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Sumitomo Electric Wiring System - Zurton International


Thailand Foreign Companies
, Thai Foreign Manufacturers, Foreign Owned Companies in Thailand bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and a wealth of investment and money to the Thai economy.

Over the years Bangkok Companies has sought to research data on these foreign companies. We believe that we have the most comprehensive and in-depth database of foreign owned companies in Thailand.

If you are looking to do business with a Foreign company in Thailand or want to contact Foreign expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Please email for more details and pricing

Foreign Companies in Thailand  
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Featured Foreign Companies and Foreign Manufacturers in Thailand

Following you will find lists of foreign companies involved in business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a foreign company or simply supply a database of these foreign companies then please email

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Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd.
Sumitronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Summit Advance Material Co.,Ltd.
Summit Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.
Summit Ansei Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Summit Auto Seat Industry Co.,Ltd.
Summit Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Summit Chugoku Seira Co.,Ltd.
Summit Computer Co.,Ltd.
Summit Consulated Co.,Ltd.
Summit Corp. (Overseas)
Summit Electronics Components Co.,Ltd.
Summit Electronic Components Co.,Ltd.
Summit Food Industries Co.,Ltd.
Summit Footwear & Seats Co.,Ltd.
Summit Footwear Co.,Ltd.
Summit Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
Summit Grade Ltd. Part.
Summit Group Group Company
Summit Health & Beauty Co.,Ltd.
Summit Industech Co.,Ltd.
Summit Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
Summit Kurata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Summit Laemchabang Auto Body Work Co.,Ltd.
Summit Laemchabang Auto Work Co.,Ltd.
Summit Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Summit Otsuka Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Summit Pine Herst Golf And Country Club Co.,Ltd.
Summit Pinehurst Golf & Country Club Co.,Ltd.
Summit Queen Limited
Summit Showa Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Summit Steering Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Summit Supplies (1958) Co.,Ltd.
Summit Supply & Service Co.,Ltd.
Summit Technologies Ltd.
Sun Hub Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Sun Island Resort & Spa, Krabi
Sun Metal Co Ltd,
Sun Microsystems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sun Paradise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sun Paratech Co.,Ltd.
Sun Screen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sun Shine International Co.,Ltd.
Sun Star Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sun Star Tech Co.,Ltd
Sunbelt Asia Co. Ltd.,
Sunbirds Co.,Ltd
Suncall High Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sunchien (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sunchin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sunchirin Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Sunek Food Ltd.,
Sunflag (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sunflower Group,
Sung-Jin Tour Co.,Ltd.
Sunlife (Thailand) Limited,
Sunnex Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sunny Business Co.,Ltd.
Sunny Camera Trading Co.,Ltd
Sunny Diamonds Co.,Ltd.
Sunny Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sunprene (Thailand) Company Limited,
Sunrider Thailand
Sunrise Diamond Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Sunrise Resources Limited
Sunshine Umbrella Co.,Ltd.
Sunstar Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sunstar Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sunsui Tech Co.,Ltd
Suntory Ltd,
Supaporn Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Super Fine Works Co Ltd,
Super Made Products Co.,Ltd.
Super Mark Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Supermax Merchandising Co.,Ltd.
Surapon Foods Public Company Limited
Surapon Nichirei Foods Co.,Ltd.
Surapon Seafoods Public Co.,Ltd.
Surebeam (Thailand) Ltd.,
Suretex Ltd.,
Surface Specialties (Thailand) Ltd,
Surin Insurance Agency Co.,Ltd.
Surint Omya Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Suriya & Son Co.,Ltd.
Sushi King (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sushi Tsukiji
Sutlet Group (Thailand) Co Ltd
Suwannaphum Agro Consultants Co Ltd,
Suzuyo (Thailand) Ltd.
Suzuyo Fritz (Thailand) Ltd.
Swan Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Swan Laboratory & Plantation Co.,Ltd.
Swan Pneumatic Corporation Ltd.
Swan Siam Corporation Co.,Ltd..,
Swarovski (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Swarovski Crystal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Swarovski Retail (Thailand) Ltd.
Sweden Embassy Of Sweden Bangkok
Sweden Motor Public Co.,Ltd.
Sweden Motors Plc.
Swedish Motors Corporation Public Company
Swedpower (Thailand) Ltd.
Swinburne Tummasiri-Laem Chabang School Of Engineering
Swire & Maclaine Co.,Ltd.
Swire And Maclaine Co.,Ltd.
Swiss Air Co.,Ltd.
Swiss Air Transport Co.,Ltd.
Swiss Educational Association
Swiss Hotel Bangkok
Swiss Lodge Hotel
Swiss Premium Holding Co.,Ltd.
Swissland Ltd.,Part
Swiss-Lodge Silom
Swiss-Thai Business Association
Swiss-Thai Chamber Of Commerce
Swisstime (Thailand) Ltd.
Switt Freight International Co.,Ltd
Sybase (Thaliand) Ltd.,
Sylla Cheickna Co.,Ltd
Symphony Consulting Alliance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Syn Mun Kong Insurance Public Company Limited
Syncor International Thailand
Synthese (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Synthesis Interactive Technologies Co.,Ltd
Syscom Computer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
System Cubic Consultancy Co.,Ltd.
System Kikaku Co.,Ltd.
System S&P (Thailand) Co Ltd,
T & C Project Co.,Ltd.
T And T Leader Co.,Ltd.
T. I. D. International Co.,Ltd.
T. Krungthai Industries Co.,Ltd.
T. Paper Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T. Traveller 2000 Co.,Ltd.
T.A. Enterprise (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
T.A.O (Thailand) Executive Recruitment,
T.B.F. Tiles (Thailand) Co Ltd,
T.B.K. Krungthep Co.,Ltd.
T.B.R.C. Co.,Ltd.
T.C. Motor Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.C. Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd
T.C.C. Commercial Property Management
T.C.H. Suminoe Co.,Ltd.
T.C.I. Foods Co.,Ltd.
T.C.M. Asia Distribution Co.,Ltd.
T.D.A. Rubber Co.,Ltd
T.D.K. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
T.D.K. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.D.S. Chemical Co.,Ltd.
T.D.S. Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.E.T. Ltd./Tour East,
T.G. Advance Concrete Co.,Ltd.
T.G. Laserbuilt Co.,Ltd.
T.G. Sash Co.,Ltd
T.G. Tobb & Associates Co.,Ltd.
T.G.F. Precision Parts Co Ltd,
T.G.I.S. Industries Co.,Ltd.
T.I.K. Manufacturing Co Ltd,
T.I.K. Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.I.S. Indochina Co.,Ltd.
T.I.T. Electronics Co.,Ltd.
T.I.T. International Co.,Ltd.
T.J. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.J. Golden Sky Travel Co.,Ltd.
T.J.C. Chemical Co.,Ltd.
T.K.C. Color Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
T.K.S. Enterprises Plc.,
T.K.S. Technology Public Co.,Ltd.
T.K.T. Ogawa Co.,Ltd.
T.K.T. Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.L.T. Wako (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.M. Food Co.,Ltd
T.M. Incorporated Co.,Ltd.
T.M. International Bank Ltd.,
T.M.C. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.M.S. International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.N.D. Foods Industry Co.,Ltd.
T.N.P. Resins Chemical Co.,Ltd.
T.O.C (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.P.C. Co.,Ltd.
T.P.G. Motors And Drives (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.P.I. Polene Public Co.,Ltd.
T.P.S. Garden Furniture Co.,Ltd.
T.P.W. Die-Casting Industry Co.,Ltd.
T.R.T. Lucent Technologies,
T.R.T.C. Services Co.,Ltd.
T.R.W. Fuji Serina Co Ltd,
T.R.W. Steering & Suspension Co.,Ltd
T.S. Cheng Shing Spring Co.,Ltd
T.S. Lines (Thailand) Co Ltd,
T.S. Pottery Ltd.,
T.S. Tech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.S.B. Trading Co.,Ltd.
