S. Enterprises Ltd.,Part
M.S. Royal Aquerieam Co.,Ltd
M.S. Royal Pet Co.,Ltd.
M.S.Group Co.,Ltd.
M.S.S. Lighting Co.Ltd.
M.T. Favourgift Co.,Ltd.
M.T. Marketing and Supply Co.,Ltd
M.T.E. Co.,Ltd
M.T.K. Enterpris Co.,Ltd.
M.T.M. International Group Import - Export Co.,ltd
M.T.N.C. International Co.,Ltd.
M.U. Marketing Ltd.,Part.
M.V.Health & Beauty Line Co.,Ltd
Ma Maison Nature
Maabin Brand Partnership Limited
Mac Co.,Ltd.
Mac Plus Co.,Ltd.
Machasub Production Co,.Ltd
Macrophar Co.,Ltd.
Madam Maketring
Maddi Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Mae Auy
Mae Ban Kasettakorn Lak Song Group
Mae Ban Koke Mai Lai Group
Mae Ban Tumbol Paknum Krasae Group
Mae Boonsong Sweet Radish Factory
Mae Chaeng Co.,Ltd.
Mae Fah Luang Foundation Under Royal Patronage
Mae Juntima Thai Herbal Chilli Paste
Mae Klong Food Co.,Ltd.
Mae La Singburi
Mae Lamun pipe tobacco
Mae Leurn Sour Fruit
Mae Lhaew Ordinary Part.
Mae Payao Products Co.,Ltd.
Mae Pimpha Shop
Mae Pradab Food Product Limited Partnership
Mae Puay Tung
Mae Salong Instant Tea Group
Mae Sod Food Cannery Co.,Ltd.
Mae Somjit
Mae Somkrun
Mae Thongsuk Radish Factory
Mae Ubol processing banana
Maechan Winery Co.,Ltd.
Maefahluang Group
Maejongjit Co.,Ltd
Maeklong Argo Industrial co.,ltd.
Maelek Food Product
Maelumdoun processing banana Group
Mae-ruay Snack Food Factory Co.,Ltd.
Maesalong Coffe Co.,Ltd
Maey-Hao Ltd.,Part.
Mag Mai House
Magic Kids Co.,Ltd.
Magic Power (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Magnet Technology Corp.,Ltd.
Magpie Co.,Ltd.
Mah Boonkrong Dary Goats Co.,Ltd
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Industrial Co.,Ltd
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Mahachai Food Processing Co., Ltd
Mahachai Warin Factory
Mahachoke Mahachai Tradding Co.,Ltd.
Mahajak Devalopmant Co.,Ltd.
Mahalab Incense Stick Ltd.,Part.
Mahamongkhol Trading
Mahanakornchai food co.,ltd.
Mahaphant Fibre-Cement PLC.
Maharacha International BKK Co.,Ltd.
Mahasawadi Cooperative Housewife Group
Mahidol Institute
Mai Hom
Maithong Products Ltd.,Part.
Maitree Industry Co.,Ltd.
Majestic A Co.,Ltd.
Majestic Mark Co.,Ltd.
Major Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Makarn Craft
Maketing Excellent Co.,Ltd.
Mala chemical industries co.,ltd.
Malee Sampran Public Co.,Ltd
Maleebangkok Co.,Ltd
Malin Advance co.,ltd.
Mammotsu Co.,Ltd.
Mamy Co.,Ltd.
Man A Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd
Manee Innerwear Co.,Ltd.
Maneemongkol Import-Export Co.,Ltd
Mangharam (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mangmee Intertrad Co.,Ltd
Mango Innovative Group Co.,Ltd
Mangpong Public Co.,LTd.
Manna and Herbs Co.,Ltd.
Manwood Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Mao Jung Trading Co.,Ltd.
Marasri Product Co.,Ltd
March 2004 Co.,Ltd.
March Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Marciano Co.,Ltd.
Mareen Gold Products Co.,Ltd.
Marine Magnate (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Marine Resources Development Co.,Ltd.
Market Way Co.,Ltd
Marketing Development Co.,Ltd.
Marketing Hub Co., Ltd
Marketing Plus Co.,Ltd.
Maruay Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Marut and Kanom Siripan Ltd.,Part.
Mary Anne Dairy Product Co.,Ltd
Mary Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Masa Lab Co.,Ltd.
Mascot Enterprises Co.,Ltd
Mass Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Mass Mery Co.,Ltd
Mass Supply Co.,Ltd.
