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Nynex Network Systems Siam Ltd - Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components


Thailand Foreign Companies
, Thai Foreign Manufacturers, Foreign Owned Companies in Thailand bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and a wealth of investment and money to the Thai economy.

Over the years Bangkok Companies has sought to research data on these foreign companies. We believe that we have the most comprehensive and in-depth database of foreign owned companies in Thailand.

If you are looking to do business with a Foreign company in Thailand or want to contact Foreign expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Please email for more details and pricing

Foreign Companies in Thailand  
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Featured Foreign Companies and Foreign Manufacturers in Thailand

Following you will find lists of foreign companies involved in business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a foreign company or simply supply a database of these foreign companies then please email

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Nynex Network Systems Siam Ltd,
Nynex Science & Technology Asia,
O.C.E. (Thailand) Limited,
O.C.S. Thailand Co Ltd,
O.E.L. Group Co.,Ltd.
O.G. Ibis Co.,Ltd.
O.K.K. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
O.M.G. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
O.M.G. Metals (Thailand) Ltd.,
O.P.S. Mobile Audio Co.,Ltd.
O.S./Cm Ltd Thailand,
O.S.G. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
O.T.A. Seimitsu Kanagata (Thailand)
O.T.C. Daihen Asia Co.,Ltd.
O.T.G. Thai Co.,Ltd.
O.T.I. (Bkk) Co.,Ltd.
O.T.J. Co.,Ltd.
O.V. International Import-Export Co.,Ltd.
O.V.G. (Thailand) Ltd.,
Obara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Occidental Chemical Thailand Ltd,
Oce (Thailand) Ltd,
Ocean Inter-Deco Co.,Ltd.
Ocean Sasaki Glass Co.,Ltd.
Oceanor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Oceanor (Oceanographic National Research Council,
Offshore Fish And Chips Bangkok
Ofmac (Thailand) Company Ltd,
Ogas (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Ogawa Electric Co.,Ltd.
Ogihara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ogilvy & Mather (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ogilvy & Mather Public Relations Worldwide,
Ogilvy Interactive Worldwide Ltd.,
Ohashi Densho Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Ohgitani Kogyo (Thailand) Company Ltd,
Ohji Hercules (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ohm Denki (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ohmi Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Oil Tex (Thailand) Co Ltd.,
Oiltools (Thailand) Ltd.,
Oishi Restaurant Bangkok
Oji Paper (Thailand) Ltd.,
Okamoto (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Okamoto Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Okamura Steel Co Ltd, Siam
Okano Hi-Tech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Okaya & Co.,Ltd
Oki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Oki Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Oki Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Okihara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Okitsumo International (Asia) Co.,Ltd
Okuda Interpretation &Translation Service
Oleochem (Thailand) Ltd .,
Oleofine Organics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Olic (Thailand) Limited.,
Olis S.P.A.,
Olympic Airways Thailand,
Olympic Airways Thailand (Airport Office),
Olympus Rushmore Co.,Ltd
Oman (The Consulate Of The Sultanate Of Oman),
Omron Electronic Co.,Ltd.
On Star Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Onamba (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
One Asian Network Co Ltd,
Oneservice Logistics Co Ltd,
Onpa International Public Company Limited,
Opal Horticulture Co.,Ltd.
Opentech Company Ltd.,
Operational Energy Group Limited,
Optimum Co.,Ltd.
Optimum Media Direction (Thailand)
Oracle Systems (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Orasia Co.,Ltd.
Orbit Trading Co.,Ltd.
Orchid Diamond Polishing Works Ltd,
O'reillys Irish Pub,
Orex Trading Company Ltd,
Organo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Organon (Thailand) Ltd.,
Orien Tours Co.,Ltd.
Orient Air Reps Co.,Ltd.
Orient Travel Press Ltd.,
Oriental Ace Fiber Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Copper Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Decoration Solutions Limited Partnership,
Oriental Electric Industry Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Electronics Device Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Hotel (Thailand ),The
Oriental Jute Mill Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Lapidary Plc,
Oriental Professional Engineering Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Scarves Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Siam (1978) Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Silica Ltd.,
Oriental Sports Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Wood Products Company Ltd,
Oriflame (Thailand) Ltd,
Orogems Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Osmonics Asia Pacific Ltd,
Osotspa Co.,Ltd.
Osram (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Otec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Otis Elevator Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Otto Bock South East Asia Co.,Ltd.
Otto International (Hong Kong) Ltd,
Ouiheng Import Co.,Ltd.
Outokumpu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Outokumpu Hitachi Copper Tube (Thailand)
Outward Bound (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ove Arup (Thailand) Ltd,
Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation
Overseas Courier Service Co.,Ltd.
Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co Ltd,
Overseas Rayon Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Overseas Union Bank Limited,
Overseas Vocational Training Association
Owen Oil Tools, INC.
Oxfam Gb Thailand,
Oxo Chemie (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Oxonol Thai Co.,Ltd.
Oy Corporation Ltd,
Ozcon Interiors Co.,Ltd.
P & F Chongulia Co.,Ltd.
P & I D Co.,Ltd.
P & O Nedlloyd Ltd.,
P & Y Toys (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
P. Audio System Co.,Ltd.
P.A.E. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.A.O. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
P.A.P. New World Insurance Brokers (Thailand)
P.A.S. Classic Steel Co.,Ltd.
P.B. Agencies Co.,Ltd.
P.B. Fishery Products Company Limited,
P.B.R. Automotive (Thailand) Limited,
P.C.B. Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
P.C.C. Processing Group Co.,Ltd.
P.C.E. Travel Consultants Co.,Ltd.
P.C.T.T. Ltd.,
P.E.K. Engineering Co.,Ltd
P.E.T. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.G. Music Books Co.,Ltd.
P.H. Chemical Ltd.,
P.H. Hardware Product Co.,Ltd.
P.H.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Snowbird Ltd.,
P.M. Beaver Co.,Ltd.
P.P.G.-Siam Silica Co Ltd,
P.P.T. (Precision Parts Technologies Co.)
P.Q. Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.,
P.R. Recruitment & Business Management,
P.R.G.-Scultz ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.S.D.I. (Thailand) Ltd,
P.S.F. Equipment (Thailand) Co Ltd,
P.S.G.-Wesco Co.,Ltd.
P.S.M.T. Company Limited,
P.T.K. Management & Marketing Co.,Ltd.
P.T.T. Exploration And Production PLC
P.T.T. Natural Gas Distribution Co Ltd,
P.W.C. Consulting (Thailand) Limited,
P.Z. Cusson (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pac Rim International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pacific & Orient Co Ltd,
Pacific 2000 International Recruitments,
Pacific Airlines Bangkok
Pacific American Business Advisory Services
Pacific City Club Bangkok
Pacific Consultants International,
Pacific Consulting & Development Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Container Bag Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Healthcare (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Pacific Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Insulating Material (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pacific Legal Group Ltd.,
Pacific Leisure (Thailand) Ltd,
Pacific Mart Co Ltd,
Pacific Plastics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Siam Strategic Consulting Co Ltd,
Pacific Thai Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Tiger Energy (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pacific World Ltd (Thailand)
Pacific-Thai Electric Wire And Cable
Pack Technology Co.,Ltd.
