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Consulate Of Tunisia, Bangkok - International Mineral & Gems


Thailand Foreign Companies
, Thai Foreign Manufacturers, Foreign Owned Companies in Thailand bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and a wealth of investment and money to the Thai economy.

Over the years Bangkok Companies has sought to research data on these foreign companies. We believe that we have the most comprehensive and in-depth database of foreign owned companies in Thailand.

If you are looking to do business with a Foreign company in Thailand or want to contact Foreign expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Please email for more details and pricing

Foreign Companies in Thailand  
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Featured Foreign Companies and Foreign Manufacturers in Thailand
G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Limited Thailand American Company in Thailand developing medical software systems for medical equipment needs for doctors, dentists, hospitals and health professionals

Following you will find lists of foreign companies involved in business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a foreign company or simply supply a database of Bangkokse foreign companies Bangkokn please email

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Consulate Of Malaysia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Mali, Bangkok
Consulate Of Mexico, Bangkok
Consulate Of Monaco, Bangkok
Consulate Of Mongolia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Morocco, Bangkok
Consulate Of Nicaragua, Bangkok
Consulate Of Oman, Bangkok
Consulate Of Panama, Bangkok
Consulate Of Peru, Bangkok
Consulate Of Slovenia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Sri Lanka, Bangkok
Consulate Of Sweden, Bangkok
Consulate Of Tanzania, Bangkok
Consulate Of Tunisia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Yemen, Bangkok
Consulting Alliance International,
Consulting Holdings Co,Ltd.
Consumer Products Inspection & Testing
Continental Airlines (Co),
Continental Micronesia (Cs),
Contract Resources (S) Pte Ltd.,
Control Component Co,Ltd.
Control Data (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Conversi C & Co.,Ltd.
Cool Sorption (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cool Tour Co.,Ltd.
Cool Zone Systems Co.,Ltd.
Co-Op Food Thailand Co,Ltd.
Co-Op Foods Co Ltd,
Coopers & Lybrand,
Copeland Compressor-Thailand,
Copernic Co,Ltd.
Corai Power Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Corbelli Wines Co.,Ltd. (Thailand)
Corestates Bank,N.A. (Representative Office)
Corinthian Glass Industries Co.,Ltd.
Cormix International Ltd.,
Corporate Performance Advisors Limited,
Corro-Coat Nof (Thailand) Ltd.,
Corsa Travel Co.,Ltd.
Cortina Siam Sports Co,Ltd.
Cortina Sports Industries (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Corus Metals (Thailand) Ltd.,
Corvet Asia (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cosmic Diamond Industrial Co,Ltd.
Cosmo Group Public Co,Ltd.
Cosmo Lubricants (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Cosmo One Co,Ltd.
Cosmos Mechanical Co.,Ltd.
Cosmowave Technology Co. Ltd,
Coudert Freres (Coudert Brothers),
Country Harvest Co.,Ltd.
Country Product Electric Co.,Ltd.
Cove-Ito Advertising (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Cover Asia Co.,Ltd.
Cpc/Aji (Thailand) Ltd,
Cpcs Upham Corporation,
Craftsman Press Co,Ltd.
Cram Asia Co Ltd,
Cranbrook International,
Crawford Thg (Thailand) Ltd.,
Creative Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Creative Green Studio Ltd,Part.
Creative In-House,
Creative Partnership, Bangkok
Creative Space Co,Ltd.
Credit Agricole Indosuez Bank Ltd.,
Credit Commercial De France,
Credit Lyonnais B.I.B.F.,
Credit Lyonnais Bangkok I.B.F,
Credit Lyonnais Securities (Asia) Ltd,
Credit Suisse First Boston Securities (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cremer Asia Trade Co.,Ltd.
Crepes & Co,Ltd.
Crestec (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Crompton Specialties Ltd,
Cross Cultural Management,
Crown Cork And Seal (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Crown Line Co Ltd,
Crown Seal Public Company Limited,
Crown Worldwide Movers Thailand,
Crowne Plaza Bangkok,
Crystal Finance,
Crystaline Co,Ltd.
Crystural Corp Ltd,
Ctci (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Cunningham International (Thailand) Ltd,
Cushman & Wakefield,
Cussons Thailand Ltd.,
Customer Care (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Cyberwork Consultant Company Limited.,
Cycle & Carriage (Thailand) Ltd,
Cyklop Signode Packaging Corporation (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cysnet Technology Co.,Ltd.
Czech Airlines (Air People Tour & Travel),
D & L Consultants Co,Ltd.
D. Language Co.,Ltd.
D.B. Chemical Industrial Co,Ltd.
D.B. Partnership,
D.B.M. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.B.S. Bank Pibf,
D.C. Asia Co.,Ltd.
D.D. Allwood Part,Ltd.
D.D.B. Bangkok,
D.D.I.-Asia/Pacific International Ltd,
D.D.K. (Thailand) Ltd.,
D.D.M.C. Cerdec (Thailand) Co Ltd,
D.E.G.-German Investment And Development Company,
D.F.D.S. Jumbo Transport Ltd.,
D.F.I. Consulting (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.G. Bank Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank Ag,
D.H.L. International (Thailand) Ltd.,
D.I.A. Resibon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
D.I.T.S. Travel (2001) Ltd.,
D.J. International Tour
D.J. Oilfield Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
D.K.B. Leasing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.L.F. (Thailand) Ltd.,
D.M.B. International,
D.M.I X-Ray (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.M.J.M. International
D.M.T. Don Muang Tollway Co,Ltd.
D.P.I. .Co.,Ltd.
D.P.O. (Thailand) Ltd.,
D.R.A. Gad Incorporate Limited
D.R.W. International Co Ltd
D.S.A. - Destination Service Asia Co.,Ltd.
D.S.M. Co.,Ltd.
D.S.T. International (Thailand) Ltd.,
D.S.T.I. International
D.T.C. Dywidag Tollway Consortium,Joint Venture
D.T.C. Industries Public Co,Ltd.
D.W.P. Cityspace Group Ltd.,
D.Z. Thailand Ltd.,
Daad Information Center
Dacon Inspection Services Co,Ltd.
Dada Create (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Daewoo Consumer Electronics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daewoo Corporation,
Daewoo Electronics Marketing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daewoo Motor Sales Co Ltd
Dah Mei Label
Daido Electronics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daido Kogyo (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daido Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Daido Sittipol Co,Ltd
Daido Steel Co,Ltd.
Daiei Taigen (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Daifuku (Thailand) Ltd.
Daihatsu (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daihatsu-Phranakorn Motor Co Ltd,
Daihen (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daihen Electric Co,Ltd.
Daiho (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daiichi Alloy (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd. (Bidf)
Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Dai-Ichi Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co,Ltd.
Dai-Ichi Waste Treatment (Thailand)
Daijai Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Daika (Thai) Incorporation Limited.
Daiki Nikkei Thai Co,Ltd.
Daikin Airconditioning (Thailand) Ltd.
Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd.
Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd
Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft
Daimlerchrysler (Thailand) Ltd.