Mass Supply Service Co.,Ltd
Massy Product Co.,Ltd.
Master 9 Group Consultancy Co.,Ltd.
Master Care Co.,Ltd
Master Piece Garment and Textile Co.,Ltd.
Master Stamp
Master Tape Co.,Ltd.
Masterkool International Co.,Ltd.
Mat Center Co.,Ltd
Mathanaphanitchiangmai Co.,Ltd.
Mathee (2005) Co.,Ltd.
Matsushita Battery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mawai Food Corporation Ltd.
Mawin Interfood Co.,Ltd.
Max Commerce Co.,Ltd.
Max Im Thai Co.,Ltd.
Max Klen Co.,Ltd.
Max Ploys International Co.,Ltd.
Max Toys Co.,Ltd.
Maxcycle Co.,Ltd.
Maxima Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Maxiplan Corporation Co.,Ltd
Maxmerity Co.,Ltd.
Maxon System [Thailand] Co.,Ltd.
Maxsiam Marketing Ltd.,Partnership
Maxstar products co.,Ltd
Maxwell Herbal International Co.,Ltd.
May Seven Enterplex co.,Ltd.
Mayflower (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Maytus Pastic Co.,Ltd
Mazuma (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
MBP Later Industrys Co.,Ltd.
McFin Co.,Ltd
MDA Trade Co.,Ltd
Me At You Co.,Ltd.
Mea Hong Son Mea Sri Bua Ltd.,Part.
Mea Soun Bun Shop
MEB Asia Co.,Ltd.
Media Food and Drink Co.,Ltd.
Media Foods Co.,Ltd.
Media of Medias Public Co.,Ltd
Media Speed Co.,Ltd.
Media Standard Co.,Ltd.
Medicaal Work Partnership Ltd.
Medical and Beautiful Supply Co.,Ltd.
Medical Device Manufacture (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Medifast Co.,Ltd.
Medigloves Ltd.
Medinova (2004) Co.,Ltd.
Medline Co.,Ltd.
Medtexx Industries (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Meechai Thai Alcohal Ltd.,Part.
Meena intertrading co.,ltd.
Meena Meekhow Part.,Ltd.
Meesin Ltd.,Part.
Mega Lifesciences Co.,Ltd.
Mega Lifesience PTY Co.,Ltd.
Mega Store Co.,Ltd.
Megacell International Co.,Ltd.
Megate Thai Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
MegaTelecom Co.,Ltd.
Mekan Group Co.,Ltd.
Melamine Thai Co.,Ltd.
Melow Agro Co.,Ltd.
MEM (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Memolink Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Memory Golf Co.,Ltd.
Memorytoo Co.,Ltd.
Menam Decor Co.,Ltd.
Meng Tai Co.,Ltd.
Mengseng candy factory co.,ltd.
Meofood co.,Ltd.
Merai Winener & Liceur Co.,Ltd
Mercansteel Ltd.,part
Merck Co.,Ltd.
Mercury Marketing Limited Partnership
Mercury Sports Co.,Ltd.
Merisun Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Merit Food Products
Mesh Mart Co.,Ltd.
Methee Phuket Co.,Ltd.
Metro M.D.F. Co.,Ltd
Metro Picture Co.,Ltd.
Metro Records-Tape (1981) Co.,Ltd.
Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
Meyer Industries Co,.Ltd
Meyo Co.,Ltd.
MG Record
MGA Co.,Ltd.
Mic-Cell Co.,Ltd.
Micro Bio-Tec Co.,Ltd.
Micro Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Microchip and C (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Microfiber Industries Co.,Ltd.
Midsa Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Miere International
Mild Nori
Millenium Marine Product Co.,Ltd.
Millennium Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Millennium Phone Co.,Ltd
Millet- Berb Shop
Millimed Co.,Ltd.
Million Creation & Marketing CO.,Ltd.
Million Sun Co.,Ltd.
Milott Laboratories Co.,Ltd
Mimi Industrial Co.Ltd.
Minburi Herb Club
Mine Design Co.,Ltd.
Miner Fashion Co.,Ltd.
Ming Yong Tea Ltd.,Part
Mingkwan Group
Mingkwan Shop
Minicraft Co.,Ltd.
Minisystem Co.,ltd.
Minor Cheese Co.,Ltd.
Minor Corporation Public Company Limited
Minrata Suanmaetang
Mintana Co.,Ltd.
