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Bangkok-Companies has the most comprehensive database of Thai companies and foreign owned companies in Thailand. Bangkok-Companies is a market leader in business database management and development in Thailand.


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Our expertise is in the research and compilation of up to date business information for Thai Thailand and the ASEAN region. We can get your marketing message directly to the top Thai executives by direct mail, broadcast fax or the latest in internet marketing technology - emercials.


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Thai 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Thai Abrasives
Thai Accommodation Agencies
Thai Accommodation Agency
Thai Accomodation
Thai Accountants
Thai Accounting
Thai Acrylic
Thai Acrylic Gifts
Thai Acrylic Products
Thai Adhesive Sticker
Thai Adhesives
Thai Adventure Tours
Thai Advertising
Thai Advertising Agencies
Thai Aerospace Products
Thai Agricultural Equipment
Thai Agricultural Machinery
Thai Agricultural Products
Thai Air Conditioners
Thai Air Courier
Thai Airlines
Thai Airport Services
Thai Alarm Systems
Thai Alcohol
Thai Alloy
Thai Aluminium
Thai Aluminum
Thai Amata City (Ind. Est.)
Thai Amata Nakorn (Ind. Est.)
Thai American Companies in Bangkok
Thai American Chamber of Commerce
Thai American Expat Companies
Thai American expats
Thai Antique Silver Jewelry
Thai Antiques
Thai Apartments & Pattaya Condominiums
Thai Aquarium & Fish
Thai Aquarium Products
Thai Architects
Thai Architectural
Thai Architectural Design
Thai Art
Thai Art & Sculpture
Thai Art Galleries
Thai Artificial Flowers
Thai Artificial Flowers Box Decorations
Thai Artificial Flower Brooches
Thai Artificial Flower Candle Rings
Thai Artificial Gems
Thai Artificial Jewelry
Thai Artificial Pearl Jewelry
Thai Asset Management
Thai Association of Thai Travel Agents
Thai Associations
Thai Assurance
Thai Attorneys
Thai Auction Companies
Thai Auctioneers
Thai Audio
Thai Auditing Companies
Thai Auditors
Thai Australian
Thai Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce
Thai Austrian
Thai Auto
Thai Auto Accessories
Thai Auto Associations
Thai Auto Insurance
Thai Auto Parts
Thai Auto Repair
Thai Auto Service
Thai Automation
Thai Automation Systems
Thai Automobile
Thai Automobile Accessories
Thai Automobile Dealers
Thai Automobile Parts
Thai Automobile Rental
Thai Automobile Service
Thai Automotive
Thai Automotive Accessories
Thai Automotive Assembly
Thai Automotive Care
Thai Automotive Dealers
Thai Automotive Parts
Thai Automotive Repair
Thai Automotive Repairs and Service
Thai Automotive Rubber Products
Thai Automotive Sevice
Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association
Thai Aviation
Thai Aviation Products
Thai Aviation Services
Thai Baby Products
Thai Bag
Thai Bags
Thai Bakery
Thai Balloon
Thai Bamboo Furniture
Thai Banks
Thai Banks & Finance
Thai Bar Code Equipment
Thai Bars
Thai Bathroom Accessories
Thai Bathroom Fittings
Thai Batteries
Thai Battery
Thai Bearings
Thai Beauty products & Services
Thai Beauty Salons
Thai Beauty Therapists
Thai Beauty Therapy
Thai Bedding
Thai Belgian
Thai Belgium Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce
Thai Beverages
Thai Bicycle Parts
Thai Bicycles and Bicycle parts
Thai Blower Systems
Thai Blowers & Blower Systems
Thai Body Jewelry
Thai Boilers & Heating Systems
Thai Book Publishing
Thai Books
Thai Bookstores
Thai Boutiques
Thai Box
Thai Boxes
Thai Boxing
Thai Bra
Thai Brass & Bronze


Thai Bridal Accessories
Thai Bridal Services
Thai Bridal Wear
Thai Bride
Thai Bride Wear
Thai British
Thai British Chamber of Commerce
Thai Bronze
Thai Brush
Thai Brushes
Thai Building & Construction Materials
Thai Building Contracting
Thai Building Contractor
Thai Building Maintenance
Thai Bus Companies
Thai Business
Thai Business Centers
Thai Business Consultants
Thai Business Consulting
Thai Business Software
Thai Business Supplies
Thai Businesses
Thai Button Manufacturers
Thai Buying Companies
Thai Buying Agents
Thai Cable
Thai Cameras
Thai Can
Thai Canadian
Thai Candle
Thai Candles
Thai Candy
Thai Canned Food
Thai Canned Fruit
Thai Canned Fruit Juice
Thai Canned Seafood
Bangkok Canned Tuna Chunks, Tuna Flakes, Tuna Solid
Thai Canning
Thai Canvas
Thai Caps
Thai Car Accessories
Thai Car Dealers
Thai Car Insurance
Thai Car Rental
Thai Car Repair
Thai Car Service
Thai Carbon & Graphite
Thai Carpet
Thai Casting & Forging
Thai Cat Food
Thai Catering
Thai Catering Services
Thai CD/Tape Manufacturers
Thai CD-Rom
Thai Cement
Thai Ceramics
Thai Chamber of Commerce
Thai Chambers of Commerce
Thai Charcoal
Thai Chemical
Thai Chemicals & Medical Products
Thai Children
Thai Childrens Footwear
Thai Childrens Garment
Thai Chinese
Thai Christmas Decorations
Thai Churches
Thai Civil Engineering
Thai Cleaning Services
Thai Clinics
Thai Clock
Thai Clocks & Watches
Thai Close Circuit TV Manufacturers
Thai Cloth
Thai Clothes & Ready Wears
Thai Clothing Companies
Thai Clubs
Thai Coconut Products
Thai Cold Storage
Thai Commercial Companies
Thai Commercial Supplies
Thai Companies
Thai Company
Thai Company Websites
Thai Computer (Internet & Web)
Thai Computer Graphics
Thai Computer Hardware
Thai Computer Network
Thai Computer Networking
Thai Computer Products
Thai Computer Repairers
Thai Computer Retailers
Thai Computer Service
Thai Computer Software
Thai Computer Training
Thai Concert Production
Thai Concert Ticketing
Thai Confectionery Companies
Thai Construction
Thai Construction Consultants
Thai Construction Contracting
Thai Construction Contractor
Thai Construction Equipment
Thai Construction Materials
Thai Consulates
Thai Consultants
Thai Consulting
Thai Consumer Goods
Thai Contacts
Thai Container
Thai Container Depot
Thai Container Services
Thai Container Terminals
Thai Contracting
Thai Contractor
Thai Copper
Thai Corporate Gift
Thai Cosmetic Medicine
Thai Cosmetic Surgery
Thai Cosmetics
Thai Costume
Thai Costume Jewelry
Thai Country Clubs
Thai Couriers
Thai Credit and Finance Companies
Thai Credit Rating
Thai Cubic Zirconia Jewelry
Thai Culture & Art
Thai Cultured Pearl Jewelry
Thai Curtain
Thai Customs Brokers & Agents
Thai Customs Clearance Agents

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