T.S.C.I. Co.,Ltd.
T.S.E. Lup Technology (Thailand) Ltd.,
T.S.K. Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.S.K. Forging Co.,Ltd.
T.S.T. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.T.A. Co.,Ltd
T.T.B. Thai Travel Bureau Ltd.,
T.T.H. Plastic Co.,Ltd.
T.T.K. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.T.L. Industries Public Company Limited,
T.T.L. Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
T.T.L. Public Co Ltd,
T.T.M. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.T.S. Plastic Co.,Ltd.
T.U.M. Textile Co. Ltd.,
T.U.V. Rheinland Thailand Ltd,
T.U.W. Textile Co.,Ltd.
T.V.N. Recruitment Consultant Co.,Ltd.
T.V.V. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.W.C. Furniture Co.,Ltd.
T.W.F. Co.Ltd,
T.W.Y. Co.,Ltd.
T.Y. Union Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
T.Y.F. Imex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ta Liang Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Ta Orange Company Limited,
Ta-Chou Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tafong Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Taguchi Overseas Co.,Ltd.
Tai Ing Chuan Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Tai Kin Standard Mold Base Co.,Ltd.
Tai Shing Li Industry Co,Ltd
Tai Tien Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taipei Chemical Products Ltd.,
Taiheiyo International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taiko Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tain Wen Thai Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Tai-Pan Hotel Co Ltd,
Taipei Economic & Cultural Office,
Taisei (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Taisei Boueki Co.,Ltd
Taisei Corp,
Taisei Plas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taisei Trading Co Ltd,
Taisho Seiki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tait Mobile Radio Ltd,
Taitronics Industries Co.,Ltd.
Taiun (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taiyo Giken (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taiyo Kobe Bank Ltd., The
Taja Group International Co.,Ltd.
Takacom (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takahashi Plastic Co.,Ltd
Takahashi Spring (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takahata Precision (Thailand) Ltd.,
Takane Bangkok Industry Co.,Ltd.
Takano (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takao (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takao Eastern Co.,Ltd.
Takashi Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Takashimaya (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Takata-Toa Co.,Ltd.
Takeda (Thailand) Ltd.,
Takei Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Takei Plastic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takenaka International Ltd, Thai
Taknas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Talisman Travel Co.,Ltd.
Talktime Asia Co. Ltd.,
Tana Food And Beverage Co.,Ltd
Tanabe (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Tanaka (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Tang Ti Hua Heng Co.,Ltd.
Tanin Elna Co.,Ltd.
Tanin Telecommunication And Rescue
Taniyama Siam Co.,Ltd
Tap Air Portugal (Tp),
Tara Siam Business Information Ltd.,
Tarco Co Ltd, Thai
Target World Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Tarom - Romanian Air Transport (Ro),
Tasgof Co Ltd,
Tatara Acoustic Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tate & Lyle Engineering (Thailand)
Tatsuno Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd
Tatung (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tawana Container Co.,Ltd.
Tawana Ramada Hotel,
Tay Precision Industries Co.,Ltd.
Taylor Nelson Sofres Thailand,
Tcd Co Ltd,
T-Con Group Co.,Ltd.
Tech Ace Co.,Ltd.
Technilink (Thai) Ltd.,
Technip Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.,
Techno Foam Co.,Ltd.
Techno Heel Co.,Ltd.
Techno Polymer (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Technology German Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
Tecnomen Thailand,
Teco Electric & Machinery (Thai) Co.,Ltd
Tec-Sahaviriya Co.,Ltd.
Tectrade Co.,Ltd.
Tee Hwa Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Tee Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tefl International
Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Teikuro (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Teka (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tel-Dan Co.,Ltd.
Telecomasia Corporation (Public) Co.,Ltd.
Tele-Dynamic Co.,Ltd.
Teleglobe International,
Telia Swedtel (Thai) Ltd,
Telindus (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tellabs International Inc,
Temenos Systems (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Temple Bar International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tempstaff Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Tenking (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tenma Paper Mills (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Teo Hong Group Of Companies,
Teo Hong Silom Co Ltd,
Teo Thai Trading Co Ltd,
Teral Thai Co.,Ltd
Ter-Ma Lou Ltd.,
Tero Entertainment,
Terumo (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Tes-Amm Ltd,
Tesco Lotus Ek-Chai Distribution System Co.,Ltd.
Tescon Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tescorp Management Services Company Limited,
Test Rite International (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tetleys Thailand,
Tetra Pak Manufacturing (Thai) Ltd,
Tetra Pak Manufacturing (Thai) Ltd.,
Tex Tech Industries (Thailand) Ltd.,
Texaco Energy Development (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Texaco Exploration (Thailand) Ii Ltd,
Texaco Global Products Llc,
Texchem-Pack (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Text & Talk Consultantcy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Texxan Co.,Ltd.
Thai - Fi Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mikasa Co.,Ltd
Thai Agri Foods Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ahresty Die Co.,Ltd.
Thai Aichi Denki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Airways International Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Altec Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ambica Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai American Environment Protection
Thai Ando Construction Co.,Ltd.
Thai Arai Co Ltd,
Thai Arrow Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Arusu Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asahi Denki Co Ltd,
Thai Asahi Denso Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asahi Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd
Thai Asahi Glass Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asakawa Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asco Brake Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asco Filter Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Co Ltd,
Thai Asia Travel Co.,Ltd.
Thai At Vacations Co.,Ltd.
Thai Auto Sales Co.,Ltd
Thai Auto Works Co Ltd,
Thai Automotive Industry Co Ltd,
Thai Automotive Seating & Interior Co.,Ltd.
Thai Barge Container Services Co.,Ltd.
Thai Baroda Industries Ltd.,
Thai Bauer Co Ltd,
Thai Belgium Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Benkan Co Ltd,
Thai Best Tour Co.,Ltd
Thai Bolon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bonanza International Co.,Ltd.
Thai Branta Mulia Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bridgestone Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bright Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Thai British Security Printing Public Co Ltd,
Thai Bulk Services Co Ltd,
Thai Cane Paper Public Co.,Ltd
Thai Caprolactam Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Car Show Automotive Products
Thai Carbon & Graphite Co.,Ltd.
Thai Carbon Black Public Company Limited,
Thai Carbon Product Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cascolour Co.,Ltd.
Thai Castor Oil Industries Co.,Ltd
Thai Central Chemical Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ceramic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chang Printing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cheer Powder Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chemical Corp.,Ltd.
Thai Cheng Hai Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cheng Shing Spring Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chi Hon Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Thai Chiew Charn Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chin Fu Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chori Co.,Ltd.
Thai Coated Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet
Thai Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Container Systems Co Ltd,
Thai Containers Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Containers Limited,
Thai Copper Rod Co.,Ltd.
Thai Crt Co.,Ltd.
Thai Daiho Company Limited,
Thai Dai-Ichi Seiko Co.,Ltd.
Thai Daimaru Co.,Ltd.
Thai Dainihon Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Thai Danish International Co Ltd,
Thai David Co.,Ltd.
Thai Decal Co.,Ltd.
Thai Dnt Paint Mfg Co.,Ltd.
Thai Do No-Gen Gen Co.,Ltd.
Thai Durable Textile Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Eak Seng Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai Eastern Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Effort Co.,Ltd.
Thai Electron Gun Co.,Ltd.
Thai Electronic (1989) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Eng Kong Container Services Co.,Ltd.
Thai Engineering Products Co Ltd,
Thai Environmental Energy Care,
Thai Environmental German Services Co.,Ltd.
Thai Epoxy And Allied Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Escorp Ltd,
Thai Exeo Corp Ltd,
Thai Fah Pisan Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fantaco Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Farmers Bank,PCL
Thai Fashion Fabric Co Ltd,
Thai Feng Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fermentation Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fiber Optics Co.,Ltd.
Thai Filament Textiles Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fine Sinter Co.,Ltd.
Thai First Enamel Co.,Ltd.
Thai First Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
Thai Foam (2539) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Food Coatings Ltd.,
Thai Foods International Co.,Ltd.