Miracle Collection Co.,Ltd
Miracle Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Mirth Group Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Misis Co.,Ltd.
Miss Rungtiwa Kaetsrichart
Missgun (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Mission Health Food Co.,Ltd.
Mitchell-KMC Co.,Ltd
Mitmai Candy Factory Ltd.,Part.
Mitr Thai Pairoj Ltd., Part.
Mitshubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co.,Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products Co.,Ltd.
Mitsumpun Tread Co.,Ltd
Mittmongkong Industry Co.,Ltd.
Mitto Industry (Thailand) co.,Ltd.
Mix and Match Co.,Ltd.
M-Link Asia Corporation Co.,Ltd.
MLM Food Co.,Ltd.
MLM Marketing Co.,Ltd.
M-Mixed Co.,Ltd.
MMP Packaging Group co.,Ltd.
Moderate Marketing Co.,Ltd
Modern Cass International Cosmatics Co.,Ltd.
Modern Food Industries Co.,Ltd.
Modern Form Group PCL.
Modern Furniture Ltd.,Part.
Modern Solutions co.,ltd.
Modern sort products Co., LTD.
Modern Way Co.,Ltd
Modern Y2K Co.,Ltd.
Mogen (Thailang) Co.,Ltd.
Moh Mee Co.,Ltd
Mola Design Co.,Ltd.
Mola Design Co.,Ltd.
Molakan International Co.,Ltd
Molmos (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mona Export Co.,Ltd.
Monapolitan Co.,Ltd.
Monchaichaya Marketing Co.,Ltd
Mondale Trading Ltd.,Part.
Monde Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Monde Nissin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mongkol Chaipattana Co.,Ltd.
Mongkol Marine Products Co.,Ltd.
Mongkol Palm Pattana Ltd.,Part
Mongkol Panich
Mongkol VDO & CD Co.,Ltd.
Mongkolchaiwatana Co.,Ltd.
Mongkolsamai Co.,Ltd.
Mongkornthong Bakery
Monkey Holding Peach Brand Co.,Ltd.
Monkey King Food Co.,Ltd
Mono Generation Co.,Ltd.
Monten (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Montier Trading Ltd., Part.
Monty & Totco Co.,Ltd.
Moo Milk Co.,Ltd.
Moo Nak Sue
Moo Yor Au Eubol
Moon Twenty Two Co.,Ltd.
Moonlight Quest Limited Partnership
Morakot Industries public co.,Ltd.
Morning Direct Co.,Ltd.
Morning Direct Co.,Ltd.
Mortan Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Mosfly (Thai) Co.,Ltd
Motri Laisomboon
Movie Disc Co., Ltd
Movie Film Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Movie Home Video Co.,Ltd.
Movie street entertainment co.,ltd.
M-PE Insulation Co.,Ltd.
MPEC Public Company Limited
MSA Phama Ltd.,Part.
M-Sigma Co.,Ltd.
MSS Sourcing & Sales Co.,Ltd.
MTR Group Co.,Ltd.
Muang Maprao Co., Ltd.
Muang Nakhonpathom Cooperative
Muang Thip Co.,Ltd.
Muang Thong Seiko Co.,Ltd.
Muangloi-ed Group
Muangloukthung Co.,Ltd
Muangnong Mineral Co.,Ltd.
Muangphae wisky liquor Ltd.,Part.
Muangthai Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Muangthai Garment Co.,Ltd.
Muangthai General Co.,Ltd.
Mueng Amnart Ltd.,Part.
Mui Tao International Co.,Ltd
Muk Prapanpongchai
Mulberry Green Co.,Ltd
Mulberry Green Tea Ltd.,Part.
Multi Education Co.,Ltd.
Multi Food International Co.,Ltd.
Multi Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
Multicorp Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Multipro International Co.,Ltd.
Multisuplytrading (1992) Co.,Ltd
Mungmee Marketing
Mungpattana Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Mushroom in Ongkarak
Music Airline
Muslim Community Group
Muspaq Co.,Ltd
Mutimedia Plus Co.Ltd
My Friend Club Co.,Ltd.
My Healthy Food Co.,Ltd
My Ozone Co.,Ltd.
My Tempo Part., Ltd
Myheart Creative Part., Ltd
Mykie Co.,Ltd
Myrex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Barcode users in Thailand - Just a sample of the thousands of Companies in Thailand who use barcodes. For full contact details you will need to purchase The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database
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