Packman's International Corporation
Pacrim Associates Ltd,
Pacvest Property Services Co.,Ltd.
Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited,
Padag Project Analysis And Development (Thailand)
Padeco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Padorr & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Page Kirkland (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Pahuma Consulting (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Paiboon Enterprise Co Ltd,
Pakistan International Airlines Bangkok
Paknum Textile Co.,Ltd.
Palco Interpoly Co.,Ltd.
Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Ltd.,
Palsys Software Co.,Ltd.
Pan Asia Footwear Public Company Limited,
Pan Asia Paper (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pan International Electronics (Thailand)
Pan Ocean World Co. Ltd.,
Pan Pacific Bangkok, The
Pan Star Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Pan Thai Computer Co.,Ltd
Pan World Pumps (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panalpina World Transport (Thailand) Ltd.,
Panama (The Embassy Of The Republic of Panama)
Panasonic Automotive System (Thailand)
Panasonic Industrial Thailand Ltd,
Panasonic Welding Industry (Thailand)
Panda Travel Agency Ltd,
Pansea Hotels & Resort In Asia (Hosia)
Panvatana Co.,Ltd.
Panya Engineering Service Ltd.,Part.
Par Green Tour Co,Ltd.
Paradisa Designs,
Paradise Apparel Limited,
Paragon Executive Search (Thailand) Ltd.,
Paramount Worldwide Lp,
Paris Bangkok Auto Centre,
Paris Bijoux S.A. Co.,Ltd.
Paris Miki Optical (Thailand) Ltd,
Parish Structural Products (Thailand) Ltd.,
Park Hotel Bangkok, The
Park Suanplu Exclusive Residence,
Parker Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Parker Hannifin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Parks Toy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Parmalat (Thailand) Limited,
Parsons Brinckerhoff,
Parsons International Limited,
Parsons Polytech Inc,
Pasona (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pasteur Merieux Connaught (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pata Operational Headquarters,
Pathfinders Travel Co.,Ltd.
Pathlab (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pathumwan Princess Hotel,
Patmax Ltd.,Part.
Patrick's Belgian Restaurant & Cafe,
Pattaya Cane And Fabric Co.,Ltd.
Pattaya Center Hotel,
Pattaya International Church,
Patum Rice Mill And Granary Public Company Limited,
Paul Mitchell Systems Co.,Ltd.
Payan & Bertrand Far East Ltd.,
Peace Metal (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Pearl & Dean Siam,
Peco Project Evaluation Company Ltd,
Peek Traffic (Thailand) Ltd,
Peerapat Industrial Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Pegasus International Law Office,
Pelmec Thai Ltd,
Pen Green Resources Co.,Ltd.
Penang Printing & Dyeing Co.,Ltd.
Peninsula Bangkok
Peninsula Precious Trading Company
Penn Asia Co Ltd,
Penspen Ltd,
Penta-Ocean Construction Co.,Ltd.
Pentel (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Penven (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Peony Blanket Industrial Co.,Ltd
Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co.,Ltd.
Perfect Spa Co.,Ltd
Perfect Timing Co Ltd,
Performa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Perithai Co.,Ltd.
Perkin Elmer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Permasteelisa (Thailand) Ltd,
Pernod Ricard SEA,
Peroxythai Co Ltd,
Perpac Thailand Co.,Ltd
Perrier Vittel Thailand Ltd.,
Personal Dynamics Co.,Ltd.
Personnel Consultant Manpower (Thailand)
Peru (The Consulate Of The Republic Of Peru),
Petch Thai Chemical (Thai Heng Lee Lee)
Petech International Co.,Ltd.
Peter Cremer Co.,Ltd.
Peter Stone Co.,Ltd.
Peters Asia Co.,Ltd.
Petform (Thailand) Ltd.,
Petratest (Thailand) Ltd.,
Petro-Industrial Conservation International
Petronas Thailand Co Ltd,
Peugeot (Automobiles),
Pfelzer Stueble Co.,Ltd.
Pfizer International Co.,Ltd.
Pfizer International Corp (Sa),
Pfizer International Corporation
Pfost Gmbh Co.,Ltd.
Pharmacia & Upjohn Co.,Ltd.
Phelps Dodge Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Philadelphia National Bank,
Philipp Holzmann (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Philippe Restaurant
Philippine Airlines (Pr) Bangkok
Philippines (The Embassy Of The Republic Of The Philippines)
Philips Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Philips Semiconductors (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Philipson Tagwood (Thai) Co.,Ltd
Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Company
Phillip Wain (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Phillip Wealth Planner Broker Company Limited
Phillips Foods Asia Co.,Ltd.
Phillips International Co.,Ltd.
Phillips Seafood (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Phillips Securities Co.,Ltd.
Phnom Pen Airways,
Phoenix Pulp & Paper Public Co.,Ltd.
Phuket Arcadia Hotel & Resort (Sales Office)
Pica Inter Co.,Ltd.
Pichit Industrial Works Co.,Ltd.
Picnic Gas And Chemicals Public Company
Pico Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Pico Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Pico International Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pico-G&C Joint Venture Bangkok
Picotee Interior Center Co.,Ltd.
Picotee International Co.,Ltd.
Picotee International Company Limited
Picotee Ltd.Part.,
Pictory Co.,Ltd
Pierre Boutique,
Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Pijittra Home Spun Cotton,
Pilot Consolidator Co.,Ltd.
Pilot Pen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pilotaz Paris-Bangkok Co Ltd,
Pimalai Resort & Spa,
Pimpen Co.,Ltd.
Pin Shine Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pinkerton (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pinnacle Hotel & Resorts Co Ltd,
Pinsuwan Co.,Ltd.
Pinthong Industrial Estate Co.,Ltd.
Pinya Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Piolax (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pioneer Concrete (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pioneer Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pioneer Electronics Factory (Thailand) Ltd,
Pioneer Hi-Bred (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pioneer Ocean Freight Co.,Ltd.
Pipe Supports Asia Ltd.,
Pipeline Protection Industries Co Ltd,
Piraab Starch Co.,Ltd.
Pirelli Cable And Systems,
Piton Communications,
Pizza Public Co Ltd
Planet Communications Asia Co.,Ltd.
Plasess (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Plasic Public Co.,Ltd.
Plastimer Precision Co.,Ltd.
Platinum Life,
Plato Audio Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Plaza Athenee Hotel Bangkok
Pleasant Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Plenty Island (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Plenus Co Ltd,
Plic Corp.,Ltd. (Rentaro)
Ploy Pailin Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Plus-Bbg Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ply Mount International (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Pneumax Co Ltd,
Podium Holding Group Co.,Ltd.
Pola Cosmetics (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Polipharm Co.,Ltd.