Thai Forging Engineering,
Thai Formosa Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fpc Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fuji Latex Co Ltd,
Thai Fuji Seiki Co.,Ltd
Thai Fuji Xerox Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fujibo Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fujimori Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fujioka Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fujiya Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fukoku Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fukuda Corporation Ltd,
Thai Fukuvi Co.,Ltd.
Thai Furukawa Unicomm Engineering Co Ltd,
Thai Garden Resort,
Thai Garment Export Co.,Ltd.
Thai Garment Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gci Resitop Co.,Ltd.
Thai German Dollomatik Automatic Doors Co Ltd,
Thai German Electrical Engineering
Thai German Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai German Meat Products Co Ltd,
Thai German Processing Co.,Ltd
Thai German Speciality Glass Co Ltd,
Thai Gia Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ginlong Development Co.,Ltd.
Thai Glass Industries Plc.,
Thai Glico Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gunze Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gypsum Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Habel Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hachiban Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hakuhodo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hamilton Co.,Ltd.
Thai Haylia Co .,Ltd.
Thai Hazama Corporation Limited,
Thai Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd
Thai Herrick Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hibex Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hino Industry Co Ltd,
Thai Hirota Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hissan Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hitachi Enamel Wire Co Ltd,
Thai Hokuto Precision Co.,Ltd.
Thai Home Garment Co.,Ltd.
Thai Honda Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hong Yi Co.,Ltd.
Thai Houghton 1993 Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hua Bamboo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hydraulic Machinery (1987) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Iki Industries Co Ltd,
Thai Image Advertising Co Ltd,
Thai I-Mei Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd.
Thai India Corporation Ltd.,
Thai Industrial Connection Co.,Ltd.
Thai Industrial Estate Corporation Ltd.,
Thai Industrial Gases (Public) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Industrial Parts Ltd.,
Thai Inoac Mold Co.,Ltd.
Thai Inter-Com,
Thai Intermodal Systems Co Ltd,
Thai International Die-Making Co.,Ltd.
Thai International Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Thai International Moving & Storage Co.,
Thai Investment & Securities Co Ltd,
Thai Irro Plc.,
Thai Isekyu Co.,Ltd.
Thai Itoh Intensive Course Service Co.,Ltd
Thai Itokin Co.,Ltd.
Thai Iwaki Glass Co.,Ltd.
Thai Janome Co.,Ltd.
Thai Japan Co.,Ltd.
Thai Japan Gas Co Ltd,
Thai Japan Glass Factory Co.,Ltd.
Thai Japan Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
Thai Japan Textiles Registered Ordinary Partnership,
Thai Jen Tsong Lace Co.,Ltd.
Thai Joetsu Electric Corporation,
Thai Jurong Engineering Limited,
Thai K.K. Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kajima Co Ltd,
Thai Kakinuma Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kamaya Co Ltd,
Thai Kamo Co Ltd,
Thai Kaneta Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kaseihin Co Ltd,
Thai Kawaken Co Ltd,
Thai Kawanishi Ltd.,
Thai Kawasaki Motors Co Ltd,
Thai Kawasumi Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kayaba Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Keizai Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kenzaisha Co Ltd,
Thai Kikuwa Ind. Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kitahara Ltd.,
Thai Kiwa Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kk Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Klinipro Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kobashi Co Ltd,
Thai Kobelco Construction Machinery Ltd.,
Thai Kodama Co.,Ltd.
Thai Koito Co.,Ltd.
Thai Koken Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kokoku Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Thai Konoike Construction Co.,Ltd
Thai Koyo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kurabo Co Ltd,
Thai Kyoto Packaging Product Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kyowa Engineering And Construction
Thai Leather Coating Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lecip Corporation Ltd,
Thai Leighton Ltd,
Thai Lian Forklift Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lift Industries Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Link Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Living Pleasures Co.,Ltd.
Thai Logistics Service Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lotte Co.,Ltd.
Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Co Ltd,
Thai Madagascar Fisheries Co.,Ltd
Thai Magic Company,
Thai Mahachai Seafood Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mapping Service Co.,Ltd.
Thai Marble Mining Co.,Ltd.
Thai Marese Co.,Ltd
Thai Marsol Co Ltd,
Thai Martin Group,
Thai Marujun Co,Ltd.
Thai Maruken Co Ltd,
Thai Maruni Lumber Ltd.,
Thai Master Builders Co.,Ltd.
Thai Master Transport International Service
Thai Masterpack Co.,Ltd.
Thai Match Co Ltd, The
Thai Matto N S Co.,Ltd.
Thai Max Cold Storage Co Ltd,
Thai Max Plastics Co.,Ltd.
Thai Maximum Electronic Co .,Ltd
Thai Maxwell Electric Co Ltd,
Thai Meidensha Co.,Ltd.
Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Thai Meira Co.,Ltd.
Thai Melon Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai Metal Processing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Metal Recycling Limited,
Thai Meters Co Ltd,
Thai Mfc Co. Ltd.,
Thai Mikami Co.,Ltd
Thai Mikimoku Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mitchi Corporation Ltd.,
Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mitsuwa Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mma Co.,Ltd.
Thai Modern Plastic Industry Public Company
Thai Momoi Co Ltd, The
Thai Monster Co Ltd,
Thai Morimoto Co Ltd,
Thai Morishia Co.,Ltd.
Thai Moritech Co.,Ltd.
Thai Murakami Roof Tech Co.,Ltd.
Thai Murata Electronics Trading Ltd.,
Thai Myojo Foods Co.,Ltd.
Thai N.J.R. Co.,Ltd.
Thai N.O.K. Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nakamura Label Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nakanishi Co Ltd,
Thai Nakano Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nakon Pewter Co Ltd,
Thai Namba Co.,Ltd
Thai Namsiri Intertex Co Ltd,
Thai Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Thai Negoro Co Ltd,
Thai Nichi Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nichia Electrodes Ltd.,Part.
Thai Nikko Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Concrete Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Foods Co Ltd,
Thai Nippon Meat Packers Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Road Co Ltd,
Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Seiki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nisca Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nisca Coko Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nishiken Co.,Ltd
Thai Nishimatsu Construction Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Dca Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Setfun Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Technomic Co Ltd,
Thai Nissin Mold Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nitrate Co.,Ltd.
Thai Njr Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nylon Co Ltd,
Thai O.D.D. Co.,Ltd
Thai Obayashi Corp Ltd,
Thai Occidental Chemical Ltd.,
Thai Ocean Printing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Oil Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ojima Precision Co.,Ltd.
Thai Okabe Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Thai Okawa Co Ltd,
Thai Okk Machinery Co Ltd,
Thai Oleochemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai Onono Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ootomo Travel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Optical Co.,Ltd.
Thai Orchid Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Thai Organic Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai Orix Leasing Co Ltd,
Thai Otsuka Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pakerizing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Palnet Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Thai Palnet Enterprise Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Thai Para Industry Ltd.,Part.
Thai Paragon Construction Co.,Ltd.
Thai Paraxylene Co.,Ltd
Thai Parkerizing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Parts Feeder Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pattana Ceramics Co.,Ltd
Thai Peroxide Co.,Ltd.
Thai Petrochemical Industry Public Company
Thai Petroleum & Trading Co Ltd,
Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co.,Ltd.
Thai Photovoltaics Ltd.,
Thai Pigeon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pinnacle Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thai Plastic And Chemicals Public Company Limited
Thai Plastic Industries Ltd.,Part.
Thai Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Poly Acrylic Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Polyacetal Co.,Ltd.
Thai Polycarbonate Co.,Ltd.
Thai Polyphosphate & Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai Poron Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prasit Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,
Thai Present Co Ltd,
Thai President Foods Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prestige Auto Sales Co.,Ltd.
Thai Progress Garment Co.,Ltd.
Thai Progressive Die Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pulp Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pure Drinks Ltd,
Thai Qp Co Ltd,
Thai Rayon Public Company Limited,
Thai Refined Salt Co Ltd,
Thai Refrigeration Components Co.,Ltd.
Thai Reinsurance Plc.,
Thai Risk Control Co Ltd,
Thai Royal Frozen Food Co.,Ltd.
Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand)
Thai Rung Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai Rung Union Car Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ryowa Construction Co Ltd,
Thai Sadakari Co.,Ltd.
Thai Safety Glass Co Ltd,
Thai Sakura Finance And Securities Company Limited,
Thai Sam Mit Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sammut Pkk Co.,Ltd
Thai Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sanei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sankyo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sanwa Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sanwa Food Industrial Co Ltd,
Thai Sanyo Denki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sato Engineering Construction
Thai Scan Projects Ltd,
Thai Scandinavian Shipbrokers Co. Ltd,
Thai Scantube Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seat Belt Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seberu Pico Co.,Ltd.
Thai Secom Pitakkit Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seika Electric Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seisen Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sekisui Foam,
Thai Semba Co Ltd,
Thai Semcon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seng Trading Co Ltd,
Thai Setakij Insurance Public Co Ltd, The
Thai Shell Exploration & Production
Thai Sheng Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shibaura Denshi Co.,Ltd
Thai Shibaura Electric Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shih Hsing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shikibo Co Ltd,
Thai Shimada Co.,Ltd
Thai Shimizu Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shinih Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shinmaywa Co Ltd,
Thai Shinryo Ltd,
Thai Shinsei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shipping & Chartering Co Ltd,
Thai Showa Paxs Co.,Ltd.
Thai Silicate Chemicals Co Ltd,
Thai Silk Co Ltd, The
Thai Simon Safety Industries Co Ltd,
Thai Sintered Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sohbi Kohgei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sohwa Service Co Ltd,
Thai Sol-Plus Asia Co.,Ltd
Thai Soon Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai South Pacific Knitting Co.,Ltd.
Thai Special Wire Co Ltd,
Thai Specialty Starch Co.,Ltd.
Thai Spf Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sports Garment Co.,Ltd.
Thai Spring Fish Co,Ltd
Thai Staflex Co Ltd,
Thai Stanley Electric Public Co Ltd,
Thai Starlite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steel Bars Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steel Cable (Tsk) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steel Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steel Service Center Ltd.,
Thai Sulphites And Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sumicon Co.,Ltd
Thai Sumiden Engineering And Construction Co.,Ltd
Thai Summit Electric Manufacturing
Thai Summit Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Hirotec Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Intertech Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Mitsuba Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Pk Co Ltd,
Thai Sun Foods Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sunrock Co.,Ltd.
Thai Supreme Agriculture Co.,Ltd.
Thai Suzuki Motor,
Thai Swedish Assembly Co.,Ltd
Thai Synergy Works Co.,Ltd.
Thai Synthetic Rubbers Co.,Ltd.
Thai Systech Kyowa Co.,Ltd.
Thai System Research Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tabuchi Electric Co.,Ltd.
Thai Taekwondo School Bangkok
Thai Taffeta Co.,Ltd.
Thai Taihei Co Ltd,
Thai Takasago Co.,Ltd.
Thai Takaya Co.,Ltd.
Thai Takayama Reed Co.,Ltd.
Thai Takeda Lace Co Ltd,
Thai Takenaka International Ltd. (General Contractors)
Thai Tank Terminal Ltd.,
Thai Tech Garment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tech Matsuda Co.,Ltd.
Thai Techno Plate Co.,Ltd.
Thai Telecommunications Engineering
Thai Telephone & Telecommunication
Thai Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai Textile Development And Finishing
Thai Textile Printing 1980 Co.,Ltd.
Thai Textube & Package Co.,Ltd
Thai Tgk Industry Corp Ltd,
Thai Tinplate Mfg.Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toda Corporation Ltd.,
Thai Tohken Thermo Co Ltd,
Thai Tohmado Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tokai Carbon Product Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toko Engineering & Construction
Thai Top Express Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toray Textile Mills Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Fluorescent Lamp Co Ltd,
Thai Toshiba Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tour 21' Co.,Ltd.
Thai Touring Company Limited,
Thai Towel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Toyo Denso Co.,Ltd
Thai Transformer Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tri Ox3,
Thai Tungaloy Cutting Tool Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tv Global Network & Ibn,
Thai Tyre Mould Co.,Ltd.
Thai U G Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ultimate Car,
Thai Underwear Co Ltd,
Thai Union Frozen Products Public Company Limited,
Thai Union Life Assurance Company Limited,
Thai Union Manufacturing Co Ltd,
Thai Unique Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai United Plastic Industry Company
Thai Universal Office Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Use Link Enterprise Ltd.,
Thai Usui Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vegetable Oil Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vetrotex Co.,Ltd.
Thai Viscount Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wah Food Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wah Lg Chemical Co Ltd,
Thai Wan Nian Co.,Ltd.
Thai Washin Co Ltd,
Thai Watana Panich Press Co.,Ltd.
Thai Waterline Systems Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wei-Chuan Co.,Ltd.
Thai Win Fiber Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wire & Cable Services Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wire Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wonderful Wire Cable Co.,Ltd.
Thai Wool Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Y.G.T. Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamada Gijuku Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamaha Motorcycles Co Ltd
Thai Yamaki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamakura Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamakura Corporation Ltd.
Thai Yamasa China Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamatech Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamato Iron Company Thailand
Thai Yamazaki Co Ltd,
Thai Yanagawa Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yashiro Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yasuda Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yazaki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yazaki Corporation Ltd.
Thai Yazaki Electric Wire Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yazaki Group Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yokohama Kako Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yokorei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yonei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yoo Han Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yoshitake Co.,Ltd.
Thai Young Travel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Zurich Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai-American Bricks Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Asahi Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Canadian Chamber Of Commerce,
Thai-China Flavours And Fragrances Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Chinese Chamber Of Commerce,
Thai-Chinese Exim Association, The
Thai-Chinese International School Bangkok
Thai-Chinese International Trade Promotion Centre
Thai-Const & Building Manufacturing
Thaideals Dot Net Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Denmark Swine Breeder Public Company Limited,
Thai-Finnish Chamber Of Commerce,
Thai-France Supplies Co.,Ltd
Thai-French Innovation Centre (Tfic)
Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Ceramics Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Construction Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Culture Foundation
Thai-German Decor Co.,Ltd. ( Kronotex Fussboden Gmbh &
Thai-German Development Foundation
Thai-German Dollomatik Automatic Doors Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German For Development
Thai-German Graduate School Of Engineering
Thai-German Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Institute
Thai-German Law Office
Thai-German Meat Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Mould And Dies Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Product Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Restaurant
Thai-German Solar Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Special Steel Center Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Specialty Glass Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Thai-German-Guard-Force Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Germany Products Plc.
Thai-India Steel Products Co.,Ltd.
Thaiinter Co.,Ltd
Thai-Israel Chamber Of Commerce,
Thai-Italian Chamber Of Commerce,
Thai-Japan Gas Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Japan Golf Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Japan Ground Co.,Ltd.
Thaijapan Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Japan Technological Promotion Association
Thai-Japanese Association School,
Thaijet Ltd.,
Thai-Kamo Co.,Ltd.
Thaiken Maintenance & Service Co Ltd,
Thai-Kobe Welding Co.,Ltd.
Thailand & Indochina Traveller Magazine,
Thailand Carpet Manufacturing Company
Thailand Iron Works Public Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Property Centre,
Thailand Reinsurance Brokers Co Ltd,
Thailand Technical Services Co.,Ltd.
Thailand-U.S. Business Council,
Thailock Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
Thailon Six Six Co. Ltd.,
Thaiman Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Mc Co.,Ltd.
Thai-New Zealand Chamber Of Commerce,
Thai-Nichi Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Nichias Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Norwegian Chamber Of Commerce,
Thainox Steel Limited,
Thai-O.D.D. Co.,Ltd.
Thaioil Power Co.,Ltd.
Thaipo Company Limited,
Thaiprox Ltd,
Thai-Scandic Steel Co.,Ltd.
Thaisecom Pitakkij Co Ltd,
Thaisin Rubber Industry Ltd.,Part.