Daimlerchrysler Leasing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daimlerchrysler Rail Systems (Signal) Ltd.,
Daimu (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Dainichi Color (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (Thailand)
Daisin Art Logistics Company Limited.,
Daiwa Bank Ltd, Bangkok
Daiwa Circuit Module (Thai) Co,Ltd.
Daiwa Institute Of Research Ltd,
Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd.,
Dale Electric Power Systems Ltd.,
Dalmec (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Dana Spicer (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Dana Spicer (Thailand) Limited,
Dance Center,
Daner International Inc.,
Danfoss (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daniel Design Co.,Ltd.
Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.P.A,
Danish Audio Connect,
Danish Interpretation Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Danish-Thai Chamber Of Commerce,
Danzas (Thailand) Limited,
Darvick Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dasy Design P.L.,
Data Consult Co Ltd,
Data Design & Development Co,Ltd.
Data Products Toppan Forms Ltd.,
Dataconsult Ltd,
Datakob (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Datamat Public Company Limited,
Dataone Asia (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Datasafe Ltd,
Davco Construction Material (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Davids Distribution (Thailand) Ltd,
De La Rue (Thailand) Limited,
De Lorenzo S.R.L.,
De Sta Co (Asia) Co,Ltd.
De Ster-Thai Airline Products Co,Ltd.
Deacons Graham & James,
Decathlon Production (Thailand) Ltd,
Deco Thai,
Decollement Consulting Ltd.,
Decoy Plant Co,Ltd.
Degremont Co,Ltd.
Degussa (Thailand) Ltd.,
Deissenberger & Partners Ltd,
Dej-Udom & Associates Ltd,
Delaney & Co Ltd,
Delaney's Bangkok,
Delaney's Pattaya,
Del-Casaro Co.,Ltd.
Delemar Co Ltd Real Estate Development,
Delhaize Bangkok Lion Pacific,
Delicatessen Co.,Ltd.
Dell Computer (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Deloitte Touche Thomastsu,
Delora Co Ltd,
Delphi Automotive Systems (Thailand)
Del-Ro Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Delta Air Lines Inc.,
Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Co,Ltd.
Delta Holiday Co.,Ltd.
Delta Resources (Asia) Co Ltd.,
Delta Thai Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Delting G.T.C. Ltd.,
Densei (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Denso (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Denso Tool & Die (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Dentsu (Thailand) Ltd,
Dentsu Young & Rubicam Limited,
Design 103 International Ltd.,
Design Gateway,
Designers Bathware (Asia) Ltd.,
Dessau Soprin International,
De-Sta-Co Manufacturing Limited,
Dester.Acs Asia & Pacific Co,Ltd.
Destination Asia (Thailand) Limited,
Destinations Of Bangkok World (Thailand)
Det Norske Veritas (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Detecon Deutsche Telepost Consulting Gmbh,
Detecon International Gmbh,
Deutag Friesland Drilling B.V. (Thailand Branch),
Deutsche Bank Ag,
Deutsche Bank Company,
Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank Ag (Dg Bank),
Deutsche Welle,
Dev Shop Ltd,
Development Bank Of Singapore (Dbs)
Devonshire Capital Ltd.,
Dexteritas Ltd,
Dextra Group,
Dhanish Internet Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Dharmniti Law Office Co,Ltd.
Diaglas Company Ltd,
Dialog Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Diamed S.E.A. Limited,
Diamond Channel Co,Ltd.
Diamond Products International, INC.
Diapolyacrylate Co,Ltd.
Diastar Garment Ltd.,Part.
Dic Nippon Ink & Chemicals (Thailand)
Diegi Kang Ngiew Bank Co,Ltd.
Digital Network Co.,Ltd.
Digital Onpa International Public Co.,Ltd.
Diners Club (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Dinotec - Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Dionys Hofmann (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Direct Commerce Technology Co,Ltd.
Dirk Foitzik Interconstruct Gmbh,
Disa (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Disco Hi-Tec (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Distar Electric Corporation Public Co,Ltd.
Distinctly Thai,
Distri-Thai Ltd,
Djiing Co.,Ltd.
D'ma Pavilion Hotel (Nakarn Luang Plaza)
Do Food Co,Ltd.
Dole Thailand Ltd.,
Domaro Industrial Co. Ltd,
Domnern Somgiat & Boonma,
Domnick Hunter - Rl (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Don Muang Tollway Public Co Ltd,
Donelli (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Dong Hai Thai International Co.,Ltd.
Dong Sung Nsg (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Dongwha International Co.,Ltd.
Doorguard (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Dorsch Consult (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Double Impact Limited,
Double Step (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Douglas Laing (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Dove Equipment & Machinery Co,Ltd.
Dow Chemical Thailand Co. Ltd.,
Dow Corning (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dow Jones Distribution Co (Asia) Inc.
Dowa Hightech (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Dowjones Newswires,
Dr. Boo Co,Ltd.
Draco Pcb Public Company Limited,
Draeger Safety (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dragon Air (Ka),
Dragon Enterprises Ltd.,
Dragon Thai Industry Co,Ltd.
Dream Thai Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Dream Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Dresdner Bank Ag.,
Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Advisory Services,
Driessen Aircraft Interior Systems (Thailand)
Drogoco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Druck Ltd,
Druk Air (Kb),
Drycolor Pacific Co,Ltd.
Drypers (Thailand) Limited,
Du Pont (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dubuit Far East Co,Ltd.
Duchess Flora Co Ltd,
Duckhams Oils (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Duco International Co,Ltd.
Duilio's Italian Restaurant,
Dulwich International College,
Dumex Co,,Ltd.
Dumez-Gtm (Thai) Co,Ltd.
Dundee International Co,Ltd.
Dunham-Bush International (Thailand)
Dunlop Slazenger (Thailand) Ltd.
Dunlop Thailand Ltd.,
Dunlopillo (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dunning Thornton (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dupont - Toa Co Ltd,
Dupont (Thailand) Co,,Ltd.
Dura Fasteners Co,Ltd.
Dura Inter Co.,Ltd.
Durex Corp. Ltd.,
Duscholux (Siam) Ltd.,
Dusit Hotels & Resorts,
Dusit Resort Pattaya,
Dusit Textile Co.,Ltd.
Dusit Thani, Bangkok
Dussldorfer Consult Gmbh,
Dutch Waste Solution Thailand,
Dyckerhoff & Widmann Ag,
Dyna Metal Co,Ltd.
Dynamic Century Company Limited,
Dynamic Computer Co,Ltd.
Dyno Nobel (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dyntec Disc Production Co,Ltd.
Dystar Thai Ltd,
Dywidag (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
E Jurgens Ltd Partnership,
E. Systems Co,Ltd.
E.A.C. Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.,
E.A.I. Technology Co. Ltd.,
E.C. Chemical Technologies (Thailand)
E.C.F. Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
E.C.I. Group Co.,Ltd.
E.C.I. Telecom (Thailand)
E.D.F. Representative Office For South-East Asia,
E.D.S. Electronic Data Systems (Thailand)
E.E.C. Lincolne Scott
E.I.C. Thailand
E.K. Williams (Thailand) Ltd.,
E.L.F. Co.,Ltd.