Poliville (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pollak & Co Ltd,
Poly Air Technology Co.,Ltd.
Poly Designs Co.,Ltd.
Poly Sun Co.,Ltd.
Poly Vision Co.,Ltd.
Polyfelt Geosynthetics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Polyfoam Industries Co.,Ltd.
Polygram Records (Thailand) Ltd,
Polymatech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Solution Co.,Ltd.
Polyon Barkai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Polyplastics Marketing (T) Ltd,
Polytex Industry Co.,Ltd
Polytree Co.,Ltd.
Pong-Ampornpan Co.,Ltd.
Pongpara Codan Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Pongpara Polymer Co.,Ltd..
Poonsap Company,
Porite Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Porn Charoen Gandhi Brothers Rop,
Pornpat Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Portsmouth Mann International Ltd,
Post Way Co.,Ltd.
Poul Christensen (Thai) Ltd.,
Powauito (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Power Electronics Of Minebea Co.,Ltd.
Power Quality (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Pr Porter Novelli,
Prachongkit Karnchang Co.,Ltd.
Practical Flashlight Co.,Ltd.
Prakit Holdings Public Company Limited,
Pranda Inter Gems Co.,Ltd.
Pranda Intergems Co.,Ltd.
Pranda Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Pranda Jewellery Public Company Ltd
Praxair (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Preciform Co.,Ltd.
Precise International Corporation Ltd.,
Precision I.N. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Precision Technology Co.,Ltd.
Prem Tinsulanonda International School,
Premier Bavaria Line Co Ltd,
Premier Connection Co,Ltd
Premier Dairy Foods Co.,Ltd.
Premier Diamond Cutting Co.,Ltd.
Premier Environmental Co Ltd,
Premier Homes Real Estate Co.,Ltd
Premier Image Leather Co.,Ltd.
Premier Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Premier Yoshizawa Thai Co.,Ltd.
Prepac Thailand Co.,Ltd.
President Chemical Co Ltd,
President Park Property Plc,
President Rice Products Public Co.,Ltd.
President-Danish Foods Co Ltd,
Presko Shandwick (Thailand) Ltd.,
Presmann (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Press Craft (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pressure Container Industry Corp Ltd,
Prestige Global Co.,Ltd.
Prestigious Products & Services Co Ltd,
Pretty Silver Bkk Co.,Ltd
Price & Pierce (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
Pricewaterhouse Management Consultants Ltd.,
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Executive Recruitment
Primacy Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Primelink Co.,Ltd.,
Prince Palace Hotel,
Principality Of Monaco Chancery, The
Printelligence (Thailand) Co. Ltd,
Prior Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Prior Thai Co.,Ltd.
Pro Iv Software (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pro Marine Products Co.,Ltd.
Pro Master Craft International Ltd
Processing Center Co.,Ltd
Procter & Gamble Co.,Ltd
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing (Thailand)
Procurement Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pro-En Group Of Companies,
Professional Management Services
Professional Portfolio International,
Professional Systems Limited,
Professionals Asia Network Co. Ltd,
Pro-Finish Co.,Ltd.
Profit Recovery Group
Pro-Fracht Co.,Ltd.
Progisys - Asia Co.,Ltd.
Progress Hi-Tech Roller Co.,Ltd.
Progress Toyo Manufacture Thai Co.,Ltd.
Project Solutions International
Projects Asia Limited
Prolix Co.,Ltd.
Promech Resources Co.,Ltd.
Pro-Milling Co.,Ltd.
Prominent Fluid Controls (Thailand)
Promjai Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Prompt Techno Service Co Ltd,
Pronec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Property Care Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Prostar (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Protarget (Bangkok) Ltd.,
Protool (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Prudential Ts Life Assurance PCL
Purina Japan K.K. (Thailand)
Purita Co.,Ltd.
Pyramid Diamond Sawing Co.,Ltd.
Q Translation (Thailand),
Q.B.E. Insurance (Thailand) Company Limited,
Q.D.P. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Q.M. Ishihara Co.,Ltd.
Qantas Airways,
Qatar Airways (Qr),
Q-Best Enterprise Co. Ltd,
Qi Li Industry Co.,Ltd.
Q-Tec & Vm Co Ltd,
Qualitech Instruments Co Ltd,
Quality Assembly (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Quality Assurance Services Pty Limited (Qas)
Quality Packaging Industry Co.,Ltd.
Quality Houses Public Co Ltd,
Queen Botany Co.,Ltd
Quest Media Co.,Ltd.
Quick Pack Pacific Co.,Ltd
R.A.C. Global International Co.,Ltd.
R.A.C. Trading Co.,Ltd.
R.A.I. Pr,
R.B.K. Thailand Inc.,
R.D.D. Holdings Co. Ltd.,
R.D.M. Technology Asia Ltd.,
R.F. Import-Export Co.,Ltd.
R.G.B. Architects Co Ltd,
R.H.B. Bank Berhad,
R.J. Reynolds (Thailand) Inc,
R.K. Cadence Co.,Ltd.
R.M.A. Trading Co.,Ltd.
R.M.C. Gems Thai Co.,Ltd.
R.M.J.M. (Thailand) Ltd,
R.N.T. Asia Limited,
R.P.A. Services Ltd.,
R.P.I. Communications,
R.P.R. Consulting And Trading Co.,Ltd.
R.P.T. Asia Ltd,
R.R.R. Co Ltd,
R.S. Radcoflex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
R.S.M. Nelson Wheeler (Thailand)
R.W.T.U.V. (Thailand) Ltd.,
Rabbit Resort,
Rabobank Nederland,
Radian Sea Ltd,
Radicon Co.,Ltd.
Rai Exhibitions (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Raimon Land Public Company Limited,
Rain Mart Co.,Ltd.
Rainbow Club International Co.,Ltd.
Rainbow Printing Co.,Ltd.
Raja Uchino Co.,Ltd.
Rajadamri Hotel Public Company Limited,
Ra-Kahng Associates Ltd.,
Rama Shoes Industry Ltd,
Rama Textile Industry (1988) Co.,Ltd.
Ramkhamaeng Adventist International School (Rais)
Ramset (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ranbaxy (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Ranchero Services (Thailand)
Rank P.T. O'Cconnor's Co.,Ltd.
Rasami International School
Rasean Works R&D Co.,Ltd.
Ray Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Rayong Bangkok Auto Rubber Parts Co.,Ltd.
Rayong Bangkok Rubber Co.,Ltd..
Rayong Modular Auto Industries Co.,Ltd.
Rayong Olefins Co.,Ltd.
Rayong Resort Hotel
Raytheon International Inc.
Raytheon Training Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd.
Reader's Digest (Thailand) Ltd.
Readrite (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Read-Rite Smi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Readymixed Pioneer Concrete (Thailand)
Real Estate Pros
Real Video Co.,Ltd.
Realcom Co.,Ltd.
Recall Total Information Management Co.,Ltd.
Reckitt & Coleman (Overseas) Ltd.