Thai-Sweden Chamber Of Commerce
Thai-Swedish Assembly Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Swedish Chamber Of Commerce
Thai-Swiss Metalworks Co.,Ltd.
Thaitec Rental Company Limited Co.,Ltd.
Thaitronic Co.,Ltd.
Thakral Co Ltd,
Thamavit Consulting Office Co Ltd,
Thames Water International (Thailand) Ltd
Thaniya Co.,Ltd.
Thaniya Travel Service Co Ltd,
Thann-Oryza Co.,Ltd
Thano Production Co.,Ltd
Thasco Chemical Co Ltd.,
Thavibu Gallery,
The Asia Foundation,
The Australian Studies Centre,
The British Club,
The Co-Generation Public Co Ltd, (COCO)
The Commercial Co Of Siam Ltd,
The Devshop Ltd.,
The Pizza Public Co Ltd,
The Travel Team Co.,Ltd.
Thermaflex Insulation Asia Co.,Ltd.
Thien Po Co.,Ltd.
Thiheiyo International (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Thitnita-Rish Technology Solutions Inc,
Th-Maruyu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thomas Biel And Associates Ltd,
Thomas Cook (Se-Asia) Ltd.,
Thomson Brothers Co.,Ltd.
Thomson Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thomson Multimedia Operations (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thomson T.V. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thomson Television (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thomson-Csf (Thailand) Ltd.
Thonburi Lace Co.,Ltd.
Thong Electronics Ltd.,Part.
Thong Heng Stone Product Co.,Ltd.
Thongthai (1956) Co Ltd,
Thoresen Laem Chabang Co.,Ltd.
Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Co.,Ltd.
Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited
Thoresen Thai Agency Plc.
Three Bond Tec Pte Ltd,
Three Bond Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Three Bond Viv (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
hyssen Elevators Asia Pacific Company Limited
Thyssen Krupp Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Thyssen Polymer (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Thyssen Polymer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thyssenkrupp Elevator (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thyssenkrupp Industries ( Thailand ) Ltd.
Ti Jing
Tiam International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ticon Industrial Connection Public Company Ltd.,
Tien Heng Co.,Ltd
Tien Yuen Machinery Manufacturing Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tietex Asia Ltd.,
Tiger Tourist Service Co.,Ltd.
Tigerpoly (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tilement (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tilleke & Gibbins Consultants Ltd. (Mapinfo Corporation)
Tilleke & Gibbins International Limited
Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd.
Tilleke & Gibbins R.O.P.
Tim Food Co.,Ltd.
Tim Pelling Photography Co.,Ltd.
Timbo Products (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Tin Pao Industrial Co.,Ltd
Tip Top Co.,Ltd.
Tipco Asphalt Public Co.,Ltd.
Tippany Service Co.,Ltd.
Tira Thai Co.,Ltd.
Tisco Asset Mangement Company Limited
Tisco Finance Plc Co Ltd
Tisco Finance Public Co.,Ltd.
Tisco Securities Company Limited
Titleist & Foot-Joy (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tivoli Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Tmtg (Thailand) Ltd,
Tnt (Thailand) Limited,
Toa - Chugoku Paints Co.,Ltd
Toa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (E & L)
Toa Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.
Toa Chemical Industries Limited
Toa Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Toa Chemical Manufacturer Industry
Toa Co.,Ltd.
Toa Dovechem Industries Co.,Ltd.
Toa Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toa- Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toa Paint Thailand
Toa Paints (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Toa Plastic Industries Co.,Ltd.
Toa Plasticizer Industries Co.,Ltd.
Toa Power Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Toa Sankyo Industries Ltd Thai
Toa -Shukoku Paint Co.,Ltd.
Toa Shutters Ltd.Part.
Toa Uni Chemical Manufacturing Ltd.
Toa Uni-Chemical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Toa-Chugoku Co.,Ltd.
Toa-Chugoku Paints Co.,Ltd.
Toacs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toacts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toa-Dovechem Industries Co.,Ltd.
Toa-Sankyo Industries Co.,Ltd.
Toa-Shinto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toa-Unichemical Manufacturing Ltd.
Toa-Union Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tobutsu Singapore (Metals & Fasteners)
Toc (Thailand) Ltd,
Today 'S Tai & Thai Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Toddy Co.,Ltd.
Toei Denshi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toei-Inoac Ltd.,
Toepfer International-Asia (Thailand) Ltd.,
Toho Bussan Kaisha Ltd
Toho Bussan Kaisha Ltd. (Bangkok Representative Office)
Toho Foam (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toho Yoshitake (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Tohoku Oki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tohoku Pioneer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tohpe (Thailand) Corporation Ltd.
Tokai Bank Ltd. The
Tokai Dyeing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokai Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Ltd.
Tokai Gauge Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tokai Intertec Co.,Ltd.
Tokai Precision ( Thailand ) Ltd.
Tokai Rika (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokai Surgery Clinic Bangkok
Tokco Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.
Token Interior & Design Co.,Ltd.
Tokico (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokico (Thailand) Ltd.
Tokin Singapore Ltd.Part.
Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd
Tokio Marine South East Servicing Co.,Ltd
Tokiwa A P (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokiwa A.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toklai Co.,Ltd.
Toko (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokiwa A.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokuii Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Byokane (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Coil Engineer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Coil Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tokyo Construction Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Denki Group Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Development Consultants (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Gem Laboratory (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Keiso-Krohne ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Koku Saibo Aki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Marine South East Servicing Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Nissin Trading Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Optical (Th) Co Ltd
Tokyo Optical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Optical Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Para Wood (1986) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Parawood (1986) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Parawood 1986 Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Try (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Tyre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyodo Bookstore,
Tokyu Department Store (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyu World Transport (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toll (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tombow (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Tomen (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tomoe (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Tomy (Thailand) Ltd.
Tomy Toy Manufacturer (Thailand) Ltd.
Tong Chang Weight Scale Co.,Ltd.
Tong Chen Furniture Co.,Ltd.
Tong Fong Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
Tong Garden Co.,Ltd.
Tong Hai Ceramic (1998) Co.,Ltd.
Tong Tai Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Tong Yang (I.K.I.) Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd.
Tongfang Container Co.,Ltd.
Tongkah Harbour Public Company Limited,
Tontine Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Tool Products (Thailand) Ltd.
Toolbox Media Co.,Ltd.
Tooten Photography,
Top Crafts Co Ltd,
Top Great Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Top Hightech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Top Industrial Supply (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Top Nail Staple-Maker Co.,Ltd.
Top Runner (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Top Sun (Thailand) 1989 Co.,Ltd.
Top Sun Co.,Ltd.
Top Tube Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Topaz B.K.K. Co.,Ltd.
Tops (Japan-Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tops Supermarket
Topsearch Pcb (Thailand) Ltd.,
Topy Enterprises Limited
Topy Fasteners (Thailand) Ltd.,
Toraram (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toray Fibers (Thailand) Ltd.
Toray Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toray International Inc
Toray Nylon Thai Co.,Ltd.
Torc Co.,Ltd.
Torch Lite (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Torii Thai Co.,Ltd.
Tornado (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tortoise Asia Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Asia Pacific Ltd.Part.
Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Cemicon Ducter (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Chevalier Oa (Thailand)
Toshiba Consumer Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Corporation
Toshiba Display Device (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Display Devices (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Electronics Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Toshiba Lighting Co Ltd Thai
Toshiba Lighting Components (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Machine (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Of Thailand Foundation
Toshiba Plant Kensetsu Co Ltd
Toshiba Semiconductor (Thiland) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Semiconductors (Thailand) Co Ltd
Toshiba Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Toshin Chemitech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshino Supply Co.,Ltd.
Toshoku Ltd
Tosin Co.,Ltd.
Tosplant Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Total Fina Elf E & P Thailand
Total Fina Elf Gas & Power Thailand
Fina Elf Oil (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Total Food (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Total Lubricants (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Total Lubrication Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Total Training Innovations (Thailand)
Total Way Image Co.,Ltd.
Totem Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tour East (Thailand) Ltd,
Tour In International Co.,Ltd.