E.M.C. Computer Systems,
E.M.I. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
E.N.T. (Thailand) Company Limited,
E.O.C. Polymers (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
E.P. Handling Co,Ltd.
E.P.E. Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
E.P.G. (Thailand) Ltd.,
E.R.M.-Siam Co,Ltd.
E.T.S. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
E.T.S. L. Bernard Sa,
E.T.S.T. Co Ltd,
E4asia Co Ltd,
Each-Tai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eagle Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Eagle Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Eagle Thai Company Limited,
Eagle Wings Co Ltd, Bangkok
Eagles Air & Sea (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Earth Industrial Public Co,Ltd.
East Asiatic (Thailand) Public Company Limited
East Coast Design Co,Ltd.
East Electric Accessory Co,Ltd.
East Meets West Travel,
East West Air Services Co Ltd,
East West Seed Co.Ltd.,
Eastern Car Liner Ltd,
Eastern Industrial Gases Co,Ltd.
Eastern Packaging Co,Ltd.
Eastern Service Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Shade (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Star Real Estate Public Co,Ltd.
East-West Seed Co Ltd,
East-West Siam Ltd.,
Easy Smile Company Limited,
Ebara (Thailand) Ltd,
Ebro Valves (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ec-Asean Cogen Programme,
Ecc (Thailand),
Ecco (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Eclipse Computing (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ecnet Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ecolab Ltd.,
Ecolas Nv Limited,
Economic And Social Commission For Asia And Bangkok Pacific Region
Econosto (Thailand) Limited,
Edison Mission Energy Thailand,
Edmac Limited Partnership,
Education Management Systems Co Ltd,
Efco Rieckermann Valve Services Co.,Ltd.
Effem Thailand Inc,
Egypt (Bangkok Embassy Of Arab Republic Egupt),
Egyptair Co,Ltd.
Ei Pin Siang Co.,Ltd
Eidensha (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Eisai (Thailand) Marketing Co,Ltd.
Eisenmann Engineering (Thailand)
Eiwa (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Eka Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd,
Ekal (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ekamai International School,
Ekarat Generator Co,Ltd.
Ekaterina Trading Co,Ltd.
Ekxon International.Co,Ltd.
Elastofill (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Elco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Elec & Eltek (Thailand) Limited,
Electric Power Development Company
Electro Ceramics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Electrolux Thailand Co,Ltd.
Electrowatt-Ekono (Thailand) Ltd,
Elf Atochem Se Asia Pte Ltd,
Eli Lilly Asia Inc.(Thailand Branch)
Elin Energieversorgung Gmbh,
Elite Asset Management,
Elite Personal Care Centre,
Elmatech Engineering Co,Ltd.
Elsafe Ltd.,
Elwe (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Elyo-H Facilities Management Ltd.,
Ema Jewelry Inc,
Email Building Products (Thailand) Ltd,
Embassy Fashion House Co.,Ltd.
Embassy Of Australia, Bangkok
Embassy Of Austria, Bangkok
Embassy Of Bangladesh, Bangkok
Embassy Of Belgium, Bangkok
Embassy Of Brazil, Bangkok
Embassy Of Brunei Darussalam, Bangkok
Embassy Of Bulgaria, Bangkok
Embassy Of Cambodia, Bangkok
Embassy Of Canada, Bangkok
Embassy Of Chile, Bangkok
Embassy Of Czech Republic, Bangkok
Embassy Of Denmark, Bangkok
Embassy Of Egypt, Bangkok
Embassy Of Finland, Bangkok
Embassy Of France, Bangkok
Embassy Of Germany, Bangkok
Embassy Of Greece, Bangkok
Embassy Of Hungary, Bangkok
Embassy Of Indonesia Bangkok
Embassy Of Iran Bangkok
Embassy Of Iraq Bangkok
Embassy Of Israel Bangkok
Embassy Of Italy, Bangkok
Embassy Of Mexico, Bangkok
Embassy Of Nepal, Bangkok
Embassy Of New Zealand, Bangkok
Embassy Of Norway, Bangkok
Embassy Of Peru, Bangkok
Embassy Of Poland, Bangkok
Embassy Of Portugal, Bangkok
Embassy Of Singapore, Bangkok
Embassy Of Slovakia, Bangkok
Embassy Of South Africa, Bangkok
Embassy Of Spain, Bangkok
Embassy Of Sweden, Bangkok
Embassy Of Switzerland, Bangkok
Embassy Of The Argentine Republic, Bangkok
Embassy Of The Netherlands, Bangkok
Embassy Of The Philippines, Bangkok
Embassy Of The United Kingdom, Bangkok
Embassy Of The United States Of America
Embassy Of Turkey, Bangkok
Embassy Of Uruguay, Bangkok
Embassy Of Vietnam Bangkok
Emco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Emdal Ltd.,
Emerson Electric (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Emirates Co,Ltd.
Enburg Food Thai Co.,Ltd.
Endo Stainless Steel (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Endo Thai Co,Ltd.
Endress & Hauser (Thailand) Ltd.,
Enecom Co Ltd,
Energy & Environment Synergy Consultants
Energy Skills (Thailand) Ltd.,
Enholco Industries Co,Ltd.
Enkei Thai Co,Ltd.
Enplas Precision (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Enraf-Nonius Medical Equipment Co,Ltd.
Ensco Oceanics Company,
Enshu (Thailand) Limited,
Enterprise Solutions,
Entertain Golden Village,
Entraorganizer Co,Ltd.
Environmental Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Environmental Systems (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Enzer Electronics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Epic (Thailand) Ltd,
Eporttals (Thailand) Ltd.,
Epson (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Equinox I.C Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Erawan Rubber Co,Ltd.
Erawan Textile Co,Ltd
Ericsson Communication (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ericsson Ltd,
Eridan Co.,Ltd.
Eriks Industrial Supplies Ltd.,
Erm-Siam Co Ltd,
Ernst & Young (Thailand) Limited,
Esab (Thailand) Ltd,
Esab Products (Thailand),
Escape & Discover Co.,Ltd.
Escape Tour & Travel Co.,Ltd.
Esdesign (Far East) Co.,Ltd
E-Sense Ltd.,
Essay Creation,
Essem International Co.,Ltd.
Essex International Public Co Ltd,
Essilor Manufacturing (Thailand)
Esso (Thailand) Public Co Ltd,
Esso Exploration And Production Khorat Inc,
Estel Co,Ltd.
Eta (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Eternal Plastics Co.,Ltd.
Eternal Resin Co.,Ltd.
Ethiopia (The Consulate Of Ethiopia) Bangkok
Ethiopian Airlines Bangkok
Ethnic Earth Product & Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Eton Systems Asia Co.,Ltd.
Eufintrade Thailand Co Ltd,
Eurasia Autopart Co.,Ltd.
Eurasia Bangkok Hotel
Eurasia Design (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eurasia Design Factory
Eurasia Design Ltd.Part.
Eurasia Group Of Companies
Eurasia Services Co.,Ltd.
Euro - Thai Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Euro Asia Connectors Co.,Ltd.