Reckitt & Colman (Thailand) Ltd.
Reckitt Benckiser (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Reckitt Benckiser S.Ar.L
Recycle Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Reed Rex (Thailand) Company Limited,
Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd,
Regency Asset Management Ltd.,
Regent Bangkok Hotel (Rajadamri Hotel Public Company)
Regent Jewellery Ltd.,
Regent's School - Thailand,
Regional Container Lines Public Company Limited,
Regus Centre (Thailand) Limited,
Rehau Co.,Ltd.
Relay Group, The
Relectronic-Remech (Thailand) Ltd.,
Reliance Tech-Service Co.,Ltd.
Reliance Travel (Thailand) Ltd,
Relocations Asia Pacific Ltd.,
Reminiscence Diffusion Internationale,
Renbi Co.,Ltd.
Rencon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rene Graphic Co.,Ltd.
Rene-Philippe & Partners Ltd.
Rentokil (Thailand) Ltd.
Rentokil Initial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Renuka & Co
Repromatic Corporation Ltd,
Republic Of Korea (The Embassy Of The Republic Of Korea)
Resona Bank Ltd,
Resource Link Consulting Group Co.,Ltd.
Respondek & Fan Ltd.,
Responsive It Solution Ltd.,
Ret-Ser Thai International Co.,Ltd.
Reuters (Thailand) Limited,
Reuters Software (Thailand) Limited.,
Rex Hotel,
Reynolds & Reynolds Pty. Ltd.,
Rhinestone International Co.,Ltd.
Rhodia (Thailand) Limited,
Rhodia Thai Industries Ltd.,
Rhombus Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rhone Poulenee Agro (Thailand) S. A.
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Co.,Ltd.
Richard Ellis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Richard Glynn Consultants Executive Recruitment Ltd.
Richardson Electronics (Thailand) Limited
Riche Monde (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Richee Holding Alliance Co.,Ltd.
Richland Bearing Co.,Ltd.
Richmond Asset Management Ltd.,
Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey (Thailand) Ltd.
Rider International Co.,Ltd.
Rider International (Megacell) Co.,Ltd.
Rieckermann (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rieckermann Thai Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Rieckermann Thailand Company Limited
Right Travel & Service Co.,Ltd.
Right Trips Co.,Ltd.
Rihting Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Riken (Thailand) Ltd,
Rimping Foodland Product Co.,Ltd.
Rinnai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rinol (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rio Tinto Asia (Thailand) Ltd,
Ripples International Ltd.,
Rising Trans Line (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Risk Protection (Thailand) Ltd.
Risk Protection Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Riso (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rittal Ltd.,
River Mansion,
Riverfront Residence,
Roadstone Tyre & Rubber (1986) Co.,Ltd.
Roadstrone Rubber (1986) Co.,Ltd.
Robatherm Co.,Ltd.
Robatherm Warme-Und Klimatechnic Gmbh
Robere & Associates (Thailand) Ltd.
Robert Bosch Co.,Ltd.
Robert G Boughey And Associates Co.,Ltd.
Roche Diagnostics Thailand Ltd,
Roche Thailand Ltd.,
Rocket Electric Thai Co.,Ltd.
Rocket Products International Co. Ltd.,
Rocket Steel Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rocket Thai Co Ltd,
Rockwell Automation Thai Co Ltd,
Rodenstock (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Roediger (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohm & Haas Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohm And Haas Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohm And Hass Southeast Asia Inc (Thailand Br)
Rohm Apollo Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohm Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohm Integrated Semiconductor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohto-Mentholatum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rojana Distribution Center Co.,Ltd.
Rojana Industrial Park Public Co.,Ltd.
Rolex Centre Sab (Thailand) Ltd
Rolls-Royce (Thailand) Ltd.
Rolls-Royce International Ltd.
Romania Embassy Of Romania,
Rombus Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ronda (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Rong Thai Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Rosa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ross Publishing Ltd.,
Rosti (Mala) Co.,Ltd.
Rotary Drilling Services Co Ltd,
Rothai Co.,Ltd.
Rouse & Co. International (Thailand) Ltd.
Rovithai Ltd.,
Rowaco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Royal Air Cambodge (Vj),
Royal And Sun Alliance Insurance (Thailand) Ltd.,
Royal Bangkok Consultant Co Ltd,
Royal Bank Of Canada
Royal Bhutan Embassy
Royal Brunei Airlines
Royal Can Industries Co.,Ltd
Royal Cc Printing (2001) Co.,Ltd.
Royal Cliff Beach Resort
Royal Danish Embassy
Royal Electronic Factory (Thailand)
Royal Garden Resort & Plaza
Royal Garden Resort Pattaya
Royal Garden Resort Public Company Limited
Royal Garden Resorts (Chao Phaya Resort
Royal Industries (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Royal Jordanian Airline (Rj),
Royal King Infant Products Co.,Ltd
Royal Lapidary (1985) Co.,Ltd.
Royal Master Corp. Ltd.,
Royal Meridien Bangkok Le
Royal Nepal Airlines (Ra)
Royal Nepalese Airlines
Royal Nepalese Embassy
Royal Netherlands Embassy Bangkok
Royal Night Hotel
Royal Norwegian Embassy Bangkok
Royal Orchid Trade,
Royal Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Royal Time Citi Co Ltd,
Ruamrudee International School,
Rubicon Co Ltd,
Rubycon Singapore Pte Ltd,
Ruen Kasap Thong Co.,Ltd.
Rusconi Co.,Ltd.
Ruskin (Thailand) Ltd.,
Russia (The Embassy Of The Russian Federation)
Rw Tuv (Thailand) Ltd,
Ryder Transport (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ryoka Thai Co.,Ltd.
Ryoko & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Ryoko And Associates Co.,Ltd.
Ryoko Sangyo Corporation
Ryokosha (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ryosan Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S & D Cycle Bangkok,
S & I International Co.,Ltd.
S & J International Enterprises PCL
S & T Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd.,
S Paiboon Ltd,
S. Grand Gems Ltd Part,
S. Power Construction Co.,Ltd.
S. Risco Co.,Ltd.
S. Saha Tara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.A.B. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.A.E. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.B. Leasing (Thailand) Co Ltd,
S.B.C.S. Co Ltd,
S.B.M. Marine Services (Thailand)
S.C. Johnson & Son Ltd,
S.C.I. System (Thailand) Ltd.
S.C.S. Enterprise Systems (Thailand)
S.D.K. Eiwa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.D.S. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
S.D.V. Logistics,
S.E. Zuelling (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
S.G. Asia Credit Public Co.,Ltd.
S.G.C. International Co.,Ltd.
S.G.M.C. Group Co. Ltd.,
S.G.S. (Thailand) Limited,
S.G.S. Group Of Companies (Thailand)
S.G.S. Recruitment & Project Services
S.G.V..-Na Thalang & Co.,Ltd.
S.I. Tours Ltd.,Part.
S.I.F. Co.,Ltd.