Tour Korea And Trading Co.,Ltd.
Tour Sing Co.,Ltd.
Touristik Union International Gmbh,
Towa Seisakusho (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Towa Spring (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Boeki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Electric ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Electric Manufacturer Thailand
Toyo Engineering Corporation
Toyo Express (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Hicisu Air-Corn Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Hinsitsu Air-Con Co.,Ltd
Toyo Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Ink (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Ink Coating (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Millennium Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Pen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Phokphan Fish Factory
Toyo Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Radiator (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Roki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Shikisai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Shutter Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Stationery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Textile Thai Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Thai Corp Ltd (Ttcl)
Toyo Tras (Thailand) Ltd
Toyo Valve (Thailand) Co Ltd
Toyo Valve (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyobo Apparel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyobo Industrial Material (Thailand) Ltd.
Toyoda Gosei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Gosei Asia Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Gosei Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Machine Works (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Factory
Toyoda Machine Works (Thailand) Ltd.
Toyodabo Asia Co.,Ltd.
Toyodabo Filtration System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyofuji Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Toyofuto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyoink Coating (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyokoki Inter Co.,Ltd.
Toyomenka (Thailand) Ltd.
Toyonaga (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyong Kiat Glass Co.,Ltd.
Toyongkit Electric Industry Lp
Toyongkit Electric Industry Ltd.Part.
Toyoroki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Auto Body (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota K Motors Toyota's Dealer Co Ltd,
Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Toyota Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho (S) Pte Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Twozu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo-Toa Coating Co.,Ltd.
Tozen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Tozen Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Tractebel Asia Co.,Ltd.
Tractebel Group the
Tractebel Oriental Co Ltd
Tractus Thailand
Trade Partners Limited,
Trade Winds Inc.,
Trademark Protection Group (Thailand) Ltd,
Trafalger International Co.,Ltd.
Traffic Express International Ltd,
Traincom Ltd.,
Tramaico Co. Ltd.,
Trane International Co.,Ltd.
Trans Orbit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trans Thai-Malaysia (Thailand) Ltd.,
Trans Travel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trans World Airlines (Tw),
Trans World Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Transamut Food Co.,Ltd
Transcontainer Logistic (Thailand)
Transmark Leymas Valve Co.,Ltd.
Transpo International Ltd,
Transtechnology Co.,Ltd. (BKK Office)
Transun Travel Management Asia Pacific
Transworld Airlines (Tw),
Travel Thailand
Travel Thru 1989 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Travel Trade Gazette (Ttg Asia)
Travel Trade Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Travelscope Co Ltd,
Traxair (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Treasure Export (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Trelle Borg (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trend Executive Search Co Ltd,
Trend Marketing & Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Triangle Cables (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trilithic Asia Co.,Ltd.
Trim International Co.,Ltd
Trimoro Co.,Ltd.
Trina Management (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Trinity International School,
Trio-Tech (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Tris (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trisak Automation Co.,Ltd
Trisin Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Tristar Diamond Cutting Ltd.,
Triumph International (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Triumph Tree Co.,Ltd.
Trivnet International,
Tri-Wall (Thailand) Ltd.,
Trix Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Troll Design Co.,Ltd.
Tropfin (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Tropical Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tropical Flora (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tropical Waves Recruit Co.,Ltd.
Troy Siam Co.,Ltd.
Tru Steering & Suspension Co.,Ltd.
Tryba (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tsubaki Food Service Ltd. Part.
Tsubakimoto Automotive (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tsubakimoto Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Tsubakimoto Singapore Pte Ltd
Tsubakimoto Thailand Company Limited
Tsuchiya (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tsuchiyoshi Somboon Coated Sand Co.,Ltd.
Tsuchiyosi Somboon Coated Sand Co.,Ltd.
Tsujimoto (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tsukiji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tsukuba Seimitsu Co; Ltd.
Tsukuma (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tt&T Public Company Limited,
T-Tank Media Co.,Ltd.
Tuchenhagen (Thailand) Limited,
Tuntex (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Tuntex Petrochemical (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Tuntex Textiles (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tuntex Petrochemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tuntex Petrochemicals (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Tuntex Textile (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tuntex Thailand
Turismo Thai Co.,Ltd.
Turkey (The Embassy Of Turkey)
Turkish Airlines Bangkok
Turkish Airlines (Tk) (Airport)
Turkmenistan Airlines (T5)
Turn One (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tuskuma (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Tuvia (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Tyco Earth Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Tyco Electronics (Thailand) Limited
Tyco Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tyco Electronics Dulmison Co.,Ltd.
Tyco Healthcare (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tyco International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tyco International (Thailand) Ltd.
Tyco Valves & Controls (Thailand)
Tycoons Worldwide Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tyrolit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tzongyih Wooden Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tzongyih Wooden Picture Frames Co.,Ltd.
Tzongyih Wooden Picture Frames Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Tzusheng (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
U & Me Real Estate Co. Ltd.,
U.B.E. Nylon (Thailand) Ltd.,
U.B.S. Warburg Securities Co Ltd,
U.C.B. Pharma Thailand Ltd,
U.D.I (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
U.F.E (Union Des Francais De L'etranger),
U.F.J. Bank Limited,
U.F.M. Food Centre Co.,Ltd.
U.I. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
U.L. Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.
U.M.E. Enterprises Ltd,(Executive Homes)
U.M.I. - Laufen Sanitaryware Co Ltd,
U.O.B. Securities (Thailand) Company Limited,
U.P.N. Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
U.P.S. Parcel Delivery Service Limited,
U.R.C. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
U.S. Summit Corporation (Overseas),
U.T.N. Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
U.T.T. Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Ubau Co.,Ltd.
Ube (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ub-Haworth (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Ueki Corporation (Thailand) Company
Ueno (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand)
Uhde (Thailand) Ltd,
Ukua Thai Co.,Ltd.
Ultimate Idea Co,Ltd
Umemura Corp (Thailand) Ltd.,
Umetoku Thailand Co Ltd,
Unching Industry Co.,Ltd
Underground Engineering Services Ltd.,
Uni King Limited,
Uni Precision Co.,Ltd.
Uni Thai Ship Yard,
Uniblock Refrigeration Co.,Ltd.
Uni-Charm (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Unicomm Engineering Co Ltd,
Unicoop (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Unilever Thai Holdings Limited,
Unimit Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Union & Honshu International Ltd.,
Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Union Bank Of Bangkok Pcl,The
Union Bank Of California,
Union Carbide Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Union Frost Co.,Ltd.
Union Metal Co.,Ltd.
Union Micronclean Co Ltd,
Union Nifco Co.,Ltd.
Union Pioneer Public Company Limited,
Union Plastic Public Company Limited,
Union Polymer Co.,Ltd.
Union Sime Darby (Thailand) Limited,
Union Stainless (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Union Thai-Nichiban Co.,Ltd.
Union Tomita (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Union Trafo Co.,Ltd.
Union Zojirushi Co.,Ltd.
Uniontoy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Union-Transport (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Uni-President (Thailand) Ltd.,
Unique Consulting Group,
Unique Design Co.,Ltd.
Unique Design International Co.,Ltd.
Unique Gas And Petrochemicals
Unique Marine Co.,Ltd
Unique Motors Co Ltd,
Unique Pack Co.,Ltd.
Unique Travel Services Co Ltd,
Unique Memec (Asia Pacific) Ltd
Unisia Jecs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Unisys Thailand Limited,
Uni-Tai (Thai) International Co.,Ltd.
United Airlines Bangkok
United Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.
United Broadcasting Corp. Public Co.,Ltd.
United Coil Center Ltd.,
United Communication Industry Public
United Farmer & Industry Co Ltd,
United Flour Mill Public Co.,Ltd.
United Glass Industries Co.,Ltd
United Industrial Gas Co.,Ltd.
United Information Highway Co.,Ltd.
United Kyoei Foods Co.,Ltd.