Euro Asia Logistics Ltd.
Euro Asia Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Euro Asia Maritime Agencies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Euro Iseki (Overseas) Ltd,
Euro Rscg Partnership,
Euro Thai Door Industries,
Eurofashion/Eurofood Ltd,
Eurogroup Far East Limited,
Euromill Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Euromill Engineering International Co.,Ltd.
Euromill Group Of Companies
Euromill Trading Co.,Ltd.
Euro-Oriental Trading Co.,Ltd.
Europ Assistance Co.,Ltd.
Europ Continents Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Euro-Panasiatic Distribution Ltd,
European Accountants Co.,Ltd.
European Commission Bangkok
European Flagpole Co.,Ltd.
European Fluid Controls Co.,Ltd.
European Food Public Company Limited
European Snack Food Co.,Ltd.
European Sports Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
European Textiles Co.,Ltd.
Euro-Rscg Partnership,
Euro-Thai Furniture Co.,Ltd.
Eurothai Industrial Supply Co.,Ltd.
Eurothai Interfurniture Co.,Ltd.
Eva (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Eva Airways Coporation Co.,Ltd.
Eva Airways Corp.,
Eva Air (BR)
Evan Corporate Marketing Consultants (Thailand) Ltd.
Evangelos Co.,Ltd.
Evans Multi-Services & Overseas Trading Co.,Ltd.
Events-Corp. Solution Branch Asia Pacific
Ever Great Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ever Win Bags Co.,Ltd.
Everest Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Everest E Solutions Co.Ltd.
Everest International Co.,Ltd.
Everest Textile (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Evergreen Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Evergreen Container Terminal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Evergreen Comware Co.,Ltd.
Evergreen Intertrade Co Ltd,
Evergreen Laurel Hotel,
Evergrow Far East Holding Ltd.,
Evershiny Jewelry Creation Co,Ltd.
Every & All Co.,Ltd.
E-Web Solutions Ltd.,
Ewha Express Travel Co.,Ltd.
Exact Software (Thailand) Ltd.,
Excalibur Engineering Asia Co.,Ltd.
Excel Computers (Thailand) Ltd,
Excellent United International Co,Ltd.
Excelsior Travel Co.,Ltd.
Executive Computing (Thailand) Ltd.
Executive International Movers (Eim) Co.,Ltd.
Executive Search Services (Ess) Co,Ltd.
Executrain Of Bangkok,
Exel (Thailand) Ltd.,
Exel Logistics (Far East) Ltd,
Exim Business Co,Ltd.
Exotissimo Travel Co.,Ltd.
Expatriate Financial Services,
Ex-Pect Asia,
Expeditors (Thailand) Ltd.
Expeditors Cargo Management Systems Co.,Ltd.,
Export Development Trading Corp Ltd,
Export Vlaanderen,
Export-Import Bank Of Japan
Export-Import Bank Of Thailand (Exim)
Exposition (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Express (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Expro Overseas Inc,
Extreme Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Exxon Chemical Thailand Ltd.
Exxon Mobil Co.,Ltd.
Exxon Mobile Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Exxonmobil Exploration And Production Khorat
F & B Food Service (Thailand) Ltd.,
F & C Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
F & N United Limited,
F. E. Garment Co.,Ltd.
F.A.G. (Thailand) Co.Ltd,
F.B. (Thailand) Ltd,
F.B.M. Thailand Co Ltd,
F.C.B. Worldwide (Thailand) Limited,
F.C.C. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
F.C.T. Electronics (Thailand)
F.D.I. Corporation Co,Ltd.
F.D.K. Tatung (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
F.E. Zuellig (Bangkok) Ltd. Industrial Division
F.E.I. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
F.H. Bertling (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
F.I.M.T. Ltd.,
F.I.T. Co,Ltd.
F.L. Smidth Regional Representative Office
F.L.S. Automation
F.M.C. (Thailand) Ltd,
F.M.T (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
F.N.C. International Co.,Ltd
F.P.D. Savills Co.,Ltd.
F.S.K. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
F.T.N. Co,Ltd.
Fabrinet Co,Ltd.
Fagor Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Fagor Home Appliances (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Famdel Co,Ltd.
Family Glove Co.,Ltd.
Family Tsi Co,Ltd.
Fancy International Co.,Ltd.
Fantasea Divers,
Fanuc Thai Limited,
Far East Ddb Public Company Limited,
Far East Engineering Technology Ltd.,
Far East Trading Ltd.,
Far Eastern Economic Review,
Farang Food Paradise,
Fargo Co,Ltd.
Fasco Motors (Thailand) Ltd.,
Fashionway Boutique, Bangkok
Fast React Asia,
Fasti (Asia) Co,Ltd.
Fax Project Co Ltd,
Fearnleys (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fedek Machine (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Federal Electric Corp,Ltd.
Federal Express Co,Ltd.
Federal Logistic Systems (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Federal Mogul Friction Products (Ferodo)
Fee (Thai) Co,Ltd.
Feiti (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Felicia (Thailand) Ltd.
Fenwick (Groupe Linde)
Ferodo (Thailand) Ltd.
Ferrier Hodgson Ltd.
Ferro Cerdec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ferrostaal (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fes Office In Bangkok,
Festo Ltd.,
Fiat Auto (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fichtner Thailand (Fichtner Gmbh & Co Kg)
Fiedler International Gmbh,
Fieldstone Private Capital Group (Asia) Ltd,
Filter (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Filthai Co,Ltd.
Finance One Public Co Ltd,
Finansa Securities Company Limited,
Finansa Thai Ltd.,
Finanthai Co Ltd,
Findus (Thailand) Ltd.,
Fine & Fast Co.,Ltd.
Fine Art Creation Jewelry,
Fine Chemical Co,Ltd.
Fine Continent Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Finesse Flowers Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Finest Junction Co.,Ltd.
Finexco Administrative Services B.V.,
Finland Embassy Of Finland,
Finn Air Oyj,
Finpro Co.,Ltd.
Fiotec (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fire Engineering Services Co Ltd,
Fire Protection (Thailand) Ltd.,
Firmenich Aromatics Co,Ltd.
First Commercial Bank,
First Global Co.,Ltd.
First Interstate Bank Of California,
First Music Thai Group Co.,Ltd.
First Pacific Davies,
First Rubber Co,Ltd.
First Services Co.,Ltd.
First Silicon Electronics Co.,Ltd.
First Training Co.,Ltd.
First Union National Bank,
Fitcorp Asia Co.,Ltd.
Fitness First (Thailand) Limited,
Flamtechnic Co,Ltd.
Flanders International Technical Agency,
Flender Singapore Pte. Ltd. Representative Office
Flextronics International (Thailand) Limited
Flmonline.Net Co.,Ltd.
Floral Fantasy Co,Ltd.
Florimex Bangkok Co,Ltd.
Flowco Integrated Drilling And Environmental Services Co.,Ltd.
Flower Shop Yusen,
Flowpro Asia Pacific Ltd.,
Flowserve-Siam Co,Ltd.
Fluid Mechanic Supply Co,Ltd.