S.I.G. Combibloc Ltd,
S.J. (1993) Co.,Ltd.
S.J.I. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Global Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Polymer Co.,Ltd.
S.K.B. Creative Co.,Ltd.
S.K.F. (Thailand) Limited,
S.K.I. Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
S.K.J. Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.
S.K.W. Steels Product Co.,Ltd.
S.M. Chang Tourland Co.,Ltd.
S.M.C. Thailand Ltd.,
S.M.-Cyclo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.M.E. Multi Consultant Co.,Ltd.
S.M.I. Travel Co.,Ltd.
S.M.P. Siam Co.,Ltd.
S.M.T. International Co.,Ltd
S.M.T.C. Co.,Ltd.
S.N. International Co.,Ltd.
S.N.B. Agriproducts Ltd,
S.N.C. Former Co.,Ltd.
S.N.C. Sound Proof Co.,Ltd.
S.N.C.-Lavalin International Inc,
S.N.N. Tools & Dies Co.,Ltd.
S.N.N.P. Intertrade Co Ltd,
S.N.R. System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Communications Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Development Import Export Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Leader International Group Employment Co.,Ltd
S.P.I. Canning Co.,Ltd.
S.P.I. Feed Co.,Ltd.
S.Q.I. Petrochem Industries Co.,Ltd.
S.Q.V. Consulting And Services Co.,Ltd.
S.S. Agencies R.O.P.,
S.S. Global Co.,Ltd.
S.S. Japan Co Ltd,
S.S. Nittoku Co.,Ltd.
S.S. Travel Service,
S.S.I. Schaefer Systems International
S.S.L. Healthcare (Thailand) Ltd,
S.S.L. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.T. Fortum Engineering Co.,Ltd.
S.T. Power Services Company Limited,
S.T.A. Travel Co.,Ltd.
S.T.B. Textiles Industry Co. Ltd.,
S.T.C. Feed Co.,Ltd.
S.T.C. Scandinavian Trading & Consulting
S.T.P. Rubber Co.,Ltd.
S.U.C. Trading (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
S.V. Nittan Precision Co.,Ltd.
S.V.I. Elastomer Co.,Ltd.
S.V.I. Public Co.,Ltd.
S.V.K. International Co.,Ltd.
S.V.O.A. Group Of Companies,
S.V.S. Oilfield Services Co.,Ltd
S.W. Mecca Co.,Ltd.
S.W.N. Intertrade,
S.W.S. Logistics & Marketing (Thailand)
S+L+H S.P.A.,
Saab International Ltd,
Saatchi & Saatchi Co.,Ltd.
Sabaai Concept Co.,Ltd.
Sabaijaidee (1985) Co.,Ltd.
Sabina Airline (Sn)
Sabina Fareast Co.,Ltd.
Sabina Underwear Manufacturer Far East Co.,Ltd.
Sabre Group Co Ltd,
Sadesa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sae Chue Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Saeilo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Safe Glove Co.,Ltd.
Safeland CCTV Co,.Ltd.
Safeskin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.,
Safety Insurance Public Co.,Ltd.
Sagami Thai Co Ltd,
Sage Consultants
Saginomiya (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sagric International - Thailand,
Saha Heng Mining Co.,Ltd.
Saha Pathanapibul Public Co.,Ltd.
Saha Prachinburi Foods Industry Ltd.,
Saha Sehwa Co.,Ltd.
Saha Seiren Co.,Ltd.
Sahachol Food Supplies Co.,Ltd.
Sahachoya Co.,Ltd.
Sahakarn Osod (1996) Co.,Ltd.
Sahakit Wisarn Co.,Ltd.
Saharoongroj (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sahasilp Rivet Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Bright Bars Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya City Public Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Data Systems Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Light Gauge Steel Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Nittan Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Nittinan Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya O.A. Group Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Oa Centre Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Oa Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Oa Public Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Orchid Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Panich (1962) Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Plate Mill Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Pure Science Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Purescience Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Service Center It Clinic (Phantip Branch)
Sahaviriya Steel Bar Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Bars Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Group (Ssg) Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Industries Public Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Product Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Products Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Service Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Steel Works Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya System Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya System Company Ltd.
Sahaviriya Trust Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Wire Rod Co.,Ltd.
Saijo Denki International Co.,Ltd.
Sailor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Saint- Gobain Vetrotex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Saint John's Management Center,
Saint-Gobain Vetrotex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Saipem Asia
Saitama Bank Ltd
Saito Foods Co.,Ltd.
Sakata-Thai Corp Ltd,
Sako Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sakura Internet Co.,Ltd.
Sakura Bank Co.,Ltd..
Salom Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Salomon Brothers Asia Pacific Ltd,
Sam-D Farm Co.,Ltd.
Samdo (Thailahd) Co.,Ltd.
Same Tech Ltd.,
Samitivej Public Company Limited,
Sammi Sound Tech (Thailand) Corp
Samruay Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Samson Controls Ltd.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Samsung Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Samsung Heavy Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Samwha (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Samya Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
San Paolo Bank Di Torino Spa,
Sanami (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanby (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Sanda Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sanden Commercial Refrigeration (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Sanden Theco Co Ltd,
Sandvik Thailand Ltd.,
San-Ei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sang Charoen Foundry (1987) Co Ltd
Sangkasi Thai Co Ltd
Sangthong Canvas Co.,Ltd.
Sanha Co Ltd,
Sankei Giken (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sankei Travel (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Sankho Kaihatsu Co Ltd,
Sanko Diecasting (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanko Electric Co.,Ltd.
Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanko Tochemi Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sankyu Logistics & Engineering Services (Thailand)
Sanmina-Sci Sysyems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sannyfield International (Thailand) Ltd.
Sanofi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.
Sanofi-Sintalabo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanofi-Synthelabo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanshin Electronics Singapore (Pte) Ltd.
Sanshin High Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Santa Fe (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Santa Fe International Services Inc.
Sanwa Bank Bangkok
Sanwa Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
Sanwa Inter-Foods Co.,Ltd.
Sanwa Tact Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Sanyei Corporation
Sanyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Limited
Sanyo Paper Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Public
Sanyo S.M.I. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Semiconductor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Smi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Universal Electric Public Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Universal Electronics Public Co.,Ltd.
Sanyu Consultants (Thailand) Limited
Sap (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Sapina Holding Corporation Ltd,
Sara Lee (Thailand) Ltd,
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (Thailand) .,Ltd.
Saracen Law Associates,
Sardegna Wine Co.,Ltd.
Satake (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Satellite Pro A/V Co.,Ltd.
Sathorn Chem Co.,Ltd.
Sato Kogyo Bangkok Co Ltd,
Saudi Arabia (The Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia)
Saudi Arabia Airlines
Saudi Arabia Embassy
Saudi Arabia Royal Embassy
Saudi Arabian Airlines (Sv)
Save The Children Fund U.K.(Scf [U.K.]),
Saville Productions Co.,Ltd.
Savills (Thailand) Ltd.
Sawadee Travel Ltd,
Scan East Co.,Ltd.