United Malayan Banking Corp.,
United Nations Children Fund (Unicef)
United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef)
United Nations Development Fund For Women
United Nations Development Program (Undp),
United Nations Drug Control Program (Undcp)
United Nations Educational Scientific And Cultural Organization (Unesco)
United Nations Environment Programme (Unep)
United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (Unido)
United Nations International Drug Control Program
United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa)
United Nations World Food Program
United Overseas Bank,
United Pacific Textile Co.,Ltd.
United Pharma Antibiotics Industries
United Progress (Thailand) Ltd.,
United Sea Co.,Ltd.
United Siam Overseas Ltd,
United Standard Terminal Public Co.,Ltd.
United Thai Logistics Co.,Ltd.
United Thai Pro Co Ltd,
United Thai Shipping Corp.,Ltd.
United World Chinese Commercial Bank,
Unithai Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Uni-Thai Autopart Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Group Co.,Ltd.
Uni-Thai International Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Line Public Company Limited
Uni-Thai Ltd. Part.
Unithai Material Handling Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Material Handlings Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Metalproduct Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Oxide Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Rl Est Devlopment Co.,Ltd.
Unithai Shipyard And Engineering Ltd.
Unity Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Univentures Public Co.,Ltd.
Univerbussan Industry Co.,Ltd.
Universal & Innovative Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Universal Compression (Thailand) Ltd.,
Universal Enterprises Ltd.,
Universal Insurance Co Ltd,
Universal Metal Drum Co.,Ltd.
Universal Press Co.,Ltd.
Universal Sporting Goods (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Universal Transportation Ltd.,
Univox Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Unlimited Express (Thailand) Corp. Ltd.,
Unocal Thailand Ltd.
Uraca Far East Ltd.,
Urgo Health Care Products Co.,Ltd.
Url (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Ursa Major International Co Ltd,
Us Airways Bangkok
Us Filter Co.,Ltd.
Us Power Distribution Co.,Ltd.
Usha Siam Steel Industries Co.,Ltd.
U-Shin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Usui International Corporation (Thailand)
Utax F.M. Co.,Ltd.
U-Thong Elastic Co.,Ltd.
Uti Worldwide Co.,Ltd.
Utoc (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Utopia Tours,
Uzbekistan Airways (Hy),
V & K Inter Group Co.,Ltd.
V. Mane Fils (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
V.L. Intetrade Co.,Ltd.
V.P. & Tani Co.,Ltd.
V.S. Thai Herrick Steel Structure Co.,Ltd.
V.S.K. Cartrim Trading Co.,Ltd.
V.S.O. Thailand,
Va Tech International Gmbh,
Valmet Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Value Systems Co.,Ltd.
Valvoline Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Van Leeuwen Pipe And Tube Thailand
Vanda Enterprise Co. Ltd.,
Vandapac Co.,Ltd.
Vanguard Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vanward Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Variety Designs Co.,Ltd.
Varig Brazilian Airlines Bangkok
Varin Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Varopakorn (Public) Co.,Ltd.
Vattenfall Ltd.,
Vega Balls Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Vektor Multimedia Thailand,
Veribest (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Veritas Enterprises Ltd,
Vessel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Via Italiana Corporation Ltd.,
Vianini Thai Construction
Vianova Resins Ltd.,
Vicchi Consolidated Co Ltd,
Vicchi Group,
Vicchi Provimed Co.,Ltd
Vichai Trading (1983) Co.,Ltd.
Vichien Textile Industry Co.,Ltd.
Vichit Polpok Co.,Ltd.
Vichuda Co. Ltd.,
Vickem Patana Co.,Ltd.
Vickery & Worachai Ltd.,
Victor & R Co.,Ltd.
Victron Thailand,
Vietnam Airlines Bangkok (Vn)
Villa Oranje,
Vilmorin Clause & Cie - Thailand Representative Of,
Vinarco Recruitment Ltd.,
Vinythai Public Company Limited,
Vipavadee Avenue Co.,Ltd.
Virtual Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Viscount Plastics (Thailand) Ltd,
Vision English Language Training Consultancy,
Vision House Co.,Ltd.
Visteon (Thailand) Limited,
Visual Horizons Co.,Ltd.
Vita Food Factory (1989) Ltd.,
Vita Fresh Co Ltd,
Vito's (Ruamrudee)
Vito's Restaurant
Vito's Ristorante Italiano Classico
Vitron (Thailand) Co.,Ltd..
Vivaldi Seasons Co.,Ltd
Vivendi - Regional Office,
Vivendi Water (Thailand) Ltd,
Vogem Co.,Ltd.
Volclay Siam Ltd.,
Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd.,
Volvo Truck & Bus (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vonesthai Control Co.,Ltd.
Vossloh-Schwabe (Thailand) Ltd,
Votra (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vovan & Associes S.A.,
Vox Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vuteq Asia Co.,Ltd
Vuteq Thai Co.,Ltd.
W. Dhavepatana Co Ltd,
W. Haking Industries (Thailand) Ltd.,
W.C.S. Co.,Ltd,
W.C.T. Company Limited,
W.D.I. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
W.H. Systems Co.,Ltd.
W.K.K. (Thailand) Ltd.,
W.P.I. Electronics Co Ltd,
W.P.M. Co.,Ltd.
W.R. Grace (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wackenhut (Thailand) Ltd.,
Wacker Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wacoal Underwear Manufacturer Thailand
Wacoal Kabinburi Co.,Ltd.
Wacoal Lamphun Co.,Ltd.
Wacoal Public Company Limited
Wah Tech Industrial Company Limited,
Wako Logistics Thailand Co Ltd,
Walker Exhaust (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wallem Shipping (Thailand) Ltd.,
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines As,
Walt Disney (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Walt Disney's Co.,Ltd.
Walter Group International Thailand Gmbh
Wan Hai Lines Ltd. (Thailand Branch),
Wan Thai Foods Industry Co.,Ltd.
Wandee Fiber Co.,Ltd.
Wangpetch Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Wangsapung Orange Farm,
Warburg Dillon Read Securities Company
Warner Lambert Co.,Ltd.
Warner Music (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Warner/Chappell Music (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Washington Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Waste Management Siam Ltd,
Water Test Co.,Ltd.
Watson Farley & Williams (Thailand) Ltd.
Watson Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Watson Wyatt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Watson-Ploy Co.,Ltd.
Wattyl Dimet (Siam) Ltd,
Watz-Mate Co.,Ltd.
Wave Integration Co Ltd,
Waves Travel Co.,Ltd.
Wayfarer Luggage Thai Co.,Ltd.
We Advance Devices (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wearnes Precision (Thailand) Limited
Wearnes Technology (Thailand) Ltd.
Weatherford Ksp Co.,Ltd.
Web Works,
Webcontrol Ltd.,
Webstudio1 Co.,Ltd.
Wechem Co.,Ltd.
We-Ef Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Wei Chen Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Wei Ming Co.,Ltd.
Wei Shin Co.,Ltd.
Weinmann & Schneider Co.,Ltd.
Welbilt Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.,
Well Field Corporation,
Well Pack Industry Co.,Ltd.
Well Tekindo (Svs) Company/RDD Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Wella (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wellcome Co Ltd,
Wellgain Precision Products (Thailand)
Wells Kao Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Welltech Rubber Co.,Ltd
Weltkraft Engineering Services Co.,Ltd.
West Glory Co.,Ltd.
Westbrands Co Ltd,
Westbury Exports Co Ltd.,
Westdeutsche Landwsbank Girozentrale,
Westech Component Co.,Ltd.
Westech Electronic And System Co.,Ltd.
Westech Electronics & System Co.,Ltd.
Westen Digital (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Western Chiyoda Metal Printing Co.,Ltd.
Western Digital (Thailand) Company Limited
Western Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Westin Hotel Bangkok
Westin Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel
Westin Chiang Mai
Westin Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok
Westinghouse Electric Sa,
Westinghouse Signals Thailand Office,
Westlb-Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale,
Westman Linmark (Thailand) Ltd.,
Westminster Portfolio Services (Thailand)
Weston Bio Products,
Westown Co.,Ltd.