Fluid Technology International (Thailand)
Fluor Daniel Eastern Inc,
Flyhigh International Co.,Ltd
Flying Elephant Co.,Ltd.
Flying Fish Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Flymar Co,Ltd.
Foamex Asia Co,Ltd.
Folies Co Ltd,
Fomo Thai Corp. Co.,Ltd.
Fong Ya Enterprise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fongsoon Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Food And Agriculture Organization Of The  United Nations Bangkok
Food And Drinks Public Co,Ltd.
Food Sanitary Promotion (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Foodcom (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Foodgate Co.Ltd.,
Foodland Supermarket Co,Ltd.
Football Thai Factory Sporting Good Co,Ltd.
Footstep In Asia Co.,Ltd.
Ford Operations (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Forefront Advertising Co Ltd,
Foreign Bank's Association, Bangkok
Foreign Correspondent Club Of Thailand (Fcct), Bangkok
Foremost Friesland (Thailand) Public Ltd.,
Formosa B K K Co.,Ltd.
Formosa Dragon Co.,Ltd.
Formosa Organic Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Fort Dodge Animal Health (Thailand) Ltd,
Fortis Bank Bibf,
Fortum O&M Co Ltd,
Fortum Power And Heat Oy,
Fortune Bluewave Hotel,
Fortune Cross (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Fortune Hotel,
Fortune Parts Industry Co Ltd,
Forward Carton And Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Forward Freeland Co,Ltd.
Foseco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Foster Wheeler International Corporation,
Foster Wheeler Service (Thailand) Ltd.,
Four Pillars Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Four Stars International Co Ltd,
Four Winds International Moving Ltd,
Framec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
France Agro Technologies Co Ltd,
France Design Co Ltd,
France Petroleum (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Francom Asia Ltd.,
Franco-Pacific (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Franco-Thai Chamber Of Commerce,
Franco-Thai Touring Associated Co,Ltd.
Frank Hart International Trading Co,Ltd.
Frank Pack Co,Ltd
Frank Small & Associates Co,Ltd.
Fraser Place Serviced Residences Bangkok
Frei Enterprises Co,Ltd. (Asia-Con)
French-Thai Industrial Co-Operation Program,
Fresenius Kabi Thailand,
Fresh Answer Co.,Ltd.
Fresh Partners (Thailand) Ltd.,
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer,
Friendship Co,Ltd.
Frionor (Thailand) Ltd.,
Frito - Lay Thailand,
Frontstep (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Frontware International,
Fruehling Cosmetics Co,Ltd.
Fuchs Lubricants Thailand Co,Ltd.
Fuhgwo Machinery Hardware Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Ace Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Bank Ltd.,
Fuji Boeki Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Chemi Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Display Development (Thailand)
Fuji Electric Co Ltd,
Fuji Finance & Securities
Fuji Fire & Marine Insurance Company
Fuji Mercantile Co Ltd,
Fuji Photo Film (Thailand),
Fuji Poly (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fuji Shinko (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fujidenki Engineering Co Ltd,
Fujikasui (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fujikura (Thailand) Ltd.,
Fujikura Engineering (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fujita Rashi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fujitec Co,Ltd. Thailand Office
Fujitrans (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fujitsu (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fujitsu Ltd,
Fujitsu System Business (Thailand) Ltd.,
Fujitsu Ten (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fujiyama (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fukuda Corp,
Fukui Kasei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Furukawa Fitel (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Furukawa Metal (Thailand) Public Co,
Furukawa Precision (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Furukawa Unic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Futaba Jtw (Thailand) Ltd.,
Future Energy Co.,Ltd.
Fuzion Far East Ltd.,
G & G Korea Co.,Ltd.
G & U (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
G. Costa Asia Ltd.,
G. Travel Corporation Co.,Ltd.
G.A. Export (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
G.A.C. Cargo Systems Co.,Ltd.
G.D.M. Company Limited.,
G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd.,
G.E. Capital Auto Lease Public Co Ltd,
G.E. International Co.,Ltd.
G.E.A. (Sea) Pte Ltd.,
G.E.C. Alsthom Thailand,
G.E.O. International Co.,Ltd.
G.F.S. Research Co.,Ltd.
G.G. Engineering Company Limited,
G.H. International Co Ltd,
G.H.D. Co.,Ltd.
G.I.A. Thailand Co.,Ltd.
G.I.K. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
G.I.P. Company Limited,
G.K. Finechem Co,Ltd.
G.K.I. Ventures Co,Ltd.
G.K.-Kyowa (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
G.K.N. Driveshafts (Thailand) Co Ltd,
G.M. Textile Printing & Dyeing Co,Ltd.
G.P. Group Of Companies/G Premjee Ltd,
G.P.V. Asia (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
G.S. Property Management Co.,Ltd.
G.S.E. Lining Technology Company Limited
G.S.S. Array Technology Public Co,Ltd.
G.T.S. German Tooling Systems (Thailand)
G.T.T. Golden Thai Tour Co.,Ltd.
G3 Worldwide Mail Logistics (Thailand)
Gabon (The Consulate Of The Gabonese Republic)
Galdini Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Galileo Thailand Co,Ltd.
Galliana Creations Co.,Ltd.
Gallothai Co Ltd,
Gallup Marketing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Gamakatsu International Co.,Ltd
Gamma Creations Co,Ltd.
Gamma Textile Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Gammon Skanska Limited,
Garant Mobel Co.,Ltd.
Garden Education Centre,
Garden International School,
Gareth Baxter-Jones Consortium
Garuda Indonesia Airlines Bangkok
Gate Gourmet Thai Co.,Ltd.
Gateinfo Co.,Ltd.
Gates Unitta (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Gateway Computers Ltd,
Gavroche Magazine,
Gaysorn Group,
Ge Asia Finance Public Company Limited,
Ge Elano Asia Limited,
Geepee Sports & Promotions Co.,Ltd.
Geis Cargo Jm Thailand Ltd,
Gelathai Co.,Ltd.
Gem City Engineering Co,Ltd.
Gem Essence Co,Ltd.
Gemini (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Gemini Industrial Co,Ltd.
Gemmy International Ltd.,
Gen Fa Electric Machinery Foundry Co.,Ltd.
General Accident Insurance Co (Thailand) Ltd,
General Coating Group Co Ltd,
General Computer And Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
General Electric International Operations Company,
General Motors (Thailand) Ltd,
General Motors (Thailand) Ltd.,
General Motors Of Canada,
General Seating (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Generale Bank,
Generali Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Geo Company Ltd.,
Geodis Overseas Co. Ltd.,
Geokey Co.,Ltd
Geologistics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
George Weston Foods Limited,
Geoservices Eastern Inc.,
German Bead Wire Industries (Thailand) Ltd.,
German Engineering & Machinery Co,Ltd.
German Sport & Fashion Co Ltd,
German Standard Co,Ltd.
Germanischer Lloyd Ag,
German-Thai Chamber Of Commerce,
German-Thai Gard And Detective Co,Ltd.
German-Thai Gear Co,Ltd.
Germany Dollomatik Automatic Doors Co Ltd,Thai
Gerson & Sons Ltd,
Geva Trading Co.,Ltd.