Scan Electronic Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Scan Electronics (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Scandinavian Airlines System
Scandinavian Airlines System (Airport)
Scandinavian Leasing Public Co.,Ltd.
Scandinavian Leasing Public Company Limited
Scandinavian Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Scandinavian Village Co.,Ltd.
Scandinavian Woodworking Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Scand-Media Corp.Ltd.
Scanproducts Co.,Ltd.
Scanwell Consolidator (Thailand) Ltd.
Scanwell Consolidators (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Scanwell Freight Express (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Schaffner Emc Co.,Ltd.
Schenker (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Schenker (Thai) Ltd.
Schering (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Schering-Plough Animal Health Ltd.
Schering-Plough Co.,Ltd.
Schlumberjer Overseas S A Co.,Ltd.
Schmidt Co.,Ltd.
Schmidt Scientific (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Schneider (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Schneider (Thailand) Limited
Schneider Electric (Thailand) Ltd.
Schneider Electric High Voltage (Thailand) Limited
Schneider Electric Sa
Schneider Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.
Schneider Sa Co.,Ltd.
Schnurbart Co.,Ltd.
Schroder Asset Management Limited,
Schunk United Carbon Co Ltd,
Scimix Technology And Education,
Scitech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sci-Tech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Scitech Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Scitek Krungthep Co.,Ltd.
Scoozi Co. Ltd.,
Scotch Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Se Han Travel & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sea Fly Services Co.,Ltd
Seabra International Movers And Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Seabra Maritime Transport Co.,Ltd.
Seagate Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Seagram (Thailand) Ltd,
Sea-Land Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.
Sea-Land Service Co.,Ltd.
Sealed Air (S) Pte Ltd.
Sealed Air (Thailand) Co.,Ltd..
Sealord Shipping Agencies,
Seamico Securities Public Co Ltd,
Seapan Trading Ltd,
Search International Executive Selection Services
Seascape Beach Resort (Big West Enterprise)
Seaside Properties (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Seastar Properties Co Ltd,
Sebastian 1999 Co.,Ltd.
Seccom (Thailand) Corp.,Ltd.
Securicor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Security Pacific National Bank,
Sedco Forex Inc.,
Se-Education Public Company Limited,
Sefar (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Seghers Better Technology Group N.V.,
Seiko (Thailand) Ltd.
Seiko Instrument (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Seiko Instruments (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Seiko P & C (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Seino Glory Transportation Co.,Ltd.
Seino Transportation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Seizo Co Ltd,
Sekisui Chemical Singapore (Pte) Ltd,
Sekisui S-Lec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sekurit Saint-Gobain Toa Co.,Ltd.
Sekyero Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Select International
Selective Gem House Ltd.,
Selmer A.S.,
Selux Siam Co Ltd,
Semmy's Tours & Travel Co.,Ltd.
Semperflex Asia Corporation Ltd.
Semperflex Asia Ltd.
Semperform Pacific Corporation Ltd.
Semple Cochrane ( Asia ) Co.,Ltd.
Seng Shin Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.
Seng Thai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Senju Metal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Senka (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Senox (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Senshukai (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Sensient Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sensormatic Thailand Co. Ltd.,
Seo Jin Tour Co.,Ltd.
Sepa (Thailand) Ltd,
Sepatech Engineers Services Co Ltd,
Sequoya Company Limited.,
Serbic Thai Co.,Ltd.
Seri Manop And Doyle Ltd.,
Serm Suk Public Company Limited,
Serono Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Servcorp Co Ltd,
Servex Co.,Ltd.
Servex Human Resources Management Co.,Ltd.
Servex International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Servier (Thailand) Ltd.,
Servo Dynamics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Serwik Co.,Ltd.
Seven A Co.,Ltd.
Seven Bytes Co.,Ltd.
Seven Star Diamonds Co.,Ltd.
Seven Suns International Co Ltd,
Shandwick Thailand,
Sharp Appliances (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sharp Thepnakorn Co.,Ltd.
Sheico ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shell (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shell Company Of Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Shell Distributor Company Limited
Shen Star Jewel Co.,Ltd.
Shenanigans Irish Pub,
Sheng Cheng (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sheng Meei Machine (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sheng Tai Brassware (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sheng Yi Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit,
Sherry Serina Co Ltd,
Shi Plastics Machinery (Thailand) Ltd,
Shibata Giken (Thailand) Ltd.
Shibaura Electric Co Ltd
Shihen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shikaishi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shimizu Corp
Shimoda Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shimohira Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shin Heung Co.,Ltd
Shin Max Systems Co.,Ltd.
Shin Satellite Public Co.,Ltd.
Shin Showa Trading Co.,Ltd.
Shin Tai Kitting Co.,Ltd.
Shin Yang (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Shinano Kenshi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinawatra Fashion House Ltd
Shindai Bus Service Co Ltd,
Shindai Co.,Ltd.
Shindengen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinhan Bank
Shinho Electronics Thai Corporation Ltd.
Shinih (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinken (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinko Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
Shinko Printing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinko Sangyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinn Thai Sino Co.,Ltd.
Shin-Nippon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinpack (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shintake Hotokozendo Kanko Kathatsu
Shinwa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shinwa Kogyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Shinwoo Co.,Ltd.
Shiraishi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shiraishi Calcium Kaisha Ltd,
Shiseido (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shiva Holding Co Ltd,
Shodokan Aikido International Network
Shoei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shogun Co Ltd,
Sholay International Co.,Ltd.
Shonan Gousei (Thailand) Ltd.,
Shouei Furniture Co.,Ltd.
Show Broad Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Showa Aluminum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Showa Kosan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Showpla (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shrewsbury International School Bangkok,
Shrimp Studios,
Shuen Huei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Adler Co. Ltd.,
Siam Aerospace Systems Company Limited
Siam Aerospace Technology Co.,Ltd.
Siam Agricultural Promotion Co.,Ltd.
Siam Agro Industry Pineapple Others Public
Siam Aroon Development Co Ltd,
Siam Asahi Technoglass Co.,Ltd.
Siam Assistance Ltd,
Siam At Industry Co.,Ltd
Siam Azuma Multi-Trans Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ball Sport Factory Co.,Ltd.
Siam Bicent Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Siam Calsonic Co.,Ltd.
Siam Canadian Foods Co.,Ltd.
Siam Carpets Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chemical Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chin International Trading Co Ltd,
Siam Chita Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chitose Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chuo Build Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam City Factoring Public Co Ltd,
Siam City Hotel
Siam City-Showa Leasing Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Commercial Bank Public Company
Siam Commercial New York Life Insurance
Siam Corral Co.,Ltd.
Siam Cosmos Services Co.,Ltd
Siam Create Enterprises,
Siam D G & Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam Daikin Sales Co.,Ltd.
Siam Densho Co Ltd,
Siam Dk Technology Co.,Ltd.
Siam Dutch Mosquito Netting Co.,Ltd.
Siam Eikou Co.,Ltd
Siam Electrical Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam Express Co.,Ltd.