Westpac Banking Corporation Bangkok
Whirlpool (Thailand) Limited,
White & Case (Thailand) Limited,
White Diamond Co.,Ltd.
White Group Public Co Ltd,
Why (Japan) Co.,Ltd.
Wide Spread Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Wide Tours Co.,Ltd.
Wieger International Co Ltd,
Wiik & Hoeglund Co.,Ltd.
Wiik & Hoeglund Factory Co.,Ltd.
Wiik & Hoeglung Public Co.,Ltd.
Wilbur Smith Associates,
Wilbury Co Ltd,
William E. Connor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
William M.Mercer Thailand
William Seedhondchieng Office
William Tell Swiss Restaurant
William Wong Group Co.,Ltd.
William Wong Limited Partnership
Willich Sales & Contraction Co.,Ltd.
Wilson Electric Ltd.,Part.
Wilson Engineering (S) Pte Ltd.
Wilson Logistics (Thailand) Company Limited
Wilson Sporting Goods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wilsonart (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Win - Win (Asia) Co. Ltd.,
Win Thai Group International Co.,Ltd.
Win Thai Knitted Garments Factory Co.,Ltd.
Win Thai Knitting Industrial Co.,Ltd.,
Winbest Plastic Ind. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Windsor Suites Hotel Bangkok
Wine Connection,
Wing Tsubasa Limited Partnership,
Wing Wah Advisory (Thailand) Limited,
Winning Edge
Winson Ink Co.,Ltd.
Winson Screen Co.,Ltd.
Wire King Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wire Master Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wirecut Machine Center Co.,Ltd.
Wired Destinations Co.,Ltd.
Wireform A.M. (Thailand) Ltd.
Wireless Communication Services Ltd.
Wireless Communications Services Co.,Ltd.
Wirtgen (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Witch's Oyster Bar & Restaurant,
Witco Specialties (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Wolter-Cbi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wonder Group Co.,Ltd.
Wonderman Co.,Ltd.
Wood Craft International Co.,Ltd.
Wood Group Heavy Industrial Turbines (Thailand) Ltd
Wooden World Co.,Ltd.
Woods Bagot Thailand Ltd,
Woongjin Coway (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Worachak International Co.,Ltd.
World Arabian Thai Intertrade Co Ltd,
World Bank Resident Mission In Thailand
World Bank The
World Cargo Alliance,Inc. (Asia Regional Office)
World Class Spirit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
World Connexion,
World Courier Asia Thailand Co.,Ltd.
World Crystal Tour And Trading Co.,Ltd.
World Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
World Forest Co.,Ltd.
World Freight Forwarder Co Ltd,
World Gas (Thailand) Co Ltd,
World Hardware Co.,Ltd.
World Magnetics Co.,Ltd.
World Marine Supply Co.,Ltd
World People Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd.
World Premier Co Ltd,
World Quality Co Ltd,
World Sibo-Tech Company Limited,
World Sound Corporation Ltd.,
World Thai Travel Co.,Ltd.
World Travel & Tourism Council,
World Travel Service Limited,
World Vision Foundation Of Thailand,
Worldsec International Limited,
Worldwide Cargo Services Co Ltd,
Worldwide Freight Forwarder Co.,Ltd
Worley Engineers Ltd.,
Worley International Limited,
Wright Company,
Wunderman Cato Johnson Co.,Ltd.
Wyeth Ayerst (Thailand) Limited,
X Venture Co. Ltd.,
Xenion Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Xie Yong Chen Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Xylogics Limited,
Xypex Australia
Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing
Y. Shiina (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Y.C.H. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Y.K.K. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Y.M.F. International Co.,Ltd.
Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Y.P.A. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Y.S. Pund Co.,Ltd.
Yachiyoda Alloy Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Yahata Fastener Thai Co.,Ltd.
Yakult (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Yamabishi Electric Co.,Ltd.
Yamada Somboon Co.,Ltd.
Yamagata ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamaguchi Bank Bangkok
Yamaha Art China (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamaha Chaengwatana Music School
Yamaha Engines Co.,Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Asian Center Co.,Ltd.
Yamaha Motorcycles Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Yamaha Music School Bangkok
Yamaha Music Wangthonglang School
Yamaha Nakorn Dc Co.,Ltd.
Yamaha Sound Co.,Ltd.
Yamaha Ubon Co.,Ltd.
Yamahatsu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamahon Techno Siam Co.,Ltd.
Yamai Co.,Ltd.
Yamakawa Dies Manufacturing R&D Co.,Ltd.
Yamaken Apparel Co.,Ltd.
Yamakugi Travel & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Yamamori Trading Co.,Ltd.
Yamamoto Foundry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamamoto Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamamura Construction Co.,Ltd.
Yamamura Trading Co.,Ltd.
Yamanouchi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamao-Esulon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamasei Thai Co.,Ltd.
Yamashin Thai Co.,Ltd.
Yamashita Mold (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamatai Co.,Ltd.
Yamatake (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamatane Corporation Thailand Office (Air Dispatch)
Yamato - Esulon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Creation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Essulon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato House Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Scientific Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Unyu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato-Esulon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamazaki-Ike(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamazen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yang Ching Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Yang Shing Machinery Works (Thailand)
Yangming Marine Transport Corporation,
Yanmar S.P. Co.,Ltd.
Yano Electronics (Thailand) Ltd,
Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Ltd.
Yasuda International Services Co.,Ltd.
Yasuda Trust & Banking Co.,Ltd.
Yazaki Electric Wire Co Ltd,
Yeh Jyei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yemenia Airlines Co.,Ltd.
Yemenia Airways (Iy),
Yen Jyei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yes Technologies (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Yeuantong Weave Co.,Ltd.
Yip In Tsoi Co.,Ltd.
Yokkaichi (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd,
Yokohama Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yokohama System Mover (Thailand)Co Ltd,
Yokoo Thai Co.,Ltd.
Yoneden (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yong Awi Sue Yia Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Yong Fa Industrial Corp. Ltd.,
Yong Lee Plastic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yong Long Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Yong Lung Enterprise Co.;Ltd.,
Yong Siang Co.,Ltd.
Yong Thai Co.,Ltd
Yong Thai Public Co.,Ltd.
Yong Thai Rubber Industrial Co Ltd,
Yongfa Industrial Corp.,Ltd.
Yontrakit Volkswagen Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Yoo Jeong Tour Co.,Ltd
York Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
York Air Conditioning And Refrigeration (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
York Inc.Ltd.
York Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
York Refrigeration (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yorozu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yoshino Import Export (Thailand) Lp
Yoshino Moong Pattana (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yoshitake Works (Thailand) Ltd. (Ywt)
Young Ace Tour Co.,Ltd.
Young Zone Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Yu Fong International Co.,Ltd.
Yu Shan Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Yuan Deng Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Yuan Shan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Company Limited,
Yuen Yong Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Yuko Arise Shine Co.,Ltd.
Yumark Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Yunnan Airlines,
Yusen Air & Sea Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yusen Travel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yves Joaillier Ltd.
Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Z. Korada (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Z.F. Trading Asia Pacific Pte,
Zaina International Group Co. Ltd,
Zambian Express Airways (Oq),
Zannerini (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zanotti Il Ristorante Italiano,
Zeltex Co.,Ltd.
Zendec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zeneca Agro Asiatic Co.,Ltd.
Zeneca Pharma Asiatic Ltd.
Zensui Co.,Ltd
Zeon Advanced Polymix Co.,Ltd.
Zeon Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zeta Systems Co.,Ltd.
Zexel Clutch (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zexel Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zexel Siam Compressor Co.,Ltd.
Zuellig Industrial (Bangkok) Ltd.
Zuellig Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Zuellig Pharma Limited.
Zunhuy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zup M I Co.,Ltd.
Zurich Insurance Company
Zurich National Life Asssurance Co.,Ltd.
Zur-Ton International Co.,Ltd.
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