Gianni Ristorante,
Giesecke & Devrient Asia Thailand Office,
Gifts De L' Oriental Co Ltd,
Gilat Satellite Networks (Thailand) Ltd.,
Gillette Thailand,
Gioielli Network Co,Ltd.
Giordano (Thai) Co,Ltd.
Girola (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Giummara International Co,Ltd.
Givaudan-Roure Ltd,
Glaxo Wellcome(Thailand) Ltd.,
Glaxosmith Kline (Thailand) Ltd.,
Gleeds (Thailand) Ltd,
Glendinning Management Consultants (Asia Pacific),
Glenn Behrman,
Global Care Solutions,
Global Certification,
Global Chemical Co,Ltd.
Global Communications & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Global Communications & Business Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Global Communications And Business Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Global Communications Group Co.,Ltd.
Global Doctor - Bangkok Clinic,
Global Estate Co,Ltd.
Global Hotel Supply Co,Ltd.
Global Industries Offshore (Thailand) Ltd.,
Global Investments (Far East) Ltd,
Global Lithotripsy Services,
Global One Communications Ltd,
Global Partner,
Global Projects Co,Ltd.
Global Silverhawk (Thailand) Ltd,
Global Tec Associates,Inc
Global Thai Finance And Securities Co,Ltd.
Global Tour Management Group Co.,Ltd.
Global Union Express Co Ltd,
Global Wine Ag,
Global-Thaixon Precision Industry Co,Ltd.
Glory Kawasaki Motor Co,Ltd.
Glovia International Thailand Ltd.,
Glow Company Co.,Ltd.
Glycophysiology Co,,Ltd.
Go Go Express Travel Service Co,,Ltd.
Goal - Gas & Oil Associated Limited
Goethe Institute,
Goh (Bangkok) Co Ltd.
Goham (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Golay Buchel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Gold Bridge International Co.,Ltd.
Gold Crown Trading Corp,
Gold Nine Company Limited,
Golden Foods International Co,Ltd.
Golden Land Property Development
Golden Poultry International Co.,Ltd.
Golden Style Interior Design Co.,Ltd.
Golden Time Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Goldhill Property Corp Ltd
Goldhill Property Corporation Ltd.
Goldhill Resources Development Corp.Ltd.
Goldman Sachs (Asia) Llc,
Golf Course Membership Center Co,Ltd.
Golf Of Siam Incentive And Travel Co.,Ltd.
Good Morning Travel,
Good Stars International,
Goodscour Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Goodyear (Thailand) Public Co Ltd,
Goshu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Goshu Kasei Co.,Ltd.
Goshu Kase-I Co.,Ltd.
Goshu Kaset Co.,Ltd.
Goshu Kohsan Co.,Ltd.
Gotel Co.,Ltd.
Grammy Entertainment Plc.,
Grampian Foods Siam Co.,Ltd.
Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel,
Grand Pacific Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Grand Pacific Hotel Bangkok
Grand Siam Composites Co,Ltd.
Grandeur Fiber Co.,Ltd.
Grandeur Garment Co.,Ltd.
Grant Thornton Corporate Services Co.,Ltd.
Grant Thornton Thailand
Graphic Vision Hi-Tech Manufacturer
Graphicasia Limited,
Grappino Restaurant Bangkok
Grasso (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Great British Pub Co, Bangkok
Great Eagle Co.,Ltd.
Great Eastern Drug Co,Ltd.
Great Shank Co.,Ltd.
Greatech Automation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Gredmann (Thailand) Co Ltd
Greece (The Embassy Of Greece)
Green Spot (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Green Travel Co.,Ltd.
Green Wood Travel Co.,Ltd.
Greenery House,
Greenpeace Southeast Asia Organization
Grey (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Griffin Direct Marketing Ltd.
Griffin Organizer Co.,Ltd.
Griffith Laboratories Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Griffith Tnf Co.,Ltd
Griffith University Thailand
Grits Travel Co,Ltd.
Grobest Corp. Ltd.,
Grohe Siam Co,Ltd.
Group 4 Securicor (Thailand) Limited
Group 4 Securitas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Group 4 Security (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Group 4 Standard Facilities Ltd
Groupe Schneider,
Grundfos (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Guangdong Enterprises (Bangkok) Ltd,
Guard Fire (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Guard Force (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Guardair Services Ltd.
Guardian Industry Rayong Co.,Ltd.
Guardian Insurance (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Guardian International Service Co.,Ltd.
Gulf Agenty Company (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Gulf Air (Airport Office) Bangkok
Gulf Airlines Bangkok
Gulf Far East Co,Ltd. (Gulf Air)
Gullivers Travel Associates (Thailand),
Gunkul Engineering Co,Ltd.
Gusco Gobal Utility Service Co.,Ltd.
Guts Cisco Securitech Co Ltd
Guts Investigation Co.,Ltd.
Gutwirth (Thailand) Ltd,
Gyaltsen Product,
Gypsum Fiberboard Co Ltd,
H & Q (Thailand) Ltd,
H.B. Hermalix Co Ltd,
H.C. Starck (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
H.D. Distributors (Thailand) Ltd.,
H.I.S. Tours Co Ltd,
H.L.B. (Thailand) Ltd.,
H.M.C. Polymers Co. Ltd.,
H.M.T. Polystyrene Co.,Ltd.
H.R. Silvine Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.,
H.Y.P. Style Co.,Ltd.
H.Y.V.A. Thailand Co Ltd,
H.Z.S. Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd
Habiro (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hachette Filipacchi Post Co,Ltd (ELLE)
Hae Dream Tour Co.,Ltd.
Hafele (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hagemeyer (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hai-O Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hakuhodo (Bangkok) Co Ltd,
Hakuto (Thai) Ltd,
Hal Trading Co.,Ltd
Halcrow Group Ltd,
Halla Climate Control (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Halliburton Energy Services,
Hallmark Cards (Hk) Ltd,
Hamanaka (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hamilton Co Ltd, Thai
Hammars Co Ltd,
Hammer Thai Co,Ltd.
Hamon Thermal Engineers & Contractors
Hamon-B. Grimm Limited,
Han Bit Tour Korea-Thai Co.,Ltd
Han Phoenix Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Han Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd
Hana B & T Co.,Ltd.
Hana Microelectronics Public Co,Ltd.
Hana Semiconductor (Ayutthaya) Co,Ltd
Hanako Direct Sale Co,Ltd.
Hanami-Tohato Co Ltd,
Hanano (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hanaya Restaurant,
Hanbit Tour Korea - Thai Co.,Ltd.
Hanetech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hang Khong Vietnam Airlines,
Hanky Panky Toys Thailand Co Ltd,
Hankyu International Transport (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Hanoori Travel & Trading Co.,Ltd
Han's Korea Travel International Co.,Ltd.
Hansa Industrial (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hansa International Co,Ltd.
Hansen & Associates Ltd.,
Hanshin Freight International (Thailand)
Hansol Electronics (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hanson Concrete (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hantex Public Company Limited,
Hanwa Kozai Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Hanwa Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hapag Lloyd Ag C/O Ngow Hock Co,Ltd.