Siam Feather Products Co Ltd,
Siam Fiber Optics Co.,Ltd
Siam Flight Services
Siam Food Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Services
Siam Food Supply Co Ltd,
Siam Fresh Food International Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fugogu Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fuji Ware (1998) Co.,Ltd
Siam Furukawa Battery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Furukawa Co.,Ltd.
Siam Furukawa Trading Co.,Ltd.
Siam Gas Industries Co Ltd,
Siam Global Innovations Co.,Ltd.
Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Goyo Co Ltd,
Siam Gs Battery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Guardian Glass (Rayong) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Guardian Glass Co.,Ltd.
Siam Gulf Development & Trading Co Ltd
Siam Hitachi Automotive Products Ltd.,
Siam Hi-Tech Steel Centre Co Ltd,
Siam Hpm Co.,Ltd
Siam I.K.K. Co.,Ltd.
Siam I-Logistics Ltd,
Siam Indo Tools Ltd.,
Siam Industrial Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ito Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Siam Jp Company Limited,
Siam Jusco
Siam Kensetsu Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kito Co.,Ltd.
Siam Knitwear & Garment Co.,Ltd.
Siam Koshin Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kotobuki Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kubota Industrial Co.,Ltd. (The)
Siam Kudos Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kurabo Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kyoei Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kyohwa Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
Siam Lcb Co.,Ltd.
Siam Lemmerz
Siam Lite Film Service Co.,Ltd.
Siam Logitech Co.,Ltd.
Siam Lucky Co Ltd,
Siam Mace Co Ltd
Siam Machinery And Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Siam Makro Public Company Limited,
Siam Mandalay Company Ltd.,
Siam Marubeni International Co Ltd,
Siam Material Service Co.,Ltd.
Siam Matsushita Steel Co.,Ltd.
Siam Mega Export Co.,Ltd.
Siam Meiji Milk Co.,Ltd.
Siam Metal Co.,Ltd.
Siam Michelin Co. Ltd.,
Siam Mitsui Pta Co.,Ltd.
Siam Moderntex Co.,Ltd.
Siam Modified Starch Co.,Ltd.
Siam Motors Co.,Ltd.
Siam Motors Industries Co.,Ltd.
Siam Motors Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam Mould & Part Co.,Ltd.
Siam Multi-Service Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nastech Co.,Ltd
Siam Navaco Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nawa Transport Ltd
Siam Nec Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ngk Spark Plug Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ngk Technocera Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nippon Inter Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nippon Steel Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nippon Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nissan Automobile Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nissan Casting Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nistrans Co.,Ltd.
Siam Oil & Fat Co.,Ltd.
Siam Okamoto Co.,Ltd.
Siam Okamura International
Siam Okamura Steel Co.,Ltd.
Siam Orient Electric Co.,Ltd.
Siam Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.
Siam Paper Co Ltd,
Siam Paradise Golf & Yachting Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polyethylene Co.,Ltd.
Siam Polystyrene Co Ltd,
Siam Premier International Law Office,
Siam Printing And Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Siam Prodex Co.,Ltd.
Siam Psm Co.,Ltd
Siam Pvs Chemicals Co.,Ltd
Siam Quality Industries Co.,Ltd.
Siam Relay Ltd,
Siam Repco Co Ltd,
Siam Resin & Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Siam Riken Industrial Co Ltd,
Siam Samaggi Leasing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Samsung Life Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanitary Fittings Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanpo Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanriz Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanwa Industrial Credit Plc
Siam Sanwa Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sawako Enterprise Co Ltd,
Siam Sensing Device Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Siam Sera Fb Co.,Ltd.
Siam Shoreside Services
Siam Stabilizers And Chemicals Co. Ltd.,
Siam Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
Siam Starch (1966) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Stars Ltd.,
Siam Steel International Public Company
Siam Steel Service Center Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Strip Mill Public Company.,
Siam Styrene Monomer Co Ltd,
Siam Sun & You Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sunrise Enterprise Co Ltd,
Siam Suriya Co. Ltd.,
Siam Synergy Co.,Ltd
Siam Syntech Construction Public Company
Siam Synthetic Textile Industry Ltd.,
Siam Tableware Co.,Ltd.
Siam Taj Co Ltd,
Siam Takano Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tamiya Co.,Ltd
Siam Tanadon Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tennex Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Textile Chemical Co Ltd,
Siam Tinplate Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tire Cord Company Limited,
Siam Tokai Co Ltd,
Siam Tone Co Ltd,
Siam Toppan Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Siam Toyota Auto Parts Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tree Development Co.,Ltd.
Siam Unisys Ltd,
Siam Vidhya Co Ltd,
Siam Wire Netting Co.,Ltd.
Siam Yamato Co.,Ltd.
Siam Yamato Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Yamato Steel Co.,Ltd.
Siam Yoshino Co.,Ltd
Siam Zexel Co. Ltd.,
Siamball Sport Factory Co Ltd,
Siambrator Co.,Ltd.
Siamdent Co.,Ltd
Siamese Bando Rubber Industry Ltd,
Siamex Co Ltd,
Siam-Fuchs Lubricants Co. Ltd.,
Siam-Hitachi Construction Machinery
Siamlite Film Service
Siammons Asia Co.,Ltd.
Siamoenix Paper Co.,Ltd.
Siamount Plastic Corporation Ltd.,
Sibelco Minerals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Siber Hegner (Thailand) Ltd,
Sida Manufacturing
Siegwerk Ink (Thailand) Ltd.,
Siemens Business Communications Systems Co.,Ltd.
Siemens Co.,Ltd.
Siemens Electrical Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Siemens Limited
Siemens Ltd. Thailand
Siew National Co.,Ltd.
Sigma & Hearts Co.,Ltd.
Signity (Thailand) Ltd.,
Siix Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Siix Ems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sik (Thailand) Limited
Silicon Application Electronic Co Ltd,
Silk Avenue Co.,Ltd.
Silver Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Silvermines Ltd,
Simatek Asia Co.,Ltd.
Sime Bank Bhd
Sime Darby Mazda (Thailand) Limited.
Simeon & Associes In Association With Kamthorn
Simmons Asia Limited
Simons International Engineering Ltd,
Simple Mind Co.,Ltd.
Sinclair Knight Merz
Sinclair Paint (Thailand) Ltd,
Sindhu Maunsell Consultants Co Ltd,
Sindhu Pulsirivong Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Sing Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sing Hong Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Sing Long Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Sing Pao Ltd,
Singapore (The Embassy Of The Republic Of Singapore)
Singapore Airlines Bangkok
Singapore International Co.,Ltd.
Singapore International School Bangkok
Singapore Oriental Motor Pte Ltd.
Singapore Parts (1991) Ltd.P.
Singapore Petroleum ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Singapore Press Holding Co.,Ltd.
Singapore Ryosan Private Ltd.
Singapore Satori Pte. Ltd.
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.
Singapore Trang Ltd.P.
Singapore-Thai Chamber Of Commerce
Singtel Thailand,
Sino American Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sino Thai Metal Casting Co.,Ltd.
Sinoswiss Co.,Ltd.
Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public Co Ltd,
Sino-U.S. Petroleum Inc.,
Siong Hong Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Sira Poly Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siricon Business Consulting Co Ltd,
Sissons Paints (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sit Garment Co Ltd,
Sitebel Eltron Co.,Ltd.
Sitex Industry Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Sithe Pacific Development,
Six Senses Hotels Resorts
Skanska International Ab,
Skanska Lundby Ab,
Skf ( Thailand ) Ltd.
Skg Electric Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Skg International Co.,Ltd.
Skillpower Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Skybird Holidays Co.,Ltd.
Slik (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Slot-Nankai Co.,Ltd.
Smart Engineering Services Co.,Ltd.
Smart City People (Thailand) Co. Ltd,
Smedvig Asia Ltd.,
Smile Film Production,
Smile Light Electrical Co. Ltd,
Smith & Nephew Co.,Ltd.
Smith & Nephew Limited
Smith Ekdamrong Ltd..Part.
Smith Kline & French (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Smith Technology Co.,Ltd.
Smithkline Beecham (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Smithsonian International Corporation
Snow Brand Siam Ltd,
Snuk Services Co.,Ltd.
So Yang Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Societe Generale (Bibf)
Socomec S.A
Socomec Sicon (Thailand) Ltd.
Socomec Unitrio Ltd.
Sodamag Corp. Co.,Ltd.
Sodap (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sodef (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sodick (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sofitel Silom Bangkok
Sofragem Co.,Ltd.
Sofrecom (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sofresh Co.,Ltd.
Sofresid Thailand Ltd.
Soft Control Co.,Ltd.
Soft Depot Group Co. Ltd.,
Soft Plan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Softlab Co.,Ltd.
Soga Engineerings Co.,Ltd.
Sogem (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sogo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sogo Department Store (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Soi 29 Co.,Ltd.
Soknet Planning (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Soko Srithai Co.,Ltd.
Solarlens Co.,Ltd.
Soletanche (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Soletanche Bachy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Solids Handling And Process Engineering
Solimar Co.,Ltd.
Solmon Islands (The Consulate Of Solomon Islands)
Solocell Intertrader Co.,Ltd.
Solomon Technology Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Solpower (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Solutia Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd..
Solvay (Thailand) Ltd.
Somboon Somic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Somereo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Somerset Hotel Bangkok
Somerville (Siam) Co.,Ltd.
Sompo Japan Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sompo Japan Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Song Mao Nonwoven Co.,Ltd.
Songkla Canning Public Co.,Ltd.
Sonoco (Thailand) Limited
Sony Logistic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Magnetic Product (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Magnetics Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Mobile Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Music Bec Tero Entertainment
Sony Music Entertainment (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Semiconductor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Siam Industries Co.,Ltd.
Sony Thai Co.,Ltd.
Soode Nagano (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Soon Ei Co.,Ltd.
Sorel Asia
South Africa Embassy Bangkok
South Africa (The Embassy Of The Republic Of South Africa)
South African Airways (Pty) Ltd.
South African-Thai Chamber Of Commerce
South China Printing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
South City Group Of Companies
South City Industrial Co.,Ltd.
South City Petrochem Co.,Ltd.
South City Supplies Ltd. Part.
South Nature Travel Co.,Ltd.
Southeast Asian Packaging And Canning
Southern Cross Tensei Co Ltd,
Southern Palm (1978) Co.,Ltd
Southern Palm Oil Co.,Ltd.
Southern Palm Oil Industry (1993) Co.,Ltd.
Southern Seafood Products Co.,Ltd.
Southern Seafoods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Southern Star Tour Co.,Ltd.
Southern Textile Co.,Ltd.
Southtech Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Spa Advertising Co.,Ltd.
Spa Siam (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Spaina Holding Corp.,Ltd
Spa-Land Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Span Company Limited,
Spansion (Thailand) Limited
Spark Communications
Spasso Italian Restaurant & Entertainment Center
Spaulding & Co.
Spaulding & Hawi Ddb Co.,Ltd.
Special Coating (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Special Gold Co.,Ltd.
Special Journey Co.,Ltd.
Specialty Beans (Thailand) Ltd.,
Specialty Chemical Products
Specialty Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Spectris Pte. Ltd
Spectrospin A.G.(Bruker South East Asia)
Speech Quest
Sperry Sun
Sphere Knitting Co.,Ltd.
Spicer Asia Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Spindler & Associate Strategic Communication Consultants
Spindler & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Spirax Sarco (Thailand) Ltd
Splendid (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sport Light International Co.,Ltd.
Sports Supply Company
Sposa Bella International Co.,Ltd.
Spring Thailand
Spruce Trading Co Ltd,
Sri Trang Agro - Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
Srithai Food & Beverage Public Co Ltd,
Srithai Miyagawa Co Ltd,
Srithai Shin-Osaka Co.,Ltd.
Srithepthai Plaschem Ltd,
Srivikorn Group Holding Co Ltd,
Ssang Yong (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ssangyong Corporation
St. Andrew's International School Bangkok
Stable Lodge Co.,Ltd.
Staedtler (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Staedtler Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Staffers Recruitment Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Stancke & Tanun Co.,Ltd.
Standard Chartered Bank & Nakornthon
Standard Chartered Bank (Bangkok)
Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public
Stanley Works Limited
Star Color Co.,Ltd.
Star Ktv Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Star Petroleum Refining Co. Ltd.,
Star Seiki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Star Telephone (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Star Translation & Software (Thailand)
Stars Microelectronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Station Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Statoil Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Stedler (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Steel Case Manufacturing (Thailand)
Steel Processing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stemcor Holdings Ltd,
Steven J Leach Junior & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Steven J. Leach + Associates Ltd.
Stewart Engineers Ltd.
Stiebel Eltron International Representative Office
Stiefel Laboratories Products (Thailand) Ltd.
Stingray (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stone & Webster (Thailand) Ltd,
Stones And Roses International Co. Ltd.,
Stora Enso (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Strapack (Thailand) Corp.,Ltd.
Stratex Import - Export Co Ltd,
Strega Co Ltd,
Stride Co.,Ltd
Stryder (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Studex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Studio Magenta,
Studio Tokyo 1 Co.,Ltd.
Suez Lyonnaise Des Eaux,
Sugihara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sugino Machine (Thailand) Ltd.
Sukosol And Mazda Co.,Ltd.
Sukosol And Mazda Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Sukosol And Mazda Motor Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sulzer (Thailand) Ltd,
Sum Hitechs Co Ltd,
Sumiden Asahi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumiden Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.
Sumiden Shoji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumikin Bussan International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumiko Leadframe (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumimagne Thai Co.,Ltd.
Sumipex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumipol Co.,Ltd.
Sumisho Development (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumi-Thai International Ltd,
Sumitomo Bank Limited
Sumitomo Construction (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Corporation Thailand Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Communications Engineering (Thailand) Ltd
Sumitomo Electric Hard Metal Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Component (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric Thailand Co.,Ltd.

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