Hapag-Lloyd (Thailand) Ltd.,
Happy & Nice Travel Co.,Ltd.
Happy Echo Tour & Trade (Thailand)
Happy Night Piano Bar Ktv,
Happy Tour & International Trade Group
Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok
Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
Harlyn International Co,Ltd.
Harmo (Thailand) Ltd,
Harmony Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Harn Engineering Co,Ltd.
Harn Products Co,Ltd.
Harris Corp,
Harrods Energy (Thailand) Limited,
Harrow International School,
Harrytex (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Harson Sporting Goods Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Harukei Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Haruta Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Harvey Computer Products Co,Ltd.
Hashimoto (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hassell Ltd.,
Hatari Technology Co,Ltd.
Hatchi (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Havi Food Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hay Management Consultants (Thailand)
Hayakawa Eastern Rubber Co,Ltd.
Hayashi Telempu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hayes Lemmerz Siam (Siam Cement Group)
Hazama Corp,
Headline Associates,
Health Benefit Consultants Co. Ltd.,
Heatec Co. Ltd.,
Heckler & Koch Gmbh,
Hecny Transportation (Thailand) Ltd.,
Heidelberg Graphics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Heil Asia Limited,
Heiniburg (Thailand) Corp Ltd,
Heinz Win Chance Ltd.,
Helem Thai Co,Ltd.
Hellman Underwear Factory Co.,Ltd.
Hello Tour Korea Co.,Ltd.
Helm Mahaboon Limited,
Hemaraj Land And Development Plc,
Hempel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hendrix Poultry Breeders Bv,
Heng-Gref Co.,Ltd.
Henkel Thai Ltd.,
Henley Communications Co.,Ltd.
Henry Butcher & Co. (Thailand) Ltd.,
Henry Como Garment Co.,Ltd.
Her Cheng Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Her Ey Co.,Ltd.
Herbert Kannegeisser Gmbh,
Herbert Smith (Thailand) Limited,
Herbie's Travel Co.,Ltd
Hercules Chemicals (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Heritage Club,
Hermes Logistics Co Ltd,
Hertzberg Consulting Ltd.,
Hesco Food Industry Co Ltd,
Hewitt Associates (Thailand) Ltd,
Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hexa Color (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hi Lux Industries Co,Ltd.
Hiclear Envirotech Co,Ltd.
Hidaka Yookoo Ltd.,PART.
Hiel Asia Co.,Ltd.
Hifi Hi-Tech Co,Ltd.
High P.P.C. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
High Potential Co.,Ltd.
High Precision Record Co,Ltd.
High Tech Moulds Co.,Ltd.
Hill & Associates (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hiller Aircraft Corp Co Ltd,
Hilti (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hilton International Co.,Ltd.
Himark Technology Ltd.,
Hin Saeng Nakorn Co.,Ltd.
Hino Computer Systems (Thailand)
Hino Motors (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hiraiseimitsu (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hirakawa Guidom (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hiramoti (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hirata Corporation
Hirata Parts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hiro Global Network Co.,Ltd.
Hirose (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hitachi Bangkok Cable Co,Ltd.
Hitachi Chemical Automotive Product Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Chemical Housing Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Compressor (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Consumer Products Thailand
Hitachi Ferrite (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hitachi High-Technologies (Thailand)
Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand)
Hitachi Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Tochigi Electronics (Thailand)
Hitachi Transport System (Thailand)
Hitachi Zosen Corp
Hi-Tech Nittsu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hi-Tech Purity Ltd.,
Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co.,Ltd.
Hitso Productions Co.,Ltd.
Hjellegjerde Asia Co,Ltd.
Hk Godo International Co.,Ltd.
Hodory Tour Co.,Ltd.
Hoechst Chemical Industries Ltd.,
Hoechst Merion Roussel (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hoechst Schering Agrevo (Thailand) Ltd
Hoei Electronics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hoerbiger (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Hokuriku (Asia) Sales Pte Ltd,
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Bangkok,
Holiday Inn Resort Phuket Bangkok Office
Holiday Passport Co.,Ltd.
Holiday Shop
Holiday Tours & Travel (Thailand) Ltd,
Holistic Medical Support Co,Ltd.
Hollywood International Co.,Ltd.
Holt Worldwide Co Ltd,
Holythai Industry Co,Ltd.
Home Product Center Public Company Limited
Homenothome Bangkok Ex-Pat Website,
Homey (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Honda Cars (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Honda Cars Manufacturing (Thailand)
Honda Lock Thai Co.,Ltd.
Honda R&D South East Asia Co Ltd,
Honda Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hong Cern Packing Co.,Ltd.
Hong Chaw Industrial Ltd.,
Hong Chi Co.,Ltd
Hong Chiao Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Hong Keng Co.,Ltd.
Hong Kong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited,
Hong Kong And Shanghai Bank Ltd.
Hong Kong Furnishing Factory Co.,Ltd.
Hong Kong Industries Co.,Ltd.
Hong Kong International Packers & Movers Co.,Ltd.
Hong Kong Rubber Mfg Co.,Ltd.
Hong Kong Sin Charoen Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Hong Kong Steel Furnishing Co.,Ltd.
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hong Kong Transpack Co.,Ltd.
Hong Mao Biochemicals Co.,Ltd.
Hong Song Company Limited,
Hong Tai Garment Co.,Ltd.
Hong Thai Shin Co.,Ltd.
Hong Yang Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Hong Yao Thai Co.,Ltd.
Horizon Mobile Communications Co,Ltd.
Horng Chii Machine Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Horton International,
Horwath Executive Search Ltd.,
Hoshigaoka Thailand Co Ltd,
Hosia Co Ltd,
Hosiwell (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hosoda (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hotel & Tourism Marketing Ltd,
Hotel Engineering Support Services (Asia) Ltd.,
Ho-Thai Plastic Co.,Ltd.
House Agency Ishii,
Houston Engineering (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hove D.K. Co,Ltd.
Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hoya Lens Thailand Ltd.,
Hoya Optics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hoyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hq Link (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hsbc Capital Thailand Ltd,
Hsbc Investment Bank Asia Limited,
Hsbc Securities (Thailand) Ltd,
Hsbc Thailand,
Hsieh Chia Plastic Enterprises (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Hsin Fu Dyeing Co.,Ltd.
Hsin Mei Kuang (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Hsin Yi Co,Ltd.
Hsing Cheng Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hua Fong Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hua Thai Manufacturing Public Co Ltd,
Hua Thai Manufacturing Public Co,Ltd.
Hue Dar Co.,Ltd.
Hughes Christensen Division,
Huhtam?Ki Van Leer (Thailand) Ltd,
Hui Kwang (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hummel Co,Ltd.
Hunton & Williams (Thailand) Ltd,
Huntsman Ici (Thailand) Ltd,
Huntsman Ltd,
Hutek (Asia) Company Ltd,
Hutter & Dhira,
Hwa Feng Textile Co.,Ltd.
Hwa Fong Rubber (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hwa Jung Components (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Hwa Lang Ceramic Hardware Factory Co,Ltd.
Hwa Lu Pao Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hwa Seung (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hwa Tai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Hwa Yang Stainless Steel,
Hyder Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hydro Thai Ltd.,
Hydrogas (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hyewon International Inc.,
Hymold (Thailand) Ltd,
Hyosung Corp,
Hypercom Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Hyro Consulting (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hyun Dai Tour Co.,Ltd.
Hyundai Corp,
Hyunkwang (Thai) Industry Co,Ltd.
Hyva Thailand Ltd.,
I & E Trading Co,Ltd.
I. Hennig & Co (Thailand) Ltd,
I. Tour Club Co.,Ltd.
I.A.I. Co.,Ltd.
I.B.A. S & I (Thailand) Ltd.,
I.B.M. Storage Products (Thailand)
I.B.M. Thailand Co,Ltd.
I.C. Net (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
I.C.C. International Plc.,
I.C.I. Asiatic Chemical Co,Ltd.
I.C.I. Paints (Thailand) Ltd.,
I.C.R. Company Limited,
I.D. Knitting Co.,Ltd.
I.D.P. Education Australia,
I.D.S. Logistics (Thailand) Ltd,
I.F.B. International Freightbridge (Thailand) Ltd.,
I.F.S. Systems (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
I.I.C. Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd
I.J.B. Trading Co,Ltd.
I.L.S. Co,Ltd.
I.M.A. Golf (Thailand) Co,Ltd
I.M.E. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
I.M.I Co.,Ltd.
I.M.S. Health Inc,
I.N. Precision Co,Ltd.
I.O.M. (Thailand) Ltd,
I.P.C. Co,Ltd.
I.P.M. Asset Management Ltd,
I.R.D. Research Institute For Development
I.S.A. Co,Ltd.
I.S.M. Technology Recruitment Limited
I.S.P. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
I.S.S. Brute Force International Co.,Ltd.
I.S.S. Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.,
I.S.S. Esgo Co,Ltd.
I.T.O. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
I.T.O. Travel Co Ltd,
I.T.S. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
I.T.U. Regional Office Thailand
I.W.A. Packing Industry Co.,Ltd.
Iberia Airlines Bangkok
Iceland (The Consulate-General Of The Republic Of Iceland)
Ici 1996 (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ici Thailand Ltd,
Idemitsu Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Ihara Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ikari Thai Co Ltd,
Ikazawa Precision (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ike Tekko (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ikea Trading (Thailand) Ltd,
Ikeda (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Iloura (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ilves Tour Co.,Ltd.
Ilvex Associates (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Image 5 Star Taxi Co.,Ltd.
Image Concept Co.,Ltd.
Image Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Image Publishing Co,Ltd.
Image Sensing Systems Inc.,
Image Transforms P T E Ltd,
Imagine Resorts Co.,Ltd.
Imex Garment Co,Ltd.
Imex Industries Co,Ltd.
Impact Development Programmes Ltd,
Imperial Hotels Group, Bangkok
Imperial Industrial Chemicals Co,Ltd.
Imperial Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Imperial Queen's Park Hotel,
Imperial Technology Management Services Co Ltd,
Imperial Thai Toy Co,Ltd.
Impregilo Spa,
Imvt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
In Vivo Communications Co,Ltd.
Inaba (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Inabata Thai Co,Ltd.
Inca Plastics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Inca Territories Co,Ltd
Incamtec Co.,Ltd.
Inchape Consumer Marketing Co,Ltd.
Inchcape (Thailand) Ltd.,
Inchcape Manufacturing Co Ltd,
Inchcape Marketing Services Thailand
Inchcape Nrg (Thailand) Ltd.,
Inco Pacific Sales Ltd,
Incon Industry Consult Co,Ltd.
Inda Diamond (Belgium) Co Ltd,
Independent Power (Thailand) Company Limited,
Indian Airlines Bangkok
India-Thai Chamber Of Commerce,
Indo Construction And Engineering,
Indo Poly (Thailand) Ltd.,
Indo Siam Co.,Ltd.
Indo Worth (Thailand) Ltd.,
Indochina Healthcare Ltd,
Indoor Sport (Thailand) Co Ltd.,
Indo-Rama Group,
Indo-Rama Textiles (Thailand) Ltd,
Indosuez W.I.Carr Securities (Thailand)
Indo-Thai Synthetics Co,Ltd
Indra Industrial Park Co,Ltd.
Indra Regent Hotel Bangkok
Inducel Industrial (Thailand) Ltd.,
Industrial Finance Corporation Of Thailand,
Industrial Marketing Co Ltd,
Industrial Technology Supply Co Ltd,
Industrial Trade Limited,
Industrie Natuzzi Spa,
I-Net Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Inetasia Holding Ltd.,
Infofax Services (Thailand)
Infonet Thailand,
Ing Bank N.V Thailand
Ing Baring Securities (Thailand) Limited
Ing Life Limited,
Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company,
Ingress Autoventures Co.,Ltd.
Initiative Media Co.,Ltd.
Inna Reisen Co.,Ltd.
Innisfree Holdings Ltd.,
Inntron Company Limited,
Inoac Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Inoue (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Co,Ltd.
Insight Thailand
Insignia Brooke (Thailand) Ltd.,
Inspire Sofa Co Ltd,
Institute Of International Education
Instrumech Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.,
Insulpack Industries (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Intanont Tropical Trading Co.,Ltd.
Integrated Metal Finishing (Thailand)
Integrated Precision Engineering (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Integrity Research And Development
Intel Card Industries Co,Ltd
Intel Co,Ltd.
Inter Consultants Law And Accounting Associates,
Inter Island Hopper
Inter Kappa Corporation Ltd.,
Inter Magnetics (Thailand) Corp.,Ltd.
Inter Maritime Co,Ltd.
Inter Pacific Marine Product Co,Ltd.
Inter Powder Metal Co.,Ltd.
Inter Realty Management Co.,Ltd.
Inter Rubber Latex Co,Ltd.
Inter Silk Screen Co,Ltd.
Inter Valued Product (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Inter-Alliance International (Thailand)
Intercolor Gems Ltd.,
Intercontinental Bangkok,
Interface Modernform Co Ltd,
Interfurn Co,Ltd.
Intergoods Company Ltd,
Intergrafica Print & Pack (Thailand) Co
Interhit Thailand Ltd,
Interior Architecture 103 Co Ltd,
Interlife John Hancock Assurance Plc.,
International Administration (Thailand)
International Aviation Services Ltd.,
International Beauty Products Co,Ltd.
International Capsule Co,Ltd.
International Casting Co,Ltd.
International Commercial Bank Of China, Bangkok
International Community School,
International Curity Footwear Co.,Ltd.
International Fire Safety Services
International Food Technology Ltd.,
International Foreign Trade Corp.,Ltd.
International Forging Co,Ltd.
International French Foods Co Ltd,
International Herald Tribune (Thailand)
International Institute For Energy Conservation (I,
International Iron Works Co,Ltd.
International Jewelry Manufacturing
International Laboratories Corp,Ltd.
International Labour Organization (Ilo),
International Legal Counsellors Thailand
International Metal Industry Co Ltd,
International Mineral & Gems Co,Ltd.
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